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    I can’t believe a few people here are considering dropping Pruess 🤦‍♂️ Was one of our best against Carlton & while didn’t have a great game today showed some signs that he could do well for us forward. The seasons done for us, give him a solid 3 weeks as a Forward/Ruck. If it doesn’t work out then we should drop him but to drop him after his first game as the main tall forward is just ridiculous. McDonald was playing rubbish for the first half of the season but he wasn’t dropped so why should Pruess ?
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    Oh ffs. We did and still do need the $$$$$$$$$, get over it. We almost beat them at there manufactured cauldron this year.
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    Maybe we should put Spargo in the ruck, and say that the other ruckman are stopping him from contesting the ball because Spargo can't reach it before it's tapped out! FMD
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    I wouldn't know Tony Cochrane from a bar of soap, but having listened to him being interviewed quite a few times now I'm absolutely certain he's part of the problem. I'm not sure of the governance arrangements of the Suns (is it owned by the AFL?) but if I were the AFL I would want to provide the Suns with help, but on condition that Cochrane was replaced. Otherwise, the AFL will find that additional picks or any other form of on-field assistance will just be wasted. That club's problems are not just on-field and what we know from experience of just about every other club in history is that you can't fix the on-field without getting the off-field right first.
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    Just another one we agree on. I'm over this 'trade Petracca' rubbish. Yes, his set shots have been poor this year, but outside of maybe Hunt, that's true of the entire team. However, Tracy's had a really strong year as a forward in a team that has absolutely no idea how to use the ball. The team crying out for explosiveness, class, and creativity, and half the people on here want to trade one of maybe 4 players that actually possess the talents that win football games. Unreal.
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    Demons have decent support up here. Each community has their own team generally, that being the team that matches their colours, ie Yuendumu magpies. For us, it is the Nyirripi Demons, which has Demons flags in almost every front yard. Unfortunately, it is one of the more remote communities, being some 450km from Alice. As for me, can’t wait to walk down to the ground, a few hundred meters from home, for what is one of the annual yearly highlights for my children. Thanks MFC for making that possible
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    Is it possible for thread be opened about playing in NT without Demonlanders who are still grappling about the concept that we play games up there, not posting about their grievance yet again? Also - the team stay at the Casino. I went 2 years ago and had a great time... IIRC we were down at half time and came back strongly in the second half. I was only up for 2 nights - and if you are there for a short time - make sure you get out to the Alice Springs Desert Park - awesome experience.... and a lovely walk back into Alice itself which is well signposted.
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    I don't buy this line of conversation and have read it many times on Demonland. Collingwood were ordinary by foot for a few years (save Pendlebury and Sidebottom), but they learnt to trust the possession game style because it actually doesn't need the kicking skills some seem to think it does. It relies less on hitting up pin point targets and more on work rate to get into space. If you constantly provide an outlet for a team mate to kick into space and be up for switching and changing angles, work rate is actually the biggest ingredient we lack in achieving this game style. It took Collingwood's midfield a while to be able to implement it properly too. For a few years they were labelled as a poor defensive transition team, but with a new game style, their mids eventually clicked. I want us to recruit a lot of pace in the next off season, but I also think we need to get a strong fitness regime up again to ensure our list can work hard enough for long enough and provide these outlets far better than they do.
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    It's not as simple as poor pre-season and long injury list anymore. I bought that in the first 4 or 5 rounds. We've played such ordinary, directionless, predictable football for far too many weeks to be blamed on a pre-season or injury list. Collingwood really is the best recent example of game style over list. Despite multiple injuries all over the ground (particularly to their defence) Buckley had Collingwood playing to a system that meant he could plug and play players when others went down. The best coaches in the past 2 decades have had a strong system that stands up. As @tiers said above and I've said multiple times now, the chaos game was comprehensively smashed in both preliminary finals last year and no longer has merit on its own. A mixture of chaos and control is the current trend, but with our list, our lack of speed, our lack of crumbers and our lacking of kicking skills, we cannot afford to play either game style. Therefore, I'm of the belief that we need to try something new. Given our midfield and defence are our strong suits, if we don't seriously inject speed into our forwardline in a big way next year, we simply can't compete. This may seem like a cop out, but I'm not sure what 'something new' is. I'm not an AFL coach paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to figure it out though. All I know is that if our system was decent enough, Goodwin has had enough of our gun core together to make a proper fist of 2019, but we haven't. It's a big cross next to his name, but he has a little bit of time on his side. Buckley had multiple years of ordinary performance before he got his system going.
