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    Sorry if a re-post. Just saw it on Reddit. Playing with fire!
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    Love this kid. Three games in and he already looks the goods. Dont forget to smash that Like button if you agree.
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    Dropped by training for 30 minutes this morning in beautiful sunny and calm conditions. Neville was running laps endlessly with Crossy, OMac running laps as well and AVB walking around a little. Viney showed up late and did some close in ball work with Hannan but not much else. Didn’t sight Lever while I was there. The others were going hard at it with numerous drills moving the ball by foot, kicking low 30m passes to a player on the lead. It wasn’t perfect but I thought most players were hitting their targets. These 30 meter passes are the ones we seem to be over cooking on the few occasions that our mids lower their eyes when delivering to a target in our forward line. There were also numerous drills where a player had to move through heavy traffic to get the ball with other players armed with the big pads,so there were some heavy hits as players tried to crash through. Harmes, JKH, KK, Stretch and Jeffy were involved in all the quick ball movement drills, moving well and delivering to targets. There was a lot going on around the ground so it was hard to take it all in. Training finished with the usual freestyle goal kicking practice at the northern end where players practiced whatever they needed to I suppose, set shots from 40 m for some, running snap shots for others. i have mentioned previously that given our abysmal set shot accuracy this year why aren’t our forwards working on technique and routine with a specialist coach to iron out their issues. So it was interesting when at the end of training Brendan McCartney came over for a chat and said he was not happy with the standard of training, that there is still a lot of work needed if we are to improve and the playing group, although young had to understand this. I asked him about our goal kicking yips and shouldn’t we be working on our technique more and developing routines. His response was interesting, yes they are spooked on setshots but no we have done all that technique stuff, it will only turn around when they stop thinking about it. By which I think he means to stop thinking about the mechanics of it all because that is self defeating. This makes sense when I think about it because no matter what level of sport you played you will at some stage executed something well above your normal level and I bet when you did you were not thinking much about technique, more likely you were thinking of outcomes and the rest was just happening subconsciously.
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    Could be a real surprise for us Demon fans. I have watched him since he was about 12 or 13 playing for Sale Magpies footy Club U/16's and he has worked so very hard to progress this far. Is a real chance to play a lot of AFL. At 18 he may still grow a tad but at present is just slightly shorter and lighter than Josh. Like his brother and sister Lara (Melb Vixens Netballer), he is a student of the game he plays. Has talent in spades and is respected by all down here in Sale and Yarram where his family home is. A real hard worker too which might be a bonus this year. The whole family are sports achievers of the highest calibre. Good Luck Kyle.
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    I went along to Willy Oval by the sea today as I live down that way. Just a few notes on the game. Willy are a team full of "pit bulls" as Rawlings called them and they are at you all game. In broad terms they closed down the contest, got the game on their terms, then kicked about 6 goals in a row from the end of the second to the first goal of the last qtr. It was a good test for us and as of the seniors, we came up short. Lever was playing pretty well, his disposal was excellent, he was taking the kick-ins and our back line was on top when he went for a contested ball up on the far wing and looked to twist his ankle. He immediately started hobbling, came off, got his ankle strapped, did a couple of run-throughs, went to half time then came out and sat out the game with his ankle iced. I watched him a lot even when he came off before his injury and at the quarter time break and he is definitely not comfortable yet on his knee. He was very aware of it, stretching and itching it a lot. He is so skinny it will take us all a season to get used to his gangly running action but I am pretty sure he didn't re-injure the knee in any way. He will however be a good 3 to 4 weeks away from seniors footy and probably at least a couple from the Casey games. We also lost Maynard in the second qtr to a dangerous tackle (no free) and he was concussed and out for the day. So we were down two players and all of a sudden we had to shuffle the deck and they got on top. One player I really wanted to see against a strong midfield was Sparrow but he was also out (rested I hope and presume). He was part of a good winning midfield against Essendon a couple of weeks ago where he had a run with role with their best mid (number 4) and did a good job. So with Sparrow out we pushed James Jordan into the middle and he was changing with Lewis off half back and it was working well, both Lewis and Jordan getting lots of the ball and driving us forward, but they tightened up, especially on Lewis and then Maynard went off and they got control of the midfield. Preuss was okay but their ruck was six inches shorter than Preuss so they just wrestled and did all sorts of illegal things to stop his influence and the umps didn't pay one free to Preuss. If they had stopped all the illegal stuff he would have been