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    I knew what we were getting when he as an MFC paid employee wore a Richmond scarf to the entire 2017 finals series and carried on like their number 1 fan boy.
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    Been a while since I felt this flat. I'm not panicking yet, but I couldn't feel any flatter. Just an awful feeling. The bottom line for me is the gameplan, which is what many of us discussed last week. Yes, ANB should be dropped, Frost and O Mac were putrid pretty much most of the night and we have others like Hibberd and Tom Mac who are horribly out of form. They are are small pieces of the puzzle right now. But the ease with which opposition teams are scoring against us right now is alarming. In that third term the Bombers kicked 7 straight from roughly 12 inside 50s at one stage. This is horribly similar to what the Cats did in the third term last week. Every time they ran forward they looked like scoring and we did absolutely nothing about it. When you have McKernan and Tippa kicking 4, you know you're in deep trouble. We simply made the same mistakes last week and we paid dearly for it. How often did we turn it over at half forward and they hit a couple of over the top handballs and ran off with the ball? How can we let that happen? Are the instructions wrong, or do we have players at the moment who simply aren't putting them into practice? The pressure is on, now. Goody had a week to rectify things and he didn't. Thankfully the Bombers are rubbish as a half decent side would have probably beaten us by more. If there are any positives, it's that we seemed to lower our eyes a little better this week, but we still allowed the ball to get out too easily. Gawny wasn't bad, Gus tried hard and I thought some of the lesser lights like Lockhart and Corey Wagner did some good things. But we have nowhere to hide now. The season is slipping out of our grasp and we have very little time to get back into it. It seems hollow for me to say, but don't lose the faith.
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    I’m not saying we were great but it makes it tough when you get slaughtered by the umpiring
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    Im so disappointed. It seems to me that the game has passed us by. - too many players going for 1 ball (an issue last year) - not enough spreading (an issue last year) - mass inside 50s which clearly is a quality vs. quantity issue - poor forward pressure - zone defence when the game's 6v6v6 format advantages 1on1 - poor kicks from defence to 40m when clubs are taking advantage of new rules to 60m The stock is there, but the strategy isnt. Really poor coaching. We've lost a prelim, 2 JLTs and 3 2019 games... thats 6 in a row. What have we done to change? Never thought we'd be 3 rounds in and #18.
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    How will our team of snowflakes handle all the mean tweets this week? Weak as [censored].
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    We fair dinkum need Benny Hill music when we play. Especially Frost and Omac.
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    We were bad Bombers actually worse Umpires absolutely atrocious
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    He’s only half the problem. Half the list is incredibly stupid. Dolphin’s possess superior intelligence than several players
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    Blame the umps all you want. We were in a winable position YET AGAIN and rolled over. Zero leadership. Zero accountability. Reality is we are 0-3, bottom of the ladder.
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    Lockhart and C. Wagner showed a bit. Sadly this is 2007 all over again, finals are pretty much out of the question now. It’s not the losses or even how we are losing it’s how we are playing that means season over.
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    Can Demonland as a collective group replace him as a coach? I think we have some good ideas....... sometimes
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    BOX HILL HAWKS v CASEY DEMONS Sunday 7 April 2019 at 11.40am at Box Hill City Oval, Box Hill Televised on Channel 7 at 11.30am BOX HILL HAWKS B 42. T. Miles, 30. K. Brand, 32. D. Mirra HB 29. C. Jiath, 23. T. O’Brien, 35. J. Scrimshaw C 13. C. Glass, 52. A. Moore, 21. T. Scully HF 41. O. Hanrahan, 8. M. Lewis, 36. D. Moore F 18. J. Ceglar, 25. R. Schoenmakers, 37. J. Ross FOLL 27. M. Pittonet, 17. D. Howe, 40. H. Jones I/C 67. N. Boucher, 66. M. DeWit, 45. W. Golds, 44. D. Greaves, 62. S. Horner, 61. B. Kilpatrick, 34. J. Koschitzke, 53. L. Mackie, 50. D. Mascitti, 54. L. Meadows, 56. N. Mullenger-Mchugh, 63. L. Walker 23P: 58. J. Cucinotta CASEY DEMONS B 23. J. Jordon, 35. H. Petty, 53. L. Tynan HB 34. M. Hore, 45. D. Keilty, 60. J. Hutchins C 33. O. Baker, 20. C. Maynard, 52. M. Gent HF 36. J. Garlett, 48. M. White, 32. T. Sparrow F 12. T. Bedford, 38. T. Smith, 37. K. Chandler FOLL 21. B. Preuss, 47. J. Munro, 15. B. Stretch I/C 54. J. Briggs, 56. W. Collis, 55. D. Collis, 63. M. Lewis, 62. T. McCaffrey, 49. C. Stockdale, 68. A. Vella, 65. L. Wale-Buxton 23P: 57. A. Quigley
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    [censored] done with this two! Their fumbles and lack of skill has killed us! Two of the worst footballers that have ever pulled on this jumper!! Get the [censored] out you bunch of sorry [censored] spuds!
