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    I cannot see us losing tonight so I’m going to leave at 3/4 time
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    People can say the there was no heart, no desire, not trying, etc. but I disagree. There was plenty of effort in the first half. The problem was the usual structural issues - we were absolutely slaughtered by a far better structured side forward and behind the ball. St Kilda absolutely schooled us in game style / structure. So despite dominating most of the game, we were only 3 points up midway through the second quarter. The combined effect of not being able to translate midfield dominance into scores and the leaking of easy goals down the other end absolutely drained the confidence and belief of the players. Then you get what you get in the third quarter. Time to make changes, especially behind the ball. The free players for the opposition inside 50 week-after-week is just disheartening and deflating for the supporters and obviously the players. Unfortunately our style of defence is very high risk, super aggressive and only works when you're absolutely on top of your inside game, your forward 50 ground balls and your forward pressure. Clearly the players aren't at the level of last year at the moment and therefore we're getting completely exposed by our aggressive defensive structures. Surely we need some structural changes to help us defend better and stay in games when we're not producing the levels required.
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    Long time reader - rare poster. I go to every game in Melbourne (except Geelong because f that). I've been there through the all the highs and lows, I sat through every week of the Neeld years (god help us all). I'm almost as disappointed with where we are now as I was then. At least in those years you expected to lose every week because our list was a shambles. How does a team go from a PF to third bottom after 5 rounds? I've been a massive critic of Oscar McDonald (and to a lesser extent Frost). It doesn't matter what defenders you have back there at the moment, the mid-field is diabolically lazy and slow and makes their job impossible. There is no outside run. They are one dimensional plodders. There is no plan B. The ball comes out of our forward line in waves and stays in our backline like we are moving in quicksand. What the hell has happened to Hibberd? His run and carry is non-existent or on the odd occasion he decides to take off, he looks like he's running on the spot and bombs it to the wrong option. I don't mind the Hunt up forward experiment, but he struggled today and doesn't chase hard enough when he doesn't have the ball. The lack of support from our mid-field to help the defence is embarrassing as is the forward line pressure (don't even get me started on T Mac. It's not worth it, he's just horribly out of form). But if the purpose of playing Spargo and C Wagner is their forward pressure (which is presumably the point, otherwise i'm not sure) then Goodwin is kidding himself. Delivery into the forward line is a disgrace and has been since round 1. It is beyond me how Spargo kept his spot - even though we won last week. Corey Wagner isn't AFL standard, and instead of playing Garlett for one of these two or even Lockhart, we go with Spargo and C Wagner. It's like Goodwin has stamped Garlett's papers, and don't get me wrong, he doesn't win us today's game, but regardless he makes the opposition nervous because of his pace. Spargo looks lost. You could add another 10 paragraphs slamming the players but what's the point? We're all shaking our heads about how we can go backwards so far. Does it seem to anyone else that as a team we are just terribly unfit? What does that say about a) the preseason and the application of the players, particularly those not on modified programs and b) our fitness staff? Goodwin has just said in his press conference we have players in form in the VFL...who are they? They got beaten by a team of under 18's today. My final note - gees the recruiting of May & KK is looking like a massive error at this stage. Injuries are unfortunate, but when May turns up to training out of shape, builds his load too quickly, injures himself, comes back, get suspended, comes back again and injures his groin and is out for how long...it's gone from a 2-3 weeks injury to still another 2-4 according to the MFC website. If it is worst case another 4 weeks he will have missed 7 games with a groin injury. How do we pay pick 5 for a bloke whose level of professionalism is to turn up in that state, and why was the club not clear on expectations? And if the club was clear on expectations why wasn't there a club imposed sanction for his lack of condition. It's all good for Goodwin, Lewis etc to come out in the media and say it's unacceptable, but where's the accountability? KK has concussion issues, gets a late knock in the Essendon game and what we're fed from the club varies depending on the week. Ok, maybe a week to week proposition, it just seems odd. When he did play he seemed unfit and out of touch. I am genuinely unsure if he was in the team for the GC Suns at the end of 2018 or not, so apologies if he hasn't played for an extended period of time and I've missed it. But, gees, it looks a massive fail at this stage. Did the club not sit down with May and make the expectations clear about what shape he was to come back in? Again, sorry if I've missed this on another thread. We will get beaten by 100 points next week. Reiwoldt will be back and probably Cotchin. Can you imagine Lynch and Reiwoldt working in a forward line with the lack of defensive pressure we apply. God help us.
