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    The season is now officially shot. We cannot even technically make finals. Everything is about planning for next year. At least we have found that Petty can take a strong contested mark and is only 19. His performance yesterday was revelatory. He could develop into anything. Also we have found Hore who has become a key part of our remade back half. Then there is Baker who has some serious pace and dash as he showed in the twos yesterday where he was a class above. And that's without counting Lockhart who is developing nicely. There have been some gains amid the injury carnage. The rest of this year has to be viewed as an extended preseason for 2020. Look at it through that lens rather than what might have been if the footy gods had been kinder.
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    This has been the year from hell, with a terrible pre-season, consistent injuries and extremely poor form resulting in the disaster we have right now. My silver lining: - Marty Hore looks a solid player - Oskar Baker could be a great wing option - Harry Petty looks to be a great key position prospect at just 19 - Hunt has got back in some good form - We will most likely have a pick between 2-4 - We will get an easier draw next season We better put any players with niggling injuries in for surgery early so we can actually get a full pre-season or I'll be [censored].....
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    You can add that Frost has become a much more reliable defender, although we know he will provide a "what the..." moment in every game. And Salem has become more consistent.
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    Just another one we agree on. I'm over this 'trade Petracca' rubbish. Yes, his set shots have been poor this year, but outside of maybe Hunt, that's true of the entire team. However, Tracy's had a really strong year as a forward in a team that has absolutely no idea how to use the ball. The team crying out for explosiveness, class, and creativity, and half the people on here want to trade one of maybe 4 players that actually possess the talents that win football games. Unreal.
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    Hannan and ANB should be absolute outs. Oscar Baker sounds like he played well for Casey as did Corey Wagner. Otherwise the cupboard is bare.
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    Trac’s getting better every week, including his set shots. He was one of our best players and managed to break through Bulldogs players on numerous occasions. Instead of blaming him for the loss, praise him for assisting with keeping us in the game.
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    I'm in the minority, but I feel sorry for them. GWS had twice as many concessions as they did, at a time that was the most crucial to their long term viability. Add to that Ablett royally screwing them over. I mean how many players that had ongoing shoulder issues and missed games constantly could end up now playing full seasons, WITHOUT ANY STRAPPING!!! He scammed that club, had no intention of playing to his best. It was a time out for him and a cash in. He messed up the culture with his religious BS as well. No wonder players wanted out. I'll get smashed for it, but I think they should get a priority pick.
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    At the start of the year we were touted as having the best midfield in the competition. This certainly hasn't been the case on the evidence shown in 17 rounds of football. The KPI I don't like is clearances and inside 50's which suggest our mids are getting plenty of the ball and there is a disconnect with the forward line. I have looked at the midfield depth of other clubs and their marquee players and come to the conclusion that our midfield is inexperienced, shallow in depth and is lacking skill and kicking efficiency. I hope that this draft we look to bring some class and speed into the mix. To prove my point I am comparing Max, Clarry, Gus, Harmes & Viney with other teams. Max and Viney are experienced but Clarry, Gus and Harmes are still learning the caper. Of this group I consider only Harmes able to hit targets on a regular basis. It is fair to also include the others who may run through the midfield ie wings and flankers, to see how we match up. At the top we have WestCoast with 2 rucks feeding Shuey, Yeo, Sheed, Gaff & Masten with Ryan and Rioli as rovers. The Pies carry 2 rucks feeding Pendlebury, Adams, Crisp, Sidebottom, Treloar, Phillips and Wells. Both have players who hit targets up forward and pace. Yesterday English was removed from the ruck and they let Bontempelli, Dunkley, MacCrae and Hunter run wild and still have Libba and Wallis to return. Geelong try 2 rucks but have Danger, Kelly Selwood, Duncan, Guthrie, Ablett, and this year have added Myers, Dalhaus and Clarke to the mix. Our support group is Fritch (efficiency 50%) Hunt (quick but awful kick) Trac (who should be in the midfield but gets lost sometimes on the half forward flank) Salem (needed down back) Melksham (injured and sadly missed) Vandenburg (perpetually injured). Special cases are Lewis (Last season) and Jones (better kick on either foot than Clarrie & Gus but rarely in the middle). In comparison our mids is still young compared to those I have mentioned with Jack the reader being a bull rather than the cream. I don't despair that this year we have gone backwards and maybe next year won't be as good as we expect because I believe we need to develop a lot more before we can consistently play finals and challenge. We need goal kicking mids, centreline and half forward players. We need more class, speed and midfield depth in my opinion. A good old fashioned rover would be a godsend i.e the Papley, Gresham, Rioli, Betts, Tipungwuti type. What do you think?
