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    KK was not there, or AVB unless early, Weid was out early for a quick sesh Smith and Nietschke in rehab Dunkley didn't do much Gawn, Tommy Mc there Preuss' body shape from last year unrecognisable, dropped a few kilos Oliver looking in great shape, cruised through the session Firsr 3/4 of session was ball movement New Burgess inovation, interval running, used to do this years ago in military, walk 25 , jog 25, sprint 25 around the oval, gets muscles used to doing the same , great for endurance surprisingly Any concerns about Tommy Mc alleviated,spent 10 minutes at end, running full pace down middle of oval from end to end Gawn also motored around the oval a couple of times at the end, as per the norm these days, looks in immaculate condition All the 'young' boys, nobody looked underdone A point, Omac (for all the haters) looked really sharp for first session
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    FWIW the source who told me that Bennell was committed to us also said tht the club are optimistic about his ability to play in 2020. The misdiagnosis by Freo was a disaster and held him back. They hope to start loading him and are hopeful that he will be ready to go early in the season. As I have stated, this is all but a done deal. If Harley shows he is disciplined and can commit to the expectations of an AFL footballer, he will be a Dee after Xmas.
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    Can't believe they’re back already. But I checked on Wikipedia and it's official.
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    I arrived late at the session and only saw the running. Clayton Oliver was looking very good, had rhythm, balance and power as he glided across the field. He maintained his competitive instinct with is running mate James Jordan. Tom and Oscar Mcdonald both moving strongly. Tom looking unimpeded and often leading Oscar. Bailey Fritsch and Charlie Spargo running easily and seemed to be enjoying the return to the club. Max Gawn running with Braydon Preuss. After the younger ones left, Max continued doing his own runs and was pushing himself pretty hard. Braydon doing some extra kicking, leading and marking with Gregg Stafford. Marty Hore running hard, together with Troy Chaplin who was regularly a few meters behind him. Tom Sparrow was in the lead most of the time when running with a small group of four players (Toby Bedford, Oscar Baker and I think Kade Chandler or Jay Lockart). Not a big squad a few must have finished early and some still away, I didn't see Harrison Petty. I thought there were about 8 coaches out in middle but no Simon Goodwin or Alan Richardson. Not very vocal but it felt like they were all itching to get on with it and appeared to be happy being back in the fold.
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    Harley has accepted an offer to train with the Demons. Story was on the Melbourne FC social media feeds but has been pulled for some reason.
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    Initially was full of praise reading Oliver showed up. Then realised he's still actually in the 1st-4th year group! Good, lord that guy's a gun.
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    Hard to kick to the opposition when they aren't there
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    This is where Demonland comes into its own. I suspect I spend more time on here in the period November to March than I do April to September. Thanks, in advance, to all out track watchers.
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    Oh, so the MFC social confirmed my post of two days ago. Amazing
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    What's the culture issue 'Mike'... If it's the drug thing then I wouldn't be too concerned. The difference with these two and others is they've been caught out...
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    Is it just me or does Fritsch look a bit like Brad Green from that clip? Probably plays similar to him too.
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    I'm of the opposite view. The club has been a laughing stock for over 50 years,nearly merging,dishing up years like 2019 & all through it we have chased choir boys with no fight in them or no fight. We can't get any lower than we are & I couldn't care if we recruited murderers,I want results & nothing else
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    Having spent a fair amount of time travelling to WA for work, I'd describe it as exactly like in Back to the Future 2 when Biff is running the show.
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    You can understand why, with the Pies cap-squeeze, they've decided not to persevere with Murray. They have many of his type on their list, but he'd be a handy acquisition for us. He's another that would release Salem to play further up the field, but also give us some handy rebound and run and carry from defence, without absolute brainfades (ala Frost).
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    Olivers debut was in 2016. This means he is included in the 1st 4 year players.
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    Not 100% certain, but from what I can tell the approximate scenario is: Weid had hip surgery right near the end of the season. Back early December. TMac knee surgery in July (?), so hopefully ok for full training when it starts (although he and Viney might have adjusted workloads for their continuing foot problems). Jetta had minor knee surgery near the end too, more of a clean up I think so hopefully ok for start of preseason. Fairly sure all other surgeries were done well before the end of the season. Joel Smith in rehab still, but on light training already. I think vandenBerg is similar, as is KK. Don't quote me on those, but that seems to be what I can remember seeing.
