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  1. Love the way that Wiseblood and others have defended Jesse and as to it being a bulls..t thread as was suggested by one, the fact that we are all reading it and so many of us are replying shows that it is now the most interesting discussion for fans. It's a bit like Jack Watts of 2013-17 - after so many underacheiving games, it all starts turning on the big name, big pay players - as it rightly should. Please don't make the mistake that I am suggesting Jesse is not capable of being physical - he clearly is unlike Wattsy - but Jesse has been granted the most pivotal spot in the side and finds himself being surpassed by a meat and potatoes hard worker in T-Mac, who has shown that if you fight for every contest, things can happen. For me, in Jesse's case it has nothing to do with his ability - we all know he has a leap, we all know he can run, we all know he can baulk and pivot as well as any big guy in the league. What we don't know (and even the club may not know) is what he gets up to at night - is he partying too hard, is he drinking too much, is he professional - because nowadays only the players that work their butt off both on and off the field are successful in the long-term. I've heard rumours of poor antics and I've heard reports from daughters at nightclubs, so I know he enjoys that scene perhaps more than he should - he's 23 now, he's not a kid. Will he mature like Dusty? Is he capable of maturing like Dusty and walking the fine line between loveable rogue and meathead? Jesse is the most natural footballer we've had since Allen Jakovich - yet interestingly Jakovich made a beeline for Clayton Oliver this weekend and rates him his favourite player of today. Jesse has one of the best natural running tanks I've seen - those of you who watch training reps will know how easy he does it. Yet he also does it as a part-time (maybe fulltime I don't know) smoker. As others have stated Jesse has flaws in his kicking - why haven't these been corrected yet. Why is he one of the few bigname forwards that rarely has a shot from 45-60m out. Why does he hold it like a left-footer. Why does he still stutter and we saw with his shot from 35m yesterday that he was stuttering even more than normal under the pressure of it all. If you peel back the layers of Jesse, I suspect you will find he's struggling with life in the fastlane of AFL football and is a bit of a Nick Kyrgios - happy to act cool and disinterested when beaten rather than show that he's working his butt off to fix things. Now he has an excuse, a foot injury, and his omission may actually help us, not hinder us. Part of that is because Weid has been getting better and better at VFL level and looks almost like a midfielder at training, such is his confidence dishing it off. Whilst I am not totally confident that he will be able to turn it on just yet, I am confident he will be able to match or possibly even surpass what Jesse has done for us in the big games this season. And if he does show signs, then maybe the title of this thread is bang on the money after all - trade Hogan!
  2. Thanks older Demon but we actually do have A-listers now - Gawn, Oliver, Viney and Brayshaw and Salem heading that way. We also already have replacements for those three players. Lewis - Salem has already taken on the role and made him expendable. Vince - Take your pick out of several defenders who play tight and uncomprising footy like Bernie used to until he started losing a bit of pace - Smith is my favourite of the new breed though. Jones - he's already been moved out of our midfield core. I'd like to see him play the Jarrad McVeigh role next year. Agree with you though that it is a big call to move out Hoges, but sometimes as we saw with Wattsy last year, it needs to be done and in Hoges' case it's not just because of what he displays on the field.
  3. Thanks Febel - I thought as much. It's probably too late in season and nowadays they train in the three specific groups, but I would have loved to have seen Hoges and OMac swap possies a few times this season mid games. And with Joel Smith out, Jesse is probably our only player (when in form) that is quick enough and good enough in the air to provide an intercept game-saving mark. I saw him way back when he played U18s for WA and I thought what a talent back there.
  4. So you didn't spot Melky this season - he leads league in goal assists - a pretty handy stat I reckon.
  5. Well said Clint. Please DL nerds provide stats on this. My suspicion is that he has been abysmal in every one of our recent losses and very good in every one of our wins - downhill skier (smoker). The two exceptions that I can recall are that he was pretty handy against Richmond at night - even snagging one from 50m out. He also beat two players to get the key matchwinning handball against Adelaide three weeks ago - after a pretty quiet night mind you. He made a great start to year, but has fallen away and his lack of second efforts are becoming the norm. I've said a few times that he probably needs a stint down back just to give him perspective and remind him how important it is to keep contesting. But now it seems he has a bit of a niggle anyway so there may be more to his loss of form. One of my biggest disappointment yesterday was in third term on members wing and he and his opponent (think it was Aliir) were coming to fly for a mark and Lloyd was in front and backing in courageously and Hoges didn't even hammer Lloyd with a knee up fly - which would have been a fair tactic and the expected tactic.
