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    GENTS!!!!! I've known about this since yesterday but have had to keep quiet until the official release. Over 12 years of blood, sweat and tears has gone into this day. Dec has worked his [censored] off and finally gets his chance, debuting at the glorious MCG. I am lost for words. Lets hope he kicks a few goals. Carn Dec and Carn the Dee's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Good morning all I can’t overstate my excitement for today. Get to be in the rooms before the game for the jumper presentation then it’s meeting up with all the friends and family for the big day. Lets hope we bring the heat today and get the win.
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    Thank god for Frost. He has had a lot of detractors but he stood up and saved our bacon.
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    Apologies if this has been posted already or if we're not allowed to do so. This is one of the best speeches I've ever heard involving our club.
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    Beating Hawthorn is enjoyable. Beating Hawthorn with Scully in a Hawks jumper is beyond enjoyable!
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    So my takeaway is that Goodwin still has his mojo, our assistant coaches are on the ball, Misson knows exactly what he's doing, and Pert is at the top of his game.
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    Well boys Dec was poor today, at least he got to play in 2 AFL wins
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    Good to see Tom $cully in the Background...
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    I wonder if the club will post me my memberships back?
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    Can't believe our medical team deemed Goody fit for this weeks press conference. #SackMisson
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    An enjoyable 49 seconds! (also the name of my sex-tape)
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    Open microwave door. Remove membership. Put card back in wallet.
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    Hate calling our players spuds; they give their heart and soul for the jumper and may not be up to it but it is so disrespectful to talk about them like that.
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    A great photo after Harmes’ goal from Dec’s clearance
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    Well I must be the only one who’s stoked. Yes the game was a bucket of pus, but I wasn’t expecting anything but. We’re not contenders this year, we knew that. I still like winning above all else, and we did. I jumped through the roof at the end as if it mattered.
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    Great pic,,, two guys who love the club and have played at the 1 club, and a pitiful loser in the background whos on to his third club.
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    Congratulations to Nathan Jones on the accomplishment of becoming the equal second games record holder at the MFC today against the GC. Somewhat fitting that he shares jumper No.2 with the late Robert Flower, as although they are somewhat different styles, they will go down as great captains and players for the MFC that loyally stuck with the club through some hard times for the team. I actually wounder if playing this match with Jonesy was something which factored in Jack Viney declaring himself fit? Anyway go forth and get the job done for the skipper today lads. Great captain Great clubman Great player Well done Jonesy GO THE MIGHTY DEMONS
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    I cannot see us losing tonight so I’m going to leave at 3/4 time
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    I shouted KICK THE F—-ING BALL so damn loud in the final seconds the dogs got scared and ran out.
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    Wasn’t Gary Pert CEO of Collingwood when they won their last Premiership? Or let’s forgot that because it doesn’t fit the narrative? The situation we’re in doesn’t come down to one persons fault, there’s plenty of factors that have got us to where we currently are.
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    I had a dog like Frosty once, he was totally mad but every now and then he was my best friend and I loved him to bits
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    Winning move; They benched OMAC for that last minute
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    Alright, here we go, here's how it would, could, might, in theory happen - Hawks aren't actually that good, they haven't beaten anyone impressive. The four days off trick will work and we will come in with a calmer mind and better focused on what needs to be done. Disposal efficiency climbs, workrate at least reaches adequate. Win number 2 goes on the board. We're 2-5 after 7 rounds. Suns just barely scraped their three wins against highly variable opposition and have had a bit of luck. They were exposed by an Adelaide side that still isn't really hitting great heights of their own. Their confidence will be down after being belted in Perth by an angry Eagles side. We go 3-5, and start to believe. I wont make any pretences about our chances against the Eagles at this stage. 3-6 after nine rounds and we are still right on the edge of season over. But just maybe we turn up with some fight and at least show we're still a meaningful team - part of the healing, redeption process. The Giants are still up and down and massively rely on a few stars to make them potent. Simon Goodwin pulls his first ever genius positional move and somehow matches the right players to lock down on Coniglio and Whitfield. Demons finally rediscover their forward connection and just barely come through in a low-margin shootout game for the ages. We are 4-6 and starting to believe. Round 11, we return to the Northern Territory to hunt Crows, and just like last season this is the game where things really turn. Just like last season, Adelaide wilts under the weight of lost contests and clearances. Not like last season's hammering, but an important win. We are 5-6 and looking like a menace. Queens Birthday at the MCG. We've begun to get some players back from injury, even if not stars, May, Smith, Vandenberg and Hannan have all been trickling back into the team and giving us a deeper team capable of holding their end up while the stars do their thing. Headlines start reading "Where were these Demons at the start of the year" and players respond with "we will never be caught napping in pre-season again". Incredibly, we are 6-6 at the halfway point of the season. With Lever coming back after the long break and the team finding a new solidarity and commitment, and the coaches having learnt a valuable lesson in flexibility and tactical initiative, the pieces come together and the Demons are now a team to take seriously for the second half of the season. Before you know it, we've knock over four quick wins against the unreliable Dockers, tiring Lions and Blues, and ever-stumbling Bulldogs. We are 10-6 and now the ONLY team in the competition that has managed a consistent run of wins. Suddenly, it is possible to speculate about our chances against in the Eagles, back up in the NT. It is like a whole new reality has dawned in ten weeks. So, there it is, each small delusion builds into the next. Each one only a moderate madness in itself, but when you get to the end you look back and go... naaaah, that is just total, absolute madness. If it happens, I expect not only to be given an award for my prediction, but to actually be given credit for the whole thing happening and installed as an assistant coach responsible for miracles.
