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  1. I agree with you that Vossy learnt a big lesson over the Fev and recycled player thing but he had just come off a first year where his side made the finals and I think he thought they were still in a premiership window. To me he should be right up there in our thinking for next year because he has had great success developing his midfield - Rockliff, Redden, Rich and more recently Mayes and Hanley. He would be instantly respected by our players and he has charisma and leadership abilities - something that puts him ahead of Eade. The two things I'd want to check out are: 1) It was reported that some players were ante him - if it's just guys like Polec who aren't getting a game then its understandable but report suggested Rockliff wasn't happy, so I would think our club should find out why. 2) What is his game plan - the Lions seem to like to go up the corridor and when they play well they can upset good teams, but often they lose to weakish sides. is that because they persist with going up the middle and get caught out on counterattack etc?
  2. It's not official yet, but the club will be holding talks with Aaron Davey this week to decide what sort of send-off to give him. Davey, in his 10th season, has been one of the most popular players in history since arriving at the club via the rookie draft in 2004. Anyone who saw his first season under Neale Daniher will know how he took the chasing game to a new level pioneering the breakneck speed and classy ball movement that small forwards like Cyril Rioli have copied. He wasn't as robust as The Whiz, but The Flash, as Daniher called him, lifted spirits with his ability to bring down unsuspecting defenders and use the ensuing turnover to great effect. He would have won the AFL Rising Star had Jared Rivers not had a huge first AFL season as well. He was stiff however as he finished third in Melbourne's best and fairest that season, ahead of Rivers. In 2009 Dean Bailey moved him into the midfield to provide more run and he ended up with the Bluey Truscott Medal. In 2010 he was pushed more into defence and in 2011 injury and a loss of confidence contributed towards him being maligned a bit in the media. It's been a tough run for him since and his lack of muscle in today's heavy-tackling game doesn't suit his style and has meant he has spent many games as sub in the past two seasons. But it was nice to see an article earlier in the year that talked about how he'd been invited to dinner at Mark Neeld's place. It corresponded with a purple patch of form mid-season where his silky skills were again evident. The 30-year-old has now played 174 games and will go down as one of the club greats. Will history rate him higher than Jeff Farmer as the club's best small forward since 1970? Adem Yze also has strong claims to that spot as well. Let us know what you think and don't forget to cheer him on at the MCG against Fremantle this Sunday. I'm tipping he won't be the sub this week.
  3. He also beat McEvoy and Brogan - so he's three from three. But yes he won't have the height for Sandilands and it will be interesting to see if his confidence around ground drops when he can't win the taps.
  4. 6 Spencer - I'm probably still in shock at how good he's played in his past three - He actually towelled up McEvoy, Brogan and this time Gorringe was a piece of cake. 5 McKenzie - Ablett only had 19 touches - so hard not to rank highly. And he kicked a long goal late. 4 Watts - very classy just wish he'd lay a few tackles as well. 3 Viney - huge first quarter gave everyone confidence 2 Garland - he's become so dependable. 1 N.Jones - plenty of touches but just wish he'd stop running around the back for easy handball.
  5. There are four big positives from this season and all were evident again tonight. 1) Colin Garland has become an elite defender. Picked up Ablett when he rested forward and really annoyed him. 2) Jake Spencer is now a player - it's not just that he works hard around ground, it's because unlike Jamar and Gawn, his hitouts actually find a target quite often (34% tonight from 41 hitouts). 3) Jack Viney - for obvious reasons. He had 24 disposals tonight and if Davis hadn't wiped him out in a marking contest he probably would have got 30. 4) Dean Kent - we needed a small goalscoring forward who tackles and has pace. We drafted Byrnes for the role, but got really lucky and ended up with Kent at pick 50 or whatever who is a long-term proposition. He still hasn't cracked 20 disposals in a game yet I don't think but he had 19 tonight. You could probably add a fifth positive in Jack Fitzpatrick saving his AFL career in the past seven games - a very handy back-up for Mitch Clark next season. The Jordie haters need to take a step back this week too - did a great job on Ablett. Jack Watts was very classy again, if only he could tackle, then we'd all get off his back.