better but they completely dulled any influence he might have on the game for the period they dominated. He got loose a bit in the last and gave some nice taps to advantage but the game was already gone. JKH was our best player. They tried to tag him but he was too clever and was the classiest player out there. He has developed his defensive game a lot in the last year and laid a lot of tackles as well. He did drift out of the game a bit at times but was pretty good for 4 qtrs and is the most likely for a step up to seniors. He played wing very well and would take Stretch's or Jones's position. If given a good run at it, I'm sure he can become top 22. And why not given we won't play finals this year. Weid was Okay. He cannot take body position well in a pack yet and may never be capable of that role. He also doesn't always run to the right spots and he got hands to, but dropped a lot of marks. But he did take a couple of lovely grabs when given a clear run at the ball. For the most part he was our number one forward today and as such was hassled out of a lot of contests but he isn't ready to come into the seniors and add much more than Smith does. A bit of a negative review I know but for those thinking theres depth down below, think again. In an ideal world we would leave Weid in the seconds for another year, get him to put on another 5-10 kilo of pure muscle, increase his strength and get him to concentrate on getting his percentages at marking contests up closer to 20% rather than the 5% he's operating at now. Hannan was okay, looked fit and well, a little rusty and maybe one more before a call-up but given such a long lay-off a very good return. Bedford had more impact than Chandler today, he played the small forward role quite well and hopefully can develop further this year. Both okay but definately not ready for any senior footy. Lewis and James Jordan. Lewis was good and did well not to get reported as they gave him plenty of stick. He was very good in the first qtr delivering off the half back-line but when we lost Maynard he had to go to the contest more and wasn't as effective. He may still get a recall as he looked fit and well and had a good attitude. James Jordan, I think this was one of the first times they used him on ball and he was good, lots of tackles and little dish outs, he should be proud of his game and he shows plenty of promise. Overall, Willy probably had the best three or four players out there today and are a pretty good side who play their home ground well and played well for each other. Their commitment was what won it and something that once again seems to have gone missing from Melbournes whole footy department.
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    Got to training late this morning. Petty was walking off to the rooms early; didnt sight Lever, nor Angus, Viney or Lewis; competitive drills where they had to clear the ball from a stoppage and get the ball to an outside runner who would deliver a pass to the leading forward coming out of the goal square, closely checked by a defender. Pruess vs May for much of the drill. Does that mean anything? May trained strongly, Oscar B was impressive in a contested drill where you had to work the ball through heavy traffic, get the ball to a coach and then try to smother his kick. Got the smother in everytime. While the key backs practiced punching high ball kicked into Rawlings with a pad on his back, the others did a session of goal kicking. It seemed to be just a free for all of set shots and snaps, no inkling of any coach working on set shot technique! I haven’t seen anyone working with our key forwards on technique and routine etc. must be old school. I watch Weid out 2 ones straight through from 45 dead in front, no issues there at practice but game day.... and watching the key backs in the punching drill there was no emphasis on punching the ball to the boundary side on the contest. They got complimented whether they punched it inboard or straight ahead...again I must be old school, (where is Anthony Ingerson these days)? That was about it for observations.
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    Your ace reporting team has just returned from training today at Marrara to the Daily Planet desk to file this demonland exclusive. Todd Viney Demon Kicking Coach! In what was a 'closed' training session Christian Petracca , Jack Viney and Mitch Hannan were practicing their goal kicks under the watchful eye of former demon's champ Todd Viney. Whilst conditions this morning were not conducive to practicing goal shooting, (wind gusts up to 43 km from a strong dry season sou' easterly accompanied by a delightfully balmy top end temperature of 26.4 degrees celsius were observed by the Bureau). Consequently many of the goal kicks missed the major opening. The kicking actions were recorded to mp4 or similar for later review. Meanwhile the rest of the team were involved in the usual training drill variations at the michael long centre end of the ground. Michael Hibberd appeared to have fully recovered from his recent collision injury, Mitch Hannan was moving freely and Christian Salem looked in great shape. Training was supervised by various line coaches including Max Rooke who cast an imposing figure. Ben Matthews briefly addressed the team and spoke about opening up space for forward fifty forays which he said was "critical" . We assume in reference to produce opportunities to kick a winning score. As training wound down most of the team practiced goal kicking, Tim Smith and Tom McDonald were the standouts able to adjust to the windy conditions with low trajectory drop punts. Overall impression team morale and to use a "Goodyism" cohesion appeared to be on the positive end of the spectrum. It was touching to see the camaraderie between Gus, Frosty and young Clarrie.
