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  1. Our 100 year plan between GF victories is still on track.
  2. Proof that lawyers get paid based on the number of words they use.
  3. Only to Collingwood and Drugs and Thugs Supporters
  4. OMG we finally won! Banana Smoothie for all, Mr Bitter is paying.
  5. Is it too early to start talking about rebuilding the player list? Or should I have a banana based drink to forget the past three weeks?
  6. May be the AFL season can start next week? I have a bad feel about this week.
  7. Losing is what we do best! When does the 2020 season start?
  8. Great news! I will be home for the first time since Christmas on Friday.
  9. Has anyone purchased their grandfinal tickets yet? I feel 2019 will be our year. When does the season start? Can not wait for the preseason matches to be over!
  10. I decided to forget about this week's football. Port is never a good idea in a storm.
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