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  1. Buckenara on Howe moving to Collingwood in a forward role: It seems that's the role Collingwood want for him and the role he plays best. Time will tell whether or not he's as good as Gunston or Breust but it seems he's got a definite job description at the Pies Any casual observer watching Melbourne knew Howe was much better as a defender than a forward, but not Buckenara. On the 2016 draft - Buckenara thought Taranto was taken too early at pick 2 and he had him rated at 10. Taranto is currently either the best or second best from that draft and vindicated the GWS selection. In June 2016 Buckenara said that Richmond's and Collingwood's lists were bother ''overrated''. ''Similar to Collingwood, they've got too many back-end, depth players and maybe they've overranked themselves as a club as well.'' Richmond have since won two flags and Collingwood were a kick off winning one and have solidified themselves as a top 4 team. It's up to you how much stock you put in this blokes assessments. I put very little in them at all.
  2. I've given us a B- for the draft. While I didn't want us to go that direction, I accept that Jackson is a legitimate pick at three, so can't fault that one. Rivers was by all reports a bit of a steal, so big points for that. I have to take points off for Pickett though. At that pick we had access to other much better-credentialed players (Kemp) and went in with blinkers on intending to target only one player. Looking at the draft/trade period as a whole I think we're an easy A+. The club chased three players through trade and FA and landed them all, then traded themselves into a position to get the two young talents they had targeted and picked them both up with the picks they brought in specifically for that purpose as well as picking up a bonus AA HB. Taken as a whole it was a flawlessly executed plan that has so far been 100% successful. Further to that, despite my repeated insistence that we'd be better off with Young and Kemp, I can't fault them on the choices they've made given that I was also very vocal in pointing out our habit of drafting safe players with great character and leadership but no x-factor or ability to turn games on their own. We've certainly smashed that image this year. Jackson, Pickett and Bennell are all in the risky but with a massive reward if they come off category. If all three come off we'll be in for some very interesting times.
  3. It has been noted before but poita - and therefore you also - are taking Goodwin's 'We just weren't prepared for what the game was going to demand' comment completely out of context. He was talking about the number of players rehabbing and the resultant impact on players fitness level, preparation and practicing set ups and tactics. I'm not sure if you are deliberately trolling or you are being sincere in the comments quoted above (and for that mater most of your posts). If the former then hashtag what ever floats your boat. If the latter then i'd suggest you follow things a bit more closely. The coaching staff did in fact make significant changes to the way we played. Anyone actually watching us play could see the change during the season to a much more defensive, chip and hold, tempo model and we set up much deeper than we would normally do. In fact to be honest i wonder if that was a mistake and they might have been better off just sticking to the preferred game plan - the plan they will play with next year ie attacking, contest out, move it forward at all costs, attack on the player with the ball, forward half pressure, front half football (you know a very similar style that has won 2 of the last 3 flags). I suspect they did not do so because, one we didn't have the cattle and two we were simply not fit enough to execute that hectic game style. But i also think they looked to minimise the scale of the losses as we simply did not have enough defensive run and cover, particularly late in quarters and games and our preferred game style requires that sort of running as it exposes us to sling shot rebounds and the ball out the back..
  4. I don't think anyone on here has painted him as the messiah though old? We know he's coming with a fair bit of development to do. But as Jason Taylor has said, we shouldn't put a cap on him yet. I honestly think he'll play round 1 next year. He's development in the past 18 months has been at a rapid rate and I think now that he's in a full time environment under the guidance of Max Gawn, he'll develop quite significantly over the next few months. He's not like a Jack Watts who was just all bones and let's be honest he was quite soft from day dot. Jackson is aggressive and not afraid at all to get in and get his hands dirty. Gawn and Pruess pushing him around at training will only further this even more. I am predicting 10-12 games next year from Jackson playing mostly up forward.
