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    According to Callum Twomey ANB is close to signing on for a further two years.
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    This bloke pushes the game to the limits, but FMD he's got some skills to go with it.
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    So we are back to honorable losses are we to be satisfied. Do you think we would go into the 2020 season full of confidence and momentum with 3 plus wins for the rest of the year. All teams have 3-4 best 22 out at stages during the year, it is no longer an excuse. What is it with backline obsession anyway. Sounds like the company line being spruiked before the Lever injury.
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    Massive yes from me. He’s pretty much the perfect wingman and exact type of player we are crying out for with his running and kicking skills. Our second round pick will be higher than nearly all others unless we win some pointless games and [censored] it up. I’d throw up our second rounder and hope it’s enough.
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    Thought that was a great initiative actually. Social media has become a pretty dark place gradually and the irony of the reaction to this activation was not lost on me. It's obviously not just players it effects, but once you get a bit older you realize most of the players are just kids, and when you have them having to shut down their social media accounts (not a small thing for young people) due to the harassment they are copping from their own supporters, then it's time people had a think about how they act on it.
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    I'm going to try to keep an eye on the Demon's efforts in the VFLW this year. Pretty sure I said that last year too! But I never did make a game live. I had so much focus on the guys' march to the finals! Might be a different story this year... Here's where the Melbourne AFLW listed players are listed for VFLW: Casey - Birch, Cordner, Cunningham, Downie, Emonson, Gay, Guerin, Hanks, Heath, Hore, Jakobbson, Kemp, Lampard, Mithen, Scott, Sherriff, Smith, Zanker Darebin - O'Dea, L.Pearce Williamstown - Newman Not listed - Paxman, Daisy, Sloane Of course, the extent to which some of these players will participate remains to be seen. As far as I can tell, it's still the rule that 12 AFLW listed players can be fielded per team. I'm not sure if there's a cap overall though? Anyway, I watched Round 1 on the stream delayed... once my heart rate returned to normal from the AFL men's game! It was a scrappy affair at Windy Hill for the first three quarters, with Essendon was able to capitalise on some defensive lapses at ground level. Emonson stood out to me in the first three quarters for her cleanness and ability to read the game. Birch took a big high hit but played out the game and looks a handy addition to the backline in 2020. Then came the last quarter and our players' desire to win was palpable. Essendon kicked the first to be 17 points ahead but after that the ball pretty much camped in our 50. I'm not across the VFLW players, but the Melbourne-listed players really did come to the fore. Zanker didn't hit the scoreboard but her pressure and ruckwork around the ground were excellent. Lampard was crucial in setting up some forward entries. Smith didn't always execute her passes but drove the intensity around the ball. Jakobsson plucked some crucial contested marks in the forward line... which again makes me wonder about her potential as a swing player. The real hero though was Guerin, who kicked a monster goal from just on the centre square that really sparked the last quarter comeback. Then she kicked truly for the match winner from a holding the player free kick with under a minute to play. She ended up with 3 goals. Just like with the men's game, I thought we were gone in the dying stages. Happy to be proven wrong twice in one day! That leaves Casey 5th on the ladder. Next week is at Casey v Carlton, who had a bye for Round 1.
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    Be just as happy having him sign autographs as a new contract.
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    Love what Roos did for us, but don’t be fooled, money comes first for PR
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    I hope he gets played as a mid soon instead of this half forward nonsense.
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    I didn't realise Brad Hill was still only 25 (26 in a couple of weeks). Interesting to see his recorded disposal efficiency (generally between 65-68%) isn't super high as might have thought it would be. However, he does get the ball inside 50, and effectively, he gains a LOT of ground, which you'd expect since he kicks three times more than he handballs. He is not a god of football, not a perfect player, but oh yes he would be supremely useful for us right now and for the forseeable future. Stephen Hill is a bit old but also a free agent. Would be a tricky balancing act of risk-reward given that he is showing signs of aging (with the recurrent quad problem the headline), a particlarly problem when your game uses so much speed and agility. I worry that if a trade did happen, Freo might want to use Hill as part of a package (swap of 1st-rnd picks) to get right to the top end of the draft, and I'm not keen on giving away any early pick that might come our way. Best solution as I see it, is for us to win a bunch of games, end up with our first pick being around 7 or 8, so we can talk about pick swapping without the angst of giving away a shot at absolute top-end talent. As with all things, best solution is to win more games.
