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  1. Very disappointed with the outcome, but sick of the carry-on on the other threads re how crap the team is, sack the coach etc etc. i sense the frustration in the press conference that we are still struggling to put all the pieces together, but I think it’s close, and a bit more continuity and playing together will see us push us the ladder quickly. Just might not be this year. can I just say that all of Clarkson, Hardwick, Hinkley and Buckley have been in the “sack the coach” club by supporters, the media, and ex players, presidents etc. none of us keyboard warriors really know enough about in the inner workings of 2020 AFL to know if anyone can coach. However i thought today the backline looked pretty good. Before the game I actually thought that we were one tall short and was worried how we would cover Myers and Ablett at ground level, and who was quick enough for Rohan. Lockhart and Smith both made one or two errors but their versatility was a real plus today. Hibberd was better than he has been and I don’t get the hate for Lever. Thought he showed some glimpses that he might be getting back to form. Except for Ford’s mark, we didn’t get beaten in the air - but their goals were from hit up leads where there was not enough midfield pressure (unlike the tone we had for our I50 entries). All in all, I thought the backline was pretty good as a unit (given the number of AFL games that some have played and also together as a unit). midfield is a strength - despite Geelong having a few all time greats, serviceable 200 gamers like Guthrie and Duncan, and Parfitt etc, we looked comfortable here. our I50 remains the problem. Think we need another tall, and Bailey Fritsch to be third man up, not playing on athletes who are taller like Blicavs. That said I thought TMac competed much better this week, Hannan looked dangerous and Kozzie when he trusts himself more could be one the best small forwards in the comp - there is hope that things can change for the better pretty quickly. Still need a lot of work in the entries, and in the end this was the difference. not sure where Geelong stand, but they had a lot of experience and beat the hawks by 10 goals two weeks ago - so obviously they not complete crap. i understand the frustration on this site, but the lack of objectivity and negativity bordering on hatred annoys me. cue the usual posts that I’m an apologist for the coach and club, got no idea, the reason why MFC have been crap for 50+ years etc, we are going to loose every game between today and when we deservedly go broke or get kicked out if the league etc etc
  2. One of the most important things to do to beat Richmond in the last few years is to work out how to score against their defensive zone. It used to be Rance and then became Grimes who would almost always be the deepest defender and would read the play to drop back a good kick behind to stop teams getting out the back. They'd then rely on Broad, Astbury, Vlastuin etc to compete on the wings/half back. With excellent pressure up the ground they'd force long kicks to Grimes often standing by himself for easy marks or letting him come forward and have easy one on one wins due to better positioning. The Hawks did a great job of combating this when they played a couple of weeks ago. I thought I'd present a few examples of how they worked him around. 1. Burgoyne was playing full forward and he positioned himself perfectly to play off Grimes and get used in the play. In this first instance from a stoppage just back of the wing he pushes up and wide away from Grimes whilst the rest of the Hawks forwards and up the ground and towards the corridor. Grimes attempts to stay deep a good kick from the play as he likes to be. Wingard takes the short kick and Burgoyne can then run the ball and kick long away from Grimes - with an assist from a hard charging Scully - to Gunston who draws a free and goals. 2. From a centre bounce that is hacked forward Burgoyne comes up to get involved in play, but as soon as he gets the ball he thinks Grimes will be back where he left him and looks boundary side. The Tigers defender makes a good spoil and surprisingly the Hawks actually had a good lead from the square as Grimes was caught in no mans land, but more often than not the smart play of instinctively ignoring the long bomb will be the right move. 3. In this next example after the Tigers win a centre clearance but turn it over the Hawks forwards push hard to the wing. The Hawks rebound breaks the lines so the Tigers defenders then leave their opponents to press up much like our defenders do. Burgoyne realises this and this time instead of coming up he drops back away from Grimes in to clear space (see second image), then it's an easy kick to the pocket for a shot on goal. The other thing the Hawks did very well was both Burgoyne and later in the quarter Gunston drag Grimes up to forward line stoppages leaving other Tigers as the deeper defenders. That helped create goals because other defenders were unable to intercept mark or clean spoil and the Hawks beat out Stack in a one on one and forced a holding the ball from him. Adjusting our game plan to take away Grimes' influence and beat the Tigers zone will be crucial to winning. I'd suggest Melksham with a dose of Fritsch as the right match ups. Clever forwards who can get to the right spaces and then use the ball once they get it. The other forwards need to be aware of how to position around the match ups and how to take advantage of how the Tigers play.
