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    "& everything the management does gets greeted with loud applause. " I must be reading a different forum - seems to me it's the other way around. While we are all entitled to speculate and pontificate on this forum, none of us really know the factors that went into this decision. Only time will tell.
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    How did Frost sneak into this thread?
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    Sometimes, the experts just get it wrong. Worpel was considered a solid footballer as a 16 to 18 year old but the perception out there was that he was too slow. As a result, he fell out of favour but he’s worked very hard under Clarkson and has been a real achiever. Charlie Spargo was regarded very highly as a 16 year old but his problem was that he never grew. That, together, with his injury woes in his draft year, saw his stocks fall in his draft. Such things are likely to happen over again as time goes by no matter how much money and how many personnel the clubs employ to do their recruiting.
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    No matter what kernels of truth may or may not exist in what this guy says, he is nothing more than a troll. He says what he needs to say to deliver clicks, shares, comments and other engagement to his employer.
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    Yeah, I dunno about that. In 1996 when I was a working at a school in the south east Paul Hopgood came out to do a clinic with our kids. I didn't know him personally, and he certainly didn't know me from a bar of soap. He quickly ascertained I was a Melbourne fan. The Dees were struggling and talk got around to new recruit David Grant from St Kilda - who apparently was on ok money but doing nothing on field. Hoppy had no problem expressing his displeasure at both the recruitment and performance of Grant and the fact that better credentialled and performed players were on less coin. Now that was more than 20 years ago, but in my experience is fairly representative of the views of most players where self interest still rates pretty highly. Re Tomlinson - the couple of players I know seem pleased to have him on board. He is a decent guy apparently. Neither had an issue with what he is apparently earning.
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    From my limited experience with AFL players, they don't know or care about their team mates remuneration, only their performance and how they fit in. Have also heard countless interviews with players where they say none of them talk about their contract details. But sure, you can choose to believe that a poster on the internet (who has already complained about Tomlinson's contract details, which they have no actual knowledge of), had a player complain, in a public place; to someone they've never met before, about something they wouldn't know about.
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    Spoke with a senior player at the races yesterday - said it’s a done deal - Harley on his way to dees. Fair to say this player was more excited about Harley than he was Tomlinson - indicated a few of the senior leaders thought the 4 years and $ excessive.
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    He could do a Marlion Pickett for all i care, if it means we win a [censored] flag. I don't care about dynasty this and dynasty that. One...............for [censored] sake, i only need to see one
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    Richardson to Goodwin on the flight. How were you able to pick apart my game plan so easily?
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    Anyone who saw him in our 2017 JLT pre season game vs the Dogs at Whitten Oval would agree that we have a player on our hands. Played very well as a defender that day. Also played a few good games in 2018 before doing his collarbone. Needs to be persisted with. Could be that additional tall-medium forward we were screaming our for in trade week.
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    Good to see CFC dipping into their VISY fund! Blues: "So Jack, what do you know about recycling?" Jack: "Nothing really" Blues: "...................good enough!" 💰💰
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    Nic Nat 10 games in year 1, 22 in year 2. Grundy 7 games in year 1 including a final as the number 1 ruck. 15 games in year 2. With Burgess and a maturing midfield group including Tomlinson and Langdon on the wings the idea would be to play Jackson something like 65% game time, 35% forward, 30% ruck from very early in his career. That’s enough to ease the load over the next 2 years before really extending Max when he’s 30+
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    There were a few that ranked Grundy the second best player in the pool. Key difference b/n Grundy and Jackson in their draft year is exposure and runs on the board. Grundy showed plenty as a 17 year old and then backed it up in his top age year, including good performances for Sturt’s senior team and dominating at the Champs. Jackson’s recent conversion to the AFL pathway means there’s not a lot of prior performance and he’s only shown a fraction of what Grundy had at the same time. Also, he got better as the season wore on and some his best performances came off broadway at WAFL reserves level post champs. I think those performances really elevated his standing, but most of us haven’t seen those games. I watch a fair amount of junior footy, but I am confident that I haven’t seen enough of Jackson to make a judgement on whether we should pick him as high as 3.
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    All of the deals need to be judged over the next 4-5 years. Harmes has been top 5 in B&F last two years and played some great games on top opposition players, worth locking in! May looks pretty good when he was on the field, a real presence, let’s see what he does over the next 3-4 years. Unfortunately Lever was just coming good when he went down against the Dogs in 2018, hopefully after a solid preseason he has a good 2020. But time will tell on all these deals, it’s too early to call them failures! Corne’s just going for headlines.
