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    Can the mods get rid of these school kids like Elegt who continue to berate and spew negative [censored] on every single thread about the same [censored] topic. It is tiresome reading through every thread and seeing that [censored] constant negative drivel.
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    Seriously? Here are the 2018 draft picks in the 30's As none of them have played a game yet I would argue that he is equal to the best in that group. Please engage brain before typing you may look less of a goose. 30 Adelaide Will Hamill Adelaide 0 2 31 West Coast Luke Foley West Coast 0 2 32 Fremantle Luke Valente Fremantle 0 2 33 Melbourne James Jordan Melbourne 0 2 34 GWS Kieren Briggs A GWS 0 2 35 West Coast Bailey Williams West Coast 0 2 36 Brisbane Thomas Berry Brisbane 0 2 37 Western Bulldogs Laitham Vandermeer Western Bulldogs 0 2 38 Essendon Irving Mosquito A Essendon 0 2 39 West Coast Jarrod Cameron A West Coast 0
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    FFS he’s been at club 6 months
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    And hes barely 18. Writing him off now is absurd.
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    I think Maynard and Sparrow become important. Our current midfield are ‘get ball, butcher ball’ at the moment. I could see a role for different players in the guts, and shifting Brayshaw and even Oliver outside at times to get better value out of them. 30 possessions and 25 turnovers and 5 passes to players under heaps of pressure is not really a good day out for the team. I think Petty and Kielty must be really close, and if they can show form would add significant value to the main squad. I also see OMac as worth watching - can he discover his form? Chandler, Bedford and Jordon (and Bradtke) are really early in their careers, so let them build into the game. Oskar Baker is returning from long term injury, so I suspect needs a few games to get going before he would even be looked at. I would not write off any of these guys. It is unfortunate that they are even in the conversation by necessity at this stage.
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    To those calling for surgery now you’ve clearly never had an AC injury. They vary in scale. If you don’t need surgery, you don’t do surgery.
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    Why are you guys engaging with this troll? Its well known now that he's only discussion has been his criticism of the young players we drafted last year and Jason Taylor in general. Lets not let facts get in a good way that James Jordan was the youngest player drafted last year.. its obvious it will take time for him. Time to stop giving the [censored] air time.
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    I think that's a bit simplistic - Do you remember a guy called Greg Williams? 3cm taller, arguably slower but very very handy player I'm not saying Charlie is the next Greg Williams but his skills are good and he usually creates opportunities with possession. His challenge is to build a bigger tank, get stronger and to run all day and get the ball more often. These are not going to come easily so he has work ahead but from the little, I have seen he certainly does not lack the desire for success The coaching staff obviously see potential I think in two years time we will know if he's going to make it or not - too early to write him off IMO
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    Agree with this, I’d give Baker a go for ANB, both Keilty and Petty down back, TMac Preuss in forward line
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    So he is a dud ( offensive term at the worst of times) but for a bottom aged first year player I just cannot respect anyone using such terminology PS I too hope you are very wrong
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    Jordan was impressive in JLT... of all the newbies he struck me as a good long term prospect... Saying that Petty is skinny shows your lack of knowledge!
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    i wouldn't write Jordan off he is the youngest on the List...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I’d show the team a map of the MCG, highlight to the midfield the defensive end and explain to them they are not playing netball- there are no exclusion areas. In seriousness, I think it’s more a break for the coaches- so they can Google the 6-6-6 rule and see what it means.
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    He had a millisecond mate. He didn't see him until the last split second as he did what most MFC players wouldn't, and that is keeping his eye totally on the ball. Extremely poor football? No, extremely poor commentary from you. Viney is bloody tough considering he just got up and didn't even grimace. I have whinged more about a biting my tongue.
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    It's a split second decision. If he didn't take him on half of D'land would be up in arms accusing him of squibbing it. Would take a goer in the team any day over someone who blinks. Hardly poor football. Just part of the game.
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    He's been stood on by the coaches
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    When a Melbourne player stands up or retaliates they are penalised. Our opponents seem to be able to intimidate often illegally without the same penalty. We need to discuss with officiating body what is wrong with our structures or techniques that means we get no protection and only penalties. We may be able to change our attitudes and demeanour to allow us to play with greater confidence.
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    Thats the thing isn't it. Rome wasn't built in a day and for 4.5 yrs we made fun of Bucks, We also made fun of Hardwick but both have built competitive teams. The club believes they have such a person in Goodwin.