  3. Can someone ask him if he thinks Goodwin and Mahoney are the right guys?
  4. What a relief Spargo has been included. His speed, height, skills and long kicking are exactly what we have been missing.
  5. Walked out the wrong door according to Eddie.
  6. No wonder nobody turns up to games any more.
  7. I don’t know how many times I yelled out “that’s not 15” for all the 8m kicks by the cats, but I’m still apologising to my dog who thinks I’ve got mental health issues.
  8. He is simply not using the list to his advantage. The talent is there, the game style, brand or whatever you want to call is not. I’ve never seen him put a rocket up our players. Never. It’s all cool-hand Luke sorta stuff. I know the modern players are a different breed, but sometimes tough love is warranted. If you want to succeed it can’t be all rainbows and lollipops; or in Simon’s case “there were some positives, but we have to be better for longer”; “we will continue to look at areas to improve”; “it’s an area in which we need to improve”. he sells this crap to members and clearly the board, they are convinced we are on the right path. Right now, we are on the path to nowhere, with a list of talented players. That is the most frustrating part of this. The players are trying and do possess talent, but they do not understand what they are being asked to do and when the do execute the ’brand’, it simply doesn’t stack up. It’s a flawed game plan that was the style that won games in 2016-2018, but the game has moved on, But Simon has not.
  9. This is the problem though. This gets said EVERY year. Just reckon the majority of the supporter base have had enough of that mentality. Make no mistake, if things don't get better this could very well end up being a turbulent year for our club.
  10. Strewth you can argue TMac’s impact but lack of effort? Got too numerous contests, took one front on and kicked an important goal in a shizen game.
  11. It's like choosing between typhoid and cholera.
  12. I don’t mind the inclusion of Spargo, we need some more bad boys in the team.
  13. Kozzie has shown he is more then ready for senior footy. Fitted in seamlessly.
  14. It would help if the club had a consistent narrative around Harley: When selected to play rnd 2 Goodwin was effusive with praise and believed he was ready to play. When not selected to play rnd 4 Goodwin said its about his form and building his game but Mahoney said he had to get his body right. When not selected to play rnd 5 Goodwin says he needs to work on his defensive game and only got the rnd 2 game because Hannan, AvB and Pickett weren't available. ie gifted No wonder people are sceptical.
  15. Goodwin: Harley, you are playing instinctive and natural football mate. Love the enthusiasm, but we won't have it
  16. I think Clarko is probably referring to list possibilities - truth is, with our list, we should be making finals.
  17. Hard to read the garbage! We were in the game throughout. We gave ourselves a chance to win. We were the equal of the Cats, wherever they are ranked. It was a line ball in the final minute. Posters who are keyboard assassins need to take a breath before they post the bile. WE have a very competitive group right here, and the more games they play together the better they will be. Think about how long Ablett, Selwood, Hawkins and Danger have been playing. We are tracking in the right direction. I hate the venom, the knee-jerking and the abuse that the 'supporters' show here. Grow some, and watch the game for what it is worth... a dour struggle that was oh so close! PS: The absolute morons that keep calling for the coach to be sacked... and have been doing so since Norm Smith... YOU ARE WEAK AS...!!!
  18. I'm sorry Wise, but if this is Goodwins theory in keeping Bennell out of the side then that is simply hypocritical of the bloke and proves that's his team selection is just as bizarre. Jake Melksham had 1 tackle last week. He's had 3 for the whole year. Bayley Fritta has laid 4 tackles this year. In 2 games this year he did not lay a single tackle. Last week again he had 0 tackles next to his name. Tom McDonald laid 1 tackle last week. He's had 3 for the year. If defensive pressure is what's keeping Bennell out of the side then at least follow suit and make these guys just as accountable.