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    The season is now officially shot. We cannot even technically make finals. Everything is about planning for next year. At least we have found that Petty can take a strong contested mark and is only 19. His performance yesterday was revelatory. He could develop into anything. Also we have found Hore who has become a key part of our remade back half. Then there is Baker who has some serious pace and dash as he showed in the twos yesterday where he was a class above. And that's without counting Lockhart who is developing nicely. There have been some gains amid the injury carnage. The rest of this year has to be viewed as an extended preseason for 2020. Look at it through that lens rather than what might have been if the footy gods had been kinder.
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    If we get a good run at it next year with injuries, and we're still struggling, then he deserves to have the pressure heaped on him. But our best 22 players have missed more game time than any other club and that's been a very steep learning curve for everyone involved. Big pre-season coming up for Goody, but for the time being, I'll back him in.
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    Where is the Melbourne Football Club at? Lyon: They’re the most disappointing team of the year. Carlton win this weekend against Gold Coast and Melbourne loses to West Coast, then they’ll drop to 17th. Their defence is looking okay, the midfield is a bit messy but finds plenty of the footy, but it remains the front half. Lyon: Simon Goodwin is getting a bit of pass because of what happened last year, but gee it’s coming next year.
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    Small forwards 1. Dan Butler - Out of contract Pros: quick, kicked 30 goals in flag season, good pressure Cons: small/light frame and lots of recent injuries, 1 hit wonder? 2. Anthony McDonald-Tippa - OOC Pros: Great pressure, accurate kick Cons: Likely to cost a lot in a trade and contract, likely keen to stay 3.Jamie Elliott - FA Pros: gun goal kicker at his best, free agent Cons: expensive contract with lots of risk given injuries, has he missed too much footy? 4. James Rose - OOC Pros: kicks a lot of neafl goals but can't stick a regular spot Cons: probably not very good! 5. Lewis Taylor - OOC Pros: knows how to get the ball and has some creativity Cons: is Lewis Taylor
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    Outside Runners 1. Ed Langdon - out of contract Pros: Excellent runner and ball winner Cons: Ball use, likely to cost a 2nd round pick 2. Brad Hill - IN contract Pros: elite runner, solid enough ball user/winner Cons: Likely to cost a big contract and a big trade package (pick 10-15) 3. Brandon Ellis - RFA Pros: Excellent runner and penetrating kick Cons: Shaky at the contest and ball use can be unpredictable 4. Harry Cunningham - FA Pros: Good speed and endurance, could be cheap Cons: Shaky ball users and winner 5. Tom Cutler - out of contract Pros: Good size, long kick Cons: Best suited at half back, ball winner but maybe not the smartest player 6. Karl Amon - out of contract Pros: Good runner, neat kick Cons: Small, inconsistent 7. Stephen Hill - FA Pros: Classy user Cons: Ageing, expensive contract, recent injuries 8. Adam Tomlinson - out of contract Pros: Good runner, big body who can play 2nd ruck Cons: Not the most natural ball user or creative player 9. Jack Newnes - FA Pros: Good runner, long kick Cons: Average decision making and inconsistent at the contest, seems to have peaked a while ago
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    Great to hear and see the mutterings of so many guys who used to think that this Umpiring thing was all in our imagination but thanks to the media and the"yellow scumbag maggots", hard to differentiate, they have managed to, from the start of last season, totally eradicate the best ruckman's dominance of this god forsaken game in the last twenty years..........
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    Mayne tagged Shannon Hurn very effectively. That stopped a lot of the Eagles run from the backline.
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    Mate, Deeamond isn’t in the dictionary either
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    Oliver should have kicked the goal. Brayshaw shouldnt have called for it. It was real smart alec stuff, those 2 think sharing the ball is fun,, like the Cats used to do, except they would win games, and premierships .Oliver is a very good player, but he wont be a great player unless he adds goal kicking to his arsenal.
