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    I'm probably the odd one out on Demonland currently, but I'm not as enthusiastic as most about Petty forward. Hope he goes well though.
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    Sounds like Rivers is a very similar player to Young. Young would need to be a hell of a lot better than Rivers to justify picking him over Jackson.
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    In my view this is a very overplayed issue for us. It's easy to forget that in 2018 we were the highest scoring team in the comp but some margin. You don't do that unless you've got skill, move the ball quickly and know what you're doing. There was a lot made of the "chaos" ball but again that was overplayed. Last year we weren't fit, hadn't practiced and had around 15 injured most weeks. That led to our lack of speed and poise. I'm very excited about Jackson and Pickett. I think we've drafted well and safely over the last 5 years but we've lacked flair, particularly once Garlett faded. Now we have two very high octane X factor players, we have Bennell in the wings and we're fit for this time of year. It's all pretty positive as far as I can see. I don't get excited over highlight tapes usually, but these guys really do have some tricks.
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    While we're all sharing our car-rolling stories: my best friend barely clipped a round-about in his Subaru on a Sunday morning once and we briefly went up on two wheels before landing safely and breathing a big sigh of relief. We'd been doubling-down on MDMA for around the past 14 hours, so according to the law of diminishing returns I don't think it would have been a major factor by then.
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    Don't know a lot about Kurt Mutimer. Quick, tough left footer apparently, and a former Eagle who at 22 is young enough to push his case for an AFL chance again. Thought it was an interesting prospect given his assets, and how we've used Casey to have a look at players in the past.
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    I'd be thinking Pickett gets 36, close enough to Nev's locker but after a certain great former indigenous small forward in Flash. Would love to see Aaron present him with his guernsey!
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    I don't think Max would give up Jimmy's No. if he was offered to be captain or be the best paid player in the league. Loyalty and honour still matter to some people - Big Max and Big Jimmy were cut from the same cloth when it comes to that and I will revere them always for it.
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    Looks like he's carrying a few extra kegs
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    I had a chat to Luke Jackson today while on a break from work in front of AFL house and he is a friendly, easy going, and level headed kid. Was more than happy to chat and spoke genuinely about the opportunities at MFC and is smart enough to know he is a good fit for what our team need and is super excited by it including working with Max. Was going to chat more until a friendly 3AW dude jumped in (who was equally as excited for MFC as he was also an MFC supporter) asked him a few more questions. He has also spent a fair bit of time in Melbourne through rep sides for basketball and footy so aren't concerned by the go home factor with him at all ...
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    Spoke to a Port Adelaide supporting mate of mine today who is legitimately connected in some AFL circles. He told me that he spoke to the head coach at PAC a month or so ago about Pickett and the feedback was that has an insane ability to hit hard, he’s ferocious, and apparently he endorsed him as a really good prospect. Confirmed that he has good skills and a very athletic build. In short, the feedback seems to be really promising. Only knock in my mate’s view was whether pick 12 was overs for a low possession accumulator as against a Kemp or Weightman. But everyone knows this. Thought it was interesting feedback nonetheless. Stay classy.
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    None of Petty, Weideman or Preuss have locked down a spot, in fact there will be a 4 way battle with Jackson for 1-2 spots depending on how the team wants to play. Jackson has speed and skill for his size that will create opportunities for the little guys. I'm not sure that the SANFL is the second best comp outside the AFL, but sure it's a good state league. Stephens had 1 excellent game but averaged 18 disposals in a fairly open competition. Langdon knows what he needs to do to win the ball against AFL players, most outside mids struggle with that transition early. Whitfield - who is bigger, faster, more skilled than Stephens - took a number of years to truly be comfortable at the top level. Good clubs win games with senior players whilst developing kids at the same time. If they stop developing kids it's only because they run out of good draft choices. There will be plenty of opportunities to develop our kids.