  19. When we lost to them at Geelong in 2018 by a kick after the siren Dangerfield milked that ruck infringement free against Brayshaw which cost us a goal. Again yesterday he milked a 50m penalty by diving to the ground, which led to a Duncal goal. And again we lost by less than a kick. I have huge respect for the football ability of Danger - he is a joy to watch with his speed and power and ball winning and marking ability. But he is a repeat offender in staging and that takes away from people's respect for him as a sportsman. He won't care as he has the 4 points, but you look at a bloke like Lenny Hayes and understand why he is so universally admired and it's little wonder why there is a bit of a dislike of Danger in the footy public.
  20. Yeah this isn't a good place to be after a loss. It's almost always the same and I keep telling myself to not even come here for a few days to avoid the worst of the toxicity, but I cant help it. Equally, the over the top gushing after a decent victory is just as ridiculous, and at times laughable when then it's the same people that have massive melts after a loss. This would be a lot more enjoyable place to be if there was a bit more balance rather than the constant swinging from one extreme to another.
  21. You seriously only have to look at how dysfunctional the team looks! There is no ‘cohesion’ he speaks of, there is no ‘team first’ acts he promotes. And where is the anger? Far out man.... give a rocket if you have so much faith in your plan. You can’t always blame the people. It’s the process and it lies with the coach. We should’ve had those [censored] on toast today but our stupid way of play didn’t allow it. Ed: and I’m faarrkkiing angry.
  22. How many contests did Smith lose today? The problems at the other end. Out Vandenberg, Melksham In Weideman, Bennell.
  23. Goodwin can't coach. Our fwd 50 entries have been atrocious for 5 years. We got lucky in 2018 because we converted the "chaos ball". Still couldn't hit a target. Our midfield is lazy. Oliver and Viney hopeless today. Oliver refuses to man up when we don't have the ball and jogs when geelong are transitioning. Dumb mistakes like manning a goal line, not moving the ball fast enough and 50m penalties for goals when goals were scarce. Goodwin repeatedly makes the same mistakes and has no answers. Geeling are a crap side but they had more poise than us at critical times. FFS they didn't even have a proper ruckman and were 1 key defender down all day. The pre-game discussions were totally derisive about the Demons and laid out exactly how we would get beaten. Lo and behold that's how we got beaten. You can cuddle your teddy bear and cry yourslef to sleep thinking it will all magically fix itself but the club will disappear because no one cares other than people on here and a few others.
  24. I don't think it's covid AF, I think it's the fact that we are seeing the same issues as last year despite now having a full list to choose from. Last year we had injuries and a down year after 5 or so years of improvement. This year results are required and we aren't seeing them. It's not even just results, if we were playing with a system and coherence I think supporters would be more forgiving but we just seem to have no idea out there. It wouldn't have mattered to me had we snuck home against the Cats and be sitting at 2-1 its the style we are playing which has me frustrated.
  25. I am not calling for Goodwin’s removal and feel he could still be successful. I agree with you that it is not his fault when players make simply mistakes. That said however, there is one very worrying stat to me that we have owned for the last 2 years and maybe longer. Despite being 5th at inside F50 entries, we are last again, 18th atm, at converting those entries to scores. That has a lot to do with Coaching. Whether it is the game plan, personnel, selection or whatever, it needs to be fixed. Fix our conversion of F50 entries and we are an ok side. What is concerning is that it has been a glaring problem for a while and has not been improved, let alone fixed. I think that is the reason there is so much angst with the Coach.
  26. Nothing he has said there is wrong. All the wider football community can see it except Goodwin.
  27. Plough get its. Its amazing some on here are still putting blind faith in Goodwin. We actually have the list to play finals this year, but it is him that's ruining every ounce of that happening.
