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    We need fresh eyes. If not the coach then others around should make way for new ideas. I do like Jade and wish him the best!
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    I am fine with what @Demons11 @Lord Nevand @Demon Forever have posted. The latter virtually confirming the others who reported having 'heard' that Petracca has been unhappy and had meetings with the club. Any player manager worth his/her salt would sass out other options for him. And lets not be naive enough to think other clubs aren't knocking on player manager doors especially if they get a sniff of a player being unhappy The player manager is obliged to pass that on. Lets say that Geelong have been talking to Petracca's manager, it doesn't mean Petracca initiated it. He would be a fool to not listen to what they have to say. And Geelong desperately need a player like him as Selwood, Danger and Ablett are aging and they will lose Kelly. They don't have a potentially elite midfielder in the wings. Petracca would be a perfect fit. Collingwood is in the same boat with Pendlebury, Sidebottom and Wells getting on and Beams in all sorts of grief. They do have better midfield coverage than Geelong so less in need of a Petracca type. The club and Petracca seem to have sorted out their differences and as Demon Forever said 'nothing to see here'. Petracca is under contract so isn't likely to go anywhere this year. But next year is a different story. That Petracca stays doesn't mean any of the 3 posters above were wrong. Differences were sorted. Why folks are complaining about posters saying what they have 'heard'. There are posters who have contacts at mfc, other clubs and player managers but they can hardly name their source. That things don't eventuate isn't proof that what they heard was wrong. There are numerous, genuine reasons why things don't eventuate. I would rather read what posters 'hear' than not - it would be a very boring trade period if none of that came to DL. If some posters don't want to read it fine, but please stop the whinging about it.
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    Define my won’t move and this has been made to be bigger than what it actually is. Brayshaw, Oliver and trac are know as the 3 stooges inside the club. So much bro love they could never leave. Well you know what I mean. Never say never but sure as hell not this year or anytime soon that I can see. The boys, not just the ones mentioned here are very tight as a group.
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    Would much rather lose Plapp or Chaplin who had no AFL coaching experience before coming to the Dees, joining Goodwin who himself is a rookie in the role. Sure we need some fresh eyes but we have now lost all the experienced coaches. Can't lose that much without it hurting. Sure w will get new coaches but it takes time to develop synergy with colleagues and importantly the players. Hopefully, the coaching exodus (planned or unplanned) doesn't prompt our more talented players to follow suit. Will keep powder dry until all changes are known. Rawlings was a keeper for mine.
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    You are aware he took Casey to the VFL GF and was given the VFL coach of the year award? I reckon he did a good job developing our paper thin backline at the time
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    An absolute master stroke by Goody to send him up forward in round 17. A move none us keyboard heroes would've contemplated in a million years. That's why they pay him the big bucks.
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    If Petracca seriously wants to play in the middle then the answer is pretty simple. He needs to work with the club to lighten his frame and build his tank. The onus is on him to do so. All good and well to want for things, but you have to put yourself in the best possible position to do so. Id personally love to see him in the guts...the ball’s in your court Christian.
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    It's not so much what people say they've heard. It's the ones that spout it as absolute fact. But when you question them about it, they somehow backtrack or spout a generic line to cover their tracks. I could say several things that have been told to me, but I don't because a lot of it is hearsay atm. I don't know what is 100% true and what is fake. If I ever post what I've heard, I always add the moniker "may, possibly, could" never "will, curtain, absolute." Do you understand what I mean?
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    Richardson coming in may have precipitated this move. Rawlings becomes 2IC to Shaw so it is a step up I think from what he would be doing at Melbourne.
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    That's really disappointing but not surprising. Wouldn't have blamed him for feeling pretty annoyed at what happened this year. From the outside it seemed like he was a very cluey operator and is highly rated in AFL circles.
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    This is a bit disappointing.
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    You mean Jeremy Howe? The Same Jeremy Howe that said he went to Collingwood to play forward, only to suddenly flip 180 and say the backline is where he's best suited after being told to go there by Buckly? That Jeremy Howe? Right. PS. Sorry, I had to say it...
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    Jesus there have been some rippers on Nathan Jones lately, just a few point out a couple: - Shouldn't be on a family holidays, instead at home curled up watching every minute of every finals. - Deserves to take a pay cut because he is selfish - Needs to be delisted - Needs to retire - Shouldn't be captain of the club because he doesn't even care.. Only at Melbourne do we absolutely tear strips of a club champion and heart and soul player 🤦‍♂️
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    3 word analysis: lied to face.
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    Is there any coaching position that is untouched other than Goodwin? Every position has been changed or personnel moved on. Yet according to some here our performance in 2019 is nothing to do with coaching - its all our injuries and surgeries. Those people look pretty stupid now. This is the biggest 1 year cleanout of coaching staff in the AFL for probably a decade Sadly we are stuck with Goodwin. The cause of it all.
