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    That’s really harsh. I know hating on Omac is flavour of the month but he honestly played well today. Was aggressive at the ball, and hit targets. Considering he’s never played forward or ruck, he did well. Needs a break. He’s hardly the core of our issues.
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    On the bright side, congratulations on OMac for joining the exclusive 589th kick, first goal club.
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    Are you [censored] serious!?? He has every right to sink the boots in like anyone else. There is not sugar coating this at all! Everything he has said today has been spot on. He is not a MFC paid official he's a media commentator who's role is to give his opinion and thoughts. I hope we cop it hard all week!
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    Rubbish game. Scoreboard flattered us as we kicked some junktime goals after not giving a yelp for 2.5 quarters. May injured again. Lever destroyed by Mihochek, he’s no good one on one unfortunately. Those two big trades have set us back big time. Looks like another rebuild looms. We need to hit the top end of the draft hard again to get more young talent in.
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    Fair enough but what does the poor bloke have to do to get on the injury list?
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    The Crossley situation may hurt their chances of getting a PP now.
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    Can I please watch a football game without Garry Lyon constantly putting a downer on the demons. Followed this awesome club for nearly 40 years now. Sick of hearing his sarcastic [censored] commentary and putrid comments. [censored] Him off from anything involving the demons annoys me so much. We know we aren’t playing well don’t need a constant reminder from this [censored]
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    No thanks, the last thing we need to do now is hand out undeserved debuts. If a new player is to get a chance it should be Jordon but even then it would be getting pretty desperate. They won't play well. About the best that can happen is they kick a goal and we all get a bit excited but it's adding a number to the jumper list for no reason.
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    Has anybody had a read of the original comments on this thread? I'm new to this forum, but that Round 4 game last year against Hawthorn was the moment I wisened up to Goodwin's impact on the club. Does anyone recall his odd tactic of starting the centre bounces without wingmen? Smith and Shiels cut us to pieces and the commentators thought the tactic must have been a mistake or communication breakdown. But Goodwin refused to switch things around. It became clear as day how stubborn and negligent the man was on game day. As we know the season turned around, but I have a feeling the player's were never really doing it for Goody. We got to where we did through a wave of emotion but when this collapsed on prelim final day and our rot of a post/pre season began, the whole bundle got dropped. Goodwin publicly stated that reviewing the prelim would not help. This is poor leadership. It seems so clear in the demeanour of senior players like Gus, Gawn, Viney, Jones, Hibberd that something is clouding them. It's as if, through gritted teeth, they are harbouring some kind of resentment for the system at Melbourne. We are all jumping on Jones/Viney...calling them useless and pathetic etc. But players don't just switch personalities in the way they have without something else being afoot. There is no unity, no passion.. because there is a limit to how much an individual can show when the support structures/vision/resources fall away. The coaching situation is killing the club. Goodwin must accept and step down OR put a line in the sand and work on himself and rebuild the team culture from the ground up. Is he capable?
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    All spot on for me aside from mayyyyyybe this one being a little harsh. Not the most skilled, but on a day where we had no real intensity I thought he was the one player going full speed for the ball and full intent into tackles for the full 4 quarters. Not a player I rate very highly overall, but I've actually really liked the pressure and effort he's brought every time he's played. 7 tackles, 5 marks, 6 score involvements (despite playing all over the ground) and 24 pressure acts I reckon is not a bad return given where he sits on the list and how the rest of the team performed, including the co-captains leading him.
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    Ha! You are trying so hard to make this stick, aren't you? Despite everything, you just want it to happen so, so hard. You're wrong, of course, and Lever was excellent today, but it's just a bit sad watching you trying so hard to make this a thing. I feel like giving you a couple of little pats on the head while reminding that there are people in your life that still love you. Chin up, sport.
