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    Harmes would be in no doubt about his position in the team. He knows he is a total lock. It would more be about ensuring a player like Smith isn't worried about his spot, which no doubt he would have if both he and weed were named on the bench.
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    Three-peat (apologies to Frosty!)
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    Maybe a problem with Goody is he is moonlighting fronting King Parrot If you hate traffic cops this clip is for you
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    Good discussion binman, if anything it shows we still have some options even with 3-4 starting defenders out. Wagner can be used solely to negate Greene, Hore is quickly becoming a favourite amongst us, definitely not a one trick pony and loving his ability to win the one on one too.
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    Oldie but a goodie
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    Apologies if this has been posted already or if we're not allowed to do so. This is one of the best speeches I've ever heard involving our club.
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    A player plays an otherwise good game that has an obviously positive effect on the game, but has one blemish in it. Would you prefer the blemish be: a) 1 dropped sitter? b) 1 shanked set shot from 30 out, directly in front? c) 1 failure to 'go'? For some reason, everyone eventually overlooks (a) and (b) but (c) appears to be a completely unforgivable sin. I reckon if the player committed 5 of them in a game, maybe I could get it, but I reckon too much weight is being put on one error for Garlett. For those who see the world in black and white and think I'm suggesting it should be acceptable not to 'go' when required, I'm certainly not. I'm just suggesting it's one of a suite of things that should be non-negotiable in AFL football, but it seems to get a disproportional amount of focus, despite the fact that it probably has the same outcome on the scoreboard, or arguably less outcome on the scoreboard, than the other cardinal and very rectifiable sins.
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    It was a classic Jeffy game, really clean, opportunistic, creative, a bit timid and frustrating lazy misses. You get it all and you have to accept the ordinary because the good is very good.
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    If you think the East Melbourne residents are NIMBY's wait until you meet the gentry of North Fitzroy
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    Speaking of the rain, i really hope it holds off until after the game (or until half way through the last when we have 4 goal lead). I'm firmly of the view that contrary to popular belief wet weather adavantages teams with good skills. And Gws are probably the most skilled side in the league. Wet weather makes executing skills more difficult and so it stands to reason good technique mitigates against that factor - and vice versa. In addition to having poor skills we have a game style (ie quick hands, chains of handball etc) that works better for us in dry conditions.
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    Id pick harmes (of course), wagner (need him for greene), Fritsch (so lucky we have so many injuries, would play him at wing or half forward where is best suited) and I can't believe I'm saying this Lewis (he allows fritter to move up the ground and provides some experience in a very young back line - but goes out when lever comes in). Stretch has had his chance and needs to go back and learn to release the quickly and instinctively. Slowed our forward momentum against wc a number of times, which really stood out as we were obviously instructed to play on whenever possible. If he can't sort that aspect of his game i can't see him playing AFL again. I've cooled on Pruess. Good back up for maxy but simply not mobile enough and fast enough to play as a semi permanent forward. Particularly against gws who love to run it off hb. The predicted wet weather doesn't help his cause either. I reckon goody will pick Harmed, Wagner, Fritter and Lewis.
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    No look scroll pass: I know many a Portuguese who still expect his return: as a Bluey Truscott incarnate though he's ours.
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    A quick glance over your posts and I can see you don’t have any sense of humour whatsoever.
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    Just keep Jeff White's kids away from Stephen King's kids!!!!
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    Yes his 15 possessions and 3 goals 2 was utterly disgusting last week.
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    You are one angry poster dd. You get points for being consistent.
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    Anyone who thinks MFCSS is some sort of joke, read this post. Only on Demonland could we have someone post something this negative about players finally returning from injury.
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    My youngest got to play halftime little league last week Eagles vs Dees and luckily we drew the red and the blue, he's got a bit of Sam Blease/Clarrie look about him in those colours
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    Agreed. AND he can kick straight from a set shot...which puts him way out front of the rest at the moment.