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    The cards would already be printed up mate, the only thing the club would print on them would be your details once they pick a card from one of 6 piles. Logistically, sorting through 40 different cards would be a pain in the neck, and there'd probably be an excess of Oscar McDonald and Braydon Pruess cards at season's end.
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    I just wish we selected Serhat Temel or Casey Sibosado.
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    The next Clayton Oliver...sorry '@Satyriconhome' not wanting to raise expectations or put on the demonland blowtorch but this kid will be a star...
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    No disrespect to Luke but I would have taken Young or Green any day. Big bodied defenders/midfielders & skillful at that, is an area we can obviously improve on. I cant help think that whilst this is an exciting time for any draftees, unfortunately Luke will be lucky to play any senior footy for 2 to 3 years. Good luck to him though...... Dylan Stephens rated as one of the best kicks, fast, amazing endurance, inside & outside player......obvious choice for a team that lacks pace & skill. I just don't get it.
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    Sorry but i just have to post this again. It's ridiculous how insanely athletic he is for a 199cm tall. He's quick on his feet to recover and his follow up work is elite. If we can somehow turn him into a genuine key forward then we have an absolute winner.
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    Just been waiting for my coffee in Horsham and fell into conversation with the happy indigenous gent beside me in a MFC tee shirt. He turned out to be the very proud father of Kysaiah having a pit stop on the way back to SA. He wasn’t afraid to talk the boy up. Said he has a fantastic attitude. anyway I left him talking to Frank Giampolo (ex MFC footballer). Really looking forward to seeing this kid play
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    I want to wish Jason Taylor all the best. I genuinely hope Jackson and Pickett become stars for the Demons. I will admit I was disappointed we didn't take Hayden Young at pick 3#, but it doesn't matter now. The raw talent of Jackson couldn't be denied. Some times you need to take a bit if a gamble when it comes to draft picks. However, having said that, if Jackson at pick 3# and Pickett at pick 12# don't turn out to be a success I will expect that Jason Taylor may indeed have his head on the chopping block. Anyway, I will reserve my judgement until 3 or 4 years down the track to see how both draftees develop. Time will tell....
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    Those with memory know my opinion on taking ruckmen early... He looks to have something more about him that maybe he can play a role on a flank or a wing if he has the lungs. Otherwise, see you in 2025... maybe...
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    Why not try and bring Sumich in as forward coach?
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    Pick 2, 3, 4, 9 and 9. Many recruiters haven't seen close to picks like that. With the picks he has had, it's an okay return. Geelong and Hawthorn's last picks in single digits were in 2006. I would be disappointed if we end up with a player equal to or lesser than Salem or Weideman with our pick 10.
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    When a recruiter has picks 3 and 10 he has to pick the best players not any positional best selections that is why players like Moylan and Cook got selected because the recruiter was asked for the best players in a particular position and we ended up Molan who had injuries which crueled his development but there was no excuse for Cook who was just tall and playing against midgets made him look good.
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    All the best to Taylor and all of the draftees tonight. Not going to lie but I have a bad feeling about us in this draft, Jackson at 3 doesn't sit well with me, although I of course hope he turns out to be the next Buddy. And Pickett at 10 seems a waste, surely we have similar talents from our zone in the NT coming through? Weightman seems better from the limited footage I've seen. I just feel we really have to nail this draft, especially if it's a one off before we rise again. Seems to be better players than these two at the picks we're allocated, but what would I or anyone here know. Most of the top 12 draftees came in and made an immediate impact this year, then you have Jordan Clark at 15, give me class and elite foot skills anyday, unsure if these two provide that and seem very left field. Anyhow as I said, all the best to all of them, I hope I'm wrong and they become club and competition stars. If they're not, wolves will come circling once again.
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    All hail this week's winner of 'Missed The Obvious Joke' Award.
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    Yep. Those big stones do not move. I wasn’t going that fast either, changed down a gear and must have slid the back wheel into a Stone. I heard a thud and over she went...never forget those moments. The night before Darren Cuthbertson kicked 9 out at Waverley. I made it to the game, bruised and battered!!!
