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    Your ace reporting team has just returned from training today at Marrara to the Daily Planet desk to file this demonland exclusive. Todd Viney Demon Kicking Coach! In what was a 'closed' training session Christian Petracca , Jack Viney and Mitch Hannan were practicing their goal kicks under the watchful eye of former demon's champ Todd Viney. Whilst conditions this morning were not conducive to practicing goal shooting, (wind gusts up to 43 km from a strong dry season sou' easterly accompanied by a delightfully balmy top end temperature of 26.4 degrees celsius were observed by the Bureau). Consequently many of the goal kicks missed the major opening. The kicking actions were recorded to mp4 or similar for later review. Meanwhile the rest of the team were involved in the usual training drill variations at the michael long centre end of the ground. Michael Hibberd appeared to have fully recovered from his recent collision injury, Mitch Hannan was moving freely and Christian Salem looked in great shape. Training was supervised by various line coaches including Max Rooke who cast an imposing figure. Ben Matthews briefly addressed the team and spoke about opening up space for forward fifty forays which he said was "critical" . We assume in reference to produce opportunities to kick a winning score. As training wound down most of the team practiced goal kicking, Tim Smith and Tom McDonald were the standouts able to adjust to the windy conditions with low trajectory drop punts. Overall impression team morale and to use a "Goodyism" cohesion appeared to be on the positive end of the spectrum. It was touching to see the camaraderie between Gus, Frosty and young Clarrie.
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    more touches and tackles than Lockhart, Garlett and Hunt. actually more tackles than the 3 of them combined admit he is not playing well but he is a kid finding his way and I reckon given some continuity and backing he will improve
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    Spargo had 10 possessions last week. (To go with his 3 marks, 4 tackles and goal.) To put that in context, Lockhart had 8, Hunt 7 and Garlett 6, all of whom had fewer tackles than Spargo, and except for Lockhart, fewer marks. You see what you want to see.
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    Apparently Jake Spencer was Todds assistant
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    one of the best creators of prose on here. thanks for update. Can someone remind me, was Todd Viney any good a kick?
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    Club said very clearly that #8 would take the week off from all football activities to get his ankle right. Sensible I would have thought.
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    I dont want Lever in the seniors until his form is good. "OK" form isnt anywhere near enough to justify his return. A fit-but-not-in-form Jake Lever wont be the difference between us playing finals and missing out IMO. Let him earn it. Properly earn it.
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    Well we currently hold pick 3 in the draft and by the looks of it we cannot trade it this year which is about bloody time in my opinion. With the likes of Lewis and Jones careers close to finishing up i feel we are in need of some fresh exciting talent to come through and take this club forward. With the under 18s championships coming up, AFL.com have done a list of players to look out for. https://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-05-30/u18-championships-20-young-guns-to-watch
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    It was very frustrating sitting at last weekend's game. The thing that both baffled and frustrated me most was the placement of players. For the majority of the first three quarters, we had no one, or at least Lockhart at full forward. The likes of Smith and T.McDonald were starting and leading from CHF (or close to). The current game plan is horrendously congested. The mentality behind it is to win the ball. The problem is getting it out. Far too often our players look to the right or left for a teammate immediately next to them. This wastes time and causes our forwards to run back into our open 50 (sh*t we saw in the Bailey years). If our forwards fail to get free the inefficient ball movement wastes crucial time resulting in a flooded forward 50. Now, as I said above the most frustrating thing was the starting positions at a stoppage. In contrast, GWS had Cameron leading from the square all day. They also had their half-forwards spread out wider. So when they won the ball they had more room to run and more room to lead and hit a target. YES, basic football. It wasn't until the start of the final quarter Tom McDonald started, and somewhat stayed, deeper at stoppage. This IMO was a major catalyst for our final quarter run on (exc. GWS knowing they had it in the bag). Why Goodwin waited all game to make this move is beyond me. Maybe it's the inner gambler thinking things will miraculously come good when down (that's a bit harsh). I've been harping on about our inefficient ball movement for years. But my word, is it too much to ask the team properly utilises the MCG's enormous space properly? On top of that, put faith in our ball winners such as Viney, Oliver, Brayshaw, Jones, and Harmes, and let them clear it out to a man in space (preferably further than 15m).
