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  1. I must admit I had my doubts about him last year. He was really coming along well in 2011 and then seemed to lose his confidence to take the game on in 2012 and just went back and kicked long down the line to a contest 95 per cent of the time - which was probably just him adhering to Neeld's game plan. This year however he has gone back to backing himself with his pace and aggression. His vision with his kicking is better and I reckon he'd be miles ahead in the Bluey Truscott Medal.
  2. Neeld said he wanted to bring in more youth, which I think was just some sort of spiel line because our side v Pies was younger than any other side we have previously listed this year with Kent, Toumpas, Blease and Evans all together. Only Jack Viney could make it a more youthful squad, unless Dom Barry is included and he did not even get a gig for Casey last week. Neeld also bagged our senior players and given that Davey was handy and Rodan is new and he went to great lengths to praise him the week before, he must have been talking about Jamar, Dunn and Sylvia because the rest of the side is under 26. So maybe the Russian is going to be dropped with Dunn. A few other things - Jordie can't kick but he did work hard and we need a tagger for Jack Steven, so unless Bail replaces him, I'd stick with him. If Clark is now even longer term, then surely Couch can come off rookie list and he deserves another chance and that means someone has to come out of the engine room - Rodan is the obvious choice. Pedersen is an obvious match-up for Stanley or Hooper (if they play him) and while Tom Mc did well on Riewoldt last time, Garland is our main man at moment. Tom Mc will therefore most likely go to Maister. Col is so quick however that he could go to Milney (who is the one that fires them up). If not, I'd bring J Mac in to play on Milney, because the little pest is a very good lead-up player. If J Mac is out, then Clisby must be a chance. If Neeld wants to drop Jamar to give him a lesson about working harder then it's a big ask to just go with Gawn against McEvoy and possibly Hooper. Big Ben is very fit, so Spencer would have to come in as well as Fitzy is not quite good enough for lengthy stints in the ruck. So assuming Dawes passes his fitness test and Viney and J Mac are available I'd go for the following changes. Out: Tapscott, Rodan, Dunn (delisting is just around corner), Fitzpatrick, Jamar. In: Viney, Couch, J Macdonald, Gawn and Spencer (yes I know he isn't up to AFL level, but he is doing well at VFL level and he and Gawny had the better of Hudson and Witts last week.) However I won't be surprised if Neeld does the exact opposite of what he says and goes back to older players such as Byrnes at the expense of either Kent or Blease.
  3. Should the Dees do the dirty on Casey again? History: For the past four years, Casey has made the finals on the back of some handy Melbourne-listed players, only to find that come the finals, the Dees heirarchy decides that it wants to send most of its eligible VFL players off for a break so that the AFL-listed players can begin pre-season training in early October. The only exceptions to this policy have been players about to be delisted anyway (eg: Bate last year). Not surprisingly Casey comes up short in September - usually out in straight sets. This year Casey again looks set to make the finals and its Melbourne-listed contingent (which includes young Jesse Hogan) have been firing. Given how bad the Dees have been going, players who have been dropped to the VFL get a chance to play in a winning line-up and get some confidence back and play proactive football, rather than the reactive chasing type they get in the AFL. Casey strength is serving a really good purpose in the current environment and I don't understand why the Dees football administration treats them like s... in September. My view is that young guys like Hogan, Toumpas, Kent, Gawn, Barry and Blease etc would really benefit from being part of a genuine finals campaign with the added pressure that entails. If they were to make the VFL Grand Final it would serve as a positive note for the whole club to end its season on - just like it did for Geelong when they won the VFL flag with guys like Ablett, Stevie J and Lonergan one year before they made a quantum leap. The VFL finals series (and a potential GF at Etihad Stadium) would also give guys like Davis, Spencer, Fitzy, Taggert, Nicho, Tynan, Magner and Couch etc one last chance to show on a biggish stage that they are worthy of being kept on the list. Whilst I get why Misson and his fitness staff want players to be back early in October, I think the benefits of a successful Casey finals campaign would far outweigh the downside of a later start for the 10-12 guys that would do us proud for Casey. Am I missing something? I always thought that success was meant to breed success.
  4. What Blease offers is pace (which we currently lack) and the fact that he is one of the few genuine potential linebreakers in our squad of players. The worry I have on him is not his tackling, but that he may not have the peripheral vision to ever really make it in this role, but unless he plays on a wing or half-back regularly we won't know.
  5. Can someone explain to me what we would do with expanded salary cap? We have only two big money players in Clark and Dawes and we barely reach the 92% TPP minimum because our players don't have big reputations. Davey, our next highest paid player, is out of contract this year, so we will have plenty of room to move anyway if we wanted to try and tempt a quality player. Frawley doesn't have to be resigned and upgraded until next season and I'm sure he wouldn't anyway until he knows the next coach. Same applies to Grimes, N.Jones, Trengove, J.Viney, Howe, Garland etc. The only well-known uncontracted players, who other clubs will have an interest in, are Watts and Sylvia, and based on what I have read on Demonland, there are plenty who wouldn't care if either left us. Hopefully they stay on with new contracts with major performance incentives. So why? Agree with Scott for once that Melbourne needs to stop asking for handouts and fix its mess and that includes not requesting a priority pick because all that does is make all the other clubs view us as a charity-case. You can't win respect without earning it the hard way.