  5. Buckenara is a fool who the HS use for clickbait. Ignore everything he says. Knightmare, while he does get through a power of vision, is a defensive and overly elaborate shut-in who qualifies every assessment of players with caveats, ifs and buts. His descriptions published on ESPN are borderline embarrassing as he seems incapable of describing any player with single adjectives and instead lists a series of sentences as 'strengths or weaknesses': 'running through contests without losing feet, contested winning abilities in confined spaces'...he's laughable. Good on him for turning a clear passion into some pocket money but if he was any good he'd be working in clubland. It is very easy to publish rankings and cover yourself against every outcome, takes a lot more balls to make a decision and pick a player as a recruiter. This is without mentioning that neither of these guys have access to interviews or have met the prospects. All players at the elite u18 level have talent; the mentality and discipline to succeed is in my opinion the biggest factor. Goodwin described as much on SEN last week. Rating the draft immediately after based on rankings you've informed with highlight videos is as useless an exercise as I can imagine. I give us an A+
  6. Drafts can't truly be rated for 5-10 years, but if we base it on who we targeted it has to be an A+. We wanted the first two we picked and ensured we got them and Rivers was universally expected to be gone by our third pick. Time will tell if our assessments of all concerned were accurate - in part or fully. There wouldn't have been too many clubs leave the draft that got their exact wishlist. We probably did (unless they were hoping for someone other than Rivers who slid).
  7. I confess my irrational fascination with this topic.
  8. Luke Jackson has been given number 6 and Trent Rivers has been given 24.
  9. Taylor has been bold & adventurous. This period has been one of high risk especially with Bennell, but we have been played it too safe for a long time & not gotten any reward so win loose or draw I commend this approach and hope that we play an attacking brand this year and get some respect back. Exciting times ahead!
  10. Agree. Its interesting how little love backmen get when they are drafted. Everyone seems to get super excited about Mids and Forwards, but very few laypeople (i slipped in a PC ) get frothy about players who are drafted as defenders. This kid has me as least as interested as our first 2 picks.... possibly even more. Looks a genuine prospect but ofc only time will tell. Personally quite happy with this pick.( Iknow it makes absolutely no difference if i am happy of not)
  11. I like to think of myself as having a reasonable insight into footy with a pretty good understanding of pros and cons of players on the MFC list. I can't recall a time when it was harder to pick a best 22. Poor form and injury in 2018, new arrivals, a few favorites entering the twilight and a bunch of youngsters with barely tapped potential contribute to this. There will be bolters and sliders that no one will expect. It will be fascinating year.
  12. I think the first person to put messiah and Jackson in the same post is you mate. I haven't read anyone here suggesting Jackson is going to put the club on his back and lead us to the promised land. The post above from Watson11 is more typical With regard to the Buckenara article, in another thread experienced poster Prodee has highlighted examples of why Buckenara's analysis should be treated with caution - if not disdain I think this kid will be fun to watch old dee, sooner rather than later so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride
  13. Havent seen one person even allude to LJ being the 'messiah' for us, not sure what OD is on about. I just see a lot of cautious optimism.
  14. I don't think anyone is saying he is the messiah 'old'... ...but with a better season from Tommy Mac, the realisation that Fritsch is a forward, a fit Melk, a fitterTrac and the rotations through the mids the addition of Jackson and Pickett can round things out, give us a bit more balance. He doesn't need to star just play his role and it improves our forward half markedly.
  15. Your first mistake was taking anything Buckenara says serious. The guy is a drop kick. Go look at his highlights. His contested marking is one of his strengths.
  16. I know that times change but here’s a pen pic on a young ruckman from WA from Inside Football in the lead up to the 2008 National Draft:- “NICHOLAS NAITANUI - ruckman, Swan Districts, WA DOB: 4/5/90 Ht: 197cm Wt: 95kg "Nicholas is just a freak. He's not a natural footballer but on pure athletic ability he is in a class of his own. Has great closing speed, is a great jump and is starting to learn more about winning the ball around the ground but there is plenty to come. Needs to work on his foot skills as they still, have a way to go but his improvement has been pretty sharp over the last two years. He's certainly not a natural footballer and you'd expect whichever club takes him to spend a lot of time with him developing his decision making, but we think he could play some AFL footy next year, although probably not a whole season. We juggled things around with him later in the year and played him in some key positions, including full back, and he did it very effectively. There is really no one like him and I don't think anyone has seen anything like him. Athletically he's one of the best players ever to come through this club. Long term he'll probably be a ruckman but that's not to say a club couldn't develop another string to his bow because he has all the tools to work with." - Swan Districts football manager Matt Peach. WA rep 2007/2008. All Australian 2007/08. From Midvale JFC” Naitanui was 197cm tall when drafted by the Eagles at #2 and now stands at 201cm, a mere centimetre shorter than Brodie Gundy. Luke Jackson was 196cm earlier this season and has been variously reported in the media in the past week as being 199cm or 200cm. Either way, I think Buckenara might be overstating things when he claims Jackson is “undersized”. POST SCRIPT This article from 1 April, 2019 by Chris Doerre (Knightmare) has Jackson at 196cm ~ AFL Draft Power Rankings: Giants academy prospect holds off chargers from Oakleigh. I’m not sure whether Bucky’s seen Jackson recently but if he’s grown to 199/200cm in the interim, there’s a reasonable chance he’ll end up at 201/2002cm plus.