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    Congratulations to Nathan Jones on the accomplishment of becoming the equal second games record holder at the MFC today against the GC. Somewhat fitting that he shares jumper No.2 with the late Robert Flower, as although they are somewhat different styles, they will go down as great captains and players for the MFC that loyally stuck with the club through some hard times for the team. I actually wounder if playing this match with Jonesy was something which factored in Jack Viney declaring himself fit? Anyway go forth and get the job done for the skipper today lads. Great captain Great clubman Great player Well done Jonesy GO THE MIGHTY DEMONS
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    Gonzo, back when Paul Gardner was running thr show i wrote him a letter that clearly stated how bad it was for Melbourne supporters that they had nowhere to walk into and say this is my club, this is what we have achieved in the past and this is what i support today. I told him all i pay my membership for is to watch 18 red and blue jumpers run around playing footy, and maybe sing the song at the end of the game if ya lucky, then go home and read about it in the paper the next day. These are the basic things that all football clubs have whether it be suburban, or country football, and here we have the oldest club in the country and we still have zero. Its nothing short of a [censored] debarcle.
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    Round 11, 2019 Demons vs Crows (TIO) Pure Stats Predictor has the Crows winning by 26 points Team weighted score from last round (including adjustment for Ins/Outs this round) Demons 53.52 Giants 64.64 Top 6 ranked players (weighted statistical composite) last round Demons Crows Aggregate: 20.98  29.05 Bottom 6 *Omitted for this match Tip: Use landscape mode if viewing from a mobile. Back to the standard method after an attempt at a variation (option B) last week failed abysmally. Would have given us a very very slim chance this week IF we were to hold it together through the mid field and bring what we brought in the final quarter last week for most of this match as the Crows were less efficient last week than we were up forward. If you can believe it! (see below) However this optimism was quickly squashed as soon as i realised the likes of Spargo had been given another game, ahead of Pruess, and the bog ordinary Fritschkreig is more than likely to be played in a defensive role for some unbeknown reason ...again. We are effectively two men short so forget everything i just said. And no, not having a go at Spargo & Fritschkreig. This has come about through poor recruiting catching up with us (lack of depth) and Goody's inability/refusal to recognise that the latter is not a defender's bootlace (at this point). Shown some promise up forward though! Actually make that almost three men down...i just recalled Garlett is still a shadow of his 2019 self and even that was just ok.
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    Wow, this is a smashing. Great captain’s game by Ziebell, absolute wrecking machine tonight.
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    Bruce Commentary. Please stop 🛑
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    Does Ling know the rules? Any of them? He’s a [censored] moron.
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    THE FINAL ROUND Some may say that round 11 is the halfway point of the AFL Home and Away season. But if we lose on saturday evening, it is officially season over for the Demons. Anyone familiar with my posts will know I am the last person to write off a season, but, here it is, win now or bake cookies for the rest of winter. Currently, bizarrely, Melbourne sits 'only' two games and a bucket of percentage (accumulated deficit of approximately 200 points) outside the 8. In a mad world, in a strange season, and with an incredible surge back to form, this is not impossible, starting with a solid win over the Crows. However, lose to Adelaide and the maths changes dramatically and decisively. St Kilda (5/5) plays Port Adelaide, ensuring that one of these teams will go 3 wins ahead of us. With the Crows win also putting them to 6/5, a loss for us this round puts us a plainly insurmountable 3 wins and large percentage behind the top 8, while also needing to out-perform 3 further teams that will finish this round on at least 5 wins. On the other hand, beat the Crows and they stay vulnerable on 5 wins, and with Hawthorn facing a rejuvenated Brisbane in Brisbane, while Fremantle face Collingwood at the 'G, there is a genuine chance that the final spot in the 8 remains in the hands of a team on just 5 wins after 11 rounds. There has never been a more '8 point game' this early in a season - if we take that slot, it will be because Adelaide lost it, at our hands, in round 11. With their coming games being against the Giants, Tigers and Cats, a loss to the Demons now will likely be the start of a downward spiral. It is precisely what happend to Adelaide last year, so why now have it be the same this year?