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    That's fair enough mate, we can all see different things from the same game hey. I think the leadership and culture stuff is sometimes hard to pick from our vantage point in the stands. My impression of it with Lewis is that he would talk about things during the week in meetings, maybe even have individual chats with players, then he'd back it up in training and on game day and that reinforces the message. I think that kind of leadership is what our leaders need to learn from the most to improve, so that's how I think he improves the culture. Agree that some of the key indicators on the weekend were poor for our midfield, that's why I was trying to say that I wasn't implying Lewis played great, more that him tackling, winning clearances and even how he used it out of those clearances was an example to our underperforming mids. I would love to see Viney learn those aspects from Lewis.
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    This has been the year from hell, with a terrible pre-season, consistent injuries and extremely poor form resulting in the disaster we have right now. My silver lining: - Marty Hore looks a solid player - Oskar Baker could be a great wing option - Harry Petty looks to be a great key position prospect at just 19 - Hunt has got back in some good form - We will most likely have a pick between 2-4 - We will get an easier draw next season We better put any players with niggling injuries in for surgery early so we can actually get a full pre-season or I'll be [censored].....
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    Did you notice the handball that Gus received from Clarry before he got run down in the tackle? It was a looping, slow handball that Gus had to check his pace to receive, opening the way to be caught by Dunkley. If Clarry had put a bullet handball and Gus could run onto it, there would have been no tackle, and probably a goal. It is a million moments like these that are costing us in every game. Like the bomb kicks into forward 50, like the way we get sucked en masse into contests and the opposition run around the outside, those over-the-head-to-no one handballs, the giraffe kicks not to advantage.....We are putting in loads of effort, but it must be so disheartening when stupid errors make it meaningless.
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    You can add that Frost has become a much more reliable defender, although we know he will provide a "what the..." moment in every game. And Salem has become more consistent.
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    Our forward entries are like a 15 year old boy trying to pick up at a blue light disco
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    There is a player called Jordan, he plays for Collingwood! Is that being a bit too pedantic for you?
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    Judging off your last 2 responses don’t you think that’s a little bit hypocritical?
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    Blind Freddie can see his ball drop is too high. Why TF can't someopne at the club do something about it? Probably the same reason they can stop idiot mids blindly handballing to opposition players or at our players feet. Or bombing the bal on our fwds heads. Or not kicking in until the opposition has set up their defence completely. The coaching staff have a lot to answer for in this pathetic year of football. Goodwin cant coach.
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    Ffs Anderson, Rowell, Kemp, Serong, Stephens, Ash and Green are all ahead of Henry
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    So it is not just OK, but 'magical', for Mr Chopsticks to fend off an opponent but Max defending his territory is not. Thanks AFL.
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    None have survived because like the AFL they stuff the execution of the plan.
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    Agreed. GCS have had plenty of top picks in the last few years: In 2016: picks 4, 7, 9, 10. In 2018: picks 2, 3, 6. ie 7 top 10 picks in a 24 month period. Those players are still developing and some will be elite, if they keep them. Cochrane goes on about the mistakes in the early years. But he has nothing to Crow about. He has been there for 6 years and overseen the appointment of Eade and Dew. He grandstands, breathes fire and brimstone and cries poor but not much apparent positive impact. They really need help and a new Chairman might be a good start. The AFL put in Mark Evans as CEO but he isn't having much impact either but needs time. They also need to put people and resources into development, medical, rehab etc. It is the only feasible option.
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    Any extra pick at the top end can never hurt though ... not sure that Dew is doing the right thing by his club regardless of whether he is right or not. I agee that the messiah attitude with a top end pick is not the answer but again, you take what you can get in this league. In more recent times we angled at a high-end pick with the Frawley compensation. Managed to win just the 4 games in 2014 which enabled us to end up with picks 2 & 3 in the draft. And I'm a sceptic with regards to the draft ... the more picks the better rather than placing an absolute value on any given pick. Weight of numbers (so to speak) ... and that's not foolproof either.
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    Dew gets it: "The priority pick is not the answer, flat out. "Like every other club you've got to work as hard as you can, you've got to improve your list through draft and trade, that's the answer". laughing-crows-leave-a-bad-taste-in-dews-mouth Brave coach to say that after his Chairman was so OTT about demanding a pp. Dew knows what a successful club looks like: premiership player at Port and Hawks and understudy to Longmire. The AFL need to talk to Stewie to see what he wants and the club really need.
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    Why let pesky facts get in the way of a good rant?
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    We will be outnumbered as usual in the supporter stakes too. All those indigenous players that the eagles have will make them the preferred team. Other than money, we have gained nothing from this whole NT escapade.