  17. Do you really think it's that cut and dry? The season could easily be divided up into a period of bad luck with injuries and some close losses and a period of good luck that sees us showing massive improvement but still missing the 8. I'm not accepting mediocrity but there are mitigating circumstances and not making the 8 isn't Goodwins death sentence imo. Collingwood, Richmond, Port Adelaide, many clubs have decided there were enough positive developmental signs to stick it out with their coach for another season despite missing finals. Its all about HOW we play this year.
  18. I like that we recruited X factor. We desperately needed some. We probably didn’t go with the percentage plays (Young and Weightman), but I’m pleased. Pickett is a human cannonball. I can’t wait to see him in our forward line each week. It’ll be fun to watch. Put simply, picking Jackson and Pickett has a certain feel good factor to it. We should all get around it.
  19. He is looking more at ease with all the running at each session, amazed me the other day when doing a run around the oval, last year, started rocking side to side early on, this year cruising around
  20. I rate him with Pelcan...both living off the glories of the Dicker/Clarkson/Hawthorn rebuild. I'm sure they played a role but not as big as what they profess or others would like us to believe. If they were any good they would still be on big bucks in clubland rather than trying to hold on to some relevance as media dial a quotes....
  21. Is anyone thinking he is the messiah? I’m not sure anyone would think he could do anything other than play a role. But hey, wouldn’t it be great if we had a forward 6 who all knew what their role was and played it. There are a few articles written around the draft combine time by Cal Twomey and others that said Jackson would be ready to play round 1. And if he plays forward it will be to play a role which hopefully includes bringing the ball to ground, competing for ground balls so it isn’t waltzed up the other end for a goal like last year, and improving our forward 50 stoppages. His recovery, ground balls, and clearance work seem to be a strength. He is an athlete though. Very quick, good leap, and really good endurance. But whether he can read the play well enough to play forward in his first year and do a role remains to be seen. It will be a bonus if he can.
  22. Think you're being somewhat premature with your judgement there. Neita missed the whole year with a knee reco, Sparrow was injured for a lot of the season and Jordon (the youngest draftee that year) showed plenty of promise.
  23. Agree Dazzle with the compromised draft next season and those taken last year having a year into them I'm really happy we managed to get 3 players all competitors ready to go. I really rated Sharp and Rivers and to turn pick 8 into the player we were likely to take and Rivers is fantastic and really shrewd work by the list management team. I've no doubt we'll start looking at a late diamond with hardness and the competitive edge to take next year
  24. I think there's no coincidence that our strong run at the end of 18 started around the time AVB got going. I'd like to see Dusty try the "don't argue" on AVB on ANZAC Eve.
  25. And let’s face it, we couldn’t really draft both Young and Jackson because those names are synonymous with the hotel at the gateway to Melbourne known in the past for its bar room, loose women and the heavy imbibing of alcohol in the days of the six o’clock swill. The very suggestion of Y & J together at the same club would therefore contradict the essence of the club’s no [censored] policy - hence Young had to be sent across the Nullarbor and in return, we get a fine upstanding quality person in Rivers, a relative of a former Victorian Supreme Court Judge. My informants from the West tell me that he’s a very solid young lad who can definitely play football and, but for his illness over the summer which affected his preparation and delayed his start to the season, he might have been in top ten draft contention. As it was, he did very well to gain State selection at the National Carnival and make All-Australian. He won’t just be a half back flanker either - I’m told that he might end up as a very damaging midfielder.