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    On memory that was one of the reasons we traded spalding, he couldn't finish and it cost us matches. On memory by the end of career was had dramatically improved. We need someone like dunstal/lockett or modern version (green) other great kicks to come to the club. Hawthorn fixed theirs up when clarkson arrived it was core to his new game plan.
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    Find it hard to believe it will kill me before the MFC does dieter.
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    No he didn't. If you're going to ramble in disagreement with another poster's reasonable point of view, at least get your facts right.
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    He was a great kick if you like the ball spinning forwards instead of backwards.
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    Spargo still in makes me suspect we have stopped trying to win, while Hannan in with no demonstrated form reeks of desperation. Spargo = bad form = stays in Hannan = No form = comes in I have given up trying to understand our selections this year. The club has lost the plot and become more and more desperate, whilst the team has shown no signs of improvement. God what a cluster-[censored] of a season. I picked a bad year to quit glue sniffing.
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    Really, there a few that couldn't play as worse as they did last week, Oliver finds a way to bounce back after a bad game, and that was a bad game. Brayshaw is struggling, but if he can find a bit of form, it makes us better. I though Jack Viney was one of our best last week, his year has been about continuity.. he is starting to get that. Hibberd, and Salem sure up defence and ball use, but most importantly Hannan moves around, he gets on his bike, he separates and opens up the fwd line.. that's what helps our usage going inside. Its no coincidence that without him our entries have been poor. Im not saying we win, but every role player we get back makes our other players better.
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    Viney became a very solid kick late in his career - you don't get an All Australian jumper by being a poor kick. Like Robertson with his goal kicking, it shows that anything is possible if you practice enough.
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    Have you seen him play? Who cares what he looks like? When he was at Adelaide he was selected in the All Australian squad and was playing as an elite intercept defender...probably the best young defender in the competition...and you want to talk about his complexion. Maybe you prefer the Brent Moloney types, tanned and with big muscles. I for one cannot wait to have Jake back in the side. He is going to be a very good player for us for a very long time.
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    We'll have Lewis, Lever, May, JKH, Weed, Preuss, K Dunk, ANB all pushing for a spot from next week onwards. finally some pressure from below the 22 in Darwin should be out on notice and fire up!
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    Torn meniscus. Has had the operation, will be out a little while though.
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    I've attended every game at the G this year. And in everyone (even when we won) our forward line has (for varying amounts of time) has looked a shambles. We either have no one to kick to or, we kick to a crowd.
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    I've posted similar before. Our set up in the forward half for centre bounces is way too congested & doesn't let us take full advantage of 666. We get around 15 to 20 seconds without numbers flooding back into our forward half yet we don't use the space to advantage. The one time we did open it out was in the last minute of the GC game because we needed to score quickly & we did. Now i know my thinking may be a bit simplistic but why don't we use this as our default set up rather than our current inefficient model that sees high inside 50 numbers with poor score conversion????
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    I am quite worried about Goodwinds coaching. When things are going well... all good... but Goodwin seems unadaptable to doing things differently. We seem to get coaches who really cannot keep up with the development of the game.
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    Yup. Yup to all of this. Goodwin thinks more is better in every situation and our forward coach has NFI.
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    Pretty solid looking team now we are getting players back. Great to see May and KK named.
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    Hope KK gets a decent run at it. Let him play for the rest of the year at Casey and get some continuity in his footy and his body (and head).
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    I have no problem with the three outs, nor with the three ins, but I am amazed that both Spargo and Stretch have remained in the side. Hopefully both of them put int marked improvements on last week. You know Gibbs and Jenkins were out of the side because they'd been dropped for poor form, don't you? And you know that Jenkins is possibly in the top 5 most over-rated AFL players?
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    Sam Flanders = Fish Creek represent!!! A shame Matt McGannon didn't come back to play for Fishy this year, instead heading on up to Redland in the NEAFL (we could do with his run off the HBF that's for sure - err that's FCFNC not MFC). Rowell is probably the consensus #1 pick atm (god i hope we don't have it come the end of round 22). Agree that Anderson sounds very intriguing and at 86kgs he's just about ready to go.