  28. Spargo ahead of Bennell? You've [censored] lost the plot Goodwin.
  29. I don't care what he says to the media. It's all [censored] anyway. He speaks coach like most of them, and has been media trained to within an inch of his life. I care about the results, and the results are not good. I care about how many players have plateaued or gone backwards in the last 3 years versus how many have improved. Our list is at an age where it should see natural improvement due to age and experience rising. Sadly I am seeing reduced impact from a lot of players we expected to turn out to be great players. Now you could say some of them are just not that good, but it's impossible that all of Oliver, Brayshaw, Salem, Gawn, Hunt, McDonald etc etc have all just suddenly become mediocre players. Petracca seems to be the only one showing any improvement this year. Lets see how long that lasts. The game plan is flawed, and yet has not changed in two years, despite it being easy to coach against and despite the game moving away from it completely. We were a wonderful contested team under Roos. We have lost that and instead run around like headless chicken, with no purpose, low skills, poor defensive pressure and horrendous mid-forward connnection. Last year I was willing to be patient has we had a horrid injury run, and it crippled us. This season so far our list is fit and healthy. The competition as a whole is all facing the same challenges. To finish bottom 4 would be inexcusable with a full fit list
  30. Interesting I watched the game again to look at our ball movement and we do seem to have a problem seeing the best loose man option down back and obviously up forward. I thought one of our problems for years is players who don’t present as an option forward of the ball carrier and I believe it is still not perfect. However watching the replay we often had players running into space but were ignored by the ball carrier who then kicked down the line. I noticed Lockhart repeatedly running into space to be an option only to be ignored by the carriers. Is it that hard to see free options at ground level? It’s too long since I played and back then you just kicked it forward so I can’t remember. Reminds me of when we used to see Jack Watts alone on the half forward line yelling out for the ball only to see Maloney or Jones bomb it long to a contest. Things don’t change much.
  31. Saty, the current group in charge are not doing a very good job. That is a fact. Supporters have every right to air their opinion and suggest changes or ideas. Especially when they are being asked to shell out hard-earned coin on top of their annual membership, to help bail the club out. A club that has given very little the other way, in terms of value for money, over recent years.
  32. It was a strange old game. You walk away from that thinking we didn't really deserve to win given we trailed for most of the second half and nor could you say we played well enough to win a game of footy. But in reality we so easily could have (and should have) won that. It was a hard game to watch but I wouldn't say it was an awful performance - certainly there were aspects that were poor but also some things that we did well. I thought we defended our back 50 really well. This was an area that we were really poor in last year but we have defended our back 50 well the last two games. Geelong only scored 12 times from 38 entries - normally they are far more efficient that that against us. We kept them to a score that was clearly a beatable score - if you keep a team to 47 points you really should be winning that game. It was really only a few poor individual errors that gifted them goals that enabled them to kick 7 goals. Without those errors it may have been 4 or 5. So those whacking the coaching staff for "doing nothing" in the off season clearly aren't taking into account our two improved defensive performances since the break. That being said, there is obviously some more work needed in defensive transition. Carlton in the second half found too much space and the Cats and Eagles took far too many uncontested marks. Although I must admit today I didn't think it was as costly as some are suggesting - yes the Cats retained possession with little chips but in the main I don't think it particularly hurt us and perhaps even stifled their own offensive play at times. Effort and intensity and ability to win the ball was good as usual. Having said all that, there were two areas that were really poor today. Firstly, our attacking play was, quite simply, a mess. There was nothing identifiable about the way we went about our attacking play. It was random and haphazard and not helped by the usual poor delivery going forward. The forward structure looked unbalanced on paper and played out that way on the field. The lack of a contested marking key forward is just so obvious and is really affecting our ability to score. TMac was better and jumped at the ball and halved contests well, but as stated before he needs help and not selecting another KPF was baffling. Our lack of scoring is a big concern as even when we do dominate games, it's questionable whether we will be able to score enough to maximise the dominance and put other teams to the sword. If we take out the Carlton first quarter when they didn't show up, we've kicked 16 goals in 11 quarters in 2020. Even with shorter quarters that's horrible. The second aspect is our footy IQ. I've banged on about this for a while but we are a low footy IQ team. The dumb decisions and the mistakes individual players make game after game are just infuriating. Geelong were extremely ordinary today and were asking to be put away but they were able to just sneak through on their smarter play. Langdon not walking over the boundary line deep in defence cost us a goal. Not being able to touch the ball on the goal line cost us another. There were countless more mistakes. And we've seen it time and time again in recent matches. In a tight game some smarter and more composed footy gets you over the line. I think what sums it up perfectly is that Salem play at the end. A team that is regularly guilty of bombing it in actually needed to do precisely that given we had two players out the back in the goal square. What do we do? No, let's not bomb it long the one time we need to, let's wait and try and spot up an impossible pass to a player who is 4 on 1 by the time the ball gets there. And this was from one of our most composed players and better decision makers. That's three times in the last five matches against Geelong there has been a shot for goal within the last minute to win the game. We've lost all three.