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    I Raise But seriously @Matsuo Basho, maybe google old posts to add new info, so we can get a chronological history on players as trade targets? Or Mods can just merge threads?
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    Club have gone very quiet about this. Hope they are working on something.
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    Probably a typo, as you probably meant ----as to why we shouldn't go hard--- But perhaps you can see why people nitpick as it totally changes the context. I think he would be a good pick up.
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    I’m actually really looking forward to seeing Jesse play.
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    I'd say we've lost more games this year because the forwards haven't been functioning as compared to the backline not performing. What I want to see is the backline with Lever, May, Jetta, Hibberd, Hore, Frost, OMac, Petty etc. all functioning well together more so than winning games. Yes winning is great but for the future, them knowing each others games and building trust is more important. I think that group could be the best backline in the comp but need to learn to play together since we haven't had them all to choose from so far this year. The forwards and mid-forward connection is something that can be improved upon quickly, from last year only Hogan is really missing, so there hasn't been a big change in personnel. Down back we've now got Lever, May and Hore to fully integrate.
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    AFL integrity unit job description: Must wear sunglasses inside.
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    If we are losing that same backline won’t be functioning well, and the energy levels will be off. We need wins coming home Very Important.....
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    Haha 😆 Post of the year so far...... had totally forgotten the genius work of Julian Clary!!
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    A team that has gone from top 4 one year to bottom 3 halfway through the next has "significant issues". It might not be solely be due to the players being out of form or unfit/injured. Perhaps also the coaches, as a group, haven't got their act together. Changes to the coaches (whether that means to individuals, roles or just the way they coach) may be just as necessary as changing playing personnel. It's just that from the outside, we can't see what the problems with the coaches might be.
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    Still looking like he's a bit nervous at the start (like he has the past couple of weeks). He's clearly worried about the scrutiny. Makes a world of difference when you're winning and these sort of press conferences are just fluff like they were last year.
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    Fair enough mate. I'll be at the front of the queue with you in terms of calling out our culture as soft, I just disagree the banner thing is emblematic of that. Cheers!
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    Are you telling me that the playing group who ran through a 'mean tweets' banner are soft? I am shocked.
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    Yeah have heard the same thing, and recall and awkward moment watching one of our games this year where Goodwin had to cover up McCartney's headset so he could get a word in to the coaches box (they were both down at boundary level at the time). Just seems strange that they would then move McCartney away from the players and into a role more directly involved with the coaches. In the end, could be not a big deal and I'm reading into things too much, but I just feel we wouldn't make such major moves mid-season without there being significant issues that needed immediate addressing.
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    I heard Mahoney say they were 'consulted' but not sure it referred specifically Macca. And 'consulted' could be 'this is the plan guys, any problems'; as distinct from player discontent causing the move. Especially, as there had been no whispers about player discontent but lots of whispers about Macca and a coach(es). I recall Jennings name being mentioned. I guess we just need to wait and see if we get back our finals level of ferocity which doesn't need talent or skill. I can't get behind the pay wall, any chance of sending a PM with the content? Cheers.
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    Mahoney did say that the players were consulted as part of the review process that saw the coaching changes made. This is the same group of players that got the infamous training camp cancelled by the AFLPA, so I wouldn't be surprised if McCartney had been moved due to the playing group thinking he was too hard on them. Clearly if McCartney is saying things like reported here to fans over the fence at training then we're in a bad place at the moment. I can't really decide what my outlook on it all is. We're in a time with AFL players where there is a generational shift in approach and the 'old school' ways aren't always the best way to reach them anymore. However, for a club where players have called the shots for so long and is renowned for being 'mentally soft' and a bit of a 'boys club' I do wonder if we're allowing too much push back on that harder style.
