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    Such a shame. Has been a great asset to the club. Best of luck Crossy and thanks for your service. I hope you find your feet and perhaps get back to the club once this is all over.
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    Not wishing to claim a scoop but this news doesn't 'seem' to have appeared elsewhere on a demonland thread. According to an article on afl.com 'Coaching squeeze hits as Dees make tough calls' Daniel is not unfortunately one of the twenty five staff currently retained at MFC. A sign of the times sadly. Daniel has been a loyal servant to the club both as an experienced player, member of the coaching staff and runner on match days. Max Roach has also been stood down from the coaching staff. Wish them both well.
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    Lockhart was one of our few good players in round 1 and was excellent in the preseason - would be surprised if he is not sellected.
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    So we have Allan Richardson and Ross Lyon as assistant coaches in a financially constrained environment? ... Righto Might as well put on John Worsfold and Mark Thompson as well for good measure.
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    No.26 1990 Round 20 v West Coast Eagles at Subiaco WA i I The Dees had had a very good year and at 13 wins 6 losses, we were set for another finals appearance. The Eagles were in 2nd position, and had won their past 15 home games. The Eagles and their fans were arrogant. But we had won the prior 4 games, we’d won the past 4 games against rivals the Eagles including beating them at Subi in 1989 thanks to a late Tommy Kavanagh matchwinner (so it was a possibility we could repeat the dose). From the opening bounce to the end, this match was physical and tough footy. There were 3-4 fights and altercations even before the opening bounce. Watching it on TV still gave a sense this one was a grudge match status. There were to be no easy kicks. The Dees had a tough team under Northey and we stood up. We opened strongly with 4 goals to 1 goal by quarter time. The midfield of Obst, Wilson, Tingay and Eishold (perhaps his best game) were getting on top. But Greg Healy had copped a head knock and ruled out early in the game and other players wore a few heavy knocks. This team had come together with most players around the 22-25 yo mark and were past the 50 game experience mark. They were ready. By half time we’d kept a 3 goal buffer. As in the prior game between the teams earlier in 1990, the Eagles struggled to hold Bennett. The Dees took advantage in the 3rd and stretched the advantage to 5 goals. Danny Hughes was moved forward early in the 3rd quarter and responded with strong marks and provided a handy 2 goals. At the start of the last quarter we went out to a 8 goal advantage by the 15 minutes mark and it was game over. This was an impressive four quarter effort. Final margin was 36 points. Bennett finished with 6 goals to again prove the Eagles main tormentor. Stynes was a warrior in the ruck with an occasional spell with the “Duke”Earl Spalding. The backline of Lyon, Grinter, Brett Lovett and Steve Febey were exceptional. But the excitement hadn’t ended. In fact the thing about this game that sticks in my memory is the players coming off the ground and Brian Wilson and Rod Grinter giving it to the crowd and celebrating the win with the same toughness they’d displayed on the field. The Dees had shown they had grown up and could withstand the physical pressure and had the talent to match. We weren’t afraid of anyone. Melbourne 21.13.139 defeated West Coast Eagles 15.13.103
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    Would prefer Crossy to Troy Chaplin ...
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    It will be interesting. I see geelong want to play there games down at there ground because crowds won't be an issue. I hope the AFL send collingwood and essendon down there. Give them a go at that ground.
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    i don't see how it's feasible to ditch goodwin at the end of 2020 regardless of our results we can't afford to pay out / negotiate a way out of two years of his contract, as he's signed til the end of 2022 i certainly wouldn't be looking at ross lyon as an option
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    No way. I'd take Montagna as an assistant who was doing match analysis for him. Both Clarkson and Dimma almost lost their jobs and they have gone on to be the dominant coaches of the decade. Let's stick by Goody
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    This is an accurate assessment IMO. The concerning aspect for me from the game was however that the poor forward half conversion rate (inside 50s and accuracy in front of goal) appeared not to have been fixed over the pre-season.
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    Until the match committee select at least 2 tall forwards and not use one of them as a stand in ruck, we will struggle to kick goals. As was proven in the WCE game.
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    Crossy is such a good bloke and has the exact attitude that the players needed around them when he came to the club. I hope he can find his way back to our club.
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    Here here !!! Lockhart a walk up start gives drive and run from back and is very necessary.
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    They get more out of their players with better infrastructure, higher professionalism and.... a much better coach.
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    This article is appropriate here: MELBOURNE veteran Neville Jetta has urged the AFL's looming financial cuts to not come at the expense of Indigenous support networks within clubs, praising the current player welfare programs for being as strong as they have ever been.
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    Lol not even a debate we haven’t won a flag since 1964 while hawthorn wins them consistently each decade, anyone who says Melbourne is closer is kidding themselves
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    How anyone can base anything on round one in Perth and still be bitter is so far beyond me as a human being. Even with years exposed to this website and the eternal disappointment of being a Demons fan, like really?
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    The execution has been poor for 2-3 years i think the Senior Coach can take some blame for it
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    It was interesting listening to the players comments at the Casey training sessions in the past couple of days. To paraphrase " good to be at Casey because it is close in size to the MCG, so we can practice using the space" ( unlike Gosch's).
