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    Has there been any announcement on the club astrologer yet? The autumnal equinox falls on the same weekend we play in Perth whilst Mercury will be in retrograde. They still haven't reviewed the spring equinox debacle over there in 2018.
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    Good. I'm expecting a 16.4.100 type return in round 1 V's the Eagles, as opposed to the 7.13.55 slop circa 2019. Amazing the amount of games we lost last year purely on accuracy.
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    Personally I would only split if we knew we could still get one of Kemp and Serong at 10, assuming Young is gone obviously. Either would be a great get at 8 let alone 10.
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    If it's incredible then I don't believe it.
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    Yep, I already said my bit on this in the Members Forum thread in response to a few having a cry over this appointment. I was surprised (not really) at how many jumped immediately to pff, what would a ruckman know about goal kicking? without looking any deeper at all. On paper I can't see how he could be any more credentialed: As a player, had a conversion rate that compares on par with or favorably with the very very best, with a good sample size Is already a coach at the club and has been for a long time, so there will be no surprises at all in terms of coaching capability Messiah is probably a stretch, but it looks a good appointment to me.
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    On Greg Stafford being the goal kicking coach: As a player, he had a conversion rate in the ballpark of those of Lockett and Lloyd, and a superior conversion rate to Richardson, Dunstall and Franklin. And we're talking about a guy who played 204 AFL games for 141 goals, including 5 hauls of 4 goals (4.1, 4.0, 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2) playing as a ruckman - we're not talking about a 5 game wonder. He is a professional coach that has been kicking around for years, who has had Max Gawn under his wing forever. He obviously knows how to coach. If anyone still wants to challenge his credentials as a goal kicking coach, I'm interested to know why.
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    These were some of Josh Mahoney's slides from the night.
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    Not really. Surely the fact we had so many key players injured and rehabbing through the preseason made responding to the 666 rule change more difficult, for example just in terms of positioning and set up. Add to that avb and kk were likely our wingers and neither played a game.
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    Can someone please paraphrase what STMJ said about Oscar?
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    Some other key point were. The 666 rule means wingers are now critical specialist role . We tried 17 players in that position to no avail. Hence Tomlinson and langdon targetted. Both had 3 to 4 other clubs intereste. Jones will be playing higb forward and providing leadersip in that area. Frost moved on due to perceived lack of opportunities for him now. Goodwin mounted a strenuous defence of oscar after a particularly moronic and nasty question from the floor Dees had the highest number of total team changes at selection for the year. Ahead of next biggest by 50%. Illustrated depth of injury woes Burgess believes the game is won by marking and kicking well and will have preseason programs built on 80% with footballs. Running laps at traing doesn't win games. He seemed right on top of his subject. Bpown away by condition players have presented themselves in at start of pre season.. . Huge wrap for Bruckner Petracca to now have significant more time in midfield in 2020 Josh Jenkins was never considered.
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    The following means nothing coaching-wise but worth looking at Staffords goalkicking stats from playing days from 2001 to find an angle. I think we're on a winner with this appointment based on this. At least he should understand what successful kicking should look like - or not. GL BH 2001 19 6 2002 26 10 2003 20 5 2004 6 3 2005 16 9 2006 15 5 Total 102 38 or 73% success rate Brian Taylor 64% (one of the very best I've seen for method) Peter Hudson 71% (the best I have seen) Christian Petracca 56% (over 3 seasons, but becomes 52% over last 2 seasons, but small sample size) David Neitz 63% Tom McDonald 69% ( last 3 years since moving to FF) - 77% in Year 1 of FF in 2017 Gary Ablett 60% Tony Lockett 70%
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    Please no. Not with the censorship Stalinyrcon. The reports have been going so well.
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    There was a little bit of joviality between drills, but my impression is that they are down to business. The volume and numbers of calls, voice and instructions seems to have increased. Body language looks like they missed the place and are ready to go. Even on a hot day like this morning they remained positive and disciplined. Yes, they appear united. Gus look bulked up a bit, I would say he has come back a little under done. He hangs out a lot with Oliver and seems to have great relationships with numerous others. So I'd say he is invested emotionally.
