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    I posted this else where but thought it deserved it’s own topic Well boys, we knew this day was coming a long time ago and we've come to terms with it. Truth is Dec was a bit over football anyway, to be putting in all that blood, sweat and tears to not be playing regular senior footy isn't easy. That being said, the family and I will be forever grateful to the Melbourne Football Club for giving Dec the chance to live out his life long dream, and he got that chance on a sunny afternoon at the MCG. Not only that, but they won a close game, and himself having an impact on that result (his centre clearance for those who remember) He and us will never forget it. To everyone at Demonland, since I first started posting here 5 years ago when Dec started playing some decent footy at Casey, thank you for all your kind words. I have had a great time being able to share this experience with super passionate supporters which are sometimes hard to find. I have sincerely enjoyed the conversations and experiences I've had over the years and I'll be sure to pop back in ever now and again as I now and will always bleed Red and Blue. Dec's career wasn't the most glamorous by any stretch but only a very small percentage of people who ever play our beloved game get to say they played in the AFL. Cheers everyone, and have a drink on me!
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    I’m going to take one for the team here, I don’t do a lot of in depth reporting normally because my time is precious (and I don’t have really fast typing skills). Having said that; I may end up rambling a bit as I enjoy a Merlot at the keyboard. I live in Ballarat but I was house sitting in Emerald for a couple of days and finished up this morning. I had to pick up some stock for our business on the way home (in Moorabbin). I thought I would swing by and see what I could see. (All they could do was ask me to leave) I got there around 1000 (I seriously wish I had got there at 0900). While checking out the parking situation I could see Crossy on another oval putting Hannan and someone else (I couldn’t make out in the distance) through their paces at a serious fast clip. They were running up and down the field handballing to each other. 1hr 30mins later they were still at it. For other track watchers, Hannan can’t be that far away now can he? I just walked in and proceeded around to the side opposite the grandstand. There was a full ground match sim going on Pinks vs Blues and the scores were up on the electronic boards 2.6 to 4.2 as I walked around, the player I noticed the most was Smith. He seemed to be everywhere in defence. There was a family standing outside the fence observing proceedings so I went up and said G’day. Turned out to be the parents and siblings of Tye Hourigan who had been invited along to train today. The family and Tye had no idea that would include 2 x 30 mins full ground sim! Ty is from Traralgon and has been playing defence for Gippy Power. He looks a likely type about 6’2 in the old and around 80kgs. From hips and down looks like a ready-made footballer. Soon after the sim stopped and they moved into a number of drills for the different groups (mids/rucks, fwds and backs that have been largely described before. This was all done at a great pace and with good skill. After about a half hour of this it was back into 30min full ground match sim. Max got on top of Pruess early resulting in a number of centre clearances. One of the early ones ended up with Petty on a great lead and I walked around to stand directly behind him. The wind was blowing around 40km/hr across from right to left and I was muttering aim at the right point post. Standing behind him he looked to be aiming 2m inside the right goal post. It was a lovely kick off the boot and in the last 6m of its flight it went hard left by 5m. This was the only real negative I saw for the day and both teams went on to score around 4.2 so the adjustment to the windy conditions largely improved. In the match sim I could count 4 Casey listed players. Stockdale clearly being one and a couple of others I didn’t recognize. I know that can’t be right and there must have been more but I couldn’t spot them. Having said that it is the most First’s I’ve seen playing in sims, at this intensity, in January EVER After the match sim they went into more position related drills again. I moved around more to a the pocket /half back position on the grandstand side. There were a couple of tackle coaches I haven’t seen before working with all the talls; Max, Preuss, Jackson , Lever, Weid, TMac, Hore, etc . They were working in a 10m circle and the object was to escape with the ball. This went on for 20min and I was exhausted just watching them. To the left of me Goody was controlling a drill where 4 or 5 players would be in a small circle doing quick handballs. When he blew the whistle the last player with the ball had to break away and run and kick the ball 40 m to Greg Stafford. The remaining players would run both sides of the ball carrier in support. Stafford would punch/ tap the ball in the path of the “wave” and they would share the ball around till a leading forward presented or one of the wave was close enough to shoot for goal. Both Tomlinson and Spargo participated in this drill so I would expect them both to be very close to rejoining everything. They didn’t do match sim. Unsighted on the day: Baker, KK, Melksham, Neitzke, Bennell and Chandler. May was there but I didn’t see him do much, however the dressing was missing from the leg (happy face, mine and his) Some general obs. Our older brigade are up and about, Nev is back and handing out lessons to anyone he comes near. Hibby is not handing over his role this year if he stays fit (although Rivers did impress me and looks ready to go if a spot presents). Tmac is also back, leading well, finding space and clunking marks. Jones may surprise a few in the forward line. Lever was outstanding today in the cut off/ intercept role. Viney and AVB will take a lot of teams by surprise if they stay this fit (yes, AVB did everything today including swapping bibs at one stage to even things up). Sparrow was good in the guts at times. To go to another level this year: Max, Clary and Trac (that should put the wind up a few teams). OMac looks to have bulked up and be quicker, is that possible? Jackson was willing but not that effective in the match sim I saw today. The practice matches will be interesting and I can see a difficult decision coming re Cossie. Is the magic he brings enough to play him even if he goes missing sometimes due to fitness? On today’s observations I would play him round one. He will make a lot of defenders nervous and he will have that reputation very quickly. Nibbler however is giving every indication that he wants a spot in that forward line. I’m excited!!! (In a BBO kind of way) They finished around 1215 today so it was a really solid session. I had a great time today and couldn’t get the smile off my face. I also noticed this with Goody and a number of the other coaches. A great way to lead into Maroochydore. Near the end of the session I got Tye Hourigan’s family to come inside the fence near the entry gates and while we were chatting a fella in his 20’s came in with his dog on a lead and asked if it was ok if he came in to have a look. He was wearing Richmond shorts so I told him very sternly, “It’s a closed session and you will have to leave” He was very apologetic and left. Made the day even more worthwhile.
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    This is a first time post. I visited from Adelaide today. I don’t read Demonland a lot other than at this time of the season, and really appreciate those who do training reports. But knowing people involved in the club, this is not the place to spend too much time in season! I thought I would add my bit to preseason, although it’s 3 hours later so I have probably already forgotten half of it and Kev above covered some of it. I arrived at 9.15 and the players were already warming up. I stayed till the very end, which was just after 1pm with the last 3 off the track being Steven May, Jack Viney, and Marty Hore. They finished with goal to goal repeat sprints, which at the end of a 4 hour session was impressive. Even more impressive is May was side by side with Viney doing 22-25 second 170m sprints after 4 hours of training. It was about 80% ball work and 20% running at training. They started in 2 groups at each end doing non contact match sim inside the 50 arcs. The emphasis was on kicking skills. Every turnover was called out loud and clear by the coaching staff, even if was a poor that bounced. While this was going on AVB, Petty, and Bradke were doing repeat 200-300m sprints around the outside. AVB was setting the pace and looked in great nick. When he was leaving training he was saying that if 2019 was different he would have played in the back half of the year like 2018, and he feels he is 100%. From what I can tell he is doing lots of running but perhaps they don’t want to risk a Spargo like step on foot incident yet. After the skills match sim it changed to full oval match sim with the non contact players standing out. Lever, Weideman, Jetta etc we’re not standing around, but doing a lot of explosive agility type work in the unused forward pocket. The match sim was interesting. It would start with a congested activity somewhere upfield with an emphasis on ground balls. The players would repeatable roll the ball into a scrimmage, and then try and pick up and get a clearance and when they did just roll the ball back in. It kept going until the coaches blew a whistle which signalled it was real, and from a clearance they’d try and get it inside 50 to a lead. It was pretty willing, evidenced by Tmac (I think) leading out at full tilt with Hore drifting back and KK trying to spoil. Hore and KK were both flattened. Luckily no major harm although KK left training to get his elbow seen to. After the full oval match sim they broke up into various groups doing different activities. Mainly seemed to focus on skills, although some players would be cycled through activities that looked a bit like trying to work on explosiveness. For example, 3 players would be on their stomachs, and the coach would roll a ball near 1 and call out. 2 would jump up, the closest to get the ground ball and the second to tackle. Seemed to be working on recovery, getting to feet, evading or tackling etc. Another group were totally focussed on kicking to the wing. Others were doing 150m sprints, and other doing stoppages again with ground balls. For the ground ball stoppages, the coaches were continuously calling out for longer handballs to the outside. At one stage, Stafford was working on goal kicking. Hunt and Weideman did a lot of work. Then they setup a spot 40m out and had a camera directly in front and one to the side. Stafford was managing, and had Petracca, ANB, Oliver, Melksham, and Fritsch filmed for about 10 kicks each. No one else. Petracca still has a lot of work to do and I’m sure his routine will be sorted. Was still walking up to kick. The rest looked pretty good, but all seemed to be told to get some forward momentum, or at least compared to Petracca seemed to be accelerating in to kick with pretty good results. Especially Melksham who didn’t seem to miss. Some of the highlights for me overall were Petracca. He is in ripping nick, and ran in a group with Brayshaw and a few others in the repeat sprints. He is in better running nick than ever, was right up the front, and looked to handle it better than Brayshaw. Another highlight was May. It looked like he had to do extra’s, and he did not lag behind in any of the sprints. His group included Max and he was side by side with him the entire way. He also looks in great nick. In one drill, there was a handball chain that ended with a player at 40m running toward goal. May drilled everything. The other was TMac. He has his running legs, and was continuously getting in good positions and marking in the full oval match sim. Viney is doing all the running and more. His foot is not a problem touch wood, and he is loving the program Burgess has given him. Already he feels fitter than ever, and he did the extras. Oscar Mac looks in great nick and to have bulked up a lot. In the inside 50 skills match sim his kicking is really good. I didn’t see him miss a kick, which I probably couldn’t say about most of the squad. Overall, and I don’t have much to compare against as I didn’t see training last year, the squad looks in excellent nick. I did talk to a few of the veteran supporters to ask how it compares to prior years. They all seemed to think it’s the fittest they have seen them.