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    It doesn’t help when we only have six day breaks for both N.T. Games when both Adelaide and the Eagles had Extended breaks. The A.F. L. Do not give Melbourne any favours
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    We'll never maximize our chances of a flag while we still need the $ from selling our home games
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    I'm not interested in a witch hunt. I just want to know who's responsible!
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    he's the same as tom McDonald. an awful defender that cant handle the pressure of defensive 50. Totally different forward.
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    he's clearly a forward. terrible move by Goodwin to contemplate putting him down back.
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    First on the Dogs: I 100% agree their flag is a complete outlier. I'm not sure if it was a fluke or before their time or something else, but they probably shouldn't be used as reliable evidence in any arguments. As for everything else I suspect we could go on and on in circles forever. You say Collingwood's 2010-12 game plan doesn't count because there's different coaches coached the same plan? I'm not sure if that's meant to discredit my point but essentially saying it's sustainable regardless of who is in charge seems more to support my point Richmond's the only club to come near us in injury count from the start and is hurt them. But the argument could also be made that their contested game is simpler, easier and allowed lesser quality players to keep them in the hunt. Don't count them out yet. A win this week and they'll be 5th a game clear of 6th and likely only percentage off 4th with a pretty favourable run home. We've seen Collingwood in recent weeks struggling more with their high skill reliance slow moving game plan now that injurys have hit. Geelong has been dominant with that high skilled game but have had few injurys and Brisbane who do play fast, contested footy have flown up the ladder with a near record low games missed to injury. I'm not saying we shouldn't change some things, that would be madness, I've always thought we should move the ball more by foot. But throwing it out completely is a massive over reaction.
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    Plain and simple. Both Buckley and Hardwick had years like this with similarly talented lists. They changed, Goodwin needs to follow suit. He needs to show a level of maturity and realise that his system, game plans, ideas and approach to the game need to have more fluidity to them. The game is always changing, even if slightly so. Last year a certain system and style of play worked and was the meta. This year slight rule changes have meant that coaches have needed to deploy some level of change. I think everyone got swept away with our last five games and two finals performances and believed that it would almost just happen again. Obviously there is no doubting the other contributiong factors to our season such as injuries, poor development etc etc. It's the season Goody needed imo.
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    1 of those teams made the GF the year after their premiership, the prelim the year after that, another made a prelim and was the best side all year and this year have been crueled by injuries and still sits with a chance of getting a to 4 finish. So 3 years at the absolute pointy end is pretty sustainable.
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    Forget injuries and lack of interchange. We should have had the lollie blues on buttered toast by 3/4 time yesterday except for 2 issues that constantly haunt us. 1. Can't kick straight either from a set shot (see weed) or from snaps from packs (see nibbles who otherwise was a good contributor). 2.A reluctance to kick a goal. Every goal hungry current or former forward wanted nothing more than to have a shot. Today, unless they are in the goal square, they seek to lay it off (see Hunt's multiple missed opportunities to score). The first is hard to fix (confidence, balance, goal sense etc). Don't waste time on snaps from packs but weed should be told that unless his follow through finishes at head height, its back to the VLF until he remembers how to kick for goal. When he is kicking well, he reminds me of Darren Bennett who finished up as a punter in the NFL. His follow through reached for the sky. The second is easy - institute an absolute team rule that if within 30-40m and there is no-one running free towards the goal nearby, have a shot. It's not being goal hungry, it's common sense. And any player who wants a cheap shot at goal by demanding a pass should be counseled; any player who hand passes to a team mate with his back to the goal should not only be counseled but confined to the VFL until he learns the basics of goal scoring. Run and carry has now been superseded by run and score. Let's do it. 2020 Go dees.
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    Only the blind, biased or stupid couldn't see that we've adjusted to a more possession based game plan since the bye. Average marks/game pre-bye 83.7, post-bye 103.6
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    Goodwin needs to do two things: 1) Get rid of this run and gun play on at all costs game plan 2) Put a greater focus on skills and decision making, it must be the top priority
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    Q: Is Goodwin the right guy? A: No. Reason: Multiple, so take your pick/s. Time to move on, Simon.
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    Goodwin should understand his players strengths and weaknesses and alter his game plan accordingly, something we haven’t seen him do. Therefore I think it’s on Goodwin.
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