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    Smith is named on the field, he won't be dropped. They'llonly drop players from the extended bench How people still don't understand this concept is seriously mind boggling.
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    How many times did he not even provide a contest? Shirked the contest a couple of times too. 2 goals from being out the back inflate his stats and overstate his level of performance.
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    Agree. And if he shuts him down will go a long way to helping us win. Coniglio is critical to them. Like someone else mentioned stopping Greene is crucial. All year it has been the mid size and small forwards that have really hurt us, not the bigs. Not sure who gets him. Certainly not fritter. Wagner will get the gig is my guess.
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    Glad to see Oskar and Petty have been given another go.
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    He sounds happy and is enjoying it up forward. Hunt recovers his flare Being played out of the square gives us greater flexibility and unpredictability i50. Played tough 'aggro' footy in the last few weeks and was a key part of our last minute wins vs Hawks and GCS.
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    Meh. Point 1 is a fact, injured players are more likely to sustain future injuries. Point 2 feel free to argue but I’m willing to bet there will be concern about May and Lever struggling when they come back. They won’t be anywhere near their full potential. Same with Hannan and anyone else who’s missed a long stint. I remember when Gawn came back after his hamstring and everyone thought he was awful. Point 3 is debatable to the impact but it’s certianly going to take time to settle the side. My post was a response to some comments that players back will see the team improve over the next month or so. I’m not saying we won’t improve but I think at least until guys have had 4 weeks or so in the team it will be mostly on the back of the 22 who played on the weekend.
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    Correct... Goodwin - 4-6 weeks would've been much funnier
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    Another wannabe comedian
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    I can see comedy isn't your best suit.
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    I think DS makes a good point in his post Titan. Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Jones and Harmes all had very interrupted preseasons and it has taken them until now (pretty much) to reach anything like last years form. Whilst I too am very pleased we look like getting some soldiers back let's not kid ourselves that they will be anywhere near their best. I watched Lever last week and apart from one good pack mark he was very ordinary. That's not a criticism, just an observation. May has played what? One and a half games this season after an interrupted preseason. KK has played very little in the last 2 years. Hannan hasn't played at all this year and missed preseason and JKH has missed half a season. Add to that Melk, Jetts and AVB are a long way away and whilst it will be good to have a number back and we will be better for it I think peoples expectations about what those players might be able to achieve is optimistic. If it takes them as long as it took our mids to find their mojo the season will be just about over. There's a pulse but IMO we are on life support. And that's not MFCSS, that's just logic.
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    The problems with so many returning are: 1. Guys who have missed a significant amount of time are more likely to get injured again 2. Those guys will often perform below expectations, particularly May and Lever with high expectations 3. The other players will be disrupted as their won't be cohesion in the best 22 and many will be looking over their shoulders worried about their spot in the side. I can see it already, a fringe player has a bad week (ie. Josh Wagner) and gets dropped for a returning player (ie. Lewis) who then performs worse than the fringe player would've. We really need a month without further injuries, the bye week to allow for some rest and main group training and some of the current side to really lock in their places to really get any benefit from returning players.
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    Go DEES!! I'm up and about after seeing us play some good footy for the first time this season hopefully 9 day break is enough for the 3 concussed guys, especially Salem. GWS's midfield is probably the best in the comp and is on form. we will need to pressure and tackle and swarm them all day. and our fwd's need to stand up and kick straight! I'm taking my son for his first game on sunday. he is pumped. auskick in the morning and then off the the G 🙂
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    I was 36 and things like this always bring it front and centre. I still hear her voice every day when I have decisions to make. The small clip of Oskar on the wing about to deliver a great pass to TMac showed how he will flourish at this level. I hope he maintains form to play the rest of the season.
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    That's culturally insensitive. Perhaps he is indigenous and this is literally his Dreaming.
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    Once In A Lifetime player. Will be burning down the house next year.
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    Bela Lugosi, the 1930's actor that played Dracula and our very own Sammy Weideman.
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