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    Sorry, I have been at work, saw him at Edwins after training, he is fine, ran into fence, no issue at all
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    A friendly reminder to my fellow Dees supporters: you're not responsible for the club's failures over the past sixty-five years. By some random quirk of fate, you support a team which has had limited modern success - due in part to many other twists of fate. Although I'm sure that it has been disappointing, that lack of success is not your personal lack of success. The majority of you probably chose the MFC when you were innocent children, many without having had any actual choice. I'm bewildered that so many of you seem so sensitive to social ribbing or criticism from the idiotic media. Your Collingwood mate wants to mock you for Melbourne's performance? Good stuff mate, well done for having watched a TV. Who cares what we title a documentary. It matters not one bit in the scheme of things, and makes absolutely no difference.
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    Melk is in what I call the advanced rehab group along with Smith, Brayshaw and Hannan. They were doing multiple 100m runs along the boundary at full pace, full pace agility work, kicking and marking (not Brayshaw). I've seen players stay in this group for 2 weeks (Tomlinson, Baker) but Smith, Melk and Hannan look ready to go to me although I'd imagine Hannan will be held back for some time given his lack of preseason to date. My guess is Melk has had a hammy twinge and that they will nurse him for a while to get him really right but if a final was tomorrow he'd play.
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    Political correctness gone completely bananas!! Reminds me of the the term becoming common in cricket. Once upon a time (back in the day, before the world went stark raving mad!) the man who batted was called a "Batsman", and the stuff you stick on fish was "batter". Not any more!! GRRRR!!!! Also, while I'm in this tantrum, I also object to people referring to the sport as "AFL". "Little Johnny, aged 9, is playing AFL." NO!! Little Johhny is playing Aussie Rules and, one day, he may aspire to being able to play in the AFL...!! SorrY! Rant over!
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    Love it. If for no other reason than to the response from men 'triggered' by the thought of it being AFLM.
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    MIght be Running on Empty if that's the case
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    Action Jackson is going to get an early call up methinks.
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    Anyone got Cam Pedersen's number?
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    if we have another season like last year, for me it will closely resemble AFLIDGAF.
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    Cant wait to see AVB run out again this year! Im from WA and the inside scoop here is West Coast were red hot on drafting Rivers, he'll be our surprise packet pick this year. Super kick of the ball and serious gamer
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    It appears that the click bait has had the desired effect on the perpetually threatened. He was asked. Said he was open to the idea. The end. Wasnt his idea, didn’t say it was being considered by the afl, didn’t say it would happen. It’s a scary world where women are allowed to do stuff... many here are jumping at shadows.
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    Calm down my friend. It's just an injury.
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    Always amazed at how players look better in our jumper
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    Within the next 3-5 years every club will be doing something similar Seriously anyone who complains after watching that will just complain about anything.
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    Jackson to debut round 1 and become the league’s premier ruckman in his first year, signing a 25 year deal by years end.
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    With all the things wrong at AFL level and he comes up with his! Words fail me.
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    so the pot calling the kettle black.....hmm, love it
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    This is (as usual) a combination of the AFL media's favourite things: 1. Fake News: stretching quotes from other sources to suit a narrative. 2. Steve Hocking or some other senior AFL figure unwilling to commit to decisions that people may see as unpopular. In proper context: Hocking is being interviewed by a dedicated AFLW podcast team who are pushing their agenda, with a really inappropriate question by the way. Livingstone dodges it. Hocking attempts to answer it diplomatically, but clearly without an intention to change the name of the AFL. 3 days later with nothing else to write about the Age and HS make it in to a story.
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    hasn't been a safe space for dees supporters for over 50 years! seconded
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    Saty, is the fence ok?
