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    I just don’t understand why a Melbourne supporter would go so far out of their way to attempt to rain on our own parade with this first level rubbish.
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    Just had a long chat to Crossy. Said place is unrecognisable from when he arrived. The definitive news from him on Lever’s return is around round 9 to 10. In relation to that debate about Trac’s condition and weight. I just mentioned he has a solid build. He responded that’s his build. Said he just ran his PB in the 2km time trial. His skin folds are excellent. He said they are being very careful with Viney. They don’t want to rush him back and have him back in rehab. The ankle surgery is just taking the normal amount of time to recover and they are also managing the foot etc. Hes expecting most rehabers to be back in main group by end of next weeks camp. He said coming back from a shortened pre season if anything is a bit of a bonus. He said it’s a really long pre season when you come back October or early November. You can feel cooked by the beginning of the season. They all have their off season programs and come back ready to go. Tom Sparrow is the stand out of the young players for him. Said he reminds him of Viney when he first came in. Training done. Thats it for me. Got to head off. Will try to answer any questions later.
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    he's been gone for days, but it's common knowledge in the playing group now. nothing less than two picks (one for May). also St Kilda offered Kent THREE TIMES $$ and years what we did. idiots. also, the Hogan salary relief absolutely on the table. they're kicking the Gaff tyres at the 11th hour. was some talk of a hail Mary crack at Lynch. no dice - it's Richmond.
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    Another good September training. Hope this our pattern for the next few seasons. We are looking the part. Counted 36 in the main squad. Great to see so many ready to go at this time of the year. Lachlan Filipovic and Corey Maynard working with Crossy and Oskar Baker walking laps in the rehab squad. Pat Mckenna with the main squad as was Mitch King. The atmosphere seemed to be subdued with focus. Some joviality but mainly the session was taken seriously, by the players and coaching staff. The support crew tell me they are up and about in the “sheds”. The drills were done in the normal way. The emphasis appeared to be tackling then snapping goals and clean ball handling and disposal. The backs were kicking to short targets and moving the ball wide. The forwards were finding the player around the stick men, with some marking drills and leads across the front of the pack. The mids, quick hands, fast ball movement and talk. Plenty of goal kicking practice was done, snaps, sets and one step shots. Also some cumbing drills for our smalls. Noticed some players were encouraged to run hard and fast, linking together and creating fast ball movement through a corridor. During simulations, when the first mistake in offence happened, Goody pulled them together for a chat. As soon as we became a bit ferocious with our tackling the simulations ended (decision to minimise injuries). Watched Alex Neal-Bullen and Bailey Fritsch getting extra instructions at tackling. The marking bags were used by lots of the players as was some contested high balls encouraging spoils and marks. Sam Frost getting some great barrels out of the goal square (hit 5-6 in a row). I thought the players looked in good condition. There is a push for selection with Jay Kennedy-Harris, Bernie Vince, Joel Smith, Jeff Garlett and Cam Pederson training well. I didn't notice any of the niggles in our squad. Though read that others saw that Oscar McDonald and Tom Bugg had something. The crowd was large with lots of red and blue about, thanks for the atmosphere created by the supporters. The staff and volunteers put a good day on for us, thank you for your efforts. Hoping for our best game of the season. Go Dees. From Kev Martin
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    Better to be on the snow in Victoria than the ice in WA
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    Hi all. This is me and my son. We filmed his reaction as we thought he'd be pretty happy with the tickets and we'd share it with my Dad and sisters who are also keen Dees fans. We did not expect the level of emotion he ended up showing and my sister shared it with the club who of course posted it. Can I just say the club have been absolutely amazing through this and as a result we're flying down from Brisbane a couple of days earlier and Sam will be spending Thursday with the team and meeting all the players and coaches. It's really demonstrated to us why we love this club and why we support it. I've also been told that Goody has showed the video to the playing group to demonstrate what finals means to all the members, supporters and fans. As we all know, its been a hard slog supporting this club for so long but I am convinced there's a very bright future ahead, both on and off the field. Can't wait for Friday night then. Go Dees!