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    Managed to get down for my first session of this off season. Stayed from the start until about 10:30 when I had to duck off. I'll give a rundown of the session I saw and then go through each player at the end (it will be the only way for me to remember what I thought about them all!) Rehab: Tomlinson - walking laps, Baker - walking/jogging laps, and a grouping of Jones, KK, Hannan and Bradtke. Jones does look grumpy about being in this group. None appeared overly encumbered. Hannan perhaps a little but he has an odd gait. Tom Mac no show, though he did appear later before I left. Spargo & Bennell unsighted. A few extremely looking fit umpires running the boundary - more on that later. Started with warm ups and run throughs - nothing much to comment on here other than to say I enjoyed the work of the trainer (not sure it was Burgess). Loud, clear and funny too, had the boys in good spirits to start the session. We seemed to have a couple of random players training with us - not sure of names, background etc. Lockhart seems to struggle with the warm ups and exercises. Think he is far from a natural athlete. They then moved on to some kick to kick, but in groups of 4. 2 pairs kicking to each other, with the aforementioned training balls with the yellow line down the middle. One player marks and hands off left or right to the player who immediately hits up the target with a short kick. I know some of you will love this - but there was an emphasis on kicking with the wrong foot every 2nd kick or so. Fair to say there were some average skills here from all and sundry. Reports of Rivers' kicking appear far overstated - he is a long way off Fritsch levels to whoever said that. Pickett too, is not as natural on his wrong foot as previous reports led me to believe. Jackson on the other hand has very neat skills on his preferred right in particular. There is something there that reminds me of a little less polished Bont (at least in kicking style/elbows/etc). Some of the poorest wrong foot kicking came from Bedford, Sparrow (although his preferred has improved from last year) and Dunkley, all of whom were grouped together hence particularly noticeable. I was too far away from the other groupings to comment other than the draftees who I specifically looked for. They then broke into groups - Key position players down one end, with the wings occupied by the mids/flankers/pocket players. I was closest to the Key position guys so will start there. This drill involved a coaching member kicking out from the pocket to a 2v1 situation on the HFF - 2 defenders vs 1 forward. Forwards included Fritsch, Weideman, Petty, a train-with player, and Brown. Backs included OMac, Lever, May, Joel Smith, Hore. The first 2v1 situation seemed to be about one defender engaging while another went third man up. An umpire was on hand calling holding the man if the engaging defender held on too much, which was a good idea (even though the players didn't seem to notice or care when a free kick was called as the drill was moving too fast). The 2nd defender would then drop off and the forward and remaining defender ran into the 50, pivoted on a cone with the forward leading to the coach on the HFF. If the defender didn't check his man closely enough, the kick would be delivered to the leading forward. This only happened once. If there was not enough separation on the lead, the forward would double back around to receive a high kick at the point of the goal-square, with the defender trying to body and ultimately spoil/outmark. The 2nd umpire was on hand to watch these contests for holding too, and called a couple. In general, there were two stand-out players in this drill - being 1) May and 2) Joel Smith. May is just an absolute brute - he is strong, physical and intense, and with a running jump can fly as well as 3rd man up. Joel Smith is a very impressive athlete - as big (if not bigger) as most of these boys, but also faster and with more spring, reads the flight of the ball well too. He has sure hands and outpointed more or less every forward on every occasion, either punching or marking in a 1v1 vs the forward. Weideman was disappointing - to me he just doesn't have the required intensity to body up and shake clear of his opponent. He always seems to want to take a running jump or simply reach over the top, which didn't work in particular against Smith who just rises too high. I have been prepared to give him time but I have my doubts. The concern for him is that he shows no more than Petty, who is a couple years his junior but appears to have more of the intensity required. If Sam fails to perform this year, I think the coaching staff might just run out of patience. Fritsch was undersized in this drill so didn't star, but he's a fantastic overhead mark as we know, times his leap exceptionally well and positions himself to protect the dropzone. Brown is a funny one - appears much more comfortable with the ball on the deck than he is in the air. Can't jump particularly high. Lever isn't an especially impressive player in 1v1 situations, but won his share of contests purely by getting front position and drawing a free kick. Hore went OK, OMac is just too sluggish (I like him, but this may be his downfall) and the train-with player was a nice athlete too with a good burst of speed. Would have liked to have seen Luke Jackson in this drill though I imagine he would have been rag-dolled. I then moved to the wing where a group of mids/flankers/pockets were doing some kind of transition drill from end to end involving a player marking the ball from a kick, selling a dummy around the man on the mark and handballing out to a free player, who looked to be trying to deliver kicks clearing a pack of players that I imagine is supposed to represent the 'body' of players in the middle of the ground as we transition out of the 50. i.e. aiming to clear the centre circle ish and go arc to arc. There was some average kicking here from a few - Brayshaw (who was wearing #43 oddly), Langdon, Dunkley in particular. Langdon's kicking isnt great, very high ball drop. Dunkley likewise doesnt appear to have a particularly low or controllable kicking action - struggles to kick with any penetration by my eye. Brayshaw's issue was more of sloppiness than action. Jetta & Oliver looked good in this drill, didn't mind little Chandler either who is neat enough by foot. They then moved into a sort of semi-full ground match simulation. There was only one scoring end, teams split into training tops vs hi-vis vests. Fair to say the hi-vis team, who were not the scoring team, struggled, although there may have been a deliberate outnumber in certain parts of the ground, it was hard to tell. Due to the vests it was also a little more difficult to tell who was who in this drill. There appeared to be an emphasis on kicking out, then going back i50 and switching to the free side with speed. This wasn't always particularly well done and quite a few poor kicks were intercepted i50 by the attacking team leading to set shots on goal. In particular, one turnover to Weideman's lap who does have a good set shot kick and drilled it. Couldn't see who the culprit was. The absolute stand-out in this drill was Fritsch. He honestly made it look easy - either presenting up at the ball as a forward, or intercepting the hi-vis team's exit from the back 50 and just strolling into goal. An exceptionally skilled and smart player who has the scope to do very special things in the forward line I think. Other strong contributors in this drill were May, who took one very good pack mark when he had no right to, and I liked Lockhart's work as a small defender. He's tenacious, has good agility, is elusive, and creative by hand and foot. He shares many attributes with Jetta and I can see why they might have him in mind for that role. Because we know he can go forward, I wouldn't be surprised to see him make a few 22's during the year as he could be handy to move up forward when we need a goal at the end of games. LJ struggled up forward to be frank - hands to a lot of balls but couldn't quite bring them down. Being matched up on Lever and May is a steep learning curve. Individual Player observations: Pickett - Applied decent forward pressure in the match simulation, without ever laying too many tackles or getting much of the ball. Couldn't bring down Viney, managed to bring down Gus on the wing. Early days but I had hoped to see him with ball in hand a little more. Next time hopefully. Didn't seem lightning quick but there wasn't a lot of space to show this off. Rivers - a very good size that would allow him to play early if good enough. Didn't get overly involved in match simulation but I will repeat that his kicking is perhaps not as good as it has been touted. Kicked twice into the man on the mark. If he's to transition to a mid, will need to improve his speed of thought / hand in contested situations, but like Kossie, early days and he is getting used to the tempo. Jackson - Very interesting player. I can see why they think he might be a mid long term as he's good below his knees, makes good decisions by hand and is neat by foot. As above, struggled as a forward against the bigger bodies. If he plays early in the fwd line, I wouldn't be expecting much aside from the odd cameo. Tomlinson - Absolutely massive unit. Would have to be the biggest 'winger' of all time. Walking laps. Langdon - Does have good running patterns as has been touted, finds pockets of space to receive the ball and got a fair bit of it in the match sim as a result. I like the timing of his late runs into the 50 behind the forwards/backs, was found by Fritsch in the goal square with a particularly raking kick on one occasion. May - Discussed above - I will only add that he is absolutely crucial to this team. There is no other defender like him on the list and you can see he makes them all walk taller. Very vocal and a leader. My only criticism is that he does everything with so much gusto, he has a tendency to over commit to contests that he has very little chance of winning, and can sometimes leave his man free as a result when he misses the ball or something. Jones - Rehab, looked grumpy. A lovely left foot kick, was teaching Bradtke to drop the ball lower. Seemed fine and probably not far off. Salem - Looked his usual self, nothing of note. Skinny legs! Harmes - Watching him in the Match Sim, I think he is the Hibberd replacement. Similiar players - speed, can shrug a tackle, not easily beaten. A good player who has become a consistent trainer. Petracca - Other than wearing a funny hat, I did not think he was particularly noticeable. Didn't get a lot of the ball, though had good burst speed when he did. Needs to continue working on making faster decisions when he receives the ball as his indecision allows defensive numbers to get back. Viney - Looked good overall other than some loopy kicking. But strong in the contest, shrugging off would-be tacklers, and generally involved. Moving well. Lever - As above, a strange player who isn't overly strong, fast or athletic. Very vocal and a leader though; we are paying him for his brain rather than his body. Prone to erroroneous kicking out of D50. Spargo - Absent Brayshaw - One observation above, but not too noticeable otherwise. Just travelling along it seems. Brought down by Kossie when he should not have been. Gawn - The quietest session I have seen from him. Barely noticed. Good in the contest when called upon. Bedford - Got a little bit of the ball; he's got spunk which I like. His kicking can let him down though, quite loose action and tends to overhit his passes. Good height for a small forward. Oliver - Our best player. Good things happen when he gets the ball. Just understands where to kick it, when to run, and how to position himself and his team mates. No particularly outstanding moments but just consistently makes smarter decisions than the rest of the list. Hibberd - I thought he looked a little more like his 2018 self, industrious coming out of D50 and strong in the contest. A very important player still. KK - in rehab, barely resembles a footballer anymore in size. Honestly looks like one of the volunteers/trainers running around. I hold little hope. Melksham - With Fritsch, the most dangerous forward on the ground in the Match sim. Such a good user of his body when the ball is in the air and had quite a few set shots as a result. Hannan - in rehab. Weird gait, weird player. Can't help but think his days might be numbered if Fritsch continues to star and Melksham holds the other HFF. But injuries, declines or other circumstances can provide his opportunity if he can get fit. Preuss - Does appear leaner, though lost a little of his imposing presence as a result. Didn't get a lot of ball in the match sim. In no man's land in my opinion; neither a forward, doesn't look like a 1st ruck anymore and doesn't strike me as anything else. I liked his game against Carlton last year though when he was our 1st ruck. AVB - Our most physical player. Bashed and crashed his way around, including bringing down the non-contact Neitschke. Love having him back. Generally very involved; a full year of him on the park will make us so much better, as we all saw during our 18 finals run. Jordon - Can't say I noticed him too much but suspect he was playing for the hi-vis team and therefore absent a number. Has no particularly noticeable style, height, hair or hat so he is a tricky one! Tmac - As above, no show at the start though arrived later in runners. Not sure what the issue is. Weideman - Some commentary above, in short I have concerns. If he has put on strength/size, it doesn't show in terms of how he uses it. More intensity required. Nietschke - First I have seen of him and agree with others that he appears to naturally find space and the ball. Not a particularly great user but could have a role one day. Appears diligent if his form during the warm ups / exercises is anything to go by (much more than some other players). Omac - Some discussion above - I like his kicking skills and like his genuine size, I think he is effective on the gorilla forwards if they don't have much speed. Put space around him though and he's all at sea; if I was coaching the opposition I would be taking him deep to isolate at every opportunity. Got called for quite a few holding the man free kicks in the key position drill because once they get separation, he can't keep up and so holds on. At this point I think we may have seen close to his best in 2018. If May were to go down, he's a serviceable replacement but barely adequate. One thing I did notice is that he is perhaps too 'smart' for his own good - in the key position drill I described above he often wouldn't bother sticking too close to the forward on the first lead because most of the time the leads weren't being honoured; a quirk of the drill given they were trying to practise 1v1 contested marking. He began to double back almost immediately knowing that that's where the drill would very likely end up. Again, in my view this shows his lack of intensity. Nonetheless, he's not the worst depth in the world but not convinced he will ever be a best 22 full back, at least not in a very successful team. Hunt - I liked what I saw from him today. Seemed to be picking the ball up in the back half and looking a little like his 2017/2018 self running it out of the back half, but pleasingly lowering his eyes. One to watch, could be a quiet improver. ANB - Not too noticeable, as usual buzzing around the contest to receive exit