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    Calm your [censored] m8. Spargo is a good young player.
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    Vote of confidence in " the entire Wagner family "too. Well done lads.
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    Good to see OMAC back at Casey. Glad we didn't bring in a tallish defender as the saints are not that tall. I would have kept Stretch and probably dropped Spargo. Stretch needs a decent run in the senior side.
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    How come we need to change 2 players and West Coast only one MFC IN Lewis , Jetta WCE IN: Lewis Jetta
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    So frost is our number 1 defender now, need may and lever back ASAP
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    They don't. The algorithm they use sets the odds based on the flow of money. In simple terms, if the bookies have us at shorter odds than St Kilda it's because they are holding more money backing Melbourne to win. In other words, the punters indirectly set the odds. But your point remains...why do the punters have us as favourites?
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    The Casey Demons take on an Australian U18s team at MCG on Saturday. The game is scheduled to be telecast live on Foxfooty at 11.00 am. CASEY DEMONS B J Munro H Petty L Tynan HB O McDonald D Keilty J Jordan C M Gent J Briggs O Baker HF A Bradtke T Smith M Lewis F M White J Hutchins J Garlett FOLL L Wale-Buxton B Stretch A Neal-Bullen I/C H Briggs D Collis J Di Pasquale M Gahan M Lefau T McCaffrey A Quigley A Vella 23rd Player T Freeman AUSTRALIA UNDER 18 SQUAD Lachlan Ash (Murray Bushrangers) Noah Anderson (Oakleigh Chargers) Trent Bianco (Oakleigh Chargers) Connor Budarick (Gold Coast Academy) Nick Bryan (Oakleigh Chargers) Liam Delahunty (GWS Giants Academy) Sam Flanders (Gippsland Power) Will Gould (Glenelg) Thomas Green (GWS Giants Academy) Luke Jackson (East Fremantle) Emerson Jeka (Western Jets) Brodie Kemp (Bendigo Pioneers) Fischer McAsey (Sandringham Dragons) Jack Mahony (Sandringham Dragons) Will Martyn (Brisbane Lions Academy) Jackson Mead (Woodville-West Torrens) Mitch O’Neill (Tasmania Devils) Kysaiah Pickett (Woodville-West Torrens) Malcolm Rosas jnr (Northern Territory) Matthew Rowell (Oakleigh Chargers) Caleb Serong (Gippsland Power) Jeremy Sharp (East Fremantle) Cooper Stephens (Geelong Falcons) * Dylan Williams (Oakleigh Chargers) Joshua Worrell (Sandringham Dragons) Hayden Young (Dandenong Stingrays) * injured and did not play
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    Great to see Omac finally dropped. He needs to work on his game but needs to do it in the seconds not the senior side. Hopefully he gets into form and comes back but only when he is well and truely in form.
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    Love the changes, though would liked to have seen one of Garlett or Lockhart in. Yeah we look short down back, but T Mac can go down there in case of emergency. Not like hes doing anything up forward.
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    Stretch will never make it if he isn’t given some time in the seniors.
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    Disappointed that Garlett or Lockhart didn’t get a look in.
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    It's happened. Finally. @binman, thoughts?
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    I think we are clear favourites because we are a better team across the park. When looking at odds, they make sense to me. We should win. Punters are able to look at things objectively, a luxury that sufferers of MFCSS are not afforded. We may disagree knowing what we know about following a club like Melbourne, but our 1st few rounds were a reflection of an interrupted preseason and now we are starting to click. It will be business as usual sooner than we think I reckon. I’m tipping us to win with purpose and to restore faith at DL.
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    In: Lewis, Jetta out: Omac, Stretch
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    I hope that the selectors just pick the best side for the Saints game on Saturday and then sit down and do exactly the same thing a couple of days later for the Tiges match. We need to win the games one at a time. Pick the best side available and then after that match is over assess the players and their condition and pick the best side available for the next game.
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    I want to see at least a couple of big games (6-7 goal games) before big dollars are thrown around i think Sam will be a gun, but he need a contract with incentives attached before he signs a big one $650,000 is just a starting price...
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    This is what it comes down to really. If one of our players had repeatedly [censored]-canned Asians (for example), been warned not to do it again but continued to slam Asians regardless, which then led to MFC losing the China southern Sponsorship, we as a club would also be within our rights to get rid of that player. He can say (almost whatever) what he likes but if the boss gave you multiple warnings......... Yeah, too many rush to offence these days, particularly millennials (Softest generation in history), but this is a bit different imo.
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    I thought we did well for a midfielder/defender.
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    Noticeably absent is the son of Jim Stynes who would be around 13 yo. He looked a likely type when I saw him running around for South Melbourne Districts last year.
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    Travis Johnstone’s son is named Tigga? That is excellent. Next you’ll be telling me David Schwarz has named his son Ox.
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    Future Demons The club had 15 potential future stars come along for the day, including: Kynan and Ryder Brown – sons of Nathan Brown (146 games, 1998-2007) Jemma and Paige Rigoni – daughters of Guy Rigoni (107 games, 1998-2005) Noah and Jasmine Yze – son and daughter of Adem Yze (271 games. 1995-2008) Tex Robertson – son of Russell Robertson (228 games, 1997-2009) Logan and Jade Wheatley – son and daughter of Paul Wheatley (135 games, 2000-2009) Tegan Williams - daughter of David Williams (67 games, 1983-1988) Tigga Johnstone – son of Travis Johnstone (160 games, 1998-2007) Tom and Max McDonald – sons of Anthony McDonald (104 games, 1997-2002) Kate O’Dwyer – daughter of Steven O’Dwyer (84 games, 1987-1991) Rylee and Autumn Ward – daughters of Daniel Ward (136 games, 1998-2007) How proud for the mums and dads!