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    Beautiful morning for training. They appear to not be getting ahead of themselves. Quietly going about their warm-ups. Rehab had Jack Viney, Joel Smith, Jayden Hunt and Oskar Baker. Unlikely any of them are ready for the weekend. The test group included Aaron vandenBerg and Christian Salem, all joined the main group later. The players using their voices to encourage, instruct and call for the ball during drills and contests. The coaches encouraged direct football, "not sideways, go straight towards goal ". Also instructing them to create more space at stoppages, "make a larger circle" around the ball. The backs continue to have Cam Pedersen and Josh Wagner. They practiced plenty of punches and spoils, as well as defensive crumbing. The forwards working hard on goal kicking. The mids had Jay Kennedy-Harris and Charlie Spargo working hard in match ups. They had them 30 meters from throw in, so as to encourage positioning and match ups as they ran to where the contest would be. The simulations used the entire field and all the squad on at one time. Usually it was 2/3rds of the field and a 1/3rd of players rotate off. Seemed direct football was also the style of play. Unfortunately their were plenty of errors, though it was congested play with some hard tackles being made. They all wanted to win and compete. Josh Wagner (looking fit and strong), Tim Smith and Tom Bugg had steady session. A few are carrying niggles, as expected this time of year. Tom McDonald getting work on hip, Clayton Oliver foot and lower back, Christian Salem groin. They will be looking forward to a week off. I didn’t notice Pat McKenna out there. Dean Kent doing lots of goal kicking practice at the end of training. A shortish training session, they seemed serious and with purpose. Bernie Vince and Jake Lever on the track helping with drills and advice. Plenty of supporters around the track today. The staff were up and about, lots of happiness amongst them.
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    Hey guys, One of my first training reports so be nice Feel free to ask me any questions. - Oliver ran around the boundary the whole time. Looked fine, just needs fitness. - Lever ran around the boundary too. Looks much bigger in the upper body which was nice to see. Has obviously been hitting the weights hard. - Steven May. Wow. Easily the best trainer today. Is probably the best kick in our team and was looking very comfortable in front of goal too when having set shots for about 15 minutes. He could definitely go forward in games. Bedford tried to dance on May in a drill and May went straight at him and took him to the ground. Got a bit of an applause from the players and a laugh from the coaches. A good lesson for Bedford. This is AFL. May also lifted Nibbler up off the ground rugby style and almost flipped him over completely but he landed okay and continued. You could hear 'well done Stevie' throughout a lot of the training sessions. - Petracca ran around the boundary and he definitely still has the Petracca plod and could definitely strip weight off. - Harmes was running around the boundary and looking in great physical nick. He has dropped weight and is so thin around his waist now. - Sparrow is a good kick and hit a lot of 30m targets comfortably. I liked what I saw. - James Jordon seems to lack a bit of pace but if he can find his feet at afl level, I think it will be half back. Composed and a good user. Also pinged one from 55m off 1 step in between drills. - Preuss trained very well. His kicking is very good from what I saw. barely missed a target. - I can actually see why bedford slid to the 70's in the draft. he is quick and he has tricks but his kicking needs work. I think he will be quite shaky in front of goals. - Kade Chandler was the pick of the draftees today. He plays with intensity and is quick across the field. He could develop into a decent player. Has a bit of Ben Kennedy about him. LOL. And whilst Kennedy wasn't up to AFL standard that doesn't mean Chandler can't. A nuggety small forward left footer with intensity. - I wouldn't be holding my breath of Austin Bradtke making it. I don't want to go too early but he seemed way off the pace. In terms of physicality and skill. Even in training he seemed out of his depth. - After training finished, the draftees were forced to do a bunch (maybe 4 or 5) 300m run throughs as full pace. James Jordon was the pick of the bunch there. He tired in the last couple but he was clearly the best of the lot at these distances. nietschke performed well too.
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    Just welcomed a new Demon member to the world at just the right time that I can get to the game this Friday!!! Was due last Friday, arrived this morning, our 3rd child (2 girls, now a boy). Im taking this as an omen 😁😁😁
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    Beautiful September morning, thanks to the supporters, the crowd continued to grow as the session progressed, maybe 300 there. Plenty of MFC staff in attendance. The squad was very vocal. Rehab had Oskar Baker (looking closer to playing), Lachlan Filipovic, Corey Maynard and Bernie Vince. Bernie told a few he is a good chance to play next week (probably at Casey). Dean kent joined later and was running laps. Jack Viney training well. Dom Tyson wearing a long sleeved jumper but not much of a guard showing, he protected his arm a little bit but did a full session. Jordan Lewis trained well, near the end he did a few extra laps. Cam Pedersen was working with the forwards. Plenty of goal kicking for the forwards. The mids did some boundary drills and then joined the forwards for some hit up work, delivering the ball from outside 50 to leads. Backs mainly looking for