  6. Here's a few match-ups. McKenzie (best tackler) on Pendlebury. Bail (has enough speed) on Swan. Trengove on Sidebottom (classy, but not mega-quick so Trengove has ability to run with him). Howe on Seedsman (who has been very good of late and needs a mid with height). J Mac is other option for Seedsman. Pies will probably use Macaffer on N.Jones with Ball and Rodan to go head to head. Watts will most likely cop O'Brien unless Howe plays forward. Heath Shaw will go to Tapscott, Marty Clarke will most likely get Sylvia, Marley Williams on Davey. With Maxwell out, Reid will have to go back and match up on Dawes. Brown will have Gawn (or Fitzy if they stick with him). Down back Strauss will have to play on Blair, Terlich will pick up Elliott leaving Dunn (eke) to claim Krakouer. Pedersen gets Lynch and Garland gets Cloke (if he plays) or Witts. If Cloke plays, Sellar or Tom Mc will come in for Witts.
  7. Posted Today, 02:27 PM Deespicable, on 05 Jun 2013 - 12:59, said: Ummm you've got four possible in's with only two outs??? who else is out to make way for Sellar and/or Blease? One of Matt Jones or Evans will be rested - won't play for Casey either. Sellar will play if Pies go big, Blease will be listed if Pies go small - but Bleasey will probably be sub.
  8. Given all our pressure indicators were way up last week, I think it will be minimal changes this week - but then who would have predicted Magner getting chopped last week. Frawley is out so that leaves Pedersen on Lynch and Garland on Cloke (if he plays). Given that Witts is a likely Pie inclusion, I reckon we will need one more big defender which will get down to either Tom Mc or Sellar. Report from VFL says Sellar was very good so I'd go for him. Agree with other comments that Tom Mc should go back and dominate VFL before being included anyway. Sylvia obviously comes in and it is a question of whether Evans or Matt Jones needs a rest more. The only other change is that Fitzpatrick still looks too un-coordinated to make it - did you see his ball-drop on his shot from 45m? Gawn went back to VFL and got his form back and he's a much better tap ruckman than Fitzy, so he comes back in. Strauss couldn't stick several attempted tackles on Puopolo but we need quick smalls down back against Pies, so I reckon he'll stay in side and his disposal skills are good. Either way, they will pick a squad of 25 for Monday and I'm tipping the following: Out: Frawley (inj), Fitzpatrick. In: Sylvia, Gawn, Sellar (will come in if Witts and Cloke are listed), Blease (should play to add pace but won't unless Pies don't add Witts). The fifth 'in' won't matter because they won't play and will play for Casey on Saturday anyway.
  9. No.1 reason we get smashed each week is lack of a modern game plan. However if it rains our game plan of kicking it back up the line to a contest may hold up better - just like it did in the wet against Essendon last year. Almost everybody seems to agree that the four possible outs this week are: Gawn, Bail, Nicho and Jetta with injury to determine if Terlich misses as well. That leaves Fitzy, Strauss, Rodan and either Tom Mc or Pedersen as likely inclusions. After two great games in VFL, surely Pedersen deserves his chance to line up on Gunston or Roughead - rather than being used as a pinch-hut ruck/forward where he has been abysmal. While Sellar, Pedersen, Garland and Frawley is a big defence, the Hawks do have Roughy, Gunston, Buddy and if he returns from injury - Hale. If we go four big defenders then Dunn probably should be made sub this week.
  10. The master, I like how your original list contains a host of midfielders because we have the talls covered if Clark and Dawes can get over injuries and get really fit. A lot will depend on three things: 1) Who the new coach wants to keep - Watts, Sylvia and Frawley are our three most viable trade options because they are majorly talented and have underperformed and will be courted by other teams who are now eyeing us off as a dead carcass they can prey on. Our new coach may feel they can transform them and hopefully has enough charisma to convince them to stay. 2) Will the AFL give us a sympathy concession pick - meaning we could have two picks in top five. I'd be happy if they water down our concession pick to an end of first rounder beacuse that pick doesn't come with such connotations of charity and pressure to perform on player is not so great. 3) Whether we have enough money to pay 100 per cent of cap and therefore the ability to go after any out-of-contract player - assuming a player is willing to take the risk to come to us, we will have to pay top dollar for a decent midfielder. Personally I think our aim should be to get two quality young midfielders - one via pick 2 or 3 (Aish or Billings etc) and the other via trade of our second round pick (eg: Mitchell). Then the rest of the draft can be about getting four or five more strong-bodied midfield types before taking a couple of exploratory talls late in draft. Agree with you that we have about 10 delistings on way and you can add Jetta, Taggert and Fitzpatrick to your possibles.