  6. Yes, your interpretation of this seems to be correct. Any player that plays AFL after July 1 must have played six VFL games and no more than 12 AFL games to qualify. Players who haven't played after July 1 seem to be eligible, provided they have played at least one VFL game and less than 12 AFL games. All players are eligible to play the first VFL final - provided they are not required in AFL that weekend. Can someone else confirm whether Casey has a limit of only 12 Melbourne-listed players per game? Jimmy T has played three VFL games to date - Rds 4, 5 and 8 - primarily because that numbskull Neeld rushed him into the seniors in Rd 1 and then dropped him for the GWS game. He will have to play the next three round in VFL to qualify and I doubt Craigy will keep him out that long. Jack Viney cannot qualify for VFL and is too good for it anyway. But Dean Kent, Fitzy, Jake Spencer, Mitch Clisby, Cam Pedersen, Daniel Nicholson and Jordie McKenzie can all still qualify for VFL finals. The other problem is that in the past we've sent any player with a semblance of an injury off for surgery or an early holiday so they can be back doing pre-season training by early October. The club hasn't given a stuff about Casey - it would be nice if that changed and we encouraged a winning culture - even if it is only at VFL level.
  7. Yes, pleased for Troy, but he's hardly coming off a big couple of weeks having had a combined 20 disposals (av: 10 per game) in the magoos. He should have played weeks ago. Furthermore, unless they intend sending Dunny or Garland forward, then he will be playing as a forward - hardly the easiest spot in a Melbourne side at the minute. But at least we will get a chance to see if he can step up at this level. I don't get the selectors. When we played Geelong and North, who are always physical, we went for leg speed players and got hammered all day. This week we play probably the fastest side in the comp and we add Jordie to our line-up. Explain that?
  8. There's a stack of people on other forums quick to bag him and he was tried as a forward/ruckman by Neeld in the first few weeks and failed dismally, except in first game against GWS where he took a couple of marks. But as a defender he is quite useful because he has a thumping kick like Dunny and whilst not as good in one-on-one contests as Tom Mc, Garland or Chipper, he's quite a strong mark. He's well worth keeping on the list as a back-up to our star trio and potentially could play as a fourth tall defender against side's that go top-heavy or when Garland is used on a damaging lead-up small forward. I suspect those that keep bagging him only saw his early games. Anyone who saw his recent work, including his super goal against GWS, would say he has a bit of talent.
  9. I thought I'd get this started and while I know a lot of you like saying what does it matter, I always enjoy reading everyone's comments from the ones who want Dunny out every week, to the ones who always want Taggert in. I'll quickly start this off by saying that based on the VFL player report I reckon there can only be a maximum of five ins this week against Gold Coast. 1) Dawes if fit, would come straight in. 2) The four listed as best in VFL were Magner (who from reports not only tackled by kept Christensen fairly subdued as well), Strauss (who has been in the best for several weeks now), Nicholson (who has been impressive since getting dropped) and Blease (who had 22 touches and seems able to win ball at VFL level but is always the scapegoat when he plays poorly at AFL level). It should be noted that the last three all provide speed and run - something that I would think would be pretty helpful against Gold Coast which is regarded as super quick. Magner, whilst not always effective with his kicking, provides grunt and tackling and IMO would be worth using on Ablett in first half with a fresh Nicho to come on as sub at half time and takeover the Ablett duties. Given Casey lost by 10 goals, it's hard to see how you could consider other inclusions this week, although I'd love to see Taggert, Barry and Tynan get a shot at it before the end of the season. The only question in my view is who goes out, which is always difficult. Over to you.
  10. Our only strength is in the bigs and so if we want an underperforming midfielder from another club (performing one's won't want to leave) or a second round draft pick, then we will have to trade a big. I agree though Fitzy may need to be kept because who really knows if Clark will play again and Dawes doesn't like doing ruck work and realistically Hogan and Watts are a bit small to be the back up ruckman. If Spencer is kept, then we can afford to lose either Jamar or Gawn, but both are contracted for next year - so I suspect we will end up not trading any bigs and just delisting about nine players. Back to point of topic, which is superfluous anyway. What gun midfielder from another club would want to head to Melbourne? Our best bet is to take James Aish with pick 2 - his game against Sturt two weeks ago won me over on him. It would be great if a couple of quality running types were still around for our next pick - approx 20 - Blake Acres is a smooth mover or happy to take punt on Dale Garlett if he's still around. Then at pick 38 approx, we should go for someone like Chris Cain, who would add run and carry to our midfield. After that it doesn't really matter as its all guesswork from there.
  11. Yes and I suspect one of them should play this week and the other should come in to help fire us up to attend our final home game - Round 21. There's plenty of players who should come in this week given the VFL side is coming off good win at Victoria Park where we used to win once every decade. The only thing is deciding who gets the chop as a case can be made for all bar about six players to be sent back to VFL. I seem to be only one who wants Spencer in but he shocked me against St Kilda and I want to know if he can repeat that sort of form. I don't get why you punish a bloke that had a great game and did a physical act and gets suspended. He's spent two more weeks out because Fitzy and Gawn have shown a bit, but at the same time, despite their glimpses, we have been thrashed in ruck in every game they have been a tandem. So for me this week it's: In: Garland, Spencer, Terlich, Strauss, Barry Out: Frawley (inj), Gawn, Clisby, Kent, Davey I'd also love to see Magner get another go but can't see Craigy making too many changes.
