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    Belting the Cats down there in R19, in turn we seal a top 4 spot and kill off their finals chances.
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    Really great training reports and exciting times because we've got almost the full core having a complete pre season. I think Gawn, Oliver, May and TMac are key to our fortunes in 2020, no surprises there and only May hopefully temporarily interrupted. Then my next core 11: Salem, Harmes, Petracca, Viney, Lever, Brayshaw, Langdon, Melksham, AVB, Fritsch and Jetta all in full training. Only Jones, Hannan, Tomlinson and Smith are in rehab and I have all 4 in the 3rd echelon and Hannan sounds like the only one restricted medium term. I think if we can get that 15 on the ground for the majority of the season and with some solid support from Hibberd, Weed, OMac, Hunt, ANB, Hore, Petty and Brown, all who are in full training, we can give the flag a real shake this year. I think it's quite reasonable to expect 2 or 3 of the 1st and 2nd year players to make a decent contribution too. For example Lockhart, Jordon, Dunkley, Sparrow and any of the 3 draftees could step up. Preuss is there as Max insurance. That's about 30 goers in total. I don't agree with other posters who say we're "6 - 8 good players off challenging". IMO the challenge starts this year.
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    Big Carl was captain/coach of the Dee’s in ‘79. I particularly remember his last game against Collingwood where he went about clobbering every opposition player in sight, very entertaining and something one doesn’t see these days.
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    I think I saw you Yoko trying to stop your daughter running onto the ground to join the players!! I rarely comment on OMac because it invites comments like Chook who, despite the suggestion that social media might have been the reason for his absence last year, found it necessary to suggest that : on toilet paper? I mean, after all the crap this bloke has gone through, some still find it necessary to post these sort of comments. I just don't get it. But his kicking at training was elite, both left and right foot, and he was one of the cleaner ones with the ball. I also agree with you about Brown, he was very good yesterday. But I did think the standard was down on its preseason level and will be interested to see what it's like tomorrow.
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    Was at my first session in a while, and did my best to watch while having my young daughter with me. I won’t add too much more, as most has been said. Firstly, I do love how so many jump at shadows or are so pessimistic about injuries (or apparent injuries) to players. Take a deep breath, it is January, and we are way ahead of where we were last year. I had a chat to a few people I know at the club and they are all upbeat and extremely positive with how things are going, and from what I gathered, it wasn’t just your usual talk you read in the media to drum up publicity, they were genuinely excited by the new fitness people, by the players mentality and efforts and by the different training they are doing now. on a personal note (so I am unsure if this matters too much to some ), I was impressed by: Jackson - he moves well and flies for his marks, second efforts are great. Kicking skills on both feet pretty good too. Kossie - silky, quick, just what we need. Just needs some fitness as he won’t play much u til he can use his speed and pressure for more than 10 minutes. Trac - moves so well, clean and vocal. Trained with the mids all the time. Will have a huge year! And we need him too and we need to make him happy and re sign him! T Mac - looked super fit and moved well. Back to 2018 movement, I hope! O Mac - his kicking skills are great and he used his body well today. Just needs to work one quicker decisions! Brown - he will play a lot of games this season, and I would be happy to have him in the team, whichever end he is at. Good body size, moves well, takes a strong mark. Astute pick up imo. Melksham - his kicking is elite, his left foot is better than most others preferred foot. And he uses his body so well. And he is vocal and guiding people. We need him if we are to be any good this season. Tomlinson- didn’t realise how big he is, muscular more than height. He was getting annoyed with Burgess as he was itching to join in the real training. Think he will be in there ASAP. I could go on, but I was relatively impressed overall, as much as you can be for an early Jan session. Of course we need to wait a long while to see anything put into action. Overall it was just great to see the majority of the players all training, the entire session, at full pace and training g at a pretty high standard and looking like they were enjoying it.
