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  1. Really interesting decision for Goody and selectors. I doubt it will be Frost, who is clearly out of favour at the moment. Pies smaller forward set up means that we can get by with a three-quarter tall - but Frost is needed for the clash with Port after the bye - Dixon and Westy and Wattsy are a bigger line-up to contend with. Hunt would also surprise as I reckon he can still be bodied out of contest a bit and his inclusion, while great for run, would mean that we may have to go Harmesy there early. So to me, it's out of our two three-quarter talls. Wags may enjoy the freedom of flying for everything without being told off for being fourth man-up - I imagine he plays on the hyphen. Joel Smith has hit form and adds some real pace to the back seven - not sure if he's quite as natural with the intercept punch though. Big game required from Jordy to marshal newcomer into right spots. Interesting comments about Phillips needing a tag - I had him down as a cert to go to Angus to try and nullify our most damaging midfielder of past four weeks.
  2. Thanks BB - an excellent wrap up again of our Casey boys. Pleased to hear Dion finally made a good fist of defence - like you I've had him written off as little more than a yapping dog up forward, but sometimes a switch of roles can do wonders. Maybe Stretcher is also making more headway as the old Bill, rather than the young Billy - he is now a very good kick which should give him a chance to make it yet at AFL level - once an opportunity arises.
  3. He dropped Pedo (who was trying to play the T-Mac role in Rd 3) - that was when he decided to experiment with Tiger model. Then he switched to the WC and Adelaide models by bringing in Weid in Rd 6 as well as getting T-Mac back. It doesn't mean the Richmond model is wrong - it just means both WC and us play very few night games and if you kick precisely then having three talls up forward can work. But come the winter months with slippery conditions (except at Etihad), then Goody will have to review again.
  4. Goody deserves a lot of credit after rejigging since the Rd 5 loss. Among the changes since then are: 1) removal of guys whose kicking skills are not always reliable, even at the expense of pace - Hunt, Frost - and hard workers like Bugg and eventually Wagner and Tyson. 2) Switching our most accurate kicks back to defence - Salem and Lewis 3) removal of our low pressure forwards - Garlett and Fritsch (the latter being sent to the wing) 4) Major decision to go with a power forward target who is less likely to be pushed under the ball (Weid and now Smith) in preference to Bugg and Fritsch and Jeffy. 5) Use of T-Mac in tandem with Jesse as roaming forwards that provide outlet up wings and then cutback hard to maximise their endurance skills. 6) Return of the wings with Angus and Fritsch being tall and not as slow as Jordy and Tyson. 7) Going with a highly-skilled youngster in Spargo and recalling Hannan who are both way more aggressive than Jeffy. 8 Sticking by hardworking, hardrunning types such as ANB and Harmes even when almost every Demonlander wants them out. And most importantly the other major structural change which is partly to do with confidence has been to reinvoke the permission to switch the ball from down back. Obviously not having any significant injuries helps as well, but that's more credit to fitness staff than Goody.
  5. Sorry but did you miss Rds 3-5 when he went to the exact replica of the Richmond model!
  6. Richmond has twice shown their willingness to drop Jack Higgins for big games despite handy form and a pretty lengthy winning streak ... until yesterday. Personally I'd be taking Jeffy as it's our first major test since being touched up by Richmond and he's mega suited to the ground as he showed last year and the conditions and brings his own army of supporters - they love him up there and stand behind the goals watching his every move as they will be for Eddie as well this week. The umps takes notice as well and having him in is worth a couple of frees in this game - it's a case of horses for courses. Spargo has shown good attack on the footy and is clever with his disposal and should travel with them. He'll get plenty more chances. Our strongest side is with a fit and firing Jeffy working his butt off. I accept he doesn't always bring that but I'd reckon he will this week and he's had what is it - four weeks to think about it in the magoos - and the signs are there that he's getting it.
