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    He's giving serious consideration to signing with a club that just finished 17th.
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    Bennell’s ‘calf’ injury problems whilst at Freo were misdiagnosed until recently. What was thought to be a muscular problem was in fact a nerve pathology, which according to current oil, is now sorted. Some would say he has an avenue for legal recompense from Freo. No wonder he’s looking both to reboot and in new pastures. An absolute no-brainer if we can grab him.
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    Maxy Gawn just followed Harley Bennell on Instagram.. Yes i am being a creep now.
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    that's what happens when you bend over, in my experience.
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    I just followed him on Instagram too and I have a 100% strike rate. For the record, I did not follow Jamie Elliot.
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    I haven't been this excited about a potential acquisition in a long time. It could be a complete bust. He might pull his calf in the summer, or his first game. Who knows. But I want us to be the club that takes the gamble.
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    We could end up with a pretty fast footy team or a pretty full medical room, but what the hell. Let's give it a whirl.
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    It would pay to consider the dedication of Harley to be permentantly in rehab for 5 years. It is a dark, lonely place, where there is no reward until you get on the back. It is an isolating place. I would argue that his willingness to pursue this after 5 years, shows more passion, than someone who has being operating injury free.
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    If Geelong want to play Home finals at GMBHAXYZ Stadium then they should be stripped of all Home games at the G during the year.
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    My mail is Bennell wants to come pending some further investigation into his injuries. The ops he has had and rehab required means he won’t be available until mid way through the season.
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    Jeelong home game again!! they get a charmed life those bastards hate them...
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    An extremely favourable fixture. First half of the year especially. Absolutely zero excuses not to make finals next year and I expect a top 6 finish minimum.
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    I still remember that game where Melbourne thrashed Gold Coast and yet somehow Bennell and Ablett were easily the two best players on the ground. It’s such an un-Melbourne thing to do to get him and I’m all for it.
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    https://www.sen.com.au/news/2019/10/30/melbourne-midfielder-keen-for-club-to-sign-bennell/ James Harmes is keen to get him onboard. Interestingly he mentions that a fair few of the players have spoken to him.
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    It's a glass half empty/full scenario really. At the end of the day the major factor in all this will be our performance. Play like 2019 and it won't matter who we play and when we will lose out. Play like 2018 and the sky's the limit.
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    We're hosting Anzac Eve and Queens Birthday plus a home game against Carlton. Plus the bank from our NT home game vs Adelaide. Pretty good from a financial standpoint.
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    Why is that a negative? There was a kick in it in our round 22 game and we were operating at about 60% rat power. With a reasonable list that translates to a 5 or 6 goal win.
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    “I just think I’ve still got a lot more in the tank. I’ve come this far and I’m not going to give up, just because of my latest injury. I’m not a person who will just chuck the towel in and give up. “I love training and I love football. Without football, who knows where I’ll be? “Getting a third opportunity at the highest level would be life-changing for myself and my partner and my family – it would be the luckiest thing. It would mean a lot to me and my family.” I’m pretty convinced he means all of that. He’s got very different, very real priorities now. And I’d say a much healthier perspective.
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    Surely he doesn’t want to play at the G for a tenant club - it’s far better to play at the G for the landlord * club. * not literally in a proprietary interest sense, moreso in a historical, moral, we invented the game, traditional ‘owners’ etc sense. Geez I hope we land this bloke.
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    Or maybe her mail? Either way, it’s pretty good.
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    If we're any good next year, and we need to be, then we can get plenty of exposure from: the away Friday night game vs Brisbane the Saturday twilight game away to Geelong the three game MCG stretch of Sydney, Collingwood and Carlton in Rounds 20-22. Remember, in Round 21 2017 we drew 53,115 to our 1.10pm Sunday home game against St Kilda at the G. Both sides were pushing for finals.
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    We do open with West Coast (away), GWS and Richmond within the first six weeks, along with a second road trip (but to the Gold Coast). But the period between ANZAC Eve and Queen's Birthday (Essendon, Port, Adelaide, the Dogs, Hawthorn, all at the G except Adelaide in Alice Springs) is nice. It is always foolhardy, though, to look at opponents in October and forecast difficulty in the following year. No doubt some sides who did well in 2019 will fall back and some who struggled will improve.
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    Haven't seen a second of him, but based on the name alone he sounds super clumsy.