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    We're probably getting West Coast as good a time as ajy the heat can be an issue in March, but McGovern and Barrass are behind in their pre season with interuptions and they will look to build as the season progresses. Oscar Allen also has had an interupted start. On the negative most of their mids are up and running as is JK. Anyone have any idea about tickets for Round 1 or receive anything from the club
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    Since our last Premiership in 64 the Melbourne Football Club has brought in a long list of players from other clubs to bolster its team and in some cases hoping to lead us to that elusive cup. So with the help of some Melbourne tragics over a bottle or two of red we have put together a best of the lot list and called it the MFC Foreign Legion. (Why you may ask – well we have not got a selection of premierships on DVD to watch is one and after a bottle or two it seem a good idea) By no means a team of the century, but perhaps a best of list that you can reminisce about and a list that made an impact in their time with us. We had a limited knowledge of player movements in the sixties and early seventies and I am sure we have missed some from this era and possibly players in recent times that should make the team. The team was put together on the following basis: Players had to have played at least 1 senior game with another VFL/AFL club before coming to Melbourne and could not be on MFC’s current list. Each player is listed with the previous club they played for with the number of games played and goals in brackets along with MFC games and goals. MFC's Foreign Legion
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    Ran into Brian Wilson at the MCG 3 years ago.I lived next door to him for about 12 months in the 1980s.Had the occasional chat over the fence.At the G he told me not to give up on the Dees- keep supporting them as he was.Great stuff Willow!
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    Ted Fidge; I have a memory vs Richmond, ball down Punt Rd end, Ted on the members wing (right in front of me), when a Richmond player pointed to his chin and asked Ted to have a go....gee there was alot of blood. Anyway back on topic what about Jamie Duursma...played on Dermot 2 weeks running and did the job, did a job on Kernahan in a final; not a great player but played some great games
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    Big Carl not in the side? Sorry but that is not on
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    A very solid effort overall and an enjoyable read and walk down memory lane. However, I cannot give you an elephant stamp and would risk being ejected from Pedants Inc. for not pointing out the misspellings of Rohde, Pedersen, Bizzell, Bennett and Seecamp and, to a lesser extent, Alastair (Clarkson) and Stephen (Powell).😉
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    We have smoky conditions today, however, the health consequences of changing weather patterns and natural disasters are long-term. We face a new paradigm that will force all of us to think and behave differently. Similar to terrorism and 9/11, our behaviour and actions will need to change. Some people and organisations get it (perhaps the AFL), others don't (TA).. Good decision by MFC.
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    TMac 27yo and Gawn 28yo should be hitting their peak over the next 2-3 years. I've rated Lever and Melksham in the B category and I'm comfortable they sit there for some time to come - some may have them as As currently.
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    That could be difficult for some Saty.
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    I doubt anyone will object if we remove Alistair Clarkson from the team...and make him non-playing coach instead.
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    I agree Tony. The overall outlook for the players in each of my categories above is upside. Petracca and Brayshaw have the talent to move into the A Grade and if Viney can stay fit he's definitely in there. Weed and Petty have every chance to elevate to the B grade this year. And I've already said I expect 2-3 from the youth group to establish themselves. The only players potentially on the slide are Jones, Hibberd and Jetta, and maybe AVB and May if they can't stay injury free.
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    Wow great work Od especially in adding the games totals. Didn't realise Jeff White had so many games with us. Indeed many of the proportions were unexpected even from Ne involved in the preparation. The wine possibly clouded my considerations and yes surprising to see Crosswell only played 76 with North. His MP act seemed far greater than his 48 with us. I guess his Carlton time was also well publicised.. it has raised even further discussion points I think. Will be happy to get together again and reprise this list. Hope we get some extra names from a larger Dland group. GO DEES
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    Right now OMac is at least pencilled in for R1 considering WC tall forward line and Petty training with the forwards. Quite a few posters here and a particular questioner at the Info night need to come to terms with this reality.
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    Crosswell an emergency?
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    That period of work he did is what gives me confidence he can perform if/when required.