  6. Clearly will be the two ins with Hibberd and Melky and I would have thought Hannan, Wags, Weid, Kent and Bugg are all in the mix for a recall as well although I can't see them all returning in one hit. The three likely outs by my reckoning are: Hunt - Injured his ankle ligaments again I think, but let's wait and see what club says on this. Pedo - Replaced Smith as we tried going big, but he just wasn't able to play that intercepter role and you have to wonder what selectors were thinking in picking him as a third defender against a small side like the Swans. With Hibberd out, Wags was the logical like-for-like choice. Further to this Oscar got the easy second-tall gig on McCartin and that meant his confidence and standing rose as Pedo's fell. Spargo - I love his workrate but I reckon his two shots that ended up short make it hard to justify him at such a young age. Then the club has to decide whether they can afford to again play Hoges and Garlett who have been unable to have an impact in big games, although both have been mega-impressive in our easy wins. Ousting them means a major restructure of forward line late in season. If Hoges is too sore, then I actually think Weids can do a fairly good job of replacing him.
  7. For the love of god - open your eyes and watch the game!
  8. 6 Salem - Cleanest of our ball users all day and is now our most trusted defender. Hope his run in middle late was out of desperation and not something we will try at start next week. 5 Harmes - Love how everyone now realises how important he is. However his job was to stop Josh Kennedy for much of the day. If I was giving Brownlow votes it was 3 Heeney, 2 Salem 1 Kennedy, Harmes or Lloyd. 4 Tyson - fantastic second quarter and constant provider of drive from his wing. Opponent Hannebery did get it a bit too much though. 3 T.Mac - He missed a couple early as nerves took hold of side but came back later to nail a couple, including the one from outside 50m which was a gem. 2 Brayshaw - what a first term, although ultimately unable to hugely impact scoreboard. 1 Petracca - Handy as marking outlet up the line, but looked more dangerous than he actually was. Olly and Jones - had their moments but their kicking was down compared to normal. All other players drifted in and out of it, including our favourite big fella.
  9. Interesting take by you. I actually have at least eight changes to our list for next season and there are plenty of reasons to suggest it should happen. 1) Draft observers keep saying it is one of the best for several seasons. They say that pretty regularly I know, but it certainly isn't one where people are saying it lacks depth at top like last year. 2) If we are to get Gaff, then we will have salary cap issues if we don't bring in some young kids who usually start on the base wages. Removing a few of our highly-paid veterans becomes smart economics. 3) We have three (arguably four players) in the mix to retire - Vince, Pedo, Jordy and Jeffy. 4) We have three players who have been given two years to make it and they are still a long way off from making a debut - Dion, Lochie and Mitch King. There will be no money saved there, but sadly it must be done. In Lochie and Mitch's cases, we already have a project ruckman for next year with Austin Bradtke. 5) We have three other players who are out of contract and may be moved on - Bugg, McKenna and Kent. And we have already lost one - Balic. On top of that for the past 3 years, Tubby Taylor has barely had a chance to draft more than two speculative rookies, so he will be champing at the bit to get a go at doing what he's paid for. Personally I'd be moving Keilty and Tim Smith on to the main list on one-year deals as back-ups and taking the full quota of rookies with Corey Wagner and Jay Lockhart among them. As to rule changes, if they happen then the big winners will be Weid and Frosty and both are already contracted and I'd certainly be keeping them.
  10. I think you would find that our team is now renowned for their kicking skills. Prior to Goody, we certainly were poor, but that's an area we have made major inroads on and whilst everyone can point to the odd brainfade or poor kick under pressure, almost everyone in our side can nail a target. Those that couldn't - Frost, Hunt, Bugg and Tyson - were banished to the twos but after the Pies game, Goody also realised that you needed pace as well as precision and he had to balance up his leanings a bit more - hence Frosty and Smith got games. Vanders is such a hard bull that Goody has to weigh up his errant kicks as you point out though. But if I was an opponent, I think I know which one out of Spargo, JKH and Vanders I'd prefer to play on.
