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  1. People will have a fit when we make only a few changes next week. In Weid, Bennell Out, Melksham, Hunt
  2. Constant closing pressure. Run to create options. Take the first one. Maximise the chances that present. Do these things and the talent in the 22 will get the 4 points.
  3. Whilst I agree 6-6-6 has hurt us and an in form tall is also part of the solution I would be keen to see our I50 tackles and also goals from I50 stoppages. The ball just seems out of there a lot easier and I feel in 2018 we got a lot of goals from a boundary throw in clearance or forward stoppage. I feel this is why we should be playing two talls to try and get more balls to ground and use our clearance strength to score.
  4. If we did he would have not been on the list this year.
  5. Some general points. Ross Lyon was not exactly known for forward potency football even though he had generational key forwards in Pavlich and Reiwoldt available to him. How many clubs ruckman or inside bull has decision making and kick execution as their strong points? Agree its hard to get players to change which I suggest is why we have brought in natural runners in Langdon and Tomlinson and are playing Rivers, Lockhart and Kozzie and Bennell once fit. Have we considered our players are not used to having running options available to them yet? I still believe the scoring problem is too many mid sized half forwards who do not pressure out enough or run and connect back inside 50 ie: Fritsch, Melksham, Vandenberg, Hunt. We need one less and either a proper tall or a proper small.
  6. How many contests did Smith lose today? The problems at the other end. Out Vandenberg, Melksham In Weideman, Bennell.
  7. Avatar is not something I gave much thought to. He just coasts through games. Has no real impact or urgency. Has a neat kick but doesn’t really use it as a weapon. I just keep waiting for him to step up. I feel what you see now is the best we’ll get.
  8. Or we have just over rated him? He is a very beige player.
  9. We looked like a team who had played little. We defended well other than the two brain fades that cost us goals. We need to learn how to turn teams that play the short kick with us which takes away contests. Forward line needs 2 talls and less mid sized forwards. This MFC brand of football which should be recognisable is still not clear to me. As long as we build off it its not the disgrace people are stating but we need to fix the challenges and not stubbornly ignore them.
  10. We are so focussed on defending that we have forgotten how to try and score. We have given our guaranteed 3 own goals per game so hope that is all. Ned the first and to actually play with some run and dare.
  11. He kicked 6 in one of the last 4 games he played. How quickly people forget. Weid should be playing ahead of AVB or Melksham. We need two talls and TMac just needs to keep contesting like he is today.
  12. As others have mentioned TMac splitting lots of contests. That’s all I expect and the rest will come. We look like a team who has played one proper game in 3 months. The effort is there and the structure is there defensively we just need to get cleaner with the ball and start more consistently moving the ball on quickly. The rest should come.
  13. Nothing wrong with the defensive effort. Lacking any dare and clean take aways, May this be the last game without a second tall and can our first one please find something that resembles form.
  14. In my opinion Tmac and Brayshaw are given more chances when form is shaky because if they hit form their value to the side is significant. Also what is the potential impact of the player that is missing out. I think I heard someone mention Ben Matthews state that Angus was the best performed mid in the intra last week. Hopefully this starts to translate into this week against the cats.
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