links along the boundary and later creating a 3rd man peeling away to impact the one on one contest when the ball came in. The drills with the mixed group involved some soft one on one contests, ending in a linking player who had a kick at goal. All were involved. Plenty of kicking drills for everyone, getting them to kick to advantage with "stick" men acting as the opposition or kicking the ball after work on the wings to a leading forward. The simulations seemed to be a competitive without having hard contest. They were finding the player out the back of the pack, getting the extra defender to the one on one, taking some contested marks and creating overlaps. During the simulations, the Casey squad ran some laps (included was Mitch Hannan and Jayden Hunt). Joel Smith was in the simulations. There was some intense tackling drills between Charlie Spargo and Jay Kennedy Harris, then between Alex Neal-Bullen and Christian Petracca. Coach was giving them some detailed instructions for their techniques. None appeared to be carrying any niggles. The week off has helped. They are up and about. Plenty of joy in squad. Go Dees, From kev Martin
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    I popped by for about half an hour. I was standing pint road side of the oval so only really had a good view of the rehabbers. Rehab consisted of Jones, Tmac, Lever and Hannan. Jones looks like he’s not far off from going the main group. Doing a lot of ground work, running, running shot on goal etc. only thing he wasn’t doing was contact work. Tmac, not sure what’s up with him. He’s pulled out of AFLX. Fritsch his replacement. Wasn’t in the main group and was doing some marking drills with Stafford as I got there. Then game over to the rehab side of the oval and wasn’t doing a great deal of anything. He and Hannan left the track early. Hannan was going some goal kicking practice. Nice guy. Had a quick chat to him and asked him how far he is away from the main group. Said he had a minor knee op to clear out some floating bone that was irritating him from his previous op. Said he’s really happy now and will start running next week, do a good 6 week block of running and training and aim for a round 2 or 3 return. Lever was doing a lot of marking and kicking drills with Jones and Crossy, then did some laps of the oval fartlek style. Was building up some solid pace. If the club wasn’t taking the extra causious approach with him, he could’ve looked at possible return in the early rounds. He’s building nicely. Melksham was in the main group. I apologize I didn’t get to see much of the drills but at one stage down my end there was one drill where the were a chain of handballs where it was start at about 20m from goal, a chain of handballs going back towards the 50m arc and the final player coming through at full speed running towards the goal and having shots on goal. The chain of and handballs were fast and slick and the shots on goal were very accurate. Who whole drill was very clean. No dropped balls, players weren’t breaking stride and no shanked kicks. I must say big Pruessy kicking for goal was impressive. Harmsey and Trac had a tendency to hook the odd kick but overall it was pretty good. Hope this is ok. I’m just going from memory as I didn’t write down any notes. if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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    Woo hoo, they were looking good. Clean and doing the basics well in challenging conditions with a gusty wind a-blowing. Rehab had Lachlan Filopovic and Corey Maynard. Michael Hibberd was late on the track. He was running laps with effort, then did a little ball work but finished early. No sight of Dean Kent or Oskar Baker. The emphasis for the drill work was definitely goal kicking, with some tackling thrown in. The basics during ball work was very good, clean by foot and hand as well as decision making. No surprises for the line squads (Cam Pederson remains with the forwards). The simulations were based around rebounds off the halfback. Angus was a bit out of sorts. Goody dragged him and when he participated again he was switched on (responded well), Simulations included Joel Smith, Jayden Hunt and Jay Kennedy-Harris. After simulations the players gathered around with Jordan Lewis leading the talk. Bernie Vince on track. Stayed with the Casey Squad when they split during simulations, as did Jeff Garlett, Cam Pederson, Tom Bugg and Josh Wagner. A little physio on the field for Oscar McDonald and Angus Brayshaw, they will be right to go. Jack Viney, fitting in as if he had been there all year. Aaron vandenBerg, vocal and training well. Max Gawn doing everything right. Sam Wiedeman kicking beautifully, getting to the ball, marking and crumbing well. Christian Petracca at last kicking goals at practice (the coaches putting some extra time into helping him). Last to leave were Tom Mcdonald (kicking goals) and some backs including Neville Jetta (working with Dion Johnstone). Go Dees. From Kev Martin
