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    We're in the best position possible going into last day of trade period. Two extremely valuable picks are on the table if the right offer pops up. We'll be sitting back, cross-legged with cigar in mouth knowing that if nothing comes up, we go to the draft with two top 10 picks a year after making a prelim. Added to that is the fact that we've addressed a problem area with the additions of Langdon and to a lesser extent Tomlinson. No longer will we have to play inside midfielders on a wing. And this is all without mentioning the fact that we have a pre-season with Burgess coming up. One of the most highly respected fitness coaches around. I'm putting a cheeky $20 on us for top 4 next year. Dees.
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    If we win the flag, nobody here will give an obese rodent's fundament how many points ahead North might be.
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    I am more excited now than at any time during the season ....how sad is that!!
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    Say what you like about our on field performance, but I think our off field and trade performances have been pretty spot on lately.
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    The lack of riddles this year has really been disappointing. What happened to everyone on Demonland with inside knowledge and mates?
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    Smith has one year left on his deal. Wants an extra 2 on top. Brisbane looked at him and moved on. We are having a look. Personally I'm not a fan of taking quick blokes after 30.
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    It just makes sense. Reports are that we want Weightman and GWS could argue that we wouldn’t use pick 3 to bid on Green in case we are forced to take him. So they argue that we will accept pick 6 plus something of lowish value to get it done because otherwise it may hurt us. Now we can go to GWS with complete impunity and say “pay up, because we’re definitely bidding for Green and will happily take him unless you give us something seriously valuable in return, or else you’re pick 6 disappears trying to match the bid”. It’s exactly the reason why you can’t look at trades in isolation. North may be getting overs for their trade, but it’s coming from GWS, not us. Mahoney is an excellent trader. Pragmatic and very creative.
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    'We believe in this playing group' Outside run was the priority, mentions 15 players on the wing again Won't talk about who they like at 3 but mentions they have 2 or 3 that they like at that pick Andy Maher now taking 3 hours to ask a question. Or ask a statement
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    Pick 3 for pick 6 and a future pick is a horrible trade for us. i would be staggered if we actually made that trade. we have GWS bent over a barrel and desperate for that pick. we simply have to get a ready made best 22 player who can help us next year or take that pick to the draft.
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    GWS 1st rounder next year may well be in the late 20s after all the bidding is matched. We should think of the pick number rather than 1st or 2nd round I'd rather 3 for 6 + Caldwell or O'Halloran. If GWS really want 3 and Green they need to give something more than 6 and 2020's pick 25ish
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    No this is the MFC finally being ballesy like many have been asking and backing itself in for 2020. Better than sitting back and waiting in hope.
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    This literally looks like the worst trade of picks I have ever seen. We gain pick 8 and hope we beat pick 8 next year by jumping up 7 places (i.e become 10th) just to draw even, THEN throw in a second rounder ? then a third rounder? Absolutely ridiculous trading. please tell me this is not true, 3 picks for 1. There has to be a v good 2nd rounder pick coming back
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    Demonland should come with a form guide.
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    Mate i got next to nothing this year. They're a vault.
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    Mutually beneficial deals is why our club gets stuff done at trade week and clubs like Essendon just blow hot air out their [censored]
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    i want to go to the draft with 3 and 8 personally take high end quality
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    This point system is garbage Anything over pick 15-20 is tattslotto We currently have two picks inside the top 10 For pick 26 and next year first (pick 50 just does not count) So say we finish 9, meaning pick 9, after academy selection will be more like 15/16 Don't understand how people are complaining about random picks like 26 and 50, which after academy selections this year are more like 28 and 52!
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    Happy to take this year's pick 8 (and change) in a trade for next year's pick 18.
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    GWS pretty much have to trade for pick 3 for their strategy to work for them, otherwise they wouldn’t have traded for pick 6. I’d be surprised if they aren’t most of the way to negotiating a deal with us already, but no deal will probably happen until some of the other pieces have fallen into place and the available pieces for trade are known.
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    Anyone else get excited the moment you see chook in perth post anything? haha
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    The Giants deal for next years first rounder is not a great deal for us. it's likely a late first round pick in a heavily compromised draft, it's probably only worth a second rounder. Much better off demanding Finlayson or Caldwell and pick 6
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    The logic is that we now have credibility that we will take Green at 3, since we can get the player we want at 8 anyway. So we are forcing GWS to trade with us for pick 3. I think this means that we'll trade pick 3 for pick 6 plus effectively what we traded to North for pick 8. So the end result at the end will be that we’ll have traded pick 3 for picks 6 and 8.
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    last time we traded up in the top 10 we landed Clarry that is all
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    Wrong. Played a few senior footy at my home club in Yarrawonga including the elimination final in 2018. Same club that has included former AFL players like Brendan Fevola, Steve McKee, Tim Hargraves and Jason Wild who have all played there.. The ovens and Murray is regarded as one of the best leagues just below VFL level. A tough and free flowing standard. Young Jimmy is well known to our family as he grew up and played rep footy with my little brother. But they are also close friends. My brother and James were out last Saturday night on the [censored] together.
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    Not me Moonie - I've got an exclusive contract with the Demonland podcast that prevents me from appearing on other media outlets. Maybe it was my pessimistic twin, Grapewhiney?