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    Your right, we are all trying to stay positive N but we have been poorly coached IMO, with a total lack of team balance whilst also playing unfit, out of form & injured players all year. I don't like the pick & it stinks.....Earned his spot? One good game in the 2's? Getting suspended again & showing a total lack of discipline & team first habits....... I do respect your thoughts, however, If you think he is the answer, then we are in more [censored] than we think.
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    I hope the Casey Radio truck gets there nice and early and finds a good spot to avoid being bogged again.
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    Cheers Dimmy. I wish we were talking about a mostly good news year. Seen so many ugly ones and the negativity does grate at times. There's been a few positives from particular players this season but as a team performance what a massive fall it's been off the high of last year. And let's not go near the poor result up forward. Hopefully the review changes and the break will see a few more wins. Rooke out for Rawlings might be the circuit breaker needed to finally see some results up forward for all the good work being done elsewhere (outside of too many ordinary entries). I personally feel Goody will also need to decouple himself from a few rusted on 'out of form' & NQR players (and bring in the likes of Pruess & Lockhart), add a tempo / slow play possession option and a pretty big clean out at year's end for us to have a realistic chance of playing finals in 2020 and beyond.
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    Why are you assuming Hogan wasn't replaced? Hogan was replaced by Weideman for this year, just as he was after injuries last year. The forward line failures are far more to do with McDonald's form, Melksham's injury and the fitness/skill of the mids kicking it inside 50.
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    Panacea doesn't simply mean solution, it means universal cure, magic bullet etc. The players are going to have to do the work to solve the problems, Rawlings can only guide them. That's being realistic and sharing responsibility rather than having an ego. A higher conversation rate will result in more wins if the rest of the side can continue to do what they've been doing or improve. Coming out and promising wins is foolish. Bill Belichick might be the best sports coach on the planet and his motto is 'Do your job'. All our coaches need to do is spell out what they want from the players and hold them to that. An assistant coach hyping the fans? Come on.
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    We consistently struggled to score against good sides last year with Hogan. v Richmond v Hawthorn v Collingwood v Sydney despite stacks of inside 50's. The forward lines best games against good sides were v WCE, GWS and the first 2 finals with the Weid. We didn't bend over backwards to retain Hogan. He was contracted for this year, we could've held him to that. We recognised the opportunity to improve the backline and that the forward line functioned without him. I absolutely stand by that decision as the right one.
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    I know it looks like we are scrambling to rectify errors we shouldn't have made (if you accept some of these guys shouldn't have been in their role, as intimated by Lewis), but at least we're doing something. We could easily have played out the rest of the year doing the same old thing (the true Demon way). Rawlings back is great. He won't solve the forward problem, but his presence might be a boost to the boys, and a different view of things might lead to some change.
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    - Tom McDonald was the star key forward last year. 50+ goals and got the best defenders. - Melksham and Petracca were both very good medium options, Joel Smith was shifted forward as another difficult match up - Hannan, Spargo, ANB did their jobs well and we recruited more small and flanker options Hogan v top 8 teams last year - 6 games, 8 goals (3, 1, 2, 0, 1, 1) and 26 marks Weideman v top 8 teams last year - 6 games, 8 goals (0, 1, 1, 3, 2, 1) and 30 maks Hogan has had 2 excellent games this year surrounded with a lot of ordinary ones. At this stage he is miles off a once in a generation forward. In fact he has been miles off tracking like that since his first or second season. The Weid hasn't come on but has shown good signs the last two weeks. There's still good reason for optimism that he becomes a very handy player. Tom McDonald going from a guy who kicked 53 goals in 20 games to a pumpkin is the real issue.
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    This is great and all, but I was amazed at Lewis revealing some coaches were not in the positions for which they were originally appointed and it was decided out of the mid season review that it wasn't working. My reading of that is we decided to allocate people to positions for which they weren't best suited, and then were surprised when it didn't produce optimum results. On the surface this looks like little more than rectifying sheer incompetence. The season is shot to bits so it's all a bit too little too late, but it's good to have Rawlings back among the seniors coaching fold. Lewis could not speak highly enough of him on 360.