  11. I think people are underestimating the influence Joel Smith has had on our backline - he provides pace, an ability to play on smalls and talls, he loves snagging a tackle and he intercepts really well. I accept that he's still learning the game (he's only played about eight) and his kicking choices at times are a little off, but I reckon he's been a sensational Mr FixIt since replacing Lever and he's one of the chief reasons why we are not all bemoaning the lack of pace that others possess down back. I know Wiseblood disagrees, but I reckon outside of Salem, he's the one player from our back seven who we cannot cover because of his flexibility. We can bring in Hunt to provide the dash and tackle pressure - but he is not capable of outmuscling a big. We can bring in Wags who can provide the leap and is more precise with his kicking, but he's just not as quick when teams break through our press and he's a left-footer - we've got plenty of those. We can bring in Pedo and we'll get an honest worker with a thumping kick, but if we do we are back to being the slowest side in the league that was exposed by the Pies and Tigers. I actually have three changes to fix our issues down back - that's how crucial Smith is. Firstly, we need some marking confidence down back and unfortunately for the past six weeks Oscar has lost his mojo in that area. This is not a crime, he is a kid after all. But he needs to go back and spend two weeks in the twos as the dominant man so that he can return eager to play his role in the finals. At the moment he looks worried the minute he is isolated down back near the goal square, so Frosty is now preferred for that role. Further to that Pedo has been playing even better than his normal reliable self and provided there is a slowish match up, then he is our best bet as our second tall defender until O-Mac's mojo returns. McCartin is a slowish match-up and he's a kid and Pedo should be able to exploit him and peel off for a few intercept marks. And as with Oscar, Pedo's the smoothest, cleanest kick in the side. The second change is that Hunt has to come in this week, otherwise we will just be too slow down back against the Swans who have been forced to go small because of injuries. More than likely Jetta will have to play on Ronke and Hunt is quick enough to play on Papley or Rohan if he is rushed back. The third change is that we may need to bring in Wags to counter Parker or Heeney's aerial ability when they play forward - effectively play Smith's role on the third tall. It's a tricky call because it means Bernie is pushed out of our backline. The question is whether Bernie is then sent forward where he can provide nuisance value and utilise his smarts and his kicking skills or just dropped again. But the forward line is where I'd like to see him play out this season and finish his terrific career because Lewis is too slow to play anywhere else than down back and our former Hawk is a lovely reader of the game and clever outlet - nine times out of 10 anyway. If that means JKH or Spargo misses, then so be it. Both are young, both are working their butt off and developing, but with so much at stake, they aren't quite strong enough yet to regularly make an impact. Vanders is strong enough, he just isn't game-fit yet, but he'll get there and he's the ideal type for the Swans. Obviously if Melky is fit, then one of them has to make room anyway. In: Pedo, Hunt, Wagner (Melky if fit) Out: O.Mac, J.Smith, JKH/Spargo B: Jetta (Ronke) Frost (Buddy) Lewis HB: Hunt Pedo (McCartin) Salem C Jones Brayshaw Tyson HF: ANB T.Mac Vince F: Garlett Hoges Petracca Ru: Gawn Harmes Oliver Int: Vanders, Wags, Fritsch, JKH/Spargo
  12. Yes it really is an extraordinary story - love the way the AFL say that the Feb/March window is all they can afford for the AFLW because that is the time when no other sport is played. Let's get to the truth; 1) That is the key time for almost every minor sport (aths, swimming, baseball) and also when A-League and WNBL play their finals. So quite frankly the AFL is rapt to wipe their coverage out. 2) Ultimately I expect it to be revealed that Channel 7/Fox decided they wouldn't cover games in late January or early April. In the case of late January both Seven and Fox and Nine are already knee-deep in tennis and BBL/WBBL coverage. Then in early April, both have AFL commitments plus Fox has Rugby league committments. TV and commercial realities drive the AFL and now the AFLW it seems. 3) And for some reason the AFL decided way back it did no want to impact state-run women's comp which begin in April. The fact that April is the best time for footy - grounds are in great knick (way softer than in Feb or March) and weather is generally better for players and fans has been overlooked to serve other interests and clashes with the main game. To me, it just shows how bloody-minded and niggardly the AFL are and how they are happy to wipe everything else out, but on this occasion they appear to be about to fall on their own samarai sword and wipe AFLW out. Logic says, as Daisy says, that with 10 teams it should be a 9-game season with two weeks of finals. If that means the finals is mid-April so be it. A few games could be played as AFL/AFLW double headers.
