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    I was just watching a couple of videos of a young guy named Jon on the “The Melbourne Football Club, The Mighty Demons” Facebook page, who had received among other things, a gift and best wishes from Demonland. That was one of the most touching things I’ve seen in a long while and is something we all need during these dark times. Good on you Andy, you’re a good man!!
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    Yeah nah, that article is cherry picking at it's finest. Opinion is one thing, facts are another. Can we please stop comparing it to the flu? We don't know the case/ fatality rate, but no-one is pretending that we do. What we do know with absolute certainty is that allowing the virus to spread unchecked will result in a lot of preventable deaths. Yes the mortality rate is low for young, healthy people. But if you're talking about millions of potential infections, a low mortality rate is still a disturbingly high number of deaths. That's not hysteria, that's just maths. Right now, we've really got 2 choices. Option 1: stay in lockdown and hope for the best. Option 2: relax restrictions, watch the number of cases increase exponentially, then say "Oh [censored], we shouldn't have done that!", and then go back to lockdown, now with overflowing hospitals and morgues. If we get to choose between the New York and South Korea options, why on earth would you choose New York?
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    And thank Christ for that Moon. Even embraced by ScoMo and his mates. Even The Donald. Not a peep from the usual media bottom lickers. Funny how we have half the population who now think that welfare is well.....fair, now they are in the queue or may be. Suddenly free trade can be seen for what it is and protectionism does not look so bad. Economic growth is one thing but humanity is another. If we do not have a society that cares for one another, we do not have a society. Great to hear the AFL and clubs talking as one and supporting the unchanged state of the Clubs.
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    I'm a long-term Redlegs member who lives interstate. I always regard my annual membership as a donation to the best football club in the world. Nothing has changed.
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    Their boat transformed into a submarine? Inviting speculation on this incident is just tactless.
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    Very sad news - was my favourite player from when I as a little fella with my Dad in the later part of the 60's - hence my Avatar. Ran around with No: 11 on my jumper. Been some bloody great 11's since then! Condolences to the Anderson clan.
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    Perhaps one of the stupidest things I've read on this site. I paid for 2 memberships. Mine alone is about $700. For the first time in my adult life I will have no work after Easter, my missus' job the same. No income for my family for about 4 months. My employer has said to expect it to be up to 6 months, and they do not qualify for jobkeeper, according to the % drop in turnover rule. While there are plenty of others doing it harder than us, that membership money would keep us going for a few weeks. I will not be asking for a return, however I absolutely understand any member who does due to sudden hardship. Cheap stereotyping from club 'supporters' is the last thing anyone who is doing it tough needs atm
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    Stephen Powell played 2 fantastic seasons for us (2000 and 2002) and is the exact type of midfielder we lack today - a midfielder that kicks goals. Kicked 32 goals in 2000 including 7 over the prelim and GF fortnight. Left the club at the end of 2002 over a finance dispute I believe, which was poor management by us. Can’t make the list due to his brief tenure, but he was fantastic player that was picked up on the cheap (both for us and then St Kilda).
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    Steven Icke gave us wonderful service and even won a B & F I think.
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    Will his kids also ask him why he left North Melbourne to play for Adelaide? Not sure I'd be listening to Wayne Carey if I were Gil.
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    such a stupid statement........so judgemental and ignorant of other people's situation. some may have forked out 1,000s for a family. not your usual standard adc
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    I won't bother chasing a refund.
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    I noticed in R1 (fwiw) that our forwards regularly led up, only for the kick coming in to go over their head and into the arms of an Eagles defended. Even the TV commentators were onto it. Surely it can't be rocket surgery to practice leading patterns at training over and over and over and over with kicks coming in that hit them flush? Footy is a pretty simple game, when it's all boiled down. We overcomplicate it and then panic when going i50, have been for the last few years
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    Best match I’ve ever attended was the ‘Merger Match’ against Hawthorn Round 22 1996. Hawthorn by a point, Dunstall kicks 10 (including 100th), Neitz kick 6, Farmer 4. Hawthorn needed a win to play finals, a Melbourne win could mean it was the last time either team played in the AFL. Incredibly vocal, passionate and emotional crowd.