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    Disappointing we couldn't keep the scoreboard ticking just a little in the 2nd and 3rd to make a game of it. But it is what it is. The same errors keep occurring and we'll likely keep occurring until the side gets a fresh start next year. The midfield is so one paced they are forced to drop the wingman at centre bounces to stop a quick burst out. No issues with that plan. Apart from a drop off in intensity in the middle quarters when Oliver was off or forward and Viney got tired they did a pretty decent job. We just have to get in about 4 fresh bodies in around the midfield mix who can make smart decisions about how/when to run, can lay some tackles and can keep pressure up. Forward line did about the best they could. Fritsch and Petracca looked excellent but were supported with stuff all. The defensive aspects are a mess. Kick outs the most excusable that there's no plan at all. Backline - mostly did ok against an undermanned forward line but still a lack of cohesion and trust with the talls. Lever kept getting dragged deep because the midfield and forwards couldn't hold position. Hunt can't lay a tackle or break a line so he's not valuable down back even though we need someone with pace. Hibberd's lost it. Jones has lost it. Salem's going through the motions after carrying the backline pretty well for about 15 weeks. This isn't fun or good for anyone but it is what it is and we've just got to get through the last 2 weeks. Hopefully May's injury isn't serious. Hopefully the way Petty's carrying his shoulder isn't serious and it can all be over soon.
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    Better off by putting tele on mute and listening to cd's whilst watching the game
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    But they released such an emotional and powerful video during the pre season, they stood in a circle yelling “our ground”.
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    Plays unaccountable footy, 1 tackle in 2 matches is unacceptable. I have watched him at a few matches and all he does is peel off his wingman (ie Sidebottom) to hang off the back of packs trying to get cheap kicks.
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    We are completely lost. In all areas of the ground. It's truly woeful.
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    Gawn wasn't beaten - Grundy had 16 disposals at 38% efficiency and at least three of then were against McDonald in the ruck. Gawn had 13 at 62%, a goal and many more hit outs to advantage. He wasn't in our best 6 however.
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    I hear a fair bit of Garry around the place and he is one of the only media types who watches Melbourne close enough to have an accurate opinion. Almost everything he says about us, which is obviously mostly negative at the moment, I agree with.
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    Jones needs to retire and have a farewell game in the last round. He has given his all but his time is up imo.
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    Want to see Bedford given a go in the last 2 rounds. Hope he can show something in the next few weeks.
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    Yeah how dare a former captain of the club and team of the century player whose job it is to commentate say things about the club he played for. Worst thread ever.
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    More than you, it would seem
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    Lyon is being honest. The turnovers and dropped marks are ridiculous. Oscar McDonald Salem Jones Petracca Melksham Kennedy Harris Viney Hibberd all multiple offenders of lazy lazy play
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    Hard for anyone to commentate a Melbourne game and not be negative. We are woeful.
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    As an ex captain of this club, he's more than entitled to his opinion. If you don't want to be constantly reminded of how bad the Demons are going, I'd suggest not ever turning on your TV or opening a newspaper. We are woeful at the moment. Best you get used to it.
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    Personally I would like to see us draft Rowell at pick 2. Trade out Viney and try use what we get for him as leverage to get Hill in.
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    I wondered what this was about .... then I saw the poster's name and released it was just one more fragment of his negative life. Thanks Corey and good luck with whatever you do next.
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    I’d love to be able to say ‘yeah, I played a game of AFL’. ’For the Dees’. ’Oh, and yeah, I also played NBL’. Not one bloke at a pub would patronise that. On any construction, he should be super proud of himself and his achievements. Good luck to the guy. Hope his heart continues to beat true after he leaves the club.
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    It looked like he was kicking for goal. Haha
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    Third hand info, so take it as you will from an anonymous guy on the internet, but have heard we won't be getting Hill. Apparently the club rates the talent we can get with our first pick this year higher than Hill, and Freo are at the moment expecting a high first round pick.
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    I’m annoyed with myself that this inane discussion has got me angry enough to post - after promising myself not bother with demonland until 2020 - due to the same posters posting the same crap post after post, whatever the topic. but I doubt there is more than a couple of posters here who would have any idea if Goodwin can coach. Last year we thought he could, this year we don’t. I guess we will have a better idea by the end of next year. same with Oscar - I thought he was coming along pretty well for an underdeveloped tall defender 2 years ago - probably ahead of his brother at the same age. Now I think he is too slow and still underdeveloped - and was shocked that It wasn’t him replaced by May. But for whatever reason people more qualified than me have a reason to pick him . i just think how I used to think Hardwick was a crap coach and we had the better Grimes - so like just about everyone here - I’m just another [censored] with an unqualified opinion.
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    There’s a time and a place for your endless negativity; this ain’t it. Back under the bridge with you.
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    What a great idea putting this on as the curtain raiser for the big game. Oh, hold on, they didn't? Time to march on AFL HQ, these clowns have no idea what they're doing.