  7. 89 TO PRESENT B: S.FEBEY, WIGHT, WHELAN HB: B.LOVETT, LYON YZE INGERSON, HIBBERD C : TINGAY, OBST OLIVER, T.JOHNSTONE HF: GREEN, SCHWARZ, BRUCE F: ROBBO HOGAN, NEITZ, FARMER FOLL: STYNES, T.VINEY, JONES J.VINEY IC: J McDONALD DAVEY T.MCDONALD, WHITE GAWN, WOEWODIN, G.LOVETT I hate it when we put players who are just starting out in our so-called best sides and I was not a huge Ingo fan - he played five solid seasons as a defensive stopper, but was a shocking kick and contributed very little to offence. So I've cheated by sending Lyon to CHB, he played there quite a bit for Vics and was swung to defence a few times to save games for Northey. Same with Yze to half-back, although his best year was 2000 when he played as a defender. Whelan lucky as Matthew Febel was also worthy in this timeframe. Stretcher, Yater and Grinter's best years were pre-89, hence overlooked. Two more good years and I'll happily add in all of your current day players.
  8. By my reckoning it's 2-0 to Cripps with one wipeout, but that's somewhat expected given young Clayton was taking on a senior footballer. But now that Clayton is a mature young man, he should be able to hold his own at clearances and his superior speed and kicking means he should be more damaging overall. Both great players. Oliver closing in on superstardom. 2016 - MCG: Blues win, 18-year-old Clayton schooled by Cripps who gives Gibbs a birthday treat. 2017 - MCG: Blues about to win with Cripps unstoppable before the elbow of Jordy intervenes. Etihad - Evenly matched until Jayden intervenes to send Cripps on his way.
  9. Gees, give us a break. He'll be back in the side as soon as we start losing our way to the ball over the back again as we did against Geelong, Hawthorn and Richmond. We've played and beaten five of the bottom six sides and the precise ball movement down back of Jordan Lewis and Christian Salem has been a feature the past two weeks. But as soon as we are found out for pace, as we will against top sides that move the ball long and quick, then we will all be clamouring for his recall. In the meantime he just needs to work on flattening his kicks - he tends to get under his long roosts Brent Grgic style. Further to that, the coach who encouraged him to kick torpedoes in the off season should take a fine for the team - one of the worst mistakes of all time.
  10. I really like Tyson and feel somewhat aggrieved that he rarely gets to play in the centre square at ball ups these days and even with the penchant of almost all coaches to want to use their wings as additional big-bodied mids, I still view his omission from the square as a sign that he is on the outer with Goody - metaphorically as well. But with Fritsch the flavour of the month and now moving to the wing, I can't really see what other options Goody has for Viney's inclusion, other than to pull the Tyson pin - as he did Rd 1 mind you when his pre-season mindset got the better of him and he punted on a second-gamer to tag Ablett. The anti-ANB and Harmes lobby group has taken a real hit lately. Both continue to apply pressure and added enough clever offence that only a downright niggardly old man would still clamour for their removal. Their argument no doubt is that we've played three bottom sides in a row now (and a fourth awaits) so them finding form is a furphy. But that same logic applies to everyone in the side. We won't know who has taken a genuine step up until we play some tough opponents and player's pros and cons are truly exposed for us all again. That said, I think unless a player has a niggle or we decide to rest an old boy (we have three these days) or a young pup (Spargo) then it's hard not to see Dom being the one for Viney. As for Spargo, Jeffy's form means a change is likely anyway - the only issue is whether Goody waits until the Alice Springs game (Jeffy kicked five there last year) for the switch or pulls the pin to get Jeffy back to play his old dark navy Blue mates. I suspect the latter. There is some logic also in Tim Smith being brought in to replace the Weed, but once again, the Bull may have to wait until we lose again and changes become necessary. The Weed has hardly been a shining light in the ruck, but he has presented well up forward and a couple of his handball gives have been first rate. He is still very much a project player, but with Goody going the three-big forward project at the minute, he's safe this week IMO.
  11. Great report VP - balanced, rational and throwing forward.
  12. Clearly if you are potting VDB like this you never went to training 2-3 years ago - prior to his ankle problems he was the only guy who could take on Jayden over 50m and have a realistic chance of beating him. Sure his kicking lacks a bit of penetration, but I'd love to see you in the same room with him and make your comments to him. A walk up start if he was fit, sadly I suspect his injury is such that he won't be able to crunch the Tigers and Hodgey again.
  13. Based on what I saw when I rode past Gosch's training this morning I'm tipping no changes. But hopefully the two ins whom everybody is talking about both show up on Thursday and look fit and fresh and have not had any setbacks.