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    What’s to come in ? Really? Only Preuss. We have 6-7 best 22 players out. We got rid of our depth. In: 1. Hard at it footy. Grit. Knockons. Shepherds. Smothers. 2. Gut running. No walking. INTENSITY TO GET TO EACH CONTEST 3. Kick to the hotspot about 15-20 out from goals. NOT TO THE FUC$)N POCKET 4. Discipline. No stupid high tackles. It’s the waist every time 5. Identify the other clubs strategy. Example: We let Houli have 25 kicks unmarked. He was their defensive rebounder. 6. “Connect forward of centre” a Goodwin-ism. BS really but it means kick to find a player 7. One up one down. Under 8s stuff. One up at the contests and the other crumbs. We are dumb 8. Break tackles. Get your arms free. Pendlebury is the master 9. Quick ball movement. We must play on. Slow and wide gets killed 10. Kicking for goal. Practice practice practice. We have been ok in 2019 even but it’s still CRITICAL AND 11. Stop overhandballing around in circles or useless handball to someone standing RIGHT NEXT TO YOU often meaning they get caught with the footy
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    There isn't a great deal of players that can step up into the seniors and therefore we have a revolving door system in place. What makes us seemingly weak is that we have a long term injury list. Some players who return from injury, re injure themselves normally for the same problem. Many yers ago a top sports physiotherapist from a top EPL made a statement that lack of stretching was a cause of groin and hamstring problems. My step was a very good martial artist who always stretched never suffered from groin or hamstring injuries. I am not saying that injuries can occur in other sports. I would like to the club take aside 6 young reserves players and have them concentrate on skills ,endurance and strength and then re introduce into the reserves. We also must look at our training staff (coaches) someone(s) must take the fall. We as a club should have ( in hindsight) kept Pedo , it is not necessary to have a tall ruckman is the fleas cannot take advantage.
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    So Master* Elegt You have seen a lot of Jordan up close over a long period to come to this opinion I presume * presuming you are male but perhaps you are from Tasmania so haven’t yet had an opportunity to decide
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    He's next on my ignore list. Happy for people to have differing views when they take a few minutes to present it in a constructive manner. This bloke just badgers you like a five year old. Not worth your time.
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    I like pretty much all of your suggestions d-t. The only change I would make is Hunt to a back pocket where he can run in straight lines and use his speed to move the ball more quickly from defence.
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    This is what we should do now: 1. Play Petracca full time in the midfield. 2. Move Salem into the midfield. 3. Give Oscar Baker six straight games. 4. Play Petty. 5. Play the Weid at centre half back. 6. Get games into Sparrow. 7. Nurse Lever, KK, and May back into 100 percent fitness. Take it slowly. 8. Give Bedford a run. 9. Move Hunt to the wing. 10. Play Stretch at half back. 11. Jordan Lewis becomes onfield defensive coach. 12. Increase our recruiting personnel in WA and NT in hope we can find replacements for Garlett and Jetta. 13. Play Fritsch on a wing. 15. Sack Troy Chaplin! 😜 17. Somehow convince Lachie Whitfield that his future is with the Dee's! 18. Send TMac off to fix his foot immediately. 19. Encourage offers on OMac. 20. Send Frost, Brayshaw, Harmes, J. Wagner, etc to the Aden Yze kicking school!
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    The biggest attraction of this game will be finding Goodwin in the crowd and giving him a spray up close.
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    We will win the flag in 2020.
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    I do remember this. I also believe @ProDee was very strong on this particular topic also.
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    You may not remember Satyr but at the very start of the year I commented on many of our players disrupted Pre-seasons from operations and you quickly responded that it doesnt mean their relative pre-seasons were interrupted. You said their was no interruptions and everything was on track. Many others chimed in and said you didnt understand the relevance of missing even 2 weeks on the track. Yet you do portray yourself as an expert on here. And you say that problems are merely rumours. You give me the tom thits.
