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  1. Whilst not Marvel I just purchased and sent 22 of these to MFC headquarters in preparation for round 17 v Bulldogs.
  2. Oliver is the reason when you look back now and old posts that argue we have not had great players or elite players you nod and say "now I get it". He consistently plays the game at a different level to nearly all but the best of the best. Its almost like watching a different sport.
  3. Powell a definite. A short time but a good time.
  4. I am amazed but also not at the consistent MFC for premiers but it really is blind following the following the blind in footy media. Think its a year too early for us to be the expected victor but we will certainly give it a shake. I reckon Malthouse forgot us or I would love to hear/see his justification as to how we go backwards after he thought we would play finals in 2018.
  5. Agree it is bias but it is also based on more than the above for me. A want to play three talls and no less than 2 at a time. I don't think either Smith is much more than planned back up. A want for Weid to further develop by getting a less mature or experienced tall where possible. A preference to minimise any need for TMac or Weid to play second ruck. A belief that the new rules further warrant a true second ruck particularly the ability to grab the ball when locked forward; a want to keep a true tall higher for the longer play from a kick out; and a true tall deeper for the positive centre clearance (and a true one at the centre at all bounces). A want to ensure our number 1 weapon in Gawn is better protected from wear and tear throughout the year. Prefer to see this during game rather than have him rested for games. I am not sold yet but it is my preferred initial set up based on many mounting factors until it proves not to be the case. The concern will be do they get in each others way and do we lose forward pressure and ability to chase out of defence but these are just watchpoints at this time.
  6. Attended Friday and probably more of the same points from me. After the first 8-10 minutes we were as hard, polished and dominant as you can be in February. Pies supporter claimed this was due to the quality missing from their side particular the middle until I reeled off Oliver, Viney, Jones and then started to work my way through the rest of the ground. The rule changes had limited affect however I think they will have a a lot more prominence on a bigger ground. I also feel there was a touch of the coaches keeping their wing positioning and kick out tactics up their sleeve for the real stuff. Preuss will play round 1 at minimum and I suspect a lot of the season. The mobility, stamina and defensive pressure that T-Mac and Weid provide will allow this. I found both Smiths underwhelming other than a highlight or two. A three tall set up of Preuss, T-Mac and Weid is my preferred with Melksham as the fourth. The biggest quandary for me is who to put at their feet. Garlett pressured and offers a natural crumb but still wont take contact and both Spargo and ANB were underwhelming. I am keen to see more of Wagner as he had some nice cameos second half and there are small forward spots for the taking. It was great to see Hunt with confidence, AVB with added stamina and Hore look assured. The three will put even more pressure on the roles to be played of both Lewis and Jones and potentially Hibberd at points who I thought had a shocker. Lewis kicked beautifully but cant keep his feet and had 2-3 of his signature handballs over the shoulder to no one. No disrespect to Jones but he needs to learn a wing or flank as his midfield minutes will be limited by the development of our young core, now including AVB and Harmes and the want for increased minutes for Trac and Salem. In saying that there are wings up for grabs with both JKH and Stretch getting reasonable ball but both butchering it continually. They both in my mind lack the class connection we need through those parts and I cant wait to see whether Fritsch and KK can deliver those missing pieces or whether one of our many mids can adjust. Apologies. A bit of a ramble and nothing really new but probably just a chance to gather my own thoughts...
  7. Back on 'Trac': Gun Demon impresses in match sim “Emerging Demon Christian Petracca shook off a recent knee issue to complete the entirety of Melbourne's bruising session at a wintry Casey Fields on Saturday. Many Demons remain on modified programs after the club's late start to the pre-season, but Petracca was one who managed to take part in everything, including match simulation.” Players who ran laps - Nathan Jones (hamstring/back tightness), Jack Viney (ankle/foot), Steven May (hamstring), Jake Lever (knee), Clayton Oliver (shoulders)* and Jake Melksham (hamstring). Players on limited duties for at least part of training - Aaron vandenBerg*, Oskar Baker (hamstring), Corey Maynard, Joel Smith, Tim Smith and Category B rookie Guy Walker (shoulder). * later joined match simulation. “The heavy and consistent rain made it difficult to assess match simulation, especially for Melbourne's taller players, but forwards Sam Weideman and Tom McDonald still had their moments.”
  8. Maybe its just me but I feel people have short memories on the quality of prior efforts by Burgs. Most of the diaries were filled with garbage over the music on the bus and who chose it and who cooked the best steak the night before for their room mates. There was little of any substance. Aside from no update from Saturday I think our social media and web updates have been much improved this off season in consistency, immediacy and quality. Curious to see how they are during the actual season.
  9. A snippet from a Ben Guthrie article on afl.com.au from this mornings training. While McDonald's determination to keep presenting at the footy was noteworthy, Kade Kolodjashnij's foot skills; Bayley Fritsch's aerial ability, as well as his decision-making, and Michael Hibberd's run and carry were among the other highlights of the match practice.
  10. Saty apologies if I have missed the actual response to this but what does "he is where he should be mean"? Do you when he is likely due into full training? In rehab is there certain elements he has not participated in? Do we expect him to be right for season start or expected to be later. He and Lever are the two for me appear to be least likely to be ready to go but Billy needs as good a run in as he can get if he wants to secure a wing I would think.
  11. I don't think its about complacency, particularly with the personalities we have and the spark from the way we finished the year. It will be can we handle true expectation. We are expected to make finals and expected to be a contender. We will be the hunted most weeks, one of those teams the opposition set themselves for.
  12. Look at the stats and take your rose coloured glasses off. He is a poor field kick and a mediocre set shot. Gets above average distance but has no accuracy. Exhibit A below: https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/richmond/champion-data-reveal-best-worst-kick-rating-in-the-afl-in-the-drill-podcast/news-story/1244ac1fcfe2c2833fe6a4f4d6a5392c
  13. What a loss for the hawks. Hopefully back to his best in 2020. Anyone who is happy about this has issues. I want to beat the best at their best and wish injury on no one.
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