  14. Obviously a lot will depend on how they pull up and who is mega sore and thankfully the same will apply to Essendon even more after today. From what I saw, I'd be worried about Jonesy being 100% because he copped a nasty blow to the ribs from hitman Townsend. But Jonesy is tough, so he may play a bit hurt. With only one significant training session before Sunday, I can't imagine too many structural changes and that means we will persist with our gung-ho attack from down back and kicking up the line to contests, relying on our ability to win stoppages. Essendon, like Richmond, is a mega-quick side, but they don't have the Tigers physical presence, so hopefully our systems functions better against them. But the last thing I hope we do compromise for this game pace - hence I'd be really disappointed if we rushed back Lewis for this game. The two players who I am sure will come back in are Hannan (he was unlucky to be dropped anyway after Rd 1) and Fritsch - who was 23rd man against Tigers and is the ideal sort of player for Etihad. I'd also like to see Frost recalled - but that won't happen - he's been out of favour with Goody for some time now and basically Wagner has his spot and for the most part (except for when he is fourth man up in a pack like he was in the second quarter) he has been pretty serviceable. Obviously Kent is out and then it's decision time. Does Stretch get another chance or is he made the scapegoat? Does Jeffy's poor form warrant dropping given Etihad suits his style as well? If so we are getting close to career over. Was Angus' stunning third term (after a very poor start) enough to warrant his spot? Does ANB get sent back to find form in the magoos? Did Tyson provide enough run from his wing and will he be exposed by Essendon's speed? Was Salem's poor first-half ball use (unusual for him) enough to get him moved out of the middle? Did Harmes lose his way because he was flipped from position to position on the night or because he's down on confidence? All the above questions have the added caveat that we were up against the premiers at night when the pressure was intense. For me, I'd send ANB back to the VFL for a week or two to get him more involved in link play again. The Jeffy one is tricky and I'd prefer if he gets his final chance before we resort to Spargo or some other small forward option. Dropping Stretch is what I'm sure a lot of you will want, but doesn't he deserve another go against a slightly less physical opponent before we terminate his career (as some of you have)? The only other change to consider is whether Weid recovers quickly enough to go again, especially considering both T-Mac and Pedo are banging down the door for his spot and Tim Smith as well. Weid was handy and it was one of his best games he's played for us, but I'm sure if T-Mac is ruled fit, then he'll replace him. That leaves three changes IMO. In: Fritsch, Hannan and T-Mac (If ready) Out: Kent, ANB and Weid (if T-Mac returns).
  15. We picked Stretch for what we hoped would be to provide outside run and what we hoped would be more defensive pressure and speed getting back. It didn't work, but that says a lot about how quick and tough the Tigers are. Fritsch and Bugg were replaced as our secondary key forward options by Weideman and Harmes (first quarter before being moved) with Melky playing more often than previous weeks from the goalsquare region.
  16. Sorry guys but I have to speak up about the non-selection of Fritsch which a few of you seem to think was another Goody oversight. We were playing the most ferocious, niggardly side at night - the conditions that they have dominated for their past 12 games, the only exception being their game in Adelaide when they got a taste of umpiring bias. I am not sure how and why anyone could think that our classy newcomer, who is still incredibly light, would have fared better than any of our other small forwards. He would have had as much chance as Jeffy last night and we'd all be talking about dropping him this week. The good news is that his skillful play is highly suited to the perfect conditions of Etihad this Sunday and he will be fresh and I'm sure ready to show us a few tricks. Essendon are no where near as physical so it's an ideal chance for him to show us all where he is at. But a night game against Richmond, or Sydney for that matter, forget it. Wait a couple more years when he's got some more grunt about him.
  17. 6 - Hibberd - Hard, brilliant and his courageous attempt to mark going back into Riewoldt gets him across the line for me. 5- Hogan - Really loved his game tonight. Forget what the stats say, used the ball smartly tonight and he even kicked the ball a long way. 4 Melksham - Often played from the goalsquare in the role that Buggy and Fritsch have been doing (poorly). Often against the game's best in Rance. Four goals was a huge return. 3 Lever - Smooth all night and his kicking by and large was impressive. 2 Gawn - How do you not give him votes for us when he again smashes his man. But why can't our players rove him? 1 O.Mac - Huge second term - just don't look at the last term replay.
