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    Rawlings wasn't "moved on", he went to NM and was poached. So only one assistant was moved on and McCartney had been there for a long time. I would have thought that it was healthy to have a few assistant coach changes - new voice, new message and all that and I'm surprised it wasn't a few more. Jennings (I think) wants to coach his own team with a view to getting into a senior coaching position, Viney's role was administrative and Sam Pietsch was strength and conditioning. Yes 2019 was a horror show, I didn't enjoy it at all. But then when I realized that only about 4 players had uninterrupted preseasons and seasons I understood why. If we fall in a heap this season then it's a real worry but I'm pretty confident we won't.
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    I came across this YouTube video of the late, great Robbie Flower today. A wonderful person, a fantastic player and always a pleasure to watch. This is from his first season -
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    Sparrow on the wing seems appropriate.
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    I haven't moved from Young & Kemp but note there is a lot of noise around Jackson & Pickett. Just on Jackson, I see a giant sized midfielder rather than an out & out ruck. If that's what the club thinks we need then so be it but I'm skeptical. I've seen nor read nothing in his short exposed history that indicates he would readily become a forward. And that kicking is a concern. On Pickett, yeah he looks to have some nice tricks but his best output has been at SANFL Reserves level. Reserves ! There are suburban comps in Melbourne who's top divisions are a better standard than SANFL reserves. Would have liked to have seen more in the SANFL firsts or the nat champs. Again, skeptical
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    One piece is never enough - you have to see him in colour too. This is from 1984 -
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    Fancy bothering to take a photo of that! God kids are soft nowadays. In my day we'd have carried a horse home on that little finger alone...
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    GWS may have to accept that, for the first time in their existence, they’re going to pay a fair price for the players they draft, like every other club (except GCS)...
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    If we were in Carltons position we’d all be frothing about this situation. The fact of the matter is that this is all the AFL’s doing. They gave Gold Coast too many concessions, too many draft picks that effectively made them not GAF about accepting something in the 2nd round offered from Carlton. Less concessions would have forced the Suns to work with Carlton but they opted to make Martins exit a drawn out and probably painful process for him and everyone involved.
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    Que? I doubt he'll be better than any of Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Harmes in R1 2020. But as you say it gets thin after that so I think he would be a good addition to the list.
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    Carlton will get a bad reputation to deal with in the future, at least clubs know if a player nominates us we have the reputation of getting deals done, players might be reluctant to nominate Carlton in the future because of it, Carlton didn’t want to give up pick 9 yet the the contract they are giving him would suggest he is worth every bit of pick 9
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    I would rather get 2 top class players, than be greedy and get 3 lesser players.
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    I'm having some difficulty getting my head around the idea of a "powerful sparrow". Somehow, those words just don't seem to belong together...!
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    Still astounded that Harley’s coming to us! He maybe 50:50 chance of regaining his form and his body holding up, but if it does... it’s equivalent to a proven top 3 draft pick, with years of development done, hardened and hungry for success. And would be THE pick of this years draft season. Like wow!
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    McBean! A ready-made forward who can pinch in the ruck as needed. He can hold down the spot until Bradke gets his game together.
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    That several clubs are prepared to package up their mid teen pick for a top 10 shows there must be some real gems in the top 10 that won't be on the table at 14, 15, etc. Two top 10 players (@3+8) are far better for us than one top player @3 and two lesser more speculative players in the mid to late teens, especially now that we are likely to have Bennell. Unless we get an offer too good to refuse we take 8 to the draft!
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    Sumich was his coach, of course hes going to talk him up,. We arent drafting this kid, its all a ruse to get Freo to pay through the nose for pick 3.
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    On Jordan - not to derail - but he is 2 months older than Noah Anderson and 1 month older than Tom Green (pick 2 and 3ish from this year). You have to think another year in the under 18s and he would have been taken a little higher than 33.
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    Interesting that GWS pick 6 (1751) is almost exactly 80% (1787) of our pick 3 (2234). If we bid Green at 3 and GWS try to trade down to later picks to match they will need to strike a deal heavily in their favour to get any benefit. I don't think it's worth it and they wasted their time and points trading up to 6 from 12 and 18. They'd be better off with those picks now. They clealy failed to offer us a decent trade involving a player for 3 and it has backfired.