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    (f) is a very appropriate designation for this rule - can’t the blind maggots see that this rule is broken for nearly every boundary throw in? No doubt they will keep this one up their sleeves for a crucial moment when Sportsbet (or some of their competitors) demand it. And they will be able to make a decision as to who “makes contact” with whom when both make contact. After all if one makes contact the opponent makes contact too - contact demands at least two bodies to meet. A poorly conceived and poorly worded rule - if it is needed at all it would have to specify initiates contact but still it is a total farce. B
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    Garland played juniors as a forward and would also be a better chf than Weid. Petty was thrown forward in desperation because of injuries. He kicked 3 goals in his first showing and looked good. The opposition actually need to man up on him which is more than can be said about Weid who they know is no chance and peel off him.
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    For the free paid in their 50 The umpire called it a block on the video so it’s rule (c) then. But what is a block? The opposing smaller ruck was airborne when Max puts an arm up to prevent him cannoning into his body. So you can’t protect yourself under section c from an opponent jumping into you? I thought the definition of a ruck duel block would be where you move into the opposing rucks runup and prevent him from getting airborne and to the fall of the ball
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    I really do think the role of our injuries is being under played in the assessments of our performance on Sunday against the Dogs. I was just reflecting this morning how rotten our luck with injuries has been this year. Hardly a week goes by where we have not had to have made forced changes due to players going out with injuries. No sooner do we get players back than we get lumped with another handful of players we loose with realitively unavoidable injuries. Just take the last fortnight for example Hore (collar bone), T Mac (new knee injury), Weid (something or another) - I'm not sure that any of these injuries could have been avoided in the standard rough and tumble of the AFL, yet we just seem to keep copping more than our fair share them. I'd imagine that if T Mac had been in our forward line in the sort of form he had finally got him self back into, Hore had have played in place of an under done Jetta and Weid had played in place of either a raw Dunckley or scratchy Hannan, it probably would have been enough for us to have beaten the dogs and we would all have a somewhat/slightly different outlook on where the team is presently at. That all said, adding those aforementioned players back into the side would have unlikely changed the way we moved the ball through the middle of the ground, which for the most part I found to be pretty uninspiring and lacking in confidence and dominance. It also needs to be taken into consideration that the Dogs were a rotation out for most of the game after loosing McLean early on. All in all, I'm not completely dispondant about what our present performances mean for our potential in 2020, because our year has and continues to be wrecked by injury, but I am finding it hard to find many positives from the procession of mediocre performances that is all we seem destined to produce for the rest of the season. I guess now I'm just hoping to see some more games and development in the likes of Petty, Press, Weid, Hore, Dunkley, the settling of our back six and that we can have one hell of a reset in the offseason. It's not exactly that I don't think we shouldn't be playing to win, but more of an acceptance for now that many more wins not might be that practically achievable between now and the end of the season with the injury and form backlog we have built for ourselves and the likelihood of being able to peg much of that back between now and the end of the season.
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    Where is the Melbourne Football Club at? Lyon: They’re the most disappointing team of the year. Carlton win this weekend against Gold Coast and Melbourne loses to West Coast, then they’ll drop to 17th. Their defence is looking okay, the midfield is a bit messy but finds plenty of the footy, but it remains the front half. Lyon: Simon Goodwin is getting a bit of pass because of what happened last year, but gee it’s coming next year.
