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  1. According to photos from training from @Satyriconhome Ed Langdon is wearing #15.
  2. If any Demonlanders are attending it would be great to hear a detailed report of the proceedings.
  3. Kev's training report had Langdon wearing #15. https://demonland.com/forums/topic/47357-training-monday-18th-november-2019/?do=findComment&comment=1778978
  4. Langdon: It’s really excited + refreshing to be here. There are lots of fresh faces around + the boys are excited to be back. Langdon: There were a combination of reasons why I chose Melbourne. Mum + Dad live across the road, my brother is next door. Then the way the Demons played two years ago was unbelievable + just to hopefully be part of that is an exciting prospect. Langdon: Obviously it was disappointing for the group last year. It’s a fresh start now. You don’t want to spend half a pre-season dwelling on what could’ve been last year. We’ve swiftly moved onto 2020. Langdon: I just want to maximise my effectiveness + contribute to the team. I’ll give it a red hot crack. I’ve always prided myself on working hard, so if I can bring that, I’ll be happy. Langdon on Harley Bennell: I’ve spoken to Harley + it’s an exciting opportunity for him. I think he’ll be here in a couple of weeks, so I look forward to training with him. Hopefully he can get his body right, as we know how good of a player he can be.
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