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    This is a cracking training thread - thanks for the reports. Fingers crossed on May and Smith, but I’m no longer as worried about our forward line and our ability to score goals than I was about 3 months ago. T Mac seems to have rediscovered his mojo, Melksham is back to his best, Fritsch is in superb form, Brown will be an effective tall forward, we have plenty of other decent options (tall and small) to rotate through, and we now have good wingers and attacking mids who are fit and who will be able to effectively deliver the ball. This represents such a big change from last season. As an aside, I’m glad I’m not an Essendon supporter - apparently one third of their list is not able to train at the moment. If I were Worsfold, I’d be handing over the baton right now.
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    Exactly the same but different
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    https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/552969 Official now. May a cyst, Smith an infected cut. Both back next week. Jones managed.
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    We gave pick 6 for him, should never have happened. He was worth around pick 20 at most.
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    Hunt: He's run two very good time trials and hasn't missed a session that I've seen. His ball handling is clean and he's also competing and taking some good high marks. He also appears to be training with the mids. He is a lot taller than you think and has developed into a fairly solid unit. His speed still impresses and he's capable of some good long kicking but he hasn't eliminated the kick he appears to miss of his instep that swings left. He'd be a real bonus if he could find his 2017 form and it's not out of the question. His hair is also quite long! Langdon: He is just doing what Langdon does. He's a terrier around the packs, he's clean with the ball and his first few steps are very quick which enables him to find space. He's also very good at finding space in match sims on the wing and being used. Hasn't missed a session and his last time trial seemed a significant improvement on his first. I think he's going to be fantastic for us and will provide something we just haven't had in the past.
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    Can’t help thinking we were sold a lemon with May. Ability means nothing when sitting on the sidelines.
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    I got caught in traffic on the way to the ground and thought I'd miss a bit but as It's Time has said it was a later than normal start at around 9.30. As usual over to the rehab group and a quick check as to who isn't there. Jones, Tomlinson, Baker and Spargo the four in rehab with Jones, Tomlinson and Spargo looking to be more advanced. Jones hasn't changed his training for about 4 or 5 sessions now and watching him it's impossible to tell what's wrong. Tomlinson was running very strongly as was Spargo so I'm surprised to hear Spargo is 3 to 4 away but that could be to do with agility on his ankle. There were many runs around the outer side of the ground by these three and they went for a good 2 hours before heading in. During that time they did a fair bit of kicking and a small bit of (sort of) circle work without any signs of a problem. Baker is a little behind by the look of things but seemed relaxed and raring to go. About half way through the session Bennell turned up and did his warm ups and then some runs around the outer side of the ground. No sign of any discomfort but he's only going at half pace. Again nothing much has changed and it looks like they are playing the long game with him. Once he had finished his running program he started some casual goal kicking practice. Around the corner, tight ankle, snaps, set shots you name it he did it and while I was watching he missed two out of about 20. Unbelievable. The no shows were Hannan, KK, Neita, AVB, May and Smith. Of that lot AVB is a usual "misser" of training and we know about the issues of the others bar May. Missing Hannan was disappointing but it could just be management. Wednesday will tell. It's Time has done a great job describing training. There was stoppage work, forward entry work built around match sims as well as specialist crumbing work, high marking practice, handball drills and some gut running. I liked it in one match sim where Trac decided to tackle Jackson and while on the ground pushed his head into the ground and then wouldn't let him get up. But Jackson got the better of him and had Trac on the ground at the end of the wrestle with lots of smiles and laughs between the two. Trac really does keep things fun and involves everyone. Trac provided the highlight for me in one passage where he was surrounded by a pack of players and dodged and weaved his way out of the pack. The other highlight was Brown who really did well today. Marked well and kicked very well which stood out on a day where skills were down and mistakes were made. I suppose it was their first hitout in a month or so but I'm expecting better later. Pickett did some really nice things, not so much spectacular but just really neat skills and Jackson continues to impress with his ability to be in general play once his ruck work is done. Harmes, Oliver and Viney were all busy and Melk and Fritter did well up forward. I left at about 11.45 when things looked like they were closing down and the smoke was getting pretty bad. It was a pretty solid session with another to come on Wednesday.
