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    Great news. I look forward to more member discounts. And I don't need to throw away my current gear.
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    there is no place on this forum for rubbish articles like this one. what the hell would Carey know versus the posters on this site
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    Sometimes I think I'm a negative poster, but then I read threads like these and it's an eye opener. Viney at his best is easily in our top 5 most important players. At his best, his intensity, pressure and tackling ability at the coalface are simply unmatched and that is why he is so important to our side. The issue for Viney is that if he doesn't bring his one wood to every game, he can look second rate due to his limitations in other areas of his game. Adding to this is the fact that ballistic and one-dimensional players like Viney who are really only suited to play one (extremely important) role absolutely need to complete a full pre-season load. And that is the major hurdle he faces going forward. Posters calling for him to be traded are 'ignore' button worthy.
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    Nothing wrong with giving the kid a taste. If he gets badly beaten or overwhelmed, he then has a clear idea how hard he still has to work. If he plays a good game then he knows next year is a real chance.
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    That team on paper looks very good until you realise you are not in the Casey thread
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    Yeah, hope it doesn't cost us a home final...
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    It's easy to forget how dominant Viney has been in big games over the past few seasons. Our big win over WCE where TMac kicked winning goal right before siren and even the finals last year. He will be better for this year and I reckon he will dominate next year.
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    I am one of Viney's biggest critics. My criticism is based on what I see is him trying to do too much at times when he should be bringing teammates into the game, not getting in the way, clearing space, understanding his limitations. I don't think he should have been made captain and said so at the time. I believe he should step down and concentrate on his game. However, you would think he can't play, doesn't deserve to be on the list, the worst player to pull on a boot for the club....etc...if you read a lot of the posts on this thread. Jack can play, he's obviously hampered by injury and that's effecting his game. If we can get Jack fit, harness his ferocity at the ball, get him to play as part of a team and use him in bursts then he will be a valuable team member. Currently I think Goody and the FD are not helping him by not using his strengths...they also didn't seem to learn from the errors made with the other Jack (Trengove), let's hope it's not too late.
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    This clip perfectly illustrates our primary issue this year . . . injuries, immaturity, and underdone players. Brayshaw isn't on Pendlebury - Melksham is. In his second week back after a three-month injury. Three months, in-season. Although I concede that the footage has been framed to suit a media narrative, that shouldn't be a huge surprise. I also concede that the highlighted issues do exist - but that's not the point: Brayshaw has been called out on national TV and chastised on here for something that simply isn't true. Brayshaw is not on a bloke called Pendlebury, thanks Gerald Healy. Watch closely. Brayshaw enters the fray from the centre-square and Pendles from the forward area. Freeze at 0.11 if you like and you will see Melksham trailing Pendlebury. Gus then puts a check on a loose Pendlebury but is concerned about his own man (I can't work out who it is from my fuzzy screen) setting up in space up-field. You can see the player moving away from the pack and Gus looking back. Melksham has meanwhile been sucked into the contest, not unreasonably but puts in what I do consider a fairly lazy effort (albeit briefly getting his hands on the ball), and can't cover when Pendles later breaks forward - ironically, for those calling out Gus for 'cheating' - before the Pies have clearly won control. The numbers around the contest are actually fairly even (despite one misleading freeze-frame). The biggest issue, besides Melksham losing touch of his opponent and Lewis probably guarding too close, was Jones allowing Sidebottom off the hook due to a lack of leg-speed, or possibly inexperience at half-back (and then Lewis not holding) - granting the Pies an extra number on the unprotected forward-boundary side and then free inbound receivers. If you watch the game-day footage it shows the behind-the-goals angle, and it's crystal-clear that Melksham is following Pendlebury. In fact he gave away a free on him following a stoppage at around the 16 minute mark of the third-quarter countdown (the incident highlighted was at the 14 minute mark). Just prior to the ball-up, Brayshaw, who was at the time next to Pendles, hurriedly runs away (presumably to the interchange bench, or at least under direction), calling someone in. Players can easily be made to look lazy when there's a lack of cohesion, but if you want to lay blame for this single goal, you should look at precisely our three most senior players on the field on the weekend - Jones, Lewis and Melksham - but not Brayshaw. Jones is new to half-back (thanks in part to Jetta's injury absence) and Lewis is about fifteen days from retirement after close to the same number of years in the game. Melksham, meanwhile, has been injured for three months, and I imagine sent to follow Pendles for periods (and subsequently exploited due to a lack of match fitness, getting dragged up and down the field ) just to get his hands on the ball. TLDR: it's the injuries, stupid - and that Angus deserves a serious apology from Healy and co. and many on here, many in turn who I imagine will be too stubborn to concede that they were genuinely unfair, at least on this occasion. I will await such reversals of opinion, and will judge posters accordingly. #freeangusbrayshaw #fightfakenews.
