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    To trade either Oliver or Brayshaw would be the height of stupidity. Goddard can go and eat ........
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    Apologies, I thought the sarcasm would be obvious....
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    I wasn't at the game but it looked like Lockhart put time into Simpson today from the replay I was watching & cut his effectiveness, Might be wrong but maybe someone who was at the ground would know????
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    Well, where do we start? Jake Lever replaces Marty Hore (collar bone) ✅ Max Gawn replaces Tom McDonald (knee) ✅ Oscar McDonald replaces Harry Petty (concussion) ✅
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    No they cant list if its not possible. If we are listed on their site as an outsider to win the flag, then there must still be a mathematical possibility. StKilda were even longer odds. All im pointing out is, that there must still be some chance of playing finals but all results would have to go our way (including us smashing a few games which likely aint gonna happen).
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    Player / Team Stats Form Guide Rnds 13 to 16 (includes the bye), 2019 vs Season 2018 A small sample size but some sort of indicator of form from the last block of three matches. Ignore Petty's amazing percentage as there was only one match last season so no averages to work off and we only have one match from Lewis so that's a potential outlier as well, albeit quite a one off result from the old fella. Jones boy almost back to his 2018 form and Viney has improved substantially vs pre-buy form. He was off anything from approx 21% up to 45% vs 2018 for most of this season prior to this block. Frostmeister the stand out, he's gone balastic and launched into a top 10 ranking! A few injuries impacting in here including Big M and possibly Bull Smith in his last match. Tommy getting back to his 2018 best then of course...out grrr. The biggest worries Gus, Fritschkreig, the Hibb & Weid. A fair way off 2018 in this block. Interesting to note we roughly halved the 15% plus gap in our team score for most of the season vs the 2018 season average score, although it was better in the 3 match block just before the buy, only off by about 7% so we have actually regressed a tad since the buy.
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    Same article suggests we should target Bryce Gibbs. What are the odds of that happening?
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    That sort of approach worked really well for the Suns with Ablett, or Carlton with Judd, or Collingwood with Buckley, or Essendon with Goddard..........
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    I enjoyed Saturdays game and will enjoy the rest of the season. Lots to play for, not least of which is senior AFL experience for players like Lockhart, dunkley and petty. Easy to forget that the first two were not even in the AFL system in February. Dunkley was playing under 18s this year. No better marker of the issues we have experienced with injury. I actually think we are a very good chance of winning this week, which is exciting. As old see noted, without final in the picture each game can be enjoyed in isolation. And I plan to do do so.
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    Why stop at Clarry, why not have a garage sale and sell the whole place? Yes lets give up our good players to start yet another rebuild😣
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    As site owner I am allowed the occasional click bait. 😜 I was going to use the title of TRADE CLARRY
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    Not sure on the headline DL, what he actually says is: "It’s a longshot, but Gold Coast should make Clayton Oliver an offer he cannot refuse. He’s exactly what the Suns lack, a consistent, genuine A-grader who they can build the club around for the next decade. He’s a $1-million-a-year player in the making, at age 21." He does also mention the possibility of Gus to Freo, which could potentially combine with some supporter murmurs from both clubs and build, OR of course it could just dissipate.
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    What's the point of an external review if you aren't going to change the coach and footy manager? At the end of the day we're going with Mahoney and Goodwin and we'll back their judgement. If things don't turn around then we should get an external review that will come up with a recommendation that we move one or both of those guys on. I agree with El Pres about the West Coast and Adelaide games, and I although his comment about 16th and 17th is wrong I agree with the bit about being 10 goals up! Chris Scott on AFL 360 last night described a midseason coaching restructure as unprecedented. That tells me they aren't afraid to make changes. Coaching staff has or will change. Fitness staff has and will change. Playing list changes will occur. That's good enough for me.
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    Shockingly nearly all the players didn't barrack for us and some weren't even born in this state! Gosh! Perhaps we should get Connolly back in hey?
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    With Tommy Mac out for the year it's worth trialling the two in tandem for a few weeks. Season is cooked, if we can make it work then the back end of this season is where we find out with little consequences given we cannot play finals.
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    Whether Braydon Pruess and Max can work in tandem? He suggested that Pruessy would always be behind Max and threw it out there that if so queried whether the club should / could entertain a trade if IF a Ruck Poor club came knocking and the deal was too good to refuse! He also was aware that he had a two year deal. Personally, I cannot see it happening but stranger things have happened! I for one have always believed that bot Max and Pruessy can play in same team. Interesting comments.
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    The best (only?) good thing about this season has been the calm heads and stability the club has shown. No leaks, no finger pointing, no board meetings. It’s all been kept and dealt with internally. At least we can sleep easy knowing that the club is no longer operating as panicked amateurs, and I am certain we will make some off season changes to our coaching, fitness and development teams.
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    The Big Man has come from a Rugby League background, has just turned 24 and has played a handful of games. He's also learning from the best in the business. Give him some time to develop for crying out loud. I thought he did a great job pretty much rucking alone in his first game back in 10 weeks. Talk of trading him is laughable really.
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    He said we are on top of the injury ladder and also the season is still alive. I take it to mean expect more injuries.
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    The best thing about no major review is that it means there was no major problem.
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    If there’s someone better, they should apply soon...
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    Pretty sure the OP is joking guys.
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    How is he responsible for Watts’ broken leg? Can we also blame him for Scully’s miraculous recovery?