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    Col Garland once kicked 3 in a game, and Anthony Ingerson did it more than once! Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves though, it was a good game but long term I think Petty will be a better defender than forward.
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    I know how you can think that, as over the years I have thought the same, but in the clear light of day you realize how ridiculous that thought is. If people actually told umpires to cheat it would get out and the perpetrators would go to jail. Yes that is how seriously that would be treated. There is a lot of money involved in AFL footy including gambling and the penalties for corrupting the process can be jail. It is actually no different to rigging a horse race. The simple answer is human error, complex rules open to interpretation and possibly unintended bias towards and against certain players.
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    Tom Papley has a year to run on his contract, but there is media speculation he maybe coming back to Victoria. Articles mention the Blues, but I think Horse and Tom would be looking at the best possible deal.
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    The question will be What can we do with Gold Coast and how can we work our way into a big position of strength. They will have Pick 1, they wont get a PP until end of 1st round if at all. They need experienced players, they need ready made AFL depth. We would love Rowell, he is legit ready to go Sam walsh ability with Dangerfield strenght and Selwood leadership. Think outside the box and how we might get our mits on PIck 1.. a swap of first rounders, players swap, future picks swap? Do we have a Luke Hodge type in our midst that might be of interest? ( i mean we dont but..)
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    So just his age has changed since his playing days.
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    I noticed that one too. It looked like both ruckmen did the identical thing simultaneously, so no way should that be a free against Max (or the other bloke, not that that was ever likely to happen).
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    To be fair to Dunstall, he is a fat 54 year old.
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    The likes of Hore, Baker, Lockhart, Petty have all shown they have what it takes ro succees at AFL level. I think Petty will be a beauty, and thats not off the back off yesterdays game. He reads the play well and has a really goos kick on him. Just needs to add muscle over the summer. Not enough credit has gone to Lockhart. The bloke has played 11 games on the back of working as a labourer and having no AFL pre season at all. I would think with what he has shown so far his upside is quite high. Baker should be playing instead of Neale Bullen. If the club was smart then you put a line across Alex Neale Bullen and Oscar McDonald and look at trading these guys out. JKH, Wagners, Keilty, Maynard, TSmith will all be delisted. Stretch to stay on a 1 year deal.
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    Petty took a barely contested mark and drew a couple of free kicks. I’ve always been a fan but pump the breaks. He doesn’t have an athletic advantage as a forward - fitness is ok, speed is below par, agility is good but not great. I still think his future is as a CHB. Lockhart and Hore are both useful. Preuss probably has use as a back up. 2 of the baby draft picks have missed most of the year, the other 3 have had decent development seasons. Bradtke doing enough I guess, this year was about getting him used to footy. Fritsch tick, Baker probably a tick given no preseason, Spargo an awful year. In terms of young talent time it’s not great but not a disaster. Fritsch is the only guy who looks like a top 10 in the side player any time soon, but if the rest of these guys are 18-28 on the list it’s not too bad. Theres a bias to the new toys but overall they’ve had a better year than the likes of Oscar, ANB, Stretch, the Wagner’s, JKH none of which seem salvageable.
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    If you keep talking rubbish it does not make it true. When will you get it through your head that Hogan wanted to go home. He would have gone this year for nothing, we got something that got us May. That is not peanuts. May gives everything and cares for the MFC, Hogan moved on years ago, time you did too.
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    Depends how you look at it. We have been able to blood a few players who have shown something this year. While inconsistent, as younger and inexperienced players can, guys like Lockhart, Baker, Petty and to a lesser extent, Dunkley, have shown that they have the ability in the coming years to become good AFL players. The problem is that they aren't really ready to be, but with the injuries and form we've had, we haven't had much choice. Another gain could be that we've seen enough of some players. ANB surely moves on at the end of the year (although I have this sinking feeling that he'll be there in 2020). Stretch and JKH will probably go as well. We can look to let some go and fill in the gaps on our list as best we can. The season has been a shocker, but I think we have the ability to bounce back next year if we get a clear run at it.