  26. Exactly. Everyone knows we had an appalling season. It would beggar belief to suggest otherwise. There are however reasons for our poor season, which I absolutely accept. In short, our game style didn’t go from great to schizen in one year because Goodwin didn’t have a game plan. We never got started - and it literally just snow-balled badly from about the second quarter against Port in round one. I think we will have developed much more from finishing 17th than having limped into the 8, and getting bundled out in the first week of finals. So much so, I just bet a bottle of Grange with a Crows’ supporting mate on our season next year. I reckon we’re top 4. He reckons we’re bottom 4. If we’re top 4, he buys me the bottle - if we’re bottom 4, I buy him the bottle. Stupid deal. I felt like I was Josh Mahoney dealing with North on trading draft picks. Shooting fish in a barrel. We’re going to be great next year.
  27. I'm probably the odd one out on Demonland currently, but I'm not as enthusiastic as most about Petty forward. Hope he goes well though.
  28. Our recruiters have done such a magnificent job over the past week bringing us Jackson, Pickett and Rivers to the club that we thought we would put their efforts into music 🎼
  29. Close to my best football memory. I posted the following not long after i first started posting on Demonland way back in 2011 (by the by it was in response to a fantastic post from Whispering Jack about the wiz - well worth a re read): I will never forget the game Farmer mentioned by WJ where he kicked 9.1 (so close to perfection) in the second half against the maggies. One of my all time favourite footy watching moments, perhaps even my fav I was sitting at the top of the Ponsford Stand (city end) and there was a magpie fan in front of me who in the first half was absolutely giving it to Farmer. All half he was bagging him whenever he went near it. His vitriol tipped over into mindless racist drivel. I think he must have thought himself quite witty as his insults were along the lines of "typical, always looking for a handout", "hoping for easy welfare" and other such rubbish. The fella was absolutely relentless and as Farmer barely got a kick in that first half he had plenty of opportunities to have a go at him. What made it worse was he was with his son, who was probably no older than about 9 or so. It was for this reason that i elected not to say anything (and a sense that it would have been pointless and perhaps he was trying to provoke something), as there would have been some sort of confrontation and more than likely violence. That said i really i struggled throughout the first half not to say anything to him and with the tension of thinking i should. Well Farmer answered such rubbish in the best possible way. 9 goals in a half of footy and it could have easily have been 10. Awesome. With each goal i was able to go wild for the Wiz and was able to "respond" to the dill without ever having to do so directly. I yelled out stuff like "that's it Jeff, do it all yourself, go hard", "you don't need any easy frees or handouts from the umps" etc etc. As the Whiz lined up for his 9th at about the 15 min mark of the last this fella (having barely said a word, little lone an insult, since about half way through the 3rd quarter) slinked off, leaving his son with a mate of his (who funnily enough had not at any stage yelled out any abuse). He was a beaten man. The Whiz had seen to that. There had been no violence and perhaps his son had learnt a lesson. A great day and a great talent.
  30. Premiers: Melbourne Brownlow: Oliver Collingwood to fall out of the 8. Petracca to make the All Australian squad. Demonland to have a drop Tomlinson thread at some time during the season started by someone who doesn’t understand his role. Pickett to get suspended for a late bump on debut.
  31. Deakyn Smith is one to keep an eye on. Probably in the same boat as what Bedford was in his first at the Stingrays. So I expect Smith to push for Vic Country trials next year. 179cm who played across half back and wing in the 8 games he played this year. Clean and uses the ball well. Kobi George our other NGA prospect isn't much chop at all and I don't expect him to get drafted next year. Perhaps a late rookie if the club wants to put in a good development but highly doubt so.
  32. Buckenara is certainly entitled to his views. He was a champion footballer, played in premiership teams and has experience in the recruitment industry. However, if he’s going to make statements about where he ranked a player then he needs to also demonstrate that he has a record of accuracy with previous draft predictions. In fact, he doesn’t and it’s worse than the average pundit (not that we can expect perfection in this game).
