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    Our midfield is built to bustle, getting an ugly ball forward, never mind the details. Unfortunately the credible rotation has shrunk with Vince and Tyson gone, Jones necessarily finding a new role, and Lewis obviously playing less and less time around the middle. So the rotation of decent inside mids that we do have is getting tired, and we don't have the depth to let them shift around to spare them from constantly swimming inside the washing machine. Naturally, they can't afford to diversify to do anything more than their core job of bashing it forward, they don't have the legs to run defensively and they don't have the freshness (physically or mentally) to be clean in their ball use. Injuries on the half-lines (esp. Hibbered and Melksham) compound the issue and the call-ups from Casey haven't delivered the necessary standard. Capping off the point, the allegedly lazy fatty Petracca is second only to Oscar McDonald for time-on-ground this season, at over 88%, because we are desperately trying to keep those core mids rotated to the bench while he smoothes his fatgiue up forward. It is all the old 'too much for too few', and we've had to limit our play to what we can do, instead of what we'd like to do. Meanwhile, our forward line, currently almost entirely injured, has also been almost entirely out of form. The fringe players we had up there providing some diversity last year combined for 3+ goals a game in 2018, but are either not on the field or far down in output this year. For example, 2018 to 2019 goal-per game numbers for players in roughly the same role - Hannan from 1.5 to 0.7 Nibbler from 1.1 to 0.4 Spargo from 0.8 to 0.3 You can play around all you like with the mess of Garlett, Vanders, Kent, Hunt, Fristch and so forth, with injuries and positions changing all over the place, but there's not a lot of useful insight there because there's been so much change. I guess the main insight is simply that there has been so much change and disruption. And clearly, whatever way you mix it, Weideman and Smith are not currently a rival for Hogan's 2018 contribution. Not even combined! Tom McDonald has been not even half as effective as a forward as he was in 2018. Just as he was showing a pattern of improvement he got injured, so, yeah, life sucks. But it is also notable that in the scattered few games where he did perform well, we mostly won. In fact, his five best games for the season are also our five wins. His numbers in those 5 games are uncannily similar to his 2018 stats, most notably averaging 2.8 goals. Tom McDonald kicked 14 of his 18 goals this season in Melbourne's five wins. I'd argue that McDonald is second only to Gawn as our most important player, and he has had an absolutely pestilent year with injury, form, and more injury.
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    Poor coaching, lazy adaptation (or lack thereof) to 6-6-6 rule, dysfunctional leadership, and growing pains for Oliver and Brayshaw, who have both been found out as being extremely one dimensional. Dunkley for the Bulldogs is demonstrating the type of player Oliver *should* be, or become, but Clarry is going through the motions and simply playing the year out atm. His performance is eerily Scully-esque circa 2011. His mind appears elsewhere. Very concerning. Brayshaw seems down on confidence. Mcdonald has attracted No.1 defender with Hogan gone, and so it's been a learning curve for him. Same with Weeds. Garlett, Spargo, ANB have been useless. There goes out forward line. At one point this year our entire back 6 in Salem, Lever, May, Jetta, Lewis and Hibberd were out. This leads to lack of cohesion and connection with the mids due to lack of experience playing together. The variables all point to a pass for Goodwin given all of the above but the entire coaching team's approach has been a symptom of this and I feel Goodwin has been found lacking. It will be a learning curve for him as well. The stats point to a list badly lack depth, but also a coaching team that had not prepared for nor considered the worst. We've blooded some talent in Petty Lockhart Hore Dunkley but these are atm depth players. That Hore was the general in our backline for a few weeks shows how badly hit by injuries we were. Again though, we've maintained a healthy core, continue to win the ball and continue to get the ball forward. Goodwin's defensive coaching prowess is nonexistent it seems and he would be on notice. You don't go from premiership fancy to bottom 2. I don't care how badly hit by injuries you've been. Will be a fascinating next 12 months. Watch this space (if you dare)
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    Hawks, GWS, Geelong, Eagles = 4 top 8 sides last season but knock yourself out to suit your argument Not to mention the Crows were in the 8 when we pantsed them in the NT last season FMD the sky is falling