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    the gains have been very small.. the wreckage on the other hand the problem is that when we thought we might get something out of the remainder of the season which would give cause for optimism in 2020 we are at best treading water if not slipping backwards. Viney seems to be finding some form which is a late season plus
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    Does it matter? Haven’t we learned from years of past experience that the “top-X-then-daylight” is a fallacy? That draft picks aren’t a panacea? I’m just thankful that we have a decent club structure, development setup and culture, so that no kids are expected to come in and carry the club straight away, and they can develop properly at a reasonable rate. No more burning kids through the weight of expectation.
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    Might be a bit of a backhander, but my "gains" would be that the year has been THAT bad that significant change will now happen where it needs to, which may not have happened had we had another year with mild success.
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    Forget the final margin, that was as bad as we have played since probably the GWS game. The Dogs gave us every chance to win that game and we still couldn't do it. Goodwin had another shocking day in the box. I get that he can't play for the players and he is limited somewhat by the players available to him (although our abysmal depth is certainly his responsibility after four years running the show (three as senior coach). However he just lets us down in the same ways each and every week: playing unfit players (definitely Jetta, and probably Lever as well (zero touches in second half) playing his favourites regardless of form (Hannan (3 touches), Hibberd being slow to make obvious changes (Fritsch forward, May forward) or missing changes completely (Harmes to Dunkley or Bontempelli, Gawn playing from goal square) terrible game plan and game style I thought Viney was good, Salem and May solid, Petty a clear positive and Petracca good for 3 quarters. Gawn was okay, but probably underachieved given the opposition. I didn't notice Oliver except for when he stuffed up a certain goal in the 2nd, Brayshaw was awful. Hannan was invisible (read: lazy) yet again; Dunkley not much better. Neal-Bullen has no skills and no goal sense. Preuss was poor forward and in the middle - he still should go to Alice Springs, but only because WC have two strong rucks. Jetta continued his miserable season and needed at least two more weeks in the VFL. Lever is hugely overrated (see first Dogs goal as example #1) and Hibberd is pretty much done. Jones was terrible. I rarely mention the umpires, and they certainly didn't affect the result, but they were truly awful both ways yesterday.
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    Agreed. I thought we were going to be stitched up with the inconsistency in the holding the ball decisions in the first quarter, but there were poor decisions across the park. The Gawn/Dunkley one was incomprehensible, so it drew attention. But Kyle Dunkley’s mark (paid by the umpire further away) would have had us all howling if it was paid to the opposition. The Umpiring did not cost us this game. We did
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    Did you notice the handball that Gus received from Clarry before he got run down in the tackle? It was a looping, slow handball that Gus had to check his pace to receive, opening the way to be caught by Dunkley. If Clarry had put a bullet handball and Gus could run onto it, there would have been no tackle, and probably a goal. It is a million moments like these that are costing us in every game. Like the bomb kicks into forward 50, like the way we get sucked en masse into contests and the opposition run around the outside, those over-the-head-to-no one handballs, the giraffe kicks not to advantage.....We are putting in loads of effort, but it must be so disheartening when stupid errors make it meaningless.
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    A close loss like this one can make you lose context so here's some balance: we went into this game without a key forward and relying on a 7-game novice defender to substitute for a 150 defender-turned-forward who had just struck from the previous two weeks. Our developing forward was also missing taking out seven goals form last week's total. Our defence looked good on paper but Lever and Jetta, Nev especially, were underdone. Criticism of their selection is misplaced however. They are part of our long term backline and the sooner they are alongside May and Hibberd to develop an understanding on one another's games the better for next year and beyond. We need them playing together. That was as bad as Nev has ever been but his upside will come with match fitness. Despite some absolutely horrendous umpiring decisions that hurt us we were right in this game. Fritsch (and May) cost us with that last quarter miss but his snaps earlier gave us two goals of a sort we have not been able to find this year. The sooner he is released forward the better. May's determination to take the game on late was brilliant despite his missed shot. He is going to be great value. And finally, we were playing the Dogs who have finals pretensions (probably misplaced) on their preferred deck. Play that elsewhere and umpiring included we still win. They will point to their third quarter misses for what might have been but we matched them for that by game's end. There was more to like about that game than dislike given our injuries and underdone returning players. Come draft time we might reckon it's a good one to lose although I can see the Blues having only two more wins - the Suns and Saints.