handballs. Knows his role, has limitations but there is a place for him in the 22 when on song. Brings more energy albeit less skill than the nearest competition for an endurance small flanker (C Wagner). Fritsch - See above. A beautiful player who made quite a few look silly. Judging by the quality of his forward half intercepting (very prevalent in the time I watched), the time down back may have actually done him some good in this area. Appeared to read the ball coming out very well. Sparrow - I like his size, speed and power, but he needs a touch more guile or it will all go to waste. When he receives the ball in traffic he doesn't have a heap of composure in deciding how to get rid of it, and bombs it away quite often as a result. As I noted above, in the drills his kicking seemed slightly improved from his first year. He could be something but it's going to take some work; he's one who I think would benefit from consistent AFL exposure with its high tempo. VFL will help too, but won't exactly accelerate his development in his problematic area given you have more time at that level. Baker - jogging laps. Good size. I am hopeful for him as he showed a bit particularly against GWS at the G last year. Hore - a very non-fuss player and valuable depth. Bit of a 'tweener but does everything well without ever excelling. Not sure of his future. Petty - Moves like a big key forward should. He's imposing & heavy. Decent skills during the kicking drills, but barely touched it (that I saw) in the match sim. Chandler - Busy little player who I don't mind; has a sidestep and can work his way out of trouble. May be too small to make the grade given he doesn't possess the elite skills or pace that supposedly Pickett does. But he's a goer and will give himself every chance of making it you sense. Jetta - Looked good, free and running well after I have had concerns on his age/body/decline. Early days with a full season of knocks and bruises to come but a very composed leader. Rarely makes mistakes. C Wagner - Can get the ball on the outside and has OK skills and pace. Looks a million bucks at VFL level but can't match it with the big AFL mids I fear. May one day have a role as a flanker but it's not something he's especially natural at in my opinion. Reminds me of ANB. Lockhart - As above I liked his work today. Has genuine footy smarts and elusiveness in a way that many on our list do not. Not a natural athlete at all but knows his game. Will play games this year IMO. J Wagner - Same old. May have been responsible for a couple of turnovers but not sure it was him (hi-vis). Squeezed a lovely kick around the corner to Pickett down the other end. An error-prone player who is depth at best & I think knows he's potentially on his last chance. In his favour is that he seems durable and does not get injured. Growing his hair. Joel Smith - See above. Loved what I saw in the aerial drill. A bit of a clunky kick but when you watch him in training up close he's an absolute specimen. Would love his groins to stay trouble free and see what he can do with a bit of time in the 1s. Not sure it's the time for that given our ambitions, but he could be a very good player I think. Has a rare athletic profile that many would kill to have. Bradtke - Rehab. Beanpole. Working on set shots, hit them OK. Stafford working with him on his kicking as he seems incapable of hitting any kind of a low spearing pass (similiar to gawn though). Seems athletic, long way to go. Dunkley - I watched with interest as I find him difficult to judge. He's a relatively smooth mover over the ground but it kind of translates to his kicking in that his steps/run up don't change when kicking. That sounds good but it's not; it means he kicks in full stride rather than steadying himself with minor adjustments like some of the best do innately. This results in overhit, long kicks (we know he can hit long kicks from his set shot kicking last year). Does seem to be able to find the footy. A weird one, not sure on his future. Those who would draw comparisons to his similarly 'agricultural' brother when drafted would be missing that KDunk does not have Josh's explosiveness. Maybe he can develop it though? Brown - A few things mentioned above - he's alright. Decent depth. Not a lot of overhead presence but I like his searching leads. Notwithstanding he may all of a sudden become important, I'd like to think he's been signed to force Weideman to step up. Not sure it will work, but I like that idea. My overall impression was that training was fine. Not amazing, not bad, just training. I remain concerned about our key forward stocks as neither of Weideman or Brown showed much, and Petty is promising but still young and inexperienced at the craft. It's not a particularly strong group though. This was relatively glaring in my view particularly given the absence of TMac, and I think you'll find we still rely on him quite a lot this year at least if he is fit. If he's not, it might be struggle town again. The positive for the forward line was that Fritsch and Melksham looked absolutely terrific and would give many half back flankers a good bit of trouble. Nothing I saw convinced me that we've 'solved' the forward pocket role, but it's Kossie's 2nd or 3rd week and the drills weren't particularly conducive to small forward play, with the most contested forward 50 ever in the match sim. Our other small forwards are mostly 2nd/3rd year players. Personally, 2018 Spargo is still the best of the lot if he can rediscover his form. His footy IQ was very important to us that year. Backline looked strong with May, Joel Smith and Lever an interesting combination I haven't previously considered. If a team got picked from today, Joel Smith would be in it. Midfield is now stocked all through the depth chart, albeit with late / speculative draft choices, so let the best men win. But no one is touching Oliver. Not even close. That's actually turned out to be quite a long post....
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    GENTS!!!!! I've known about this since yesterday but have had to keep quiet until the official release. Over 12 years of blood, sweat and tears has gone into this day. Dec has worked his [censored] off and finally gets his chance, debuting at the glorious MCG. I am lost for words. Lets hope he kicks a few goals. Carn Dec and Carn the Dee's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    For the first time I arrived before the players who wondered over at about 9.15. For consistency my first stop was rehab and there was some good news. Vanders and Petty weren't in it. Bradtke was along with KK, Jones, Hannan, Oscar Baker and Bennell. Jones was doing a lot of running scaling down to Bennell who was doing gentle 100m runs. Tomlinson was also there and doing gentle runs for the first time. The usual warm up drills with a bit of stretching and some short runs and kicking followed before they broke into groups for some kicking, leading type drills where the skills were pretty good. Viney was in fine form in front of me along with Chandler who was out in full training despite missing Wednesday (as did Vanders). Another drill involved some leading and marking against a defender in genuine contest work and the first player of the day to really impress was Joel Smith. He was in everything, marking really well and getting a lot of it. We noticed an umpire doing some warm up laps and were excited to see some real match practice. It was 100% flat out but with "respectful tackling". What fun!! Players to impress: Fritsch: If there was a "best on ground" it surely went to this bloke. Had the ball on a string, was clean and clunked mark after mark. The only downer was his kicking was a little off but he looks to have make another step up from last year based on today. Harmes: Just involved in everything playing half back. Made space, was clean with the ball, kicked it well and made good decisions. I think there is little doubt he'll play back this season and hopefully play that Laird/Lloyd role. Melksham: in everything. Jetta: he was back with his dancing feet, got plenty of it and kicked very well. You'd have been proud of him Saty! Langdon: Just did what he did at Freo. Up and down the wing, plenty of possies with his execution still a bit off. Dunkley: I call this bloke "Mr Invisible". Never seem to notice him but today he was on a wing in front of me marking Langdon and he got his fair share of it and looked comfortable. Bedford: I saw this bloke a lot at Casey last year and he never really got involved but today he did - often. Sadly he fumbled a fair bit and didn't make the most of his chances which was odd because he's got neat skills. Jackson: I don't want to hype this bloke too much but he did one thing in front of me that was special. Langdon was gathering a ground ball and for all the world looked like it was his. Jackson swooped (and I mean swooped) in at full pace, gathered it cleanly and gave a left hand handball off to a teammate. It was a thing of beauty. This kid could be anything. But to balance my report it's only fair to say he missed some marks he should have taken but it's the first time he's played in a genuine full pressure situation. He gets more of the ball on the ground than in the air and the more I see him the more I can believe the talk of midfield in a few year. Pickett: He was involved, had no trouble with the pace of the game and did some nice things but also make mistakes missing a chest mark he should have taken at one stage. But he's got that typical indigenous talent of speed and lateral movement. His closing speed is terrific. Oliver, Brayshaw, Gawn, May and Lever all did well but you've seen them do it often. There were two sessions of match sim each lasting about 10 minutes with the draftees sitting out the second along with Vanders and Petty. They finished with some serious running before the end at about 11.15. Spargo was there in a moonboot and TMac didn't train, I've no idea why. Vanders and Petty seemed to get through fine and Jones doesn't seem far away. Hannan was also doing much more than a week or so ago and Baker did some running at about half pace which I haven't seen before. Tomlinson and Bennell look a long way off and KK has been on the same program for the week it would seem. It was great to see something like real footy.
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    It was hot and windy, difficult conditions that we handled pretty well. Rehab: Vanders and Petty. Pretty much the same as last week. Joined all drills other than the zoning drill I will describe later. Jones and KK. Walked a few laps and then did multiple 100 metre runs around the boundary at about half pace. Neither looked at all inconvenienced. Hannan. Similar to Jones and KK except he ran straight line 100m working up from slow to three quarter pace. Did some specific exercises with one of the physio's concentrating on gait and agility. Spargo: unsighted Bennell: a late arrival and did some gentle boundary running. Tomlinson and Baker: walking That's it for rehab. All the other players did the full session other than Jackson, Rivers and Pickett who joined some of the drills and some specialized drills away from the main group. It was a "craft" day today from what I could tell. There was no match sim but many drills concentrating on specific areas. The main drill of interest was two "teams" practicing zoning and kicking within the zone. The players were continually telling each other where to go, where to stand and alerting them to opposition positioning. The "playing area" was about half the size of a soccer field. Other drills involved marking and spoiling exercises in a three man up situation. Still others involved kicking to leading forwards and there was some "loose" goal kicking practice. The session was only about 2 hours and not nearly as intense as last week, nor as long. The session was one where individual players didn't really stand out but Steve May's kicking is a thing of beauty. In difficult conditions he regularly found tight targets. Beyond that no player really caught my notice for either good or bad reasons. Pickett was there and moves really nicely, is clean with the ball and disposes well. He'll play earlier than many think, particularly if Bennell isn't available. Jackson continues to impress with his skills (and I only mention this because of the concern prior to draft). All in all a low key session in hot and difficult conditions.
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    Training was underway by 9.10 when I arrived and my first port of call was rehab. Walking around to the rehab group I look for Vanders but sadly no sign. I don't think we can deduce anything from him not being there. He was fine on Monday so hopefully, and most likely, it's just managing his loads. There were three in rehab. Joney, Petty and KK. They were doing the usual running of around 100m repetitions and as always didn't seem to be in any trouble. But that was all they did for the day and they didn't do a lot. Later, Bennell and Oscar Baker made an appearance but didn't do any work that I saw although by that stage I'd moved to the other side of the ground and wasn't concentrating on rehab. There was still no sign of Spargo. So onto the drills. Across the ground from flank to flank teams of initially 8 per team would move the ball by foot from one end to the other. Lots of hard running in these drills and the kicking was okay. Later this exercise reduced to 6 and was handball only. Much more running as quick at that. There were a couple of highlights involving the new boys. The first was Kossi, nobody could catch him and his lateral movement and ability to avoid tackles was very good. His skills are also very good, natural and duel sided. The second was Rivers in the 6 player handball drill. In this drill a player was often out the back and able to run into the open "goal" and as Viney ran in Rivers took him down, hard. It was the only tackle of the sot that I saw and I reckon Viney loved it. Rivers looks very like Fritsch in his movement and physique and has similar kicking skills. Jackson was also very good in these drills. He's exceptionally athletic and is also duel sided by hand. I haven't noticed whether he has the same skill by foot. He's very quick off the mark and for a young bean pole he's really well coordinated. His ball handling is also clean and he knows how to be involved. None of the young blokes looked out of place in these drills. They moved on to a short session of match sim with some body contact by it was not fierce. Someone else may be able to explain but there are two teams but there are also two who wear white vests. No idea what the point is here but today it was CWagner and Melk. No real standouts in the match sim for me but it was brief. They then broke into four groups. One was goal kicking, one marking with the emphasis on positioning, one was clearance work and the final one was tackling, wrestling and some really gruelling exercises. This last group was exhausting just to watch but the players really seemed to enjoy it, particularly the wrestling. They finished with some running with Langdon, Jordan, Sparrow doing well but in the final 400m run around the group ANB dominated. Bedford also was very good, Neita right up there along with Hunt and Oscar. Training finished at about 11.30. With a fit list this year Casey will be fun to watch if the young blokes are playing. I'd expect Sparrow to make a bit of a run at senior footy and Neita looks likely. The last few spots in the best 22 will be interesting to see.