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    Deeoldfart surely by this age you realise this will never happen. Injury reports are seldom truthful. The second language of the AFL is lying.
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    Stafford took Bradke out to do some sprints and then ground ball drills and tackling. He was absolutely stuffed. Looked like he nearly passed out. He had to grab onto Staff at one point to stay standing. He’s doing solo run through again now.
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    Interesting Burgo agility drill going on. Players have to do 3 somersaults along the ground then jump straight up and lay a tackle on a player waiting there. I guess it’s brain training as much as physical.
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    Did they not give us a recent update on Spargo, Hannan, Jones and Tomlinson? They’re doing plenty and heading towards the main group. Gus has done almost all the trainings, if he’s sitting out one drill there’s nothing to see there. Might be as much as getting him extra reps on his strength which is reading ruck taps and clearance work. Doubt there’s much to say about KK and Bennell. The one to be nervous about is May. We’ll all have to touch wood there
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    From what I saw I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about Tomlinson and Jones. Both trained really well. Spargo trained well but is still dealing with some stuff on his foot/ankle. Bennell from what I was told is going well without any setbacks. I’ve just seen him and it’s near the end of the sessions so he seems to be engaged smiling and chatting to the rehab guys. No KK no May. Haven’t been able to find anything out about them. Gus appears to be a bit of a worry. He came off and spoke to someone and was shaking his head. I didn’t see him leave but he’s not out there since then. Toby Bedford tweaked something earlier and is coming off now limping near the end of the session. I suppose this is a bit of self evident comment but compared to this time last year Lever is well and truly up and about. Doing full training, strong body language, no hint of knee awareness. IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 11 (Burgo Drill) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 12 (Bradtke)
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    Great work IT. Thanks, and keep them coming. It's now time for the Club to give us an honest, up-to-date and complete injury update. I'm nervous about May. KK, Brayshaw, Bennell, Jones, Tomlinson, Spargo, et al (??).
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    Doing i50 delivery drills. In some they’re starting to kick laterally around the 50 arc if there’s not a clear target and only kicking in when there is. Worked really well the couple of times they did this. Must say this work is what I was most hoping to see. It was a mixed bag but great to see. IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 10 (Rehab) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 11 (Burgo Drill) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 12 (Bradtke)
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    Match sim. Welcome to AFL footy Luke Jackson v Maxy. Maxy wins hit out Luke follows up lays tackle gets ball hand balls the clearance. He’s running everywhere Max just following at a light jog till the next contest which he wins easily pushing Luke out. Borderline in the back. Maxy really is a freak of nature how he looks so coordinated for such a tall player. I remember seeing him play his first game and thinking they’d got his height wrong. Jacko just came over the top of Maxy in a contest but didn’t hold the ball. Another contest Jackson great pick up and clean clearing hand pass to player running past. T Mac looks really up and about. Moving very well. Don’t know if this sim is more about defence than attack but i50 connection is struggling. IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 08 (Bennell & May) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 09 (Drills) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 10 (Rehab) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 11 (Burgo Drill) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 12 (Bradtke)
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    A hand balling game was going in for a while where they are in teams. I got taught a drill like this by the Swans when I was coaching junior footy in Sydney. It can actually run more about setting up defence than the attackers. They train to coral players into a position where they only have one place to handball to so your opponent at the next contest can anticipate where to go to block their opponent down the field. It’s a good one. IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 07 (Match SIM) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 08 (Bennell & May) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 09 (Drills) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 10 (Rehab) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 11 (Burgo Drill) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 12 (Bradtke)
