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    Just had a long chat to Crossy. Said place is unrecognisable from when he arrived. The definitive news from him on Lever’s return is around round 9 to 10. In relation to that debate about Trac’s condition and weight. I just mentioned he has a solid build. He responded that’s his build. Said he just ran his PB in the 2km time trial. His skin folds are excellent. He said they are being very careful with Viney. They don’t want to rush him back and have him back in rehab. The ankle surgery is just taking the normal amount of time to recover and they are also managing the foot etc. Hes expecting most rehabers to be back in main group by end of next weeks camp. He said coming back from a shortened pre season if anything is a bit of a bonus. He said it’s a really long pre season when you come back October or early November. You can feel cooked by the beginning of the season. They all have their off season programs and come back ready to go. Tom Sparrow is the stand out of the young players for him. Said he reminds him of Viney when he first came in. Training done. Thats it for me. Got to head off. Will try to answer any questions later.
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    I popped by for about half an hour. I was standing pint road side of the oval so only really had a good view of the rehabbers. Rehab consisted of Jones, Tmac, Lever and Hannan. Jones looks like he’s not far off from going the main group. Doing a lot of ground work, running, running shot on goal etc. only thing he wasn’t doing was contact work. Tmac, not sure what’s up with him. He’s pulled out of AFLX. Fritsch his replacement. Wasn’t in the main group and was doing some marking drills with Stafford as I got there. Then game over to the rehab side of the oval and wasn’t doing a great deal of anything. He and Hannan left the track early. Hannan was going some goal kicking practice. Nice guy. Had a quick chat to him and asked him how far he is away from the main group. Said he had a minor knee op to clear out some floating bone that was irritating him from his previous op. Said he’s really happy now and will start running next week, do a good 6 week block of running and training and aim for a round 2 or 3 return. Lever was doing a lot of marking and kicking drills with Jones and Crossy, then did some laps of the oval fartlek style. Was building up some solid pace. If the club wasn’t taking the extra causious approach with him, he could’ve looked at possible return in the early rounds. He’s building nicely. Melksham was in the main group. I apologize I didn’t get to see much of the drills but at one stage down my end there was one drill where the were a chain of handballs where it was start at about 20m from goal, a chain of handballs going back towards the 50m arc and the final player coming through at full speed running towards the goal and having shots on goal. The chain of and handballs were fast and slick and the shots on goal were very accurate. Who whole drill was very clean. No dropped balls, players weren’t breaking stride and no shanked kicks. I must say big Pruessy kicking for goal was impressive. Harmsey and Trac had a tendency to hook the odd kick but overall it was pretty good. Hope this is ok. I’m just going from memory as I didn’t write down any notes. if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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    I thought that after the Mills incident but his piece in the Player's Voice and what I've heard from people who know him he's not. I think he's just a bloke who make a bad mistake and I think he's truly remorseful. Good luck Tom, hope the business goes gangbusters. Thanks for your efforts at MFC and helping us when we were rubbish.
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    I’m here. Let me know if there’s anything you want to look out for. Just standing next to the rehab group. Lever has clearly taken a strong leadership role. Just said to the group “Very good. Keep training game day habits. A lot of skills work going on. Passing to players on a lead and passing on to the next player. Said something like just run 100%” just spoke to Mitch Hannan. He said the knees feeling good. He’s getting a lot of running in now and hopes to be in full training in a few weeks. Asked him how does he feel walking into the AFL from the VFL the way he has and being on the website with the goal of the year and in a final. He said it’s surreal. He never imagined it. I said players come into the AFL and never play in a final and he’ll have that forever. He was beaming. I said he’s in for a great run. Others have been here 10 years and left with nothing. He said Thanks mate really appreciate it and ran off with a grin on his face. Go Dees Clarry just said back into full training in a couple of weeks. Standing next to the rehabers drink bottles by accident. It’s where they all come so perfect place to sneak in questions. Jonesy came over and went straight into boxing. I pity the poor bloke holding the pads. He’s pounding them. They have 2 computers set up just for rehab. One seems to have GOS data the other live footage just of their training.
