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    Richo (as an assistant) and Hinkley were a good partnership when Port made the finals in 2013 for the first time since 2007. I've heard countless times that he was a fantastic assistant to Hinkley.
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    While agreeing there seems to be potentially more at play than just injuries, it surely has to be the major factor in what has happened this season. There are a couple of reasons: - The pre-season surgeries naturally put teams behind, but we also had our shortest pre-season ever. With the majority of the core of the team sitting with between 50-120 games (Gawn, Viney, Trac, Harmes, Brayshaw, Salem, Oliver, Lever, Weid and with the majority of the fringe players also in the same boat) means they don't have the 'miles in the legs' as some of the teams that have competed regularly in finals. We've seen in the past Geelong, Hawks, Richmond, the Eagles and the dogs have a down year/s when they've gone deep into finals with younger squads, those mentioned (with the exception of the dogs (yet)) have all come back again and been successful. - Add on the in-season injuries, it was in another thread - and don't quote me on exact figures - but up until the Richmond game we'd lost something like 120 games to our best 22 players, the tigers had lost 90 and the Pies 60. Those teams were used as examples as they were discussed at the time as teams with large injury lists. On top of that the injuries seemed to be very concentrated at one end each week, early in the season we'd be missing 4 or 5 of our best defenders then as the season progressed it transferred to the forward half. Very hard to build anything in season when we've got such deficiencies. I'm not saying there aren't other factors but a limited pre-season and in-season injuries are certainly big factors. I'm very happy there'll be limited off-season hold ups and we've got Burgess to hopefully get them super fit. Only then will we be able to reliable assess if some of the issues are (as discussed on the many forums here) - the coach, game plan, the captains, selection, Pert, selling games to the NT etc.
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    Looks like Richo basically locked to join us next year. a terrific footy person, great culturally and first and foremost a developer and a calm head for Goody. First domino to fall in what i hope is positive changes for the footy club. Imagine if we were to add Roughead as well.
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    Like St Kilda did with McEvoy... Stupid move and left them devoid of leadership and ruck talent.
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    After unconvincingly beating lowly Frankston, the Casey Demons must sit it out this week and wait on the outcome of the Box Hill Hawks v Collingwood VFL game. If the Hawks win, it’s all over ...
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    I thought some might find this article interesting. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/aug/23/has-the-afl-reached-a-point-where-it-is-just-about-impossible-to-adjudicate Having lost all interest in the season and not much caring who wins in most matches I've watched, I have been able to judge umpiring decisions with less emotional bias than usual. It's worse than ever before. I can't wait to see what new rules the AFL introduces to make umpiring even harder in 2020.
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    The bloke that was also a big part of our most successful period in 50 years
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    No. Unrelated. No point holding off on that until Sunday night. If mail I'm hearing is correct and the player names I've heard are correct, then sacking Goodwin would be a blessing in disguise. I really don't want to see him sacked and am willing to give him until mid next year but the wheels have already fallen off. The club was banking on a second half improvement but in fact we've gotten worse. The impact to the bottom line has been disastrous and sponsors have already asked for a please explain. Jaguar signed on to feed a growth campaign in Aus. Instead it is latched onto arguably the worst team in the comp. The utterly disastrous pre-season, which was undone amidst an internal review which began midseason (yes, it's already happened), effectively stamped Goodwin's, Macca's, and Jennings passports. Coincidence that Goodwin only now comes out and says he takes responsibility for what happened? I think not. And now murmurs of potential player exodus and trade requests, right as Ox says he is losing players. My mail admittedly comes from a mate of a mate of a mate, but connecting the dots and it all makes sense. The AFL fraternity isn't laughing at Melbourne. People are generally gobsmacked as to how significant the fall has been. and now there are concerns for player wellfare. It has been as big a [censored] up as you're bound to see in the professional sporting industry. Only Melbourne.
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    Any chance of getting a Clarkson clone?
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    Macca came in as development coach and mentor to Goodwin. Richardson seems a really honest, hardworking bloke but I just don't see that he has the credentials for the coach mentor part: He hasn't shown he can build a successful game plan. The saints list management was poor in his tenure. Doesn't have coaching finals experience and then a long time ago Hasn't been at a 'successful' club Hasn't had any non-coaching football roles. With that background I just don't see how he could guide Goodwin thru those areas and in particular help him avoid the pitfalls he fell into in the off-season. If we have a coach mentor/director role we need someone who has had some success, imv
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    Melbourne close to signing Alan Richardson in key coaching role "Melbourne has ramped up its bid to win the services of former St Kilda coach Alan Richardson. The Demons are in the final stages of negotiations with Richardson about a key coaching role for next season. Football manager Josh Mahoney has led the Dees’ chase for Richardson and is on the verge of landing his signature."
