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    As long as Jeelong get smashed up hard
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    If it happens cue DLs version of The Life Of Brian's what did the Romans ever do for us sketch: 'Ok, apart from getting Alan Richardson, Burgess and Yze what did Mahoney ever do for us???' On Mahoney getting Richardson, i chuckle at the thought of the correlation between the posters bemoaning his appointment on the grounds he was sacked and has an average win loss ratio as senior coach and those who think the Hawks are the gold standard in everything football. You know, the club that just appointed as their Coaching director a sacked senior coach with one of the worst win loss ration in the history of football.
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    A bit of the “Paul Johnson”s about him? I think he’s a little better than that.
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    Given the highs of those two Friday nights last September, it’s very sobering not to be there again. I honestly expected it this year. Will watch with interest given the quality of the footy on display , whilst also keen to hopefully see the bombers , meth coke , filth and Geelong all bow out in dramatic style. whilst I wouldn’t mind the lions winning I wouldn’t look at them as a fairytale story , fagan has done great work up there to turn them around so quickly and love the way they play , but let’s not forget that 15 years ago they were playing off for 4 in a row. I think whoever wins this time I’ll still feel jealous and shortchanged that as a supporter base we are still waiting, after so many years, and to again watch other teams keep passing us in the queue to September glory is just unfair. But that’s life and to be expected following the mighty demons!
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    Bumping this one for a Pedo update. Heard from the brother-in-law that Cam took out the League B&F with 38 votes (inc 10 BOG's). Looks like thethe Dogs have been through the season without a loss too...one draw.
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    Spargo 80% efficiency, 4 tackles, (77% game time) v North Stretch 95% efficiency 21 disposals (70% game time) 3 tackles, v North ANB signed for 2 years so hes a lock anyway...... C Wagner 70% efficiency, 5 tackles 16 disposals (78% game time) v Syd JKH 73% efficiency, 2 tackles, 15 disposals (72% game time) v North 'Just as bad'......what do you mean? When Goodwin says quote 'Our efficiency & turnovers are killing us', I just don't get it. No point in spending all of our salary cap money on more recruits that continue to turn the ball over. Game plan & direction is the issue......But I'd be interested to know who's efficiency is on average better than some of the above?
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    We still look brittle after Smith ... no.5 onwards. I would have left Labuschagne at no.5 for that reason. One of Head or Wade makes way then. Still leaves a gap at no.3 because of Khawaja's average form but I've still got Khawaja ahead of Head & Wade. My team uncludes Renshaw & one of Pucovski or Patterson but none of those 3 are in the squad. The current batting order does not inspire. DJ's idea of Warner at no.5 has real merit as well. Alex Carey ... just pick him now as the choice of Paine is far too conservative. The Ashes are on the line so you make the moves now. It's nothing personal ... all players who aren't top-notch are expendable. And those players know it too.
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    Excellent Documentary. Beautifully edited Good to see what goes on behind enemy lines. Amazing to think we live 400 metres away, but in some ways, light years separate us Will Goodwin watch this show more than once? I certainly hope so. He has so much to learn, and he has to do it quickly, otherwise this career is over the idea of McGuire being President of the club makes me shudder. I used to work closely with his brother, who was so opposite to Edward. After what Eddie said about Adam Goodes twice, he should have been run out of town, the fact he still holds all his power base is very wrong to me. But a really well made doco (and they lost) just like John Powers Book about the 1977 season which i have had since school days Remember they are The Filth
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    Good post DS. You've missed Hore who deserves a spot on the HBF and probably Hibberd (maybe depth). Salem is not a defender for mine. They need to find another spot for him or is lack of accountability / capability to defender in the air and on the run will sink him and us. Agree Lockhart will find a spot and am hopeful for Baker (but not confident). Doubtful on Chandler but hope to be wrong, ditto Dunkley. Joel Smith, if he remains and get's fit has some real X factor and can add pace and courage at both ends. Also, I'm hopeful that Sparrow and Jordon show enough to be at least semi-regulars too. Footy department would be confident of this I'm sure. The value of that confidence is to be proven.
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    I like that a person with a username which includes "Wrecker" manages to alter the name of this site to "demo-land". Freudian, perhaps?
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    i always wore wellies and a gas mask going to vic park, followed by a very long shower at home afterwards
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    Is it a bad thing that I have absolutely zero interest in the finals, and therefore will probably not watch a minute of it with the exception of the Grand Final?