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    He had a millisecond mate. He didn't see him until the last split second as he did what most MFC players wouldn't, and that is keeping his eye totally on the ball. Extremely poor football? No, extremely poor commentary from you. Viney is bloody tough considering he just got up and didn't even grimace. I have whinged more about a biting my tongue.
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    Here we go. People making negative comments on something they know absolutely nothing about.
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    After the first term it was a horribly frustrating game to watch. The dew played a bit of a factor, but we fumbled more than I've ever seen from a Melbourne team. That comes from a lack of confidence and, as the game wore on, the perceived pressure from the Tigers. They just kept at us all night and wore us down until we simply couldn't handle it. The way we used the ball going forward was probably the most disappointing aspect. We controlled parts of the game but rushed our kicks forward which allowed Grimes and Vlastuin to pick it off at will. It doesn't help that Weideman is waaaay out of form and Smith is not really a tall forward. I thought early our pressure down there was okay, but it's hard to keep it in there when they're marking it uncontested. Garlett and Hunt didn't have any impact, Petracca had one or two good moments and Melky didn't really play down there. It was tough to watch. On the flip side, I thought the way we set up defensively was pretty good and we weathered the storm for most of the night until the dam wall broke in the last. I thought Stretch played really well and took his chance. Hibberd did a pretty good job on Dusty, while I thought Frost and Tom Mac drew even with Lynch and Riewoldt. I thought Hore was pretty good again across half back too. Outside of that, there isn't much to write home about. I was also impressed to see Goody make some changes to kick off the game, even if they didn't make a difference all night. It shows he is willing to mix things up a little, and he made some changes to the gameplan. But with no confidence and a night that made our skills look even more deplorable, we were always ice skating up a hill. But it's on to next week. Keep your chin up, Demonlanders. Footy stinks at the moment, but there is always next week. I'm already looking forward to it.
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    I loves posts like these. Let's take a look, shall we? Hogan wanted the opportunity to go home. Not much you can do there. Last night would have seen Watts go missing for large chunks of the game. He did that for years and he has done it for Port. Plus he left in 2017, not 2018. Kent has played one good game all year. Tyson is in the reserves for North. Bugg couldn't get a game. Neither could Pedersen. It was time for Bernie to retire, much like Lewis and potentially Jones at the end of the year. Losing those guys has nothing to do with how we are playing now. Apart from Vince and Tyson (who didn't do much), none of the above played in our finals. They didn't factor in. Pur confidence is shot, our depth is being tested by a large amount of injuries and we have a horribly dysfunctional forward line. We have a little mountain to climb, but it has little to do with the players you mentioned. Even if they were still on the list, only possibly Hogan would have helped last night.
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    He was part of Geelongs golden era and received rave reviews. Got shafted by a bunch of soft [censored] at the Dogs and seemingly looking at the same at the Demons. But by all means let’s keep up the search for a scape goat and avoid pointing the finger at the players pissweak performances.
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    I don’t buy in to the emotive crap, no heart, passengers etc etc. There have no doubt been some really bad performances (Lewis, Spargo, McDonald, Jones etc), but this is so clearly coaching to me I’m astounded others don’t see it. Structure, selection and game day. It appalling and questions must be asked!!!
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    Wow this thread is incredible. What the actual f**k. Do you have any idea about shoulders, medicine, or surgery? We should just send players in for surgery because it sounds like a good idea? I don't put a huge amount of stock into what Tom Browne says but his use of the phrase "avoided surgery" surely means something along the lines of "there's no need for surgery to this injury". It's like if he rolled his ankle. A minor sprain doesn't need surgery, but damaged ligaments/bones might. If he had just a minor sprain, you'd be advocating to just chuck him under the knife for no reason? I often don't find myself agreeing with you, TGR, but on this I do. I have no idea what poita and At the break of Gawn are on about. He copped a hospital handpass, Stack was able to line him up, and Viney had no option but to wear it. What I can't stand about Demonland is when people have ample material to constructively criticise someone but take something completely innocent and rant about that instead. If you're unhappy with Viney, let's talk about his poor kicking or his too frequent tendency to try to take a tackler on only to get caught, instead of this hit.