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    Got there at 10:10 by which time Jones, KK, Petty, Tomlinson, Baker were finishing up. So no idea how much or how little they did. Joel Smith was in the proper match jumper but he was done by then as well. No Spargo, no Vanders, no Kade Chandler as far as I could tell. Viney in runners and sat out the match sim and the running, but was walking from side to side as the mids did 300m repeats runs to pump them up. Dunkley another to miss the match sim and running. Salem was also on light duties and sat out the match sim and just did some touch work with the 3 draftees. And May and Lever finished up before the running. Hopefully just a matter of taking it easy with a lot of guys now they've banked some decent training. Lots of grappling work in different groups. Fritsch again sat it out - assuming due to a taped shoulder - and did double goal kicking. A couple of extended forward groups including Preuss, Gawn and Oliver did goal kicking. In pairs, one kicks to the lead then mans the mark whilst the other takes the set shot. Pickett has a lovely kick to a lead and is a nice goal kicker despite enjoying shuffle steps and looping the ball around. Jackson has a nice simple set shot routine that seems to work well for him. Defenders did some kicking drills and I was impressed by Hore kicking low and hard on his preferred left boot and Rivers also nicely hitting targets. Nietschke certainly not as pretty but under minimal pressure it gets to where it needs to go. They were rotating through some pretty willing handball drills when I first got there, about 7 on 7, aiming to move the ball about 60m to then score a goal before it went back the other way. Missed handball or anyone touched and it was a turnover. Petracca and Oliver the standouts in various teams. Bedford had some errors but also a few nice moments when he could show his elusiveness. Jetta was heavily involved. Lockhart was busy. This was the type of drill that was just completely missing from last year and whilst there were plenty of moments where the ball was turned over it was nice to see at other times the players really hustling up and back. We might just have some midfield transition this year! Match sim was done in 2 groups - blue v green, with 2 players - Melksham and Corey Wagner in the white bibs going both ways. The blues were the starters and had Lever, May and Jetta down back and Fritsch, T Mc, ANB forward, Gawn, Oliver, Petracca mid and some others. Melksham was standout - unsurprisingly given he was going both ways - but he had a number of nice kicks on both sides. The aim was to get a mark inside 15m and Fritsch was the number 1 target, got on the end of a few but Hore and Hibberd made nice spoils at other times. At the other end Steve May went fairly and not recklessly through poor Bradtke at one stage which got a nice high 5 from Lever. Petracca was busy and went on a number of quality runs. Nice to see him bouncing with his left hand. Nietschke had a number of smart intercepts dropping back from a wing/flank position. I watched a few repeats of the running. With the mids doing repeat 300's (or whatever about 3/4's of Gosch's is maybe 250) Jordon and Sparrow again led the way with Petracca, Gus, Gawn, Oliver not far behind then a bit of a gap to big Preussy who was clearly feeling it. From the backs and forwards who were going end to end there were plenty - Nietschke, ANB, Fritsch, C Wagner, Bedford, T Mc pushing hard. Lockhart was one who wasn't exactly getting dropped but fitness probably isn't his strong suit. Trent Rivers casually loaded up a nice torp for a bit of fun from about 65-70 out off a couple of steps that landed on the goal line. Kozzy had a go that finished about 15m short.
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    It's on, day one under a beautiful Melbourne morning. They trained from 9 to 12 o'clock. 10 to fifteen support staff wait for the 8 to 10 coaches who are led to the field by Goody. No Bernie Vince or Jordan Lewis yet. The committee members including Barrett are also there and are making themselves available to discussions. The squad come out as one, 5 minutes later. They are brought together by Burgess who gives them the run down to today's work. He is a good communicator and all get his message and an opportunity to respond. In the rehab is Sam Wiedeman, Josh Wagner, Austin Bradke, Mitch Hannan, Aaron Vandenberg, Harrison Petty, Kade Kolodjasni and Neville Jetta. Some participated in the Tan run and the non-contact drills. Missing from today were Joel Smith, Oskar Baker and I think Kade Chandler. Adam Tomlinson was in kit but didn't train. Charlie Spargo in a moon boot and on crutches. Ed Langdon wearing number 15, he looked a bit nervous, struggling with skills though understandable as he gets comfortable with his new club. They start with running drills that stretch the legs. Then there off to a 3/4 lap of the Tan. They set of a startling pace. I was on bike and could just keep up. Probably gliding off at above 20 km/hr. The times are about 10.30 minutes. I followed at the back of the first pack with Jay Lockart and Tom Sparrow. Jake Lever led the second pack over the line. Back on the paddock, and they are into drills and simulations. Bayley Fritsch and Christian Salem setting up with great stab passes. A lot of the drills performed without much defensive pressure. The squad was divided into two groups for simulations. One in a confined area developing the short, congested game and the other working on defensive spread and zoning with offensive midfield turnovers to kick to the leading forwards. the two groups moved between both stations. It appears the positions for players arn't set yet as they all seemed to rotate with different plays. I would suggest that Tom Sparrow given his youth and being down on endurance at the moment is looking to be an attacking back flanker who can break the lines and deliver a good release. I believe Nathan Jones will play back flanker as well, he is also being very vocal out there. Could Marty Hore be used up forward? Thought he is also developing as a leader. Jake Melksham received a welcome back to training by Steven May. A hard fair collision. They finished the session with several 80 meter sprints in 17 – 18 seconds. A few stayed on the track. Braydon Preuss working Corey Wagner, Jack Viney kicking goals and Christian Salem working with James Jordan and I think Kyle Dunkley.
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    Good morning all I can’t overstate my excitement for today. Get to be in the rooms before the game for the jumper presentation then it’s meeting up with all the friends and family for the big day. Lets hope we bring the heat today and get the win.
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    Got there at 9:40 as the boys were finishing their warm ups. Windy, cool but not cold by that time, a bit soft under foot but no rain. Training the Winehouse down Baker just walking. Hannan some light jogging. Petty and Vanders with a mix of solid footy training and some steady running Bradtke and Weid joined in to make 4 for some kicking and marking. Weid later returned to the match sim Not sighted: Spargo, Tomlinson Young talent time LJ 17, KP 24, TR 20 Jackson - reports of his kicking being an issue are greatly exaggerated, has no problem kicking a nicely weighted drop punt. Didn't get too involved in many drills, but at one stage had a nice lead, spilled a mark and then turned and laced a kick. Did a little mock ruck contest with Bradtke and I saw his noted speed to gather the ball after a contest. Pickett - be it via handball or kick he gets the ball where he wants it to go and how he wants it to go, a natural. Makes all the little adjustment steps before marking or disposing with nice balance. He's not tall or bulky but in a bunch of mostly uncontested stuff he looked comfortable. Rivers - bearing in mind I didn't stay to see any endurance running he looks like a very good athlete and another who didn't look out of place at all. Can use it well on both sides, moves well to get the ball in the handball drill. Good first hit out. Missin' Misson injury update Oscar McDonald left the ground in the handball drill, not sure what happened and not obviously carrying anything but didn't look right, maybe copped a knock? Tommy then promptly went down rolling his left ankle trying to change direction. It's nice to know he still has ankles but this one didn't go well for him. Was in obvious discomfort. Then took him off and strapped him and tried a run through which didn't look too bad but sanity eventually prevailed and he walked back to AAMI (I would've used the golf cart for him but whatever) Nath Jones then later walked off looking rather grumpy. Unsure what happened there. Could be as simple as a bit of veteran rest. Comedic break: a dramatic reproduction of Demonland arguing over who we should've drafted with pick 3 Is that Italian Saty pushing to draft the ruckman? Drills Warm up exercises Kick to kick in 4's with pressure coming, using both sides Kick to kick around the ground with a partner Small group craft drills - ground balls, marking, clearances etc Handball in a 60 by 30 rectangle working the ball end to end Kicking in a 60 by 30 rectangle end to end Match Sim The 3 young guys sat out this one, initially watching before doing some standing kick to kick - all 3 rarely missing 15m passes, then a bit ground ball work and handballs Gawn - who was the defender so had the wind blowing it to him over the back took his usual number of strong marks, but Preuss got a couple back later Petracca, Oliver and Viney all had moments of quality and a stack of the ball Dunkley kept finding it out on the wing with varying results. Langdon started slow then got more involved Lockhart was the standout initially with excellent quick penetrating kicks on both sides of the body, turned a couple over later but its not easy with the wind Weideman took one nice grab inside 50, had a good lead and then turn and hit up kick Jordon gets involved, a few messy handballs but a nice smother Melksham busy across half forward. Fritsch the standout forward though. May a nice pack mark. Lever some well timed intercepts - although not playing on anyone Overall it was pretty messy due to the wind I think. Not as clean as last week. But very willing.
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    With umbrella in hand I went to training, getting there early in the expectation that we'd start a little earlier to avoid the weather. We didn't. Only Saty beat me and we chatted until, as usual, Vanders arrived first and did some stretches before the rest wondered accross from AAMI. Spargo, Baker, Tomlinson and Petty headed to rehab and as we countered down the rest the other absentees were OMac, KK, Hannan, Neita, May and Melksham. Smith was with the main group initially which I thought was odd given he's missed a bit but as it turned out he was over to rehab after some initial drills where he did some running before heading off half way through the session. Joney was out of rehab and in the main group for all but the match sims and Tomlinson looked like he just wanted to get out there. In rehab they all look to be doing the same sort of exercises/running except Petty was not doing the intense agility work of the others. They are clearly managing something and I suspect it's a groin issue of some sort. Oscar Baker was doing more intense running this week and really looking at Spargo and Tomlinson you'd wonder why they are not in full training. After a while Bennell strolled past and did his normal routine which doesn't appear to have changed in a month or so that I've seen so nothing much to report there. May appeared and did mainly walks around the boundary with a light bandage behind his knee where the cyst was obviously removed. I had a brief chat to him and he said he was fine and running a bit ahead of schedule. He is a really approachable and nice guy. There were a series of different drills for the different groups with a lot of focus on delivery of the ball inside 50. The drills are organised very well and it's all very efficient. The players were on the track for a good 2 hours today and there is no rest or down time. Different players obviously know exactly what drills they'll be involved in and it's all seemless. The match sims started with the usual suspects doing well. At one stage Weid ran back with the flight of the ball and missed a mark he should have taken. But 30 seconds later he took a great contested grab and from then on didn't miss a beat. Sparrow was busy and just looks like a footballer with a great build and Harmes again had leather poisoning. Vanders tackling was a highlight in the sims and the drills, he's quick over the first 5 metres and catches many unaware. Jones, Brayshaw and the first year players sat out the match sim. After that there were a few ball movement drills where Rivers was impressive, Kossies delivery to leading forwards was a highlight and Vanders was in everything. And to finish; Dunkley and Jordon were with the mids, Hunt, Bedford were with the forwards and Harmes continues to train with the backs. Bradke was also with the forwards and not the rucks and Jackson was with the rucks. If anyone still has concerns with Jackson's kicking - don't. He can kick both left and right foot and is capable. His closing speed continues to impress but he is a bit unsure with his ball handling at times but that will come. Any questions, let me know.