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    The AFL will change the rules / interpretations on a whim. The spectators will be upset, the players will be confused, the umpires will cop it from the crowd every week, the AFL will deny there's an issue and it will be business as usual next year. The dees will get the rough end of the pineapple as per usual.
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    How about we trade some of the posters on here......
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    It's actually quite simple. When a Bad Thing is spelled out upon an entity (any entity, but particularly a sporting team), all Bad Things that happen to that Entity (or sporting team) are forevermore attributed to the Bad Thing. This is called the Curse. When a lot of people stop believing in the Curse (or resolve themselves to just, y'know, succeed?!), then the Curse is dispelled forever and everyone can go on living their lives. After that, the Curse then goes about its un-merry way, eager to haunt another overly-superstitious entity (again, any entity, but particularly a sporting team as mentioned above).
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    Remember watching a player video ANB did on the Qld camp. Even allowing for the fact it was young guys having some fun outside of training time I just got the impression they were all on pretty good terms with themselves.
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    Good. I had a feeling we'd be stuffed for 2019 when they announced the long list of surgeries last spring. There's no good reason to expect a side to have a healthy and successful season ahead when 12-15 of your list are coming back from surgeries. Sounds like Weed (hip) and Lever (possible ankle surgery) might have delayed starts to the pre-season. Hopefully everyone else can hit the ground running and some other sides can cop the long list of surgeries this time around.
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    If it's only Dec i will happily run around the MCG naked CC!
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    Imagine getting rid of the only player who knows what it takes and is willing to do everything he possibly can to be successful. I wouldn’t mind trading any player, if the deal was right, but we aren’t a Hawthorn or West Coast, we only have one real leader and that is Gawn.
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    All a ruckman has to do is halve the contest and prevent a perfectly accurate hit out to advantage. Then it comes down to round the ground play. Some would say round the ground play comes first. The tall who is good below his knees is probably the hardest player to find. Most are like giraffes. From the little I have seen of Bradtke he is of the giraffe family for example but hopefully he develops. Max plays well but the fact that we cannot seem to leverage his dominance is one of the most frustrating aspects of our gameplan (mind you there are a lot of frustrations these days.)
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    The only positive I took away from this season was Gawn, now you’ve taken that away from me.
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    But how often do you have to tell a group to pull their head in. 12 months later it was exactly the same situation For 12 months nobody took notice you bet i will pot these players, along with their Captains and Coaches
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    He’s already putting his own interests above the interests of the club.
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    This same group played like spuds in the last game of 2017, laid zero tackles & missed playing finals. Is 2017 relevant??? Stop making excuses for them! Lewis came 3rd B&F in 2017 after winning 4 flags. Who’s the one with the hunger & culture issue???
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    it should absolutely be relevant. they are wearing the jumper and our history is so important. We should be the most hungry club in the AFL, and we are the least. stunning level of sh1tness.
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    Good point Lord Nev, I don't think the players really understand how much every moment counts. I'm optimistix that this year will be a massive wakeup call, its now a matter of how far back we have fallen and need to catchup.
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    Genuinely don’t understand. The club hasn’t won flag in 55 years. How is it possible that this playing group wasn’t hungry for success. Only MFC...
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    The club has not recruited or traded like a professional organisation for over 10 years. I have no faith in it's ability to do so now
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    Langdon has some of the worst kicking efficiency in the game so of course Melbourne want him
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    Kane Cornes. I would bet that no club would have offered 2-3 years
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    I have condensed an article from The Western Australian that appeared this morning. It refers to teh sacking of Ross Lyon and I think its applicable to Goodwins coaching philosopy. Headline- Skill, Demeanour combine to torpedo Ross Editted article: He (Lyon) arrived in 2012 and declared he coached effort not skill. He often spoke of skills as something that players should be working on in thier spare time when he was not teaching them the game plan. The poor skill level on show at Freemantle was a chicken and egg situation. Was it the result of poor recruting? or was it a case of players not being drilled to execute skills properly in in the intensity that games take place under? In the round 16 Derby, Freo buthchered 10 extra inside 50's to kick 2.19 and lose by 91 points (sound familiar?) Finally, against Essendon an edge of 54 in contested possesions, 14 in clearnaces and 11 inside 50's resuted in a 31 point defeat (sound familiar?) West Coast on the other hand under Simpson when he arrived in 2014 embarked on a summer of kicking drills involving the measurement of kicking accuray- the message to players was kicking accuarcy mattered. Another thing noticed at West Coast was players who could not shift thier skills were moved on. At Freemantle, strong role players with dodgy skills kept finding thier way into the team. What has eveolved at Freemantle, over the past 4 years is a level of skill execution that on good days was just OK, but on bad days led to bizzare and horrendous outcomes (sound familiar?) My take: Its seems to me that Goodwins main objective has been similar to Ross Lyon - Effort and an unhealthy reliance on measuring success on Contested ball, inside 50's, tackles etc. Somehere along the way skills have taken a back seat- BUT this is what wins games now.