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    Obviously I'm not going to pass on who has told me things on the internet. From "Source 1", whom I don't know personally but a good friend knows well: Geelong are chasing Trac VERY hard and believe they can get him, more likely next year than this. Some situations between Trac and the club have not been handled well and he's very unhappy about it. No mention of it being Goody, so don't know if it involves him or more player management people like possibly Mahoney, Viney etc. From "Source 2", whom I know well and has very strong connections at the club: Bartlett told him directly Trac won't be going anywhere this year. However, there are some problems within the club that have the playing group split somewhat and it hasn't been handled very well. Source 2 is the same person who told me McCartney would be gone, Jennings would be gone, Langdon was a lock, GC will get pick 2 and more well before any of those things were publicly known. Some of those things I posted here before they happened also. That person also told me about the Yze enquiries, which I posted here and have since been mentioned in the media, but not hanging my hat on it yet given it hasn't happened. I understand the hesitation to believe what is posted by random people on the internet, I am exactly the same, so I'm not too fussed if you choose to not believe me. If you look through my posts since being here though, I haven't been one to just make things up and have posted some info well ahead of time that's proven to be correct. Not saying I'm infallible of course, but I'm not here to make up false stories.
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    After the year we had, change is a good thing. Rawlings has been at the club eight years. I think it was time for him to move on. He's done a variety of roles at the club during that time, but this gives us the opportunity to add a few fresh faces to go along with the addition of Richardson. I think it's a good move for all involved. How soon do we have the 'Welcome to Melbourne - Adem Yze' thread up and running?
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    100% agree. Rawlings was the one I wanted to keep. Rooke, Chaplin and Matthews are our Achilles heel.
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    Anyone else find these sort of nicknames childish and tedious or is it just me?
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    Spot on. Hence the shift mid season and management changes. To be fair though, if I was one of the tracs or brayshaws and I saw Neal Bullen, Lewis it JKH getting a gig ahead of me, it would make me question the decisions. It only minor and nothing that is going to tear the group apart. Nothing to see here
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    What I can say is that the issues the club was unsettled on, were the positional areas where the guys would play. Hence the meeting with Tracs manager. The boys across the group are frustrated. They all think they can do better. They had an offsite whereby they all put their hand up to play in the middle (brayshaw, trac, Oliver, Lewis, Jones, Neal Bullen etc) and some were chosen over others and some players didn’t agree. That’s the only issue. Ive got more but will not let it out as to protect my source.
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    The stupid thing is, as far as I'm aware, Petracca and his management had a meeting with Goodwin and Co. They had a robust discussion about his playing future (ie. he wants to play more midfield time) where they come out with a mutual understanding, and then suddenly that's ballooned out to "He's not happy at the club and is looking for a trade." Suddenly, everyone asunder has heard something, but no mainstream media is discussing it?
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    After 45 years of being a Demons supporter, I’ve found it pretty crucial to find other areas of interest besides winning flags.
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    Haven't you heard.. he's a wheeler and dealer in the world of international soccer.
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    Noone said it was "all" down to injuries and surgeries, only that those issues exacerbated other issues. A down year was made horrendous due to these additional factors. Some of us are able to understand nuance. Fwiw I wanted the assistants cleaned out last year, I thought we needed fresh eyes then.
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    But how can wild card ever work? there is no incentive to finish 7th or 8th. None at all You are merely rewarding mediocrity so 10 or 11 win. They play September and get thrashed. It just cheapens a tough season
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    Coached our backline when it had very poor personnel though, and it definitely improved in the time he was in charge. Took Casey to a Grand Final, that's a reasonable achievement I would think too. Not sure where you're getting the feeling we were happy to see him leave? Releasing him doesn't mean we wanted him gone. My gut feel is he would have been annoyed at being brought back when he made it clear he wanted to be in charge of his own team for a while.
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    I agree with others that we need some fresh new support staff and assistant coaches but its also good to have a few stick around who really know and have mutual trust with the players. Rawlings was certainly one of them. Highly rated coach. Did a great job with our backs and last season left his senior coaching role at Casey to take over as forward coach halfway through the season. As its been reported the difference in our structure and set up was substantial (even if it didn't look like it) with an undermanned forward line. Kept us in games. Will definitely be missed. One I would rather have stayed.
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    Yeah i really like Jade as well, but if we are getting serious about what happened this season, then we need fresh eyes as you say and fresh faces.
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    And that’s what has been asked of him. Think we will see a different shaped Trac by 1st round next year. The club has basically said, you want the midfield? Go and get it!
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    Bingo - if I or anyone else placed the winning lotto numbers on here and it didn’t work on Saturday, would you be mad? Like I said take what you want out of it. Use your wisdom and get to know who is usually accurate. It’s your call. Sometimes the guys that post the least are the ones just overseeing what the outside are thinking and vice versa.