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    Dees celebrate upset win in front of home fans at Casey
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    OK, Baghdad Bob has most things covered but from what I saw: Vanders - had looked in great nick until he stretched for an errant Kossie handball. It looked to me like he stubbed his toe chasing the handball down, but he was clearly a bit sore, and laughed off the first trainer before finishing early. It could be as simple as a blister, but anything to do with the feet for him worries all of us. Hibberd - backed into a pack and flying Fritter caught him around the hip region - as mentioned on website a corky is likely. Did resume some training before heading off early. Nice to see Tomlinson and Baker do full sessions and Hannan did more running and kicking than I've seen for quite a while - looks close to resuming. Melky did a lot of rehab with him - nor sure why, probably still sore from his wedding night. Smith and Brayshaw did 15 sets of 100,80,60m and I reckon Angus will be having an afternoon nap now. But I reckon his effort to stick with our No.1 athlete for almost every sprint was the best performance of the day. If Gussie keeps this up, he'll be an absolute livewire this season. As for Smithy, he looks in super shape for his matchup with Jack Darling in Rd 1. As to his left-foot kicking, he reckons he was just giving his right-foot a rest and judging by his balldrop, he does need to keep practising his lefties. Others to catch my eye: ANB: I keep going on about him, but today he even nailed a set shot in front of the group from 45-50m out. He is constantly intercepting and tackling. Yep he has to do it in a game, but his pre-season work has been unbelievable. Trac: The club reckons he'll play forward and mid and I'm sure he will, but he is everywhere at the moment. His effort dispatching three opponents in a tackling drill was the stuff of Rene Kink. The club has to figure out whether they can afford to have two pods chasing the tap in the middle at the one time or whether Olly and him just keep rotating through there. T.Mac - Yes I know he's not fashionable either, but his hands are vice like and he looks a tad quicker when presenting. Obviously the real test will come when opponents get serious, but he now looks like an arrogant key forward, which is what we want him to be. Jay Lockhart - Really love what he's done pre-season. He's just so nimble and evasive and his kicking is really sound. Whether he gets a game will depend on injury, but he's a very classy defender and my smoky for the Liston Trophy. Main worry: No May again and no Petty.
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    I saw RDB play a fair bit of footy first with us then with Carlton who were very often televised in the mid to late 60s, then at Port Melbourne. He was my favorite player as a kid and because I really didn't understand the reasons he left MFC until much later, it hurt to see him play at other clubs. Much as I wanted to have his endeavour and spirit and attitude (and a little did rub off), as a footballer he was not quite in the talent class of Darly Bulldock, Kevin Murray or Ted Whitten his peers of the day. RDB was guts and determination and he pushed himself to his limits. As a player who was able to read the play to find the ball, miraculously create time where no time for decision making existed and then to CONSISTENTLY execute the required skill, by hand or foot, in my view Robert Flower was without peer. His slim physique should have been an impairment to his durability as a player, but it wasn't. Rob could carry injury and fans were often not aware of it, such was his graceful ability and timing to get the ball and avoid being tackled by the opposition. There are plenty of other players who had a bigger impact for us, but they played in a different time or could not last the journey of a full career. Rob played when we were rubbish. He was the only reason I went to the G for a decade to see us get flogged. In his interview with Mike Sheahan he said he always felt we had a chance, that was hard for me to understand as a spectator but easy for me to understand as an observer of a player who lived and breathed red & blue. He could see nothing else but the spirit that was the club at that time, knocking back money and finals to be true to himself and his club mates. May he rest in peace and from a good place, soon see his club finally secure his football life's dream.
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    Unlucky for Preuss. He looked like he worked extremely hard in the off season. This will test our depth early on, an opportunity arises for someone else and let’s hope they grab it.
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    I got in trouble once for asking a female to remove a manhole cover and was told I needed to call it a "Person access hole cover"
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    That was going to be my first thought, perhaps we have a mix of using TMac, Weid, Brown, and Jackie in the pre-season to avoid further injuries. Gawn is supposedly going to be good for round one, but losing Preuss has definitely hurt our depth. Shame for the bloke too, he really seemed be taking the pre-season head on.
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    We've amassed quite the injury list. Have I missed anyone? PLAYER INJURY LENGTH Angus Brayshaw Elbow TBA Kade Chandler Wrist TBA Max Gawn Knee TBA Mitch Hannan ???? TBA Michael Hibberd Calf TBA Steven May Knee TBA Jake Melksham Hamstring TBA Harrison Petty ???? TBA Joel Smith Foot TBA Charlie Spargo Ankle TBA Aaron vandenBerg Foot TBA Braydon Preuss Knee 8-10 Weeks Harley Bennell Calf Indefinite Kade Kolodjashnij Head Indefinite Aaron Nietschke Knee Season
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    Oh get [censored] seriously..