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    Improvements in areas that needed improvement - back to scoring decent amounts again, 18 goals. But ... back line. Just not happening at the moment. Petty for Frost? Only getting one game out of the first five for Steven May isn't ideal either.
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    [censored] Deesgrace [censored] off Misson
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    12 inside 50s for 7 goals.... Who the [censored] is Mckernan. We made him look like Tony Lockett. Imagine Daniher was playing.
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    Anyone here refusing to acknowledge that the umpires indeed gave Essendon silver service at key moments are kidding themselves. Obviously we weren’t at our best once again, but the umpiring tonight was nothing short of putrid.
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    12 points at the moment... reflect on the soft Bomber, umpire assisted goals... I have it at 5
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    It has been the difference. Every time they needed a free they got one. Or more.
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    Frost is a [censored] dear in the headlights. Thanks everyone but I’m outta here for a while. Over 30 years of supporting this club and this really hurts. Imagine how good it would have been if I had waited a bit and picked west coast...I’m from Perth and just went too early
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    Don't think there is any other club that has crucified its supporters or created more false dawns than the MFC, reckon 50 years of punishment has just tipped me over the edge. Once again they have lived up to their reputation of pretenders!
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    Jetta effort weak as ****
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    I have always been a defender of both but tonight I see ..... WTF? Clueless both of them.
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    By God We are defensively inept.
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    Utterly useless. ANB has killed our momentum on way to many occasions because he cannot do the fundamentals. Omac looks out of his league.
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    I want Petty! He was underwhelming at first run, but if given as many opportunities as Frost and Oscar he will win a Brownlow!!!!
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    They keep kicking it on his head when he’s playing on Hurley. Kick it out in front of him and he’ll gobble up. Bad coaching.
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    On the bright side, we no longer need to keep OMac just to keep Tmac happy anymore. They both can be dropped after this.
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    [censored] Stringer.......30 seconds...bang.
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    TMAC send him back or fwd line looks better without him in 666
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    They both (Wagners) bring with them some run and carry and mobility, in the new space on grounds.
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    Seen nothing from him to suggest he’s no more than a VFL player.
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    soft decisions both ways hate to be a defender did we get the worst umpires this week
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    Yep i agree. Im still going with house money from our Monkey Business tips. Ill certainly be going each way on our tips as well. Still good odds there.
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    The classy horses have a habit of getting into the finish in the big handicaps. And Alizee might be giving weight away but it is not carrying any more weight than it normally does - and it runs quick too ... especially over the mile. I'm expecting Hartnell, Le Romain & Shillelagh to run bold races too. All those horses have the class. Microphone looks a good bet and I had it marked on top before you put forward your tip Wadda ... and DZ's choice 'Thunder Cloud' is another that I had a small win bet on as 'Gator' has it marked on top. To sum up - very comfortable with our 3 picks and I've already taken the early double (Microphone & Alizee) as well as the treble. And we are coming off a nice collect on Monday morning. Fingers crossed!
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    Eureka is well worth the 1 hour drive and you could possibly do the double and go to Sovereign Hill! Its a $6 entry and a small exhibition, but a lot to see. Always welcome for a beer on the front veranda at Wadda mansion after. Theres even an old shaft in the backyard! Theres not a real lot in Micros race and hoping Bowman can get him in a good spot from gate 11. $6.50 is well......and Alizee is def overs as well and as combinations in wider exotics, all our picks are looking good. I even have a few selections going into the Dees, so heres hoping....