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    Kossie is much more built than I expected. I’ve seen players with less of a physique playing ing senior footy. He looks bigger than Spargo. Rivers a good size too. Funny seeing the players up close. A lot are a lo taller than you think. Harmesy for instance. You think of him as a short midfielder but he’s 186cm which I’m the general community is tall. They are all so lean they don’t look huge like the good old days. Rucks are practicing fine hand tapping with left hands then right. Brayshaw appears to be managed still. He did some rum through a on his own then as a target for the ruck taps while everyone else is doing a half field sim. Draftees: Jacko doing tap training with rucks. Kossie and Rivers doing some hand balling ground ball contests with 3 unknown train with players who they are explaining the drills to aim must only be here for a short visit. IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 06 (Drills) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 07 (Match SIM) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 08 (Bennell & May) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 09 (Drills) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 10 (Rehab) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 11 (Burgo Drill) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 12 (Bradtke)
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    It’s really interesting seeing one aspect of Burgo’s influence. He talks a lot about burst speed and agility being points of difference with soccer. You can see a lot of exercises geared to this. For instance a warm up in front of me. A line of 20 plus players running just a very short 10 metre. Jest off the mark and holding yo their hands in front of them chest night then holding them above their heads and yelling something out when they hit the line and everyone looking at each other to see if they were first. Lots of laughing and talking. Great vibe. Dave said oday is the first day back into full training. IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 04 (Rehab Drills) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 05 (Rookies & Rucks) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 06 (Drills) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 07 (Match SIM) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 08 (Bennell & May) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 09 (Drills) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 10 (Rehab) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 11 (Burgo Drill) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 12 (Bradtke)
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    Getting a sympathy vote. It also freaking them out a bit. Hopefully because of the crutches and not my personality. Dave Head of Sports Science is taking rehab with Crossy. All very positive (of course). Said there’s been no major setbacks. Bennell is doing well, everything is going to plan. No setbacks. Chatted to Jonesy he was upbeat. Didn’t get anything out of him about progress. Just said All good. Spargo is 3-4 weeks away but said he’s in good shape and loving it. Everyone is very positive about a rebound. Hmmmm no May out there. Harry Petty is twice the size he was this time last year. IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 03 (Burgo) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 04 (Rehab Drills) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 05 (Rookies & Rucks) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 06 (Drills) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 07 (Match SIM) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 08 (Bennell & May) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 09 (Drills) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 10 (Rehab) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 11 (Burgo Drill) | IT'S TIME TRAINING REPORT POST 12 (Bradtke)
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    They used to rave about Bartlett sinking goals from the hfwd flank on the outer side of the MCG - with his torps. Alves, one of our greatest at a time of demons stuck in the mire, used to sink these shots consistently from the wing, further out, both sides of the 'G.
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    Danny Hughes from Full Back BANG!
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    (Insert Old El Paso - “Why can’t we have both” gif here).
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    These were pretty memorable knickers... Sorry, you meant kickers...
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    Impossible question really. However, if both were fit Tomlinson would clearly be in front for reasons of experience and consistency of performance . Most would rate him as a “better player” Kk has been cruelled by his concussion issues. One can only hope that he successfully overcomes these in order to show what he is capable of
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    The second poster in the off season to suggest Melksham isn't good enough to make the best 22. Unless you guys are predicting a sudden downturn in form next year, Melksham would be one of the first picked. Infact, I'd go as far to say Melksham is the best kick at the club. Seen those inside 50 bullets he's capable of and the classy goals he kicks. We sorely missed him last year as we slumped to a 2-8 record without him.