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    Finishing the season strongly. Close thread.
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    sad so to read this , no words can be said my deepest condolences goes out to you brad and family anyone who has lost a wife ( partner ) , the mother of their children , I can tell you its so F&*King hard , so hard to tell the kids so hard to get up again try explain it to a 6, 9 and 11 year old , I can feel you pain Brad and know exactly whats coming , I really hope the club gets around you and you have support . you will miss your wife everyday , every minute , the little things that break you down , over and over again you never forget , you sadly learn to live with it . I tell my kids about their mum any chance i can. Mark
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    I suspected there would have to be at least one fool suggest Frost be dropped. If Frost were to be dropped, which won’t happen by the way, there would never have been a player dropped previously that has come off such a solid bank of games. Last night he soundly beat Tex Walker, a 400 career goal kicker, and you want him dropped. WTF.
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    I've decided that Tim Smith hasn't received anywhere near enough praise for his contribution. 3.3 is possibly our highest number of scoring shots by an individual for the season? Keeps taking contested marks. This is a bloke is his 11th game. If he had a different back story/recruitment path he would be being lauded right now. Unfashionable but currently important.
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    Was probably tired from carrying 21 men on his back all day
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    Essendon lose, Hawks lose, Dees win, Cats lose and Richmond is 9th again. Good weekend!
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    Oh goody. A thread to shitcan Carlton to detract from our own abysmal situation. Carry on.
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    Sorry Kyle. You probably deserved a bit better that us mate. Not even an hour into your MFC career and some of these so called “supporters” labelling you already. Good luck son.
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    Went along as it was close to home. Ground undergoing significant development but pleasingly there's a lot of seating that isn't up in the stand...just seats built into the terraces. Works well. Sausage was burnt, pie was good. Didn't try the lager on top but regularly buy Coburg lager from the local IGA. Its good stuff. Of the MFC boys: -Lewis. Played mostly well, it's either that the team has been told to play through him or he just gets himself open in the right spots, so got a ton of the pill. Either way, his kicking i50 was a highlight. Had a poor final quarter though, began to get caught in traffic and started lining blokes up as he is prone to do. In quite a few situations went for a headhigh bump instead of tackle and was lucky not to connect. Also squibbed a couple of high balls. A good game, not a promotion earning game, but we know his output can be good on his day. -Wagner. Always looks good at this level where he uses his speed and footskills to create. Looks like he knows his better than this and would love to see him bring this confidence to the 1s. However, his best position is definitely as a centre man and I think he's just too slight to ever be damaging at AFL level. Even in VFL, if he gets tackled he pretty much gets pinned for HTB 80% of the time. -Maynard. Opposite to CWag, holds his ground and frame very strongly in the contest and as a result is a key inside distributor at this level. You can tell he's been trained in a good inside midfield AFL setup. Also went forward and pleasingly took a number of good marks where his size stood out. However, for the most part his kicking and decision making lets him down in either finding a teammate or having a shot. But this isn't new news. Is good depth and good to have around a VFL team because he's a good player at this level. Wouldn't be surprised if Casey sign him upon MFC delisting like old mate mitch white. -Dunkley. I watched his VFL debut against Werribee and missed his day out against Collingwood...fair to say he's gotten used to the level from Werribee when he looked off the pace. For a 19 year old he has good size and the confidence to take on tacklers with a decent little sidestep. Is a long kicking player who fits a part time HF / midfield role quite well. There's something to like here no doubt, he seems to have good game sense and spatial awareness and a good inside/outside mix. Will get a game for the Ds at some point this year. He is a natural VDB replacement at a good age without the sheer pace and power, but a bit more craft. Doesn't have Hannans X factor so can't really replace Mitch in the 1s just yet. Saw he kicked a goal in the stats, must have been Casey's first as I did arrive late. Was pleased to see him blocking intelligently for Wagner at a number of stoppages to try and get Corey loose. -Chandler. Is a busy little player who seems to have a thirst for it and good ball skills, but I worry he's just not quick enough to have the weapons required at the top level at his size. A handy player at this level. May have gotten injured as I didn't see him after half time. -Bedford. With a year or two I think this kid might be playing in the 1s. Has some stuff to learn and isn't as skilled as I would like on the run on the outside, but you can see he knows how and when to use his natural pace, but in an unusual kind burst at the contest kind of way. Wins more than