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    Well done Kade on your debut. A great kid who is small (174 cm) but quick. Noted at U18 for his forward defensive pressure so I can see why he is being tried even if others cannot. Early season at gate 3 handing out scarves we were swamped and the players who came to just to meet and greet actually hopped in and assisted. If my memory serves me well It was Kade, Billy, Oscar Baker and Jordon or Walker (memory failing). Kade was first to put his hand up and took up a role immediatly at the table with many a supporter being handed their scarve by this young man. Similarly Oscar Baker was assisting organising the queue with Stretch & Jordon was behind the counter unpacking. They stayed way past their scheduled time and impressed me greatly with their character and willingness to work. Kade looks so young but will now have payed at least 1 game of AFL more than I ever did.
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    Give him a taste and get that potentially horror debut out of the way and isolated from next season. Petty had probably the worst debut in history in R15 last year, possibly premature, he went away to work on things and has come back looking the goods.
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    let's not have preconceived ideas and give him ago. Plenty of players have stepped up when given an opportunity. He must have showed something at training. Good luck to him.
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    To be fair, it may still be coming. A lot quicker and easier to make the little social gif than to put together a proper video and get it up on the website. Holding judgment for now.
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    Richo will give us great intel in how to beat ...well....Melbourne.
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    In one post people demand persistence and desire to die for the jumper. The bets example of that is Viney and people want to trade him. Love watching Viney play, yes he's been injured and not properly prepared for the season like many players. I expect him to bounce back after two injury interrupted years. He's not a silky player nor should he try to be. As for his eloquence in language not all great captains have been. It is dedication, desire and blood for the club which elevates him as someone to follow, as we lack that from many of our players. Looking forward to a better 2020 from Jack.
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    Highest nimber of missing starting 22 games by a mile. With a developing list and coach this was alwa6us the issue. Gus didn't fluke 3rd on the Brownlow last year. Just needs a good professional pre season like most of his mates. All the rest of the commentary is fugazi with media needing to produce content no matter how shallow.
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    I have no idea whether he's ready or not, but the last couple of games in a meaningless season are a good place to give debut games. It gets rid of nerves so that when they next play (which should be when it really matters) they are better prepared, and rewards them for persistence (ie, for training hard all year). It would be even better if the promotion is merit-based on performance at Casey, but rounds 22 and 23 are for us as much a part of the 2020 preseason as are JLT games in February and March.
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    Good point. They are my favourite type of videos. Either the candid camera type where they surprise/trick the newbie or the tear jerking ring your mum to tell them you're playing your first game. I'll even watch a non-Dees video like this. Missed opportunity for some type of feel good video for the supporters.
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    Gave me a little bit of hope. Among other things, he backs in Jones and Goodwin. "As bad as the Demons have been this year, there are still positives in the way they've played. Rarely have they been blown away. Often their midfield dominance simply hasn't been converted. Already there's been several off-field changes that should freshen things up, whether it be the departure of Brendan McCartney or strategy guru Craig Jennings. This year's struggles should expose some of the shortcomings that might have been swept under the carpet last year. Sometimes the internal analysis and self-assessment that comes with a poor season can quickly turn what were negatives into positives." It's not all doom and gloom: Demons can make finals in 2020
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    The changes look odd on their face but look a bit deeper. May, OMac and Petty are all forced outs. Preuss and Keilty have stunk in the seniors this year. We don't have an obvious second ruck, but Sydney barely have an obvious first ruck (they're playing a rookie, Hayden McLean, who's played four games). I'm not sure I agree with ANB/Stretch/Spargo over Baker/Hunt, but it's not like Baker or Hunt played well last week. Indeed, both were pretty poor. Looks to me to be a bit horses for courses when it comes to the talls, and maybe a last chance saloon sort of thing for ANB and Stretch.