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    Final List for 2020 (excl Bennell) We have 1 list spot (either Rookie or Seniors) which is for Bennell. If he isn't recruited it can be used for the SSP (ala Lockhart in 2019) or the mid season draft (ala Dunkley in 2019) Ages and Games played have been updated. This year I have added the 'Free Agent' (FA or RFA) status of players at end of current contract, if applicable. More than half our total list is out of contract this year. Makes for extra competitiveness. The most critical re-signings imv are Petracca, Fritsch, Petty and Viney. If anyone sees any 'errors' please let me know. I'll ask mods to pin this thread. The 2019 version can be found here:
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    Membership Year 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 1st game 22/3 A 23/3 H 25/3 H 25/3 A 25/3 H 4/4 H 22/3 A 31/3 H 31/3 H 27/3 H Oct week 3 19,068 21 15,211 20 21,980 22 19,026 26 16,654 22 17,625 25 Nov week 3 20,215 21 25,028 22 26,064 18 23,037 26 20,509 26 20,223 25 - 16,287 11,922 Dec week 1 28,005 7 30,096 7 28,354 07 27,914 9 24,402 4 22,433 3 22,105 11 18,217 3 18,747 2 17,541 3 Dec week 3 28,441 21 31,759 21 29,053 22 29,426 23 26,217 22 24,097 23 23,542 25 20,623 20,166 Jan week 3 29,764 21 33,226 21 30,068 19 30,200 20 27,027 19 25,112 23 24,558 21 21,873 22,402 22,396 Feb week 1 30,141 34,327 7 30,577 2 31,141 3 28,013 3 25,647 1 25,416 4 22,962 8 23,422 23,457 Feb week 2 35,148 14 31,310 14 31,537 10 28,759 17 26,290 12 26,039 12 23,650 12 21,448 12 Feb week 3 36,070 21 32,075 21 32,137 17 29,217 24 26,639 18 26,641 17 23,650 18 24,195 16 25,253 17 Feb week 4 36,973 28 32,948 28 32,679 24 29,450 26 27,066 26 27,736 26 - 25,277 Mar week 1 37,979 7 34,034 7 33,520 3 30,524 7 27,619 4 28,582 4 24,801 5 26,023 27,806 Mar week 2 39,537 14 34,691 14 35,080 16 32,623 16 29,510 16 30,421 15 26,751 14 26,791 14 28,068 Mar week 3 41,513 21 36,513 21 35,756 21 33,146 21 30,257 21 - - Mar week 4 44,008 28 38,089 28 37,025 28 35,117 26 31,035 26 32,324 28 - 29,588 31,087 Apr week 1 45,537 7 39,402 7 38,554 7 35,535 1 32,001 1 - - 32,235 33,359 Apr week 2 46,133 14 40,160 14 39,005 14 36,157 8 33,301 9 33,175 14 - - 33,753 10 Apr week 3 47,174 21 40,557 21 39,281 21 36,731 20 - 34,548 20 Apr week 4 48,080 28 40,636 28 39,634 28 37,597 30 34,068 29 May week 1 49,837 7 41,640 7 40,083 7 37,766 6 34,352 7 35,205 5 - 34,489 35,205 May week 2 50,107 14 41,825 14 40,380 14 38,102 13 - - - 34,961 May week 3 50,422 21 42,057 21 40,549 21 38,327 23 34,871 20 May week 4 50,520 28 42,352 28 40,749 28 38,479 31 35,017 22 June week 1 51,770 7 43,593 7 40,934 7 38,547 6 Jun Week 2 51,770 14 43,791 14 41,022 14 38,653 14 - - 35,403 Final July 30 52,405 44,191 42,102 39,211 35,953 35,911 33,177 35,345 36,937 Post 31 July 52,446 45,178 42,233 2020 Progressive total in Red Actual dates in Blue Date of first game of season Home or Away
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    For me Lever needs to be the intercept third tall. He's much better when he's freed up to use his judgment and athleticism. May and one of Oscar McDonald or Petty need to hold down FB with May at CHB. As Petty is training with the forwards Oscar will be given first crack in the main defensive role. Duel hip surgery ruined his 2019, but he has a chance to make amends. If he's not competitive enough then Petty should move back. Petty's going to be a very good player, whether it's in defence or attack. I suspect Jackson and Pickett will be staples in the side sooner rather than later.
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    From East Fremantle which is the same junior club as Luke Jackson! Goodbye go home factor.
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