  33. You're usually a good poster well worth reading, but your train is off the tracks in this thread.
  34. If I was an optimist, I wouldn't be surprised. And if I was a pessimist, I'd be totally shocked if we were a genuine premiership threat next season. Realists on the other hand are often boring but mostly right. 'old dee' for instance is a realist and he is often right with his views on the team. I rarely argue with him If we win more than 12 games I will be surprised. But there's often a fine line between 10 & 14 wins so a plus and minus factor needs to be a caveat. To win more than 12 games we'll need to fix a variety of issues A lack of genuine leg speed around the ground and away from stoppages Disposal is often woeful including kicking to position, targets or space Kicking for goal is also a huge problem that needs to be overcome A dysfunctional forward line devoid of real marking power and proper systems Clearance work that leaves a lot to be desired considering we have a dominant ruckman We also lack dash out of defence and we don't set up enough scoring opportunities from our defence 2nd & 3rd efforts are not of a great standard either (especially in comparison to the top sides) It's all in front of us 55 ... anything is possible of course but we've got a lot to improve on if we're to become a genuine threat. Right now, I'd happily take 10-12 wins (for any number of reasons including not having to dispense with the coach) My wish is finals but I'm a realist.
  35. That's not fact all 3 where best 22 in 2018, playing all the finals, so fact does not back up your statement.
  36. I don’t understand why people think Jackson is such a risk. He looks a bit like Stefan Martin as a player. If that’s his downside, we will still get decent value out of #3. His upside is Grundy, who is a top 10 player in the game.
  37. Agree on all counts. Jackson could (i stress could) be a generational player. Young is very unlikely to be (but also could). But either way as you note we could cover young in the draft - and we might well have with rivers - but we were not going to land someone with Jackson's size, skill set and potential. Not sure how long he might have to wait for a senior gig given he is a skinny bugger, but by all accounts he has something I know you value very highly pd - want, desire and competiveness - so I'd back him to force his way in.
  38. Good old Saty does resemble Slartibartfast a bit.
  39. I think Fritsch and Milkshake are going to be the key to our forward line. Fritsch is just an awesome decision maker and really hard to match up on. People forget how pivotal Melky was for us in 2018, he led the league for goal assists and effective kicks inside 50, we really missed that in 2019. Having Langdon is going to make a difference also, his run and carry will lead to greater penetration with entries into the forward 50. I’m expecting TMac to be back to his old self, I just don’t know what to expect from Weed I’m just hoping, but if he doesn’t fire I suspect Petty will take it on or Jackson will get his chance early. I suspect Smith will play the Frost role in the back half. He can play tall and he is super fast, not too sure about his kicking but if he is playing frost’s role then the bar for disposal has been set pretty low. Bedford, Kozzie and Spargo to compete for the small forward role. Petracca to play a predominantly midfield role and take it to the next level.
  40. Under Mr Taylor we have not made many mistakes unlike the previous crew. However his mate on the other end has got till June 2020. If we do not have a 50/50 win loss ratio by then I will be officially off his band wagon.
  41. I think the next milestone after that (unless you were a very active teen) is having a kid that is Draft Age. * * IF YOU HAVE GRANDKIDS WHO ARE DRAFT AGE YOU PROBABLY CAN'T READ THIS LINE
  42. If AVB is fit he’ll be one of the first selected. You can take that to the bank.
  43. An interested observer, casually leaning on a tree, Sam Mitchell My new smokey in Nietschke, motoring up and down a wing in the kicking ball movement drill. Was known in junior days as an aerobic beast
  44. Have they spoken to the catering contractors? Seem to me they would sell substantial less in a ten break vs a twenty minute break. Are the AFL going to reduce the fees they play to compensate? Let's not kid ourselves this 100% about the TV companies and as usual the fans / players are running a bad second.
  45. In my view this is a very overplayed issue for us. It's easy to forget that in 2018 we were the highest scoring team in the comp but some margin. You don't do that unless you've got skill, move the ball quickly and know what you're doing. There was a lot made of the "chaos" ball but again that was overplayed. Last year we weren't fit, hadn't practiced and had around 15 injured most weeks. That led to our lack of speed and poise. I'm very excited about Jackson and Pickett. I think we've drafted well and safely over the last 5 years but we've lacked flair, particularly once Garlett faded. Now we have two very high octane X factor players, we have Bennell in the wings and we're fit for this time of year. It's all pretty positive as far as I can see. I don't get excited over highlight tapes usually, but these guys really do have some tricks.
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