  18. Exposed for clearance ability and exposed for outside run by Richmond's bevy of small hard-running forwards. It's the first game I've seen this year where we've really missed Viney's influence and hardness around the contest and with Oliver and Petracca unable to win clean clearances it was good night Dees because our advantage was in the ruck and we again got no benefit from it and frustratingly for Gawny, the umps rarely look after him like they used to with Jimmy. Apart from Viney, the one player we really miss is an outside run type - no wonder there are already rumours that we are after Gaff for next season. Stretch came in to try and play that role tonight and sadly he wasn't able to get clean ball - it was slippery and Richmond are the night experts - they pick hardworking, quick players to go with their handful of genuine stars and it's working. It's easy to say in hindsight that in those conditions the last player you want on the field is Jeffy, but his no-show tonight makes it tricky for next week because Etihad will clearly suit him better and he is the first player that should be dropped on tonight's game. You could also easily make a case for rejigging our midfield set up - getting Vince back in there for instance - but Essendon isn't noted for their hardball players - it is more of an outside run team. Despite the loss there were plenty of positives IMO. Hibberd returned to his 2017 form and his courageous fly back into Riewoldt was unbelievable. Hoges showed that he can kick more than 50m on at least two occasions (this has been my main criticism of him) and his second half was brilliant. Lever was impressive, in fact most of our defenders were. It was only in the last term that under siege, the damwall broke. OMac second term was phenomenal and Wagner was great in first half before losing his way a little. Hunt's rabid attack on players was great, although his disposal again let him down. Jetta did a great job on a resting Dusty for much of the night and was another worthy of a pass mark. But he must play again next week. What we learnt tonight is that we are a fair way off the pace of the Tigers and probably a couple of other teams. The pessimists will say we won't make the finals, but there's very little difference between teams 4 and 13 - we just have to bring our best to the table regularly enough and ultimately the return of Jack Viney in Round 8 (hopefully) will determine how far we go.
  19. Sorry Joeboy, but if you don't go to the game (as you obviously didn't), then taking pot shots at players for lack of courage (eg: Salem) is weak as [censored]!
  20. Just hope you say the same thing about Hardwick and Shaun Grigg! They did win a flag with it mind you Febel!
  21. So who do you leave out, that is the question and there are probably 10 possibles after such a lame effort. But for me the outs are: Jetta - Yes he copped a knock to the leg in the third term, but he's been struggling this year after a superb 2017 and his lack of run out of defence has reached a stage that it is stifling our options. Back to the VFL to regain last year's form. Replacement: Hunt. Fritsch - I said last week how excited I was when I first saw him at training (Robbie Flower-esque was my comment), but that doesn't mean you go stupid about him. Yes he deserved a game, but he has now been carried for four weeks. He is still a bit lightweight and he hasn't been able to fulfill the role of locking the ball in at AFL level, nor lay the crunching surprise tackles of a small forward. Needs to go back and be recalled after some dominant VFL displays. Replacement: Hannan. Frost - My preference is that this is Lewis, but I reckon we have a suitable match up for the ageing ex-Hawk in Townsend and I have no doubt that Frosty is again out of favour with Goody. Clearly there is no point playing Lewis at the fast Etihad Stadium the following week, where like several teammates he should be rested due to the 5-day break. Replacement: Stretch (note: Brayshaw to move into the centre mix and Jones to be sent back on Edwards to provide smarts early before being summoned into the midfield in the second half. Melky - Essentially he is rested up for the Essendon game (five days later) but he just needs to get his game-thought process back as he has lost his way after a sensational pre-season. Replacement: Tyson Bugg - It's between Buggy and Jeffy and this decision should come down to the wire and the conditions. Both can be big game players but both butchered chances yesterday. I just think Jeffy might be a harder match-up to contain out the back. Replacement: Tim Smith I also think we should play a spare down back for much of the first half and Lever gets that role, especially when Dusty heads forward. It's really important that we try and keep it low-scoring and having wise old heads like Jones, Lewis and Vince down back should ensure we switch the ball better early and control the tempo. As to Dusty, I'd start Brayshaw on him and have Wags go to him when he