his fair share of contests and 1%s for a kid his size and is a willing tackler. Has some spunk and was very happy with his final qtr goal after getting a bit of stick from the very game Coburg crowd. -Bradtke. Is extremely raw in every sense and is out of most contests until the ball is in the air. Is half as thin as those defending him but reads the ball very well mid flight and takes or almost takes most things that come his way. Got the MFC boys in the stand very excited when he nearly took a mark in the goal square before kicking it over his head for a goal. Popular amongst the group it seems. -Keilty. Again, a very good player at this level and is a real leader in this team. Important all day around the ground with his marking/spoiling and tackling. Had one particularly outstanding smother on the half forward flank when Coburg were coming. Has a lot of attributes and with luck will be a Pedersen style journeyman, though his versatility may cost him like it did with Cam. Not brilliant at anything, but good to very good at lots. -Preuss. Absolutely dominated the ruck all day, a number of handy hitouts as well as a strong marking performance particularly in the 1st half. Despite this, I can see why he isn't getting a game beyond structural issues. A number of times at opposition kick outs he would sprint toward the wrong flank and the opposition would just go the other direction to avoid him. Because he only really has one burst in him he then very slowly works his way back across the ground, letting his Coburg man run off him in the process. The lack of tank is an issue they need to fix, and combine that with a bit of game knowledge. Nonetheless, a big strong player who makes the opposition worried. We are lucky to have him as depth. Whilst I don't think he deserves a call up necessarily, old Oscar Mc for Brisbane of Casey of old took a bunch of contested marks against the saints with Stefan Martin playing ruck 1, so this may be a week for Brayden to come in. -KK. Is very slowly getting back into footy. With time and space you can see he has the class and seems to have good running patterns that result in him receiving a lot of ball in threatening overlap positions. However, constantly misweights his kicks and misses targets. Conditions difficult yes, but a stark contrast to Lewis who hits most targets with a quick hand to ball drop. Isn't particularly great in the contest considering his stock but I he was steak knives for a reason. Has a way to go, I hope he doesn't get an MFC game anytime soon. For his sake, needs to have a good run of consistency at this level and hit the targets he should have the skill to hit. -Spargo. Charlie had a bit of a tough day. We know he's a good tackler for his size but when he gets it, seems to want to put a few steps on defenders with misdirection but invariably gets tackled and HTB. Happened several times. Has a bit too much instruction flowing through his head which is natural for a stint of 2nd year blues. Was called out at 3qtr time as someone who needed to give a bigger effort and he responding by Grassing a sitter in the goal square when Casey needed a goal after a well weighted pass from Maynard. Having an ordinary year. -JKH. Thought he was clearly in the top 3 on ground, was kicking with purpose and is noticeable he has better stamina at this level than most. Halved a number of contests he had no right to and generally ran hard and linked up all day, hit a lot of targets. May get a call up if a mystery injury to a mid/HFF happens. At this stage, I probably prefer him to ANB to be honest. -Jordon. Was very young when we drafted him and they've thrown him to the wolves by playing him in the guts for a number of weeks now. Gives his all against bigger bodies and is tougher than I thought he would be. The flipside is his kicking isn't what it is renowned for. Nonetheless, needs a couple of years down here and may be a player one day. Appears very coachable and compliant. Think that's everyone. The MFC boys were there in good numbers with no noticeable limps (I checked Viney as he pulled up in the last few minutes on Saturday). Frost very generous with his time to a number of passer-bys. Jetta part of defensive huddles. Baker seems in with the cool group of Oliver/harmes/petracca ....can only be mostly good for him to feel apart of that midfield. Lever there I think for the dual purpose of seeing the team and watching I think his brother Tyson no.7 for Coburg? Tyson seemed popular win the local Coburg supporters but wasn't overly impressive as an undersized left footed key back I thought.
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    People on here kick and scream like little children when they hear nothing from our president. President comes out and says something = same people still kick and scream.. 🤦‍♂️
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    'Massive relief' as Weideman signs on http://melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-06-07/massive-relief-as-weideman-signs-on
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    From our newsbreaker @Dee Zephyr Fantastic news. Weight off my shoulders From Sam: “I’m a Demon through and through now,” he said. “I love the club, I love the players and I love the supporters, so it’s a team that I’m going to be barracking for the rest of my life, so I can’t wait for the years to come.” Hope that Eddie reads that! It sounds like the contract negotiations have taken a real toll which might explain why his form has dropped off this year. Now that the load is lifted he can just focus on footy! Really look forward to his development and being a major cog in our team. Time to get behind him!
