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  1. Your choices for the best six players on the night please - 6,5,4,3,2,1 ...
  2. Rooke and Chaplin need to be moved on at the years end.
  3. We're even tapping and kicking off the ground to them.
  4. The sooner we stop handballing everytime we get the ball the better.
  5. Richmond supporters are feral. They've had an armchair ride from the umps all night and boo everything.
  6. How bad were teams last year to make us look good?
  7. I wish we could hit our forwards like we hit their backs.
  8. Our disposal is the worst I've ever seen from a Melbourne team.
  9. Nothing to see here. Protected species.
  10. Rightly so. Not worth $6.50 at the moment.
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