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    Kicked three goals in the last qr with the boys riding Lily Mithens game winner home with 25seconds to go. Good stuff.
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    Never in doubt.
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    Pretty much my reaction too. I thought it was going to be another one of 'those' games that seem to happen to our AFLW girls. Was so happy when Mithen put it through
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    I find it a welcome distraction from the constant doom and gloom now being pumped out 24 hours a day. If anything it reminds me that it is merely a game to be enjoyed. Sure it probably will only last a few more rounds but lets savour it while we can.
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    I'll give it a go because it's a great example of our "one club" spirit. This kind of thing is so important to a strong culture and we all need to support each other, especially at the moment. Also we must identify the player who said "she won't make the distance" so Lily can tell them what for! Just kidding, it was a tough kick and I'm sure few were confident!
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    I think we all need to be a little mindful of how we reply to other peoples opinions. For those that are cooped up indoors online chat might be the closest thing to an interaction they're going to have in the short term so slapping them down, even if what they say is a bit kooky, may not be the best way to respond. Just make sure you spell everything properly or I really will start to lose my sh@t!
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    This is an utterly ridiculous situation. We will have a positive result from an AFL player inside of a week and a half and then the league will be suspended for a month at their own admission. What gets the league back going again? Right now we should be ramping up testing and tracing and getting on top of this and then starting our bloody football games. What a terrible example for young people who will be the reason we may struggle to get on top of this in the next couple months.
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    They could splice in crowd scenes from the chariot race in Ben Hur.
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    Interesting article on the options available: https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-21/coronavirus-the-case-for-endgame-c-stop-almost-everything/12077096
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    WELL DONE LILY MITHEN. Granddad Laurie, Melbourne Champion, must be feeling so proud at the moment. And you should feel ever so proud too. Boys reaction shows their true love of the red and the blue.
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    On a similar note, I've always wanted to know what Garyablettjunior's first name is.
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    Watched the whole game. They controlled the game for 3 quarters until we just came alive in the last. Nothing but a brilliant and gallant effort by the girls! Mithen and Tex Perkins kicked crucial clutch goals. The roar from the girls when Mithen kicked that goal in the last was simply amazing to hear! Well done girls!! Oh, and Nigel Carmody is a bloody good commentator! He [censored] all over the likes of Basil and Hamish.
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    You've been on here for long enough JSK for a pattern to become apparent with your posting style. You'll post something outrageously stupid or stupidly outrageous and then slink away when called out for it, only to pop again much further down the track with something even more risible. There's a word for people like you and most forums ban such posters. Don't bother coming back at me, the only place for those of your ilk is the ignore list and that is where you now reside.
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    You might wanna send that pic to the European Society of Virology’s Dr. Giorgio Palu. He is the one who said it, not me. And hes on the frontline in italy.
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    F1 is holding an e event with "real drivers" competing. Sounds interesting https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/mar/20/f1-drivers-virtual-races-following-postponements-bahrain-gp-codemasters-2019
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    Fanastic. Desperate to win and that told in the end!
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    Hmmm. somebody needs to tell this clown that the Melbourne Comedy Festival has been cancelled.
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    Had the same thoughts when they decided to go ahead with the season D_J. I’m glad some are getting enjoyment out of it so far, I’m just left confused every time I read an AFL article and how new protocols are in place after a game. Avoid unnecessary touching after exchanging sweat for 2 hours? Maybe i just simply need to watch our team again to get back to normality.
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    It never ceases to amaze me that the Dogs lost their elim final last year to GWS by 58 points - just 8 points less than our loss to WC in the prelim. Dogs didn’t get a whisper from the media about their pathetic effort. Meanwhile the media labelled out performance a crime against humanity. Dogs are overrated.
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    If/ when we come out of this building projects offering jobs and growth may be very on the cards.
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    Anyone who’s capable of a 37 touch 3 goal game is a pretty decent talent. Needs to narrow his best and worst games. Needs to play in the guts.
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    To be fair, he is a pure inside mid. When he played that role he came third in the brownlow. Last year they tried him all over the park in every role we needed shoring up and his game really suffered for it. If he plays in the centre square all year he'll be great value.