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    It's ok to present an argument and then agree to disagree with those who have a different view. So stick around BM ... many here are talking through their frustration and that's how fans are. The hip-pocket factor. Prior to the season many were expecting finals as a matter of course. Again, that's how fans think and you won't change it. So with disappointment comes frustration and then the blame game. My expectations are always tempered so would rather just look at the form of the players as the season progresses. Make the appropriate changes as a result. And there is no doubt that for various reasons we have a numerous amount of players who are down on form. Collectively we've been poor thus the frustration Others here might see you as being too wedded to the off-season surgeries and interrupted pre-seasons. But those who are fit continue to make the same fundamental errors on a constant basis ... not playing in front, no gut running, poor conversion rates, poor disposal levels, no 2 way running, poor shepherding, questionable game plan, average coaching etc etc etc
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    Have been racking my brain all year pondering the 4th to 16th slide, and agree with most of this assessment. I think the loss of confidence (in no small way due to the Prelim last year, then the unexpected round 1 defeat this year), has not been adequately acknowledged, nor addressed, by the club as a whole. Footy is a game of cohesion and momentum, and team success flows when the many moving pieces are in sync. Despite all this, there have been unexpected positive signs, Fritsch is exciting and creative, Hore is committed and reliable, Frost is imposing and instinctive, and Lockhart is explosive and a finisher. It doesn’t make up for the disappointment of the season as a whole, but it gives me faith that next year, with the likely return of Vanders, Melksham, McDonald (Tom), Lever (fit), Jetta (fit), and Hibberd (fit), the combination will be a strong, skilful core, capable of matching any team.
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    Fun to watch because it would show how prone to MFCSS many here are. Would they be guaranteed to not get injured playing in the VFL? Better to have them playing together and with May and getting some knowledge of each other in games, something they have had almost zilch of to date.
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    I have written in another thread that there should be a team rule that anyone within 40m of goal and running free (or for Tracca and Clarrie 50m) must have a shot. No more dinky passes or stupid hand offs to players in worse positions with their backs to the goals. If a player must hand off (being tackled) then only to a team mate running free and facing to goals. Better to shoot and miss than not to have a shot at all because of some stupid concern about being called greedy or goal hungry. These should be encouraged attributes. Just shoot. When it becomes normalised we will win more games than we lose because we will be conditioned to scoring with every opportunity. Simple change.
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    Here's a thought reduce the interchange and make it a war of attrition were players can't cover as much ground and we get more 1 on 1 One of he most brutal games I recall seeing the 89 Grand final had a total of 72 tackles
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    Oh no. No. No no no no no no. Ah hell. Oh, this is no good at all, not at all. This will not do. You know who we really need, the extra tall forward who can float aroud the ground, uses the ball well, and who is currently out of contract and probably unhappy with the way his current club hung him out to dry in the pre-season, and is a Victorian boy currently at an interstate club. Forgive me. Ahhh I can't even type it. Jack Watts.
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    Brutally tough call re:Lever. In 2017 he was acknowledged as one of the upcoming rising star defenders in the AFL, and was duly recognised by being named in the All Australian squad of 40. He started 2018 poorly with the MFC, however hit his straps by round 5, got a couple of brownlow votes in round 9 and then left the club and its supporters devastated after doing his knee in round 11. The following 3 games we fell to pieces. Lever's a lot better than what he dished up last week. He should be judged after a full pre season and a full 2020 season.
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    No surprises. I know people talk about poor delivery but our forward line has been terrible all season. No coherent plan. No leading. Dropped marks. Shitty kicking. Not taking shots. Lack of confidence. Just a disaster.
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    When Trac takes his shots he's such a damaging player. On Sunday he went beck to this rubbish... Maybe the disconnect Goody is talking about is actually in the FD or between the FD and players rather than the midfield/forward connection.
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    Opposition rucks are allowed to jump into Max 3 seconds before the ball is available to be tapped but that's OK.....
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    Head in the sand 'bin'... I just hope the club doesn't have the same problem. We smashed the inside 50 count, conversion not so great. ... but most of our big scores were against the bottom teams, we also had Hogan contributing to some of those big wins. We could be thought of as the classic downhill skiers. If you think it's just a matter of form and injury in our forward half then you really do have the Rose Coloured Glasses on.