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    Depth is overrated. Our biggest issue is our most important structural players are playing like crap. Depth players always look great when the team is flying and ordinary when the team sucks. They are the effect, not the cause.
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    We didn't ignore it. Tell me where Goodwin said we ignored it. This myth is starting to get just as tiresome as our performances on the field. They didn't do a normal review, but that doesn't mean they didn't review it. Not only that, Goodwin has said that they reviewed the Grand Final as well and took plenty away from what the Eagles did that day. Seriously. I know the performances have been well, well below par so far this season, but let's stop pedaling this rubbish about how we didn't review the Prelim. We did.
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    He’s probably still of more value IN the forward line right now.
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    Time to leave Stretch on a wing for the rest of the year. Tonight he showed glimpse, so i would just get as much games and experience into him.
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    Demonland becoming collectively homocidal/suicidal is usually a sure sign we’ll pluck a miracle out of nowhere. That’s about all I’ve got to cling to at the moment because all signs point to this being really bad.
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    A month ago everyone was lauding the fact we traded him due to his off field issues. Now he plays one good game, May is injured and we are going bad and it’s the worst trade in history. Talk about jumping at shadows.
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    Wise, This is absolutely on May. The fact he went publicly and shamed GC training standards is just [censored] poor and now has egg on his face. He was a leader there, what did he actually do himself to change those standards? He is 27 and mature enough to know he should have gotten himself at the best nick he could possibly be. After he did his medical the club would have given him an off season program to abide by and its clear that he didn't follow this. Sorry but this is absolutely on him. Didn't do himself any favour by knocking out some bloke in a practice match either. We honestly make so much excuses for some of these blokes
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    Really? Do we need reminding of the state of the football club just prior to Roos taking over? We had just gone through two failed rebuilds, had come off a season where we won 2 games with a percentage of 50%, were getting absolutely belted week in week out, had very little talent on the list, had been right down the bottom for 7 years (save for some flashes of good footy in 2010 and 2011), were considered a basket case on and off the field and even the most loyal fans were struggling to have any hope for the future. The culture was a mess, no one wanted to play for us, good players wanted to leave...it was an out-and-out shambles. Five years later we have improved every year and got within one game of a Grand Final last year with a young and talented list. If anyone was offered that during the 2013 pre-season they would have grabbed it before finishing the sentence. We may be struggling at the moment but surely it's fairer to look at the incremental improvement over 5 years from 2014-2018 than a 6-round sample size. I shudder to think where we would be as a club without the input of Roos, PJ and others from 2014 onwards. Would we even have a club to support? This thread is nit-picking at its finest. Of course there may have been the odd decision-making error along the way, but that happens at all clubs. Looking at it in its entirety, Roos did an absolutely sensational job of steering this club away from extinction and onto the path towards being a respected team in the competition.
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    Essendon fans cementing their spots as the most disgusting supporters in the game. Outstanding response by Buckley.
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    Hardwick: Seven years as head-coach of Richmond before success (notably losing out to Dean Bailey who was given the flick at the lowly and compromised MFC after three years). First finals appearance after four years, after which the team dropped out of contention again. One flag since and back to the pack already. Buckley: Took over a premiership team and two years later it was out of the finals for a prolonged stint. Seven years altogether before he got the club back to the decider - finishing in 13th the year prior. Ultimate success still wanting. Simpson: Took over and coached the team to a grand final in his second year, before scraping into the finals on the last day of the season just two years later and being utterly wiped out by the opposition in the second week (more so than the job they did on us last year). Found ultimate success a year after. I could go on. Beveridge - adopted a premiership window team and had a dream run through the finals, then what? Ross Lyon, perennial failure with up followed by down. Roos - one flag in eight seasons of coaching the Swans, with no return in the following five years. Chris Scott - see Buckley basically. Even Clarkson - took the young Hawks to a flag and then dipped out of the finals altogether. Have faith in your team and its coach. Good luck to my beloved Dees vs. the Toiges - I'm right behind you for this one, whatever may come.
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    Re Jetta - it happened when a saints player dived across his knee. Was a missed free kick and I thought the whole point of bringing in the rule to begin with.