  12. I know there are heaps of Dunn-haters on this forum, but you just have to keep quiet this week because he had probably his best ever game last week and he was pretty good, by his standards, the week before. Craigy's been [censored]-scared of making changes and he probably will be again this week because he will think we can win against GWS. By my reckoning about eight players deserve to be considered as inclusions this week based on form in VFL, but I reckon about three or maybe four will actually get a go. The eight are: Spencer, Magner, Taggert, Tynan, Barry, Strauss, McKenzie and Nicholson (forced to play VFL2s). Garland and Terlich are also expected back. Garland comes in for Pedersen (we don't need four big defenders v Giants) Terlich comes in for Clisby (he's had a good go of it now and he's handy but he's no star and Toumpas is made of teflon and did better down back and that means another defender has to go). Spencer comes in for Fitzy or Gawn (we can't keep getting beaten in the ruck and leave the big fella out - have a look at his goal from outside 50m in VFL) Barry or Taggert comes in for Kent (needs to go back to VFL and win more footy). If Terlich is still injured then Strauss has been in top form for four weeks and deserves a chance. One of Magner, McKenzie or Tynan also deserves a crack at it, purely because they rack up tackles, unlike the current encumbents, but Craigy likes pace, so I can't see him dropping Davey or Blease on top of Kent. But it would be good if he did.
  13. Our side under Craigy is much quicker because he's happy playing Kent, Blease and Davey in one side, whereas Neeld got his way and went with big, slow bodies. The only problem that I can see is that North traditionally crunch us with physical approach with Swallow and Ziebell in the middle and Thompson and Firrito down back, plus Harvey and Petrie up forward. Pleasingly Firrito's not playing which means there's one less sniper to worry about, but I reckon this is definitely a game to have a couple more tough boys in the side - ie: Magner and Tapscott. I can understand that Craigy wants to stay loyal and breed solidarity by not making changes, but if we get smashed up like we did against Geelong in the wet, then it also reflects on the coach.
  14. I was a bit dubious about him based on his efforts in the U18 carnival this year. But if reports of his display on weekend for Norwood seniors are correct he is now fully recovered from his shoulder surgery and back to his best and would be the obvious choice for our No.2 pick - assuming we don't slip back to No.3. Have a look at his highlights - he is very light still but looks to have a thumping kick and good leg speed.
  15. Yes, agree with you he doesn't look like a star. When he played well in 2011 SANFL finals he looked quick, but so far he's looked just a smidgeon faster than Trengove and Jordie. He's got elite kicking skills and good vision, but I reckon his marking in a contest is abysmal as well. I can't see him making it as a wingman or outside runner, but he has big hips and looks strong in a tackle, so he may have to become an inside player - which if that's the case means Ollie Wines should have been drafted before him. Maybe his hip issues from last season slowed him down and with a pre-season of strength and speed work, he may find an extra yard. I remember Glenn Lovett looked slow and useless in his first couple of seasons and then really developed as a smart linkman.
  16. I thought the Dees would take Dom Barry back to his hometown Darwin last week and was wrong, so I'm sure the following logic is out, but here goes. 1) Even though Craigy does not seem to like making many changes, the trip to Darwin is traditionally draining and means some players may not come up as well as normal. 2) We are playing North, who in recent times beat us up with their hard tackling, so I reckon we will need a couple of tougher bodies and less outside runners this week. 3) If Garland is out, then whilst I like the logic of giving Davis a chance so we know for sure if he should be delisted or not, I imagine Pedersen would have to play against his old side. 4) Gawn has just signed a new contract - you would think that means he can't be dropped this week, so unless Fitzy is injured, then Spencer has to sit out again. So, based on all that: Out: Garland (inj), Toumpas, Kent (both youngsters need to go back to VFL and win a heap of football before returning for last few rounds of season). In: Pedersen, McKenzie, Tapscott
  17. I agree with Master Demon on his summation. Yarran would be a handy pick up if we could get him for our second round draft pick. He is quick (we are starting to get quicker with Kent and Bleasey, but we still lack pace) and he has vision and poise, even though he doesn't get it a lot. I reckon he'd be great off half-back and solve one of our big problem areas - running the ball out of defence. But I suspect a few other clubs are eyeing him off as well as he fits most sides requirements - If West Coast isn't into him they have no idea what they need. The Blues are still searching for a key forward - could Fitzy's latest displays be enough to get the deal done with second round pick.
