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    Keep pick 2 or 3. Not negotiable.
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    What about Sam Day as a free agent? Big bodied KPF who could be forward/back up ruck. TMac then plays high half forward and Weid third tall.
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    Don't think I have ever read such a garbage post in this site.
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    You misread my post, which doesn't surprise me. I did not say he is a poor recruit, that I did not want him at MFC or that he was unfit upon arrival. The Dunstall reference is loopy. I stated the fact that his folds were over what both MFC or GCS wanted. He knew that. He didn't do what was required. Do you honestly think: "no one at MFC had told him what the requirement was for PRE SEASON rock up how would he kbow 50 was the requirement"? No way would Misso not give May a fitness plan over his break, including folds. All AFL players at all clubs are given a plan. Of course he was. It's a lesson May has learnt from well. He's already our best key back.
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    Riiighto..... 🤔
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    I actually think his game plan does on the most part stand up. i just don't think the execution is even close to there, and i'm not sold that he has the players to execute it properly anyway. if i were goody one of the first things i'd be doing is getting Track a running coach and saying spend the entire pre season running and build a tank coz we need you in the midfield a lot more.
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    FWIW, I can't remember a year when those 'reports' haven't done the usual media rounds... not convinced we'll finish bottom two at any rate.
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    We have to use a first round pick this year. The only way we are allowed to trade pick 2 is if we get back another first round pick and use that at draft instead. It will be refreshing to see us drafting in the first round again. Last time we did was 2015 for Clarry and Weed, and our list has become unbalanced as a result.
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    well......you'll just have to lap it up.....i s'pose
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    FCS, May is a professional footballer with 8 years experience and a former club captain, not a 15-year-old fast food trainee. Goodwin had every right to expect May would join the club knowing what was expected and in good condition. He didn't, but Goodwin took a very affirmative and positive approach to May's situation, and it shows what a good coach he is.
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    I would have a look at Darcy Fogarty from Crows.
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    Because so many pro sports teams overseas (especially NBA & NFL) are run by megalomaniacs with no idea of the sport or how to run a successful franchise.
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    Tullamarine is aboriginal for 'expensive car park' Bon voyage Uncle.
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    Brayshaw, Oliver & Viney are all keepers for me. They've been down on form this year but all 3 will be back up and firing before you know it. Some creative recruiting will be needed so as to get what we need though. Next year's 1st round draft pick might be put up and we might be able to parcel up some of the non keepers (somehow) The top end draft pick (pick #2 or #3?) will probably be used on the best midfielder type you'd reckon but after that it might get interesting. Goodwin won't die wondering if I'm guessing correctly. His coaching future is on the line so he'll make the appropriate changes. Interesting times ahead and you might end up being right with who we might trade out Patches. Time will tell.
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    Hopefully all the way to our second round pick. for me we hit the trade period with a list of 5 2x outside runners with good skills and speed. 2x pressure forwards 1x Key forward, ideally ready to go. I think we are likely to land Ed Langdon by the sounds of things, so that's one elite runner, but probably skills/decision making his weakness. i'd personally be sniffing around Dan Butler, Sam Gray If Brad Hill is gettable we simply have to go hard.
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    Melksham & T-Mac for sure but there's a forward line for now and then there's next year But I'm not sure that those selected in the forward line this year will have a great bearing on next year. Of those who are currently available I only see Petracca & Fritsch as being pencilled in for next season. Melksham & T-Mac slot back in but that still leaves 2 slots up for grabs next season. In an ideal world we'd recruit 2 plug in and play forwards. A small forward and a key forward. Again, just my view as I reckon we need to change things up to see rapid improvement. Viney could be looked at this year as well as your suggested choice of Oliver. Hunt will be thereabouts same for Petty. And Weideman if fit. Lockhart could get a few more games but I'd like to see the 6 that I listed given a chance to work together ... post #3316
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    Lewis' footy smarts made him a really dangerous target down there so i'd be happy for him to play forward for the rest of the year. as for Viney. i see him as a 60-40 midfielder and Oliver the same, so i think those two could rotate forward. we saw late last year how dangerous clarry can be up there. if it were my decision i'd be looking at bringing in Dan Butler or Sam Gray as a pressure forward and trying to play Viney down there a bit more. also don't underestimate the importance of Melksham down there. for me best forward set up is Melksham McDonald Fritsch Petracca Petty Viney Hunt, Harmes, Clarry, and co rotating through and applying pressure. two very good users at high half forward should drastically increase our efficiency inside 50
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    we are doing so much right, and while i feel there are a few things we could do better, if we had been more efficient in front of goal we could easily have another 3-4 wins and still be in the mix for finals. the old saying in footy, it's never as bad as it seems. would love to know what's going on with Gussy boy though, not sure if he's uncomfortable with his role, i personally think our midfield looks it's best with Brayshaw, Oliver and Harmes around the ball, and Viney forward tackling and applying pressure, Viney and Oliver swapping
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    Typical MFC? 10 years ago typical MFC would be to panic and come out with some stupid comment from the board or ceo that feeds the sense of panic. There is no crisis, so we don't need to hear from the prez or ceo. And it fills me with confidence they haven't reacted to nervous nellies. Besides Bartlett did make recent public comments, along the lines of we are in good shape and this year is an outlier, we are working on improving and we will be rebound strongly next year. Good, strong leadership.