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    Thank you Satyricon. I remember the time MFC were preparing for our preliminary game and there you were in the inner circles of the club at the last Gosch's paddock run. Meaning, the club absolutely trust you, your social skills and keeping confidentiality. I find you are generous with your time and dedicated to our cause. As I read the forums, you are more than happy to respond to questions about the team and in-fact encourage our involvement. I believe you would get to a 4.30am training if it was scheduled. You make it to most trainings even in inclement weather conditions. That droll wit and sarcasm are great. Your pics, summations and most post are needed and appreciated. As are your insights and inside information. Thank you again for your efforts, posts and follow-ups.
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    Just back from training. I got there at 9.12 but I was late. They were already out there doing some warm up drills and gentle kicking. The first person I saw was Vanders. He did all the drills other than the match sims and a few of the specialist drills at the end where instead he ran 300m at a fair pace with Harry Petty. He looks in good shape. Petty also completed some of the drills at one stage taking a great grab over Preuss. Bennell and Tomlinson joined the rehab group at about 10 but I don't know what they did as I was on the other side of the ground. After a few handball keepings off type drills where unlike Wednesday there was "respectful tackling" they did match sims. It wasn't full on in terms of tackling but it was in terms of pace. And the news from the sims is "Jack's back". Vines was absolutely outstanding, got leather poisoning, was hard at it and added blind turns, good kicking, clean hand and great balance and agility to the sim. Melk had a great patch where he had it on a string, Fritter was on the end of a few, TMac marked very well and Weed held some good grabs. May's kicking is outstanding and Lever was also busy down back. Jackson and Rivers played the first sim and Jackson is so agile, found the ball in play and moves like a mid with good vision and execution including one blind turn and give off highlighting his work. Rivers looks likely particularly early. Clean, agile and a lovely kick. Neita and Hunt were opposed on my wing. Both were involved and Neita reminds me of a young Langdon with a better kick. I like what I'm seeing of him as he looks a natural winger to me (if there is such a position) and it will be interesting to see how he goes this year. One to watch. Another who impressed was Chandler. He's got a lot of good attributes with speed and agility being the standouts. He can kick too. The downer was Brayshaw leaving early although he didn't look too distressed. It wasn't a leg injury so I really can't add much. Hannan and KK were in rehab and not working very hard. These two don't look close to me. Jones wasn't there when I was but apparently walked some laps before I got there. After the second match sim selected groups did different things. But there were a number who literally ran off to AAMI not to be seen again. There was a clear emphasis on tackling again, Lewis was working with different players on goal kicking snaps and Stafford was working with Jackson on his kicking which looked pretty good to me. I could confirm what we know. Weed has really filled out and looks good taking some nice marks and kicking well. Oh, the other to be really involved was Hibbo. Ran well, defended and had a heap of it but for a lovely looking kick can he miss targets. He's done it his whole career with us so nothing much has changed. Lockhart was also impressive in patches and JJ also was involved. I left at about 11.50 when I decided the footy's were away but they were still going after 12. A long hard session with many of the players looking spent.
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    I arrived at about 9.15 with things well underway. I won't repeat what Demonland has said about rehab and missing players only to confirm that TMac was doing gentle agility runs and small kicks in rehab when I arrived but didn't look in any trouble at all. The missing as far as I could tell were Jones, KK, AVB, Spargo. The drills included the "handball game" where you had to handball to a teammate and run the ball down the "ground" for a goal. A missed handball or a "touched" player with ball was a turnover. They did this at full steam for about 30 minutes and looked exhausted at the end of it. Then onto the ground sims and I'm not surprised some of the skills were off. The was gentle contact in the drills but no physical pressure. On the sidelines were a rotating group with a heavy emphasis on tackling technique with a coach I didn't know. There was wrestling and some exhausting looking drills one which included diving under a person's leg and then bunny hopping back over them. They seemed to do about 20 of these. The new boys were involved in all these but didn't do the match sim stuff. They finished with running. Most were doing 100 metre run throughs but Gawn, Preuss, Trac, JJ, Dunkley, Sparrow, Langdon and Brayshaw were doing repeat 300 metre runs around the boundary. JJ won each one in about 50 seconds. They did about 6 with somewhere between 20 seconds and two minutes intervals. I left when the footy's were put away shortly after. Some player observations: Trac. It's been said before but he looks in ripping condition and just looks a cut above everyone else with his speed, ball handling, kicking and agility. He stood out like dogs testicles. Joel Smith - trained well I thought particularly in the handball games. No sign of any residual physical issues from last season. JJordan - looks in really good shape. He doesn't look quick in a straight line but had no trouble in the handball drills finding space and executing. His running is great. Neita - first time I'd really seen him. Not what I thought. He's a half back flank/wing runner. Not a big body but found a lot of space in the sims although his kicking was a bit off. He wasn't the only one. ANB - boy, can this bloke run. Was in everything but no noticeable improvement in execution. Hibberd - how can someone with such a nice kicking action miss so many targets? He looks to have taken off some weight over the off season. Jackson - reports about his poor kicking have been grossly overstated. Kossi - will be a fan favourite. Didn't see much of him today as the young kids clearly being managed. Rivers - moved nicely and not shy. All he did today was good but I didn't see him under any pressure. Hunt - looks good but struggles to get involved. Sparrow - second in the runs behind JJ and was involved. Chandler - did some really nice things. Has pace, was sure with the ball and clean. Impressive Dunkley - the invisible man. Probably got heaps but just seems to be one of those players you don't notice. It was windy today and by the time they did the sims they'd gone hard for about 90 minutes. I'm not surprised they were a bit scrappy. But if Trac stays fit - get excited.
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    Ok, so I went for a look. I can rarely make training (maybe twice a Year) so not sure how much value my observations are. Some quick observations: - seemed to be far more fluent in moving the ball from end to end than I observed last year. They had an end-to-end match simulation with two sides. I didn’t see much of this contested type work previously. While they were not bringing blokes to ground they were hard at it - a few shoves/niggles here and there/good to see. Footies our all the time, no running sessions like I had seen previously. - most blokes in full training. A couple (weid, bradtke) participated in all bar match sim. VDB, petty restricted duties. Tomlinson there but didn’t see him do anything. Sorry might be others on limited duties that I’ve forgotten. - they do look in very good nick I must say. Petracca noticeably leaner, weideman bigger. - the usuals suspects oliver, Jones, Harmes, Brayshaw in everything. May and lever combining well in passages (would not want to be a forward with may on me - powerful, quick and aggressive). Fritsch sublime conversion up front. To all the Oscar critics, he might surprise this year, looked more composed with ball in hand. - some younger guys that I had not seen much before, looked pretty good. Sparrow as hard as, doesn’t care who it is - still needs a bit of polish with his disposal but looks to be improving. - probably the downsides I noticed were Langdon turning it over twice in a row. Down on himself and he then got involved in some better passages. Lockhart also a couple of turnovers but willing. Ask me if you want any comments on specific players.
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    I am so proud of the boys tonight. I've almost got a tear in my eye. We've been smashed from pillar to post these last three weeks, some of it warranted, some of it over the top, and when the Swans got 20 odd points up you could argue that we were in big, big trouble. But we didn't panic. We went back to playing the Melbourne way. We hassled. We tackled. And by God we took our chances. This was a modern Melbourne performance and you could almost sense, when we got up, that we weren't going to give it up. The one person I want to single out is Nathan Jones. Under the pump from all and sundry, he steps up to kick three crucial, captain's goals to help us win this game of footy. How bloody good is it? Right the man off at your peril. I also thought Marty Hore, another to cop it on here, really stood up down back, particularly early. Also to Frosty who did a pretty good job on Buddy! But stuff it. How good is it, everyone? I love this club. We have won this game when, with the injuries and the history against the Swans, we had no right to win it. As I said earlier, it's shades of the '98 game over in Perth. Kudos to the coaches, players and everyone else involved for lifting and keeping our season well and truly alive. And I'm proud that I never lost the faith! DEMONS!
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    Just been waiting for my coffee in Horsham and fell into conversation with the happy indigenous gent beside me in a MFC tee shirt. He turned out to be the very proud father of Kysaiah having a pit stop on the way back to SA. He wasn’t afraid to talk the boy up. Said he has a fantastic attitude. anyway I left him talking to Frank Giampolo (ex MFC footballer). Really looking forward to seeing this kid play
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    Thank god for Frost. He has had a lot of detractors but he stood up and saved our bacon.
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    hi all, Deakin Pereira is my son. He stands around the 201 cm mark. He has just turned 17 in september. He takes a size 18 shoe. He has not touched a footy for nearly one and a half years. We were blessed to come to Train with Melbourne for 3 days and Deakin really enjoyed it. He is a basketballer and there have been numerous offers to play bball in the US. At present we are waiting on offers to go to a prep school in the USA. Deakin really enjoyed the challenge at Melbourne and time will tell if he sways back to AFL. the above photo is not him.
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    I popped down for the fifth time this pre-season (sad i know). Across all those sessions, three players have stood out. 1) Bayley Fritsch - He's impressed every time and today he had a birthday - torched Joel Smith early and then made Stephen May look second rate in match practice beating him in the air and on the ground. Goody now has to decide whether he plays him out of the goalsquare - which is what he did against the Roos in Rd 23 last year. Only proviso I'll make with him is that he also trained the lights out last pre-season and when the real stuff came on, spent the first six weeks struggling before stepping up to the semi-elite level. 2) Alex Neal-Bullen - This guy is putting in a huge summer without his best mate Billy. He made a few big tackles today and read the ball off the pack beautifully. He kicked a nice goal from 45m today as well. And it's been the same every session. He even threw in a 400m lesson to Jackson and Lever at one point today. ANB has been high intensity from the outset and only injury will cost him a spot in our Rd 1 team. Whether he stays in will be determined by the results in our first two games, small forwards invariably struggle in losses. 3) Jay Lockhart - Those of you over 50 will remember how nimble and clever Alan Johnson was as a defender. Well Jay has been almost up to that level with great evasiveness and an ability to get the ball moving quickly. He's a very accurate and long kick which makes him ideal as our set up man and watching him use his voice to direct others made me aware he's got the nous as well as nerve. The issue of course is that to get into the side he has to show why he should be picked ahead of Lord Nev. Jay has more rebound than Nev, but yet to see whether he cam match Nev's prowess in one-on-one battles. The other player he has to get past to play Rd 1 is Nathan Jones, who more than likely will play half-back, subject to injury. So I'm not about to say he's in for Rd 1, but Jay is certainly putting together an impressive body of work that will make him an easy inclusion down back once there's an injury or two. There's been plenty of others who have caught my eye so far and it's really pleasing to see T.Mac, Melky, Joel Smith and even Weid so far down the track after injuries last year.