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    Well done Frosty. Keep sticking it up the haters & the doubters. Played on their talls as well as Walters at various times and was terrific. Doubtless, the haters will only focus on the 2 mistakes instead of the 10 positives.
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    How good was Frosty today! Great game by him and Petty has a future don’t you worry.
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    This is great... very proactive stuff from the club. Jade back in as forwards coach. Love it.
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    Jesus. Viney finally starting to find some form. Last game he looked fitter and able to do more and last night I thought he was one of our best.
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    KK played on one wing, JKH the other, they both had very slow starts barely sighted in the first quarter. JKH was the spark for the team in the 2nd quarter to get them going, he would've had double figure possessions in that quarter alone. After that he was only serviceable, same as KK was only just a game from him. Lewis was BOG by the mile of the straight, he worked tirelessly all day in and under packs and the outside with measured possessions. If he's not in for Wagner next week I'll be surprised. Speaking of Wagner his brother was also immense all day, our second best mid in terms of game impact even if the stats don't show it. Pruess was so dominant in the hitouts Coburg were just trying to read off his hands rather than their undersized under siege ruckman, around the grounds he was good but not great. It wasn't a day for big marks, conditions dictated that so he didn't dominate in the air as much. It was interesting that for the whole match we didn't have a single Melbourne listed player start in the back 6 after a goal, such are the injuries we've copped this year, so the defence never really filled you with confidence. Two Casey players both got felled behind the play today, one Coburg player at the very least #29 dropped Freeman in a cowardly act for which he was reported, plenty for the vfl tribunal to look at. Of the rest of the demons, Bedford, Spargo, Kielty and Chandler were very poor, Maynard was his usual industrious self in traffic and got better as the game went on, Dunkley was only ok and still haven't seen anything of note in Jordan. The biggest cheer of the day came from the 22 blokes sitting behind me in the grandstand who happened to play on the Mcg Saturday when bradtke attempted a huge pack mark, almost pulled it in, but instead grabbed the spillage and snapped it over his head for a goal, he's obviously a big favourite amongst the playing group. He's as raw as sushi, but the building blocks are there he looks a likely long term prospect. A bitterly cold day best forgotten, Casey did just enough against very poor opposition in trying conditions, they'll just be happy to take the 4 points and move on from this one.
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    21 possessions (10 contested), 432 metres gained (#1), 8 inside 50s, 5 score involvements, 2 goals. His stats don’t tell the full story either. He is a smart player under pressure and he doesn’t fumble. Two things we are crying out for. We’ve found one here.
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    At least we were reminded of who the real #1 ruck is
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    Unfortunately yes, the booing of Goodes expanded to a level I've never witnessed in any other game for any other player. Not even single occasions, after some particularly ugly early incident in a game where a player was booed for the rest of the game. I have literally never heard the kind of booing that Goodes received. It was the calling the girl out, it was the dance, it was that he didn't back down on it when the nuff-nuff army demanded it. Ugh, I'm still recalling the sick feeling up at a Sydney game, when the Hawthorn portion of the crowd ramped it up. The ball was out of play, nothing was happening, people where I was were looking around and up at the replay trying to figure out if there had been a trip or someone had been thrown into the fence. Nope, just Goodes, not even involved in the play, happened to be standing near a segment of Hawthorn reserved seating. There was a tangible sadness across the rest of the crowd (including, maybe especially, many other Hawthorn supporters) as they realised what was happening. It actually sucked a lot of life out of the crowd atmosphere for a while. Not like any other booing I've ever witnessed. Acknowleging that more than a few people out there in the poltiical world have run off with this to use it as leverage, I'll try to run through my own thoughts in the spirit of honest engagement and all that. Other indigenous players generally weren't booed or abused (well, less so since the late 90s at least) because they weren't being, shall we say, 'uppity'. There's a pretty obvious unwritten code that you'll be welcome as long as you keep within the nicey-nicey political correctness realms. Think 'theme round' and special guernsey designs. That 'keep it nice' issues kind of answers the next question, about Goodes fanning the flames. No doubt it did increase the sense of confrontation, even if it was wildly overblown by the people so 'offended' by it, but I suppose the question Goodes might ask is 'why am I expected to have to worry about fanning such a stupid flame?'