  18. Biffo, It's all about team balance and I reckon they will have realised after Geelong game that they erred in picking a dry-weather side, so they will probably correct it a bit with a bit more grunt - hence McKenzie and Viney. I'd prefer Magner to McKenzie but they don't seem inclined to go to Jimmy for some reason. Dom Barry is a local Darwin boy and Aaron Davey is a god up there and this particular game is about promotion. That's why Davey can't be dropped this week and Barry (at very least) will be emergency, but I suspect he'll actually be made the sub. It doesn't worry me if Kent or Blease make room for Davey this week, because they both will be back in the following week after they've given Barry a taste. If you saw the St Kilda game, you'll know Spencer is a monte to come in - the only decision is whether Fitzy or Gawn comes out. As for Howey, I think he's everyone's favourite player, but I reckon he picked up injury a few weeks back against Pies (think he got heavy knock to abdomen area) and has lost a bit of his running ability as a result. Hopefully he's right. Jetta's had four season of glimpses and has had his chance - he's skilled but ultimately he's too slow and can't kick long enough to be dangerous.
  19. It will depend a lot on new coach and a little on whether we get a priority selection - if we do that's an extra pick we'll have to make room for. I have eight gone and six waiting on what happens in next six weeks Gone: Gillies, Davis, Jetta, Rodan, Sellar, Macdonald, Bail and one of Byrnes or Davey. The reason for one of Byrnes or Davey to go is that we now have an obvious left-foot quick player in Kent who plays the same role. Byrnes has a contract (you are allowed to break them) and Davey has emotional ties (club great), but I'm sorry but list management requires one to go. Possibly gone: Tynan (he still is really young and hopefully we can see where he truly is at, in VFL finals) Taggert (a lot of people like him but as with Tynan will need to show he's worth keeping in VFL finals) Strauss (he's in his fifth year and he still hasn't bulked up - he's no Jed Adcock running out of back line). Nicho and McKenzie (a new coach may decide their kicking skills aren't up to it, even though they are both good training role model). One of Jamar, Gawn or Fitzy (Jamar's contracted but if Clark looks like being fit, then Fitzy won't get a game and we have too many ruckmen - we should actually trade one of these guys when they have currency.) Spencer has kicked on and looks the strongest and hardest working and needs to kept now. Dunn - He's been around a long time now, so I suspect he'll survive another year. Rookie upgrades One of Magner or Couch should be rewarded for their two years of hard work. Both have kicking and pace limitations but are great trainers and one should be kept to help protect youngsters and I'd go for Magner. Clisby can be upgraded next season. By my reckoning we should delist eight, trade one ruckman and upgrade one (Magner) and Hogan is included as well. That would leave us seven picks at main draft (with one pick saved for pre-season draft) and three rookies (Stark and Couch out, Clisby retained). Draft priority on mids and if possible a long-kicking running defender.
  20. I think some of you have forgotten that Spencer is available and he had his career best game v St Kilda, so I reckon they might leave Fitzy behind, given it will be slippery (humid) in Darwin. Horses for courses means Davey has to play this one and means that Barry should travel with team and maybe be the sub. That probably means Blease misses out, given that Byrnes and Kent were two of our better players against Cats. The other selection issues are whether to bring back Viney and McKenzie - I'm told neither set world on fire in VFL. McKenzie would have to come in as swap for Nicho and could tag Rich. Not sure whom Viney would come in for, but among options would be resting Howey (looks a bit tired of late), Dunn (only thing saving him is his long kick, although it rarely hits a target) or Clisby (He didn't provide any run against Cats - not alone though- and Grimes did well as defender against Lions last time. So for me its: In: Viney, McKenzie, Barry, Spencer Out: Fitzy, Nicho, Blease, Clisby or Dunn
  21. Fitzy has elite leading speed and fairly safe hands and he's working on his obvious flaw that kept him out for so long - a shocking ball drop. But while it's great to see him do well, I now reckon he is our most important trade at season's end because as of today his value to a club like Western Bulldogs is a second round draft pick, which would translate into hopefully a half-decent midfileder. Our only strength is our talls and with Hogan on list next year and possibly Clark coming back, there's no room for the Fitz and he needs to go to a club that will play him now that he's old enough to cope. If someone tells me Mitch Clark's injuries make him unlikely to play again, then I'm all for keeping him. But if not, we have to shed someone from our area of strength to try and overcome our midfield weakness.