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    The biggest line I have taken out of this is the players feedback around this issue. Changes have been made based on feedback from staff and players. And the big one to come out of that was McCartney now won't be involved with match day commitments on a full time basis but instead will be at Casey working on development on players and coaches. Am I the only who sees this as players not wanting much of McCartney come game day? Apparently Rawlings is highly respected amongst the playing hence why now he has been given a full time role on match day.
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    Well done to the club for being proactive. All I want is to not waste them last 10 rounds. And they haven’t. Thrilled Rawlings is back. Wasted in the VFL he is an excellent line coach and can only help our horrible forwardline’s form.
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    Good on them for having the balls to change it mid way through the season.
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    Great news. Find it strange that over the last few weeks people were complaining about our assistants, the President, the CEO, the fitness staff, the lack of a 'review', yet here we are with some proactive changes made clearly after Bartlett has conducted internal reviews and people are complaining? Interesting that Misson has seemingly also been demoted (reading between the lines a bit). Congratulations also to Sam Radford who has been promoted to senior coach of Casey.
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    White collar version of musical chairs? Rooke and Macca look like they are close to being chairless
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    The issue has absolutely zero to do with the ethnicity of the security guards. It has everything to do with how poorly trained and prepared they are.And i'll bet London to a brick they are really poorly paid. They just don't have the skills the job demands and that is not their fault.
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    Another close loss leaves Casey 6th on the ladder after Round 5. All things considered though, this was a good effort that the team will build from. A big start was called for given the quality of the Pies' line-up, most notably new recruit Davey. I'd say they had 2-3 players who would be considered in the best on their AFLW list. It's a different story for us (though I'm coming round to the idea this is helping our development). I was impressed with how we started the game - the girls were clearly switched on and hungry for the contest. An immense amount of pressure on the ball carrier led to goals to Guerin and Smith, while keeping the Pies to few forward entries and one major in the first. The second was a reverse scenario with the ball trapped in the Pies' 50 and a real struggle to get it out, leaving us scoreless for the quarter. Some defensive lapses left Pies players floating free into the forward line to score. They were assisted by a seemingly random free kick off the ball, which they capitalised on quickly. Meanwhile, Birch was taken down in a sling tackle (possibly a report). Not long after, an intense tackle by Heath was also deemed dangerous and resulted in a free kick in front of goal that was luckily off line. Heading into halftime, the Pies led by 14 points. In the third, Garner was noticeable around the contest for Casey, while Kemp chimed in with a goal from a tripping free kick. While the Pies were composed and patient with the ball, our girls managed to hold them to 1 point for the quarter. With 2 minutes to go, Bentvelzen was stretchered off, possibly concussed. In the dying stages, Casey moved the ball strongly down the ground for a fwd50 stoppage that resulted in a classy goal from Guerin (who currently stands 3rd in the league goalkickers). Pies by 3 points with a quarter to go. In the fourth, more loose checking in defense made for some nervous moments and a goal to the Pies. Kemp limped off injured, leaving us two down on the bench for much of the last. Fingers crossed nothing serious. A strong mark by Cordner on the goal line from a Zanker set shot resulted in a goal. 3 points down in the final minutes of the game, the girls played with desperation but didn't have the execution to get there. Some turnovers and an ill-advised speckie attempt in the last minute or so didn't help. You couldn't fault their effort though. Final Score: Casey: 5.1.31 Pies: 5.4.34 Casey's best were Birch (who curtailed Davey at times), Smith, Garner and Cordner. Heath was also particularly tenacious - could be a good stopper in the future. Next week is the bye - a chance to regroup.