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    Long time lurker, first time poster. First Demons training session I have attended since the early/mid 90's when Jelly Legs, Balls, Jacka and Mouse where all still running around. Unfortunately I saw little training that night as they were just finishing up. Luckily we found our way to the change rooms where Garry Lyon held sway and we got to rub shoulders with some of my heroes. Anyhow, moving on... Buffalo has summed up the session well so I'll just add some highlights for me: - Aaron Davey. What a top fella, just absolutely rapt to be there and involved. Lovely bloke and really giving of his time. And still a beautiful kick. So good to see him at the club in any capacity. - Sam Weideman is much like I have read in other reports, carrying muscle now and a little bit of a strut. When he cracks in there is a decent thump, which I heard whilst on the fence. And his leap will worry opponents. - Jeff Garlett looks engaged and vibrant. Even aggressive at times. Good to see. - Steven May is a unit. And looks fitter than previous seasons. Shame about the hamstring niggle. - Tom McDonald has a great sense of ball drop as a forward. The fact he can see ball, get ball and not care about what his opponent is doing shows what a great move it was sending him forward. Think against Geelong in the Elimination final when Blicavs was looking for Tom and Tom was looking for the ball. He was showing the forwards a few tips regarding timing your jump at the ball and not needing too many steps to get there. - Angus Brayshaws haircut. - Gawn and Preuss go together like peas and carrots. - JKH looks fit and running on top of the ground. There is a really handy player in there, hopefully his confidence at training and VFL translates to AFL. And lastly, what a great bunch of young men. A credit to the club and their families. After training they were outstanding with the supporters, of which there were quite a few.
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    Ventured out to Maroochydore today with the family and it was a great day. Spoke with May, Lever, Viney, Gawn, TMac and Preuss. May is a great fella and very easy to talk to. Is loving being at the dees and is in great nic and looking forward to rd1. He said GC is like a melb was in our dark days/yrs which was interesting. He is a much bigger unit than I thought he was. He is also looking forward to slotting into melb backline and playing with hibbo, Jetta and Lever etc. said there was a really good feel about the place. Lever was in the ice baths so he couldn’t get away when I started talking to him ha ha. He was easy to talk to and said he was looking at a round 3-5 return but is 4 weeks away from joining the main group. Said his knee was progressing really well and looking forward to playing. I asked if he would be put back straight into the seniors or via the reserves and he said prob through the reserves to get his match fitness up. Really nice bloke and he is keen as mustard to get back. Viney loves being married. I asked about all his injuries and surgeries and he said he is progressing well and is well ahead of where he was last yr. He should be ready for rd 1 and is really excited about getting back into it. Said it feels really good around the club which seems to be the general consensus with the players. As we know viney is a great bloke. Gawn is Gawn and was happy to take photos and signatures. My daughter didn’t want a photo with him but Gawn convinced her to have one ha ha. He is really looking forward to playing along side Preuss and is looking forward to rd1. Tmac was another who was happy to chat and said his toe was good but just has some problems with blisters on and around his toe but this would be managed. He is confident his toe won’t give him problems this season. Looked in very good Nic and very accurate in front of goal which was good to c. Preuss was happy to be at the dees and is looking forward to getting a really good combination going with Gawn. Looked in great condition and worked separately at times with Gawn. Brayshaws haircut was a result of his brothers trying to be hairdressers ha ha Best bogan haircut I have seen for a while. He is looking great shape too Also spoke briefly to Kielty who is looking forward to trying to crack it into the seniors on a regular basis which was good to hear. Competition for spots is what we want Didnt get to speak with Trac but from what I saw he doesn’t seem to be hinder by any knee problems. Looks in great nic too. I have posted some photos below which was taken with my iPhone so I apologise in advance for the quality Overall it was a really good day and the players are working hard and looking forward to the season. Hopefully we have a cracker of a season. Go dees.
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    On the 11th of January this year my Dad died unexpectadly of a heart attack. He was a fit and healthy man only 65 years old with everything to look forward to. His mum is still alive at 100 years of age and his dad died at 90. As he lived up the country with Mum, my last three great memories of time spent with my Dad were the Melbourne v Geelong game, the Melbourne v Hawthorn Game and Christmas. Needless to say that video smacked me in the guts hard and had me weeping like a baby. Im really scared about this year, not because I think we will be bad, but because there is every possibility we could be very, very good and if our wildest dream comes true, I will be completly inconsolable for so many reasons. If you see a 6 foot tall, skinny bloke with shaved head balling his eyes out on that one day in September, please throw your arm around him and remind him to enjoy the moment, because his a dad waited 54 years for that moment and will have fallen 8 months short.