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    People seem to overlook the fact that we were the highest scoring team in the AFL in 2018. Improve delivery and consolidate our backline and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be there in September! 🙂
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    So it seems like this is going to happen, and I have no idea how to feel about it. Taking a big bloke like Jackson at 3 is a massive gamble, and we don't exactly have a great track record when we gamble in the draft. That's not to say the kid won't be a star, but something isn't sitting right with this one. I might need a bit on convincing if we go ahead with it.
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    Doesn’t anyone else feel, that they have reduced the coaching budget and pushed it into the strength and conditioning budget? It’s almost like Goodwin has said, give me a fit team and just let me coach them.
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    You played much footy? Having the confidence to Extend your arms and mark at full stretch is critical when marking on a lead. Prevents the defender from being able to reach the ball. A defender loves it when a forward bends their arms, as you simply need to put your chest on their shoulder and reach for a spoil. No timing required. But hey, go criticise a high level afl player who has based his game on one on one marking contests because of a photo
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    From the Club website. “We’ve got a new Head of Sports Science in David Regan, who’s been involved with the New York Mets and the Miami Dolphins. “Previously, he’s also been a teacher, so he brings a good balance of the data knowledge, but also an understanding of the best way to communicate it. “The other appointment we have made is Robert Younger, in the role of Performance Data Scientist. “That role is going to sit across the performance team, coaching, list management and recruiting.” “Decisions have been made on the back of 12 months of gathering information on where our program can get better, but also looking across other clubs and across the world about the trends in sporting departments,” he said. “We’ve had a lot of conversations about data, and like any business or any sport, there is so much data available to everyone. “The key parts we’re looking at are that we’re capturing the right data, analysing it properly and then utilising it in the right way.” The specialised approach will see the club streamline its collection methods, before efficiently applying the information to assist with decision making. With two dedicated staff members joining the sports science team, the Demons will rely heavily on personnel to oversee and manage the success of the concept, across several areas of the club. “We think there are some real opportunities within this area, and those opportunities have been created by bringing in some different people with different skillsets, who can analyse data in a different way,” Mahoney said.
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    I'm not quibbling with your technical description (I wouldn't know), but are you confident from a still image that you can draw that particular conclusion?
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    Baker has a groin injury and hopes to resume straight after X-mas. Spargo injured his ankle ligament last Friday - unless he did them badly, should be back next week. I think Petty had a minor knee clean-up post-season. Not sure why Smith wasn't there, but he looked really strong last Friday. He has bulked up more and was working with backs - if fit will play on Jack Darling in Rd 1 IMO. Most impressive today was Ed Langdon - ran hard, kicked well and looked eager.
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    A good forward who can kick a set shot from long distance. Rare as hens teeth these days. Will be a good back up player replacement for Weideman whilst we wait for him to break out of his inertia. If it ever happens.
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    One thing I love about demonland is the complete lack of nuance. Something is either true or "TOTAL BS". Goodwin was making a point in the context of a discussion about playing a contested brand of footy, cohesion between players and efficiency in implementing the game plan. He's talking about what for what of a better word is now described as a "brand". I read it as Plan A is how we want to play. What happens when it's not working is shifts in tempo, individuals put into different positions, using one stopping player or two, or none at all. Plan A is our strategy. Those shifts in-game are tactics. Tactics change according to how the opposition wants to play, but the way we want to play - Plan A - does not change. Shifts in tactics are intended to enable us to play to our agreed strategy.