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    Seems reasonable commentary that has been consistently made. I am not an expert in kicking technique but have seen this comment made not only about Trac who I agree has been one of our best and who I think could become one of our and the games greats. However his regular missing of what appear easy shots not only mar his game but also affects the confidence of the whole team. I think we have all seen how taking these opportunities lift the whole team. i just ask is there anything being done to address this problem, or to provide a response that shows it is not a factor.
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    Judging off your last 2 responses don’t you think that’s a little bit hypocritical?
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    Had more tackles today than all of Jetta, Lockhart, Gus, ANB, Fritsch, Hannan, Dunk, Hibberd, Preuss, May, Salem, Lever and Jones. Wouldn't confuse 'not chasing' with just being slow. Also had more clearances than anyone aside from Oliver, and the most centre clearances for the whole team. Not saying he was BOG or anything, but the bloke has 4 flags that say he knows about "winning culture". That's 4 more than our whole club has won for 55 years.
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    about time some of our players took it upon themselves to improve. As a basketballer Petracca knows about practice, practice practice when going for goal. Stuff the fitness blokes, its your career. Goodwin will not get another senior job when it all ends in tears.
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    Petracca's field kicking has improved a lot in the last two months and his set shots now come with a routine. Not a particularly good one - he loses momentum and comes in too slowly, probably working on getting a good ball drop too much. His best kicks come when he has good momentum as well as balance and a nice ball drop. They worked on Petracca's ball drop over summer. They are clearly working on his goal kicking routine. Hopefully a goal kicking coach is on the way and I like many others want a dedicated kicking coach or a dedicated kicking program at least, which they may have. Finally I leave you with this: Marcus Bontempelli is the best field kick in the game with a wonderful action. He's also a terrible kick for goal. It's not easy!
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    One thing I hate is a forward giving high fives after a mark in the forward line. Trac did it in the last quarter then predictably misses the goal. High fives are after you kick the goal!!
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    This is on the Club BB. It needs to get serious. Compile a series of incidents such as this one, as well as all the holds, over the shoulders etc and take it to the AFL for a "please explain!??" Why Max is being unfairly targeted/penalised for so called "straight arm block" such as this (which was a pretty feeble extended arm & hardly a straight one anyway!) but on the flip side the frees that are clearly there "for" are mostly being ignored. He is so dominant in most matches i get the feeling the umps are actively (among some of them) umpiring his impact out of the match to the favour of the opp in order to even out matches he is involved in. It's now on the FD & Club to grow a pair and officially raise it with the AFL. We also need to raise the incident by whoever the umpire was today (Dalgleish?) who, in response to a "no prior" call from one of our boys to another who copped a holding the ball decision, said ... "it doesn't matter". Since when do the rules of the game "not matter"?? Only when it's us on the receiving end maybe for this ump??