rests forward. Angus needs to be given a challenge and so far all we've done is protect him for three seasons now. It's time we found out what we have. I'd also play Trac for large periods of the game at full forward in the hope that Rance goes to him. Like Angus, Trac has the abililty to lift in big games and big match-ups. Salem should start on Cotch with a view to switching him with Jones in second half. So my side is: B: Hunt (Butler) Lewis (Townsend) Hibberd (Caddy) Spare: Lever HB: Jones (Edwards) O.Mac (Riewoldt) Vince (Castagna) C: Stretch (Lambert) Brayshaw (Martin) Hannan (McIntosh) HF: Kent (Houli) Hoges ANB (main role to shut down Short who is a key rebounder for them) F: Garlett Petracca (third missing as spare defender until half time) Rucks: Gawn (Nank) Oliver (Conca) Salem (Cotchin) Int: Tyson (midfield), Wagner (defence), Harmes (mid/back-up ruck), Tim Smith (forward)
  22. I have four certain ins with a fifth likely, depending on coaching philosophy. In: Hunt - if you are going to play a high press, as we have done, then you need quick players to get back. He's a monte anyway against Richmond's small forward set up. Yes he may bomb it long too often, but which of our defenders was immune from mistakes against the Hawks. Tyson - If he's healthy again then he has to play. Sure he makes the odd error, but he's a genuine worker and has the confidence to present and the vision and long kick to switch play. Stretch - As with Hunt, he's needed because he works hard both ways off his wing and he presents and makes space. With Tyson, a key to us rediscovering how to switch play again. Hannan - Our 23rd man yesterday and given how poorly most of our small forwards went, he has to be recalled. The fifth gets down to whether Goody decides he needs a stronger (albeit slower) tall-marking option up forward than what he has got already. Personally I would go Tim Smith (because he is a better tackler than Weids or Pedo), but there is a case for both Weids and Pedo. I'm just dubious that this is the right game (at night against a ferocious tackling side) for Weids or Pedo and I doubt whether they can influence the ruck enough against Grigg to make it worthwhile. Harmes has been prepared with this game in mind - to forsake him now, would be a panic move.
  23. 6 Gawn - Sure he missed another sitter, but our only clear winner on the day. 5 Jones - I'm not forgetting how highly Mitchell has been rated over the past 3 weeks. 4 Oliver - Worked hard as he always does, but lacked impact and even clean hands on occasions. 3 Neal Bullen - Ran and ran and ran. As with Oli needed to do more with it. 2 O-Mac - benifitted from being the last line of defence a lot in second half but kept Roughy relatively quiet. 1 Kent/Hoges - brilliant first terms, let's not mention what happened next. No votes to Salem? - he was on o'Meara for a lot of the game.
  24. We are definitely considering channelling Richmond's manic forward line pressure - all sides are, it's also a question of whether we have similar strengths and manpower available and whether conditions favour hard-tackling smallish forwards - night football is the ideal format for it, particularly when it is greasy or wet. I think it's fair to say that we decided to trial it last week - Harmes was given a hitout on ball in preparation for Grigg on Anzac Eve. Similarly Bernie was recalled into his tagging role (Higgins) in preparation for ... Tom Mitchell and then Dusty. Whether conditions this Sunday arvo suit such a small set up is questionable, but having the extra tall down back frees up Goody's options anyway. I'd expect one of Pedo or Weid to be listed in our squad of 26 for the game on Friday and most likely miss out. The other three inclusions I'd expect in the squad would be Brayshaw, Hannan and Stretch - the latter of whom would play VFL Sat night. The only player IMO opinion who should miss out from last week is Bailey Fritsch. Like many of you I am so excited by the way he plays - that early mark against Geelong and that disallowed gem versus North are season highlights so far, but against North he provided zero tackles and was unable to lock the ball in with the same degree of ease as Trac or Bugg or Kent or even Oliver in the last term. I have him pencilled in for the Essendon game after a couple of development games in VFL, just as I have Jayden pencilled in for a return against Richmond. Hannan was majorly stiff to be dropped after Rd 1 and is an obvious like for like, but my heart still hopes Angus will get the gig - although clearly he has been playing mid and would require another major omission decision to get him a game. Or would Goody be willing to start Oliver at full-forward with a view to negating any tags and then summoning him for midfield work as the game progresses? Either way, unless we have perfect conditions on Sunday, I can't see another tall forward getting a gig until the Essendon Etihad game - where height can be a factor.
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