  13. The thing that I'm hoping Dazzle has picked up from this video is that Nibbler is at the initial contest like everyone else and then he just runs (unlike everybody else) because he is the fittest bloke at the club. Yes we have all noticed he can miss the odd kick, but he's playing a position that is always under pressure and a spot where you are heavily criticised when you lose and begrudgingly accepted with "about time" or "downhill skier" when you win. What is sad is that if you really watched him as if you were his father, you would be rapt with his positioning and intensity and his team-first ethic. Instead you have just allowed your own personal vendetta to get the better of you. I personally get sh..ted off with Jordy's lack of pace but it doesn't stop me realising what he brings to the table. Repeat after me 100 times: "I must not bag Nibbler"
  14. Hard to see any changes this week unless someone pulls up sore or catches Hoges' flu. Biggest issues now are figuring out the best way for O.Mac and Jesse to regain confidence and how to find room for Vanders. My own personal view on the first one is to try switching ends for both O.Mac and Jesse - at least until half time. Just so they can get a different perspective. As to Vanders, the only possible out, if we have to pull the pin, is Spargo, given that Jeffy performed well and I'd want Charlie back in the following week.
  15. 6 Oliver - forget the rating in the HS today, that was done by a SA reporter. Three more Brownlow votes and Gawny should now feel worried he may not receive the Bluey medal. 5 Neal-Bullen - yes and I am surprised that there are no written apologies here already from those who have been wanting him out of the side the whole year. Vision and intense pressure - a couple of errant kicks away from BOG. 4 Jordy - Yes I know I reckon he's too slow, but the Crows are the only side in the comp still dishing up big slow forwards and that meant he wasn't exposed. As a result what was exposed was his kicking skills - two rippers from 50m out that kept us ticking. 3 Tracca - Another game where his imposing frame influenced every contest he was involved in. Bring on September. 2 Tyson - it was a bad night for us DLers. Another whipping boy stands out and a few of his handball gives were Oliveresque. Further to that it seemed he again had to play outside and work his way into the contests. 1 JKH - Ok, at least I will apologise. His best game since that fateful day at AAMI Stadium five years ago when we all thought we'd snaffled a superstar. The spark in the third quarter and a running man for much of the night. He probably just cost Baker his debut game this year.
  16. Yep, of the 14 uncontracted players left now that Angus and Jetta have signed, I have between eight and 10 missing out for next season with Oscar and Vanders (assuming he survives the season with his ankle still intact) the ones that are imperative. I also feel Jordy and Jeffy have big decisions to make on their futures, which will be determined by their involvement in the run home and hopefully by finals. Even though he's not re-signed, Bernie's post-AFL career appears set with his Pride Real Estate, so it's hard to imagine him staying beyond this season. Assuming we manage to snaffle Gaff, then when you look at our potential Rd 1 side and key back-ups for next year on paper based on who has signed and my two imperatives - it's pretty daunting. Defenders: Hibberd, Jetta, Salem, Hunt, J.Smith, Oscar, Frost - Lever (when fit) Wagner, Petty Mids: Viney, Oliver, Brayshaw, Gaff, Jones, Harmes, Fritsch, Gawn - Tyson Stretch Baker Maynard Forwards: Hogan, T.Mac, Melky, ANB, Spargo, Petracca, Vanders - Hannan, Weid When looking at overall list structure, we obviously will need to decide who is our best option at providing back-up for Gawn, although clearly we won't be able to lure a frontliner because we have the best and any back-up is unlikely to get a game, unless there is injury. As we have already decided on one of our project rucks in Bradtke, then we don't really need to keep more than one of Pedo, King and Filipovic. And if Pedo's had enough of waiting, then a younger fringe tall who can also play forward such as Freo's Matt Taberner might be worth pursuing for a lower order pick. You would also think that at least one of Bugg, Kent, JKH and Balic will be offered a new deal.