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    I would hate to be someone from the MFC reading this forum and what has been spoken about since the end of the season. For far too long we have been accused of being a club that sits on it's hands, does nothing aggressive during trade time and gets bent over at the trade table. Yet since the end of the 2019 '[censored]' season, the club has brought in Richardson, Burgess, Brukner, the dude from the Dolphins, outside run in Tomlinson and Langdon, took a risk on Bennell, invited a semi-proven forward in Mitch Brown to the club, shifted their position in this years' draft considerably for the positive and yet, you STILL have the nerve to bag the club for what they are not doing. Bloody hell! I am pumped to see the club take chances, admit fault, bring in a fresh perspective and potentially get us back to finals in 2020. There is no way in hell you would cop the level of criticism and negativity in your role as this club does. Sometime it feels like a whingefest and sooky la-la session and it's time to look at the glass half full. Because I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that not if but when we rise back up the ladder all you backstabbers will the first one to start back-patting like the tweed coated MCC do!
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    I went down today as well and don't need to contribute much due to BB's fantastic report. I agree on Fritsch - he was the clear standout to me in the match sim. His hands on the lead were so clean it was like he had superglue on them. Just one-grabbing everything no matter the speed of the incoming kick nor the pressure being applied behind him. Just some additional observations: May - there was one moment where he went to spoil the ball near the boundary where I was standing. The intensity with which he attacked it combined with his size and speed was genuinely frightening - I would be a worried opposition forward with him lurking around in defence behind me. Pickett - showed really nice touch and technique with his kicking (right and left foot) in the non-contact kicking drill. Looks a real natural kick of the ball. He got in some nice positions on the lead during match sim but didn't appear to demand the ball, which isn't an uncommon trait for a new player finding his way into a new group of players. Jackson - I didn't see the groundball BB referred to, but you can just see an athletic specimen here. He's all arms and legs and will obviously need to put on upper body size to compete in the marking contests (he dropped a few marks he could've taken), but I don't think I've seen an 18-year-old ruckman move around and look as clean at ground level as him. Appears to be a really unique sort of player and an exciting talent. Melksham - was also excellent in match sim with his ability to find space to work into, demand the footy and then use it well. Him and Fritsch could be a pretty dangerous mid-sized forward duo. Weid and Petty - both appear to be bigger/stronger than last season, which gives them some more presence out on the field. Sparrow - just a body shape comment like Weid and Petty, but he has that big upper body / chest like Vanders (and they say the same ferocious attack on the ball). The question is obviously whether he is good enough - if so, him and Vanders could cause some serious chaos around the footy.
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    Dropped by for an hour, and gossiped with BB for most of that time...and everything he has reported on is spot on. Viney was just in everything. Previous concerns about his footwear/feet couldn't be justified given his outrageous attack on the ball and his running all over the ground. Vanders, as others have noted, can't be all that far away from joining the main group. The interesting thing about the match simulation is that this year we can actually DO match simulation. We can put 36 players ( and more if needed) on the oval. I wanted to see what all the hype was about Jackson, and now I understand. The kid has the vision of Clarry and the agility and ability to find space that is the trademark of the top echelon of players. Will he play ruck? Will he play forward? With his capabilities he might finish up playing midfield. There has a tendency for increasing height in the mids ( Fyfe, Cripps) and this could be the next step. There was one beautiful piece executed between him and Clarry when I first got there. Jackson took possession in the pack, danced past a couple without being touched, and fired off a handball to Clarry who did exactly the same. All the others were flat-footed as the ball sailed down the other end, without them laying a hand on either. Keep an eye on Harry Petty. The glimpses we saw briefly last year point to a real gem. His hands are first class in the air, and poor Brayden Preuss found that out when Petty outjumped him, to take the grab in a marking contest. No mean feat.
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    OMG I've woken up in a parallel universe where Saty's concerned about a player's fitness and other posters are telling him not to worry and that everything's fine.
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    They started early again. I arrived as they were doing simulations. On the sidelines, our Chairman Bartlett as well as, Taylor, Mahoney, Richardson and Goody. They were regularly chatting away. Five coaches took the training. Mainly Mathews in the centre with the support of Chaplin, Egan, Rooke, Plapp and Stafford. Goody and Richardson watching on. The senior members included Tom Mcdonald, Max Gawn and Nathan Jones. Neville Jetta and Aaron Nietschke training in rehab. Jake Lever was running laps. Plenty missing today. Steven May, James Harmes, Jack Viney, Angus Brayshaw, Michael Hibberd, Jake Melksham, Mitch Hannan, Aaron Vandenberg, Sam Wiedeman, Oskar Baker, Jayden Hunt, Alex Neal-Bullen, Harrison Petty, Oscar Mcdonald, Josh Wagner, Austin Bradke, Ed Langdon, Adam Tomlinson and Harley Bennell. The simulations were of two types. Handball by the midfielders and a release when called by the coaches using half the field and 3/4 field with the ball starting in the backline. Interesting to see Joel Smith and Tom Sparrow working in the backline. Thought Jones was doing a lot of talk out there organising the plays. Our leads were very good as was the ball movement, The coaches encouraged the players to maintain their 'corridors'. After simulations, they went into the running programs. The bigger players running through the middle, end to end and the others put through gruelling 400 meter sprints. I really felt for them as it was repetition upon repetition. A few sat out some runs and in the last couple they were all running the 400's except for Jones who continued his end to end. After running, the elders finished up and the 1-5 yearers did ball drills at various stations. The young ones were very boisterous especially enjoying the drills that were competitive. I thought Clayton Oliver led the way in being exuberant, and they all seem to be energetic in between drills. I noticed a couple of players with niggles. Charlie Spargo picked up some calf soreness after a collision and had to leave the field. Kade Chandler had his left Knee strapped and was proppy at one stage. Joel Smith was holding his hip and didn't complete the running. Hopefully he is just on his own program. Standouts I thought were Tom Mcdonald, Kade Chandler, Nathan Jones, Clayton Oliver, Christian Salem and Christian Pettraca. There was a nice moment when Jetta welcomed Nathan back to training.
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    Melk has a right hamstring issue said he should be running in a few days. Word on KK is that he hasn’t had a solid period of feeling right and they need him to be good for a solid 2 weeks before progressing. Tomlinson said he should be back in the main group on Friday. Oskar has a niggling groin but hopes to join the main group towards the back end of the camp. May just waiting for his stitches to come out (Friday?) before returning to the main group.
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    I got caught in traffic on the way to the ground and thought I'd miss a bit but as It's Time has said it was a later than normal start at around 9.30. As usual over to the rehab group and a quick check as to who isn't there. Jones, Tomlinson, Baker and Spargo the four in rehab with Jones, Tomlinson and Spargo looking to be more advanced. Jones hasn't changed his training for about 4 or 5 sessions now and watching him it's impossible to tell what's wrong. Tomlinson was running very strongly as was Spargo so I'm surprised to hear Spargo is 3 to 4 away but that could be to do with agility on his ankle. There were many runs around the outer side of the ground by these three and they went for a good 2 hours before heading in. During that time they did a fair bit of kicking and a small bit of (sort of) circle work without any signs of a problem. Baker is a little behind by the look of things but seemed relaxed and raring to go. About half way through the session Bennell turned up and did his warm ups and then some runs around the outer side of the ground. No sign of any discomfort but he's only going at half pace. Again nothing much has changed and it looks like they are playing the long game with him. Once he had finished his running program he started some casual goal kicking practice. Around the corner, tight ankle, snaps, set shots you name it he did it and while I was watching he missed two out of about 20. Unbelievable. The no shows were Hannan, KK, Neita, AVB, May and Smith. Of that lot AVB is a usual "misser" of training and we know about the issues of the others bar May. Missing Hannan was disappointing but it could just be management. Wednesday will tell. It's Time has done a great job describing training. There was stoppage work, forward entry work built around match sims as well as specialist crumbing work, high marking practice, handball drills and some gut running. I liked it in one match sim where Trac decided to tackle Jackson and while on the ground pushed his head into the ground and then wouldn't let him get up. But Jackson got the better of him and had Trac on the ground at the end of the wrestle with lots of smiles and laughs between the two. Trac really does keep things fun and involves everyone. Trac provided the highlight for me in one passage where he was surrounded by a pack of players and dodged and weaved his way out of the pack. The other highlight was Brown who really did well today. Marked well and kicked very well which stood out on a day where skills were down and mistakes were made. I suppose it was their first hitout in a month or so but I'm expecting better later. Pickett did some really nice things, not so much spectacular but just really neat skills and Jackson continues to impress with his ability to be in general play once his ruck work is done. Harmes, Oliver and Viney were all busy and Melk and Fritter did well up forward. I left at about 11.45 when things looked like they were closing down and the smoke was getting pretty bad. It was a pretty solid session with another to come on Wednesday.
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    Dropped by to watch training for about 40 minutes. Not a seasoned 'track-watcher' so won't go into too much detail. What I saw that I really liked: Fritsch; was sublime (playing forward) during the match simulation Vandenberg; seems to be back to his bone-crunching best. Jackson; showed some genuine pace at times. Extraordinary mover -floats across the ground; when he runs it looks like he's on a travelator. Rivers; sublime kicking skills - did shank one, it was the exception that proved the rule. Joel Smith; very impressive (playing back) in the match simulation. Looks fully fit. Look forward to reading what more seasoned track watchers made of the session.
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    Went along with all the other "retirees" BB, Deepositive, Saty, although some would claim they still work! If there is one thing that we can count on for season 2020 is that this side will be fit. I wonder how many players would be cheering the arrival of Burgess today, because the exercises that he sets test them to the limits of physical endurance. There was little match practice, but all the exercises today were about running with footballs and simulation of match scenarios in terms of fitness e.g touch football for 15 minutes across 1/2 the ground. Then do it again. Then do it again and again. 4 quarters of back and forward. By then end the bodies are wilting. But ( and this is a credit to Burgess), it isn't 50 100's back and forth rather something which retains interest and concentration combined with the agility and game level endurance. The side-line observers just oo'ed and aah'ed at Kickett in these exercises. No-one seemed capable of getting a hand on him as he danced left, right and then around player after player. I hope the crowd gets to see him this year, because he is one exciting fellow to watch in action. After all this, there is no stop. It's straight into the next bit, be that the small match simulation, but then even after that, it's into the next Burgess designed gut buster......5 minutes of wrestling, usually with someone of equal weight/strength/height...but poor Kosi got matched up against Gawn!!! Hardly fair, but you had to admire Kosi, because he just kept at it trying everything to get the big man down. Whistle blows and then the group is put into 3's. Players start on all fours. One rolls sideways to one end. That end player then has to spring over the rolling player to the other end...that player then has to spring over and roll to the other etc. Sounds easy? Try doing it for 10 minutes!! By the finish some players could barely get up enough spring to fall over the rolling player. Again pity those in Kosi's group because he kept springing up and over and up and over. As others have reported the session finished with more running for the various groups. Good to see Jordan leading one of the groups, but Tom Sparrow wasn't far behind. Both have now put on that extra muscle and weight which will only put them in good stead at AFL level, but their fitness will also be a factor for the team in the future. BB and DeeSpencer have reported on other aspects, but to me the most important thing is the number of players on the park, especially in light of the situation at this time last year. It is just great to see the likes of Jetta, May, Lever, TMac and Viney going full tilt instead of in rehab.