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    Rubbish. We have the same players as we did last year who did exactly what you are saying - pressure lock the ball in and convert. We were the highest scoring team last year. How do you think that happened. By magic? Last year we had jeffy (before being dropped), then spargo, hannan, vdb and melk all providing forward half pressure. And doing that job super well. The scoreboard does not lie. Again over 23 rounds we were the highest scoring team in the AFL. What's changed? Jeffy started and ends the season injured. Spargo has been way out of form. Hannan had a long term injury and has got nowhere near his best since coming back. Vdb has not played a game because of injury and arguably our most important forward melk has barely played a game because of injury (and incredibly is still has more goal assists than anyone bar trac). Meanwhile bedford and swallow who were drafted for small forward pressure roles are not ready yet., meaning we are playing a kid who a fee weeks ago was playing under 18s footy and another who was loading trucks six months ago. These are plain facts. Fell free to ignore them but doing so renders your argument we don't have the players for our game style redundant.
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    Nup, not any more. I reckon he's worked much harder this year to develop consistency in his game. If I have concerns over our young mids, it's over Oliver, Harmes and Brayshaw. I don't see enough defensive running from any of them (Oliver in particular). I don't see enough buckling down when the going gets tough. I don't see enough leadership. I see too much sulking, too much poor body language and too much selfishness from each of them. All fixable things, and if we're going to go anywhere as a club then these three need to learn from their flaws.
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    I can’t believe a few people here are considering dropping Pruess 🤦‍♂️ Was one of our best against Carlton & while didn’t have a great game today showed some signs that he could do well for us forward. The seasons done for us, give him a solid 3 weeks as a Forward/Ruck. If it doesn’t work out then we should drop him but to drop him after his first game as the main tall forward is just ridiculous. McDonald was playing rubbish for the first half of the season but he wasn’t dropped so why should Pruess ?
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    Oh ffs. We did and still do need the $$$$$$$$$, get over it. We almost beat them at there manufactured cauldron this year.
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    If I understood Gary on SEN correctly and according to the entire time Champion Data has been recording stats that is. Him and Roo went on to talk about the complete disconnect of our mids delivering and our forwards scoring. Hannan, Mcdonald, Garlett, Spargo, ANB have apparently been the biggest drop offs. Melksham also mentioned, but he has been out for too long so isnt entirely fair. If that isnt a wake up call, then I dont know what is. We cant put that on injuries, it has to come down to skill and form. What the hell has happened?
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    Another way to look at this is that we have the easiest road upward of any bottom 4 team in history. How many terrible teams would kill to be in the position where if they just fix up their forward entries they'll be good again (at last)?
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    Yeah possibly mate. The Lions have overtaken us in the 'rebuild' stakes, here's the difference in Fagan's philosophy as opposed to Goodwin's "that wasn't us": "Teach everybody in the organisation about what the growth mindset is, and that failure is actually a good thing if you learn from it" Source
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    Kent touched upon the answer up the top there. It's not a concern about being greedy or hungry. They're terrified to take the shot and miss. Better to hand over the responsibility to the next bloke than expose their own poor disposal ..... Again.
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    And I'm looking forward to reading you label legitimate contributing factors to our form slump as excuses regardless of their validity
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    As for the injuries ... if the club had a greater depth of real talent we can cover for those injuries. But our recruiting from the tail end of the Daniher era through to the start of the Roos era was abysmal. And we're still paying a price now. And it is the clubs fault that we don't have greater talent depth, no one else's. So we can't use injuries as a reason for our failings. And every club has their fair share of injuries so it's not just us. We went into the season with 2 questionable key forwards ... neither T-Mac nor Weideman are proven, ridgy-didge key forwards. Not to be relied on anyway. Both fail to deliver this season and hey presto, we're a cellar dweller again. And our small forwards ain't much chop either. On top of all that our midfielders don't kick enough goals and are constantly looking at giving the ball off. Plus, we choke in front of goal. A recipe for disaster and we wrote the script.
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    Looking forward to the streams of excuses from the happy-go-luckies. Should be a read.