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    I managed to get down to my first pre season training session for the year. Arrived roughly around 0940hrs and Hannan was already leaving the track so not sure what was happening there... As I walked to the boundary fence there was a hype of activity. Rehabbers doing all sorts drills with Crossy, the main squad doing what looked to be AFLX simulation, music was pumping, the Drone hovering and Bradtke doing some solo ruck work with the coaching staff and then a few guys running timed laps around the oval. Viney was running a few laps with good intensity and is looking a little leaner. Lever and Melksham were running with a staff member who looked to be pace setting. They would do two laps and then walk for a minute and repeat, about 10 laps in all at a good intensity. After Baker and Oliver had finished with their rehab duties they were running boundary laps 1 minute on 1 minute off. They both seem to be in good nick and will resume in contact work after the Christmas break. The main group went on to play 3/4 ground hot potato for 15 minutes or so. I was impressed with Sparrow and Bedfords ferocity, they laid quite a few good tackles and smothers to the applause of the Jade Rawlings, furthermore they are noticably quick. Joel Smith is in ripping shape, if he stays injury free, he will have a break out year... no doubt about it. Hibbo looking a little more cut and Garlett seem to be in a good place, he was displaying fantastic touch and footy nous, so i'll be keen to see how he travels next year. Following on from the Hot potato drill, the main group did some ground ball 3 on 1 drills which was a good laugh, especially seeing Spargo, Bedford and JKH trying to take down Gawn or Preuss. It took them a while but they finally got them down. Sparrow, Bedford and Garlett again impressed in these drills. Towards the end of the session, the main group were put through a fairly intense rotating circuit training where they would spend 30 seconds at each station and move on to the next. It consisted of Bag tackling, Machine rowers, straight arm Barbell plate sit ups, Speed ropes, Spin bikes and a few other interesting exercises which looked similar to Jiu Jitsu grappling which again got a lot of laughs from the spectators and media. Preuss basically just lied on top of Frost to catch a bit of respite not to Frosty's enjoyment. Finally to finish it off the main squad had to do full ground suicide runs. ANB, KK, C.Wagner and Jordon were the standouts here with C.Wagner crossing the line first followed by ANB who was 20 meters behind. Frost, May, Preuss and Weidemann were the last to cross. They all then jogged it back to the centre square for drinks and were sucking in the big ones with a few on all fours. Not too long after that the training session was finished around Noon.
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    I’m unexpectedly here. Down from Sydney and the timing worked out nicely. You can read about training but it’s something else being here. The main group are doing repeat 150metre sprints over and over. As they finish they jog back through a group of trainers who throw balls at them or ground balls which they pick up and pass back. Or at other times they go straight into shots on goal but very rapid and then jog back for the next 150. When you are right next to them you see just how brutal the running is. A lot of the running is in pairs with equally matched runners. I love what I’m seeing. They are clearly training them to execute skills straight off maximum exertion. It’s real game simulation rather than just running around recovering then do some gentle kicking. As you’d expect nowadays it’s super organised. No particular standouts in the running. However I did see ANB kick a goal straight through the middle. Halle bloody lujah. Preuss and Gawn were doing their own run throughs. I hope they get on they’re spending a lot of one on one time together. Preussy is a monster. Now running shoes off and footy boots on. The whole group have gone into a tight huddle in the middle. Someone has started up a chant and the whole group repeats the chant as one. Different phrases over and over. Finished by chanting I have no fear and jumping up and down on the spot. Incredible sense of commeraderie.
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    Reckon Spargo is due for a rest. Looks tired.
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    We owe the Cats. Last two losses down at Kardinia Park (111 and Zach T) reduced my eldest daughter to convulsive fits of despair and snot after the final siren. She used my shoulder and my 1980s hand-knitted scarf (marked with my own tears from 1987) as a hanky each time - it’s still intact and will be worn with pride this Fri night. Anyway, what a difference a few weeks make. Here she is running out with the boys for the GWS game last week, with all ahead of her and the team. Great photo full of hope, joy and purpose, from article here: http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-09-04/finals-experience-no-issue-lewis Go Demons!!!
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    Been a disappointment today, but I think this club has had a great year and while we had an opportunity it didn’t pan out our way. welcome back Lever, Hogan, Tmac and Viney for full years and I think we go one step further next year. Must Hunt top four and stay in Melbourne for all our finals. GO DEES!
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    Avid follower of the Dees since 75 - stuck with them through thick and thin. I built the websites for Western Demons here in WA ; on the commitee. Lived in WA for 22yrs now and its been a hard yard flying the colours in WA through the tough times. My late brother Greg used to drive down from Mildura to watch the games - sometimes I would go with him as a young kid. He passed on in 98 from a brain tumor at 37yrs. The Jim thing brang it all to the surface - it is always just below the surface. Greg was a truely mad Demons man & a one of a kind also. I write this in Gregs memory and he will be there when it counts - win or lose he will be there. Its a really personal journey for all the true supporters. Everyone has a story to tell - its been a long time. For all those before us & for all those that have stayed 100% true - we are back. Lap it up and be proud. I am sad and happy ; an emotional time bomb - its a really hard time for me. Go Dees - do it for yourselves - do it for those that cant be here - do it for us loyal supporters. We love you all.
