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    I have to say this. Garlett is weak as [censored]. For all his speed and skill, he tries to run past contests and do a magic slight of hand tap to knock the ball clear rather than putting his body in. He misses goals because he's more worried about being tackled than taking an extra step to line the shot up. He dropped multiple marks tonight because he was looking for who was coming at him rather than watching the ball into his hands. I don't care how many scores he had, he doesn't do the basics right and he's afraid of contact. He has to go.
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    Another game day arrives for us Demon diehards. Another evening of: * Threats to smash the TV. * Threats to inflict pain upon an assortment of MFC players. * Forgetting I am at home, not at the game, and yelling abuse at players/umpires/commentators/random people. * The family cat giving my feet a wide berth. * My wife repeatedly saying “language, please!” from wherever she might be in the house. * Checking her whereabouts whilst sneaking to the fridge for some calming fluid. * Taking off my “lucky” game day Demons polo shirt off and driving it into the washing basket from 5 metres away. * Going to bed in a grumpy mood. * Waking up thinking about next weeks game.
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    Not sure why my intial thread got taken down but, so I'll keep this simple. Probably one of the worst AFL players going around and its time we see the last of this potato. With May coming in next week i expect tonight we'll be the last we'll see him in a red and blue jumper.. ever!
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    Hasn’t got through the game yet and pubs are open tonight and tomorrow.
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    Bang! Mitch Starc with a wicket in the first over
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    I am not a hater, but OMAC cost us 5 goals tonight. He was abysmal. Our set shot kicking is little league standard.
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    It's the nature of the profession
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    I hope Spargo has a good game tonight so all of you 200 game legends can back off a second year player who has shown glimpses.
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    Why waste a good stick.
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    Kade Kolodjashnij playing well.
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    To be fair Fritta has been good since giving away that goal.
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    “Underrated footballer Charlie Spargo” JB trolling Demonland.
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    KK warming up in the Gussy helmet.
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    When does the contract with the NT end?
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    Oscar simply has no idea how to play the game of football. He is the most unintelligent footballer I’ve ever seen. He watches his man and not the ball and gets completely lost. As others have said, when he tried to tackle Jenkins and still allowed him to goal, I thought ‘you are truly cooked ya potato’ . He is pathetic.
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    Supporting this club is such hard work. Is there any other that comes close? Maybe Saints or Freo. Every Melbourne supporter knew the crows would get back into the game. We've seen it dozens (more?) of times over the years. There was a sense of inevitability about it. How is it you change the players, coaches, gameplan, ground whatever - and the MFC still manages still throw games away in heartbreaking fashion. My dad said he stopped watching at half time, couldn't enjoy the lead we had because he knew it would get eroded and too stressful to watch the 2nd half. My wife (Geelong supporter) said she can't watch Melbourne games anymore, she was getting more upset than I was.
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    Two of the last three game we squander a solid lead in the last quarter to lose. Other game we kick seven in the last quarter when game is already lost. Absolutely faaarked in the head team.
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    Bloody hell we lead for 155 minutes of that game. We had 17 more inside 50's. WE kicked 1-8 in that final term. I was confident Weiderman would kick that, but it wasn't just his fault. Gawn had a chance, Hunt missed an easy one in the 3rd and bloody Jeffy misses set shots. We let Betts off the leash in that last quarter, they kicked the last 5 of the game. Im sorry but Oscar was a liability tonight down back. Ugh we should have banked those 4 points. That was worse then the WC game. Goodwin should give them a spray but he probably wont. That hurts.
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    That was actually harder to lose than win. But not for the experts in losing - we could write the text book on how to throw games away. How many games have we just completely thrown away in the last few years by our own doing? That was by far the worst of them - it was absolutely ridiculous to lose that game of footy. One of the biggest chokes I reckon I've seen
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    Man that sucks. Just gutted. I hate football sometimes.
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    JKH has had no football since the leg injury. Competing hard and yes a bit rusty, but guving everything. Gotta admire that
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    Maxy and Clarry putting on a clinic tonight
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    Feel free to retract 😛
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    I hope I don't get banned by the AFL for some of the things I've said about the umpires in my living room.
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    May was very good today and his work rate stood out to me more than anything else. I tried to watch him closely as much as possible and he was outstanding in that department. Several times he would start a metre or two behind his opponent and by the time the ball was there he caught up with speed to spoil or even got in front and marked. In the second quarter the ball was being contested in our forward half, May and his opponent were the only ones in our back 50 when another Werribee player snuck forward and created a 2 on 1. May decided to sit between them after not one teammate adhered to his calls of dropping back. May would have been 20 metres away from the secondary player when he realised we lost the ball at half forward and the now loose forward became the leading option for Werribee, May sprinted about 50 metres to close down that player on the back flank and spoiled the ball over the boundary. Brilliant stuff to much applause from the Casey faithful that ventured out. I thought KK got better as the game went on but was surprised to read he only had 12 touches. Dunkley was mainly used forward but it wasn’t a day for our forwards with poor delivery all day. He did show some strength though in the first quarter with a couple of fine tackles.
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    He's more likely to get caught trying to shrug a third tackler on the run from 30m out
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    They lost their best player at quarter time (Sloane) and played one short in that heat & humidity and come right over the top of us. Wow! Yes, the Smith & Weideman misses were horrible, but the defensive efforts of Wagner when he slid in and took the legs of two Melbourne players out and left Betts free to run into goal, the weakest effort by JKH that I’ve seen in a long, long time when he sh#!t himself and fell over which allowed Jenkins to run past him and handball for a goal, plus nearly everything that Oscar did were more horrific. I also can’t believe the drop off of Tom MacDonald!!!