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    Looks like he got through run number 1 unscathed
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    i got suspicious when he said 350mm instead of about a foot
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    Old age does things to the memory. You're probably remembering futuristic horseless carriages you saw in some moving picture show.
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    OK boomer. We know this is made up. Cars weren't even invented 50 years ago.
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    The only thing I'm interested in is him being fit to play... You would think he was Ivan Milat the way some people go on. All his so called issues will mean nothing if he can get on the ground and perform at his best.
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    "Melbourne high performance boss Darren Burgess has given Bennell a light fitness program before he joins the club on December 3." Bennell revealed his former Suns teammate Steven May had played a role in helping him secure his pre-season opportunity at the Demons. “He’s fit and he’s flying. I haven’t seen him like this since the early days of the Suns,” Bennell says. With a dose of long-overdue good luck, Bennell might get the chance to remind the football world of his own special talents. With a dose of long-overdue good luck, Melbourne might get the chance to remind the football world of it's own special talents.
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    Monday Best Spanish Primera Monday at 07:00 Real Valladolid v Sevilla Sevilla Win & Over 2.5 Match Goals. $3.20
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    Weekend Special France Ligue 1 Monday 01.00am Bordeaux vs Monaco Bordeaux (Win) & +2.5 Goals Match Score $4.60
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    IMO Brown replaces Pedo and Langdon replaces Vince, two players that we sorely missed in 2019, hopefully we have learned that you cannot fill holes with kids!!
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    The Casey Demons are also chasing the signature of former Gold Coast Sun Jack Leslie who was surprisingly delisted at the end of the season. Leslie played some impressive games in defence and I wouldn’t rule out a future return to AFL. Post script: More on Mutimer here - VFL: Casey makes key signings Dandenong Stingrays players Jarryd Barker and Corey Ellison are also training at Casey.
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    Dees rated Mutimer but Eagles grabbed him. He has good talent and run, and importantly is a very good kick. Hope he makes the most of the chance to impress.
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    People seem to overlook the fact that we were the highest scoring team in the AFL in 2018. Improve delivery and consolidate our backline and there is no reason why we shouldn’t be there in September! 🙂
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    Good. I'm expecting a 16.4.100 type return in round 1 V's the Eagles, as opposed to the 7.13.55 slop circa 2019. Amazing the amount of games we lost last year purely on accuracy.
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    Yep, I already said my bit on this in the Members Forum thread in response to a few having a cry over this appointment. I was surprised (not really) at how many jumped immediately to pff, what would a ruckman know about goal kicking? without looking any deeper at all. On paper I can't see how he could be any more credentialed: As a player, had a conversion rate that compares on par with or favorably with the very very best, with a good sample size Is already a coach at the club and has been for a long time, so there will be no surprises at all in terms of coaching capability Messiah is probably a stretch, but it looks a good appointment to me.
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    Are you still at primary school ?
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    Another Data Game video on the AFL website this morning giving him some more credit for his very good year. Good to see Trac getting some credit on here too. Interestingly, the Champion Data person on the video (Daniel Hoyne I believe) thinks Trac should have been in discussions for the AA squad with his numbers. Elite in 3 categories and Above Average In 2 as a general forward. It’s because of our season he probably wasn’t discussed. He can take a lot of confidence into next year and he’s on top of my list for a player to watch.
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    While I thought Sam Murray could be a good pick up, recruiting Mitch Brown seems like a no brainer given we currently lack an experienced back up tall forward. In short, I’d be happy with using the equivalent of pick 97 on this guy.
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    The forwards are not the problem. The delivery into the forwards meant that no forward had a chance. But in saying that the forwards would have helped if they could convert and hold the ball in or slow the rate it came out.
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    Jackson and Pickett - I’m just glad there are no leaks at the club these days.
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    Lol... dumbest response for along time.
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