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    Being there in person from the Gold Coast is incredible. The atmosphere will live with me forever! Unreal
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    What a fantastic win against West Coast - the club showed tremendous mental strength after a week of solid bashing in the media to beat the team 2nd on ladder and at their hostile home ground. I recommend a close listen to Simon Goodwin's press conference. He always makes a lot of sense if you listen carefully. http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2018-08-19/rd-22-simon-goodwin-media-conference "[Our supporters] have got a team they can really support" There is a whole new generation at the club and they are only responsible for what happens on their watch, not what happened 10, 20 or 50 years ago. This new generation has been unfairly carrying the burden of lack of success over the ages. They are only responsible for their own creation - and yes there have been failures e.g. 2017 R23, but there's been progress too - a lot more progress than failure. We're a young team learning the hard lessons the hard way. Losing culture is just in supporters minds - nowhere else. The club name is the same, the colours are the same, the supporters are the same - but the team is new. The biggest risk is supporters who have experienced disappointment over many years putting their own burden of poisonous negativity onto this group - you don't have to look far to find that here. We supporters need to show some mental strength and not jump off at the first sign of a speed bump. I want to appeal to all Melbourne supporters to really get behind this team through thick and thin. I'm very confident we're coming into a golden era for the club.
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    I thought that after the Mills incident but his piece in the Player's Voice and what I've heard from people who know him he's not. I think he's just a bloke who make a bad mistake and I think he's truly remorseful. Good luck Tom, hope the business goes gangbusters. Thanks for your efforts at MFC and helping us when we were rubbish.
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    I’m here. Let me know if there’s anything you want to look out for. Just standing next to the rehab group. Lever has clearly taken a strong leadership role. Just said to the group “Very good. Keep training game day habits. A lot of skills work going on. Passing to players on a lead and passing on to the next player. Said something like just run 100%” just spoke to Mitch Hannan. He said the knees feeling good. He’s getting a lot of running in now and hopes to be in full training in a few weeks. Asked him how does he feel walking into the AFL from the VFL the way he has and being on the website with the goal of the year and in a final. He said it’s surreal. He never imagined it. I said players come into the AFL and never play in a final and he’ll have that forever. He was beaming. I said he’s in for a great run. Others have been here 10 years and left with nothing. He said Thanks mate really appreciate it and ran off with a grin on his face. Go Dees Clarry just said back into full training in a couple of weeks. Standing next to the rehabers drink bottles by accident. It’s where they all come so perfect place to sneak in questions. Jonesy came over and went straight into boxing. I pity the poor bloke holding the pads. He’s pounding them. They have 2 computers set up just for rehab. One seems to have GOS data the other live footage just of their training.
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    A short sharp craft session followed by a run around the tan for some Preuss continues to impress, if he can translate what I see on the training track to games, he will be an asset, still have not seen him miss a kick, there was a short kick to him that dropped short, thought he would let it go but he scooped it up off the ground and nailed his kick going the other way Got some good pics of him and Gawny doing one on one Craft all about quick ball movement A few of the rehabbers joined session today, all the Hs, Harmes, Hunt, Hore, Tim Smith Jetta, Petracca, Oliver were still in 'rehab'group Melksham and Baker did a boxing session, as per the photo, got a bit willing a couple of times, fun to watch They are trying to fast track Bradtke, Stafford put him through a brutal half an hour at the end of the session A pleasing sight is Bernie Vince bouncing around, big smile on the dial
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    Apparently norf have already offered her 5 years at $1.2 mil a year
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    thanks mate , I can tell you that Miss 11 and 13 was more upset , than my 7 year old , I guess as we also sponsored Jesse we had met with him many times personally and so on, It was hard for the kids to take. I had explained to them some of the reasons and the cancer side of it too , they completely understood that , as we are sadly very familiar with cancer in our family. I must say though the club did ring me within minutes of the trade being done and tell me, which was a nice touch.
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    There is a miss conception by some on Demonland. The preferred position by our FD is and has always been for JH to stay. Let me make this point with absolute and clear authority. I have been told directly. The MFC is becoming a destination club. The FD is aware that doing the right thing by players...... even contracted stars to purse their own journey is required to becoming a destination club. As I have said before, this situation only started because JH in his end of season interview said he would not sign a contract extension over summer. He had yet to make a decision on whether he would move at the end of his contract. The discussion went forward from this point. He has never requested a trade. JH is happy to play for the Dees next season and is far from a certainty to ask to be traded next season. Talk that our FD preferred him to leave or thought we would have a more balanced team without him is utter and complete rubbish. I cant say this strongly enough. It is a fact. Our FD is ecstatic that JH appears to be staying for 2019. They are more than hopeful he will end up signing an extension. The FD are thinking this is his Dusty moment.