  17. Harmes is a big loss, but another soldier goes down ... To me that means we have to bite the bullet and play Vanders, even if it is a week earlier than planned. We need another big body at night and assuming we give Tyson more game time this week (only played 63%), then Vanders should be able to cope with about 65% game time bashing into players. The other in is the certain one - Wagner. He comes in for JKH, but obviously won't play his wing. It just means that Spargo spends a bit more time on wing. Wags inclusion means he can play on one of their talls when needed (given Adelaide's big size) and also means the coach has to do what I've advocated all year - send Bernie forward where his smarts and lip can come in handy and we all know he loves a goal (and a laugh or even a smile). But on a serious level, we should be trying to manufacture a match up that sees him picking up Laird a fair bit of time. B: Jetta Oscar Jordy HB: Smith Frost Salem Mid: Jones Brayshaw Fritsch HF: Vince Hoges Melksham F: Garlett T.Mac Petracca Ru: Gawn Oliver Tyson Int: Wagner (def), Spargo (fwd/mid) AVB (fwd/mid) ANB (fwd)
  18. As with most of you I have four players in the gun at selection this week, although I suspect a maximum of two changes will take place. 1) JKH - Yep we all know that was his big chance to show that he could handle the pressure and provide run and whilst he gave it his all and was part of a couple of goal chains, to me his nice mark on the wing and centring kick that was intercepted said it all - even at his best, he still comes up short. The only issue is who comes in for him. Do we rush back Vanders who will add those huge tackles but may tire? Do we give the running man Baker a shot at it? My preference is that we give him his debut a week later at the MCG against the Suns. If Hannan is fit then he could play on the wing. And the other option would be to bring in Wags and either play him on a wing or send Vince forward because of the size of Adelaide's forward line. 2) OMac. I can't see us demoting him this late in the season and we definitely will need height against the Crows as they have Jenkins, the returning Walker, Lynch, McGovern and the tallish Greenwood to fit in their line-up, not to mention Betts. Obviously we will zone and play a spare at times, but for what it's worth Jetta goes to Betts, O-Mac (Walker), Frost (Jenkins), Smith (Lynch) and I expect McGovern to start back with Talia now that Doedee may not play. That leaves Lewis to pick up Greenwood - hence why I think Wagner may play to give us another option. If they do drop OMac, there's two options. Pedo has been playing there for a while now and could play on Jenkins or Tex. or they could send Jesse back there given his poor run in big games and bring in Weid. The thing with Jesse is that in away games he is still playing for frees and the chances of getting one is almost impossible. 3) Tyson - I actually thought he played all right, given he was barely used (just 63% game time) and had to come in off the back of the square at bounces. The Crows game is at night, so I think he plays - just reckon he should be given more of a run because ultimately it's a 22-man game. And he's got to start in the square at bounce 1 - happy for him to moved out of there later as he tires and we want to send Trac in there. But can't believe why we want to waste his talents in the middle. 4) Garlett - In pressure night game's he's not the answer because he gets buffetted out of the way and we now have Spargo. Personally I'd leave him out for this one and while the inclusion should be Kent, he's hardly set the world on fire at VFL level. As a result I'd get in either VDB or Hannan. The rest of the team played great, although the two goals Jordy conceded because of his lack of pace pretty much outweighed all his other good work. .
  19. 6 Olly - Fantastic to see how he is now running and kicking and not always handballing. A real danger to Gawny for B&F. 5 Trac - Finally got back to his Rd 1 form and even though he played way to much game time (91%) was seriously good. 4 Harmes - Forget his dream team/supercoach score. His past two weeks have given us a player we need come finals. Liam Picken reincarnated. 3 Angus - the third member of our Holy Trinity and how many pushes in his back were missed by umps. 2 Gawn - Sometimes we forget how good he was because we expect so much. 1 Salem/Joel Smith - Aside from Harmes, this was the best thing to come out of the game and gives us depth and quality down back come finals. Both were ferocious tackling and covered the ground beautifully. We may not be as precise with our ball movement but we will be a better side when Jordy and Vince retire at season's end.