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    But surprisingly Hunt really is a footballer
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    Caddy is worse than Jenkins Can't stand him
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    Headed along to Casey today - as expected, a major drop in temperature since R7 of AFLW! I missed the start of the game and the Saints' first goal. Casey were able to trap the ball in fwd 50 for long periods of the game but were unable to capitalise. A lack of marks and linking play cost us the kinds of chances that have set us apart against lesser opposition. The Saints shut down that kind of play well. Some better finishing on the half-chances near the end would have made all the difference. In fact, similar to another team I watched Saturday night in that respect... The Saints girls' ability to spread and move the ball forward cleanly in the last 5 minutes was the difference as they scored two quick ones to win the game. Cordner (who mostly played back with a few stints forward), Heath (who did some intense tackling) and Kemp played their first VFLW games for the year. I find it near impossible to tell Kemp and Lampard apart so any good work I might attribute to one could easily have been the other! Zanker played much deeper forward but was well held for much of the game. Was off injured for a long time in the 3rd but did return. I liked the intercept work of McClean off half back. Aptly named Casey Sherriff put on a great tackle when the game was in the balance and also did some excellent yelling on the mark - absolutely forced the Saints player to spray it! Bentvelzen (who may have been a late change for Smith?) also put her body on the line at an important time in the last quarter and took a big hit. Emonson was the only goal scorer after a neat pass from Birch. Guerin, Jakobbson and Hanks worked hard for little reward. Final score: Casey 1.6.12 Saints 3.5.23 And so Casey slides to 4th, in a group of 5 teams with 3 wins (2 of those teams have only played 3 games). Next week is at Casey again on Sunday v Collingwood who are 3 and 1, and have some big names. A good start will be vital!
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    The Casey girls are 3 from 3 and remain top of the ladder. A bit deceptive since 2nd and 3rd have only played 2 games... and our wins have come against 3 of the current 4 bottom teams. I chose the MCG over the trek to Casey so don't have anything first-hand to report, but it seems like the girls again came home strong, kicking 5.4 to 0.0 in the 2nd half. Final score: Williamstown 2.1.13 Casey 7.6.48 Goalkickers: Williamstown: Kawa (2) Casey: Tatterson (2), Archer, Birch, Davies, Smith, Zanker Hanks and Sherriff played their first games of the VFLW season. Leading disposals: Birch (17), Emonson, Lampard, Sherriff (15), Hanks, Jakobsson, Smith (14). Next week is on Sunday at Casey v. Southern Saint who are 5th on the ladder. If I attend it'll probably be a 20 degree drop since last time I was there!
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    Aided again by the YouTube stream, I checked out our game v Carlton at Casey. After a slow start in the 1st quarter, our girls' superior ball movement began to dominate in the 2nd, on the foundation of some good tacking and contested ball work. We were able to hold the ball in the fwd 50 for long stretches, while the defensive structure worked very well to cut off many of the Blues' attempts to go forward. In particular, Lampard was again impressive, as was Bentvelzen as the game wore on. Keeping the Blues goalless in the 2nd and 3rd set up the game. Birch was concussed in the 3rd and took no further part (making it 2 big hits in 2 weeks, not ideal). Of the VFLW players, I liked the games of Hogg, Clayton and Archer, who went in hard. Guerin knows where the goals are and I look forward to her 2020 AFLW season - she's got good one-touch skills, which is very valuable at this level especially. And only 19. Of the other AFLW-listed players, Zanker was the stand-out for me. She did a lot of the ruck work to excellent effect and she's great at ground level too. A very versatile and competitive player who brings others into it around her. Jakobsson, Smith and Emonson were again all crucial players in our chain to goal, where we had a good spread of finishers. Final score Casey 7.8.50 Carlton 2.7.19 Casey Goalkickers: M. Guerin 2, K. Oates, T. Tatterson, K. Smith, R. Clayton, B. Winbanks As of Saturday night, we sit atop the ladder... enjoy it while it lasts. Next week is on Sunday v. Williamstown, in Williamstown.
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    Like a fossilised turd that wouldn’t flush, it has finally broken apart and dissolved in the toilet bowl that is channel 9.
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    From the AFL... Stadiums and police across the country have a zero-tolerance for members or supporters that abuse the opposition, umpires and other members and supporters, on grounds of race, religion, gender, disability and sexuality. So...Bald, what grounds does that come under? Disability? doesn't seem to be race, religion, gender maybe sexuality... Headed...not sure. Fill in the blank. Rhymes with Dog: probably under sexuality....could be a disability as related to eye sight...
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    Dill and hocking the numbnuts who wrecked football. Time to boycott people.
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