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    Why fascinating? Played there and well late last year and BMAC said recently that’s one thing they found Kate last year as a win for 2020 structure so that’s where he was always gonna be! Pinch hit in Mid when required but with Langdon/Tomlinson Vanders & Jordon likely ins next year (Mark my words On Jordon, he’s going to be a designated kicker & will play from R1 All going well)
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    Goodwin said the signs were there in the 2nd half of the Hawthorn final when we could no longer play our style. I recall David King saying in the review of that final "if Melbourne play like that against West Coast next week they'll get smashed" and he was right. So it wasn't "suddenly"
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    While it’s been 55 years since we tasted ultimate success, at least the club has a plan and isn’t taking knee jerk reactions to this years poor results! The number of AFL players when asked why they had such good seasons often attribute it to having a complete pre-season. Little wonder our year was poor, with many last quarter fade outs, when you look at limited pre season of our midfield, then injuries we kept getting during the year, add lost confidence and it all led to a poor year, only 5 wins was due to throwing away a few games, Crows loss immediately comes to mind. As with a few others comments, being caught by the 666 impact, doesn’t look so good, but KK and VDB not making it due to injury didn’t help! It highlighted needs for specialist wingers and the game became more about running both ways than ever, lack of preseasons for many of our midfield players just accentuated the problem. Going into 2020, hopefully with good pre seasons behind the majority of the team, some good positional drafting and a better draw, should lead to a huge improvement in 2020! It will be really interesting to see how Viney goes after a full pre season, boy did a lot of supporters unfairly tip a bucket on him last year! I think back to a few games he dragged us to wins in 2017/2018 games, finals in 18, that away game against WC, off one leg against Port, At his best a beast! 2019 was crap, but the club is holding the course, and let’s hope it pays off with a flag or two in the next 4-5 years! Panicking and throwing all the toys out of the pram doesn’t work, Richmond - Hardwick and Collingwood - Buckley just highlight the point.
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    I’d be amazed if someone didn’t ask “why don’t we just kick it more?” Like the majority of peanuts say every week in the MCC.
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    See now, Saturday Morning Runs mean something completely different for me. Especially after Friday night work drinks...
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    You may be right but im not sure the final sentence above proves the point. One im not sure it is accurate (ie some of the surgeries were wear and tear e.g. omac, a number of senior players had contact injuries eg melk, hannan, avb). Two luck plays a big part in contact injuries. Three, one year sample does not prove the point. But none the less I agree the style took an obvious toll. But if that is the model goody wants the team to become second nature then it is the approach they had to employ.
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    I'm a renowned happy clapper so the informative midfield pre season graph is preaching to the converted. It was interesting when Lamb was addressing the Frost trade he reeled off backline players but didn't mention Petty. Later on Goodwin said one experiments from the 2nd half of the season that worked and we'll persist with is Petty forward. Ironically for the first questioner that means we'll see plenty of OMac back in 2020. @binman fortify your defences and sharpen your spears. Also interesting was Jones small forward and Smith back.
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    Mainly the way the questioned was delivered: agresssive tone, derogatory language, repetition of these by rewording them and the completely implausible accusation that the club keep Oscar so they can keep Tom. The guy made a fool of himself and as he went on there were gasps, boos and the odd clap. I thought the panel handled it very well with Bartlett asking the audience to show respect to a person as they have a right to ask their questions and by Goodwin who briefly but convincingly stated his faith in Oscar. I've seen similar comments made on here but I can't remember who it was. I don't think it was the perennial Oscar non-fans; STMJ nor Pickett Fence. I've never seen them talk of Oscar in the terms the fellow did last night.
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    I dont know about you, but filming a powerpoint presentation is the opposite of engaging content.
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    I assumed Green was off the table. If not, that would be delicious. Oliver and Green. 😍
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    I thought tonight was a great initiative and the speeches as open and transparent as an AFL club can be in such a dog eat dog environment. As Saty said some of the questions were excellent and other made me cringe. Bartlett was quick to point out that questions had to be respectful. Goody want s the players to be instinctive but he wants cohesion and consistency. I can see that what is lost with so many injuries and no pre season that we never had a settled team. The best back 6 never got to play together. This is so important and builds confidence and a knowledge that each team member knows what the others will do. Burgess wants them training 80 % of the time with a footy, practising drills and getting buy in from everyone. That is one of the keys to Richmonds success.