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    Yeah you know heaps more about the club than Paul Roos, lol. Roos said players came back unfit. Are your sources better than his? 😂
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    Wise, This is absolutely on May. The fact he went publicly and shamed GC training standards is just [censored] poor and now has egg on his face. He was a leader there, what did he actually do himself to change those standards? He is 27 and mature enough to know he should have gotten himself at the best nick he could possibly be. After he did his medical the club would have given him an off season program to abide by and its clear that he didn't follow this. Sorry but this is absolutely on him. Didn't do himself any favour by knocking out some bloke in a practice match either. We honestly make so much excuses for some of these blokes
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    Yep, if Roos actually said on the post game last night that what Goodwin is implementing is an extension of what he was putting in place, I just don't buy that. Goodwin almost immediately implemented this ridiculous aggressive defensive press, which with complete midfield dominance, can and does lock the ball inside our 50 for an extended length of time. However, this almost always leads to easy opposition goals out the back. It also means that without us converting every clutch chance under pressure in our own crowded forward half, this game style has the propensity to break our back psychologically. Whenever we have dominance over a team and we fail to score in our crowded forwardline, seeing the opposition slingshot down the other end for an easy goal, is soul destroying and undoes a lot of our hard work. The game style sets us up for failure more often than not and relies on such little margin for error that it is so clearly unsustainable. This is year 3 of the aggressive press and it doesn't work without, as you say mate, world record midfield dominance. That's unsustainable. You can't expect that every week and every season. I want sustained success and I'm sure the club does too.
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    Most. Sure. Front ended hopefully. The club advised mid last year that we had enough room to go after another player in the trade period. We lost Hogan and got May. Everything else isnt worth analysis. We should have a heap of cash. Just my opinion.
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    Not so big in current terms 'norm'. We don't have anyone close to the $1mill mark so I'm sure we have plenty of cap space if we choose to use it.
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    Oh I realised you were taking the [censored]. It just reminded me how bad Blease was. I was rapt when we picked him up in the draft. How wrong I was. We are a bit slow. But it's not as bad as some think. I'm hoping we pick up a hard running mid or two this year. Port have done extremely well by picking up Rozzee, Duursma, Butters and Drew. All of a sudden they are flush with youth and speed. It can turn around pretty quickly.
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    Agreed. Future 4th round is what the hawks paid. Super shadey that deal. Nominates hawthorn “ because of their record with treating injuries” all the talk is of no Scully fr 2019 or most of it... or that he may never play again. Then viola he’s playing round frikn 2. Meaning he must have known the injury wasn’t that bad. I don’t mind players nominating a club and the club paying what the player is worth but that deal was utter deception. If it happened to us I’d be going off my nuts. Scully is the worst with [censored] like this.... keeps inventing new lows fr himself. I’m amazed there has not been more spotlight on this.
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    Was it Pert on the MFC podcast towards end of year who said they had a consultation firm (whatever that means) review every piece of available land in Melb. This isn’t just a “let’s ask about this piece of land, nope oh well what about that one of there” type approach. They have spending a huge amount of time to get this right.
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    we start the year unsure of what our best defensive set up looks like and we end up going with playing the 3 talls in May, Frost and Oscar. which makes our defence too big and slow, plus they all proceed to get in each others way and we leak goals, before Goody realises by about R3 or 4 that that's pretty much what happened to us last year. and so he then drops Oscar and brings in the smaller, more mobile Marty Hore instead, who then manages to keep his spot in the team for the rest of the year, even when Lever returns, because by then its also become apparent that Lewis is struggling more than ever to keep up with the pace of the game and needs to be permanently replaced in the backline.
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    We should bulldoze all that rubbish and scrubby land between Anderson St South Yarra, The Yarra and the Shrine. Turn it into a mega training, entertainment complex and shopping precinct. Call it The Botanical Centre . We could leave a couple of trees.
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    Jack wasnt the only one getting stuck into Rance and making him look like the coward he is
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    And so does Tom McDonald. http://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/melbourne-demons/nathan-jones-sees-tom-mcdonald-jack-viney-melbourne-training-scuffle-as-positive-sign-ahead-of-2016-afl-season/news-story/54b135dcca8c63444c293f3992388f66
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    Jack, you're bleeding! Naw, happens all the time. Someone else's blood splatters on me. Hey, wait a minute. You're right! You made me bleed my own blood!
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    I like this thread. I like the fact that I'm confident it will be bumped (like Viney's hapless opponents) many times over the next 8 - 10 years.
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    There's a thing called freedom of speech. I expressed my opinion on lack of depth, if you don't like it scroll past
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    For a pick in the 30s he is very underwhelming so far
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    Kielty-might make it Petty-too skinny and too raw Spargo-no pace and can't find the goals Maynard-vanilla with no pace Chandler-likely prospect Jordan-dud
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