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    It is the 9 to 12 schedule. A beautiful morning to train in. Marty, one of the support staff says they are different team this season. I agree with him, seems a change in the vibe out there. Hoping it can translate out on the field when it counts. In rehab was Aaron VandenBerg, Austin Bradtke and Harrison Petty. Their work load seems to have increased, harder running and ball work. Walking laps was Oskar Baker, Adam Tomlinson and Mitch Hannan. The main group had about 33 (?) players in it. Warm-ups were again inventive and different from the previous morning. They split into two groups and there were two stations. One being a congested game with no contact and fast ball movement. The other was using just over half the field with minimal pressure from four coaches and the players creating switches and corridors to move the ball into the forwards who would finish with set shots. They swapped stations. The players on light duties went over to the rehab area to finish off while the others competed in simulations. Light duties included Neville Jetta, Jake Lever, Kade Chandler, Sam Weideman and Joel Smith (seems to be on his own program). Bayley Fritsch, Tom McDonald, Ed Langdon, Steven May, Christian Salem, Corey Wagner, and Christian Petracca were the ones who stood out to me in simulations. Marty Hore and Kade Kolodjashnij had a collision when both defending a high ball. Looked more like both being winded, Kade left training. I hope as a precaution, he was wearing the 'red cap'. Charlie Spargo was the only one missing today. Steven May and Clayton Oliver trained well. Clayton with a bit of strapping on his left shoulder and at one time had the 'red cap' on. The training kind of petered out after they had a good chat in the middle. A group doing tackling, one on one, or two contests and a kind of leap frog activity. A group having their set shots at goal filmed in preparation for analysis. Some doing 150-meter sprints. A good first week.
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    He's giving serious consideration to signing with a club that just finished 17th.
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    The squad was already out on the paddock when I arrived. There were 24 players, 5 coaches and numerous support staff. No Steven May, Nathan Jones, Jake Lever, Angus Brayshaw, Kade Kolodjasni, Jake Melksham, Aaron Vandengerg, Jayden Hunt, Alex Neal-Bullen, Harrison Petty, Ed Langdon, Adam Tomlinson or Harley Bennell. There was a also good number of administration people there. Noticed that Joel Smith and Tom McDonald are on a different program to the rest of the squad by doing some work in rehab. The simulations were going strongly and there were obvious changes in their methods. They were run by Troy Chaplin. The types I saw were, a group of midfielders moving the ball quickly by hand and then clearing to leading players on a call from the coaches. Then, two separated teams, one in the centre and the other in the forward area. The ball is given to the forward team. A fast spread and finding players to pick up entailed. They had to run very hard with plenty of communication to get to position, force a contest, fill space, create a turnover, hit players on leads and make overlaps. All ball movement was by foot. Joel Smith and Tom McDonald both participated in the contact simulations and played well. Thought Kade Chandler, Christian Pettraca and Oscar Mcdonald stood out with skills. Toby Bedford laid good tackles. Michael Hibberd reading the play and getting to many intercepts. Max Gawn leading well always giving an option. Jack Viney playing smart football. If second week in is much to go by, we are looking good. The training is well organised and they are pushing them. They then we're put through the running programs. Half doing fartlek and the others 80 meter sprints. Two coaches Troy Chaplin and Mick Stinnear were also running laps. I don't think Bernie Vince is with us this year. Perhaps Jordan Lewis has taken over his role. At the end, the squad had a moment of silence in a circle and in the middle for remembrance. After, Braydon Preuss did some leading and goal kicking practice. James Harmes and Jack Viney goal kicking at the other end of the field. Christian Salem, Marty Hore and James Jordan finished with some tackling practice.
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    Goody and Plapp talking and waiting in the middle for the players to turn up. A bit windy, otherwise good conditions. Rehab out first, Aaron Nietschke doing a bit of ball work, Tom Sparrow getting time tested, Jeff Garlett running laps, Tim Smith walking laps. The light duties had Max Gawn and Nathan Jones in the rehab for a while, both joining the main squad after warm-ups. Also on light duties was Christian Salem and Michael Hibberd who both stayed in the rehab group, but we're running laps strongly together. Out with the rehab was Jordan Lewis, when the squad came out he joined them. He was thanking everyone and being congratulated. After warm-ups, they were straight into drills; blocking, handballs and hit ups by foot. They had two groups drilling a game of keepings off with handball and tackling. Very slick with good skills on show. The simulations were done with some solid tackling and pressure, they were hard at it. Bayley Fritsch cleaning up James Jordan leaving him with a corked hip. Plenty of spoils, one on one contest, blocking, with forwards switching on the opponent and midfield structuring to create overlap. Jack Viney and Nathan Jones leading by example. Goody was looking for the players to create isolation. After the hard hit out they went into their line groups. Backline had Sam Frost, James Harmes and Charlie Spargo in it. Forwards included Austin Bradke, Billy Stretch and Corey Wagner. Max did minimal ruck work but did some leading in the forward area. Most of the ruck craft drills were done by Braydon Preuss with Clayton Oliver the recipient Jay Kennedy-Harris and Oskar Baker with the mids, as well as Clayton Oliver, Christian Pettraca and Angus Brayshaw who were training well. One of the drills was slotting passes at a target. Training ended with the entire squad goal kicking and then they broke off into small group and individual practice. Last on the track Alex Neal-Bullen and Billy Stretch kicking running goals, Braydon marking and a few taking high marks off the bag (including Clayton Oliver and James Harmes ) Tom Mcdonald out on the field wearing a coaches vest and later walking laps with Steven May. No Petty Harrison, Oscar Mcdonald or Kade Chandler. Also, haven't seen Satyricon for some time. The team was boisterous, supportive and generally up and about.
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    Apologies if this has been posted already or if we're not allowed to do so. This is one of the best speeches I've ever heard involving our club.
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    I was the mouse today and got the cheese, commitments meant I wasn't there until about 9.45. Over to rehab where the participants were: Smith, Brayshaw, Chandler, Gawn. All but Gawn did a ton of running with a little bit of kicking and ball work. Gawn was running a little bit more freely than Monday I thought and doesn't have a brace but just bandages. Cory Wagner was there but I didn't see him do anything although when I got there nothing was on his knee but when I left it was iced so I assume he did some running before I got there. Bennell was at training doing nothing as were Vanders, Petty and Mitch Hannan. The good news, which has already been reported is that Spargo and Melk were in full training and there was no sign of Hibberd in rehab. It was a quiet day. Whites v Blues in ball up and boundary throw in clearance drills. Blues with Weed as ruck got away to a good start with Oliver, Petracca and Langdon dominating but the whites fought back with Viney, Tomlinson and Jordan working with Bradke. We were hoping for some genuine match practice with umpires present but no such luck. The session ended with some teachings which we thought was interchange stuff. Other than that not much to report. TMac's situation is well covered already, Kossies mark was spectacular, Dunkley was a no show, Neita was walking around which was nice to see and we're a week and a bit away from our first hit out. My preseason duties are all but over as I can't make it on Monday. It's been great fun down at Gosch's and good to catch up with old mates Saty, George, Tim and Scoop from time to time.
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    Just back from Maroochy and had a good chat to HB. Mentioned his calf is good and will get into full training in 2 weeks. Good news and lets all hope the next 2 weeks are injury free for him and he gets some training in. He's loving it at the Dees and hopeful of playing games this year. Looks in great shape.
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    Ok the Mrs is driving home so if I suddenly stop typing there may be a good reason. When I got there the boys just finished a one on one marking drill in the middle of the ground and the boys were quiet cheerful and cheering when one player out marked another. Was too far for me to see who was on who though. Then some players including Truck, Clarrie, Sparrow, Weid, Omac, salo, hibbo and others were lining up in the defensive 50. There was about 8 diff different line ups and half had white shirts and the other half had dark on. One of the coaches would throw the ball in and around the middle with 4 white tops trying to get the ball out of the 50 while the 4 dark tops were trying to defend and tackle. All did relatively well with tackles sticking and kicks and most handballs hitting their targets. Hibbo got caught in a great tackle By Sparrow I think and spilled the handball as did Kozzie on a couple of occasions. Omac also got caught a few times and fluffed a few handballs too. he did lay a good tackle but really not sure if he is going to come on like we all hope but we will see. While this was going on over on the wing there were a number of players getting the ball dribbled to them on the ground with another player coming at them to tackle them. The objective was to handball successfully to another player standing a distance in front of them. Viney seemed to love doing this from what I could see. I’m regards to players I spoke with: May - he said he is back in full training with Friday being his first one and will definitely be ready by rd1. Really nice guy and easy to talk to. He is keen to stay on the park this season. Viney - Is injury free with no concerns and ready to go. He is scared And worried about having his first child which is due in July. I said welcome to the real world and once the child is born u won’t stop worrying. Preuss - had strapping on his right knee and I asked if it was ok and he said yeah no worries. He is ready to go. Not much of a talker the old Preussy. Bennell - said he is progressing and I wished him all the best and said all of the dees fans are behind him to succeed and he was thankful for the comment. Salo - Is ready to go and said we will definitely be better than last yr. I was thinking that wouldn’t be hard but good to hear the positivity. Lever - is all good knee is 100% and said the backline would hopefully have all players to choose from so it may be a selection headache for the selectors which is a good spot to be in. Jetta - Is also injury free and looks in good nick. He is keen for the season to start. Hannan - Nailed 5 out of 6 shots from the boundary line. Told him we need him in our f50 and nailing those shots. He looks in good nick and is keen to play. Weid - Is injury free and fit and firing. He is looking forward to getting in our f50 together with TMac and wants to make an impact this season as last season was ruined by injury. Truck - seems to have matured big time wasn’t overly talkative but polite and was appreciative of the support Did drills really well and is in great nick Gawn - has a massive knee brace on and I asked him when he would be back and he said 3 weeks straight away. He was definitive about that but will have to see what happens. I said to him when would he be named as captain and he said we have a captain in Jack Great response by Maxy and as everyone knows he is a great guy and awesome roll model for the kids Didnt see TMac or Vanders and not sure if they were there. Overall the players were really positive and had a bit of a steely resolve about them so will be interesting to see how this season pans out. The Mooloolaba surf was bloody beautiful and is one of the best beaches in aus. Go Dees 📃 KALLANGURDEMON'S TRAINING REPORT 📃 DEMON SPOFFORTH'S TRAINING REPORT 📃 DOCS DEMONS' TRAINING REPORT
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    KK was not there, or AVB unless early, Weid was out early for a quick sesh Smith and Nietschke in rehab Dunkley didn't do much Gawn, Tommy Mc there Preuss' body shape from last year unrecognisable, dropped a few kilos Oliver looking in great shape, cruised through the session Firsr 3/4 of session was ball movement New Burgess inovation, interval running, used to do this years ago in military, walk 25 , jog 25, sprint 25 around the oval, gets muscles used to doing the same , great for endurance surprisingly Any concerns about Tommy Mc alleviated,spent 10 minutes at end, running full pace down middle of oval from end to end Gawn also motored around the oval a couple of times at the end, as per the norm these days, looks in immaculate condition All the 'young' boys, nobody looked underdone A point, Omac (for all the haters) looked really sharp for first session
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    Sorry if a re-post. Just saw it on Reddit. Playing with fire!
