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  1. Even though they're 50 points up I bet, pardon the pun, that the team rule isn't to have a ping from that distance. I'm sure Bucks wouldn't have been happy had he missed despite the score and time left.
  2. A true gentleman. His achievements are up there in the top 5 players of the club. I'm not sure he truly gets the recognition amongst the wider Footy community.
  3. Book Here: https://melbourneexperiences.com.au/Catalog/assetregister?assetRegisterId=8ca513aa-8691-e911-a859-000d3ae0a6cf
  4. Please permit me to begin this rather tragic pathetic preview of Melbourne’s forthcoming game against Fremantle with some personal reflections. Two years ago, we had visitors staying with us who are all sports fans so we arranged tickets for the entire family for the Melbourne vs Fremantle game at the MCG. The Dockers were struggling at the time while the Demons were on the up and up so I was fairly confident about the outcome. Naturally, we all left the ground bitterly disappointed. The Dees picked up their game and came perilously close to making the finals that year and would have done so had they scored about 10 points more over the 22 rounds or one goal more in that particular match against Freo. Naturally, we were bitterly disappointed. Things were better last year. Our American friends from Philadelphia celebrated a Super Bowl victory and the Demons made the finals at last. Naturally, we were bitterly disappointed when they lost the penultimate game of the season - the Preliminary Final. Still, we thought things would get better in 2019. After all, we had the best ruckman in the competition (now supported by another monster sized tall) and a powerful midfield that was capable of bullocking its way through opposition defences and causing havoc in the competition. We had picked up a strong key defender with experience and leadership qualities who would be joined by an elegant key defender due to return early from a season ending injury incurred in the middle of last year? Whatever could go wrong? Melbourne certainly hasn’t lost the ability to move the ball into attack. The Demons have won the inside 50 count in nine of its 12 games to date which really says something. Indeed, if a team’s percentage was determined by its ability to get inside 50 metres from goal, they would be well ensconced in the top four with a healthy percentage of around 130. Naturally, we are bitterly disappointed that the team’s efforts have been translated into only 3 wins with a measly percentage of 76. In the immortal words of the late Professor Julius Sumner-Miller, I am moved to ask the question, “Why is it so?” For starters, they have scored a goal from just 16.98% of inside 50 entries so far this year which is the lowest figure ever recorded by a team in an AFL season since collection of such data began in 1998. And while they haven’t fared well with their kicking for goal in scoring 118 goals 130 behinds, their opponents have been making hay by scoring 166 goals 106 against the hapless Dees. That statistic has been even more pronounced in the latter stages of games. In the last six games the opposition have kicked an amazing 27.4 in final quarters to 16.26 (and that includes Melbourne’s aberration of 7.2 in the last against GWS). With these things in mind, I took my grandkids to the Queens Birthday game at the G against Collingwood and at half time commented to my oldest grandson that there were some signs of improvement in the first half but a turnaround in fortunes in front of each team’s goals was needed to provide a confidence restoring win. As it turned out, the Demons did perform better everywhere but in that particular area of the game. They won the inside 50 contest but Collingwood scored nine straight second half goals to Melbourne’s four goals eight behinds. Naturally, we all left the ground bitterly disappointed. I was relieved when last weekend’s fixture gave us all a break from the AFL and the Demon yips so I set off to the grandson’s Under 15 game where his team played against an opposition which apparently gave the coaching reins for the day to Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson (his son is a member of the side) because their