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    It's not funny. You got banned because you posted that you hoped his injury was permanent. Which makes you a pretty classy guy. You're lucky the ban wasn't permanent.
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    Absolutely off his box. So glad smartphones weren’t around when i was doing that!
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    The video of the players embracing Goody after the announcement is something i have not seen for a very long time between a player and coach. By looking at that the players have embraced and enjoyed working under him. Theres a special connection in there that i dont think many clubs have. Enjoying this journey Goody is taking us on.
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    "...the Demons should not be too self-congratulatory, for one could argue if their environment didn't cause Hogan's issues, it didn't shrink them much either..." That is a really cheap shot by Jack Niall. The environment Jesse had: a few months with Neeld in 2013 then PJ/ Roos/Goodwin/Mahoney. A greater period of stability our club has not known. Our culture wasn't great with Neeld but it changed rapidly. Our club worked really hard to give him time out and protect him and his privacy through injuries and personal/family issues. Its a long bow to say our environment contributed - at least he wasn't getting into serious strife. Who knows, had he stayed his off-season troubles may never have happened here. Poor form by Niall to not recognise this.
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    Ian left us last night 3 Time Premiership Player (1957, 59, 60) An interview with Peter Donnegan and Ian will be aired on SEN at 11pm tonight He talks about how much he is looking forward to this season and Saturdays Round 1 game against Port. R.I.P Demon...
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    Why do you think Bell publicly announced Hogan’s mental illness issue late yesterday? Out of the interests of transparency? They knew this was coming and wanted to beat the media outlets to the punch. Now, rightly or wrongly, no one can question his actions or decisions without looking like an insensitive uneducated pr*ck. Freo knew some minor details, but weren’t aware of the whole picture. Bell was posturing for a better deal. He took it beyond the point of no return, then pretended to opt out. Little did he know he was being played. Mahoney made the early announcement because we weren’t going to settle for this deal not getting over the line, and he didn’t want others to interfere and tempt May elsewhere. We dominated the trade period.
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    I concur completely. No matter what posters say, Jesse was a real talent who had too much pain and suffering heaped on him. Standing out for a year for being too young, losing another year to a back injury, losing his dad, facing his own illness, suffering a new injury and all by the age of 25. All in public and it was not fair. He kicked more than 2 goals a game and stood tall and won games as well. To those who maintain that his on field demeanour was not good enough I say it was - he used to express his disappointment with himself for all to see. I wish him all the best for the future and hope that he becomes the champion player he is destined to become (except against us of course). I will always applaud his successes. Someone should tell Niall to go and get ........! The club did its best for Jesse. Go Jesse.
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    You know what...it's out there because HE did it. Don't do it.. it doesn't go "out there" How about some reality here.
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    You do have to love how when a player has a problem, clubs paint it as “just” being alcohol, as if alcoholism isn’t a serious problem in our culture as it is.
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    Have we watched the video? Safe to say we can stop bangin on about alcohol. That’s not the problem.
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    It really upsets me when mental health issues are seen as character flaws as expressed by some in this thread. None of us know the full story, so just let it be.
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    My best wishes to Jesse for a speedy recovery. At Melbourne he was the one player that inspired our recovery from a dismal side and the one player who first gave us supporters hope that we were on the right path to becoming a AFL force again. And now, although at another club, I couldn’t be happier than to see him become the true champion that we all aspire him to be.
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    Best part was Todd Viney taking the [censored] with his hug at end.
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    Firstly, I said ''I won't try and second guess Hogan's issues''. I made no reference to mental health or the reasons we traded Hogan. I merely said have faith that Goodwin makes the right decisions for the MFC. So the assumptions you've made about my post are incorrect. Not new for you. Now let me add this... I'll hypothesize, but not in regards to Hogan. Let's say a player at the MFC (not Hogan) had mental health issues. And let's say he was causing the club off-field grief and had for some time. In the club's view this player could be traded for his and the club's benefit. I FULLY support trading that individual. My concern is for the club and its ongoing search for success. I'm far more interested in what is right for the club over an individual and I'll support the club's decision. Now, at the risk of hurting your safe space, I'll further add that I reserve my ''feelings'' for friends and family. I'm not overly perturbed by the issues confronting someone I've never met and don't know, other than I hope they recover from anything that ails them, as I would any member of society.
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    Sadly, Freo are just getting on the front foot here, openly discussing mental health issues as a protective measure against what is yet to be fully revealed... Theres already videos circulating & there will be more. We knew what we were doing.
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    I wish Jesse all the best and hope he makes a super speedy recovery. He deserves to have a good run at it. But the idea Goody or the club would ship out a player who is struggling with mental health issues is archaic and insulting. Can you imagine Sydney shipping Buddy off after the 2015 season? It wouldn’t happen at Sydney or Melbourne. Jesse asked to be traded and Josh Mahoney said “we will do the best thing we can, if we can get you back to Perth we will, but it needs to be a good deal for us.” No different to Lachie Neale requesting to be traded to Brisbane. Mental health had zero to do with it.
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    Dees by 100. Weideman to kick 10. Oliver 57 contested possessions. Nibbler zero fumbles. I believe.
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    ^^ Its really unfortunate The Age has published that video. It is undated so could have nothing to do with recent events and could only have been included to embarrass Jessie. It is not helpful to Jesse's predicament and could make his anxiety worse knowing such private times are now public. Very low of The Age to publish. Verging on gutter journalism. There is a limit imv to 'click bait'. Time for the media to leave him alone. I hope they take that video down soon. Best wishes, Jessie. Life has dealt you some cruel blows but hope you get strong and can overcome the setbacks, regardless of what happens in football.