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    2018: Oliver wins contested ball and fires out a pinpoint accurate handball to a running Harmes who doesn’t break stride and instinctively every player breaks hard. 2019; Oliver wins contested ball and handballs to Harmes knees who fumbles a handball to Brayshaw’s feet who under pressure turns it over. While the whole team second guesses do I break or defend? Too late turn over, flat footed witches hats look like amateurs. Rubbish game plan ect ect. Improve the basic skills over the preseason will turn the ship. But if we don’t, running machines will do little to improve us.
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    I think they have made a great move: either GWS will trade 6 and second rounder for 3, to guarantee Tom Green at a later pick or we will bid for Tom Green with 3, forcing GWS to use Pick 6 and giving us an extra top end player to choose from.
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    It seems to me that this is way to squeeze GWS into agreeing to a favorable trade back to us of two draft picks and possibly a player for #3. It also sounds as if those later picks we've traded away in the deal will become irrelevant because we won't be using them.
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    Jordon was only 17 when he joined the Club, never played footy against men, improved steadily as season progressed With both Sparrow and Nietschke, club took opportunity to build the rest of the body and educate by sitting in cosches boxes, Nietschke was an aerobic beast as a junior, hopefully injury hasn't killed this, they put 5kg on his frame upto end of season Jordon would be my pick
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    This is one of those 'high risk, high reward' trades that some people complain we never do. If it comes off, we've gained a gun player as the steak knives in the May trade. If it doesn't, people criticise the risky trade and bemoan us not taking a safer route.
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    Any player that has kicked 8 goals in a game of footy whom you can get for close to minimum chips should be warranting some careful consideration over the next 48 hours Particularly for a side that has one of the worst forward lines in the league
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    The Giants 2020 first rounder may be say pick 15. in a heavily compromised draft it might only be worth a second rounder. i don't think i'd be doing that deal. i would be telling them we want a ready to go best 22 player and pick 6 for pick 3 and nothing else gets it done.
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    What about this from left field. Offer Swans 8 for Papley and Tom McCartin. That gets Daniher done. 5 & 8. We then do 3 to GWS and get 6 and someone like Caldwell. GWS get Green and whoever they want at 3 . We fix small forward problem with Papley, key forward problem with McCartin and add pace/skill with Caldwell plus another good player with 6. Well I can dream can't I?
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    And some were saying we need to grow some balls as a club. They dont get much bigger than this pair of whoppers
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    SWYL Approved The FD is backing itself for the next 2 drafts. All or nothing Get it right. Jobs are on the line right now
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    I'm convinced we will have some sort of deal with GWS, whether its done in the trade period or up until the draft could be another matter. I just can't see why they would trade up to pick 6 if it wasn't to put themselves in a position to acquire pick 3 from us. As others have pointed out, they're actually worse off points wise with the St Kilda trade and if they aren't aiming to add two high end talents then what was the point of it? Green sure isn't getting past Adelaide or whoever ends up with Pick 5.
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    Robbie Gray is 31. I'd still take him.
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    Im hearing pick 3 for 6 and 11 and swaps of later picks
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    Just watched the highlights package on the MFC website - he’s always sprinting, looks unreal. Wish we could’ve landed two of him. He could actually be the blue print for Jayden Hunt (on the other wing). Over to you Mr Burgess.
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    I note the Hawks have traded in 3 former number 1 draft picks in the last 3 years, all of whom have allegedly been injured and all have come extremely cheaply.
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    Is there a decent highlights video of Serong showing the traits of a pick 3? I had a look on Youtube and the 1 video I saw left me horrified that we would consider the kid with that pick. Looked fat, slow, and zero agility. Surely there must be a vid showing something special?
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    Jon Ralph just making it up as he goes.
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    Pick swaps can occur up to draft day. The fact this has been done already suggests either us or Norf are looking to trade picks for players.
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    As Nietzsche said to me as he ran past at rehab training earlier this year, what does not kill us, makes us stronger! So am expecting a big year from him next season.
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    Would be happy with a Stephens and Weightman combo. The two paragraphs I've read and the zero footage I've seen of them sounds promising.
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    Pathetic post, stereotyping. You know absolutely nothing about me or my background, if you did you'd understand how ridiculous your comments were about me, my parents and Grandparents are. I've seen and lived poverty mate, but it pales into insignificance to what my parents and grandparents went through. Absolute garbage
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    Speed of ball use > speed of foot You seem to have an obsession with foot speed. Ash is fast, but like Frost has a tendency to blindly bomb away or miskick because of how quickly he is travelling. Look at Hawthorn and Richmond's lists as templates during flag years. Richmond play an incredibly intense and quick surge game that requires an extremely high level of execution of disposal. If they don't have that, it breaks down. Hawthorn drafted and traded for elite ball users and demolished opposition sides because they could completely dictate the speed of games. We were one of the poorest skilled sides and are one of the poorest skilled sides. It is ball use and footy IQ that we are in desperate need of. It runs from ball use coming from defence through to first disposal out of a contest in the middle, through to delivery inside 50. We look slow because we are slow in the way we use the ball and make decisions.
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