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    I'm pretty obsolete this training session really as the other reports probably let you know the main issues. Smith and Petty were in and out of training but did the match sims so there's nothing much to see here. Brayshaw did the match sims but stood out some of the handball and running drills and I'd imagine they are just managing his work load. Tomlinson, Spargo and Baker continue with their rehab and look as good as fit to me and at one stage were doing some of the keepings off drills the main group do from time to time. Bennell is just quietly going about his business, he seems very popular amongst the group and it's hard to see him not being picked up at this stage. In the match sims Tommy Mac seems "back". His ball handling was excellent, he was selling candy when in general play and he looked confident and involved. Viney is also very impressive. I think we've forgotten how good he can be and he's having his best PS in years having hardly missed a session I've been to. He's in everything, his kicking seems to have more penetration and he's very clean with the ball. Oliver also is doing very well but we've come to expect that and Harmes continues his very impressive PS. Without wanting to go on about it too much I was again impressed with Jackson. He just seems to be able to get involved which is not something first year players find easy. His kicking is fine and he was surer with the ball today taking some good grabs. Kossie is also getting involved but the standout improver for mine (coming off a very low base) is Bedford. I doubted he's make it after his first year but he's really starting to look a chance now. He's got lots of good attributes other than finding the ball but he did that today. Gus got an awful knock where you don't want one today and I thought that might be it for him but after about a 10 minute rest he was back out there. He'll be a sore boy tonight if my experience is anything to go by! Overall, like DS, I thought the skills were really good today in difficult conditions. The ball handling was sharper and the kicking much improved from last week. It was a good session.
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    I am absolutely sick of certain posters who continually want to put the boot in when there is no need or possible upside for doing so. FFS they have been delisted - there is nothing more that needs to be said. Especially about 2 players who have absolutely given 100% and have been so admired in the club for their attitude. So they didn’t make it. It wasn’t through the want of trying - and they certainly achieved so much more in their careers as AFL footballers then virtually all of us at Demonland, especially me. What I would have given to have played 40 games for the MFC. Most posters have been appreciative of their efforts and wished them well. As it should be. As for the other F wits, to use some of your own language, you are simply Demonland list cloggers, and we should get rid of you.
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    Love this kid. Three games in and he already looks the goods. Dont forget to smash that Like button if you agree.
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    As usual the early bird gets the worm. Advertised to start at 10.30 training started shortly before 9.30 and to retain consistency I was straight over to the rehab group. In attendance were Hannan, Smith, Melksham, Brayshaw and Chandler. All did full rehab which includes agility, kicking, marking, goal practice, and multiple runs along the boundary at full pace. Interestingly though Smith was only kicking with his left so I'd imagine a small issue with his right foot but nothing major given his rehab program. All these guys will be good when over known issues and Melk and Smith look fine. Gawn and Spargo were doing slow runs along the boundary. We know Max's situation but Spargo has obviously got an issue. There was no indication what it might be but he is in the initial stages of rehab so I think he's weeks away. Bennell turned up later to do his usual program which hasn't changed since he's been at the club. These are based on slow half paced runs along the boundary. He clearly got bored as he grabbed a ball and was bouncing it as he ran but to mix it up a bit he'd bounce it with one hand and catch it with the other. He never used two hands. The guy is a freak. There was no sign of May, Petty (who watched for a while), Cory Wagner and KK and all others did full training. To cut to the chase let's talk Hibbo and AVB. I was standing about 20 metres from where he can off and the issue was with his right foot. He was limping quite noticeably. Shoe and sock off and he seemed to be looking at the ball of his foot. The trainer/physio spent quite some time taping the bottom of the foot but there was little or no "pushing and prodding" to identify sore areas. Boots back on and a small jog but to no avail and Vanders was off for the day. For my untrained eye I think is more blister related than structural and I'm not overly worried at this stage. While all this was going on Hibbo appeared to twist and ankle. He hobbled to the boundary behind the goals and seemed in some trouble but after a physio went to look at him he was back into the match sims and appeared okay but he too left training early. It doesn't seem a big issue. Preussy also left training early with what looked like a kick on the calf but his info was from Saty, I didn't see it happen or see him leave. So the good was to see Hannan and Melk look close and Maxy running. The bad was injuries to AVB, Hibbo and Preuss and the mystery of May and Petty. And the ugly was Harmes horror training session where everything (bar injury) that could go wrong pretty much did. He's been a star on the track this preseason but not today. Even kicks to him in match sim were cut off and I think he should ditch the new yellow boots he was sporting. As for the session itself it was pretty standard fare. Warm ups, kicking, handball drills, individual training for Weid who was practicing his marking and match sims. They mix it all up. There will usually be two or three three quarter ground match sims mixed in with a whole range of different drill usually involving about 10 to 12 players in 3 different groups rotating through the set. Of note today in the first match sim particularly was Oscar Baker. He was in everything, his kicking was really good and he outpointed Tomlinson for quite some time. But he faded as the session went on and was utterly spent at the finish and could hardly raise a gallop. So much for being "ready to go" when you get out of rehab. Of the rest of the players it was an even performance with nobody really standing out and everyone having a moment or two. Perhaps the other standout was Jones who looks in great nick. Let's hope for the best with AVB, we might not know for a while as he usually doesn't do Wednesday sessions. And news on May would also be good. 📰 SATYRICONHOME'S TRAINING REPORT 📰 MITCH CLEARY'S TRAINING REPORT ⚕️ STEVEN MAY INJURY UPDATE 📰 DEESPICABLE'S TRAINING REPORT
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    Under a lot of pressure to get this report in from the top...... Well, you would have already seen the reports of who wasn't there today, but make what you may of that. Perhaps an early Christmas, perhaps players on individual programmes, but the stalwarts of the track-watching crew were out there again....rain, hail, shine or in the case of today extreme heat. Even BB is now out of rehab! and we recruited dworship to the team before he disappears back to Ballarat. Naturally, those players who braved the conditions were out on the track a good 45 minutes before the advertised time, but who would blame them? Compared to previous sessions, this was a "light one". Still not unexpected given the temperature, and not every session needs to be as physically gruelling, so that the bodies can recover, and also to avoid injury. BB has given a good run-down on the goings on on the field, so I will only add a couple of observations: Once again Pickett really caught my eye. That's because you have to keep an eye on him before he disappears from view. Dworship made the comment that he has a "turbo button" to go with his normal quick coverage of the ground, which is very reminiscent of a previous owner of the number 36 jumper. Just when opposition players think they can or have avoided him, suddenly he is back for more. The other beautiful sight is his ability to get into space, with his opponent trailing by 10m having been burnt off. In one passage of play he contested for a mark, but it hit the ground and his opponent gathered the ball....until KP tackled him straight away, then sprung up to receive the handball from his team-mate who had gathered the ball. Not just one effort but 3 in succession! Keep and eye out for him, because surely he will be playing very soon. Everyone is watching Jackson, not unexpectedly, but again there was one passage that just makes the watchers ooh and aah!. Flying for a pack mark in the forward line, he decided not to grab it, because he was slightly off line. Instead he leapt up, leaned in and tapped the ball back over his head, but before it had hit the ground, he had recovered it and waltzed into the open goal. The others in the pack were still sprawled on the ground. ......oooh .......aaah! One for DazzleDavey, or one of the juniors observers to have some input.......there was a 17 year old kid, built like the proverbial who participated in a lot of the drills. Apparently one of the Next Generation academy, name of Deakin? Any info on him, because he certainly has the body already for the game, and in his brief outing also has all the basics. So while there is a closed session tomorrow, sometime, somewhere, that is it until the New Year. The overriding message is the numbers which we have on the track at this time of the year, and the obviously higher levels of fitness that come about from having those bodies on the ground. Very few in the rehab group and even then , they cannot be far away. Jones and Tomlinson already have the core strength and miles in their legs from their careers already, so it is just a case of getting them out there to participate with the group.
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    Vanders and Petty were first out doing a gentle walk around the boundary and some stretches, Baker and Hannan not far behind. So over to rehab to start my day (yes @Vagg I'm on the improve!) where Baker, Hannan, Tomlinson and later Jones did their stuff. Baker and Tomlinson are still on gentle runs, Hannan about 75% now and Jones running pretty much flat out. Oscar complained about the cold and Mitch said he was looking forward to stepping it up. The rest of the group had arrived and I was pleased to see TMac with them. He did all the warm up drills before wandering over to rehab where he did a few run throughs. Meanwhile a group in front of me lined up in single file dancing on the spot. The coach would then tell them to break and move 5 yards to the left or right and off they'd go. Poor old Lockhart, who was at the front of the line suddenly found himself 10 yards from the others having moved the wrong way. Laughs all around! They'd broken up into about 4 groups at this stage and spent about 5 minutes in each and rotated through them but then thankfully we went to match sims which concentrated in starting the ball in different areas of the ground, setting up and then "play". It's so much more interesting watching this than the other stuff! Meanwhile there were a few missing. No Neita, no KK and no Preuss. Bennell had made a late appearance and was doing the gentlest of jogs along the boundary. The match sim started and Mitch Brown copped a knock to the head and was taken straight off and was not seen again. Pickett, Jackson and Rivers were involved early but sat out some later ones. Jackson is learning that it's hard work against men. Gawn and Oscar weren't letting him near it much but he was still involved. Pickett is doing his best to get involved but isn't much and Rivers looks the best of the new lads to me. I comment to a friend that whilst we'd love to see the new blokes really do well it's probably good they aren't beating our best 22 players!! Fritsch looked all class and was just clunking the ball in greasy conditions. Harmes was in everything, Oliver finding it with ease, TMac was back on the ground (I was confused at this stage) and taking mark after mark up forward and Langdon doing what Langdon does. May was rock solid down back and Vanders and Dunkley had a good battle on their wing. The standard was a bit lower today because of the conditions and it was difficult for the big blokes to mark. Having said that Petty was very good I thought playing up forward and TMac as well. Running finished the session off with different people doing different things and the session ended at about 11.30.
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    It was a hot morning and showed on the players by the end of the session. Was a lot more in rehab or not doing the full session than I was expecting including Pruess and Smith. I didnt see Tom McDonald, Vanders or Petty today. May have been elsewhere at the ground but even when all players came to the huddle I didn't see them. Some observations that might be common place for those that get to see training all the time: 1. I was really impressed with Sparrow. He is a good size and moved really well. Also thought his skills were pretty solid and he ran out the session well. 2. Harley Bennell is a lot taller than I thought and seems to be really good bloke. Don't so much care about his past now, just good luck to him. 3. Really glad we picked up Brown. He looks dependable and solid. I think he will prove great value. 4. Bedford has certainly come on since last year and Chadler seems to be a good mature kid who has some drive and passion. One to keep watching. 5. Max is so giving of his time. Stayed out for extra time to get around to all the fans he could, despite walking around with th e big brace on. 6. Oscar Mc seems very fit and was solid. 7. I hope everything clicks for Josh Wagner. He is versatile size and athletic enough, if it just all clicks for him he will be a bonus. Also special mention to all the players who signed stuff for the kids. They were welcoming and engaging and the mood of the group seems strong after a hot hard session. Have to go now and peel the Mooloolaba prawns and Mud crab we got on the way home. And yes, it will be with a XXXX. 📃 DEMONOX’S TRAINING REPORT 📃 KALLANGURDEMON'S TRAINING REPORT 📃 DEMON SPOFFORTH'S TRAINING REPORT 📃 DOCS DEMONS' TRAINING REPORT
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