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    I respectfully say adios to this thread. It's not good for my mental health. I'm putting in on ignore and leaving it to the handful of brave souls (you know who you are) to fight the good fight against black and white thinking, reinventing history, ignoring facts that don't fit a preferred narrative (eg we haven't adjusted our game plan, totally ignoring the fact we have) and confusing symptom with cause. All to arrive at the conclusion Goody is the problem.
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    The nicey nicey way ..if actually done. And it gets you NOWHERE The whole point of kicking up a stink and playing the game in the media s Eddie or Scott or Jeff etc would is to put that idiot Dill Gil on his back haunches and put the league on notice we simply aren't going to accept this. Thats how you do it.
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    But reverted to type against the Bulldogs?
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    Agree with you that the Dogs probably didn't put much homework into Petty and will find the going tough against a much better defensive unit in West Coast, but should not be dropped after an encouraging 3 goal performance. I don't mind Hannan as a player but must be dropped after a 3 possession game. It would be a serious lack of selection integrity if he's retained. He hasn't played 1 half decent game since returning from injury. IN - T Smith (to tag McGovern per last time), JFK, Out - Hannan, Dunkley (apologies but an average of 8 possessions a game isn't cutting it.)
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    Yes balls, just wanted to add his defensive work in the forward half might be a little underrated. In a year where we have struggled with ‘retention’, I think Trac has worked hard defensively to keep the ball in, especially in the last 6 weeks or so. Often he reads opposition defenders well and puts him himself in a good position for an intercept or simply just sticking an arm in to bat the ball down. I like what some of the young players have shown also, for me it’s Trac that’s been a big positive. He’s received a lot of negativity and I’m glad he’s starting to show what he’s capable of. Pity it’s been in a horrid year, can’t wait for next year though when he starts getting some more support.
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    A bit harsh on JKH, only just selected so you could drop him.
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    Sure - but you can't have players missing huge slabs of the pre-season and then expect them to take it up a notch the following year. Just not possible. So by the time you take out all the injured/operated-on, there aren't all that many left - and no surprise that those who have been mentioned here (Salem, Frost), had full preseasons.
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    ...but don't you see. We don't have the players for this game style. The old Richmond style you talk of was built around quick movement into the forward 50 because circumstances meant they only had one tall in Jack and a lot of quick smalls who put on maximum pressure. They developed a game around the players they had. We don't have any small forwards worth their salt fit or unfit...we don't have the any forwards who tackle, we don't have forward who pressure, we don't lock the ball in. We just watch as it heads out again and again...
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    Next year is make or break for Goody. What gets me is that we never look the better organised team, even when we win. That we can dominate contested footy and clearances, but still get beaten, suggests our system is flawed. Goody no doubt knows we have weaknesses both in personnel and cohesion. The big question is can he fix them?
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    Lets face it much of the criticism he cops in this thread is related to some perceived notion his game plan doesn't stack up. Who knows that may prove to be the case. Or it may not. There are too many things that went wrong this year to make an accurate judgement on a that. Opinion, yes, reliable assessment no. It will be interesting to wacth the tigers as they progress towards the finals. They have the most analogous game plan to ours and are rolling along nicely and with their lat six games at the G are a real chance at top 4 and with that winning a flag. Like us they made a prelim lat year and of course won the flag the previous year. As evidence of a game plan working that's not bad.
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    My mate had a casual chat to Tom today. Surgery went well, he was not on crutches and seemed to be walking well and should be right for a full pre season.
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    That's exactly what I argued when I said it was crazy to think of trading watts. Our biggest weakness is our kicking and we get rid of our best kick (by some margin), one of only two elite kicks in the team. As I have said before I respect and understand the decision but I believe it was the wrong one and still do. I understand the cultural argument but you make that work somehow. Watts has in spades what we are missing - elite foot skills, good decision making and a proven ability to hit targets inside 50. And a proven ability to kick clutch goals. Can't see him playing on from 20 metres out, on a slight angle when we need a key goal.
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    Or maybe we get him to nominate for the ruck in a pea heart little voice or wink to the umpires and get gifted a free kick in front of goal like Dangerfield at the cattery last season - that one might have just about cost us have cost us a top 4 finish. Slimy bloody turd that Dangerfield.