  20. Delighted with the changes and the scene is set for a ripper game down there. I'm sure we'd win if it was back at the 'G, but down there they are a 5-10 goal better team, part of that because of home-town crowd inspired umpiring. Whilst I would have liked to see our ever-ready battery Baker get a gig, I'm pleased he doesn't begin his career in such a cauldron and I'm also pleased JKH gets a chance to see if he can make it before decision time at season's end. He doesn't have to be sensational, he just has to stick his tackles and be evasive and link up. If he ends up on Kelly he's got to be there with him and if it's Menegola, then he's got to negate his height advantage. I suspect Scott has decided to use Blicavs as back-up to Stanley at times on Max in the hope of running the legs off him. And I'll be gobsmacked if Scott Selwood isn't given the job of a hard tag on Angus. How Angus copes with it, will probably determine if we can get a break on them before three-quarter time. I think all of us will be gobsmacked if in turn Goody plays Tyson again on a wing. My guess is that we will be sending him to Joel Selwood from the outset and hoping he can negate for at least the first half - the role he should have been given in Rd 1 if you recall. Oliver, I suspect, will start forward and if our coach has started to learn that you need to have the odd structural move up your sleeve, then he will move him into the middle when Tyson starts tiring each quarter. I love us having the flexibility of both Smith and Fritsch to throw forward, back or on to a wing as needs be. Ultimately though it will most likely get down to the final quarter will to win and that's when Joel does his best work and it's when we will really miss Viney. It would be lovely if Trac stepped up and took over the stoppages in the last, but it's hard to believe in fairytales.
  21. It is interesting to hear you say that and he would keep the left-foot defensive brigade happy - Salem, Lewis and now Fritsch. I am still interested to see if Frost is also jettisoned for Joel Smith - as I said elsewhere, Goody would have been fuming at some of Frosty's choices last week, but hopefully his rage will have subsided and he will realise that Frosty does bring other attributes to the table which we need now more than ever. I'd go for Joel Smith ahead of Wags because he is that little bit quicker and gives us more flexibility because he can play as a forward ... and I've got him in my SC team! Furthermore, Wags' left foot can be covered by Fritsch if needed. It sounds to me that the selectors have decided to bring in Tyson for Hannan and I don't mind that provided Dom plays in the middle of the park. It will be a spiteful, niggling game played for high stakes at night and whilst we are some chance, I think we all have to realise what it will mean to the Cats and Joel Selwood if they lose. They will be feral and so will their fans.
  22. Obviously our No.1 target is Gaff and we need that to be as a UFA, as we can't offer a deal that would meet their requirements. For us it would be a coup and if it means they get a first round concession pick for his loss, so be it. It's the same principle as to when the Hawks used to take players from other clubs, which was hardly the intent of the rule - but that's another matter. As to others, I suspect we will have about 8-9 players coming off our list this season - I know some of you think it will be just 4-5, but sorry I have a few more in mind and I suspect the club does to. That will allow us to rookie our two emerging Casey boys - Lockhart and Wags Jnr. But after Gaff, I think our main priority is securing a replacement for Pedo - a back-up tall who can ruck if required. Obviously Weid is progressing in that role, but we need another one. My view has been for two years now that Freo's Mitch Taberener would be handy and realistically he is a third round pick now - which is what we can offer. That would then take the pressure away from us having to retain either Pedo or our two project ruckman and leaves us a bit of time to see how Bradtke develops. It would be lovely to get a player such as Dahlhaus but we have virtually nothing to offer the Dogs in return.
  23. You are aware that Angus, Christian P, VDB, ANB, Salem, Harmes and Stretch are all midfielders that we chose in recent years on top of Michie and Tyson and Baker. What has happened is that because we now have such midfield depth, that several players have had to be moved out of the middle to try and get a game. Salem has been sent down back, ANB has had to make it as a running forward and Vanders likewise, while Tyson has had to play wing in AFL this season. Please do more research before strong statements!
  24. Taylor has overall done a good job and his meal ticket resides with upgrading Clayton Oliver and making him a priority even to the extent of encouraging the pre-draft trade to get pick 3 prior to Essendon - otherwise we may have had to take Parish (another Jimmy Toumpas type). But as has been pointed out, the trades are not really his decision, he would no doubt be consulted heavily over them, but the coach has a bigger say in those choices and obviously with Melky and Hibberd it was on the basis that Goody wanted them big time. But my main point is that while Tubby Taylor has done a fine job with choosing mids (Vanders, ANB and now Spargo have been inspired picks), he has so far has been bereft of talent when judging bigs. Some will argue he chose Oscar Mc, but he was also under pressure to go with him and showed his hand on how keen he was when he went ANB before him. Plenty of others came about because of connections - Stretch, Joel Smith, Fritsch, Tim Smith, Keilty - not because of his astute judgment and my understanding is that Goody loved Hannan's game in the VFL GF two years ago and told him to make him a priority. But so far the bigs have been a disaster and even allowing for the late development that comes with taller units, most will stay that way. I have noticed a major improvement in Weid's agility this year and at times he now moves like a midfielder, so I have not given up on him yet, although clearly we missed an opportunity to take Charlie Curnow that year and misread the tea leaves on the way key forwards were going.