regular coach Trent Dennis-Lane was unavailable. Grandson’s team led from the start but faltered in the final quarter and lost when a goal was kicked in the game’s dying seconds. The winners scored four straight second half goals to two goals five behinds. I just can’t get away from this. Naturally, we all left the ground bitterly disappointed. So on Saturday, Melbourne faces a Fremantle side on the rise chasing its fourth win in a row. The Dockers have beaten the Dees in eight of its past 10 games. Fyfe and Walters are on fire and Jesse Hogan is starting to hit form. Despite all that, I’m impressed that the Demons have finally done something to alter the pattern of the season to date. They’ve changed their coaching structure and we all know what that means in football. Prediction: Melbourne by 2 points failing which we will all leave the ground bitterly disappointed and most likely in the hands of the game’s Orwellian Behavioural Awareness Officers. THE GAME Melbourne v Fremantle at the MCG Saturday 22 June 2019 at 1.45pm HEAD TO HEAD Overall: Melbourne 15 wins Fremantle 22 wins At MCG: Melbourne 7 wins Fremantle 7 wins Last five meetings: Melbourne 2 wins Fremantle 3 wins The Coaches: Goodwin 1 win Lyon 1 win MEDIA TV - Fox Footy Channel live at 1.30pm Radio - Triple M SEN 3AW ABC LAST TIME THEY MET Melbourne 13.24.102 defeated Fremantle 7.6.48 at TIO Stadium, Darwin, Round 16, 2018 The Dockers were struck by injury and only avoided a complete slaughter because the Demons, well ... they kept missing shots in front of goal. THE TEAMS MELBOURNE B HB C HF F FOLL I/C IN OUT FREMANTLE B HB C HF F FOLL I/C IN OUT PLAYER INJURY LENGTH Sam Frost Concussion Test Corey Maynard Concussion Test Tim Smith Flu Test Jake Melksham Foot 4 Weeks Joel Smith Groin 4 Weeks Aaron vandenBerg Ankle 4 Weeks Neville Jetta Knee 6 Weeks Tom Sparrow Knee 7-9 Weeks Guy Walker Shoulder Indefinite Aaron Nietschke Knee Season
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  6. We'll be airing the interview with David Neitz at 8:30pm Listen & Chat: https://demonland.com/podcast
  7. I rather liked Pies defender Jack Crisp's "the dog ate my homework" excuse in 2017 when he was caught putting $129 on multi - "he "forgot" players weren't allowed to bet on football". He was only fined $5000 for that.
  8. Heath Shaw was fined $20,000 and suspended for 8 matches in 2011 for betting $10 on Nick Maxwell kicking the first goal knowing he would be playing in the forward line.
  9. That's exactly what I just said to @Whispering_Jack. Players always seem to either come back for our games, find lost form, get injured the week after or get dropped for "mysterious" reasons after playing a blinder against us.
  10. Just a reminder that we will be airing the Neita interview tonight at 8:30pm There will be no show after due to the bye. Listen & Chat: https://demonland.com/podcast
  11. Just a reminder that we'll be interviewing Neita tomorrow so if you have any questions you want us to ask then let us know.
  12. THE TEAMS MELBOURNE B Joel Smith, Oscar McDonald, Neville Jetta HB Angus Brayshaw, Michael Hibberd, Jordan Lewis C James Harmes, Clayton Oliver, Nathan Jones HF Bayley Fritsch, Jesse Hogan, Jake Melksham F Charlie Spargo, Sam Frost, Tom McDonald Foll Max Gawn, Jack Viney, Christian Salem I/C Jeff Garlett, Alex Neal-Bullen, Christian Petracca, Billy Stretch, Emg Mitch Hannan, Declan Keilty, Bernie Vince, Sam Weideman In Sam Frost, Jeff Garlett, Charlie Spargo, Billy Stretch Out: Mitch Hannan (omitted), Harry Petty (omitted), Dom Tyson (omitted), Sam Weideman (omitted) FREMANTLE B Adam Cerra, Joel Hamling, Nathan Wilson HB Stephen Hill, Alex Pearce, Ethan Hughes C Tommy Sheridan, Lachie Neale, Stefan Giro HF Andrew Brayshaw, Shane Kersten, Michael Walters F Ed Langdon, Michael Apeness, Brandon Matera Foll Sean Darcy, David Mundy, Bradley Hill I/C Bailey Banfield, Brennan Cox, Luke Ryan, Darcy Tucker Emg Taylin Duman, Scott Jones, Ryan Nyhuis, Cameron Sutcliffe In Sean Darcy, Bradley Hill, Ethan Hughes Out Hayden Ballantyne (injured), Nat Fyfe (Injured), Ryan Nyhuis (omitted)
  13. Mathematically yes. Realistically no.
  14. https://melbournefc.com.au/player-profile/braydon-preuss
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