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    Really not happy with this at all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Wichian_Klanprasert
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    This man has seen things.
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    How would you know?! Have you asked him?! Have you asked his skill levels anything?! You don't know what role Goody has for him (why haven't you asked Goody?! I have!) so just shut up and watch it without any input that "denigrates" the players, club, sponsors or history of our great club!!* *please note this is just a gag relating to a certain poster who hates any comment on players, coaches or the club becuase we just don't know because we don't ask them.
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    I must be one of the few not surprised by the selection of Mitch Brown ahead of Weideman. Sam has been a disappointment for mine. A few flashes of brilliance in 2018 haven’t transitioned into even general consistency. Maybe the selection of Brown might give the young bloke a wake up call? I hope so. We’ve had a few “gunna” key forwards over the years. I always think of David Cordner for some reason.... On Brown, I reckon he is a very smart pick up. A flexible tall with footy smarts who can run (and came for free) is not something to be sneezed at. Might be a tad underrated too.
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    No it is Freo or GC. I must say I am so proud of the girls who showed guts to come back the way they did.
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    Hope our forwards are watching the frees being given in front of goals not to mention that if you are a forward you can throw the backman out of the way and not give a free. Two or three that went the Bombers way decided this game
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    WHAT A WIN! Mithen sensational, Daisy Pearce fantastic and Birch was good also. Go the mighty Dees, well done girls now for the Premlim.
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    Can’t believe they almost took Perkins off with a few minutes to go when it was clear her contested work was keeping the ball locked into our attacking 50.
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    Shudders at the AFL live ladder: Collingwood Essendon Richmond Carlton
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    Their kicking isn't much better but they snapped that goal after our 3 defenders had trouble making up their minds. Again it was Daisy that kept us going.
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    Headline was like screaming FIRE in a packed movie theatre and then saying Just Kidding.
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    However, the staff member has just arrived back from overseas and has had no contact with the club.
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    Lol. Washington Examiner.
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    European doctor: Fear of being called racist contributing factor to spread of coronavirus in Italy https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/european-doctor-fear-of-being-called-racist-contributing-factor-to-spread-of-coronavirus-in-italy Exhibit 1A for 'How political correctness kills.' Something needs to be done about the insane people who label everything they don't like 'racist' It has serious implications.
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    the ball pinging into the goal post and the wobbling sound as the post shakes! "wugga, wugga, wugga"
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    I see him as part of the 'ínside' midfield rotation along with Petracca, Viney, Oliver, Harmes, and occasionally, Melksham for a bit of variety. Gus, when in form, is one of those players that seems to have plenty of time to sort through and select the right option. I find it difficult to judge any of our players on last season form. The players were not properly prepared and the team structure, fitness and form made it impossible for any player to play to their potential
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    I suspect that because there is no VFL until further notice, clubs will be inclined to make more changes to their teams from week to week to ensure that they have many players capable of performing at the highest level. It will also keep players on their toes and fully committed. Bottom line is that the teams with player depth are the most likely to succeed.
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    Certainly one of the all time grates.
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    Make him a staff member for the weekend.
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    Demonland was already the best AFL Footy Forum by a country mile. This MFC / community spirited initiative takes it to a new level again. Well done folks! Time for another donation methinks!
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    Remember how we used to cough loudly to cover up the sound of us breaking wind? Now it's the other way around.
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    Why were they playing loud music over the PA before the game when there was nobody even there to get deafened by it?
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    Any chance to convince Tennis Australia and State Government that worlds tennis elite need an elite training facility, pools, gym, altitude room, whatever else needed for the world’s greatest athletes. It could be fitted into the covered practice courts to the east of Rod Laver. Tennis guys have it in December and January and we take over the rest of the year. And we request to train on our own club ground once a week. OK tell me I am dreaming.
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    Yeah, what's with that? Carlton persistently treated as royalty, when in reality they're basically only Harry and that American lady.
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    well when global warming really kicks in we will all be living in northern russia, canada or western antarctica (see image below).........no more mcg.......sigh https://mymodernmet.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/climate-change-map-HD.jpeg
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