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    But according to you these problems would only be overcome by "massive wins in the trade period". Confusing.
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    How do you know other clubs weren't chasing him?
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    You seem confused about whether you believe the problem is the coach or the playing list.
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    Good question ding. Making finals to me would qualify as a turnaround.
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    I quoted an article and asked a question. I'm certainly glad you're not in charge of Demonland. You have no idea how to read a post.
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    Keep posting SWYL it's good for the soul to have a good laugh during the day....
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    Goodwin had more faith in Lewis than 17 other coaches, including Clarko. Do the maths.
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    How about you report posts instead of whinging about them in threads. Mods can't read every post.
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    To anyone involved in Clubs, committees this is a year to show strength, I'm not a n apologist for the club, the FD or the board but this is a time to show strength as a club and grow. Reading demonland over the years through good and bad times tells you a lot about postets, especially those who appear frequently or infrequently in the good and bad times. To anyone I offend in my post I don't apologise whilst you may have the clubs best intentions at heart you have risen with arrogance this season dismissed the 3 year gradual rise and selectively chsosen stats and articles to prove your point. Am I equally guilty possibly but I look at the list, the demographic and the expectations. This season has been a disgrace no other way to describe it and I'm hoping we learn from our complacency. I do not see Mahoney as a problem what I see in this thread and other threads is <Removed pot shots at other posters> The old board and FD would have reacted to the above, thrown staff to the wolves sacked coaches based on discontent. They would also be the first to call talkback or at future club functions complain of the clubs lack of stability Remember before you decide on Mahoney and Bartlett that this club no longer leaks , we have seen significant improvement under PJ and Roos who both endorsed Goody and Mahoney, the season 2019 is a disgrace and seeing how we react will tell you whether these people are worthy of their role. I love this club and want success/contention over a sustained period, it takes time and we are still a year or 2 away from that. Things are never as good as they seem and never as bad as they seem
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    .....and as for all this booing about a match that wasnt even played against England.....they have been done for ball tampering at least 3 times in recent history, Atherton in 1994 against South Africa and Marcus Trescothick in the 2005 Ashes series. Atherton was found to have dirt in his pocket that he applied to the ball, was fined 2000 pounds and it was further found he lied to the match committee. Trescothick admitted in his book released 3 years after the series to using sweets that kept the shine on the ball longer and produced the swing we saw in that series which England won 2-1. Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson were found to have used their boot spikes to scratch the ball in a game against South Africa in a test in 2010. Although South Africa complained, no charges were laid mainly because South Africa won by a big margin. ........so they can shut up.
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    I am devastated about Smith. He is a joy to watch and his off beat body movements are very funny. I think now is the time for Warner to step up and show why he is in the test squad. I have faith in Head abd Wade but not much for any other batsmen in the side.
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    I have only heard good things, and from people that matter. He may or may not have made some wrong decisions in the past, but that is not such an issue for me; what matters are his behaviours and his actions, and they have spoken and continue to speak volumes.
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    Of course, you're right 'Mach'...but what if he is the problem? I'm not saying he is, but I would like to see every angle looked at after a season like this one. I just hope we're on the right track here. Yet again we've been in the football wilderness and just when it looked like we had turned the corner we get season 2019.
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    because people within the industry who deal with him think highly of him, he's played a huge role in retaining all the good young players we wanted to keep, and getting them on long term deals
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    Josh Mahoney is incredibly highly rated within the industry for the role he does, and does an excellent job overall. which is why he's risen through the ranks very quickly. i've heard that he was right in the mix for the CEO position he's the least of our problems imo
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    To clarify this, he is contracted for 2020 and looking for a 2 year extension on top of this. I just lost any interest. Found it strange that North would only offer 1, but now it makes sense.
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