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    Someone hitting a target inside 50.
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    2019 is shot, the coaching panel obviously can't openly admit that but I hope they are already putting plans into place for 2020. It sounds silly saying it, particularly given we are having such a horror season but next year and beyond could actually be our best chance at breaking the drought. I say this because we would not be the first team in recent years to have a fall before reaching the top. What they should be focusing on is team management and deciding who they see as our key contributors for next year and making sure they are set up well. They should be looking at players that they don't see as part of the tilt next year and shifting them to the side, Lewis is a great example. He can still be a massive asset to us at Casey putting into practice with younger players the standards and the styles that we expect of them. He might still get some games here and there if his form or injuries warrant it. We should also be assessing players that have long term injury concerns and making sure they are managed the best way possible. AvB is a great example here, he made such an impact in the final rounds and in the finals that clearly if fit he is a huge asset. If he needs to be put on ice for next year or given extra time off when he comes then so be it. Lever and May looked good vs the Pies but likewise if their niggles flare up then give them time to get through it. All that aside results this year are still important, we have to try to make the back half of the year as positive as we can so we can tackle next year with confidence. The philosophy (in my opinion) is that the season starts again. We tackle it one game at a time to rebuild the confidence and get that flare we had last year. On the tactical side they should also be assessing whether our chaotic style is the way forward and should we need to start shifting towards a different style in advance of next year. I think Goodwin's got it in him to take us to a premiership, I'm backing him for his contract and I see no point in us even considering entering a coaching merry go round for a long time.
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    I believe he’s out of contact at the end of 2019. Perhaps the Demons should consider a family reunification programme because brother Kyle looks like a long term prospect.
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    Yup, agreed. He had a slow start to the season but was great last week. I love his game, and wish we still had him. Hopefully he comes back in a couple of years (a man can dream).
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    Turn Tom Mac out for three weeks, send him North to dabble his toes in the Gold Coast surf and bring in Pruess. For gods sakes Goodwin we need to see what he can offer. Try to turn Stretch into a tagger. He is fit and can run well and his body, although not super strong, is just about fully mature. Otherwise he is lost to us. We need to make better players with the players we have got. Send Jack Viney with Tom Mac North for some rest and toe time in the gold coast waters, he's giving us nothing and the whole team balance is out with Jack and Jones in the same team. Send Spargo back to the VFL for the rest of the year and play him in the guts to try and toughen him up otherwise he is just going to become the whipping boy of Demonland which is really unfair for a young kid in his second year (some of you ought to be ashamed). Bring in JKH for a good 3 weeks and then lets see what we've got. I think he could be okay. Lockhart as well. Stop playing Fritsch back. He is a half forward flanker. Play him there Goodwin and be done with it, your ruining him.
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    All about the development heading into 2020 from here! Want to see some wins, confidence and synergy in the team so we can hit the ground running next season. - Would love to see Baker getting some more games into him; Baker and Hunt roaming the wings of the MCG could be a dangerous proposition. - getting some quality game-time into Lever, May, Hibberd, Salem, Hore, Jetta, Lockhart, etc. Let them learn how to predict and play off each other in the second half of the year so there's no growing pains round 1 2020. - Sparrow and Dunkley starting to get some form at Casey and start to beat down the door for seniors. - AVB to make a full recovery and get some games in, before a quick rest and ready to go for day one of pre-season. - Petracca playing full time in the mid-field with little spells up forward. Let him feel the heat and intensity so he knows how far his endurance needs to improve going into the next pre-season. Want him built like Jobe Watson round 1 2020. - Weideman is looking like Max Gawn in 2014. He's reading the ball and getting to the right spots, but it's just not sticking. When they start to stick, then we'll have a real player on our hands. - Brayshaw in the guts. - Harmes to continue with his current trajectory; he is a gun and one of the most underrated players going round. - Oliver, Brayshaw, Petracca, Viney, Harmes with Gawn in the center square - we really shouldn't be losing many clearances.