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    Also props to Hibberd - that was a moment where he knew what was coming was going to hurt a lot, but went in anyway. Genuinely tough play in my opinion.
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    Frost's effort in the last 30 seconds was amazing. Won the ball and got it out to a Dees player. Trac's follow up was almost as good
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    Wasted? I am getting a little over all of the spewing on the kids that got selected. If he was a first rounder and was cruising around like a millionaire, then OK, have a crack. But this kid was a late selection (60+) if I recall, and part of our academy. There was enough positivity about him being selected at this pick at the time, as a project type for us. Everyone overlooked the Stack kid picked up by Richmond. About 100 times he was overlooked (Draft and rookie selections), and people even overlooked him when they had room on their lists still to fill. It is not a perfect science. Gotta say that things will turn. Not everyone will make it, some will exit our system. Others may be selected in the ones and become players and do better. Some on our list will improve and make it. Bedford has played something like 5 games at this level and you are making this call? How many games did Michael Tuck play in the reserves before he got his chance? I get that everybody is pizzed off with being stone motherless last, but it getting a bit annoying that people can’t feel that way and still support the kids that we have (and will have until the end of this year at least), recognise that Casey is important to our success at senior level, and do more than just spit vitriol. I want all of them to play better, to push the seniors hard for spots and make the seniors work harder to stay in front of them. Most of these guys are just kids, and unless they are freaks will take time.
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    As a diehard supporter devastated and despondent as to the position we find ourselves, I also don't want to be part of the negativity that other Club supporters, the Media and some of our own supporters are relishing. We are generally all passionate supporters on this site and and the extreme disappointment we all feel is exacerbated by the fact that there are no clear answers to our problems. However, why can't we all put that aside and actually support the boys when they really do need our support. I know that the players will be really feeling the anger and frustration of their supporters and despite their outgoing positive comments they will be hurting. I really believe we have the team to turn it around. Friday 3rd May, there is a light training run from 9.30 to 10.30 at Gosch's paddock. I really hope that we can get as many "supporters" there to show the players that we do support them and believe that they can turn it around. I know that we have the team to do exactly that but we will have to get through whatever is happening at the moment. I'm not making excuses for them. I just want to show them that we haven't given up on them. There will not be any BBQ's or marketing tents just plain old fashioned spontaneous support for our players. Let's bring back a sense of unity amongst members and supporters. Bring your dogs, children, neighbours and anyone that loves the MFC.
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    Decided to have a looksy at how Trenners is doing in the SANFL. Leading the league for disposals and DT points. 2nd in the league for clearances. 3rd for inside 50s. 4th for tackles. He’s killing it. If he doesn’t get named tonight with all of Port’s outs including some of their inside brigade in Wines and the like, it’s hard to imagine it happening. Hopefully another call up isn’t far away. He’s doing everything possible to get one.
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    Say what you want about Frosty, but he has heart - and he saved our bacon a few times in that final qtr. Really backed himself in. Harmes had a ripper! More of that, please! Welcome back, Hibbo! Much better! Great to see TMac getting involved, he had some nice moments, hopefully he uses that to work himself back into form. Love what I'm seeing from Lockhart! The kid has guts and backs himself, does interesting things. That diving mark was FANTASTIC. Salem, awesome, smart, balanced stuff out on the wing. Even ANB did some nice things here and there. A lot of second efforts, and that's not something we can say has happened much this year. In all, not always pretty, but there was some fire. Some ticker. Ferocity. Also, please no more OMac!