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    I thought it would have been beneficial to Watch some Finals, if he wishes to play at that level next year. He can holiday in October i don’t finance a Retirement Village, this season gone was a disgrace
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    Agree other than I reckon the Dogs own the Giants and are playing sublime footy right now. Hoping the Lions pump the Tigers and go all the way. I’m on the Brisneyland bandwagon this September.
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    Be a great story but we shall wait and see, East Freo had quite a young Colts side this season but that's common for WAFL clubs to build sides over a 2 to 3 year period and to play a lot of their younger squad members towards the end of the season. North Freo had a win in A Grade Elimination final last weekend and come up against CBC Freo in a derby final this week. Woey's a great bloke and great football person. He's built strong cultures wherever he's been and very professional in his approach. He's not short of job offers and think he may move on at seasons end And as others have said, time and exposure to the coaching side of the game have helped heal some wounds.
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    I could pick out many things I dislike about the article but the general the gist of it and the overall content - I just think it’s fair to say that the timing is very poor. The club is leading Brayshaw up the garden path with feedback like that. The season was a big [censored]-sandwich. Sprinkling hundreds and thousands on it with content like this only makes it worse in my view.
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    I think things may have mellowed over time. I remember attending a QB match several years ago where they honoured Woey with a pre-game lap. Was supposedly a combined thing, given he'd played for both clubs. My memory aint what it used to be. But, I'm pretty sure his son, who was also in the car, was wearing a Melb jumper... In fact, I seem to recall TWO kids in the car, and BOTH wearing Melb jumpers, which I thought at the time was a bit of a tick for MFC and a dig at C'wood. Anyone else remember that??
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    What percentage of players drafted between 10 - 20 since 2000 have played over 200 games? I wouldn’t mind betting it’s less than 33%. So some people on this thread are happy to take a less than 1 in 3 chance on a kid and trade Petracca who will play over 200 games, just crazy! Petracca is one of the few players who improved this year, in a team that was terrible. Would be a shocking a trade for pick 10-20, or 8-18! The most successful teams in last 15 years include Hawks, Swans, Geelong, and WC have the opposite strategy!
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    One of my biggest concerns going into our pre-season is there won't be proper reflection and critical analysis of player performances. Bradshaw's year has without a doubt (to me at least) been average at best, maybe he learned something about himself and a few things that will make him better beyond 2019 but this year he looked lost at times and seemed to lose confidence in his own ability. He is not a winger, and should not be tried there again. He's a guts player that likes to get down and dirty. The club needs to stop with the flufff pieces (I understand them wanting to generate positivity) but make it clear that they aren't just writing 2019 off as a year cruelled by injuries and deeply assessing what went wrong with out key playmakers, Brayshaw being on of the main ones!
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    The difference is every Australian cricketer idolised Waugh and Ponting. They all grew up barracking for Australia and wanting to play for Australia. The reality is most of our current playing list don’t hold Neitz, Green and Wiz in the same esteem as we do on demoland.
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    Thought this thread was about Carlton for a second
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    What numbers? A slight dip in uncontested possessions, hardly a surprise given the team couldn't move the ball nearly as well this year as last. AFL players to average 20 disposals, 10 contested possessions and 1 goal a game this year: Dangerfield and Gray. Petracca was next best. That's rare company. His disposal efficiency improved - in particular his field kicking was far sharper. His goal kicking got better after an awful start and he might be working towards a long term fix. He doubled his inside 50 tackles. His score involvements only dipped from 6.7 to 6 which is actually a great achievement given how much the rest of the sides score involvements dropped off. There's plenty of stats to back up his improvement as well as just watching the games.
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    I think Christian was ok this year, without being great, however, still down on overall projected development. What I noticed as the year went on was his intent. He was taking on players, shrugging tackles, and, his overall energy and aggression at the contest was noticeably different. Previously he would float around the contest like a basketballer, so, i'm hoping he is starting to realize where his value lies. A super fit Petracca (no I'm not saying he's fat) with a clear mind, and, given the mandate to take the game by the 🏉🏉's could be just what we need....along with a lower ball drop...
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    This clubs record of developing top draft picks is just appalling.
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    You forgot to look at page 2 of his resume where it says he has zero experience in coaching, list management and football administration.
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    I’d honestly be happy with Bruce up forward. Would probably cost too much though.
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    That makes zero sense. So do Judd's comments about gc getting pick 10 .