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    Craft session today which went for just over 1hr and 45mins Got some good pics of Gawn and Preuss in one on one drill Fritsch and KK in midfield drills, so some may get their wish Interesting drill with Salem, Lewis, Jetta, Fritsch, KK so the 'best' kicks in the team, doing kicking drill with both feet, 'annoyingly' hardly a poor kick between them Lever is looking better and better each session, I am sure he is aiming for Rd 1 Bradtke absolutely cooked after drills with Gawn, Preuss and Stafford, fast tracking indeed New boys were back, Sparrow not disgraced in clearance drills
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    Yes, but you jinxed him😀😁 gave his head a good belt on the ground during the tackling drill, left looking a bit worse for wear, uptil then was really good, received praise a couple of times for his shot selection during ball movementt drills The small forward competition is on, during the tackling drill Garlett, Spargo, Bedford, Corey Wagner and JKH all trying to outdo each other which can only benefit the team Forgot Chandler, edit Walked back to AAMI with James Harmes, had a laugh comparing the skinny blonde kid with the toothy smile from 5 years ago to the man I was walking next to now, he said he is the fittest he has ever been and is one solid unit Oliver completed the whole session with the main group
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    Attended for a while and took some pictures. Never been to training before, but from what I could tell the following were in rehab: Viney, JKH, Spargo, Lever, May, Jones, Oliver, Brayshaw and maybe Kolo. Didn't see Melksham, Hannan or Oscar. No injuries (except for JKH - minor ankle problem during full ground simulation - still ran pretty well with Rehab group later in the session). Jack Viney must be pretty fit - easily ran the oval and would not have blown out a candle. Same cannot be said for Bradtke - as unfit a player as I have ever seen. Impressed with Tom McDonald in full ground simulation IN FRONT OF GOAL. His field kicking up the ground was a bad as ever - missed quite a few targets. But marking and kicking for goal excellent. Impressed with Tracc's involvement up forward, led well and hands overhead as good as ever. Evasiveness and kicking spot on. Toby Bedford very involved up forward and will be a player - very speedy when necessary. Weed's hands and general play were very impressive - tackles well and positions himself well. Got a couple of Joe the Gooses for easy goals. ANB everywhere - very fit. Hunt still over-kicks the ball a bit, so misses a few targets. Very impressed with Fritter - his marking and positioning were spot on and his kicking faultless. Played mainly forward today. Joel Smith looks supremely fit and put himself about nicely. Can certainly mark the ball and his kicking seems to be improving. That's about it for now...
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    The main group had a lot of fun in the initial warm up... the final exercise had pairs with both hands on the one football. When the whistle was blown the pairs had to try and rip the footy out of their opponents grip.., Jetta proved too tricky for Max, while Weids and May were called into the centre of the group to contest the ‘final’. The rest of the group were asked to stand behind the player they thought would win. Great delight from the Weiderman group when he was lightning in snapping the ball away from May... then ran off hurling the ball into the air to the delight of his ‘followers’!
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    I don't care whether people think it's right, wrong, or are indifferent, but what I do know is that Watts is just another a-clown cruising through an AFL career. Goodwin has shipped off Hogan, Watts, and Bugg, for a reason. He's a very smart man our Goody and his decisions remind me of the excellent image Gonzo shared a while back written by the great Ronald Dale Barassi.
