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    Goodwin doesn’t have the cattle to implement this alternate game style. Our results exceeded our ability last year.
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    Because with Frost off we had no one else. When JDG and Stephenson were both forward: Hibberd had to to got to Stephenson. May had to go to De Goey. Any other defender - Hore, Lever, Fritsch, Wagner on either of those guys would've been a disaster. That's why long term we probably need to replace Wagner or Hore with a mobile shut down player, although short term getting Frost and eventually Jetta should be a good start. I thought May did a number on Cox a few times early, held a couple of marks and got good hands to others. Then he held De Goey pretty well. Ran him under the ball with good physical pressure on every occasion aside from once when De Goey turned him and goaled. May isn't a pure lock down defender but he can do it. Frost should be the lock down tall defender. Lever the interceptor. May then can take the match up and play it as per the circumstances.
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    Stop being logical Praha. The panic is starting and This is turning into a lord of the flies scenario. We just have to find the right person to sacrifice.
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    I may be one out here, but i would keep Jeffy in the team. He is a one touch player, creates and is more capable than others. I know he is a bit scared at times and a bit soft, but thats not our problem.. goals are our problem and he has kicked 5 in 3 weeks, 10 shots.. and goal assists here is some comparisons JEFFY - 10 tackles and 5.5 in last 3 weeks. (leads tackles inside 50 for year and has played only 7 games) HUNT - 3 tackles and 3.4 in last 3 weeks SPARGO - 8 tackles and 2.1 in last 3 weeks TRAC - 7 tackles and 3.2 in last 3 weeks. *Jeffy has played only 7 games, is 4th on goal kicking - cant understand dropping him calls.
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    Is he our most important missing player? He contests He wins one on ones He kicks goals He takes responsibility I really think he is the key to forward line connectivity. We are much poorer with out him
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    Just checked out their website. 100% of the profits of the new Demon beer go to the MFC. 10% of the sales of their other beers go to the Cure for MND Foundation David Neitz is awesome.
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    Really dislike a sore winner. If Grundy wasn't fit then he should not have played! Sounded like an excuse to protect his player's reputation. Should have given credit where credit is due instead of pouting about his player being not at his best.
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    Don’t want to split hairs, but what Roos said in response to a question asking who is Melbourne’s most skilful player, he replied it’s probably still Nathan Jones. Now, this opinion seemed to totally confirm the conversation they had been having about Melbourne’s skill level being so low across the team.
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    How about all the so called star mids who shanked handballs & kicks to the opposition????
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    Was probably tired from carrying 21 men on his back all day
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    His ball drop is too high. It's an easy fix though — just tell him to lose 30cm.
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    First, Salem (although Monday performance was an aberration). Second, Melksham.
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    Brewmanity are part craft beer company, part philanthropic endeavor. Whilst $99 is not over the top for a slab of craft beer, especially one that could be regarded as a collector's edition, it's worth noting that Brewmanity donate proceeds from every beer sold and have currently raised over $150,000 for the Cure For MND Foundation.
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    It is called pressure
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    Why are we taking about Pert and Bartlett in a Melkshem thread?
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    We would be stupid not to “list manage” the season out. We would be stupider to declare publicly that we will be doing so. Learn from your mistakes kids! No club goes from prelims to bottom 4 and doesn’t have an internal review take place. Just because we don’t leak information anymore doesn’t mean we don’t do anything behind closed doors. I would be shocked if we retain more than 20% of our assistant coaches heading into next year.
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    If we don’t use the rest of this year to get ourselves cherry ripe for 2020 and find out what we need to know about out of contract players, we are surely just wasting our time chasing a pipe dream. Let’s make the most of the second half of the year by giving players who need exposure all the games (is JHK any good? Do we keep Stretch? Which rookie gets an extension? Can Salem play wing now that Lever and May are back? If KK is fit can he play wing?). And for the love of god please send McDonald to some sort of healing retreat. I can’t see him slowly and painful hobbling around any more.
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    Nick Riewoldt. One of the best key forwards the game has seen with his immense work rate and his knowledge on forward craft is brilliant. Would be perfect for both McDonald and Weideman in a mentoring capacity.
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    So i am not going near the infighting that this thread has already sparked, but does this quote strike anyone else as being just a bit OTT? How can we possibly be "bullet proof to on-field fortunes??? Any club (but especially one like ours with a small membership base and terrible 50+ year history of non-success) can suffer a huge financial drop-off with a sudden reversal of fortunes like we have seen so far this year. He is telling us it doesn't matter what happens on-field, that we are going to be fine as a club. If membership plummets next year we dont have to worry? Awesome, i will keep my money in my pocket next year if it doesnt matter. Gives me some extra to spend on Diazepam so i can watch our games. Sorry Glen, that is some shocking hyperbole on your part.