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    BACK IN STYLE by Whispering Jack From the moment when the Elton John character in the movie “Rocketman” burst into its opening scene dressed as a flamboyant demon on his way to an addiction rehabilitation session, the game was on. Here was yet another film about a person gifted with a meteoric rise to stardom finding coke, booze and a hedonistic lifestyle that led directly to a destructive crash into the abyss. Ultimately, these stories end in total disaster (“A Star is Born”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Judy”) but this one resulted in happiness, albeit after a longish haul to salvation. These days, the man we now know as Sir Elton Hercules John is most definitely back in style. A similar scenario presents itself to the football world today with the acceptance by former Gold Coast and Fremantle player Harley Bennell of Melbourne’s invitation to train with the club later this month with a view to his drafting as a pre-season supplemental selection in March. The question is whether Harley can achieve the same phoenix-like rise to redemption as the one enjoyed by the hero in Rocketman? The Demons’ General Manager of Football Operations Josh Mahoney welcomed Bennell telling the media that he “has been through some well-documented challenges throughout his career and we are happy to offer him an opportunity for a fresh start.” That’s a bit of understatement but there’s no place for sugar-coating the West Australian’s problematic football past. Bennell moved seamlessly from the junior ranks into the system at Peel Thunder Football Club where he quickly rose to play several games for the senior team in the WAFL at 16 years of age in 2008 and two years later, he took out the Larke Medal as best player in the AFL Under 18 Championships. Bennell was then selected at number two by the Gold Coast Football Club in the 2010 AFL National Draft. He duly made his AFL debut in the Suns’ inaugural AFL match against Carlton at the Gabba but the first signs appeared of the troubling times to come when he was dropped for a week for disciplinary reasons after his second game. Bennell was dropped again two weeks after his return and he spent several weeks playing in the reserves before his selection for a mid season clash in his home town against the Eagles. Bennell then skipped a compulsory training session by staying in Perth longer than permitted and he was again dropped from the team. The Suns’ leadership group held his return back for a week but after that, it was all plain sailing - he moved in with team mate Karmichael Hunt and did not miss another game to end the 2011 season finishing with 14 goals from as many games. There were no second year blues for Bennell in 2012 as he played in all 22 games, kicked 25 goals and finished second in the club's best and fairest behind Gary Ablett Junior. The world was at the feet of the 185 cm, 74 kg youngster, not yet turned 20 by the end of the season, who had amassed an astonishing 521 disposals in just his second year of AFL. The following season opened well as Bennell was named man of the match in his representative debut for the Indigenous All-Stars in a preseason game against Richmond. However, despite some bursts of sheer brilliance, he was unable to return to the stellar form of his second year. Surely, there was something wrong with the potential star who managed to play just 15 games in each of the following three seasons? The answer to the question became clear as Bennell’s final season at the Suns unfolded and his descent into self-destruction became complete. In May 2015, he was dropped from the team for drinking alcohol after a game despite the team agreeing to avoid alcohol for the week. In July, two newspapers published photographs of Bennell appearing to use illicit drugs in a Tasmanian hotel room in 2013. This came a matter of days after a statement was leaked to the press of his former teammate and housemate, Karmichael Hunt to the police detailing Hunt’s cocaine use with unnamed Gold Coast players. The Suns ran out of patience with Bennell after he was served with a public nuisance notice after an alleged argument with a bouncer outside the Surfers Paradise. The club’s executive Andrew Travis announced on 7 September that Bennell would be traded and a month later, he became a Docker. Bennell’s time at Fremantle was punctuated by ongoing soft tissue injuries with his calf that severely impeded his running ability and limited him to just two games that netted 14 kicks, 5 handballs and three goals with the Dockers. Bennell tried hard to stay out of trouble but according to a 2018 news report, he gave evidence to a court on behalf of two bikie friends that a young father they brutally bashed in a brawl outside a Subiaco nightclub had threatened to shoot Bennell (who was not charged in relation to the incident). There were a number of comeback attempts but they were all to little avail and, during 2019 he had two calf muscle operations. Though he parted company with the Dockers at the end of the season, he remained determined to revive his career. Enter the Melbourne Football Club, going through its own fall from grace after a forgettable season. Like the 27-year-old Harley Bennell, they lost it for a while and both are seeking redemption. Will they make the perfect fit?
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    You know., I don't post much but I have been reading the boards for many years. I always thought you were a bit odd, but I'm tolerant so I let personal opinions slide. However; when you slate Lewis like that, and I saw no reason to think he wasn't committed to the cause, it goes beyond tolerance and you need to be called out. I rate Lewis and his contribution to the club. I do not rate self indulgent internet dweebs with agendas and bad attitutudes. (Some may say simpeltons). If we applied the Roos policy on here I'm sure you would be one of the first to go.
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    Looks exactly how an ambitious player at a good Club should look pre season. Well done. I reckon we have a player
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    Comparison November 19 2018 November 4 2019
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    Some visuals to go with your report.
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    Thanks for the training report, Saty. Much appreciated that you make the effort and reports back here. I was thinking that AFL is becoming a lot like Biathalon. High heart rates and intensities, followed by moments where slow heart rate and accurate skill execution (goal kicking, foot skills, hand skills) are required. I imagine the best way to train for this is interval and recovery training, with lactate tolerance work. We talk about disposal efficiency and goal kicking efficiency, but if you have just sprinted your guts out and have poor cardiovascular recovery, then the fine motor skill required is probably going to be massively influenced. This is why the shot clock can be so important. 2019, if the list were not fit enough around this, it is no wonder their skills were degraded. Lets see how they train up this pre-season to be able to recover fast and perform the core skills when not recovered (and under pressure).