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    Turned up at 10:20 so might've missed a bit but they were in to some decent match practice between two teams. Maybe 12 or so per side. (Keilty the latest in rehab doing a fair bit with Baker, Lever and Viney laps). Ball use across the backline and creating angles to work the ball in to the middle of the ground was slick. From there it was really going quick and aggressively in to the forward line which meant some errors but also some nice pieces of play. Standouts: T Mc - got on the end of a couple and marked well May - a couple of nice intercept marks Fritsch - finding a stack of ball on a wing with some sharp ball use Vanders - not always the best with the ball but high work rate, was constantly in play The draftees all showed a bit as well. Hore was composed across half back. Bedford stuck a tackle on Gawn and bought him down. Jordon linked up nicely received a handball and kicked perfectly to a fat side lead. Chandler was busy and has sure hands overhead. Corey Wagner another who gets involved quite a bit. Part of the forward group and working hard up and back. Lewis did a few nice things, took a strong mark and looked very sharp but then got the ball under pressure and did this thing twice where he holds the ball low over his boot and quickly squirts out a shanked kick that just puts team mates under more pressure. Concerning. They moved in to small 2/3rd ground match practice with 4 different teams rotating. Again, ball use, overlap, quick movement. After that they split talls and smalls, with the smalls working on quick hands and pressure. A bit of 3 on 3 kind of stuff. In two different groups they did some running, not flat out but up and back over about 40m at a good pace for a period of time. Jordon/Neita/Chandler/Bedford did some one on one tackle/evade drills, the two smalls look strong tacklers as you'd expect. Some of the main guys did an exercise that involved fast steps then receiving a ball whilst rolling to ground on either side of the cones, bouncing up for an attempted hanger, then a bump/tackle, out to get a high ball then on to a lead. It looked pretty brutal stuff but also like a really good drill to simulate in game movements and 2nd/3rd/4th efforts. It's the kind of stuff I like seeing because it's smart training rather than just flogging them laps. By that time it was well in to the 30's and I'd seen enough.
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    I’m so happy vanders didn’t end up at Sydney, he is such an asset for us
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    Why don't you go to training to see for yourself what is going on, no one is forcing you to read Saty's posts. For supporters like myself who don't live in Melbourne all the training reports are appreciated.
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    I just don't get what the issue is with Trac. I reckon he had a really good season last year playing a difficult position and contributing consistently. I watched a few games since season end and this week watched the game against Freo in Darwin specifically to watch Billy Stretch. Petracca was very good that game and close to best on. If you watch the two finals games he was influential and his touches are quality and his vision elite. He uses the ball exceptionally well and just needs to overcome the yips in goal kicking to be even better. I doubt the footy department have any of the concerns that are often expressed here about Petracca. He's just finished his third year of playing at this level and doing very well. People's negative comments are based more on their heightened expectations than any failing in Petracca's performance. The kid is a gun.
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    Hi all, i discovered Demonland over the weekend and immediately signed up. I live in South West France, near the beautiful Dordogne River. I've been a Melbourne supporter for more than 60 years. I attended the '64 Grand Final and still vividly remember the Gabelich and Crompton goals. I have been an overseas member for four years and watch every game on watchafl.
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    Jetta added to leadership group Congratulations to Nev. A much deserved promotion for a perennially underrated player. 2019 Leadership group Nathan Jones (co-captain) Jack Viney (co-captain) Max Gawn Neville Jetta Jetta replaces Lewis who will work with coaches and leaders.
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    Went for a quick look, torrential rain and cold hard to really get a gauge on what was going on. Viney, Oliver and Brayshaw all took part in match simulation. Gawn and Preuss had a decent battle but you can see Max is just a much better footballer. Harmes and Salem moved well and Weideman looks to have put on a bit of size.
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    Hunt, for all his admirers, looks to be back, was zooming around today with ease Standout for me today was Salem, some of his kicking was sublime when they did ball movement As I have mentioned before, competition for spots is going to be fierce, which is only a good thing
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    Came up for the day from Brizvegas and found the conditions hot and humid at Maroochydore where the Demons are holding their pre season camp. I stayed around for a while but must confess the temptation of the surf got to me in the end. I was very impressed with both Max Gawn and Braydon Preuss who both stand out with their height and imposing physiques. If the powers that be decide to play both in any given game, they are certain to cause a lot of grief to opposing ruck combinations and their defences when one of them is resting up forward. The club’s midfield is highly touted but many of them are still in rehab - Jack Viney, Nathan Jones, Clayton Oliver and Angus Brayshaw. No doubt the club is being conservative but it’s amazing how quickly the season comes upon us ... There were others in the group - Jake Lever, Steven May, Kade Kolodjasnij, Jay Kennedy Harris, Charlie Spargo, both of the clubs category B rookies Bradtke and Walker and a few others notably Mitch Hannan and Jake Melksham were no shows. This gave a few players the opportunity to impress - Alex Neal-Bullen, Christian Salem, Christian Petracca (to the relief of many Demonlanders), James Harmes and the two key forwards Tom McDonald and Sam Weideman. Joel Smith was good as was Bailey Fritsch who looks like he will be taking a wing. And of course, Neville Jetta’s work was simply immaculate. Of the new players I liked Toby Bedford (a live wire), Tom Sparrow (strongly built for a kid) and Corey Wagner (gets a bit of the ball). Apart from the large numbers in rehab, I came away with optimism for the year. Oh ... and if the way Viney attacks things while in rehab, heaven help the opposition if and when he gets back going full bore.