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    Ludicrous and political correctness seem to go hand in hand.
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    Is that the MCGM or MCGW???? Or could it be the MCG or WCG?
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    they never were upset, it was the people-perpetually-aggrieved-by- proxy who were upset. The black swan better look out.
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    Sitting next to the coach here.
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    That photo was with one of the "civilians" who got to have a photo with the team today. Take him out and Max is sitting next to the coach. Either Co-Captain or Vice. Doubt he is sole captain.
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    I like it. My young grand kids love it. No sooner has the BBL finished, they've stopped playing cricket and they're out there with their Demons jumpers on and No. 6 on the back playing AFLW.
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    I haven't heard anything so my opinion is purely on observation. He's had hammy issues for a long time now so one wonders how they will handle it. At some stage you've got to pull the trigger. Perhaps they manage his time on ground but at this stage he's doing a lot of work in rehab. Can you "fix" his sort of hammy issues? He did almost all the stuff before Christmasso they must have been happy with it then. Yes I'd imagine Hannan will have to do a lot of work before he's available given he's missed a lot of the preseason. My mail was that Chandler was expected to push very hard and his pre Christmas stuff was very good. He can't be all that far away and when his wrist is "right" he'll be straight back into it. But with Melk, Spargo, Hannan and Chandler all suffering injury the door is wide open for Kossie or even perhaps Bedford who hasn't put a foot wrong or missed any preseason. It will be interesting to see but like most it's disappointing to see the injury list growing at this stage.
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    Everyone seems to be making assumptions, fact is we don't know what the issue is. Someone could've stood on his foot for all we know. Let's cross our fingers and hope for the best.
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    Nice touch with Brian Stynes presenting the jumper.
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    And besides you can have two smalls up forward. The tigers have at least two at any one time.
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    Unfortunately Injury Prone Dont hang ur hat on this Bloke.. And we gave him ..What a three year year Deal?? Typical MFC
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    moniac......i like it.... nice polish name 🤩
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    Saw him in a rehab group on Friday at Gosch’s. Running multiple 100m sprints with TMac and Crossy. Looked to be moving freely. Later he did some free flowing ball work with TMac and Bedford and again looked to be moving well. Can’t be far off moving onto full training surely. Not sure what the issue is that is holding him back but glad they are taking things slowly.
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    This is a concept that I am very guilty of harping on about. There’s a good little clip here of his highlights playing the small forward role... https://www.reddit.com/r/melbournefc/comments/defpnf/crystal_ballin_with_his_first_preseason_at_the/ There are some very classy, instinctive passages of play here (with the kind of results you want), and to think he was only settling in without a helluva lot of game-conditioning behind him, it’s gotta be an option worth exploring.
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    The title is setting up the theme of the season for us. Whether it comes to fruition or not will play out in time but it's nothing more than a marketing tool. If we have another crap season I have a suspicion the title of a preseason promo series will be the least of our problems
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    I've worked out how to make it viable. Every home game they can play a double header. And Bob's your uncle (more than likely).
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    Demonbracket Grand Final results are in: Congratulations to your winner Max Gawn, who defeated Clayton Oliver by 160-48. Max joins Nathan Jones as the only man to win twice: 2012 - James Frawley d. Nathan Jones 2013 - Tom McDonald d. Mitch Clark 2014 - Nathan Jones d. Jack Watts 2015 - Nathan Jones [2] d. Dom Tyson 2016 - Jack Viney d. Nathan Jones 2017 - Max Gawn d. Jack Viney 2018 - Neville Jetta d. Clayton Oliver 2019 - Clayton Oliver d. Neville Jetta 2020 - Max Gawn [2] d. Clayton Oliver Thanks to everyone who supported this tournament over the last nine years (including two on Demonland) - and especially for this contest, which was by far the most votes in a match ever.
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    Geez Louise... there's a lot more to worry about than the title of a promo video
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