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    Draw to round 23: Freo, Lions, Blues, Bulldogs, Eagles, Saints, Tigers, Pies, Swans, Roos. (Bold=In top 8). Ironically, this was supposed to be the 'easy' part of our draw with Freo, Lions, Blues, Bulldogs, Saints the bottom 5 on the ladder last year... We may improve tremendously with injured players back but so will other clubs. And each team has ladder position/coaching reasons to win/thrash opponents. Even the Blues will be desperate to win - they want to get as close as possible to the Crows to max the value of their 1st draft pick swaps. How many definite wins can folks count? Can't see us beating any of the top 8 teams. Swans are back to their best. Saints will have some of their best players back from injury as will we. Roos are playing ferocious football and the game is at Bludstone.. Obviously, we will win some games but I can't find a single definite win. Best chances are Blues, Bulldogs, Saints. Very outside chance of beating Lions and Roos. We might beat one of the better teams in an upset. So no chance of making the 8. I don't think we need to worry about putting the cue in the rack - it will be done for us. We will be lucky to end up better than 7W, 15L and most likely in the bottom 3.😢
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    - Win 3 of the next 6 as the backline settles in and forward line regresses to the mean from complete disaster to ok - Beat the Tigers and Pies to disrupt their run in to finals - Coast the last 2 weeks to preserve draft position and then dive in to the mock drafts - Seeing what Lockhart, Baker, Hore can keep doing and maybe adding Dunkley and Chandler to the list of debuts. - Hopefully adding Hannan and Kolodjashnij to the list of guys we might be able to rely upon in positions of weakness - Preuss!!! I'm not a believer that he's best 22 but I think he needs a run of games at some stage to preserve Gawn - Vanders, Jetta, Joel Smith, Tommy Sparrow all back healthy and ready to do a full preseason
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    He struggled at the start of this year playing forward, it's only when they swapped him and Libba that his form took off. Good player but not what we need based on the cost. Yeah he'd be great for us but it would mean moving Brayshaw or Viney and I'd rather just get those guys right. Viney hasn't been nearly as bad as some around here think and Brayshaw should come good even though I'm not a huge believer in him as a superstar. 2018 might be his peak but it's a matter of getting him back to that level with a better defensive game and cleaner kicking. In terms of improving midfield and high half forward depth we should develop Kyle Dunkley, Sparrow and Spargo. James Jordon played forward/mid for Casey before the bye as well and had some nice moments. And I still want to see Lockhart with a preseason up around the ball more. Trade for needs, draft for depth.
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    You are asking the questions, you just have an issue with anybody who has a different opinion to you I have actually chatted to recruiters, including Jason Taylor and his team, to try and understand the decisions taken It is not an exact science, because, believe or not, they are dealing with players who are actually human beings, with everything that entails I am looking forward to the next AGM when you can ask these hard questions of yours
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    Oh boy https://www.theage.com.au/podcast/the-age-real-footy-podcast/how-much-of-an-x-factor-is-jesse-hogan-20190617-p51yhf.html
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    We are the “Special Needs” Club. Look at The Filth last year, Backline decimated by injuries, but they make the GF and were very stiff to lose, and in 2019 where are they? after starting a week later than us, they are again well entrenched in the 8. We just make up F$&@ing excuses....
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    I have no problem with Crowd Violence at all. What i do object to is some no name Behavioral Officer telling me to stop yelling loudly for my team, which i do and have done for 48 years so far. I will not put up with that under any circumstance
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    I would like to see Preuss in like I have for the last 3 weeks but I ain’t holding my breath.
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    As long as he's not just your BSA (Bog-Standard Accumulator)
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    we have almost been the Carlton/Essendon of recent years when it comes to stinking it up in prime time spots
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    May is old and slowing in the same way that Gawn is old and slowing. Mays 'limited' future takes us through to 2023-2025 depending on his health. There's a lot of water to go under the bridge between now and then. Brian Lake only played 3 years for Hawthorn... May won't be our games record holder but he is more than capable of helping us get some silverware.
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    I'm glad you brought up the elephant in the room, our ageing players, it does concern me.
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    Semi serious comment We are 16th as we all know. If any number of people from Demonland were in charge of recruiting these past 6 years would the list be any worse than we have now. It would be an interesting exercise to see who we would have just based on an average of phantom draft choices.
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    I only want to know where the goals are going to come from. Goals win matches don't they? Or is that too simplistic in this day and age?
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    Dunkley to debut this week is my take!!