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    TheAFL is corrupt. ..has been for a long while
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    And I hope Steven May is (at the very least) in the Leadership Group next year.
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    I think that this year will, in retrospect, be the making of this footy team. The humiliation and frustration of the club (players coaches and supporters) will cause a young talented list to grow the [censored] up and work hard and play mean smart and brutal footy. Our game style is finals style when we can get our best on the ground, and our coach and the FD will learn a lot from the adversity of this year, that will serve us well in years to come. As Winston Churchill once said “Victory is going from defeat to defeat without a loss of enthusiasm.”. Were learning and growing as a club team and coaching group this year. Be patient.
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    We’ve clearly made mistakes this year, but we’ve had an unbelievable run of injuries. It’s been ridiculous. And the reality is, we (quite reasonably) put faith in players like Tom McDonald this year. As much as I like and respect him, he’s been schizen for 95% of the year (by his own admission). We’ve also lost a few games we absolutely should’ve won - probably should have 8 wins thus far. Not top 8 but still in the mix. So, despite it being a really tres ordinaire year, there are tangible reasons underlying our poor performance. In short, we’ll be back. I feel confident of this. I rate Goodwin.
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    I wouldn't know Tony Cochrane from a bar of soap, but having listened to him being interviewed quite a few times now I'm absolutely certain he's part of the problem. I'm not sure of the governance arrangements of the Suns (is it owned by the AFL?) but if I were the AFL I would want to provide the Suns with help, but on condition that Cochrane was replaced. Otherwise, the AFL will find that additional picks or any other form of on-field assistance will just be wasted. That club's problems are not just on-field and what we know from experience of just about every other club in history is that you can't fix the on-field without getting the off-field right first.
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    Just another one we agree on. I'm over this 'trade Petracca' rubbish. Yes, his set shots have been poor this year, but outside of maybe Hunt, that's true of the entire team. However, Tracy's had a really strong year as a forward in a team that has absolutely no idea how to use the ball. The team crying out for explosiveness, class, and creativity, and half the people on here want to trade one of maybe 4 players that actually possess the talents that win football games. Unreal.
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    I don't buy this line of conversation and have read it many times on Demonland. Collingwood were ordinary by foot for a few years (save Pendlebury and Sidebottom), but they learnt to trust the possession game style because it actually doesn't need the kicking skills some seem to think it does. It relies less on hitting up pin point targets and more on work rate to get into space. If you constantly provide an outlet for a team mate to kick into space and be up for switching and changing angles, work rate is actually the biggest ingredient we lack in achieving this game style. It took Collingwood's midfield a while to be able to implement it properly too. For a few years they were labelled as a poor defensive transition team, but with a new game style, their mids eventually clicked. I want us to recruit a lot of pace in the next off season, but I also think we need to get a strong fitness regime up again to ensure our list can work hard enough for long enough and provide these outlets far better than they do.
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    It's not as simple as poor pre-season and long injury list anymore. I bought that in the first 4 or 5 rounds. We've played such ordinary, directionless, predictable football for far too many weeks to be blamed on a pre-season or injury list. Collingwood really is the best recent example of game style over list. Despite multiple injuries all over the ground (particularly to their defence) Buckley had Collingwood playing to a system that meant he could plug and play players when others went down. The best coaches in the past 2 decades have had a strong system that stands up. As @tiers said above and I've said multiple times now, the chaos game was comprehensively smashed in both preliminary finals last year and no longer has merit on its own. A mixture of chaos and control is the current trend, but with our list, our lack of speed, our lack of crumbers and our lacking of kicking skills, we cannot afford to play either game style. Therefore, I'm of the belief that we need to try something new. Given our midfield and defence are our strong suits, if we don't seriously inject speed into our forwardline in a big way next year, we simply can't compete. This may seem like a cop out, but I'm not sure what 'something new' is. I'm not an AFL coach paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to figure it out though. All I know is that if our system was decent enough, Goodwin has had enough of our gun core together to make a proper fist of 2019, but we haven't. It's a big cross next to his name, but he has a little bit of time on his side. Buckley had multiple years of ordinary performance before he got his system going.
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