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    Best Bets: Randwick Race 6 No 2 Microphone $5.50 (Win) Randwick Race 9 No.3 Alizee $8.50 (Win) Caulfield Race 9 No. 13 Thunder Cloud $5.50 (Win) This weeks multi is paying approx 257/1 + depending when and how you put it on. Good luck with that one gang and happy punting!
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    Poor showing by Mark Robinson. Why tolerate with this lump of animosity like Robbo? Full of censored and always has been. Get a life, Think of their Families of Jimmy's and Dean's Rest there sole's. You could of written more about the Druggy Bummmmers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Robbo and Warner.....Shame on you!
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    Our handling of Preuss is puzzling. We played him with Gawn (in the role he was brought in to play) against Collingwood in the practice match and from all reports they worked well together and he was a good forward option. We then played him on his own in JLT1 in a role he is not suited for (sole ruckman) and he was unsurprisingly exposed. We then dropped him for JLT2 and went back to Gawn as the sole ruckman while Preuss was injured paying for Casey. Gawn hasn't been at his best so far and was worked over by two rucks in round 1. He did better against Geelong but having another big option forward to captialisse on all our forward entries wouldn't have hurt. Essendon are going with two ruckmen tonight in a bid to work Gawn over. We cannot afford to run Gawn into the ground any longer and Preuss should be playing in the role that we brought him in to play.
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    Bradtke is playing for the Dandenong Stingrays this weekend.
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    He is playing forward, the VFL team lists are never correct
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    Completely get your perspective about the difference in levels between full blown cyber bullying and what would more accuratly be described as character assassination or harassment, but personally, I think acceptance of one somewhat opens the door to the other. Why should socioty accept that it's ok to openly and publicly degrade others just because it's electronically communicated and not in person or on a more regulated form of media. I think the point of the MFC campaign is to encourage people to self regulate, but I think we also need to stand up and demand that the social media giants lift their game as well. Far from encouraging civil interactions between their users, the social media giants actually quite actively tolerate a high level of anti-social behavior on their platforms, because it often results in higher levels of interaction with their 'service', which they can then use to sell to their advertisers. It's a rotten unethical business model which needs to be rectified.
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    Saw the headline and just assumed that was the number of Forward 50 entries we will need to kick 100 goals
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    FWIW... Geelong were 2 wins and 3 losses after five rounds in 2007. North Melbourne beat them at Kardinia Park and the mob was calling for Bomber Thomson's head. They then went on to lose 1 more match for the year. Brisbane were 4 wins and 5 losses after 9 rounds in 2001. The received a 74 point hiding at the hands of a struggling Carlton and were all but written off before not losing another match for the rest of the season. Hawthorn were 4 wins and 3 losses at the start of 2015; they were injury ravaged and looked slow. Went on to thrash West Coast in the Grand Final. The three best teams of the past 20 years.
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    Problem is OMac in lock-down means being five paces behind his direct opponent, still moving evasively around a pack of opposition forwards to avoid the crush and the defensive role that would be expected, and is so lead-footed that he does not break away from opponents when he has the ball, 4 times out of 5.
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    His job is backroom stuff and to state the obvious it is off-season. Anyway, not sure what could be said at this stage. Wait 12 months. If he takes a leaf from Jackson's songbook he will keep a low profile and let the football do the talking. So we probably won't here much at all about him or from him. Assume: no-news-is good-news.
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    Cut down in his prime but from all reports eager to get back into the AFL after being poorly developed by Richmond, Relton Roberts is a tackling machine who is unique in that he can kick the ball too. His highlights from only a handful of years ago show how exciting he could be. He along with Lumumba or Salem on the half back would terrorise opposition players for many years to come. I'm not sure of his current contract status, but I would think that $700,000 over three years to start things off could be enough to lure him back to Melbourne. We of course would need to use our first round draft pick on him as it is likely that other clubs are showing a keen interest in this once in a lifetime talent. We already know he looks good in the red and blue so let's make it happen!
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