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    Inside midfielder. Slow. Can’t kick. Why are we discussing Wines???
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    I don’t think it’s as cut and dried as him getting the sack. In fact, I know it isn’t the case: It is about philosophical differences. Goodwin knows what he wants from McCartney; McCartney thinks there’s a difference between what he wants and what he needs. They don’t agree and it means everyone would be better off not losing friendships over something like this. I have plenty of mates I’d never want to work with, and I have worked with people where it’s been better to make the change before we inevitably end up hating each other.
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    But he didn't keep his mouth shut. He gave very expansive and positive quotes for a long article, something he didn't have to do. Of course he's not going to spill the beans on politics behind the scene, but I think it's a shame you don't see his remarks for what they are - a classy and dignified exit from a bloke who's just lost his job.
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    So much ignorant presumption going on here, and so little analysis. For those of you who are talking common sense, it’s almost pointless to argue logic against those whose agenda is set. The whole notion of poor medical management and poor conditioning should logically be scrutinised with respect to WHY players are unavailable. As an example, of the 14 players listed on this week’s injury list (by the club), all but 4 are unavailable due to traumatic orthopaedic incidents, like Tom McDonald’s knee. These have NOTHING to do with medical management. We have had a competition high incidence of these injuries. It happens sometimes, and is unlucky. Collingwood on the other hand currently is nursing 6 hamstring injuries. That COULD be coincidence, but questions about their methods and management are obviously justified. Our injury list is, and has been all season a hotchpotch of random stuff. Bad luck is the biggest factor. A less than ideal preseason prep plays a part obviously.
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    Another early pick is not the answer. Look at where they are now with all those early picks. 1- Give them access to one free agent outside the salary cap. 2- Give them an end of first round pick that they must swap for a player over 24yo. 3- Embargo free agency from GCS to any side above them on the ladder for 4 years. Edit: 1 I would like to ban free agents going to a top 6 side or leaving a bottom 6 side all together. 2 Destination clubs should pay a fair price to the departure side in all free agency moves.
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    I remain baffled how Oscar continues to get a game over Hore !!? Gets outbustled too easily, Slow and horribly out of form. Seems to be no match for him this week. And I can't buy him in the Ruck at all. Hore has been fantastic and is clearly in form. Really baffling!
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    Of course they'll lobby against it. And the AFL will pretend to be interested before doing whatever they want. We have zero influence so hopefully Adelaide hit the roof. The thing about Gold Coast is that they're no good, but they're a hell of a lot better than we were in 2013 (+1 win, +13%). The difference is the league is desperate to get them up and going so they'll treat them like the worst side in history and give them everything they want. They're also kicking a goal a game more than than us in 2014. What about giving them an extra pick after all the non-finals teams? I'm saying this out of self-interest but they've got to get something out of picks 1 and 11 and it's not disadvantaging the other pox teams in the competition.
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    Gold Coast just dropped Martin and Wright. So, they are either actually tanking or they are proving that no amount of top picks will be the answer to their problem.
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    Early draft picks are wasted up there, as is Tony Cochrane. He ruined V8 Supercars and is doing another superb job
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    Sharknado was a horrible movie Sharknado 3 on the other hand is a modern day classic!
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    Desperate times need desperate threads.
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    Crows or swans a chance of finishing 17th. Huh?
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    Either us Adelaide & maybe Sydney are going 2 finish second last. The AFL need 2b consistent an end of first round priority pick is bearable. Not pick 2. They could even give them more access 2 state league or contracted players providing both the player and club want it.
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    Surely the players at this level should know how to play in the wet. They are supposed to be elite !! Hawthorn showed the value of supporting each other and not allowing niceties to be the order of the day. I would suggest the Match review will be interesting , because it will show a lot of things that need remedial action . Having said that Breust, Gunstone etc handled the ball easily (because they were not pressured as much. Rioli proves that you do not have to have high clear possession stats to show you are effective.
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    What was sad for me to hear is how listless Anthony Hudson was. The man is a quality commentator and can build excitement for the contest. But Melbourne (and Collingwood!) were so listless and bog standard that you could tell he wanted to be anywhere but the commentary box. FMD what a waste of three hours for everyone involved...even the security guards who only had to watch over several thousand bored people just sitting there like stunned mullets.
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