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    You seemed quite demanding for posters to name their source earlier today: To even consider taking a rumour or any mail seriously i for one need a source. Or if that is not possible at least some indication of who the rumor has come from (eg player manager, club employee, board member etc etc). and To Lord Nev: Ok, lets play the game. Who is your 'reliable source'. its not guaranteed he'll be with us in 2021 by any stretch? Seriously? Sheesh. So if you couldn't care less if posters post 'rumours' why push so hard for sources... As Demon Forever said if someone identified the source eg player manager, club employee, board member etc there could be serious consequences as there are ways of tracing info back to the source. It easy to tell which posters have reliable sources: they are considered posters on most matters are neither 'happy-clappers' nor 'club knockers' and they post what they hear on selected players/events.
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    Haha Bingo. Jeremy Howler of a comment when he left
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    Exactly WB. Chook in Perth (and small number of other posters) has a proven track record and i trust his mail is reliable (or as reliable as any rumor based mail can be). i appreciate people hear things all the time, particularly in this day and age of people repeating texts and stuff they have read on their various feeds and implying it is real mail rather than simple old as time, gossip. A funny thing as happened in the last 10 years, in an environment where the President of the US retweets and supports bizarre conspiracy theories, the onus has shifted from the person spreading gossip and rumors proving its validity to those hearing disproving it. Crazy stuff. To even consider taking a rumour or any mail seriously i for one need a source. Or if that is not possible at least some indication of who the rumor has come from (eg player manager, club employee, board member etc etc). Even then i am skeptical but at least i have some parameters work with to gauge the reliability of the information. In the absence of either of these criteria (and often even with them) it goes though my mental shredder. Which of course is not to say the information is not accurate. Just not credible.
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    I've never seen a public forum 'hear' so much stuff before. How lucky we are.
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    Maybe not only the club needs to improve its culture, some supporters could do with culture improvement as well.
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    Small forwards. Rioli and Ryan kicking goals and have set up most of the goals/scoring shots. Wingman. Gaff and Jetta gut running through the middle of the ground. Ruck/midfield coheasion. Natanui tapping to advantage and down midfielders throats. KPF. Kennedy, Darling and Waterman taking marks i50 and kicking straight. All the above are things the MFC lacked in 2019.
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    Can I ask, since Richo has just come to the club, what sort of relationship would have developed yet ?
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    Really appreciated Jades involvement at MFC, 8 years is a long time for an assistant coach and he has helped the club out in a number of roles. Good luck in the future Jade we may get to see you as a senior coach in your own right one day. All the best and thank you for your resilience, I have never heard you being bagged on DLand and that say's a lot about your performance in your various roles.
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    Roos was certainly a fan of Rawlings. I think this is a loss, however perhaps none of us actually know who of the assistant coaches is actually any good or not. If Goodwin refuses to listen to anyone, maybe Plapp, Chaplin, etc. are all amazing, they just haven't been heard. McCartney, Jennings, and Rawlings are those with experience and credibility, so it makes sense that they're the first to depart, whether pushed or not, as future job prospects are brighter than those of the others. More changes sounds ominous, but from what I've been told not unexpected either. Pert seems to have the big broom out.
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    Well at this rate they won’t have to worry about doing a review, unless they look in the mirror.
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    Yeah, weighed up whether another club would take him, whether he could be bothered going to GC. And whether he could hit the NZ slopes with his family on a measly 300k. That's perspective.
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    Maybe i didn't make myself clear. I totally understand that more often than not people can't reveal their source. But if that is the case contextual info of the sort you and Lord Nev provided is really helpful. You gave me more than sufficient information to help me make a judgement on the validity of your comments. Which is great. LH, perhaps you are right and i am being disingenuous to say i couldn't care less if posters post unsubstantiated 'rumours'. The more honest comment is that in most instances i don't but i am suspicious about the motives of some posters and have read enough misinformation over the years on DL to know that some posters deliberately spread falsehoods to further an agenda (which might be as simple as causing drama on DL)
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    Men's basketball World Cup Australia play Lithuania tonight (Thursday) ...9:30pm AEST .. for top spot in their group
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    Same for me (though closer to 65 years). And before someone blames my complacency as a supporter for our lack of flags since '64, I might point out that in all those years I have neither played, coached or administered the club. And I have no expertise to affect any of that. What I do or feel has no effect, and nor do I expect it to.
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    Which is kind of my point. He is well within his rights to catch up with Goodwin, but outside of that there has been nothing. Also, many on here say they 'hear' things but provide no source or refuse to do so. It's very, very easy to say you 'heard' things and not be held accountable for it. When it doesn't happen you just say they were obviously wrong, or something changed, and they save face. Maybe I'm jaded from many off seasons on here where 1 out of 50 rumours turn out to be correct, but I put zero credence in what anyone on here says unless they have a proven track record like Chook in Perth.
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    ...much better player than Col though 'Wrecker'. Already putting more consistent performances on the board.
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    It all depends on who you consider to be a Club Champion. Ron Barassi, Frank “Bluey” Adams and Robert Flower i consider to be Club Champions Jones is nowhere near that level, loyal and well paid, yes
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    Please do not compare Nathan Jones with that 'Tex' Walker dufus. Announcing the Captain/s will come in due time. The dust hasn't settled on this year yet.
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