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    The squad was already out on the paddock when I arrived. There were 24 players, 5 coaches and numerous support staff. No Steven May, Nathan Jones, Jake Lever, Angus Brayshaw, Kade Kolodjasni, Jake Melksham, Aaron Vandengerg, Jayden Hunt, Alex Neal-Bullen, Harrison Petty, Ed Langdon, Adam Tomlinson or Harley Bennell. There was a also good number of administration people there. Noticed that Joel Smith and Tom McDonald are on a different program to the rest of the squad by doing some work in rehab. The simulations were going strongly and there were obvious changes in their methods. They were run by Troy Chaplin. The types I saw were, a group of midfielders moving the ball quickly by hand and then clearing to leading players on a call from the coaches. Then, two separated teams, one in the centre and the other in the forward area. The ball is given to the forward team. A fast spread and finding players to pick up entailed. They had to run very hard with plenty of communication to get to position, force a contest, fill space, create a turnover, hit players on leads and make overlaps. All ball movement was by foot. Joel Smith and Tom McDonald both participated in the contact simulations and played well. Thought Kade Chandler, Christian Pettraca and Oscar Mcdonald stood out with skills. Toby Bedford laid good tackles. Michael Hibberd reading the play and getting to many intercepts. Max Gawn leading well always giving an option. Jack Viney playing smart football. If second week in is much to go by, we are looking good. The training is well organised and they are pushing them. They then we're put through the running programs. Half doing fartlek and the others 80 meter sprints. Two coaches Troy Chaplin and Mick Stinnear were also running laps. I don't think Bernie Vince is with us this year. Perhaps Jordan Lewis has taken over his role. At the end, the squad had a moment of silence in a circle and in the middle for remembrance. After, Braydon Preuss did some leading and goal kicking practice. James Harmes and Jack Viney goal kicking at the other end of the field. Christian Salem, Marty Hore and James Jordan finished with some tackling practice.
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    Just as long as they’re not all inside mids. 😉
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    They’ve just had too many walk outs to not make a stand. Both there captains last year. The blues were both complacent and predatory in there approach and the suns can’t put up w that either. So i hope the blues pay a price. I found it strange that when the swans couldn’t land daniher, the news was all about how the swans let him down and how the dons wanted him more. But in THIS case none of that at all. if the blues wanted him they needed to pay the price... and they didn’t. for THAT they should pay the price.
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    And good mids can also play/rest forward. TBH, it is nearly, the more good mids the merrier.
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    probably be rested for hawks, but
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    AFAIK, the PSD is open to uncontracted AFL players and players who were not selected in the ND or RD. So Sokol has to register for the ND or RD first. Uncontracted delisted AFL players can be picked up in DFA or SSP so they don't need to go into the PSD like they used to, e.g. Bennell, Murray. Only players like Martin who are out of contract but not delisted can go in the PSD. So I think this pool is small to non existent. Therefore no-one. I could be wrong ...
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    Am I missing something? I never said there hasn't been significant changes. I'm not spinning anything. Need for change was identified. And they got on with making those changes. Mud season. But not just as a reaction to poor season. Reactive management is stupid management. I pushed back against claims of a 'brigade of assistant coaches being sacked (if you count Jennings there has been three who have left and only 2 sacked) and a 'mass exodus frpm rbe FD (viney, pitsch, the IT guy - small exodus). That is spin
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    No one uses it anymore, it was going out of vogue and that was even before they introduced pre and mid season supplementary drafts, delisted free agency etc. Pick 1 or 2 is no longer a bonus (especially when melb doesn't take a ruthless approach to Martin)
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    Why bump a 5 year old thread just to make this inane contribution? Fair dinkum.
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    If we bid on Green and GWS don't match then this would be a huge coup for us. Green is rated on level with Rowell and Anderson. The comparisons to Cripps is real. Drums are beating that it's looking more likely we will bid on Green and GWS really considering whether to match or not.
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    Our half-back line is going to look like an 80s porn film. I'll refrain from making any fisting jokes.