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    OK, so what exactly is wrong with the coolaid our coaches are serving? They want to play a high defence where our whole team pressures in the forward half. Why is this bad? Because it means there are 36 players in our forward line when we are in attack. This makes it virtually impossible to get a player in the clear for a mark or an unpressured shot on goal. It also means that there are no players in the opposition's fifty, meaning that when they bring the ball out of our forward zone they have miles of open space to work in, meaning that it is very easy for them to get in space to take a mark or have an unpressured shot on goal. They want our forward 50 entries to be in the supposedly high percentage area 20-30m our directly in front of the goals. Why is this bad? Firstly because it makes us horribly predictable, meaning that oppositions defensive units can set up around this area with players waiting for the spillage and runners ready for the handball receive allowing them to easily run the ball back out of our attacking 50 if we don't take a contested mark. Secondly, because we don't have any forwards capable of taking big contested marks. Thirdly, because our forwards lack cohesion and teamwork, and so often go for the same ball and spoil each other, saving their opponents the trouble. They want everyone to win the contested ball. Why is this bad? Because unlike when you're eight years old, in the grownup game you can't have a mob of players charging around following the ball wherever it goes. We repeatedly see our mids all diving in to try to win the ball, get in each others' way and cause fumbles. Meanwhile, the opposition have two or three in the scrum against our entire midfield who often don't even try to win the ball but just knock it around and try to punch it to the outside where we have nobody and they can get an easy takeaway. The absolute lack of anything resembling team acts by anyone in our side makes this problem worse. If our players were working for each other rather than all trying to win the ball themselves, we could use those extra numbers to create space for one or two people to get the ball. I don't remember the last time I saw a Melbourne player shepherding for a teammate, but it must have been before Goodwin took over. Yes we have some skill errors. Yes, the umpiring hurt us today. But make no mistake, it's the coaching that is causing these problems.
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    I know someone related to McCartney and I can find out a little more info around this on the weekend. It's really the only sort of inside info I'll ever have, but it's pretty solid, so I'll see what I can dig up around this. One thing I've heard in the past is we still had too many of the younger players who just didn't work hard enough. One in particular was Petracca. On the flip side, McCartney was always glowing with his praise of how hard Jesse Hogan worked on the track. I still think there are a few players who are relying on talent alone and not doing the hard yards. Again, I'll see what I can find out on the weekend.
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    FFS, there are loads of problems, but Petracca certainly ain't one of them. He's actually one of the only players in at least decent form and doing his part.
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    Great support for ANB on here as usual. He tries his guts out and is out of form. Why kick him while he is down?
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    2019 is over..... to say otherwise is to don the rose coloured glasses that have dogged this team for the last fifteen odd years. Ok... the coach is going nowhere but perhaps some outside mentoring would help in this regard. First step for me is to change the Casey gameplan to emphasise skills and possession. It's an easy one. Then post bye we introduce it at senior level with input from the youth who have become used to it at Casey level. Develop a few trick plays using Gawn and Oliver. Let Weideman show us if he has the goods in the forward department in an uncrowded forward line. Then comes the hard part. Play Petty, Stretch and one or two others for a run of five games. Results and ladder position are irrelevant as long as there is a plan that can be used to win games in 2020.
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    I agree - the only difference being Thompson and Hardwick were a bees [censored] away from losing their jobs. Goodwin is safe. Hogan - wanted out Watts - right call Kent - perennially injured, wanted security of a longer contract Tyson - right call, absolute butcher of the footy, gets caught - now playing reserves for North Bugg - right call, no longer playing senior footy Pedersen - right call, past it Vince - retired I don't understand how anyone can bag the club for these decisions
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    Give it up you people. Any one of you played any decent footy?. That ball was coming into Tigers forward line at a million miles an hour and the backs had no hope however battled hard and it could have been a lot worse of a loss without the likes of TMac who did well along with Frost,Salem and Hore . The forwards and Mids let them down AGAIN big time.
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    On a side note, what the hell is with Razor Ray and his stupid pep talks after paying free kicks to our players.?? Anyone else notice this? The most memorable was when Viney won a free for holding the ball and he was trying to get up and get the footy back off his opponent who wouldn’t release it so he scrapped with him, it should have been a fifty, but no, Ray comes in and stops the game, buys the St Kilda defenders some time, and has a chat with Viney. He is a [censored]. He did the same to Frost.