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    It was already warming up when i got there at 10. Lever and Jones doing runs. Melk and Baker together. Gus doing rehab as well I think Unsighted: Oliver, Viney, Stretch, Spargo, Walker, Vanders, Hannan, Maynard A variety of craft drills followed. Forwards with some goal kicking. Rucks working with Stafford. Some zoning drills. Then it was running time. Harmes, Trac, Jetta, Bull, Hunt, Oscar formed a rehab group and sat out As did Lewis, KK, JKH The rucks did some bullocking and then a sprint for a high ball. Preuss testing Gawn out. The lesser running group had: Keilty, Weid, Hore, May, Frost, Jeff. There wasn’t much drop off but Keilty looked strong. The bigger group was led by ANB with C Wagner pushing him. T Mc, J Smith up towards the front. Petty was in this group as was Hibberd who was blowing but keeping pace, that’s a good sign for him. The 5 young draftees keeping up in this group as well.
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    I went along today. Lovely day and a good session to see as they were starting a bit of game simulation and there was plenty going on. Just a couple of points to offer from limited viewing. One is that last year I thought we had the list in pretty good shape so I was surprised at how much we cut into the list. I thought we might just do the obligatory 3 or 4 changes but we did a lot more and it shows on the park. The newbies are all small to medium players apart of course from May and Preust and they are as keen as to make an impression. It looks to have regenerated the group a bit and with Oliver, Gus, Viney and Jones on the sidelines there was a freshness that I think is good for us. We looked young and hungry and I'm pretty sure the coaches are creating an atmosphere where positions are up for grabs and anything is possible. So I also saw the contested mark of KK and he also did another nice piece of play at half back from contested to delivery upfield that was impressive. I also saw Nietsche (No. 27 the philosopher) do a couple of nice things. Bedford is busy and was involved a lot as well. The intensity was good and I think the youngsters contributed a lot to that. The second thing I noticed was Vanders. He looked fantastic. He was in rehab with Gus and Stretch and clearly they are close to returning to the main group as they were doing contested stuff one on one and there were no holds barred. All three were going well, Billy is tracking very well but Vanders was excellent. They were one on one just holding and jostling until the attacker made a lead and one of the coaches Rooke kicked to the lead. Vanders marked most everything under good pressure and defensively was strong and aggressive and shut down his opponent. At one stage he spoiled Gus and took him to ground, it was strong play. He is clearly a leader and looks very focused, driven and I'd say as fit as he's ever been. I'm so glad he stayed with us and I reckon he could be a great player for us this year. Just on the rehab group or groups, in making your way back to the main group you work very hard, harder than if you are in the main group itself. So even though most of the players in re-hab could easily join in the pace of the main group it is never gifted and you have to tick every box before they will let you back.Finally one of those guys Jack Viney is looking fantastic as well. He was charging around the boundary and while he would hardly blow out a candle Baker was totally gassed. Jack is another right on track for a massive year.
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    Having a look at main group now. A lot of cheering and clapping going on as they are all bunched in the middle. I’d be guessing some comp on winners for last weeks training. Pretty sure it’s not team selection. Now doing full oval game simulation. It’s full gas. Clearly working on game plan ball movement. What I’m noticing is the players down field leading to space and players with the ball being patient and looking for the lead before kicking. Plenty of missed targets at this stage. There’s no wind which suggests to me they are really working on low kicks to targets under pressure. Thats definitely looking like a focus From what I’m seeing Preuss is no lumbering slow big man. He’s surprisingly agile and fast. He’s also doing as much running as the midfielders. On what I’m seeing I reckon he’s going to surprise us. KK just took a brilliant contested mark and summed up options and did a great kick to a leading player.
