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  1. Weid (past weeks) and Oscar get dropped from the seniors then all of a sudden they ended up being injured. Is there no end to the B.S that goes around the MFC.
  2. No way we will win this. MCG is turning out to be a jinx of a ground for us these days.
  3. There is nothing wrong with O'Mac the forward line for Casey, rem its only reserves.
  4. I suggested we sack the assistant coaches recently. Come to think of it why was Rawlings taken away from the forward coaching position in the first place. McCartney made defence coach after being development coach. Why so many coaches in the first place ?. All too weird of a joint the MFC,. With so many coaches , what does Goodwin do , perhaps he doesn't have control.
  5. Dunkley might be a bigger asset to us than Petracca. We will have to wait and see.
  6. too many coaches , as in too many cooks spoil the broth.
  7. O'Mac is a much better defender when Lever is in the team based on 2018 results. Thou he is playing like crap and certainly needs to go back to the reserves. I would like to see him take on a forward/ruck role. Versatility is not a bad thing. I could see in the future 2020 that May may become a forward. In Preuss out Garlett. so far.
  8. Someone has to pay for the disaster we are in. At this stage we need to get new people in , I would look at replacing assistant coaches, admin and the reserves coach in Rawlings. Mission leaving is no loss , he has run his "race".
  9. SHIRAZ and plenty of it !!!!!!!
  10. I think Petracca will be traded especially if Dunkley comes on.
  11. Did O.Mac play ? or did we use one of our p.ss weak excuses by labelling as injured. Ferkin, why do we continue to play Preuss in the reserves when he is a cut above the rest.
  12. Viney should stand down as captain which means he can be more focused on football. Jones should be captain of Casey until the end of the year.
  13. Bolton would be an asset to us as assistant coach, just ask Clarko.
  14. Out Pert,Taylor,Rawlings,Goodwin,Wagners,Jones,Lewis,JKH and Mission for starters.
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