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    This is the strangest whisper because everyone has heard it but no one seems to be able to confirm it. For what it's worth i hope it's true. a bit of red and blue is a good thing, he's a super smart guy and a few years of Hawks knowledge to pass on won't hurt either.
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    Time for Dave Warner to fire big time this test. Makes you wonder whether it's time for him to drop down the order to say 5 and use him in the Gilchrist fashion rather than as a bludgeoning opener. Liked the fact that Australia A had been playing long form games in English conditions during the World Cup but if the competition was anything like what Derbyshire served up it we may have to send over one of our Shield sides next time to give them the necessary practice.
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    you justify the point by saying he picked apart our game and out coached Goodwin....we are no good so beating us isn't a good reference
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    I think Richardson's job will be working across the football program and contributing where he can with a really talented group of young and emerging players.
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    Roughead was a great player, now he moves into another field where he starts as an absolute novice with no guarantees he will be any good at it. What we don't need at the moment are any more apprentices, we need experienced heads. ...and that's what we've been doing. Getting some good experience, getting people with good track records on board. If we get Yze then that's another good experienced head added to the mix. He or his like will be far more valuable to us than Roughead at this time.
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    “He got bent over in those deals!”
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    and on the script in front of them "Discuss Adem Yze departure from Hawthorn ~ and be weird about it."
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    No, because Mahoney is hopeless. So is Richardson. So are all the people we are chasing as coaches, and all the people we are chasing as players. Our current coaching panel is hopeless. So is our playing list. Our management is hopeless, as is the board, as are our sponsors. Anyone who buys anything from our sponsors are hopeless. Our members are all hopeless. All our supporters are hopeless. Anyone who's ever attended an MFC match is hopeless. Let's see now ... the media who report on us are hopeless, and their TV shows, radio shows, and publications are by extension all hopeless. The organisations that own them are hopeless. The corporate/financial structure that enables this ownership is hopeless, and anyone or anything that opposes that structure is also hopeless. Anyone who comes into contact with any of the above bodies or individuals becomes automatically hopeless. It's all hopeless. The future is hopeless. The trains stopping at Jolimont Station are hopeless. The trams on Wellington Parade and Swan St are hopeless. Sport in general is hopeless. Life in Victoria is hopeless. All because of the MFC! I hope you're happy, MFC. You've got a lot to answer for.
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    Mr Old, I'd say more because of the way the club handled it rather than the reality of their time being up. Interesting to note that Junior is no longer involved in footy - Old McDonald has a farm.
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    The final siren sounding in the GF will be my highligh. Perhaps overshadowed by the 10, 9, 8.., countdown on news years eve. Bring on next year.
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    We’re the only team he kicks bags against, if he played with us, would he kick bags for us...???
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    i like Rattens' style when he said that if he became coach, players that butchered the ball would be moved on or out. We should have the same mindset.
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    Haha fair call when I read back what I wrote. Difference is I don't come here later and say 'I knew that but couldn't tell you', after things happen.
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    If Petracca asks for a trade to the Cats, we should get whatever they harvest for Kelly. CP5 will be in the top 5 of the best and fairest this year. His ability to win ground balls is impressive, and he is only at the start of a great career. If he wants to go, he is under contract and the trade would need to be suitable. However, I hope we are into heaps of players, too.
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    If Trac is unhappy he hasn’t shown it in games. Very good season and can hold his head high in my view. I’d hate to lose him.
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    where do i sign?
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    Roughy is champ - no doubt about He’s also been through some tough personal [censored]. So apart from knowing a bit about footy he also knows a bit about resilience Bonus. He seems to be a decent bloke Yep. I’d have him as a forward line coach in a flash!
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    Amon to that.