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    Whilst this is true @praha thank god we are not the NBA. The decline this year may be unacceptable to you - I think there are a range of mitigating factors. You COULD cut out what is perceived to be broken... but then Roos, Thompson, Hardwick, Clarkson, Buckley (who is fetted now without a premiership) Simpson et al, would never have won premierships, when it was perceived THEIR gameplans were broken, or THEY couldn't coach. Why is it that stability, and allowing a coach time to refine gameplan's, accumulating the right personnel, is not seen as evidence of 'best practice', whilst understanding there will be times along the way where the team underperforms against media/internal/external expectations of where they should be?
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    Whatever suits your agenda
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    Well actually more their fault than his. If we kicked only some of the gimmes we missed this year, we would have another 3-4 wins and despite injuries, crap umpiring etc, would be challenging for the 8. We, the 17th placed team, with no forward line, should have beaten last year’s premiers by 5 goals last Sunday, except for the worst kicking for goal I have ever seen. For that matter in a similar game a few weeks ago in Perth, we should have beaten them too, but for once again atrocious goal kicking. We threw away the Crows game and maybe the Dogs game in the same manner. In all of those games we were undermanned, lost more players during the game, copped terrible umpiring and yet the Coach got the team in a winning position, while not missing a kick at goal himself. I am not a Coach apologist, but fair is fair. If our players weren’t the worst goal converters in recorded stats history, we would still be a finals chance and probably not discussing the Coach.
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    Ha!! He is pretty much the cause of it for picking Mark Neeld from the start. He is the reason Roos had to come in and clean up the mess!
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    Of course it's a BS metric, a team could go 18th, 1st, 8th and you'd call it a failure because they had an average ladder position of 9th even though they'd won a flag. Average ladder position,come on. You might not be calling for his head or wanting to burn the place down and start again but others on here obviously do and I thought you were one of them. Apologies if that's not the case, you are allowed to criticise and have doubts I just don't see the point in agitating for the coaches head and creating instability for the club. The same people who posted at the start of this thread and looked silly by Sept 18 will be looking silly again next year when they look back and see what they've posted here the last couple of months
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    At his age, it was May that dropped the ball. He has been in the system long enough to know better.
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    Pre trade most players have a medical. The fitness department give each player an off-season fitness/dietary program, not the coach. Re May, it looks like someone(s) at mfc dropped the ball and I don't think it was Goodwin.
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    Perhaps he assumed that someone who had been a captain of another club and with 8 years AFL experience would know what was required. If May didn't understand what was required, the problem is May's.
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    Well I am sticking fat with Goodwin. This year may be the kick in the guts he needs. Will know better by the end of next year.
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    I'm bemused by people wanting Goodwin to go this year or next year if we don't have a good first few months. So, who should replace him?: working premiership coaches are tied up in L-T contracts. previously sacked coaches, struggling in-contract coaches (Pyke (2020), Hinkley (2021), Lyon (2020)), retired coaches - I hear Malthouse wants to go around again! Roos, would love it but he won't come back as a medium/long term coach another untried coach with training wheels? So, no thanks, I'd rather keep Goodwin. I've seen enough in recent weeks to believe he will get there with better people around him. Wait and see what the assistant coaching changes are over the next few months. If they are half decent we will make the 8 next year. If we did let Goodwin go, you could bet the Crows will snap him up in a heartbeat! And we get left with who?
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    If there is anything to take from this, it's that Goodwin is the man. Real leadership is putting the arm around when it's needed but also giving a genuine shirt front to get the response required. And then not only did he challenge him, but he went with him the whole way. That's culture building and it builds respect between the coach and players.
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    Our continued reliance on directionless bombs into the 50 make it difficult.