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    George That is entirely too sensible an idea for the Circus called the AFL It has worked a treat at Brisbane
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    People have got to get over the idea that priority picks lead to team improvement. A PP is 1 extra, potentially good player who with development, might reach that standard after a couple of years i.e it won't help the club next season and probably the season after, even if 1 player can make that difference. The next thing people have to get over is that it costs other clubs to any real extent. Pick 4 or 5 for us at the next draft? What difference will that make to us. It's not like pick 4 or 24. If the AFL are serious about helping GC ( and I am absolutely convinced there is no future in an AFL side on the GC) they should give them salary cap relief to be able to attract experienced players who can fill the gaps while they develop their younger draft picks. It helps straight away, not in a couple of years, and like Hodge at Brisbane, surrounds these kids with immediate knowledge about how to play the game.
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    Player / Team Stats Form Guide To Rnd 16, 2019 vs Season 2018 Note: Did not include Hore's weighted stats score from Rnd 16 in his season score given he only played 10% of the match prior to breaking his collarbone. The most improved this season so far is Frosty up 17 places and 21% higher than his 2018 season output. That's a pretty massive gain in anyone's language. Just as massive but in the opposite direction, Spargo, down 45% on his 2018 season. The biggest drop in ranking is still Tommy, down a massive 14 places but gaining two places on last week after his best game for the season against the Blues. Of course we then see him catch the dreaded curse and he's out till 2020. Can't catch a break this year.
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    Compared to GWS? The only difference is GWS got some under 17 kid picks to trade off. Im return GC got given the best player in the league on a silver platter. What’s stopping GC getting a pick 2 for then trading it for another Mav Weller? Or a pick 6, then mis managing that players concussion and trading them away for steal knives.
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    'I will become a 6000-pound gorilla on this': Suns to ask for No.1 pick When I saw the '6000 pound' headline the first I thought was they were making fun of Dew.
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    I mean, is there any harm in us asking for one too? Srsly.
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    Frost and May, The Odd Couple, worked well in tandem this week and the longer Frostie stays near May, the better he will be as a defender. Don't rush him into the forward line which has been tried and proved fruitless more than once before.
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    Just hoping. Hore broken collar bone so 2-3 out and petty was concurred so will be test you'd assume. I agree petty played well. Reads the ball well and takes a nice mark. I really like the look of him
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    I did mine last year. 6 weeks on crutches with a cyborg style brace (7-8 weeks). It depends on the type of tear.
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    Has clearly been passed by Preuss. That, or I forgot.
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    Agree. He didn’t seem to bothered after the game. I assume he’ll play next week. Small sample but it was Petty’s best game of his career.
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    Remember the last time the Cheaters doctor gave an opinion re MFC players “assaults”? Hogan got 2 if I remember correctly for a “delayed concussion” (whatever that is) on a player who was close to BOG the following week, and Lewis got 2 or 3 for breaking a jaw on someone who missed no games. So, mark my words, Lewis will go.
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    We manged to keep the ball locked in our fwd 50 for most of the first half and ANB we great with his run, chase and pressure. No way he goes out. I think it'll be injury replacement only, if Gawn is ready then he'll bully English and it should be a big advantage. Lever will be back as well. I think they'll also bring in omac for petty, so the same team structure is kept
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    Could be on my own here, but I'm not sold on bringing Gawn back to play against a running team on a quick hard deck with his injury. IN: Lever, JKH, Baker OUT: TMac (inj), Petty (conc), Hore (inj)
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    Spot on! I reckon many on DLand would be aware of those facts. It's akin to trolling to put that clip up and perpetuate the misrepresentation of Cale and the reality of that incident.
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    It also doesn't show that Cale realised we had won possession of the ball, ran forward to make position, received the pass and kicked it to one of our forwards who duly converted for goal. Not saying Cale was a tough man, but this clip misrepresents what actually happened in that piece of play.
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    "Essendon is in a similar scenario to Hawthorn and Melbourne under the new trade conditions. All three clubs drafted two players in the first round in 2015, but the Hawks and Demons haven't used one since and neither has one this year. They can do as they wish with their first-round pick in the 2019 NAB AFL Trade Period, including offloading a future one, because they have used at least two in the preceding four-year period. However, like the Bombers, unless they trade in extra first-round selections this year or next, they will have to start using those picks in 2020 until they satisfy the four-year rolling requirement." https://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-11-02/trading-firstround-picks-afls-most-misunderstood-rule-explained
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    He was always a gamble
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    Macca, we have all kept "Cool Heads" for 55 odd years and where has it got us?? Nup what May did was exactly the shakeup this club needs. Too many of our players are too easily satisfied. They must be because how do you account for this very ordinary season. And you just cannot blame injuries! Ok WHO has improved this year??? Clarry whilst his numbers are good has not lived up to his lofty figures last year. Viney has been avg, Ditto Tracc, T Mac has been very ordinary and where is Weeds improvement??? Nar its all between the ears with a lot of our list and whilst we wallow in mediocrity , I welcome Steven May and his passion Warts and all.Yep rocked up unfit, and yep had a few frothies but he Lives Breathes and Eats CLASS and passion! This is called LEADERSHIP! So I'm Still in the make May Capt bandwagon !! Implicitly! Oh one other thing. Sam Frost has been a "Revelation" this year. I love watching him play and love his Heart! Under Mays guidance he will become an even better player, of that I have no doubt!
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    Maybe he meant best bald user?
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    You could buy fairy floss at the Melbourne Show much, much cheaper.
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    Back to Fortress Marvel. Bring anyone in, we are untouchable there.😁
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