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    Pass on Ellis - prefer Tomlinson Bombs it long then drops/shakes head after another turnover. Rinse and repeat
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    Always a tricky time of the year for players and coaches alike and some changes have to be made because of current club status. Out Lewis - The most important signing of year in my opinion - as a key assistant. Clearly a coach in waiting and will be in huge demand as assistant at several clubs. Whether Goody can keep him as assistant probably depends on money offered and how highly Jordy regards Goody. If Jordy goes to another club for broader experience, then we must bring in a well-respected recent player as an assistant. Our current team of back-ups is getting a little long in the tooth. Garlett - Served us well during a tricky revival time under Roos when we weren't a popular destination and we needed pace even more so than now. A very good pick up from Carlton for virtually nothing. Maynard - Made the switch from b'ball a little too late and perhaps doesn't have quite enough pace. He's a very clever accumulator, but he's now 28. He had the honour of starting 2018 on Ablett, so he will take with him plenty of good pub stories. Hope he decides to play for Casey next season because he's very reliable. Keilty (rookie) - Declan has given it his best shot for three years now and I was rapt when he got a couple of games this season. He now goes into the trivia books as an AFL player with a 100 per cent winning record - which this year is saying something. Nervous wait Billy Stretch - I have always rated Billy higher than the coach and was won over on him three years ago when he emerged from a tackling drill at training with some good scalps including Jack Viney. He reads the play well and makes good position and I reckon he should have got more than one week on trial as a backman, because ultimately he's a tad small for current-day midfielders and a tiny bit too slow for the wing spot, but he's disciplined enough for defence and he kicks to position well. He's regarded as having a high work-ethic at training, so I hope we retain him for another year, but I suspect we will move him on. Adelaide, with a new era on way, would be crazy not to take him with a late rounder or rookie him if he's delisted. JKH - It's hard not to look at the Tigers game as his last chance to show why he should be retained. Personally I thought he really kicked on late last season and was shocked that after being rushed back in with Hannan for the Darwin game, because of a shortage of fit numbers, he was dropped after just one go at it. Yes he turns the ball over, but he runs and runs and runs like Sauce, so it's a big call. He's 24 so it may be that the match committee has given up waiting. His freakish goal in our upset win over in Adelaide five years ago remains one of my all-time Dee highlights. Tim Smith - As with Declan, a really worthy pick-up as a rookie, but at 28 and with a coach who keeps wanting to play him as his back-up ruckman, then you have to wonder how he survives. He's too courageous for his own good so injuries keep happening and you wonder what would have happened if he had got that free kick against West Coast that he deserved. He may get another year but I suspect we need to take a few risks with late-order draft picks again. Joel Smith - I've been on record for a long time saying he's a star in the making and he's still only 23, so you don't delist someone who can make a big difference. My concern now is that he looked so good as a forward pre-season that Goody will want him to play there. To me his groin issue (OP) means he has to go back and play defence, as there's not so much twisting required down back as there is up forward, where the problems arose. We also have to convince him, or more importantly his dad, to re-sign. That may be harder than many think. Kade Chandler - Some of you may be surprised to see his name listed here given he's only had the one year and he's still only 19. And if you've seen him, he's a nice little left-footer who reminds me of Jack Lonie from the Saints. But at 173cm, he is part of a bigger problem that has been brought on by Tubby Taylor's recruiting. He is one of 15 players under six feet on our list - that's way too many (see my mid-season review for more detail). Ordinarily the club would give him another year, but we do need a sub-182cm cull and he may fall victim to it. Josh and Corey Wagner - I have included them both as a package because to me it's either both in or both out. My view is that the brothers are tremendous hard-workers who make a huge difference at VFL level. If Josh had line-breaking skills then he'd be an AFL regular, while Corey is a tad slow for the wing, but Goody doesn't want to give him a shot in the middle, except at VFL level, where he is a star. I hope we retain both of them for another year. And if we don't then I'd try and keep them both as Casey co-captains for next year. ANB - As with Billy, an ideal clubman and the fittest player at the club so it's a huge call to move him on. All of us have bemoaned his occasional butchering of opportunities and this year it's been an extra tough gig as a small forward in our side. But what if we move him on and the AFL reduces interchange back to 30. How stupid would we look? Kade Kolodjashnij and Aaron vandenBurg - obviously the club won't be pushing either of these two guys out, but if medical reports on them between now and October don't bode well, then early retirement is possible. Guy Walker - An impressive looking pony-tailed hard worker before Christmas, but his season-long injury on top of being 24 already makes it hard to retain him. He's a Category B, so if we don't have a fresh name to replace him in that category, then I'm happy for him to have another go. But he's no Dayne Zorko in waiting. Oscar Mc - None of you will be surprised to see his name listed here. But he's contracted so it won't happen unless he is fed up with everyone's constant criticism. The thing that I find even more perplexing than his selection is that he is still yet to be tried as a forward - the position he often played his junior football. Given what a find T-Mac was as a forward in 2018, it's incomprehensible to understand why he hasn't lined up there on occasions or even in the back-up ruck role, given he shares his brother's tank and has extra height than him.
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