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    I'm very much against dropping Weideman. He needs as many senior games as possible this year with an eye to the future. We're last after six rounds and won't be playing finals, so why on earth would you drop a 21 year old tall forward in his 4th year ? He's obviously down on confidence, but tell him you'll back him. He'll learn far more at AFL level than VFL. Hés just completed six games in a row, which is the most he's ever played consecutively. I'd be getting 22 games into him. The rest of this year should be an investment in his and the club's future. What's the point of dropping him, bringing him back, dropping him again, etc. ? Some on here don't rate him as a prospect, which is fine, but this is a year to develop players for the future. If you're still desperate to play finals I suggest you re-evaluate your expectations. It just doesn't make sense to me to not give him a year in the seniors when we won't be playing finals. At least he'll enter next year as a 40+ game player. What's the point of him entering next year as a 30 game player...
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    He had a millisecond mate. He didn't see him until the last split second as he did what most MFC players wouldn't, and that is keeping his eye totally on the ball. Extremely poor football? No, extremely poor commentary from you. Viney is bloody tough considering he just got up and didn't even grimace. I have whinged more about a biting my tongue.
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    6pts down 49 seconds to go Team manages to come from behind, score twice, and win..... Usually would be our opposition! Nice it's us for once
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    I don't care that we won, our season is beyond over. I actually feel for the Suns, I liked what they were doing. We were Neeld/Bailey era bad. Dumb football, poor skills, nobody can take a mark, complete absence of a gameplan. Putrid. Did you see the coaching staff celebrate in the box? How embarrassing. It's like we won the Grand final when all we did is beat a candidate for the wooden spoon. Ugh
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    You're on your own there mate. That's rubbish
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    To the old turds who told us not to boo Scully, go eat a bag. I’m a Melbourne supporter and I’ll bloody boo this piece of scum for as long as I like. If you want to watch footy in silence stay home and knit.
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    Team is announced in a few hours! So its time to switch from all the repetitive, negative comments and threads that have recently saturated this board. New game, new opportunity. Go Dees!
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    Wow this thread is incredible. What the actual f**k. Do you have any idea about shoulders, medicine, or surgery? We should just send players in for surgery because it sounds like a good idea? I don't put a huge amount of stock into what Tom Browne says but his use of the phrase "avoided surgery" surely means something along the lines of "there's no need for surgery to this injury". It's like if he rolled his ankle. A minor sprain doesn't need surgery, but damaged ligaments/bones might. If he had just a minor sprain, you'd be advocating to just chuck him under the knife for no reason? I often don't find myself agreeing with you, TGR, but on this I do. I have no idea what poita and At the break of Gawn are on about. He copped a hospital handpass, Stack was able to line him up, and Viney had no option but to wear it. What I can't stand about Demonland is when people have ample material to constructively criticise someone but take something completely innocent and rant about that instead. If you're unhappy with Viney, let's talk about his poor kicking or his too frequent tendency to try to take a tackler on only to get caught, instead of this hit.
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    Truly lovely moment. I lost my mum when I was 38 and have never got over it. Oskar lost his mum before he was 21. He has done it hard. All the best to him and his family. I hope he has a great career with us. Football clubs do sometimes present a window into players lives and this was one that has brought us closer to the player and his family.
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    I have watched the last 2 mins over and over and over in the last hour. Jayden Hunt was a massive part of our get out of jail win first winning the ball and getting it out to the runner in Hore and then going full bore at a 50-50 contest to setup the Harmes possession. Hats off to you Jayden my good man! This was definitely not a game the majority of AFL fans would enjoy so let’s just strip back some of the mayonnaise on that theory. It was a HARD watch for 90% of the game even as a neutral, I was a great finish though. The last 2 minutes more exciting than most of the game. In terms of a hard fought game with intensity it was great but that’s about it. Clayton Oliver absolutely immense, you think he’s having a reasonable game and then in the second half he just goes into hyperdrive! Melksham in the middle! Makes a big difference having that kicking ability and some hard running, hopefully not too hurt. Salem’s name comes up each week and is turning into our best. T-Mac is taking steps in the right direction. Plenty of under performers but most of them stood up when the game was there to be won. I just want to give a shoutout to the crowd on Melb fans behind the goals when Tommy hit the post. Making the trip up there and being right up close to the winning play and going nuts when we scored, that was just amazing. You guys are the true heroes tonight! Get in!