  11. Garland's been our best defensive backman this year so he has to get serial pest Ballantyne (yes I know he's a small but he leads up well like a tall forward). That allows Terlich to play on one of their lesser lights and run off as he's been doing. Frawley gets Mayne and Sellar gets Hannath. Davis is unlucky but there's no real match-up for him this game unless he plays on Mayne and Frawley is used more as attacking defender. Given we are on the biggest ground in country, then Blease has to come in and play on Hill (if fit). I'd take J Mac as the one emergency because of his versatility and let Rodan, Davis and Co get some VFL game time v Geelong on Friday night. Anyone who saw Watts play in Brisbane knows he can no longer play down back - that experiment is over. The good thing is that if he plays forward it allows Howe to play as sweeper or as a midfield lead-up. Howey could even play on Fyfe. Gawn's game was shocking v Richmond, but Fitzy didn't look that good v Box Hill and that leaves Pedersen! So I'd take Gawn and hope he lifts. So my changes are: Out: Toumpas (inj), McKenzie (too slow for Perth and I hate to think what Freo will do with his turnovers), Nicholson (has lost confidence to take game on). In: Watts, Blease, Byrnes. 7 def: Garland, Frawley, Sellar, Strauss, Terlich, Dunn, Howe 9 mids: Jamar ®, N.Jones, Magner, Evans, Blease, Trengove, M.Jones, Byrnes, Bail (sub) 6 forwards: Gawn, Dawes, Watts, Tapscott, Davey, Jetta
  12. In Jack's first couple of seasons, pace wasn't as much of an issue and he regularly looked dangerous on the run. Since Neeld arrived and made him captain, he seems to want to do the team thing and tackle, rather than break into space and take the game on. Then he's had injuries that have obviously stopped his speed work. He still played well against GWS and up in Brisbane and he has really good vision. So he can can still play, my only worry is leg-speed. I just hope they have a sprint specialist helping him (not Misson) at training to make sure he pushes off hard and he's one player who should be doing 50x50m sprints once a week until he overcomes his speed deficiency. We all know he has a tank and he will be more suited to fewer rotations next season.
  13. Good to see so much team debate - just show how crap a side we have become. Here's mine. In: Dawes (no point paying him $500K a year to play in the VFL) Toumpas (given they cocked up when to play him originally and he missed out on GWS game, surely he must play against the Suns - VFL has bye anyway) Fitzpatrick (deserves a shot after recent VFL form, but must come at expense of Spencer otherwise we will be back to the top-heavy days of Rds1-5). Blease (they love saying how good he's going to be, yet they keep subbing or dropping him. Let him play and make mistakes, but we need to know if he has vision to make it). Out: Grimes (will be sadly missed) Spencer (he will make a really good VFL ruckman one day). McKenzie (is he really going to stop Ablett?) Kent (he might make it down the track, but this is the game for Toumpas and Blease)
  14. Even if they place Clark on long-term injury list, I can't see Magner being activated this week, although he obviously deserves it. It's hard to see why you would rest Viney and then send him back to Casey to play the week after, so I'd say he's a monte to come back in. Most of the other hardball getters did enough in Brisbane to warrant another game - Rodan had a great second term and was one of the few that found a way through traffic, Bail always tries and Evans spreads impressively to the wing. I reckon there are three midfielders under the pump this week. Jordie - who couldn't get it until the last term - his first game back should save him. Bleasey - the coach doesn't seem to like him - but it would be strange to see him taken out against a side with pace like Carlton. M.Jones - works pretty hard but had a pretty ineffectual game last week. Of the others McDonald and Tappy were pretty ordinary in Brisbane - but the coach loves them so they are safe, albeit Tappy may be the sub this week. Davey is clearly out of favour and will be sent back to Casey this week, while Pedersen is a straight swap for Dawes - although personally I'd give Dawes another game at Casey so he can come in against Gold Coast when the ball will actually be up his end a bit. The other in will be Dunn because the coach ditched his plan - hatched last May - to play Jack Watts as a defender and will want another bigger body down back, even though Nicholson should be an inclusion because he has pace and will be needed for Garlett. For those of you who weren't in Brisbane, I'm sorry to say that Jack W's game in defence was by far the worst effort I have seen from him (yep worse than first two rounds) - he didn't chase hard, he kicked sideways on all bar one of nine occasions in the first half, even Paperone led him to the ball and he was sent forward because there was nowhere else to play him. He was about to be subbed out when he slotted his first goal and the coach changed his mind and chose Blease instead. Once he was sent forward he showed what an exquisite kick he is. Out: Blease or M.Jones, Davey and Pedersen (if Dawes is rushed in). In: Viney, Dunn and Dawes Personally I'd include Nicho (for Garlett) and Gillies (for Rowe/Hampson) and leave out both McDonald and Tapscott to get some form and confidence back at Casey, but that ain't going to happen.
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