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    My thoughts also. Compare the 98 and 99 seasons. 98 - 14 wins and 102% 99 - 6 wins and 80% finishing bottom 3. GF in 2000 I don't remember the vitriol on here towards the great Neale Daniher. Some on this site need to grow up and accept coaching is a long term issue and if we fall into sacking coaches after 3 seasons then the club has learnt nothing from Richmond, bulldogs, etc. Fix the back office re: fitness , forward coaching and teaching goal kicking . That's the issue. Goodwin took a young team to heroics in August/Sept. last year and they were exhausted by the prelim (according to a senior assistant off the record to me). As shown by the first half score. I agree with many the Misson has a lot to answer for. I'm with Goodwin. But serious off season decisions needed also . Especially de-listings.
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    Average ladder position is a BS metric. Sure this year has been terrible and Goodwin shoulders some of the blame but to dump it ALL on him is plain dumb. 2017 was disappointing not terrible. We probably underachieved by a week in 2017 (should have made 1st week of finals) and overachieved in 2018 (should've made 2nd week of finals). This year might be the dip we had to have but all the posters on here ready to burn the place down and start again without giving the FD/Coach and team another offseason and season to prove this is an aberration are quite frankly acting on emotion rather than reason.
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    What, when we were 3 points down? You're advocating for major change after two quarters of football (one of which was pretty good!), the year after a prelim? I'm exceptionally glad you're not in charge of the club.
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    Look at Hawthorn, why? They are scraping along mid table with a team of experienced players who have played in much the same way for years now and their current injury report is Mitchell and that's about it from their best 22. They had 11 guys who had played over 150 games today. We had 2 - Lewis and Jones. They had 9 guys under 100 games, we had 15! They beat a Geelong team that's been struggling since the bye and did it at their home ground. We travelled to a neutral venue to play the reigning premiers who have been in really good form. This year has been awful but I don't think comparing it with out sides is really that useful. The sides that have been consistently good have really strong and reproducible game plans. Goodwin's working hard on ours, but it's going to take some quality and experienced players to find that consistency.
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    Had a good day in the box today, coached well and unlucky not to get the result. Lewis to McGovern was a good move... For the most part our ball movement forward took their marking defenders out of the game with the exception of a few brain fades. We changed our game plan & became very unpredictable. Would like to see more of this Goody. Brayshaw to Yeoh another smart move. The move of May forward for a couple of minutes before half time was a masterstroke. Viney down along with that free kick probably cost us in the end. Not to mention the goal kicking. Did I mention the goal kicking.
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    which is why ash would seem to be a risk when compared with rowell, anderson, or serong
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    What a crock of [censored]
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    How has he grossly underperformed? Do you think we should have won a premiership in his first 2 seasons? If so it's your expectations that need to be re-evaluated, not the coach. This year has been bad. Bad all round and some readjustments need to be made in the offseason. But he's earnt the right to be given the benefit of the doubt for one season, especially consideri g the diabolical state of our injury list.
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    And I couldn't give a stuff about membership boosts, I just want to see onfield success. And that is more likely to come from off field stability rather than emotional bloodletting.
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    Brad Scott was at North for 10 years Richardson at the Saints for 6 with not much to show for it Bolton at the Blues for 4 with no runs on the board whatsoever Hinkley has been at Port for 7 years and they're still flakey, haven't done anything since his first couple of seasons Pyke will not get sacked this year and is basically in the position Goodwin will be in next year if our poor form continues into 2020 Goodwin is in his 3rd year and has just missed fi also by the narrowest margin ever and then took the side to a prelim. We've had a very bad season and he has some learning to do but he and the club should have some runs on the board to wait and see how they rebound next year with a fitter list and some of our young guys another year in. To compare him to the other coaches above is just dumb
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    Its becoming less common for AFL coaches to be paid out their full contract. Macca left his behind at WBD. Scott did also in the sense that he will be paid by North for next year only if he does not get another coaching gig. Bolton was an employee with some security but not on a term contract so they had a negotiated payout. Richardson was out of contract this year with a trigger clause for next year which didn't happen. So, it depends how a contract is structured and the nature of 'out' clauses. I would hope the club has linked at least part of Goodwin's contract to performance eg making finals, # of finals won etc. After all that is how sponsorship agreements are structured. Having said that I really don't expect Goodwin to be sacked. I reckon he will make it - if we get some better people around him.
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    Well whoever sent the team out not knowing that the breeze goes left to right at the end we chose to kick to should be sacked. There, I said it. Unprofessional and the players are too and also just plain dumb. Viney and Lewis twice from the same spot and then Petty 20 out straight in front. No other words but disgraceful. The umpiring 9-1 and worse than our goal kicking. Great home ground advantage.