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/MattBurgan/status/1046642832914636800 For those who didn't know (like me), Matt Burgan is finishing up his 8+ years at the Dees from tonight. I know he's copped a bit of stick from a few on here, but he's always come across as a guy that really loved the footy club. Thanks for everything Burgs.
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    I'm pretty flat after that. The Eagles mugged us from the opening bounce and everything they did turned to gold, both from a coaching stand point to even parts where we would smother a ball and it would still land in their lap. Everything that has made us so good in this finals series abandoned us and we didn't know what to do. That will come with experience. BUT... I am still super, super proud of the boys for not only fighting on today, but for all they have achieved this season. Every single supporter would have taken a Prelim Final appearance at the start of the year, and we KNOW how good this side can be. We have shown so many positives this season, from the emergence of a variety of players, to how much our game plan has improved and evolved throughout the year. So, even though this is a really tough pill to swallow, stand up and be proud. The Demons are back, and while we might have been vanquished this time around, I'll be backing in the coaches, players and us as supporters to come back bigger and stronger next season. I can't wait for 2019 already and what the future will bring for this club. Even facing a loss like this, how couldn't you still find a way to smile about just how good things can be in the very near future? It's great to think about, even as flat and disappointed as I'm feeling right now. Bring on 2019 and a Demons premiership!
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    Spoke to Clayton for 5 minutes at the Casey match on Saturday and was telling him my lad and I were driving back to Adelaide after the match after making the trip for both finals so far. Clayton "So are you coming to Perth?" Me "Probably not, I'm going to save my coin for the week after" <cheekily> Clayton "Great idea! Don't stress - We got this! See you in a couple of weeks" <with some serious confidence> I don't like Clarry..... I LOVE HIM!
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    Long time lurker, first time poster. First Demons training session I have attended since the early/mid 90's when Jelly Legs, Balls, Jacka and Mouse where all still running around. Unfortunately I saw little training that night as they were just finishing up. Luckily we found our way to the change rooms where Garry Lyon held sway and we got to rub shoulders with some of my heroes. Anyhow, moving on... Buffalo has summed up the session well so I'll just add some highlights for me: - Aaron Davey. What a top fella, just absolutely rapt to be there and involved. Lovely bloke and really giving of his time. And still a beautiful kick. So good to see him at the club in any capacity. - Sam Weideman is much like I have read in other reports, carrying muscle now and a little bit of a strut. When he cracks in there is a decent thump, which I heard whilst on the fence. And his leap will worry opponents. - Jeff Garlett looks engaged and vibrant. Even aggressive at times. Good to see. - Steven May is a unit. And looks fitter than previous seasons. Shame about the hamstring niggle. - Tom McDonald has a great sense of ball drop as a forward. The fact he can see ball, get ball and not care about what his opponent is doing shows what a great move it was sending him forward. Think against Geelong in the Elimination final when Blicavs was looking for Tom and Tom was looking for the ball. He was showing the forwards a few tips regarding timing your jump at the ball and not needing too many steps to get there. - Angus Brayshaws haircut. - Gawn and Preuss go together like peas and carrots. - JKH looks fit and running on top of the ground. There is a really handy player in there, hopefully his confidence at training and VFL translates to AFL. And lastly, what a great bunch of young men. A credit to the club and their families. After training they were outstanding with the supporters, of which there were quite a few.
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    When they played the national anthem, the Melbourne players and their coach stood as one with arms interlocked while their Geelong counterparts stood as individuals. It’s all about the team and not individuals and our boys played like a team all night - the others played for themselves as exemplified by their captain’s tantramous exit onto the interchange bench in the third quarter when he robbed his team of a certain goal at a crucial time in the game.
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    Jordan Lewis just said on 3AW, the crowd last night was in the top 3 crowds he’s ever played in front of. He said the noise and support for us was phenomenal.
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    Can confirm every MFC player and coach was here in the rooms for the song
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    Came to us when we were a rabble and nobody wanted us. Thanks for your services Bernie, wise decision also. Got the most out of himself.
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    It’s thoroughly ridiculous to declare the Tyson trade a bust because we might trade him out 5 seasons after the fact. He was a ready to go inside mid, who instantly made us better at the time. He might be surplus to requirements now but he was the player we needed in 2013 as the rebuild began.
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    I spoke with Jayden Hunt’s dad last week and he told me that Jayden was buoyed by the fact that Goodwin told him in his Exit interview that he was a required player and they would not entertain any trade discussions about him. His Dad mentioned that Jayden is really targeting the Wing position as his best chance of breaking in.