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    I read Dermott Brereton is mentoring the Saints forwards. We should win by 20 goals.
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    Someone with half a brain will def help too. He’s got to do the thinking for 3 back there.
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    Well said Demonia We are still evolving from the worst decade of our modern era (Say 60's onward) and many roots have been planted for future long termed and sustained success. Yes lack of a permanent home is a hang up but it's been strongly identified and plenty of work in planning etc. is underway under Perry's leadership to solve this much desired facility. Again to mention membership but over 50,000 this year is going to be about 7,000 more than 2018. Trending UP. About 15% not too shabby and on field and brand success is crucial in this category. Lastly and not least it's winning Footy matches and that's the big result the W vs the L. No givens here but save for the 2018 Prelim Final disaster many of our best wins and indeed our interstate record would be the best in the AFL. And that's not playing Freo Lions or Suns nearly as often as Crows Port or Eagles at their fortresses! Oh and I think if you can remember when we last scored 16 wins in a season it would be a generation it two in our past. So the BB wipeoff of virtual irrelevancy is not quite nor near the mark as all OUR indicators are trending a growth and development pattern on an upwards spiral. BB you are entitled to your opinion but please don't denigrate or rubbish the half glass full devotees who are enjoying the ride from the Neeld days to now where we are on the brink of modern success and development in the toughest National comp in this country and possibly the world.
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    Exalted company no doubt A champion and we are so lucky to have Clarry and not a Parishioner!!
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    Counting down the days until Misson leaves.
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    Has his management been approached by the Pies? All unofficial of course but potential $ discussed. Leading to this tripe!
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    Too much talk and no action
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    No it’s “Nathan 'Used to be Hamstring' Freeman”
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    Mick Warner the old Essendon 0/300 analogy during the doping hearing. What a toss a
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    Carlton are chasing Coniglio hard and have been for a while Zak Jones moving up the pecking order at Sydney this year may push his price up if he shines. His hard run and leg speed are what we need through the middle. Not sold on his decision making and disposal
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    Possibly, but a bloke who is limping around with an injury, who continues to play and seems to be limping worse at the end of the game than earlier, has most likely worsened his injury , rather than improved it. I think that is a fair conclusion to draw, given The extended period he is now facing on the sidelines. However, as you said, or not.
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    Likes the fake tough stuff more than the real stuff and often uses the ball like he's drunk. Rushes in to contests and rushes his disposal, both traits that aren't particularly suited to the wing or half back. I can't see him being worth the price. The Swans or Saints can have him. It won't be easy to find a perfect outside runner, they aren't easy to come by, but I still think we can do better than Zak. Ed Langdon would be nice, skills aren't great but he's a more natural outside runner, unfortunately he's started the year in good form and might become costly.
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    VDB is the big worry I’d say due to his previous issues. I think originally they said 2 weeks and now it has blown out considerably. I’m not overly concerned with May, I think they are just putting some extra work into him to set his season up. I’m sure I heard Goody say that Lever is only a few weeks away.
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    Very concerned for the future of AVB and KK. Not good news. May’s lack of pre season fitness is really not helping his recovery it seems. Another massive disappointment.
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    Indredible. It won't be long before it becomes, "at least he is trying".
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    So Petty is in your best current team and also next years best team, yet in the Casey game day thread he might be one of 13 players delisted with how he played. Makes sense.
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    werridee, cannot have jones and lewis in the same side. Jones would be an great leader for the 2nds.
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    Slow and vanilla. No thanks.
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    The first sentence is blasphemy!! As for the second - you could have a thread on anything and he'll do a best 22. Jaguar is our new sponsor, so who are the next best 22 we could have as a sponsor? No runners anymore? What are the best 22 ways we can send messages out during a game? It could do on forever.
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    Bizzell was okay, but geez, we overrate our own. And this thread is yet another excuse for Werridee to do another best 22. It's Round 2. Do we really need to be doing future best 22s? It's far too early to tell on 3 or 4 of those guys.
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    Biz was brilliant and underrated in so many ways. I remember his 2nd and 3rd desperation efforts down the members wing in the semi final against adelaide back in 2002. And now a passionate Melbourne supporter now days!
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    So, all you track watches, H. Petty. Is he progressing well enough? I reckon he almost (almost) single handedly lost us the Saints game last year. He was thrashed by McCartin and looked really out of his depth. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but that day he was a fish out of water!
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    Racists have recently been emboldened by nationalists who happen to have been able to climb the greasy pole to the top (or at least to have a level of influence they don't deserve) in a number of jurisdictions. Not every nationalist is a racist and vice versa, but those that are happen to have very large mouths. I happen to prefer loud mouths who shout in support of their football team, even if it's our opponents. That's a healthy way of expressing one's self and does not offend (I mean in its true meaning, rather than in the playful world of being "offended" by someone supporting another club.)
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    For a person whose interests are listed as "Apathy", this is one helluva posting!
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    Yeah, this sort of [censored] is thankfully dying, bit by bit, from all side of the spectrum. Thankfully you dont see/hear it as much as you used too. Im no PC warrior, but this sort of thing is OOB in most peoples opinion. Especially when a top bloke like Eddie is concerned. I would expect the AFL community to have the same reaction if it was Nev who was targeted. I know i would. WGAF what colour your skin is these days. The content of your character and all that.
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    I am surprised you are surprised wiseblood. Have you not noticed how embolded the racists are in 2019? They hold meetings in public that are attended by thousands across Australia and the world. That a few put up their hands at AFL is hardly surprising to me.
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    Vanders has pulled up sore again. Looks like he is cooked unfortunately.
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