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    It's only glib because it doesn't match your opinion So what is Ricmomd's plan B when the gun and run isn't working?
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    Folks here have done a pretty good job of covering the night so I'll only add a couple of clarifications. Pert said the proposed social club and other facilities were wanted "within walking distance of the MCG", which probably kills the Bartlett oval speciation. His speech is online so no need to go into anything else here except he stressed the Alice Springs game would only come home when it made financial sense. We're there for at least the next four years. The clown who ripped into Oscar identified himself only as "Ian" and said he went to the football with his brother. Goodie in response pointed out that Oscar had double hip surgery off season, missed four months of training and was unable to build his strength to the level he needed to do the job being asked of him. He said Oscar would not have been satisfied with his year. Goodwin finished with: "I have unwavering faith in Oscar McDonald becoming the player we want him to be." The question why keep Oscar and get rid of Frost had already been answered, sort of, when Goodwin talked about players needing to have cohesion and the ability to know what their team mates were going to do before they did it. That rules out Frostball, I reckon. The most telling part of the presentation was Mahoney's chart on the time midfielders spent in pre-season. Apart from Gawn none of the regulars with more than 48% prep time. I also liked Goodwin's response to the Plan B question which might raise a few eyebrows here: "There are not too many clubs with a Plan B: you get Plan A right you are a successful club" (Not an absolutely direct quote. I missed a few words there but that's the gist.)
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    They said they had several people present for the role and Stafford was far and away the best.
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    Fair chance it was someone from here
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    Yep, massive cringe at that one. The guy seemed pretty proud of himself afterwards. Someone asked re Jones and his role moving forward considering he played a bit on the wing and we've brought in two wingers in Langdon & Tomlinson. Goodwin said theyll be looking to play Jones high forward next season. Also wanted Fritsch off the wing and up forward too. Few questions re forward line, and (to me at least) they seem pretty ok with what we have. Petty, TMac & Weid as the talls, Fritsch, Melksham, Hannan and co as the support. Also said Petracca will spend more time in middle, but we've heard that before so I guess wait and see.
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    A diatribe of how useless he is and why is he still on the list and should have let him go and kept Frosty. Goodwin's response was all class. He has utmost belief that Oscar will play the role we want. Don't know who it was but it was embarrassing.
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    Well said. I have never been more mortified about such an attack which I'm not repeating. Huge kudos to Goodwin on the classy manner he dealt with the question.
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    Yep, they sure won the 2019 Premiership...
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    If he is to play forward I'd like to see some more small forward craft, hitting packs front and centre, that's what we need from him. But most of his best footy in 2019 was playing almost as a lead up forward. With TMac, Weid, Fritch and to a lesser extent J Smith all capable in the lead I think we need to more dynamic small forwards, not another small key. No matter how quick he is. His set shot to general play shot ratio is too much like a kpf. Only 10 shots in general play for the year. We need quick smalls who are a threat at ground level Tom and Trac as comparison:
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    With his speed, acceleration and through increasing his awareness of forward line space, he could be the very best of link-men that we could muster. Forward line for me, with appropriate coaching/development.
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    Seems fairly obvious now we aren't taking that dude from Collingwood that he should play off HBF. He has not shown as much forward as he did when back (even though he has only had one good season). Breaks line like few players in the league when he is in form. Back it is.
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    Always a pleasure dazzle
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    His run without the ball, towards our goal, facing away from play with a backman running with him, then turn around with an explosive lead towards the ball carrier is the best I have ever seen any Melbourne player do (maybe excluding Jackovich) He did it enough this season to make me think he is a natural forward. He has the pace to put immense pressure on opposition rebounds. The way we bombed it into our forward line this year wasn’t conducive for crumbing forwards. It wasn’t a year for our forwards at all really. I’d train him with the forwards.
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