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    Bloke bashes the daylights out of a mentally impaired man, but it’s all fine because they exchanged a few words and the victim knocked a beer out of his hand beforehand. F me, our society’s attitude towards violence is the pits. It staggers me that anyone thinks this is even remotely defensible, or that the two acts are in any way comparable.
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    Gees everyone is really looking behind every door to find someone to blame. Roos built a game on hard nosed, contested football which stands up in finals. I constantly remember him using Fremantle at their best pre Melbourne of having "big bodied mids of Fye/Mundy/Barlow" which we similarly went down that path with Oliver & Brayshaw. Most premiership sides & final sides are good contested teams which we were last year. As we all know Roos taught us how to defend first before slowly adding in how to attack & defend. We had the right balance towards the end of last year & during the finals we were tougher to score against but could also score heavily. For whatever reason we first lost our defensive mindset & it was costing us, now we've had to focus on defend because we were just bleeding goals so we saw Wednesday night how our attacking & scoring was effected. We wont know without been inside the club what has turned for us to fall away but it could be a combination of the off season surgeries, slight tinker with the game plan, poor player mindset, 6-6-6, sides doing more homework on us, all these little things add up to the perfect storm. Roos left 2 and bit seasons ago, a lot has changed since. He isn't the reason we are in this current state. We will ride this out & I have faith Goodwin & this group will turn it around if not by seasons end then next year
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    I don’t think we should be so hard on Stretch. He is really only playing because we have so many injuries. He has played 40 odd games at AFL level which is an achievement not too many on here have done, and despite his limitations he always gives 110% and is noted as a very professional footballer, attitude wise. To call him a “hopeless AFL footballer” is just disrespectful IMO.
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    In a prelim final...i saw in person our team get thrashed and humiliated. Tonight on the couch I saw a very young team who pretty much had travelled from the Gold Coast with a stop over in Melb to pick up a few players head onto Perth and play 6 days later. With most predictions of thrashing’s and mental scarring ...we got a team that played three and a half quarters, but inexperience and lack of class just showed in the end. We were by far the better team and I was pretty happy with Petty and Baker ...the continued form of Lockhart and Hore, def Max’s best game and also thought Brayshaw, Oliver, Hunt, Harmes and T McDonald continued to also improve. Frost and O McDonald were def not disgraced and others that are probably not best 22 but because of injury are in the team....were probably the difference between winning and losing. If we hadn’t had such a bad start to the season we would have probably been quite happy with the result. There were some appalling umpiring decisions and some appalling shots on goals but whilst i am extremely disappointed I am also extremely excited. ou
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    Confession: I turned the game off in disgust after that last Gold Coast goal with 49 seconds left. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would come back to Demonland 30 minutes later and find out we won. Half an hour after we lost(!), I rewind the game and watch the miracle on grass. Unbelievable. We are fated to make the finals this year. Or not, but that was an incredible 60 seconds of footy to watch all the same.
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    Surprised Misson didn't drop a brick on his head to make sure.
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    Take a month off for ignoring my general warning and a private warning about personal attacks. You're not the only one doing it but you are the only one who I've warned privately that has ignored the warning. I don't usually make moderating public but I hope this serves as a warning to others who think that they can blatantly disregard the rules. I get no pleasure out of this and this isn't a power trip. I let many things go through to the keeper but let that be a warning.
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    Really? Do we need reminding of the state of the football club just prior to Roos taking over? We had just gone through two failed rebuilds, had come off a season where we won 2 games with a percentage of 50%, were getting absolutely belted week in week out, had very little talent on the list, had been right down the bottom for 7 years (save for some flashes of good footy in 2010 and 2011), were considered a basket case on and off the field and even the most loyal fans were struggling to have any hope for the future. The culture was a mess, no one wanted to play for us, good players wanted to leave...it was an out-and-out shambles. Five years later we have improved every year and got within one game of a Grand Final last year with a young and talented list. If anyone was offered that during the 2013 pre-season they would have grabbed it before finishing the sentence. We may be struggling at the moment but surely it's fairer to look at the incremental improvement over 5 years from 2014-2018 than a 6-round sample size. I shudder to think where we would be as a club without the input of Roos, PJ and others from 2014 onwards. Would we even have a club to support? This thread is nit-picking at its finest. Of course there may have been the odd decision-making error along the way, but that happens at all clubs. Looking at it in its entirety, Roos did an absolutely sensational job of steering this club away from extinction and onto the path towards being a respected team in the competition.
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