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  1. Gets better ever time I watch this. I love how the ball bounces in Frosty's lap and he takes off while his opponents is still wondering what hit him.
  2. It's the big red clown shoes, trips and flops easily.
  3. Ease up mate, my 12 year old had 2 goals last week with 47% kicking efficiency, no turnover. Maybe an U10 schoolboy.
  4. It wasn’t Brayshaw’s lack of awareness, it was Clarry not putting a block on after the handball. Clarry should have had Brayshaws back.
  5. Any merit in putting Frost on to the wing - notwithstanding occasional the brain fade and shanks, his height, pace and confidence to take things on are some strong attributes.
  6. Goodwin's recruitment policy is competitve and combative players, the trade off is skill, balance and poise. Too many of one, not enough of the other. And WTF has happened to Brayshaw.
  7. I reckon it was a mis-kick. I've watched it a couple of times now. Nevertheless, error riddled moments with the kick and mark but we get the win. Go Dees!
  8. Anyone know what time the boys will leave hotel to head to ground? We are staying at some hotel and would love to give them send off.
  9. My son and I flew to Perth. Landed last night. Was stoked to see Jonesy and Melksham in foyer of hotel and they took the time for a photo. Has made my sons day, week and year. GO DEES!
  10. I booked flights and accommodation tonight. I'm taking my 11yo son, first time I've forked out a couple grand to go interstate to see them. My son lost faith after the St Kilda game. It took me until the Sydney game to give up hope of finals. But the last 5 weeks, wow. We've been the last 2 weeks and the joy it has brought to the whole family is amazing. Big thanks to the wife for urging me to go. Go Dees!!!
  11. J Smith looking ok, JHK is rubbish. Jeffy not pushing his case.
  12. I've watched the game a couple of times, Spargo is doing a bit of work off the ball to clear a path for the ball winners. It might be just a small bump or shove here or there, but enough to prevent the opposition tackling the ball winner and help the clearance. It's small stuff but enough to keep Jeffy out.
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