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    Another really good session For his admirers Joel Smith joined in some of the ball movement drills Hibberd in attendance, another one with a completely different body shape, looks super fit Viney, Gawn, Harmes there was well Weid, Hannan and Baker just light work Nietschke doesn't look too far off, so another new player, doing laps at full pace Petracca and Salem there, Trac was probably the stand out during the ball movement drills, Salem was his usual immaculate foot skills Another one who is looking good early on is Spargo, stronger and faster, did some really good ball distribution by foot
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    Nice. Young and Kemp would be amazing....
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    Horrible waste of pick 3 or pick 8 if we draft Jackson. We don’t need a young ruckman. Gawn and Preuss are sufficient right now. Need to draft the best players possible with pick 3 & 8 on the best talented footballers. Lots available. Young. Kemp. Flanders. Stephens. Ash. Serong. Jackson is raw. Very raw. Skills are basic if any. An athlete. Will take at least 3 years and then vulnerable to the go home factor.
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    I was hit by a car riding my bike last Jan, and I can say that these things are really [censored]. I get sad when I shouldn't, angry over nothing things, despondent over little things. And this is from someone that never took life seriously... always the joker and the clown. But it can be worked out. With the right people around me things are getting better. Not perfect, and they probably won't ever be, but at least I know that it is not me, but rather me just not processing things the right way, and that means I can take a breath and let whatever it is wash over me. Best of it all Paddy. The game is really a very minor thing in life
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    Either GWS come to us with a deal for pick 3 or we put in a bid for Green at that pick. It is just that simple. You can never have enough quality midfielders, and our midfield depth is non-existent behind the big 4.
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    It's really not. I think we'd be paying Ed Langdon something close to Martin's contract and there's still a gap between that and the deals for someone like Brad Hill that involve a top 10 pick. Any other club would've been forced to accept Carlton's offer of a future 2nd and 3rd round picks and would've gone to work making them in to something they like. The Suns have so many list concessions they chose to ignore the reality of the system.
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    When he celebrates a goal, he could hand out the high four and a halves.
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    sometimes the world is not fair... to others it's about winning. MFC are shafted every which way.. (for example we should have had pick 2 this year) Anyway some are content with mediocrity. Others after 55 odd years would like to see success. BTW GWS who are similar to GCS never did us any favours and I expected none
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    Not sure he'd have anywhere near that space and time at AFL level. But yes, he'd be a great option at 8. Has a lot of class.
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    The hills in the northern rivers are shrouded in smoke but still the drums beat and the chillums glow... we should bid green at three because he’s next best... a powerhouse mid... I don’t think gws will match but will take Jackson.. they need to build a team not just collect endless high pick mids..young, Stephens, Serong not the upside... Kemp maybe ... if we get green then we swap 8 in order to get Worrell and Pickett at 14-17 or 15-21.... meanwhile back at the turntable I have Miles Davis and John lee hooker trading licks in a denis hopper soundtrack...
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    Shades of Mick Turner by Sumich here, I just don't see anything overly special about Jackson. And that kicking action really has me worried from a KPF point of view. Pass.
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    Dear lord that is horrible Werridee. Give us your best 22 bands/artists of all time (in best 22 format of course)
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    Any danger of Harley Bennell getting a mention in his thread ?
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    The entire team went missing in 2019.
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    We’re taking about the same player right? The 170cm guy who kicks one goal every second match? What attributes does he have that have shot him up the draft boards suddenly? He’s not a big goal scorer - averaged 0.5 goals a game at senior SAFL level. He’s got a good leap - but he needs to have a good leap to even just be competitive at 170cms. He’s quick, but not elite quick - not in top 20 tested. He has poor-average endurance - doesn’t find much ball, averaged 10 touches. His best attribute is he provides good defensive pressure around packs in the forward line. Statistically he’s identical to Charlie Spargo. IMO the best outcome for his career would be an in form Jeff Garlett. Don’t get me wrong, he could be a handy little small forward and have a decent career, but at pick 8 you can pick up much better than that. It would be negligent for the club to draft him at pick 8.
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    I really don't know what you guys expect. Of course there will be these 'puff' pieces. What would you write if you were in the PR department? If they upset you so much, just don't read them. You know what they will say, so save yourselves the grief and don't look.
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