  22. Great to see the extra confidence under Craig to switch play or wait for a short lead up option - just shows again how Neeld's disciplined - kick safe back up the line - approach was a cancer. The fact that we had 120 marks showed the effectiveness of our new style, but quite clearly we were smashed in the middle of the park. All our key talls deserve a pat on back for great games. I had Tom Mc as our best but happy for others to argue that Watts or Garland or Fitzy or Frawley until he went off were better. Dawes was quiet early but was a tower of strength later - did anyone see Hannebery's face when he copped a crunching tackle from the big fellow. Gawn was towelled up a bit - as expected by Mummy and Pyke tandem - but he at least kept running and did more things around the ground than Jamar has post A-A. Grimes was great on return and his tackling and intensity was first rate. Trenners was also pretty useful working into space and laying heaps of tackles, Davey was dangerous and decisive when he got it but he only had it 11 times. But I'm afraid the rest of our midfielders were given a touch up and struggled to really hurt them on the counter attack. Sylvia made a howler of a bounce early and took wrong option too much. N.Jones was caught a few times and O'Keefe and Jack had the better of him. Rodan was good in first quarter but tired badly - good to know Jack Viney is only two weeks away. Matt Jones made space well but his kicking was average and he failed to hurt them on the counter. Kent failed to get it and whilst he works hard and is quick and is the future, he needs to go back and win lots of ball in the VFL before returning. Nicho was well done on his game from last week on Griffen but he does provide run as a tagger, which is something Jordie does not. I couldn't quite figure out if he was shadowing Hannebery or Kennedy as the match-ups kept altering. But I suspect Nicho's three or four howlers may cost him his spot this week. Clisby was useful down back and he kicks low and direct which makes it hard for intercepts. I know everybody is a fan of Terlich but he made two huge clangers early and seemed intimidated playing his old side that delisted him. But to his credit he persisted and kept running and even had a couple of strong intercept marks. Dunn did was he always does - offloaded his long bomb when he should go short, go short when he should go long. Even Craigy must be realising now that he is like John Daly. Byrnes was useful when he came on late in third term, but he doesn't have explosiveness that we need. Finally Toumpas again got caught out for pace. Yes he has elite kicking skills and he has big hips which will help him shrug off tackles, but his marking ability and his lack of genuine speed worry me for such a high pick.
  23. Can't imagine many changes and Bleasey is the only obvious injury. Tapscott is a small forward and has done well against Swans in past - so a small forward for a small forward. If Grimes is fit, then a decision has to be made on whether he replaces Clisby or Dunn and goes straight into back six. Swans have quite a few injuries, but based on last week their five most regular forwards were Tippett, White, McGlynn, Bolton and Parker - so perhaps we don't need Dunn's size (and errors) this week, although Kennedy, O'Keefe and Everitt all drift forward and have a bit of size. Out: Blease (inj), Dunn In: Tapscott, Grimes (if fit)
  24. Is it possible that the club (with AFL backing and out of a sense of trying to save the day) has managed to get Paul Roos to agree to oversee the program for a two-year period and that Cameron Ling has been secured on the basis that he will do a two-year apprenticeship similar to Bucks before taking on the main role?
  25. Agree with comments that Pedersen has to sit out this week as Dogs have a smaller forward set up and Tommy Mc is likely to take their only tall in Liam Jones. They still have Stringer, who is quite a good lead-up forward, so Garland would take him. From what i saw of Dogs game, they seemed to be playing Markovic )yes i know he's normally a defender) as their third tall forward option and I'd imagine Frawley would get him. The other worry for us down back would be finding a match-up for Dunn. I'd make Dunny the sub this week - that way he could even be thrown forward if we are still in it. Losing Spencer is a big blow as that means Gawn has to play on Minson - but at least we will find out how far off making it Maxy is. The other issues is whether Dawes is fit - the Dogs do a lot of switching play to keep possession so there's no point him playing if he still has that calf niggle. If Jordie's fit he would come back in to tag Griffen, if he's not then Magner deserves a shot to provide grunt - but been saying that all year and he's only had two chances and he was clearly in our best against Tigers. Both Couch and Taggert did not play for Casey so surely can't be considered this week. So my ins/outs, assuming Dawes is sore and Jordie is fit are: Out: Spencer (susp). In Gawn Out: Pedersen. In Frawley Out: Dawes (inj). In: McKenzie Nicho starts instead of Dunn. Howe is lead up forward instead of Dawes so that he can provide more pressure on Dog switchers. If they are really keen they can also change the following this week, but I doubt they will. Out: Rodan. In: Magner Out: Kent (for two weeks only to get some leather poisoning at Casey before a return). In: Jetta, or if they are really keen to make a youth statement then go for Dom Barry.
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