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    So from qtr time up to 3.4 time they had 24 i50s for 8 goals, we had 21 i50s for 1 goal. Game over. Same [censored] different day. Too many players at the contest, not sticking tackles, defending too far up the ground, running at the player with the ball and allowing the 'chinese checker' over the top handball time and time again, allowing the switch kick repeatedly, dumb handballs to players in trouble, terrible marking, no fwd 50 crumbers, Jones and Lewis on the wings - FMD, bombing the ball pn Pruess' head with no crumbers and finally a pathetically lazy one-way midfield that allowed the Aints to transition the ball out of defence and into their fwd 50 at will. TMac - WTF has happened to this guy? Weid? - totally ineffective, Spargo? - may as well not have played, Hibberd and Jetta? - shadows of their former selves, Jones and Lewis? - it's time. Melksham? - lazy footballer who won't chase and WTF has happened to his kicking? Called it when he was 35m out that he wouldn't make the distance and bingo. Petracca? tried but is the most frustrating footballer on the planet. Keep it simple stupid. As for the coaching staff... did absolutely nothing during the game. refused to stop the switch, pick up players/play man on man. No freaking idea. Jones and Lewis on the wings did my head in. Goodwin has no idea. Stubborn, We get beaten the same way by inferior teams who control the football and run. So [censored] obvious. My advice Simon go watch the Preliminary final you arrogant [censored], watch the game against Essendon and last year's against the Hawks in H&A and against the Swans. We can see it here why can't you?
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    It's a split second decision. If he didn't take him on half of D'land would be up in arms accusing him of squibbing it. Would take a goer in the team any day over someone who blinks. Hardly poor football. Just part of the game.
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    Thank you. I take heart from someone within the club saying our game plan is an issue (ie it isn't just the players): "we might need to look at that [the way we play]. We've been beaten pretty much the same style each week" Lewis is saying Clarkson did just that in 2010. Hope Goodwin can be flexible and creative?
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    The more I look into & forward the more my mindset changes. As hard as it is, lets get enthused by the challenge facing us, by seeing what Goodwin & this list is made of. Like I said 16 weeks to find ourselves from the boot studder (if they still exist) to the President. Find out who is mentally strong out of this group to take us to the next level, it is just so disappointing because some felt we were right up there with the top contenders but clearly we aren't this year. As hard as it is, we go to the footy for the rest of the year & see how we can evolve & change to get things right for 2020. It hurts because it's "always next year" but this AFL game is a long journey, sometimes one step back to go 10 steps forward could be what we need, we haven't taken a step back since our gradual rise of the ladder from 2014 onwards
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    We asked Goodwin to make positional changes. He did. We asked him to loosen the aggressive nature of our forward press. He did. But we still stank. To me, tonight was proof that our fitness levels are deplorable. We were out on out feet in the third. They ran us off our legs. Our fitness issues must surely run deeper like Roos has suggested. The effort was there, the attempts to spread and run two ways were there in the first half, but as we tired in the third quarter we fell apart. Combining our lack of fitness with repeat turnovers leads to no confidence and it just spirals from there. I reckon Viney turned literally every one of his kicks over. He isn’t learning from previous mistakes and he’s trying to will himself into form by breaking tackles, but failing. Hibberd’s defensive job on Dusty was impressive but I think he also turned all of his kicks over. Our forward line is a shambles. We have no one leading at the ball carrier, which contributes to the turnovers. We have no one who can take a contested mark. We tried to bring forward pressure but ANB, Garlett and Hunt failed. Weideman is hopelessly out of form. Petracca was terrible. Tim Smith is a VFL player. We won’t get anywhere until we get 22 fit players, some forwards who lead at the ball and hold their marks, and we start lowering our eyes and hitting targets.
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    ...wake up and realise I was dreaming. Part of me doesn’t even want to go tonight. Feels Like going to see your ex so she can explain more fully why she left.