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    Thank you. I have said that for weeks. The guy is scared sh-tless. Play him and you deserve to lose every week. He must have been involved in at least 10 negative incidents tonight, any one of which if he had tried, we would have won. I feel sorry for Weid because he should never have been in that position. He was nearly crying. Jeffy couldn't give a flying f-ck.
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    Weideman was decent today. He should have had that last goal, but as others have said, he took the contested mark. That's better than most of our list already. If he plays like that for the rest of the season we'll be happy with his work.
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    Nothing to do with Darwin. Multiple chances to win that game. SO disappointing that those chances weren't taken. Set shots must become a priority at training. OR ELSE!
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    Just told the club we are not prepared to pay membership again until there is hope. Serious this time, cannot trust how this club is managed on and off the field. How many times does a supporter want to watch Nathan Jones trudge off the field with his head down? Endless years of misery and sides know they can always get us because we are a weak team that folds. 40 years, 40 damn years as a member.
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    Beautiful in-swinging Yorker crashing into the back pad straight into off stump, sent the peg flying
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    My goodness this persistence with Oscar has to stop....he’s an absolute disaster. Tom McDonald was bullied by Talia Jeffy - shocking lapses of concentration Spargo - Shell of a player compared to last year and passes accountability constantly Goal Kicking - seriously is no-one coaching them on technique....so many players seem to change their routines and actions every shot. Deesaster.
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    Too much negativity this is a masterstroke a well disguised long range tank
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    Some of these blokes like JKH and HANNAN have come from long injury layoffs, need a bit of slack.
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    Looks like the Viney of Old so far.
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    I'd love to be gifted goals in the forward line like our opposition get week in week out.
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    Michael Walters says hi
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    Your ace reporting team has just returned from training today at Marrara to the Daily Planet desk to file this demonland exclusive. Todd Viney Demon Kicking Coach! In what was a 'closed' training session Christian Petracca , Jack Viney and Mitch Hannan were practicing their goal kicks under the watchful eye of former demon's champ Todd Viney. Whilst conditions this morning were not conducive to practicing goal shooting, (wind gusts up to 43 km from a strong dry season sou' easterly accompanied by a delightfully balmy top end temperature of 26.4 degrees celsius were observed by the Bureau). Consequently many of the goal kicks missed the major opening. The kicking actions were recorded to mp4 or similar for later review. Meanwhile the rest of the team were involved in the usual training drill variations at the michael long centre end of the ground. Michael Hibberd appeared to have fully recovered from his recent collision injury, Mitch Hannan was moving freely and Christian Salem looked in great shape. Training was supervised by various line coaches including Max Rooke who cast an imposing figure. Ben Matthews briefly addressed the team and spoke about opening up space for forward fifty forays which he said was "critical" . We assume in reference to produce opportunities to kick a winning score. As training wound down most of the team practiced goal kicking, Tim Smith and Tom McDonald were the standouts able to adjust to the windy conditions with low trajectory drop punts. Overall impression team morale and to use a "Goodyism" cohesion appeared to be on the positive end of the spectrum. It was touching to see the camaraderie between Gus, Frosty and young Clarrie.
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    Haha owe my balls! Idiocracy the greatest documentary/ movie ever made haha!
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    Best example, Spargo hand balling to Jones early in the last.instead of taking the shot.
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    Pathetic to throw away a lead like that. Hang your heads MacDonalds and Frost. Garlett should have kicked 5 and in true fashion squibbed some physical contact. Totally unacceptable loss.
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    Gus better than last few weeks despite odd fumbles.
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    Yet you never elaborate with hard facts or nuanced detail SWYL. It's always doom and gloom and finger pointing, and then referencing 50+ years since our last flag, as if the players and coaches could care less about then. Tell me... Have our finances deteriorated in the 6 months since PJ left? No. Have we lost significant personnel within the club? No. Do you hold GP responsible for our on field results? For our amazingly poor run of injuries? Or for the run of player operations and interupted preseasons over summer? Probably. Do you blame GP for Hogan leaving and the recruitment of May? Probably, despite it being before his tenure. Is it GP's fault that PJ's Yarra Park plan was never likely to take off, especially given the park has significant protective overlays, no political party supported it and the vocal residents group hated it? No. Whilst our on field results have been disappointing this year, our list is still strong (not complete but strong), our membership is at record numbers, we are getting good tv coverage and our sponsorship levels are strong. This is not "stumbling at every step", as you misleadingly claim. Our injury list is shrinking, good players are coming back and we are about 2 weeks from fielding our best side this year. I hold hopes of winning about 7 more games this year and seeing us have a real crack in 2020. Not dissimilar to the lead up of the Dogs/Tigers recent successes. May not happen like this, but a first round pick, chase a key forward lump, snaffle a FA mid and things could very quickly turn around again. I'm glass half full (which doesn't equate to being easily pleased), as opposed to being outraged at every setback. And this is elaborating.
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    I wasn’t commenting on Goodwin. I was commenting on North’s approach last night, which was utterly ferocious and the primary focus of their game last night, if you or anyone else cared to watch it. And Shaw used very specific language around attacking the man, not the ball - which I thought was interesting and instructive.
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