. Bizarrely, I think Goodes found himself in the bind that mostly people with quite opposite views find themselves in; you say or do something a little controversial to begin with, the twitter storm erupts out of all proportion, everyone starts volunteering any excuse they can to heap more confected shame upon you, and if you don't back down then you officially become the worst person in the world. As for 'how racist is Australia really'... definitely not as racist as many like to claim, definitely more racist than others like to claim. Thinking hard here... hmmm... on the one hand, Australia has made such tremendous progress on racial and cultural issues in just a couple of generations, and could make a realistic claim to being the world's least racist nation overall. Trouble is, that isn't a smooth result and there are still many filthy horribly racist corners, and there are still some really obvious racial glass ceilings. But because it tends to happen in one organisation at a time or one group of bastards at the end of the street at a time, it has very low visibility anywhere else. One way to put it - it is no longer 'normal' to be racist in Australia, but, for Aboriginal people, it is still very 'normal' to come up against really horrible racism in both personal and professional life, and to be left on your own to deal with it. So then Goodes comes out and says 'racist' - the backlash comes from not only the grubby core of actual racists (and society's layer of people who just like to hurl abuse at anyone they can find an excuse to), but also a share of the people who are proud of their own improvement and their country's improvement and don't appreciate being told that colelctively they still suck. For Goodes, the personal experience is one of having society tell him he hasn't experience the racism which he most definitely has, and then Goodes gets publicly abused and ostracised for the very act of saying what he is experiencing. For the rest of the Aboriginal community, they see that happening and are reminded that society will deny the racism that does exist, and punish them for mentioning it. Anyway, I quite agree that the documentary is unlikely to hit all these nuances, but at least it might help more people realise the normality of experiencing racism, even in an ostensibly not racist society. As you say, the mea cuplas from Gil the Dill and the like do nothing - in fact they even reaffirm the starting position 'oh yes, we have totally learnt and wont be like that again, for real, I don't invite racists to any of my dinner parties'. And this pathetic 'leadership' takes us back to this easy, cosy pattern of he comforting, plausible, not-racist image of Australia, which has still not come to terms with the idea that experiencing racism is still quite normal for Aboriginal people. You could say, Australia is not a racist society, but it is a society where the remaining racists can often expect to act our their noxious attitude without being penalised, and where the lifelong victims of racism feel that if they speak up about it they will be penalised. And that is pretty much the heart of why Goodes felt so alienated at the end of his career. And why the AFL should be so ashamed that they failed this simple test of solidarity, even as they kept decorating their brand with Indigenous-themed confetti.
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    Melbourne Bitter seems most appropriate at the moment.
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    Some of you guys are incredible. Need: Fast outside runner with silky skills, good overhead and can kick goals. How many players match this description in the whole AFL? A dozen? Most would have been top 10 national draft picks. This is a draft that’s the best of what’s left. Take the best of what is available. Dunkley looks solid, comes from a strong football family and is 19. He isn’t going to be Josh Kelly or Lachie Whitfield or Tim Kelly or Hugh McCluggage or Ollie Florent. But he might turn into a good player like his brother.
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    WIN at all costs. Build a Culture that accepts nothing less We used to think that way. Norm Smith mentored John Kennedy Snr. and look what happened. A draft pick can be injured in one Quarter A Winning Culture is a state of mind...
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    A mildly amusing moment from Goody’s presser when asked about Frost and his awesome game today. "We call it (that) he turns our ball movement into 'Frost-ball' and no one knows what's happening – but neither does the opposition. Frost-ball, I like it.
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    Dumb and all as it was... It was better than the first game against Port where we stood by and watched Max cop it from them without a whimper. At least we had some passion in the game and Jones was supporting a teammate. If I had my choice I would take this.
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    Not sure why my intial thread got taken down but, so I'll keep this simple. Probably one of the worst AFL players going around and its time we see the last of this potato. With May coming in next week i expect tonight we'll be the last we'll see him in a red and blue jumper.. ever!