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    Goodwin, from all quarters, is a dedicated student of the game. And of other sports. He traveled widely in the off season in search of one tiny gem from another sport we could import in order to get an edge. Perhaps he should have taken a chunk of time off like Buckley or gone and sat in Hawaii like his predecessor but that's another matter. To think he didn't personally review the prelim is ridiculous. And if he didn't dig deep into it with the team it would have been because he believed there was a psychological advantage in not doing so - which may have been an error but it's not a matter of arrogance. He has never displayed an attitude anywhere close to arrogance, despite having a huge record of personal achievement. Another error may have been to plan with the assumption of natural development and a better-drilled team around our plan. Most of us probably thought the same. We are a young team and you can't always plan for injury. We are getting exposed again for the high margin of error undermining the game-plan and its likely lack of sustainability. In our development toward the end of last season it's not unreasonable to think that the game-plan was beginning to show its worth. He is certainly stubborn - which can also be framed as persistent and having belief in his self and the programme. Other top coaches have been here before. See Buckley barely a year ago. And if he's not reactive to the opposition, he also learnt that from Paul Roos. Cast your minds back to the Roos era on here - endless complaints of poor game-day coaching, player selection and an inflexible style. For those citing the glory days of Roos' defensive structures please go and look at the facts. We switched to a forward territory plan. We get scored against more easily but not more heavily. In each of the years since Roos' departure we have conceded less and less. And scored a hell of a lot more. It's frustrating to watch us scored against so easily but the end result is less goals against. A whole lot of people couldn't bare the thought of Roos' dour style when he was incoming, and the game has certainly changed in favour of attack. Goodwin was ahead of the game. The balance isn't working this year for whatever reasons and scape-goat you which to blame. It occurred last year as well, and Goodwin made adjustments. He has always shown patience - whether you consider that a good trait or bad - and the results have been mixed - but if our club as a whole had acted with more patience throughout the years it would be in a much better state.
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    Hard to put any faith in a coach who plays his two slowest and oldest players on the wings of the MCG against any team, let alone and quick one. What possible logic is behind this coaching move?
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    Maybe Saty some of us are hurting more than you. Sorry if you find that funny or strange.
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    Lewis and Jones were on the wings tonight . The disrespect Goodwin is showing to the wing position is astounding
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    Nice to read some proper, level headed analysis! Couldn’t agree more. The whole ‘win the ball at source’ philosophy is fine, but you better dominate in there. A territory game can also be fine, but you better have the players, and in our case we went in with 3 talls. And the game awareness/structure in the D50 is shocking, which fees like Chaplin. Or they relied on May and when he went down we weren’t prepared. Lewis, Jones are clearly now liabilities.. so what the hell were they doing on the wings against such a fast team? Why the hell didn’t we send TMac back? Petracca to the ball? Fritsch forward? Anything at all? I hate the rubbish about ‘not trying’, ‘no heart’, in my view this is never the reason. In this case it was coaching, all over the place. Just. Dreadful.
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    I think you’ll find it was originally pushed by the clubs dietician/nutriotionist for the whole playing group, and then Viney decided he had noticed the benefits to the point that he continued doing it off his own bat, with their consultation. Any concerns would be coming from a position of ignorance.
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    Can the mods get rid of these school kids like Elegt who continue to berate and spew negative [censored] on every single thread about the same [censored] topic. It is tiresome reading through every thread and seeing that [censored] constant negative drivel.
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    Give the umpires a rest. Sick of hearing about them. They are not causing us to lose games. If we are first to the ball we don’t give away frees. We have pathetic skills - that’s the problem.
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    You're doing it again, dazzle. You were completely in favour of bringing May to the club. You also posted a link to an article about May's character and what a great person he is. You can express disappointment/frustration at the way May showed up at the club, or the way the club dealt with his fitness since then, but don't make it sound like the deal was a shocker from the get go because it wasn't, and you certainly didn't think so at the time.
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    Too defeatist I think. In 1987 after 16 games we were 6 wins and 10 losses. We ended up winning the last 6 in a row and finishing the H&A in 5th spot and should have won the preliminary final. We are capable of putting a block of form together which could still see us reach finals. Writing off the season is a cop out and gives the club more excuses for inept performances. I have paid this club a fortune over the years in membership fees and I want to see a decent return on that investment. Effort and a willingness to do the basics well would be a great start.
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    Agree. Richmond 2015 finished 5th (same as us in 2018) although got knocked out finals first round. 2016 finished 13th, and we all know what happened in 2017. Success doesn’t always happen in a straight line. But I will say, that teams like Richmond and Collingwood had major shake ups of their FD before it all clicked. Same thing needs to happen with us and hence the clean out of some dead wood assistants.
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    Oh man. Feels like the bad old days where you just wonder where the improvement is going to come from. It’s been the same story every week really - win the ball and kick it to a forward line that is outnumbered, talls don’t mark it, smalls don’t crumb it and sweet nobody puts any pressure between there and the opposition goals.
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