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    Today was a perfect example of what has seen us rooted to the foot of the ladder, but similarly, the problem holds the answer to how we can bounce back quickly next year. The key reason we lost today was our impotence at ground level in our forwardline, both from a ground-ball-gets capacity and from a tackling pressure standard. It means that we end up doing most of our defending in our back half. This is unsustainable. We need to be looking at what Geelong did over the last off season. They injected 3 or 4 players into their forwardline that apply manic pressure, provide x factor and generally create a contest that enables them to lock the ball inside their 50. Due to our midfield dominance, we will bounce back quickly if we address this severe and obvious flaw in our game and our best 22. I'd look at trying to lure 1 or 2 zippy forwards from the likes of Richmond, and then add some more class through the midfield with our first pick in the upcoming draft. It seems crazy to say it given how poor we've been this year, but with a fit list to choose from, I think we can bounce back, but it's up to Goody and whoever our new high performance manager ends up being. The high performance program needs to be top notch, we need to be relatively injury-free and Goodwin needs to develop a more rounded and adaptable game style. In regards to the game today, I thought Petty's marking (just as it was last week) was impressive and I like his relaxed kicking action. He's another Lever. I'm excited by what we could see from him in the future, but also over the next 6 weeks. Petracca continued to provide a good contest in the forward half and should have had at least 2 goals today. His ball drop ensured he didn't have an easy third goal around the body. I've never seen such a skilled player fail to kick the ball around his body like Petracca does and I can only assume it's a ball drop thing. I can't remember him ever kicking a snap around his body that has goaled. He's missed plenty doing this though. Most AFL players find this the easier option, so it is a little baffling. Still, he continues to show consistency, which is all I would ask of him this season. I thought as a team, we tried to lower our eyes a lot more going inside 50 (this is a trend at Marvel - we tend to do this more), but I think we played the wrong game style for Marvel and the Bulldogs. Due to our slow play, we allowed the Bulldogs to consistently get numbers behind the ball and make us kick to a contest. However, when we moved the ball quickly and played on, we looked a million dollars. I liked that Goodwin finally threw Fritsch forward (he should have had three goals in just over a quarter) and May, but I think Goody has a bit to learn about game style. Knowing when to play slower and knowing when to go. For the most part, you need to go quickly against the Bulldogs and for the most part, it pays off on a small ground like Marvel. The other thing about our game from back to front is that we are one of the only teams who never look to set up for the switch. We don't have a dominant contested markers (Max is good floating down back, but rarely gets it done on the wings or in the forward half), yet we end up being highly predictable, kicking it down the line and often surrendering possession as a result. With May, Lever and even Hibberd in the team now, we should be using their penetrating kicking to switch more often. I think it was @titan_uranus who was saying in another thread today that if we bring a new brand of defensive pressure to our forwardline, we will climb back up the ladder relatively quickly. I agree and I hope Goodwin is thinking similarly.
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    Same comment. Different week. Tracs miss was deflating.
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    Yawn... ...of all the things in the game to pick on - it is a kick from a player who was one of our best today and has been most of the year. This thread is just another excuse to get stuck into a player some people don't like. It has become embarrassing. He wears our beloved red and blue and works his heart out every week. Give him a break.
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    Because even underdone they are better than the scrubs at Casey? Because we keep getting injuries to other players creating a gap in the side. Lever had done enough training and games, just have to get him back in and live with some mistakes and lack of footy. Jetta was rushed in to play limited game time out of the back pocket, at the end of the day he probably wasn't any worse than playing Josh Wagner. Wasn't any better either, but if he's made it through without injuries he'll be better next week for the run at AFL level.
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    I’d rather find the next Mihocek than go anywhere near Jenkins or Casboult
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    Dead set correct Luci! I have found this year's umpiring the most inconsistent and , at times, unfathomable that I can remember. This an area that Gil the dill needs to act on. More training, more incentives a better career path for umpires? I don't know the answer but Gil is payed squillions to sort these issues out. About time he earned his dough.
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    That's what worries me most about him faulty. He just doesn't get to the contest often enough. I'm not sure how much of that can be trained into him - he seems to lack instinct.
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    Couldn't agree more. I'm starting to worry that his development has been impacted badly by being played out of position for too long. Send him forward and leave him there ffs.
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    Praha...prior to the season's commencement the industry touted us as top 4. Indeed not that we might be...that we ought to be and if not...well.. If we finish last or next to ?? I'd have to say anything below the top 8 is an abject failure...bottom four ought to invoke Seppuku. I know many have a different view, but i wouldnt be me without my own ( lol ). On the matter of tenure. Goodwin has been at the club since late 2014. His 15 season was to watch and observe and be a sponge. 16 he was handed day game duties. 17 he goes solo. This is effectively his 4th year running the game for us......and we're going backwards. Yes there are reasons...but at the risk of the grammar gestapo arresting me there are reasons for those reasons and they all come out of the FD/coaching box.
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