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    Best article I've read. Absolutely no guarantees but the hyperbole that has been spoken and written is generally is laughable.
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    Jordon will make it, they’re just building him up. I reckon he’ll replace Hibberd. Good luck to Chandler, we/he has nothing to lose so why not give him a crack against the Swans? His debut is the only reason I’ll watch some of the game now.
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    Names I've heard enough noise about for it to be an actual possibility... Langdon - Can pretty much lock him in from what I've heard. 85% chance. Zak Jones - Not saying I want him necessarily, but there is noise. 50% chance. Ryan Schoenmakers - Apparently we've been keen in the past, not a big chance, but being looked at. 20% chance. Alex Keath - Not "chasing" him, but keeping an eye on proceedings. The belief has been the rumours have been more manager tactic. 10% chance. The 'chances' are just my guess so don't take that as gospel at this stage. There's been plenty of other rumours (Hill, Tomlinson etc), but I haven't heard much about anything else as yet.
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    Darren Burgess should be all over this.
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    Hysteria. ..over what. This is a nothing game Its about a nothing club run buy a nothing mob that seems to know nothing about football ...despite inventing it !! No one's hysterical. Pretty much no one gives a [censored]. I dont. This season was over halfway through game 1. The only thing remotely akin to hysterical is the idea there's much reason or rhyme about anything we (mfc) do as being organised. At the moment some still talk interestingly of demon football minutae as though we actually can impact. Im sure some would post a thrwad about the changing list of lifeboat captains for the Titanic. Im sure the usual suspects will feign outrage. This game. ..the next are irrelevant. It's marking time. Ask a professional theyd agree if reluctantly. This takes something away from Chandlers debut i dont mean to dismiss that. Good luck lad. We're 17th. Thats a remarkable achievement. ....maybe not. Why this FD hasn't been summarily dismissed is anyones guess. Those that feel offended..oh well This week reinvents the Kruezer cup...havent we come a long way.
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    I don't subscribe to the idea that these elite sports people are tanking. They have a mind set of wanting to win otherwise they wouldn't be in the top tiers of AFL. The club would have plans much more complicated than my interpretations. Giving players a go at this time of the year and given our predicament on the ladder, I can see the benefits of the shuffles. Especially on a Friday night. It is good for them and I hope they play well. They want to feel good with a win and I think they hurt more than us spectators when they lose. (Basic psychology). Ps. I enjoy the humour.
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    I thought the vid where Oskar Baker's dad spoke about the boy's mother who passed away was one for the best I've seen. Dunkley's clip with his brother was pretty good too.
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    Gives the midfield no other option but to lower their eyes. They won't be able to see anyone up there.