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    The mornings session was sharp and sweet. Blink and you would miss it. Plenty of media there. They seemed to be in a joyous mood. There was lots of talk and regularly they gathered in small groups to have discussions. Probably related to structures. Rehab had Bernie Vince, Oskar Baker, Dean Kent and Lachlan Filopovic. Bernie, Oskar and Crossy doing some nice kicking to moving targets (Great for Oskars development). Kenty doing laps. They started off doing kicking practice, then split into their lines. The mids did hit ups to the forwards. Backs continued kicking. Goodwin spent time with the forwards. At one time structured them up without any ball play. Jack Viney did some one on one work getting his touch with below knee drills. Some work with drills to stop the opponent recieving the handball off the mark from running on. The forwards and mids finished with goal kicking. Sam Frost doing some work running up the wing and then kicking the ball to a coach. No Aaron vandenBerg, probably being managed. He had been in the test group the last two weeks. James Harmes at training. Mitch Hannan having long discussion with Max Rooke. Last to leave were Jake Melksham and Christian Petracca who were goal kicking. Go Dees, from Kev Martin
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    Ventured out to Maroochydore today with the family and it was a great day. Spoke with May, Lever, Viney, Gawn, TMac and Preuss. May is a great fella and very easy to talk to. Is loving being at the dees and is in great nic and looking forward to rd1. He said GC is like a melb was in our dark days/yrs which was interesting. He is a much bigger unit than I thought he was. He is also looking forward to slotting into melb backline and playing with hibbo, Jetta and Lever etc. said there was a really good feel about the place. Lever was in the ice baths so he couldn’t get away when I started talking to him ha ha. He was easy to talk to and said he was looking at a round 3-5 return but is 4 weeks away from joining the main group. Said his knee was progressing really well and looking forward to playing. I asked if he would be put back straight into the seniors or via the reserves and he said prob through the reserves to get his match fitness up. Really nice bloke and he is keen as mustard to get back. Viney loves being married. I asked about all his injuries and surgeries and he said he is progressing well and is well ahead of where he was last yr. He should be ready for rd 1 and is really excited about getting back into it. Said it feels really good around the club which seems to be the general consensus with the players. As we know viney is a great bloke. Gawn is Gawn and was happy to take photos and signatures. My daughter didn’t want a photo with him but Gawn convinced her to have one ha ha. He is really looking forward to playing along side Preuss and is looking forward to rd1. Tmac was another who was happy to chat and said his toe was good but just has some problems with blisters on and around his toe but this would be managed. He is confident his toe won’t give him problems this season. Looked in very good Nic and very accurate in front of goal which was good to c. Preuss was happy to be at the dees and is looking forward to getting a really good combination going with Gawn. Looked in great condition and worked separately at times with Gawn. Brayshaws haircut was a result of his brothers trying to be hairdressers ha ha Best bogan haircut I have seen for a while. He is looking great shape too Also spoke briefly to Kielty who is looking forward to trying to crack it into the seniors on a regular basis which was good to hear. Competition for spots is what we want Didnt get to speak with Trac but from what I saw he doesn’t seem to be hinder by any knee problems. Looks in great nic too. I have posted some photos below which was taken with my iPhone so I apologise in advance for the quality Overall it was a really good day and the players are working hard and looking forward to the season. Hopefully we have a cracker of a season. Go dees.
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    Can't make it on Friday so decided to have a last look before 2019. It was slightly windy, but the standard of kicking appears up a notch - it was only four years ago when the only blokes likely to hit another player lace up were Jonesy and Wattsy. Now almost everyone can nail a pass keeping it low. Everyone has their favourites, but my two standouts on the track were Joel Smith - he played as a forward in a short spell of close to genuine match practice - and Bayley Fritta - whose left foot passing from a very undermanned midfield was Salemesque. Most of our young heroic midfielders - Angus, Olly, Trac and Harmesy trained with the remedial group early along with hardworkers VDB and Stretch plus big O-Mac, Jayden, Jetta and Marty Hore. It was possibly our best ever rehab group and Marty looks class - a bit reminiscent of Warren Dean. he wil add to our left-foot clearance contingent. Pleasingly Jayden kept the ball low and hard all morning - maybe someone has been advising him. Olly and Baker primarily did laps. Lever and Jack Viney made very short appearances. Jake just did a few kicks and Jack did a few run throughs, although dad Todd lasted the whole session, catching up with Matt Jones at one stage. No sign of Jordy or Melky. It was hard not to notice how lively both Weid and Frosty were, Hibbo was also very impressive and while he may hunch over like an old man a lot, our new boy Steven May hit more targets than Michael Diamond. Two other things stood out to me. The sense of calm watching training that now exists because we now have a back-up ruckman. I am not sure Preussy's athleticism is going to let him play as a forward, but if Gawny does get injured at some stage next season, we now don't have to alter the game plan. And Casey midfielders are going to love him. The other thing was that T-Mac has taken his lack of fashion to a new level - he has added pink boots to his white sock repertoire. Not quite Warwick Capper, but a job in Richmond as a meter made awaits him when he retires.