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    Good post. I would add that you judge the success of a pick/trade at the end of a career, or at least half-way through, before making judgement calls as to success, failure or somewhere in between.
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    But this club has no right to pull the pin, at any stage. That is my point, and it is what must change. We have pulled the pin for years at times and we see the results. Over the years Whorethorn have always played to win even if they missed the odd September, a winning culture is the premium objective. We need that attitude locked in. What i will say is this, i wouldn’t rush anyone back into the side until they are ready to go
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    lovely in hindsight mate. Charlie curnow had an underwhelming junior year with added question marks over his character as well as size to play key position. very easy to sit there later and decide that we shouldve taken curnow.
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    JT will always be asked Petracca and Brayshaw over DeGoey Oliver over Parish Weideman over Curnow (note Carlton picked McKay before Curnow) its always a tough call but it’s also important to see the “busts” like Schache and Pickett
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    The Melbourne thing to do would be win the next 9 on the trot then lose R23 to North to fall short on %age.
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    Of course I did. Don't be so condescending. And I watched his impressive 2016 finals. Stats are incredibly useful, clubs put a lot of time into gathering them. Do you not take any notice of numbers? Josh Dunkley is only 22. Had a ripper of a finals series in his first year at 19. He's a tackling, goal kicking mid that is still learning and from what I understand is very teachable. He averages nearly 6 tackles in his short career, ffs! He certainly wouldn't be our best mid, but offers more than many of our mids/small forwards, perhaps except Clarry, Gus, Harmes, Melk and Trac. Based on this year's form, it could easily be argued that he has more to offer than Viney. Of course he's different than Viney, not apples with apples. Dunkley would get a game in 2019 above Jones, Spargo, Jeffy, ANB, Stretch, JKH and Hannan. If he had more time in the f50 he would kick goals, something our mids and small forwards are not doing. His brother being at the club is of little relevance, other than a drawcard should we sound him out
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    Reactionary post. Four weeks ago everyone was saying ‘how did we not take McKay instead of Weid!?’ McKay was starring and Curnow couldn’t buy a goal. Now Harry plays badly and Curnow stars and there’s a flip. Thats why operating in hindsight is so easy.
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    We love Gawny. But he is not there yet. Superstars make clutch goals and sustain their dominance for the best part of a decade.
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    Different times, different systems but I think we need and would love to see a recruiting coup like the one in the late eighties that gave us Earl Spalding, Warren Dean and Todd Viney to add to an already fairly strong list. History probably says we needed one or two more stars to cap it off but they were exciting times.
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    Just like our team Goodwin is an inexperienced coach. All going well we hit the end of the year with a relatively injury free list and with a longer preseason and fewer surgeries we hit 2020 with an easier draw, 2 top 25 draft picks, hopefully a decent recruit and a head of steam. This years been a shocker but the upside remains
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    I'll be keen to hear what regurgitated humble pie tastes like.
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    Haven’t read hyperbole like this in at least 40 years. You should google the Western Bulldogs - they won a flag recently and then dropped off the face of the earth and were never seen again. If we’re in the same position at the same time next year, sure, cue the melodrama, but calling for a total rebuild now is just plain silly.
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    Let you in on a secret D since 56 , Believe it or not Ballarat Bitter is made or was made by Carlton and United Brewery in Abbotsford Still is. VB which stands for Victoria Bitter is the same product as Ballarat Bitter. True! Ripleys Believe it or not.
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    This. A critical skill that we seem to completely lack. Not only do we usually disadvantage a marking froward with our kicks inside 50 we also frequently kick to a spot where the intercept extra defender can waltz in and take an easy mark.No idea of the stats but i would be shocked if we have not conceded the most inside 50 intercept marks. Does my head in.
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    Crikey, I'm just glad our coach made the list.
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    Gimme a break. We don’t even use eyesight going into the Forward Line look at the good sides. They keep possession of the ball, waiting for the right moment to pounce. WE ARE THE EXACT OPPOSITE and it shows every week. But our coach is very stubborn
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    No. We just need to kick the ball with precision to a leading forward. It happened once on Monday. Viney lovely quick pass to Weideman who goals. Punt Road end. But the game was gone by then
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    What we need is a 2 goal per game big guy that can help out in the ruck! Where would we find one of those? Apparently they are rare as rocking horse [censored]. I believe there is one at Casey, monster of a guy, can play in the ruck and guess what, he averages 2 goals a game in the AFL this year! PLAY PREUSS FFS!