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    We are probably a few good players away from being a good side. We have the chance to get good players with 3 and 8. Everyone it seems believes Young is the best available at 3. Unless everyone is wrong we have a very good player available and possibly will get another at 8. In hindsight the Kelly deal was probably wrong. If other clubs are desperate to get our pick it is because of the value of it. 2 best 22 players is 10% of the team. Add Langdon and Tomlinson and that is 20%. That is a massive end of season haul for a club. I would be thrilled with Young and whoever we think is best at 8. A bit of development from some of the younger players and a fit AVB and maybe Bennell and we are really improving our squad. I support our FD and hope we get it right.
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    Cornes overstates his case. He makes it sound like May and Lever have finished their careers. Those deals can't be deemed fails for some time yet. But that's how you make a career in the footy media if you're not a professional, with selective reasoning and cherry picked facts.
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    Because if you had that draft again Grundy would go pick 1 or maybe pick 2 after Whitfield. He has: O'Rourke, Plowman, Toumpas, Mayes, Menzel, Jaksch, Corr, Garner, Thurlow, Simpson and everyone after pick 18 clearly covered. You can make an argument for Macrae, Wines, Stringer, Vlastuin I guess but it's Grundy right? If you think Jackson is even remotely similar to Grundy then he has to be in the conversation for at least pick 8.
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    I agree we gave up a lot for Lever and May but let’s not call that a fail just yet. I’m comfortable with giving Harmes a long term contract. He is durable and dependable so why not reward him for a significant contract.
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    If Cornes doesn't think other clubs would offer Harmes a 4-year deal when his contract ends in 2020 then he doesn't understand how good and how valuable Harmes is. I have little doubt other clubs came knocking for his signature at trade time. We have closed the door on them with this contract. I'm guessing other club interest is a reason he got the 4 year extension. I'm also guessing he will be on good coin. Harmes said “It took a little while, but we got there in the end – both parties are happy,” You don't come 3rd in the Bluey in a Prelim year and back it up with 4th the next and be prepared to accept small change after the so called 'big' name and 'lesser' name imports have been paid. I don't usually get fixated about player salaries but if the figures mooted for Langford and Tomlinson are anything to go by then Harmes would be well within his rights to want to be in that range. And, just for the record those two received 5 year and 4 year contracts respectively. If Cornes checked I'm sure he would find these medium term contracts commonplace now and not just for the 'household name' players he mentioned.
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    Assuming we take Young at 3 which is likely, Id like to see this team though its very early days of course B: Jetta May Hibberd HB: Hore Lever Young C : Langdon Oliver Harmes HF: Melksham T McDonald Petracca F: Lockhart Fritsch Petty FOLL: Gawn Brayshaw Viney IC: Salem Tomlinson Hunt Hannan
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    But Cornes doesn’t Like Crows, past or present!
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    He is right that we gave up a lot for May and Lever, but those players can still prove to be worth the price we paid. Cornes isnt even rated by Port people. (Well, he is, but the rating is "[censored]") Safe to say he is just an attention [censored].
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    Given his IQ I totally understand why he is having trouble understanding some of our recent decisions.
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    Absolutely, but cheating only gets you so far and makes it even better when we stick it right up them. Those goals to T Mac and Kent. How sweet did that feel. ...arr winning how I long for that feeling again.
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    Am I the only one who fears that this team, whilst probably not that far off the 22 that will play, is incredibly underwhelming? I think our only way forward is with blokes like Sparrow, Joel Smith, KK and some of the other kids being part of the team? vanDenberg clearly best 22 as well.
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    Some say our draw is not great commercially but I never really get caught up in that. Sure maybe our draw could be better but that is our lot at the moment and winning is the answer to everything. Win and they will come. How many more people will come to our first home game in R2 if we happen to upset the Eagles R1? How many more if we are in the top 4 when the Anzac Day eve and Queens Birthday games roll around? Just win and everything works out
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    ...and May to monster Kennedy I'll also go out on another limb and predict O Mac to rediscover confidence and form to do a job on Darling. I really do question if Lever has the size to play CHB.
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    Based on us having the feral season we just had, but still nearly knocking them off over there (I actually think we were robbed from recollection) I think we are absolutely a chance. Our recent against WC record in Perth would actually be something like 2 from 4 games, (including the Prelim where a somewhat shagged MFC took on a super fresh and rested WC). Our Demons need to come out with venom in their veins against the West Coast Cheaters.
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    Think that Cats game was the Olympic Torch preview game in 2000. Gee no good games since 2000? QB vs Pies with Jack W sprinting the winning goal was a beauty !