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    Did he lend his head to Dustin Martin?
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    How's his luck? Holds the record among current players for most games without playing in a final. Gets to that number (196 games) and then has two knee reconstructions preventing him from breaking that record and reaching 200 games. Starts a career as an assistant coach with the Collingwood AFLW team only to find that most, if not all, assistant coaches lose their jobs because of the Covid-19 downturn. I confess to having not been a fan of his when he played with us, but since he left I've grown to appreciate his attitude to life. If anyone in the footy world deserves a break, it's him.
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    Well Ding, let’s remember we’re talking about Collingwood supporters here. As most people are working from home now, break-ins are virtually impossible, so if Eddie had answered “yes”, they’d have been queuing up around the block 5 minutes later, for their refunds.
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    North to Mnorth merge with Gold Coast. Richmond tigers relocate as Tasmania tigers. Punt road facility becomes home of Melbourne football club. Essendon and Footscray merge as Western bombers. Carlton and Collingwood merge as iNorthern Magpies. Hawtorn and Stkilda merge as Southern Hawks. We secure identities, get rid of some shocking team strips and watch Collingwood and Carlton tear themselves apart trying to be the ascendant club.
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    Brett Lovett is easily in the top 10 in my opinion & whilst I liked watching G Lovett, Brett was a much more reliable & durable player. He also played in a much more demanding position (HB) on high mobile half forwards. Stynes easily number 1.
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    Hawks president Jeff Kennett has proudly revealed they have the war chest to survive 2020 and told struggling clubs to lift their game. I'm not sure what pride there is in raking money in from gambling and depriving your membership of four home games a year for a big cheque from the Tasmanian government. It might have been more appropriate if he'd told struggling clubs to lift their gaming.
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    This talk of setting up a completion in an out of the way venue is a total load of c... Can you imagine 18 teams and staff in one place, isolated from their wives and kids (you could have 18 teams, staff wives and kids surely). Expect that no one is infected or that no one would go troppo... I'll tell you what it is. It's just throwing things out there to keep the AFL in the news. The media run with it because they've run out of things to report and a lot of their jobs must now be on the line. It's not going to happen and if per chance it does, it would be a absolute disaster.
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    Didn't even have to read it, saw it was a Murdoch rag and new what the gist would be - " all this government spending is unsustainable, we have to think about the economy!! So what if a few old people die, they're almost dead anyway and will help the issue of funding the aged pension" Something like that
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    Some people are handling this isolation better than others. My missus is becoming hysterical, running around the house and banging on windows and doors. Tomorrow, I might let her in.
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    Corrie Gardner. 1900 premiership player, but gains his obscurity because he was the only person to represent Australia at the 1904 St Louis Olympics, thereby ensuring that Australia is one of a very small number of countries to have had a competitor representing it at every summer Games. I reckon that’s on the podium in the obscurity stakes.
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    Who remembers Paul Prymke? Gun CHB who won best first year player in 94 then did his back before reaching 50 games. Could have been a famous name...
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    People might also find themselves in the dole queue now when 6 months ago they wouldn't have ever foreseen that. To not be understanding that circumstances have changed considerably for everyone, not just the AFL and clubs, is extremely ignorant. I haven't been impacted (yet) and hopefully I won't be - but I'm not going to guilt trip others who may be experiencing extremely tough times at the moment.
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    I wish you and your family all the best for the next few months.
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    Americans every weekend: "I just wanna watch Netflix and chill. Lol!" The weekend every American needs to stay inside: "It's my god-given right to go outside and lick whatever I want!!!"
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    Respectfully disagree. He could easily have said said that "yes we will refund if requested, but we also worry about the clubs financial situation if too many people make that request" or something similar. Instead he did a Donald and attacked the questioner. If he actually meant it when he said "we are here to help financially stressed members" then my example was much closer to the truth than his answer. The question was straightforward, and he lost his mind.