  25. Not as many changes required this week but still plenty of thought for match committee. The Cats down there are a seriously difficult proposition and we will only get free kicks in our back half. Further to that Joel will be manic and we don't have Viney to counter him. Then there is his niggling brother who will wear Angus like a glove - the first time he has had to counter such a tag. On top of that they will most likely dump Buzza and maybe either bring back Smith to try and negate Gawny with some rough stuff or alternatively play Henderson as a forward. As to us, we have to decide four things. 1) Will the coach stick with Frosty? As most of you know I love Frosty attack on the ball and unless we plan to send Hoges or T-Mac back, he is our only tall defender apart from Oscar capable of playing on a big and playing our game-style. But he went against team rules in the second term with his kick-in and there was enough choice errors for Goody to throw the book at him (way more than his past indiscretions which were pretty minor in comparison). Hopefully Goody realises that Frosty is our best chance come finals and his speed is critical in a side trying to use Lewis and Vince down back. The options if Goody jettisons Frosty again are 1) Pedo - In form down back in VFL and we all know he does the right things, but he ain't no racehorse. 2) Joel Smith - if he is fit then he has to come in ... surely. But can he cope with Henderson or Stanley? 3) Fritsch - he was trialled down there for a reason, but as with Joel Smith, can he cope with a big boy? My guess: Goody will drop Frosty and go with Joel Smith, or if Joel is still too sore, then Pedo gets the gig. My wish: No change. 2) Will the coach stick with JKH? It was an interesting choice v Dogs but JKH's VFL form was very worthy. But will he cope with the pressure of a night game at a rabid Catland. He may also have to pick up Megnola, Kelly or even Duncan at times, so it's a huge ask. This will either make him as a player or will be his last game for the club. My guess: Goody will stick with him. My wish: I'm sorry but I am not a fan of JKH on a wing or as a forward, although I can see some potential in him as a defender with clean hands and good kicking skills. Also this is not the week to bring in Baker, although I have warmed to him and with Billy now out and no sign of Jayden back for a bit, Ronald McDonald is our best chance of providing the run we need for finals. But we can wait another week on Baker and likewise VDB. 3) Will the coach stick with three pacey forwards - Hannan, Garlett and Spargo? Obviously this is a bit of a selection luxury that worked on Saturday because of who we were playing and might work on a dry day at Geelong - but we are playing at night in the middle of winter. My guess: Goody will stick with all three. My wish: Unlike Goody i can't see all three in same side come finals. Two yes. This is the week for another grunt forward such as Bugg or Kent - neither of whom dominated in VFL on weekend. 4) Is this the game for Dom Tyson? The answer is yes because it will be greasy and at night and will be a tackle-fest. His inclusion will take pressure off Angus and allow Oliver to play forward for even more. My guess: Dom has barely played in the middle all season so why would Goody change now - even with Viney out. My view: This is the game for either Dom or Buggy. But as we know Dom isn't a natural at chasing down blokes, so he can't play the forward pressure role as well as others and if Goody won't play him in the middle, then it's a pointless swap. My view: If I was picking the team it would be JKH out and Joel Smith in because he is more physical and quicker, but I am not. And given the likely niggling game, I'd even consider dropping one our small forwards for Bugg or Tyson (only if used in the middle). My guess is that we will bring back Joel Smith and Frosty will be dropped and if Joel is still too sore, then Pedo will replace Frosty. What will most likely happen is that we will be hard at it most of the night and lead for quite a bit of it but Joel Selwood will have a huge last term and with scores level Trac will be pinged for a high tackle on him late in the game. The ball will be moved down the ground where Henderson will nudge Joel Smith under the contest allowing TomaHawk to mark. He will turn quickly and spot Parfitt or Kelly or even Ablett 2m clear of Jordy and it will be game over.
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