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    So the plan is to keep playing injured players till the end of the season then put them in for surgeries from which they will come back not quite ready for round one. Groundhog day.
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    I do not follow your logic and the way you add words to change a post. Where did the word"automatically come from, as in automatically get the best out of the players" from you, not me. You also do not understand the subtleties of pressure. It could be as simple as having a coffee and saying to Goodwin, have you considered this or that. You seem to confuse pressure with more extreme words like ultimatum or strong arm tactics. As I said I find your way of arguing against the spirit of the posts. I will not respond to you again. Same goes for drysdale.
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    From Olisks post: Bartlett: “But I have spent a bit of time in the footy department, which I hadn’t before, spent a day down there..." That he has done this for the first time in the six years he has been at the club says he is worried. Not panicked but worried. A review doesn't mean having some external people coming in looking over people's shoulders. Pert has fresh eyes and is very capable of undertaking a review. Pert has said he has spent a lot of time in player and football department meetings. I suggest a 'review' is already happening by Pert. As I've said for sometime I will be shocked if we don't have football department structure and assistant coach changes.
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    You guys are so bloody idiotic and DELUDED - He’s our best young player by FAR overall in upside and our ONLY elite groundball player. Seriously you ppl scare living [censored] out of me sometimes.
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    Oh yeah, as you explain it the fact he came out and said something is enough for you. That is the way it goes at MFC. Lets not put any pressure on the coach because we just resigned him.
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    Watching the players shoot on goal prior to the big slide thingy, I commented to my mate how few were goals. They were woeful in practice, and woeful in the game. It is a basic skill ffs!
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    Goodwin needs more senior help around him. Not sure if it's purely through stubbornness or lack of attraction to our club, but he's surrounded by fairly green assistants as far as the caper goes, with the exclusion of McCartney who there are of course rumours about in terms of his relationship with other coaches and players. Personally I feel he needs more senior help forced upon him if it turns out stubbornness and control are the issues. Surprisingly, I've heard Jennings will be among those who will leave at the end of this year, and I would very much think McCartney would leave although I haven't heard as such yet. Adem Yze is firmly among the names being thrown around as coming on board for us next year, but hopefully we can also bring in another senior mentor type to take some pressure off Goodwin, as he seems to be shouldering too much of it on his own currently.
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    Despite his poor form Tmac will get you higher than pick 53 Max would get you higher than a pick in the 30s So whilst I'm aware they are not from that bunch, but patience is required. The players mentioned are very much only early in their journey Brayshaw and Oliver would send clubs into a frenzy if you put them up for trade now Weideman would also be heavily sought, see how much better he looked in the second half yesterday when delivery improved and he had a decent run at it
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    Terry Wallace just said what a few of us on DL have said and that is start planning for 2020. Anyone injured should be rested and if operations are needed they should be done now. Get everyone fit and ready to go next year and maybe some tinkering with the game plan. Get more games into the newer players and it will stand the club in good stead next year, with a softer draw as a bonus. Of course you still try and win, but not at the expense of next year.
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    If I find out at the end of the season that TMac had been playing injured all season ,with Preuss stuck in the twos I will be ropable.
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    And to get things back on track, even in the warm up T.Macs gait looked hampered. Not seeing much mobility from him during games. If he’s not right then why play him?
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    The "problem" may solve itself the way the AFL is going because nobody will turn up if this farce continues.
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    My (perhaps optimistic assessment) Midfield and ruck we probably shaded the Pies slightly (It would have been messy had we not had big Max, not for the first time this year). Good to see improved output from Angus and Oliver and Harmes maintained their standing. Jones did a decent job on Steele after quarter time when he was well off the chain. Backline, about even. Great effort from a close to all new back 6. Defended well as a unit and only De Goey was clearly too good for his opponent when 1 on 1 irrespective of who was on him. Forward line, debacle. Not 1 of our forwards won their position (perhaps could mount an argument for Petracca). No cohesion, talls getting in one anothers way, constantly over crowded, just mess! For mine we need to find 4 things and we'll be right... 1. a new forward / offensive strategy and / or coach 2. the 2018 version of Tom McDonald 3. the 2017 version of Jeff Garlett 4. a faster, bigger, stronger Charlie Spargo I'll go check under that rock, be right back!
