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  1. I thought he was offered another year but he declined to go home and earn much better money with a job as an engineer or something? I vaguely remember reading something about him saying he set himself the challenge to play top level and he was happy with what he achieved. I also remember the Uber Alex Georgiou Facebook page was a bit funny
  2. Thanks for that. It was a great little riddle to keep us going in an otherwise dull period!
  3. There's a fella currently moving around town finding out. Lets us know what the minimum cost is and how much you get for that. Pretty sure the answer is a lot for not that much https://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/food-and-drink/article/defining-minimum-chips-maximum-mission-melbourne-enthusiast
  4. Do we have to wait 53 minutes until 7.31pm @Yokozuna?
  5. Redbeard

    Tom Papley

    Trade radio reporting his manager just walked into the room. We'll know where he's going shortly
  6. 1. Refurbished one of my eskys to make it much more efficient 2. Learnt how to play Finska and had a lot of fun and beers playing it. 3. Booked our honeymoon to Greece for later in the year, and then later realised it's during the freaking finals. Fmd how could I stuff that up!!!
  7. Hi all, my family want to all go to the Geelong game but none of us have ever been to a game there before. Just wondering if anyone could let me know where the Dees fans usually are. Or which end (North or South) the cheer squad sit and we could go near them perhaps? Cheers
  8. He didn't fail the Freo physical with that foot did he ala Jack Trengove?
  9. Getting married on a few weeks and we're having a cheese cake. 5 wheels of cheese stacked on top of each other. Can't bloody wait to cut into it!
  10. There's a few familiar surnames in that team. Hopefully we get a few games on NITV over the summer so I can tune in
  11. Don't have enough words to describe this guy. He's a superstar on and off the field in my eyes
  12. Draw, then Pies by 1 in extra time. Sidebottom for Norm. The big Texan for 1st goal
  13. I'm still waiting for The Riddler to return with the rumour we're finally giving that rookie spot to M. Goatflaps. I seriously love this time of year
  14. Perhaps Gawn/Preuss will be the third tall behind TMac and Weid?
  15. Very much look forward to seeing our total team votes. Rarely get a player in double figures let alone near the leaderboard!
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