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    Great news! Now we need to sign up Josh Mahoney. Don't know when his contract expires but would guess in the next year or two. He is a critical part of the team. An excellent media performer who is solid, stable and engenders confidence.
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    Sincere condolences to all Ian's family and friends. A fine Demon. R.I.P.
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    Weideman kicking 10 and Oliver collecting 57 contested possies is still astonishingly more believable than ANB having a fumble-less game.
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    I agree with those who view them very differently. Dunn gave us great service, his investment in the club couldn’t be questioned, and he was respectful in his departure even while being pushed out. On the flip side, Howe did everything but urinate on the door as he left. He couldn’t contain his glee at joining the filth. The fewer times I can see his dopey grinning mug the better.
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    I am a bit confused on this comment, i feel like the commentary on this board has been nothing but sympathy for Hogan. Only us supporters know what he's dealt with and almost in a way that we can totally understand why he is currently in a bit of a rut.. I hope he gets the help he needs.
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    4 more years. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-03-19/goodwin-signs-on-until-the-end-of-2022 https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2019-03-19/coach-signs-on
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    MFC were "happy" to see Hogan go. They were delighted with the outcome of the trade.
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    Hogan will be fine at Freo. He gave us hope for several years is now back home in WA. I'll be wrapped to see him work through mental health challenges and have a long successful career, so long as its not v Melb in September. Get around the bloke, he has a big heart and has been through alot.
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    When he started with the MFC we were a crap team and he was expected to be the Messiah from about age 17. ...and he did a pretty good job of doing just that for a number of years. A few doses of humility and empathy would be good virtues in this situation.
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    I'm not quite sure why a player who played every game last year, was 36th in goal kicking, equal 24th in score involvements (equal with Brayshaw) and equal 10th in goal assists for the whole competition isn't considered to be one of the "automatics"...at least until someone better comes along (which you'd say for everyone selected as an "automatic"). Alex Neal-Bullen clearly needs a new PR agent.
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    another piece of untrialled technology... why o why don't they trial it at VFL level for a season
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    IF not, and if. Regardless, trash journalism. That is a very easy question. A doctor's prime responsibility is always to his patient. That is why I remain absolutely astounded that AHPRA (the "national medical board" in effect) turned a blind eye to Dr Reid during the Essendrug saga. Astounding head in sand effort in my view.
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    I love the sponsor of the Freo shorts - "Choices" Fitting...
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    Thank GOD! ..... At the Family day l said to him kindly that if you love the club you have to sign with the us very very soon. Please! Goody replied with a knowing smile, Do you love the club ? and winked, We shook hands and walked off knowing all was ok. Love the guy and know we are in the best of hands.
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    When I read this excellent article in the Guardian today it made me think of this post. The article is a in depth interview of one of the members of the women's rowing team, Annie Vernon who while expected to take the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics "only"took the silver. She has written a book entitled; Mind Games: Determination, Doubt and Lucky Socks – An Insider’s Guide to the Psychology of Elite Athletes The Guardian article is well worth a read but these couple of paragraphs stood out for me: "Matthew Pinsent, who won rowing gold at four successive Olympic Games, told Vernon that, rather being an unflappable serial winner, he used to wish the van driving him to every major race would crash so he could escape competing. " Vernon has interviewed more than 60 elite athletes, coaches and psychologists from diverse sports to discover how the mind shapes success and failure – while arguing that mental toughness and composure are developed rather than being innate gifts. “The public understand skill development and physical training,” she says. “But they believe elite athletes are born without nerves and with massive confidence. It’s not true. The idea that rugby players are born to run out in front of 80,000 people at Twickenham? Of course they’re not. They learn how to do that. My interviewees all said: ‘You’re absolutely spot on. There’s this misconception that mental skills are there at birth. But they have to be made.’” https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/mar/18/annie-vernon-olympic-gb-rowing-silver-interview-donald-mcrae
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    He’s gonna need some help in the ruck if he’s wearing that thing. Use the Force, Paddy!
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    Hes not the Messiah, hes just a naughty boy.
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    I won't be holding my breath on this, but if Jeffy Garlett was to get his head right and knuckle down, he could have a 50 goal season. Has the ability to do the unbelievable, but goes missing way too often
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    Actually... factually inaccurate . Opinions are a personal interpretation of anything the owner considers relevant. Fact or not
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    Hawthorn does the Kokoda trail to build up leadership qualities. Collingwood just recruits those who survived the MFC pre-2014. Much smarter from a logistics perspective.
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    I think it was a common problem for footballers back in the day too, it's just that it wasn't as openly spoken about back then. North Melbourne great Wayne Schwass is someone who has acknowledged that and tried to make a positive change in how mental health is perceived and managed in the AFL.
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    Here we go keyboards at the ready amateur psychologists, kings of hindsight, third hand news [censored] me
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    Sigmund Freud you ain’t
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    Fritsch is a gun, hes automatic selection for mine. Never seems to play a bad game and can play all over the ground.
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    It was a strange cheap shot from Niall, given the club has been nothing but supportive over his time at Melbourne and there have been few incidents that have been picked up by the media to the negative of him as a Demon you would very easily argue that we had in fact been the ones helping him keep some of his demons at bay. Poor editorial comment and based on nothing.
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    Genuine joy (love) from the playing group. You can't fabricate that! Great work Dees.
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    "Tay" always reminds me of the brother in 50 First Dates, the one on the 'roids.
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    There will be those that will recognise what they see and those without the exposure to be able to do so.
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    This is a story about two clubs One knew exactly what it was doing. The other is Fremantle.
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    Exactly. I heard a rumour his Mum didn't want him to come back to Perth due to his mates. Not sure how truthful that is but his partying has seemed to escalate since he got back. I've seen all the videos you're talking about.... alcohol consumption doesn't seem to be the main problem.
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