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    Lever is making great strides in his rehab, was up and about today, very vocal Keilty is definitely being set to play as a forward this year Preuss has shaved his head, as if he needed to, to look more imposing, only needs the beard now I have to go to work this arvo so will post the pics on Insta and here tonight
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    Overall thoughts: - Game simulation was high intensity, Macca made big point of saying to the lime coaches that if we can execute in last 15 when other sides are knacked, we’ll Win. This seems to be a real mean theme this year, as too often we let close games slip and could easily of won top 2 spot if we won 90% of those close games. Standouts: Fritsch disposal and acc of touches. Vanders was a bull and did some great work entering attacking situations turning slow transitions into scoring plays. Brayshaw showed great hands & timing. Pruess was solid w/disposal. May solid & gave his all through entire session l, and was certifiably buggered at end of the training session. Tmac was sensational with hands & positioning, looked cut above. Nev was talking all throughout and encouraging every play, whilst also showing absolutely insanely accurate short passes. Sparrow looks to be one they’re working to develop foot skill wise before anything else and his focus was solid all session. Chandler to me is a sleeper too. Has real poise & game sense. Oscar was frustrating coaches quite a bit throughout missing key instructions & being a bit clumsy. Clarrie’s size is at another level again - 2-3cm talker IMHO to 12 months ago & bulk is now more refined clearly more powerful in arms especially. Joel Smith’s hands again looked great but foot skills short are really questionable & can’t see him breaking into back 6 this year will be more a fwd and utility option. Fritter clearly a wingman and sweeper. KK, Salem, May, Lever, Hibs & Nev all look like forming a truly gifted backline with Frosty ahead of Oscar for Mine. Petty worked reallly strongly all session, def has development to come and could be ready to make a mark if called upon. Jeffy looks a little behind fitness wise but is def pushing with Bedford for small spot.
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    I’m also hoping Hunt becomes a regular again in the 22. Question to everyone, where would Hunt suit us best? Imo, after reading training reports and observing a session last week a spot in defence is there for him to cement. We all remember his dash and carry over the last few years, but with the 6-6-6 rule in place now you’ll need to back your player’s ability to win the one on one should you lose the centre square clearance and the ball comes swiftly into your defensive 50. He has the pace to close down an opponent, his leap isn’t bad at all so he can spoil and as you stated he’s added muscle over the summer. He could find it a lot easier picking up one of his spoils and dashing out of defence with less numbers in front of him now. I mainly watched the defensive drills last week and most of them consisted of practising for the above scenario. Ball would come in rapidly to a man and the objective was just to kill the contest ASAP. Hunt was like a wild beast trying to get to the ball before his opponent marked it. If that wasn’t enough of a workout, the coaches kept Hunt and Jetta out on Goschs well after everyone headed to the showers. They were standing in the goalsquare and repeatedly had the ball thrown up in the air and the sole objective was just to spoil the ball to the boundary. The coach’s directive was loud and clear. Make sure that ball is dead after it comes in quickly to enable us to get our numbers back, set-up and back our strength of winning the clearance. Apologies for the long-winded post, but this is the kind of stuff that interests me and hopefully other members on here whenever I get a chance to observe a session.
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    Pressure really good from both sides. Apart from the first 10 minutes our pressure was good and structures seemed sound. Pies were missing their 3 most dangerous forwards in De Goey, Stephenson and WHE, although Elliott makes up for one of those. So the low score from them isn't a huge surprise. That was pretty much 2017 Collingwood we played when they couldn't score. I was a little disappointed we didn't switch the ball more around half back, we seemed comfortable to bomb it out. Backline: Frost and Oscar both started very poorly missing chances to kill contests with intercepts or strong punches. Frosty clean missed a few chances to mark and Oscar looked slow. But they got going as the game spread out a bit more and our pressure came up. Jetta excellent. Hibberd solid. Lewis did enough defensively and apart from his trade mark dumb free kicks he played well. Hunt good. Mids: Gus had it on a string early and his clean hands and tackle pressure was excellent. Tracc then took over. Vanders cracked in. Young Sparrow tagged Treloar in the second half, nice goal and won some ball, probably wasn't as clean with his tackles as I expected. Max dominated, hardly a surprise there. Salem showed his class at times. Forwards: Pressure was really good. Joel Smith a nice addition in that regard and C Wagner worked hard. Tim Smith did ok. Preussy hit some contests very hard but I wasn't impressed by his positioning, did get on the end of it a few times though. One nice grab and a solid but not spectacular game from Weids. Nice goal from Garlett and good pressure but he made some dreadful errors kicking the ball along the ground and making bad decisions, didn't do enough to convince me he was in any way back. Stock up: JKH - really got us going in the first term and was dangerous all game, strong enough at the contest, high work rate Hunt - no huge runs but opened the game up and used it nicely at times Petracca - midfield oomph Stock down: ANB - very scratchy ball use and decision making Stretch - didn't take the game on enough or deliver well
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    2037 is going to be a great year for the Demons.