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    I'd get him as a match day runner
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    2018 we started poorly and had everyone write us off as going nowhere for the year after the Hawthorn loss. Then to this day 2 years ago we came up against a resurgent Carlton who were starting to find some competitiveness and everyone was smelling a dangerous game that the Melbourne of old would likely loose against aside that on paper it shouldn't loose to - we then proceeded to blow them away by 108 odd points. Whilst I would have much prefered to be round 1 winners for once, I'm not loosing my [censored] over it like some people are here. It's a long season and I recon we will go ok.
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    1993 Round 15 v Geelong. Ablett kicks 11 but we win. 2018 final v Cats on 8am tomorrow.
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    As Mooney said... Believe it when I see it. But at least they have put it out there that they are attempting to fix it. Round 1 was a real kick in the guts for the hope I had that this would be fixed over the preseason
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    Best Bet Randwick Race 6 No.10 Miss Einstein (Win) $4.00
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    Not sure if this has been discussed but I wonder with Coronavirus happening whether perhaps Casey will be looked at as more of a long term permanent option. Currently it's the only ground we have available to be able to do closed sessions, which is definitely something required for the foreseeable future.
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    Let’s compare Hawks have recruited Patton, Scully, Omera which didn’t cost much & with injury issues & Mitchel who won a Brownlow vs Melb Lever, May, Langdon , Tommlison. lever already done his knee, May come in poor shape & we gave up a fair bit for them the other 2 are only in their 1st season. The question is we lost Hogan a gun forward understanding his issues nevertheless & we recruit a defender in May , nothing against him but why? Don’t understand the strategy & risky expecting Macca a defender turned fwd with 1 good season??? Hawks strategy seems to be on target though with risks in particular Patton x 3 knee recos.. based on history can just see it all working for them as much as I hate them!
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    I hear what you say about travelling time TPF but I think the travelling time is overdone a bit. Take Lever, do you think he would not have accepted a lucrative contract if he had to travel to Casey. Not too sure. I also believe it is overlooked that some players , maybe country boys could choose to live beyond Cranbourne, even as far as places like Phillip Island or Inverloch if they are into the beach lifestyle.
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    In the past 7 days I've listened to podcasts where Scott Watters and Brendan Goddard have both spoken about the disaster that was Seaford. They both mentioned how moving away from the club's heartland was foolhardy and how the players hated driving that extra distance to work every day. We won't move to Casey on a full time basis.
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    Totally [censored] irrelevant question! The real issue is how are we going to become tough/ good enough to claw our way above the likes of Richmond, Filth, WC, GWS .... ?
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    If we have a 5-12 or 4-13 season and finish say 15th or below, I’d be asking a question. Though I think given the c19 circumstances, it’s going to be hard to judge 2020 in any format.
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    Chaplin retained? Wow. I’d prefer Cross
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    To be honest, we had our chances in the first 11 minutes and probably dominated play. We allowed them 5 goals in 4.5 minutes. I’ve rewatched the rd 1 game and while I concede we made some errors, wasting our scoring opportunities was what hurt the most. The game was fairly even in general play
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    Santa Teresa Oval full of life A year ago, the club asked the community what they wanted, they said they wanted a grassed oval, they are close to getting it (next will be a fancy to keep the brumbies off it😂)
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    Look I didn't like our round one performance but aside from the first quarter the Eagles never blew us away. In Perth, having to travel, found out the decision on the season postponement on the bus; I'm not saying it mitigates a lackluster performance after a big pre-season of blowing winds of change but we've got one game to go on and we were beaten by a flag favourites at their home by 27 points. It could've been a lot worse.
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    So now we're getting up in arms about an anonymous misquoted comment about us being favourites for the spoon. It doesn't take much to move the needle does it? We need footy back ASAP
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    More importantly, do I get a new fridge magnet?
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    Maybe not as coaches, but these guys have "contacts" if we wanted to augment our "revenue stream".
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    I'd prefer Yze has been under the coach of the century. Hawthorn have a pretty good record with their assistant coaches with the exception of Bolton.
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    Get Neeld back!!! Also!!!
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    Hard to believe anything both of those have to say. Moorabbin to Seaford....really. Didn't seem to worry Hawthorn who moved from Glenferrie to Waverley and are now heading to Dingley.
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    Agree plus we went over LATE the night before and had crap preparation. As Pates mentioned we stayed with WCoast for 3 qtrs and only lost by 4 and a bit goals. Some of you people just love getting stuck into the club and do not stop to think what a poor situation we were in round one. This 2 teams playing is not relevant. They were at home in a weird situation which would have been a benefit compared to us getting in late and not the normal interstate preparation. Maybe if WCoast is the professional side as ET mentioned then FOLLOW them in lieu of the Dees. Let's see what the next couple of rounds (whenever played) bring before going over the top.
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    This is great news I hope it's true. What an incentive to the coach and players. This is what the football world thinks about you. Are you gonna prove them right or are you going to go out there and beat your opponent, join your teammates , beat the opposition and stick it right up em. oh maybe that's been used before. Did it have any success?
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    They were at home, quick 20 or 30 minute drive, have a cold one out of their own fridge and relax... We were stuck over the other side of the country, states were closing borders and players had nothing but uncertainty. It had an impact. We should never had to go over in the first place, round one was AFL folly...
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