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    He popped his head in a few weeks ago -cited wrist slasher fatigue (my words, not his) and claimed he was better off without the Demonland downer every week. I feel the same way sometimes. The endless catastrophising and wallowing in self-pity absolutely does my head in. Just reading it makes me feel drained and tired. Then you get the joys of being abused about it when you have the audacity to try and look on the bright side when things aren’t going well. I usually stay away for a few days after losses, was feeling a bit braver this week though. Edit: I quoted the wrong jumbo returns post, meant to quote the one about @Wiseblood.
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    I imagine DeGoey cheated forward (which opposition teams have every right to do against Melbourne) and our midfielders/defenders were ball hunting as usual. I imagine Garlett ran back to cover for someone else not doing their job.
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    Apologies if it’s been mentioned already but the modern day coaching is frustrating. How did Garlett end up one out with DeGoey in our back 50? I don’t think I ever saw Farmer in the back pocket.
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    A gaulling result as Coll were a long way from their best, Grundy played injured and they didn't get out of third gear. The narrative has changed from preseason/injuries being our problem to skill/efficiency being our problem. All true but are they the real problem?. Elephant in the room: Game Plan. Based on last night's comments by Goodwin and Jones everyone knows it but them. Opposition mantra: 'match them on the inside and we will beat them on the outside'. Translated as: let them 'win' the clearances, contested possessions and i50 stats because we know they will turn it over and they can't catch us going fwd to get easy goals!! That is why I no longer have faith in us winning those statistics. The opp are happy to 'lose' in those areas knowing they will belt us elsewhere. Akin to 'lose the battle but win the war' tactics. I don't want to lose faith in our leaders but I need to hear something from the club to say they understand the real problem and prepared to address what everyone else knows!!
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    Agree. All the signs are there that he is being handicapped. Put him out and get it right for next year.
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    But of course. He's also currently doing what other the other forwards don't: more contested possessions than Hunt, Garlett and Hannan combined. The fact that people can't see why Spargo is in the team says a lot about them, not much about Spargo.
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    Is there more to this story, or just the pic?
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    My argument is they took a chance on Spargo because the alternatives are either no better or even worse (JKH, ANB, Stretch, C Wagner) or needed a run after injury (Lockhart). Baker looks good but his lack of tank creates it's own issues. Also if we had another Baker he'd be playing instead of Spargo, but we only have 1. We held a very hard running Pies team for a lot of the game, that only happens when you have guys like Spargo busting their backside. He'll almost certainly go back to Casey now but I'm not all that upset about his performance. If it were JKH or ANB I'd expect the exact same complaints.
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    Still very happy with Goodwin and believe he will steer us in the right direction.
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    He SHOULD be selfish. He should watch de Goey's game and see how a talented player turns half chances into goals. Tracc has the talent, he should not have to worry about game plans, defensive pressure, etc. Just go out, see ball, get ball, wreak havoc. That's what freaks do, but he's not allowed to celebrate his freakdom. He's being turned into a second rate robot.
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    They don't call it "the demon drink" for nothing! LOL
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    As a Dees member I need something a lot stronger to get me through 2019.
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    Melbourne Bitter seems most appropriate at the moment.
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    Should be part of the logo licensing deal. Every beer you drink, sponsors Neita to coach another shot on goal. Perfect deal all in-kind, so doesn't eat into Neita's profit margins and outside of the soft cap on football department spending for the club. However based on your philosophy of drinking beer to drown or sorrows, that might become a disincentive for David to fix our goal kicking. I think having a Demon Brew would taste soo much better and I'd drink more of them celebrating a good win by the red and blue!
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    The best example is the StKilda game. In 2019 the Saints have kicked 115 -122 , yet against us they kicked 15-5, mostly because the kept strolling in for sitters after burning us with our turnovers.
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    Il be honest, I was trying to sugar coat it...
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    Hahah this clown for real?? ☝️
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    https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/melbourne-boss-glenn-bartlett-backs-coach-simon-goodwin-to-turn-around-disastrous-season/news-story/9138467e4a1a085fa1fe5c567e8ecdb4 Melbourne boss Glenn Bartlett backs coach Simon Goodwin to turn around disastrous season Glenn Bartlett has backed in his football department to turn around a disastrous season, adamant the club will push for finals until all hope is lost. The Melbourne president said today there would be no thought given to shutting down injured players with early surgeries, adamant the season was not yet lost. He said the club did not need a review of its operations or football department despite the deeply disappointing 3-9 start to the year.
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