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    Injuries can't be blamed either even though it might look that way to some Our injury count isn't much different to previous years or in relation to any of the other teams. Besides which, good teams overcome injuries. It is just that we have more 'so-called' better players now and a percentage of those better players have been injured as well as those who aren't standouts. Previously, a huge proportion of the list were not very good anyway. Our 1 & 5 start to the season said it all ... and then when we finally woke up we got the yips in front of goal together with a plummet in general skills. And off-season surgeries is a lousy excuse too. We have underperformed - pure and simple. Below standard ... Petracca, T-Mac, Viney, Lewis, Jones, Melksham, Fritsch, Brayshaw, Harmes, Salem & Hibberd ... and a top-end draft pick in Weideman hasn't come on. Some of the above have played well on occasions but not as well as they can. Others have missed games but my evaluation is based on when they've played. Salem, Brayshaw & Harmes have been the best of that lot but I was expected all 3 of those players to be better than last year and go up a notch. And Oliver is not impacting games even though he keeps accumulating possessions.
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    That is extraordinarily expensive. Shame, wasted good idea. I'll keep on enjoying my home-brewed Kilkenny (I import the hops myself from England, the dry malt compounds and concentrates, the 3 yeast varieties, etc., just to be authentic to the recipe.) It still only costs me 28 cents per 700ml bottle, after 5 weeks secondary bottle maturation in my garage steel cupboard @ 24 degrees C. That's about $9 per slab - and after 5 years of making this particular brew x 4 times per year - it is just as good (if modestly said, 'better', than the Real McCoy) so maybe I will have the handbrake make me up some original Demon labels to complete the job. This typing is thirsty work - seeya!
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    We could get a pick between 10 - 20 for Petracca. Probably about the same for Angus if we’re brutally honest. I would seriously look at trading out Petracca if it means we can lure a Ben Brown or Jon Patton to the club. You’ve got to give to get. I would trade the Petracca pick and our 2020 first rounder for Brown. Change the whole complexion of our side.
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    Sacking and paying Goodwin out goes onto the FD spend for the season that he might get sacked. And there is a limit on the FD spend allowed. So it is highly unlikely that we can sack Goodwin even if we wanted to. Certainly not this year anyway and next year is the first year of a 3 year extension so the sacking of Goodwin next year is also not feasible. He'd be on guaranteed money. Surrounding Goodwin with a new set of assistants is feasible though. Most of the Assistant's contracts would be year to year you'd imagine. What we do need is a fresh approach and some fresh ideas. 3 & 9 is unacceptable. The playing stocks needs a do-over and a rebuild too. Not a total rebuild obviously as do have some talent on the list. The worst thing we could do as a club is not recognising that we have some major issues. Our skills are way below par, we're slow and we don't possess a will to win. We fumble too much and turn the ball over too easily. And we are woeful in front of goal. We are miles off. The tell-tale signs were there from game 1 this season. Humiliated in a prelim final we had to come out all guns blazing in round 1 and that didn't happen. We're now floundering. Conduct a thorough review and then rebuild the list via trades and sound recruiting and surround Goodwin with a bunch of new assistants. And put Goodwin as well as the senior players on notice (via the board/Pert)
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    Was waiting for Demonland's most notorious know all to come and explain things. in these types of debates conciliatory is just code for 'don't make white people uncomfortable'. And I think it's about time we were made uncomfortable.
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    Congratulations to Ash Barty who won her maiden grand slam singles title taking out Marketa Vondrousova 6-1 6-3 in the Women’s French Open final. The win now sees Barty rise to being the World No. 2. Amazing effort, well done. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/tennis/french-open/world-reacts-to-ash-bartys-french-open-win-as-photo-goes-viral/news-story/0ed26ef64292568fda23aebd5264e14b
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    Favourable yes but we’ll most likely lose some of the Thursday/Friday night games we worked so hard to earn. Only ourselves to blame, the cycle continues....
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