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    Before even contemplating who we need to trade for and bring in, let's consider the following two important points: * The Darren Burgess factor. One can only imagine that Goodwin and Darren's number one priority will be having as many players as possible ready to go from November for a full and uninterrupted pre-season (@Satyriconhome). Over the last few weeks and even month, we've seen certain players listed as 'season' for injuries. It seems obvious that some of those names will be having surgery now in order to be ready for November. Without even looking at list tinkering and needs, a full pre-season with one iota of 'injury luck' going our way from November through to February will have a significant impact for the following reasons and I'll stress that all of these reasons are interconnected: - Our most important and key players completing full- loads. Oliver, Brayshaw, Petracca, Salem, Viney, Tom Mac, Weed, Melksham, Lever, May, Gawn. Completing a full load allows for players to play at their best (see my Jack Viney thread post) and just as importantly allows them to get through the rigours of an AFL season. - Equally as critical, full numbers on the track allows for and builds: morale, cohesion, comfortability, accountability and confidence within the group. It allows for players to learn how one another play. Steven May and Jake Lever for instance. What kind of an impact will a full pre-season and training in the same backline together over a summer have? - Then there's the coaches and the importance of having a full and healthy list to run full squad drills and plays, line plays, craft days, game plans etc. Obviously this goes hand-in-hand with the above in regards to what kind of impact this is having at an individual level. * The second point is the Goodwin factor. What we know right now is that he has survived and the assistants have payed the ultimate price. One can only hope to assume that this year will have felt like a giant slap in the face for him and will force him look introspectively and with that, learn from his own mistakes this year and change some of his ways for the better. Just like Buckley and Hardwick before him, this is now his chance to grow as a coach, leader, player manager, people manager, strategist, etc etc. He must embrace it and cop the criticism that has been more than fairly dished his way. That is the silver lining in this utterly disgraceful year. The opportunity for us to bring in some new assistant coaches will give rise to fresh ideas that may perhaps challenge Goodwin's. Whenever new leaders (coaches) are brought in to an organisation, it more often than not generates a new wave of positive habits for employees wanting to impress. There are a multitude of positive outcomes and flow-on effects that new group of coaches can bring and I believe that we've done the right thing. I'll post my list changes at a later time, but the two points above will have a hugely positive effect on the club, (providing it all goes to plan) and we get some luck.
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    Some players play better in the seniors than the 2s.. this may be the case.
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    Personally I don’t see the appeal. Goody doesn’t know how to set up and play at the ‘G. We need a coach who has come from a successful club who’s home ground was the same as ours.
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    Has some zip about him... saw one Casey game that was televised and Chandler stood out from the rest of the small forward newbies. I thought Chandler and Jordan have what it takes to make the grade in future... don't mind that they have given him an opportunity a bit earlier.
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    If he is injured then DONT PLAY HIM
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    I think Goody's been copping it more for the "after match" pressor responses EG. Not sure he even deals with the standard injury stuff during the week. In fact i can't recall who does down there. You certainly haven't seen / heard any of that the from myself. The whole pressor scenario is a complete sham/circus with pretty much the same inane questions every week. Don't really care how Goody handles them. What he's doing/saying within the four walls is all that matters IMV.
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    That’s what no pre season does to ya. He and many others just haven’t got going. 2 years ago before the foot blew up we were talking about him winning the Brownlow. He was influential, tough and racking them up. The final wins we had last year demonstrated how important he is when in form. Let’s wait and see after he gets a full preseason in and then judge him.
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    Would just Pick 2 be enough to get him though?
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    Has anyone thought to consult with Gil....see what the preferred outcome is ?
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    People need to stop living in the past. While I admire people who have supported the club for a long time the last time we won a premiership is not relevant to the coaches and players.
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    Midget side, how are we going to win with no talls?
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    And so he [censored] well should back us in. To all the [censored] on here who bemoan how bad we have been this season, get over yourselves and get back on board. Dees!
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    Yep, he was hopeless in the season proper, especially in finals. Good article. Injuries and players out of form have exposed deficiencies in our game plan - but this is absolutely fixable, and IMO is not as dire as many here characterise it to be.
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    Bullocky good pace, eye for a goal, talent to snap early at goal, confident and accurate kick over acceptable distances. Tough tackler. Small, but hopefully resilient. Well done young man to get a game due to ball movement.
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    You must be fun to talk footy with.
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    It's gone to [censored] since Burgo left. They haven't even done one for any of our debuts this year. Its a good feel stpry for supporters and unfortunately our media department in my opinion has been a debacle.
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    Good luck young fella!!
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    This. He has clearly been playing injured this year. Again. And coming of an interrupted preseason nowhere near his peak fitness. Again. He is the perfect metaphor for the team as a whole. He deserves to have an injury free preseason and the opportunity to come into round 1 2020 cherry ripe.
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    No, they're just lucky.
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