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    Lewis on Retirement “I’m going to leave the game at the end of the year feeling really fulfilled in what I’ve achieved". He seems happy to finish in the the VFL. He will keep teaching the young guys. He seems genuine in this: “We’re going through a bit of a tough period at the moment, so I need to be there support these young kids and hopefully prolong their careers and make sure they understand the learnings you can get through the bad times can obviously help during the good times as well.” I'm very happy he came to the Dees. He has taught our players a lot. He kept them hungry after the first final last year. They have a better understanding of how to be a professional player. Gave us leadership when sorely needed. He may get to play off against his best mate Roughy, in the VFL. One to watch!
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    I have to say this. Garlett is weak as [censored]. For all his speed and skill, he tries to run past contests and do a magic slight of hand tap to knock the ball clear rather than putting his body in. He misses goals because he's more worried about being tackled than taking an extra step to line the shot up. He dropped multiple marks tonight because he was looking for who was coming at him rather than watching the ball into his hands. I don't care how many scores he had, he doesn't do the basics right and he's afraid of contact. He has to go.
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    Yes and with both feet. He’s just not accurate.
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    No. Injuries happen, other players may have a slump in form. He’ll play for us again.
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    I wanna party with you Captain Upbeat.
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    Apart from the obvious good players I loved Frosts game, especially in the second half. Will be a weapon in combo with May and Lever.
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    Yesterday the AFL released an Apology to Adam Goodes for not standing by him. For the final years of Goodes' decorated career they receded into the background and did nothing while he was being vilified by crowds at games and by 'personalities' in the media and effectively hounded out of the game. The AFL has had 4 years to apologise but has not. This week two docos are released on Goodes last years in the game. They are docos in which the AFL and some key people in the industry, by their own actions and words are complicit in and added to the trauma Goodes endured. I haven't seen the docos so can't comment on them. But I will say they AFL should be supremely embarrassed that it has taken 4 years to apologise. Its hard to think there is much sincerity let alone contrition in the apology and its timing suggests it is to preempt the docos tarnishing of its 'reputation' and divert attention from the docos. The AFL are controlling 'the optics' as usual!! Whatever one thinks of Goodes or how he played the game its hard to accept how he was neglected by the AFL and those it can influence. I find the belated apology shallow and opportunistic. I would have applauded the apology had it been made when Goodes retired. Not saying the AFL should be the moral flag bearers of our society. But it should stand up and be counted when it comes to any of its players let alone one of its champions. How does the saying go: the standards we walk past are the standards we accept. Now, the apology is, imv too little, too late.
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    No, he was booed because he was a blackfella that had an opinion and spoke up about the disgraceful treatment his people had and still do endure from the less enlightened members of society. Those people objected to an "uppity black who didn't know his place". Anyone suggesting it wasn't racially based because other Aborigines weren't booed is missing the point entirely. As if you have to abuse every member of a minority group before it's considered racist behaviour. FFS. When the docos go to air, it's a safe bet that those would benefit most and learn something from watching them will be the least likely to even tune in.
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    After watching the replay even Paul Roos was singing praises about the weeds game but then again what would he know..
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    Courtesy of the MFC facebook page:
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    Can people now see why I spoke so highly of Lockhart last year?
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    He also plays half-forward and kicked 3 goals on the weekend. Stop the whinging ffs.
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    I was at the game yesterday and had a great look as I work for Williamstown. It has been mentioned on here before, someone quoting Rawlings that Williamstown will always be at you. This is spot on. They are extremely well coached by Andy Collins. In regards to Preuss, he was up against Nick Meese who is the best state league ruckman going around. He is a multiple time VFL team of the year player, a Gerry-Callahan medalist (The Best and fairest at Williamstown), premiership ruckman, life member etc. Preuss' game was very good with all this in consideration. Lewis played very well. He was matched up with Adam Marcon, Williamstown's captain, who is an exceptional player. Lewis did have a few turnovers, but the wind at the ground meant no player was nailing all their kicks. I did catch Lewis helping instruct and teach some of the young boys and really being supportive which i highly rate. Weideman was exceptional in my opinion. He was matched up against Olly Tate, who is undersized, yes, but is a very, very smart footballer. The Williamstown boys supported Tate well ensuring he was never left alone. Weids took an absolute hangar in the first quarter, this was even more impressive as it was after a repeat lead, and he didn't whinge after his first lead (which should have been rewarded) wasn't rewarded. Hannan is a a lot bigger than i expected, i had never seen him up that close. He worked his way into the game quite well. Missed a few kicks but will be better for the run. Lever was excellent in the time he was on the ground. He was a class above, i am bias, but you could ask anyone at the game yesterday and they would not disagree with me.
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