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    Subject to no major hiccups that's it then. He wil be rookied in the SSP and on our list for 2020. Fantastic news and fingers crossed he makes it through what will be a pretty long haul for an attempt at completing a custom pre-season. If we get him on the park and performing at 80/90% by about Rnd 10 (or before) it's a fabulous coup for this club and great news for his career also.
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    Don’t let your cape get caught on the way out.
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    In advance... thanks Saty and Kev for the great reports and insight... when you are living the life of a retired hippie it’s hard to admit your one passion in life (apart from your wife).. is the Dees... the angst the hope the epiphanies the dread .. but we dare to dream.. Max stripped and training hard... stuff to dream on...
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    Thank you for the pics DLand and thanks for the report, Saty I really, really hope AVB and KK come good this year
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    Going for the pics on the MFC website, - Spargo and Jordon have bulked up significantly. - Pruess has completey changed his body shape. What an amazing transformation. He's given himself the best opportunity for next year no doubt. - Well done to Tom McDonald and Max Gawn for coming in when they weren't suppose to and still partake in training but also help the young blokes out. Smells of absolute leadership.
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    WTF, Preuss looks like a completely different person. Looks so thin.
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    So we’re now at Bennell, Langdon, Tomlinson, pick 3 & pick 8. with Murray being groomed and Martin a long shot... Good haul so far, bring on season 2020!!!
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    I'm having a little trouble understanding where the talk of Murray's poor ball usage is coming from. A very quick search uncovers the following (http://aflnswact.com.au/sam-murray-rising-star/): "Murray excelled following a move to the backline in 2017 displaying excellent kicking skills, earning him a place in the 2017 NEAFL Team of the Year after averaging 22 possessions, six score involvements, six intercept possessions and 3.5 inside 50s." "Earning a call up to Collingwood’s senior side after a strong pre-season, Murray has proven to be a dangerous ball magnet averaging 20 possessions across his three games with Collingwood and gathering 21 disposals with an 81 per cent disposal efficiency in his sides’ 24-point win over Carlton at the MCG." Sure his clanger "score" is pretty high, but that's not overly surprising considering he had just 13 games at the Pies; that is likely to lessen as he gains more experience. And, correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure the clanger count is not solely related to disposals.
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    Don't let facts get in the way of a good bagging, Fine.
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    Petracca, Salem, Lever and ANB seem to have spent their time in the US visiting and training at different high performance venues across the country. Definitely don't seem to be taking it easy. (also shows ridiculous money in the US 'College' system.)
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    I'm looking forward to Burgess. I completely fail to understand all the Misson bashing. It's a symptom of the scapegoat mentality which gets nobody anywhere.
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    What a waste of time and money. I’ve actually been to the US and they don’t even play AFL there, so this whole trip is completely pointless.
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    It was only a week or two ago that there reports on how Lever and a bunch of others were doing their own training even before the pre-season had started. And I believe some had gone to the USA for specialised training of their own accord. Now you're criticising them for not coming back before they have to?
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    Yep, great get by the club. I have a feeling that, if everything goes well, that we won't see the best of him until 2021. I'd say the club will nurture him through 2020 to ensure his body is right, and he may not play a whole lot until the second half of the season, with most games being at Casey. Then we use this as a launching pad for 2021 where he will be terrific for us on a half forward flank. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome!
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    Harley Bennell is coming to Dees and starts training later this month. Article on Dees’ website
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    Thanks for the report Saty, a couple of queries if you get the chance Who was leading the coaching when they were doing the ball movement with Goodwin and Richardson away and McCartney and Rawlings gone? Did you see anything that suggested who the coach looking after the forwards may be? What were they focusing on in the ball movement drill, defensive 50 to forward 50, delivery from forward half into the 50?
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    Not just you. I've always thought there's a bit of Brad Green about Fritsch. Particularly the lead up mark inside 50, and his kicking style.
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    FYI: The college Gridiron players do not get paid but their school scholarships form part of their inducement to play to a high standard. As an aside the Ohio Buckeyes who I follow over here average 105,000 per game.
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    From the video the following players appeared (in order of appearance): * James Jordon * Corey Wagner * Austin Bratke * Oskar Baker * Kade Kolodjashnij * Bayley Fritsch * Aaron Nietschke (?) * Marty Hore * Tom Sparrow * Joel Smith * Tom McDonald * Mitch Hannan * Toby Bedford * Kyle Dunkley
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    And none of them are due back at training for another 2 weeks, so what's your point? 1st to 4th year players are due today, which will be a pretty small group really, so it will be interesting to see if many of the senior guys join in, but as long as those that aren't there have been doing the training program it doesn't matter where they are.
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