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    Tossing or turning whether to go with this in a report because I don't want to be premature, nor do I want to get others overly excited. But I guess it's December so even I can be positive. I'll also say that Josh Wagner is one of the best 5 kicks at training and even the worst kicks hit their targets more times than not in simple drills. That said, here's my big call - James Jordon might be the best kick on the list. He's balanced, has a simple action and has lovely penetration and shape on his kicks. The guys did a drill that required a kick from the wing to land up in front of a forward who was positioned 10m or so inside the boundary. The gusty wind took apart the guys with suspect techniques - Maynard and Tommy Mc kicked floaters and Frost was sending them everywhere, even some of the better kicks were missing short or long. Jordon's kicks were cutting through the breeze and landing in front of the eyes of the forwards.
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    THE KID - A TRIBUTE TO COLIN by Whispering Jack There are some truly endearing memories that I have of the Kid, one or two of them off the ground and others on the field of play. It seemed to me that at every club function I attended, one of the constants was the sight of the much-loved Colin Sylvia, face smiling and friendly, surrounded by admirers, young and old, male and female. There was the promotional clip (Foxtel, I think) with Colin in the locker room beside skipper David Neitz draped in towels and joking. It was as if, from the very beginning, the new boy on the block was being typecast as a larrikin, albeit a lovable one who, in our hopes, would one day become a hero. And that was the problem for the recruit from Merbein which, during my childhood produced another star Demon in Hassa Mann, a shy country lad who went on to captain the club, played in a few premierships and was a solid citizen off the field. The new kid from Merbein simply kept getting into trouble. There were problems with a girlfriend, he broke team curfews, missed the odd recovery session, left the scene of a car accident (it’s unclear if he was the driver). He was often in the wrong place and the wrong condition at the wrong time but we all still loved him. After all, he was going to be our hero. On the field, he was something else. The first time I saw him was in a practice match for Melbourne’s then affiliate Sandringham, at the Beach Road Oval, ironically named after another blond larrikan Trevor Barker who also passed at far too young and age but from cancer. There was one brief moment that defined Sylvia’s potential as a contender when he gathered the ball near the centre, swiveled past an opponent and barreled the ball from 70 metres out. Years later when I recalled that piece of play with him at a club best and fairest night, he laughed and said he remembered it but thought the kick was “from closer to 80 metres out”. It took a year or so to get his career going and it built slowly but surely within a few years during which time he grew in stature to the point that it wasn’t necessary to call him by his surname. He was Colin and we loved him. The tough break for Colin was that Melbourne went into decline just as he was approaching his prime. Most supporters would agree that his best game came on Sunday, 24 May, 2009 on the MCG in front of almost 40,000 fans against Hawthorn when he amassed 24 kicks, 13 handballs, 9 marks and 4 goals that were just not enough to get the Demons across the line. He continued to play good football for the year despite the fact that the club was regularly accused of tanking its matches and again into 2010 but at around that time, the injuries in the form of groin and shoulder problems came, the team was performing miserably as the veterans left while other young saviours who were replacing them struggled. The contender was also struggling to live up to his potential status as a hero; he was failing and the fun had gone. After 157 games and 129 goals, the Kid departed for Fremantle at the end of 2013. Things didn’t work out in the West and, amid ongoing controversy about his attitude and behaviour under Ross Lyon, Colin managed six more games that were mostly unremarkable. Career over before his 29th birthday with life after football bringing further challenges for a young man who found retirement from the game at its top level a tough gig. Colin was working to get his life on track when his car collided with another vehicle last Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Nineteenth Street and Benetook Avenue in the Mildura suburb of Irymple. He died on the scene and will be buried today. We loved him to death - our deepest sympathies go to his family. “I'm the kid who has this habit of dreaming Sometimes gets me in trouble too But the truth is I could no more stop dreaming Than I could make them all come true” - Buddy Mondlock
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    Hi All, I'm a one eyed docker who will be going to the game on Saturday with my filthy eagles mates. We need to add some more red and blue to the stadium so I'm on the lookout for a Melbourne guernsey I can borrow for the day, will pick it up and drop it off to you in the perth metro area. I'm a mens size L let's raise hell!
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    Completely against the run of the umpires.
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    How good has he been since hes come back to the side!? I've always rated him and was shocked how he wasn't in the team earlier on the year. Fast, powerful, courage, 2nd efforts are just some of the traits thats really stood out this year! On ya Frosty!
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