  33. It was disappointing to lose, but Geelong are a very good side and I think we are making progress. As poor a spectacle as the game was, it was good to see Goodwin develop a game plan to defend the MCG. The Cats had a lot of ball but had only 14 shots at goal and 12 scoring shots. If we had have executed our defensive skills better, they would have hardly scored. Offensively, we are still lacking potency up forward and that is a combination of our midfield not being skilled enough by foot and not having good forwards. The chemistry will get better as the year goes on. The game is now shocking to watch, but team defence is the only way to win. At least Goodwin has discovered a method to defend. I think we will win the next couple and get our season kick started.
  34. I really felt for Lockhart after he got pinned late in the last quarter. Prior to his injury he was playing really well and was one of the more cleaner players on the ground. I do hope he gets another go next week. I would continue to bank games into him and get as much experience as possible.
  35. Poorly selected. Poorly coached. No skill. Dumb. Don’t touch balls on goal line. Don’t put ball over the boundary. No game plan.
  36. Reckon Salem could show some urgency? Sprint the 50 and kick the [censored] ball early!! not wait for 30 seconds and kick to a 3-1
  37. The other element Mahoney mentioned was that with Hannan & VandenBerg in, both haven't got a lot of miles in the legs after their injuries, and the coaching team didn't want to carry (for want of a better word) Bennell, who at this point would only be expected to see 60% of game time (FWIW I did have a similar concern going into the Bombers game when Bennell & VandenBerg were both selected). On Weideman, Mahoney said he's going ok, but they (coaching panel I assume) wanted to have a look at the forward line structure with just the one tall for a period of time. Sam will be right in contention when they decide they want to switch to two talls. I think we are going to see a fair amount of experimentation with the side for a block of the season before we settle into a team and game style.
  38. Wow. All the whiners queue up. There has been HEAPS of commentary from inside the club that, if the complainers were to listen, might give a few hints about selection. Goodwin - looking for consistency and small changes on a role by role basis. Bennell now third in the line and has to work. Plapp - Weids working on his game and Will be ready when needed. Brayshaw - the team know what goodie wants and are all aligned around delivering it. Omac best on last weekend. Spargo great in his role. Jones body nearly back to full fitness. Jetta - playing more like old Nev, but still a bit to do. Brown - kicked goals on the WE. Anyone remember Spargo at his best? Without track watchers to help us, we are further away from seeing who is in our out based upon training. If your cognitive frame is the MFCSS, then you are not gonna like it. But honestly? There are really few surprises here if you tune in to what the club have said across the week.
  39. Roos took a basket case and turned it into a package. Goodwin has taken a package and is turning it into a handbag, soon to be basket case.
  40. It’s clever for alcohol companies to get onboard the MFC.
  41. I think you’ll have to go cap in hand to the AFL Mr Bartlett. I almost brought a $250 jumper Wednesday, then I thought about my wife and 2 kids and thought what am I doing wasting our $ on this, they give us very little to enjoy. I’m a member, my 4.5 yr old and just about 2 yr old have been member since before birth. I’ve got 8 jumpers and 8 hats from Dees shop along with donating previously. I won’t donate another cent until we’re a genuine finals team.
  42. Gotta agree on Smith. He clearly learned his lessons from last week and played within his abilities not his ambitions.
  43. I don't mind the Jetta omission. Its bold, and at least Goodwin isn't just playing him just because of his outstanding service. See Jones as well. Jetta is one of my all time faves ( note my avatar) but unfortunately he hasn't had form since 2018, and this year he just looks slow and is clearly out of form. From all reports Lockhart has absolutely been banging the door down, so he deserves his opportunity. Looking forward to Pickett play!
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