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    Goodwin is the right senior coach for the job. But he needs better assistants. If you look at Clarkson, he has a clear plan but has the Assistants to develop it with the group. Normally a coach picks his assistants, which I think Goodwin did, but I think the club needs to find some high quality to replace our current crop. It made a massive difference at the tigers in one preseason. One of them needs to be a kicking coach, fix that and a lot of improvement will follow.
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    On a more positive note, a really good article on May in the Age. He was very honest and open and gave a lot of insight into his background and struggles. He mentioned how Goodwin gave him a slap then supported him every step on his way to recovery by joining him in all the extra training sessions. It gave me new found respect for them both.
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    Yes. I still believe him in. Have a good pre season get everyone back injury free, not hampered by off season surgery, May will be fit and ready to go. Maybe even make a few assistant coaching moves. However if we begin 2020 with losses all the media heat will come onto him. Im putting this season away and start afresh next year.
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    Not this year. But it will be flat out if we are still playing the same way 12 months from now
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    I just wanted to readdress some of the issues I made after the first game, and in fact at different stages through the preseason. I think they're worth looking at again now that we have come full circle back to West Coast. We were due to drop off at some stage. Since Roos came on board we had improved our position on the ladder every year, so that was 5 years of steady improvement. Why the drop off this year? Injury has been an issue for sure. The preseason operations, lack of preseason for key players, the run of injuries during the season has been unfortunate. Our coach is in his 3rd year, this is his big lesson year. He either sinks or swims in how he handles this...his reaction to the Prelim loss unfortunately let our players off the hook. We didn't play our brand was a poor answer. My source tells me the players didn't come back in great shape and really thought they were better than they actually are. Making the finals for them was a huge pass mark, wining a few cause for celebration. Goody needed to get them in on the Monday and go through that game whilst it was still top of mind. They needed to know they had achieved nothing...just made up the numbers and it wasn't good enough. They wiped out the gains of making and wining a couple of finals with that performance against a real team. A good experienced coach wouldn't have fallen for this one but as I say it's part of Goodwin's apprenticeship. Let's hope he learns from it. So far he hasn't done much to change things up but I think at the end of this season he will face his Thompson, Buckley, Hardwick moment. He will lose some control and we will appoint new people to the FD, if not we're going nowhere. List management; we improved our defensive stocks but at a high cost. I think we over paid for May and Lever. Not getting any value for them on the park just makes things worse. We have deficiencies with our small forwards and leg speed in general that weren't addressed. The punt on KK to add a bit of class to the team has so far been a bust. Tommy Mac hasn't produced up to expectation to date...will he be able to turn it on? or is he where he was as a defender a few years back and just barely holding his place in the team. If you can do it once surely you can do it again but what is the mental switch that will get Tommy up and running and can Goody find it. I don't like our midfield with Viney and Oliver in at centre bounces together. I much prefer Brayshaw to Viney as I think they work better together. I don't like to see Brayshaw sitting out of the wing, he's being wasted and is better value than Viney. Viney is see ball/get ball and really need to smarten his game up. Should never have been made captain so early in his career. Another novice coaching error. Oliver is getting a lot of ball but wasteful at the moment and he's much better than this. Is it him, is it game plan, is it teammates not getting to better positions...probably a bit of everything. Max is not holding his grabs and needs to. He's dropped off just enough to make a bit of a difference, he's been worked out a bit. Trac is treading water...I don't think his form has been as poor as others say but he has a lot more that he needs to give. I think he may be being over coached and needs to be let loose, have his shots from outside 50, have a good run in the guts... Now for Frosty... Frost has been ok, I'm a Frost knocker but concede he is at least worth a place on the list (not a good call by me) & has played some good games and is good depth. Stanley was a great athlete very average footballer a few years back and has turned the corner so maybe there is some hope for Frosty, we can certainly use his athleticism... but I shudder every time he tries to take on a dinky little pass or to cross the ball, please keep it simple Frosty. So we head back to Perth...would be a mammoth effort to win this one, I don't think we can do it but stranger things have happened. I will be looking for improved form from Tommy, see him lead up at the ball and hold a few marks, kick straight. Has Baker got something to work with, I didn't think so but he did a couple of nice things last week that showed some promise. Maybe he can make it, if he's half the player of that other redheaded Qld Brownlow winner he will be ok. I want to see Trac come out of his shell and just play footy. I want to see Viney do the team things, Clayton get back his great vision and decision making. I want to see Viney do the team things and be a real captain. I would like to see Brayshaw back in the middle. I want to know if Petty can make it, my observation is he might be a little too slow. I would like to see us change up the game plan...more of the same would be insanity. ...and to my poor mate on here who thinks I'm being too negative, well I think I'm trying to take an objective view and take my fans glasses off. Just make some observations from the cheap seats...
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