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    How do i push the retract button? Hang on I'll check with Richo & get back to you
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    Proper footballer who could cement a spot with some continuity. Good agility in traffic, acceleration, good decision maker and hits targets. Midfield/forward is his go. I'm fairly bullish and would not be surprised if he was a 200 gamer.
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    It's one of the biggest double standards going around. Alcohol is accepted and even celebrated as part of our culture, but drugs are "bad". Legalise the lot or ban the lot. I'm in favour of the former. BTW, I have no vested interest here as I no longer drink, smoke nor take drugs (except the ones my Doctor prescribes).
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    That’s fair enough, and in your profession view how do those drugs compare to the damage and destruction done by alcohol?
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    I’m assuming you mean aside from those “drug users” using caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs if all sorts..? 😉
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    unless Frost can run up and place the ball in his teammates hands, he will have to kick or handball at some stage. Which often doesn't quite hit the target stifling momentum as they re-gather the footy, or just kicks a howler or two resulting in easy goals. Clarkson is slowly assembling a far less skilled disposal side, which makes it difficult to maintain possession. frost will have good runs of game for sure but even those will be peppered with atrocious mistakes. This is Frost. He does the difficult exceptionally well and the basics exceedingly poorly.
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    When will people remember that most of the reason Howe left was because we were playing him back, when he wanted to play forward? He was never going to be happy with us. And the way that people blather about how Buckley ‘discovered’ Howe as a defender is ludicrous. and finally, if you remembered correctly, you’d remember that Howe took a lot of speccies in defence for us and not a lot else - he was nowhere near the player Collingwood have turned him into.
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    Yes, this is why we’re talking about picking him out of the dumpster. Obviously if he was in the nick he was in when he was flying, we’d be talking about multiple first round draft picks. The risks are implicit in the price we’re paying, which is sweet FA in terms of opportunity cost (alternative is the 70th best 18 year old). His salary is a sunk cost - we have to pay someone.
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    Exceptional stats, however: 2016 - 0 possessions/0 goals 2017 - 19 possessions/3 goals - from 2 games 2018 0/0 2019 - 0/0 Throughout the period from 2012-2015 he was one of the most talent players in the comp. Since then, which is a whole 4 season. He has done nothing. As much as his talent will excite many, the reality is he hasn't even gone for a run since his latest bout of surgery, who knows if he still has his speed, agility and even co-ordination that he once had. We've seen what injuries did to the highly talented Jack Trengove on our own list. We need to have him complete training sessions with us before we even consider him, otherwise we'll just be paying for someone to do rehab who never plays a game.
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    He just said on 7 news he hopes all goes well at the Dees fingers crossed
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    Trademark logic error from you Rono. Your point all along is that we traded Frost because we don't rate speed and yet here we are looking at other players in the same off season with speed. Maybe Frost was traded for other reasons?
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    The question is how do you reconcile bringing the elite of young footballers into the club at the same time as you’re also introducing a player who has been outed from the game for drug use? You would have to be sure that such player is now clean and can send the right message to others at the club.
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    He’s looking super-fit. I’m only suspicious because the Pies delisted him not too long before his suspension was due to expire.
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    If we are considering 8 for Weightman, wouldn’t it make sense to just bid pick 3 on Henry to [censored] up freo. We consider 3-8 being of the same quality anyway. Pick 3 Henry (Best small forward in the draft) and 8 on Stephens or Kemp. I prefer Henry/Stephens over Weightman/Young. Worse case it will chew up Freos pick 7.
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    Seen him play two games live. Answers to your questions below. Does he get his own ball? Yes. He can definitely win his own ball, and played a few games inside midfield. Is his kicking overall elite? Yes. His kicking overall is elite. He's unquestionably the best kick in this draft class. His kicking is very accurate and well weighted both long and short. His long kicking has good punch and penetration. To compare kicking to a current AFL player, think Shannon Hurn or Daniel Rich with his ability to punch the ball forward. Marking ability? Intercept marking is one of his strengths. He's very competitive in the air, uses his body well and times his marking/spoiling well. He reads the play very well. Doesn't have an enormous leap, but more than adequate. Is he teachable? He seems a smart kid, often directing traffic out of the backline. He seems very teachable. Leadership? He shows genuine leadership. As above, he is often directing traffic across halfback. He also takes responsibility in key moments as evidenced by 'the kick' in the tweet in this thread. If I had to compare him to an AFL player it'd be Luke Hodge from early/late in his career where he played as a general across halfback. Young has shown he can play midfield, but he's best suited across halfback. Strengths are kicking and marking and he has great gamesense and composure. He's the best option at pick 3 IMO.
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    this is the jamie elliott thread yeah?
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    Just realised Freo traded a 1st rounder to GCS for Bennell!
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