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    Agreed. I think he has clearly under some stress trying to work out how to pay all the clubs employees etc. I don't normally have much empathy with Eddy with all his Collingwood superiority complex, but if you listen objectively to what he was saying, I think he was trying to juggle the dual needs of financially struggling supporters and potentially a club that is financially struggling to support it's current expenditure in an environment with little or no revenue. I also don't think it's a good outcome for financially struggling members to see their club go down the gurgler as rightly or wrongly I think supporting your club on the weekend does give some of these people purpose in like when perhaps all else is falling apart around them. The one thing I would qualify this with is do the big clubs like Collingwood, Essendon, Geelong, Adelaide, Richmond, Hawthorn, WC etc have enough finacial reserves which they could reasonably dip into without too much pain. I partly think the answer to this is no, because many have probably taken out huge loans to pay for grotesquely exorbitant training facilities etc on the basis of their normally high income generation capacity.
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    Everyone loses something in this pandemic. There is no escape for the economic consequences. In the big picture cost of membership is no big deal. A refund won’t go very far. I’ll still pay mine, games or no games. I see it as an investment for the future return of the game.
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    Unfortunately they’re both right.
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    I remember hearing a story years ago. Don’t know if it’s true or not but the Fidge brothers were going to a fancy dress party. Dressed up as Batman and Robin. Stopped at a drive through bottleshop on the way and ended up in a punch on with another group of blokes in the drive through dressed as Batman and Robin.
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    At that game and visibly recall the Fidge- Millane 'incident' to this day. Ted rather publicly and mistakenly retaliated to sly whack from Millane, during the play, with a powerful right cross to the head. Millane was dazed, confused and on very rubbery legs. So much for the faux tough image, Millane attempted to project on the footy field. Unfortunately for Ted, Swooper massively disapproved, it was Ted's last senior appearance and he was delisted at seasons end. The match itself? After an three goal opening burst by the Magpies, a fabulous Brian Wilson lead recovery by the Demons, who stormed back to secure a memorable victory.
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    Jeff Hilton was one of my favorites 'had potential' type players for a bit and was good for a bit of bash, crash and snagging a sneaky goal here or there. He had games where he would really turn it on, get off the chain and play like a champion.
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    He was untackleable as he could hear the opposition coming from a mile away
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    I liked Nathan Carroll. He was undersized and fought like hell against the big forwards. HE was also a legitimate Dumbass off the field. What's not to love?
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    That is one very passionate supporter. Good on him! We'll done Andy, too.
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    nice one andy. we already knew you were a good man, this thoughtful act just reinforced it.
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    Sadly for us the 87 prelim is definitely a top 50. It was an outstanding game of finals footy and it is rare that a team can lead an entire game and still not be the winner. A genuine last man standing affair and I'll make sure I'm not watching when it gets replayed. Once was enough and I still remember it like it was yesterday.
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    Does anyone else remember Gary Byers? Also, we had a Minton- Connell on the list in '64. He didn't play firsts, but would he be Simon's father, and ? Peter Hudson's uncle.....oh no....perhaps we could have secured Huddo, if he'd become a regular at the Dees. We used to have quite an association with Tassie. Remember Jungwirth? (can't recall his first name.)
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    I'm happy for the club to have my membership dollars.
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    Eddie is 100% correct. If all members want a refund because they are not getting access to games, then find a new sport to follow, because the AFL won't be anything like it was when you're done
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    Eddie looking ridiculous and losing his cool. Was a very straightforward and simple question. Of course Eddie knew the answer and dodged it like there was no tomorrow (which could be a reality for some clubs). For all the criticisms people might have of Pert, I'm glad he doesn't carry on like Eddie
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    Ingo was not obscure. Dead set gun! As a replacement, I nominate Paul Payne.
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    The real John Howat.
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