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    Good New is Trac Gus and Vanders are all in main group. Update on this from Crossy is they are in but still slightly modified but will be back in full during or immediately after next weeks camp.
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    I met one a few weeks ago for a business venture and asked point blank if he had signed up as an MFC member and he said no. I told him our business interests would only progress if he signed up. He laughed and I asked why he was laughing and that I was serious.
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    Peppermint powder? Ffs, can't even commit to being a bad boy with the required intensity.
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    First time poster. Just joined today. I’m not there today but my brother moved from Melb to QLD 5 years and loves the Dees. He is at training today. May has a tight hammy and walking laps. The Weid is clunking some very good marks apparently. I’ll keep them coming.
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    Good onya Tom i wouldn’t want to play for those filthy bastards either He is doing just fine off field
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    Any updates Saty? For the small minority of posters who seem to take exception at your opinions, there are a lot more mostly silent readers who really appreciate the training updates you provide and don't take exception to your views.
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    First time at training this year for me. There appeared to be two levels of rehab, the more serious one contained KK, May, Jones and Walker. They did heaps of running starting with straight line three quarter pace 100m and 200m runs and at the end they were doing lots of laps. None looked very inconvenienced. Hannan was just walking laps, tried to find out what the issue was but got nothing. The second rehab group was quite big but my guess is that they were just on light duties after Saturday. I'm not sure I'll get all of them but Maynard, Petracca, Viney, Lever, Hibberd, Stretch, Melksham, JKH, AVB, Baker and Nev Jetta. They did lots of handball drills but no running that I saw. The rest of the group did very light duties. Gentle run throughs, a little bit of kicking to leading players and some goal kicking and crumbing snaps. Today was clearly just a gentle "get the legs moving" session after Saturday. Spoke to some of my contacts down there who reiterated what Saty has been saying about rehab but recognized we'd been a bit unfortunate not to have the number of players in full training mainly because it makes doing the drills a bit more problematic. Another positive was that this year all our recruits bar Hore have done the major part of the preseason which will stand them in good stead for the season and is unusual as usually the young guys struggle with the loads and carry injuries from the TAC season.
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    They’ve just broken into groups and doing right passing drills. About every 90 seconds to 3 minutes the whistle blows and they swap bins from defending to attacking. Now back into full field ball movement. I’m guessing transferring what they did in the smaller groups. Preuss has a huge kick. Hate to say it but there’s a hell of a lot of kicks not hitting targets. Sparrow has the gate of a natural athlete. Body language is very confident. Leads really well to good places. Marty Hore solid unit. There’s going to be some solid contested marking capacity in this squad. Bedford’s doing some nice work. Getting to the right places to receive and making good decisions and delivering accurately. Petty still looks pretty light for a potential KP player. They’re doing a contested ground ball exercise where a ball is rolled to 2 players who have to fight for it. McCartney told someone to tackle harder. They want it to be full match day intensity. Garlett’s skills still stand out and he seems pretty engaged. He’d be a real bonus if he comes good this year. The competition for his spot is building. Jordan is also a good ready to go size. Another group doing a drill where they are tackled under pressure and have to get an accurate ball off to an outside player who has to snap across the body at goal. All the handballs go off and all the snaps I saw went through. Another group doing a drill where you stand with your back to a group are handballed a ball and have to turn and pick out from a series of players leading and get a low pass to them. Wagner started. Didn’t miss a pass. Seems to be doing some training with the forwards. The backs are in a group at the moment doing a clearing exercise. They were all brought in and there’s extensive coaching going on by Troy Chaplin. Then back into a drill in groups leading and passing. The philosopher is training with the backs. Hore’s Skills are good
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    I mainly focused on the rehabbers today as the new draftees were at Marvel for induction. In that group were Brayshaw, Oliver, Petracca, AVB, Stretch, Hunt, Harmes, Baker, Jones, Melksham, Lever, Jetta, O.Mac and T.Smith. Melksham, Brayshaw, Oliver and Lever all running boundary laps with a few of them vomiting towards the end. Jonesy doing sprints and a lot of boxing. He's getting a lot of work done on his lower back from the Physio. Petracca also needed further work on his knee throughout the session telling the Physio "It hurts when I stop moving." But he looked to be fine movement wise. All the rehabbers were moving really well actually. Everyone just ticking off each session and building nicely for round 1. Standout for me today was AVB with his leadership, he was really vocal and serious and wasn't letting anyone slack off. He was also showing Stretch and Baker how to tackle. No Viney on the track today.