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    Totally agree RL. Bennell looks a real chance Martin still can pick him if we have the balls and money fir 2 years I still rate Sam Gray Lachie Henderson snd Maybe Sam Murray as players who could play a role in 2020 (and beyond) if we take a chance Gray is a Corey Wagner type who is more advanced and kicks goals Henderson is an experienced and versatile KPF and KPD who on a one year contract would give great depth while not undermining Harry Petty's career development. Murray is a speedster who may be fast on a wing or on half back especially if injuries occur. Supporters don't realise that the more you raise the bar in depth means the more the young developing players have to go to forge their career. It's a win win. Last years draft youngsters need to be challenged for their position for the Seniors through improvement and training and therein also lies the creation of depth and culture which exists at Clubs like Cats Hawks Swans And now Tigers And we need to foster this from 2018 and before but went missing last year in the medical room and surgery recovery workout gyms and running tracks! Top10 draft picks 3 and 8 will raise the confidence enthusiasm and skill level for all at the Club in 2020 and well beyond. Changes of Coaching, Medical and Performance and Conditioning Experts plus a revised and tweaked game plan are also a sure fire way of improving output and results this season if all are on board and united which seems potentially probable at this stage early as it may be. Yes momentum is rising and I really don't think the words basket case have any right to be uttered over our last 5 years NOR this year either.
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    Oops. Fortunately it was just a typo and I have indeed booked the right dates!
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    No "injury" is. But, If he comes to us, along with Langdon and Tomlinson, it will help arrest a possible membership decline. It will create some excitement among the fans and the players, which is good. It will be a club positive. What will temper that during the year, will be if he can't overcome the injuries. But as a few have said, what will we lose, very little. TBH I am as excited about him coming to us as I was with Guy Walker as I expected nothing. Actually that is what we got. This bloke however can have an impact as I said above though.
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    I like that everyone gets something different from JT’s interview. How cool is it that he can say so much, yet actually say nothing at all? He throws out a few hooks, partially agrees with some of the suggestions, and gets through a whole half hour without anyone actually knowing squat. 10/10
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    If we land him I'll change to that name, with your permission of course.
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    I think you've spelled his name wrong. I believe the correct spelling is: B-A-S-I-L
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    We got a home game against the bombers this year so the next 10 years will be away games.
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    Except one. They should be made to play their home game against us there.
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    Primetime Games Thursday Friday Total Adelaide 1 2 3 Brisbane 2 2 4 Carlton 2 2 Collingwood 3 5 8 Essendon 4 2 6 Fremantle 0 Geelong 6 6 Gold Coast 0 GWS 2 2 Hawthorn 2 3 5 Melbourne 3 3 North Melbourne 1 1 Port Adelaide 2 2 Richmond 2 6 8 St Kilda 1 1 Sydney 1 2 3 West Coast 1 4 5 Western Bulldogs 5 5
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    We manage to play Cats in Geelong again. Anyone know when we last played them at the G when playing them once for the season?
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    Just for his price in Supercoach 2020 it is worth the gamble.
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    Having a kid makes most people reassess life. He also has Jetta to go do programs with. Bennell would be great with kids and struggling teenagers. He would be worth his money on that alone. I do expect a norm smith out of him thou.
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    He doesn't. If anything going by Bennells comments in the media lately he is as passionate about playing then ever. He knows this is his last chance, especially now that he has a young family to feed.
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    Harley asked to leave his Freo contract early so that he could travel to vic to see a soft tissue specialist here (after a failed treatment regime with a specialist in Germany). The result was an operation in July that removed some scar tissue and repaired a 'nerve issue' that was potentially causing or worsening his calve problems. Hopefully this has addressed his problems
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    If it comes off we also look like a club with a super medical team that can pull off the miraculous. A potential destination club for anyone else in a similar vein. Bennell could also become our Marlion in his own way, a great football story in coming years and a super headline in pre-game build ups on the box. Potential cult following also. The upside is massive and at worst if it doesn't work out we stand to lose very little imv. Fingers & toes crossed (while stretching calfs!).
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    That's the beauty of it LH: you don't need to be a Harmes-basher to bash a Harmes thread. Match the potential posters with the hypothetical quotes: 'A five-year contract for just another bland inside-mid!' 'And so how far did Harmes get us last year?' 'Why won't we grow a pair and spend that cash on a player we're crying out for in Martin?' 'McCartney was responsible for developing Harmes, and stubborn Simon sent him away' 'It reminds me of when we signed Artie Cambridge in the summer of '22 . . .' 'Something something Jordan Lewis something something the club is forever ruined'
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    Don’t worry. Dr. B has got this. https://bjsm.bmj.com/content/52/14/929
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    Surely the Jackson talk is more about getting Freo to take him at pick 7 instead of someone we want because no way are we taking him at 3.
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    LOL. I don't think there any Harmes bashers on DL, well not that I've noticed. Any bashers will do well to keep any nit-picking off this thread. Harmes is the epitome of the demon player that we all love. Will be a demon for life: lifelong supporter; one-club player.
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