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    Few interesting ones. Kemp sounds like the new prototype 193cm midfielder. So he'll be right up there in all discussions. I'd also be interested to see some of Flanders, Taheny, Serong and Williams. I'd love to see us use our first pick on a talented forward rather than just another midfielder. With some pace would be a bonus.
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    Liked this post but don't agree with 15 a side and question how interchange suggestion would affect. incorrect disposal and kicking backwards would be a start to other suggestions also being picked up. Good discussions.
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    Just watched the first half of $$ v Colonwood. Magpies getting an absolute ride since the start. Deliberate OOB paid to them in at best a 50/50, more like 20/80, yet straight after deep in $$ stack a blatant 90/10 against C nor paid. Holding the ball and incorrect disposals not paid. Horrible to watch. Incompetence would be my charitable spin on it .... other interpretations could be considered libellous.
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    I have never had any satisfactory communication from the Club in any previous correspondence in matters of significance. Frankly I am surprised anyone would be defending the Clubs in finding a respectable, modern training facility. After the best part of 50 years I am not being unreasonable in being skeptical. In particular what are Perts qualifications to put together and pull off a proposal of such significance.
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    If you think the East Melbourne residents are NIMBY's wait until you meet the gentry of North Fitzroy
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    Or maybe they were just trying to avoid questions at the then AGM dc. there may be a plan b however on past form you would be excused for thinking the Yarra park plan had a far bit of mushroom factory involved.
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    It runs off the power of the radio signal itself. How loud it is in your ear depends on how much signal you can "collect" with the antenna. Using a big chunk of metal (like your bedhead) collects more signal, so, the radio works better. If you're driving in a multi-storey car park, you will find that your car AM radio works best if you are under some big water pipes. They act as giant antennas. If you could clip your crystal radio to one, you would get awesome reception.
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    I used to be a local footy umpire to keep fit when I was playing.... I would usually umpire a under 11s or 12s match before playing my under 18s game. Of course the level of abuse I took at local level is a drop in the ocean compared to what an AFL umpire experiences but what I would say is I copped a lot more abuse from across the fence when I was playing rather than umpiring .... My point is if you are an AFL umpire, same as if you are a player you get paid well, have an exciting job and should be capable of dealing with these external pressures as these are well documented before entering the industry... Hence the large pay packet, if you want to umpire for the love of it and want minimal pressure then go to your local under 12s game and enjoy the $50 per game. And to answer your question why don't I do it now.... I like KFC, beer and posting on demonland too much
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    Since this thread has elements of general discussion of umpiring and not just 'why we might be hated or not', I'll add this re Daisy Thomas' woes: The AFL clarified on Tuesday that all boundary and field umpires are instructed to assist teams in ensuring they uphold the 6-6-6 rules before play is officially restarted. So why does any team ever get warned or pinged for infringing? It would require deliberate ignoring of the umpire' assistance, which seems unlikely. Sounds like yet another rule that is left to the vagaries of the umpire's mood. Macca, you miss my sarcastic point entirely and instead yet again repeat your well-known views on which my post made no comment. In answer to your genuine question, I won't explain how umpiring can be perfected since to repeat my well-known views, all I claim is that it can be improved and it is worth trying to do so.
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    Thought I saw the writing on the wall late last year, but he has come good. It is the second coming..
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    For anyone too young to remember Flower, these figures are solid evidence that the bulk of the era in which he played was equally miserable for Melbourne supporters as the recent years in which Jones has played. However, Flower's ethereal brilliance made attending Melbourne's games a joy. Winning was just a bonus.
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    Nathan Jones is a MFC legend. Chunk has grown into a leader. Tough. Determined. Loyal. He will be remembered by all of us. Will he get to 300. Perhaps?
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    Well said. Was chased by other teams during his career and knocked them all back to stay with us during one of the least successful periods any club has ever had. His love for the Demons is unquestionable. Quite simply, will retire a legend of the club. Congratulations skipper. Hope you have a game worthy of your time at the Dees.
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    How is Spargo even in this week let alone next week?
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    I see the umpire at the centre of the howler call on Smith last week has been awarded with Friday night's blockbuster Swans v Pies. Good job champ.
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