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    Has become a great pick-up for us! Looking forward to three more years of that lethal left foot.
  44. 16 points
    Meanwhile at Arden St.... Nth Melbourne Football Manager
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    Quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of reading the argy bargy that continues to derail training reports. As much as I possibly can, I will be deleting such posts on sight and recommending banning posters (without any favour) if they stray off the topic of training and in particular if they represent personal attacks which are also likely to result in suspension or permanent bans for posters.
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    Saty baits people. STMJ has swallowed the hook and can't cough it up. We can't expect to agree with everyone here so we should accept the differences. If you don't like them block them, constant bitching is tiresome. Thanks to all those that report on training, I expect you to have biases we all have them. The best bias is we are Melbourne supporters.
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    GOT Pick 6 and Pick 23 — GAVE AWAY Jesse Hogan and Pick 65 GOT Steven May and Kade Kolodjashnij — GAVE AWAY Pick 6 27. Melbourne - Thomas Sparrow, midfielder (South Adelaide) which was pick 23 before a downgrade. Therefore May, KK and Sparrow for Jesse and 65. All 3 could be in our best 22 some time this year.
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    A few quick comments following on from the guys that posted reports from yesterday's Maroochydore session. Jake Melksham wasn't there as he returned to Melbourne to attend to a "personal matter" apparently. One poster said he was a no show but Oscar trained and looked OK to me. Agree that Joel Smith looks very fit and moves well but his kicking concerns me. Toby Bedford a skilful player. Lightning quick but very slight in terms of his build. Endorse a previous posters comments about Jeffy Garlett. Up and about, very involved and smiling a lot. Seems like a new man. A definite best 22 player who can turn a game in one quarter. Billy Stretch has really bulked up and was moving really well during the morning. Having read the posts about Petracca's weight I was keen to have a look at him and see how he went. No worries there. The bloke is a cut down version of the Hulk. Super strong through the hips and thighs and just does things so easily. Has a great pair of hands and I'd be playing him in a forward pocket. He'd be a nightmare match up. I was very interested to watch the open forward line strategy that involved one player inside the goal square and all other forwards outside 50 but streaming forward in numbers the moment the ball reaches the centre. Chatted to Marty Hore, Gus, TMac, Tim May, Clarry and Oskar Baker. All in great spirits and relaxed. Was actually quite impressed with Marty Hore during training. Can read the play very well indeed and was involved in many defensive intercepts and clearances. I would not be at all surprised to see him in the team for Round 1.
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    I'm thankful he chose to come to us when we were still a pretty average club. He was a key player and bringing a bit of arrogance and confident to the place. I loved him silencing the Richmond crowd that time after kicking a goal! He was a good 22nd player. Obviously no superstar, but could competently play a role tagging, up forward or down back. He's better than most on here give him credit for. He's a really friendly guy too. I've bumped into him multiple times at the supermarket and he's always up for a chat. All the best to him with his media marketing business. It's already a multimillion dollar business he's established with his model girlfriend and some of her friends. Done quite well for himself has Buggy!
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    Nothing like taking the roof of your mouth off with volcanic hot baked beans in a jaffle in the middle of winter. He might be onto a winner here.
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