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    Love this ❤️💙
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    Should we win a flag anytime soon, i'd expect our membership to significantly drop the following year. What % of the membership are 50+ years old? Most will suffer massive heart attacks after the siren. The rest of us will either drink ourselves to death or die from lack of sleep as a result of wayyyyy too much adrenaline.
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    The big three issues are: 1. Whether I am wearing the correct colour underwear on game day. (we all know that wearing underwear that has the oppositions colours (including the stitching) is a recipe for disaster 2. When I choose to turn on the radio to listen, e.g. We up by 5 goals and I turn on the radio, and the opposition kick 4 in a row 3. Whether someone you know says before the Game "You guys are a shoo in" or " 5 goals up in the last quarter and your mate says "We can't lose from here" Address these three things and we should get the job done
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    We are not there yet. It will get really hard from now on Powerhouse clubs are multiple Premiership Winners, and those that bounce back when defeated. But as long as we keep improving....
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    Background All rule changes that have been introduced to the AFL have some impact. Some rule changes address the intended (perceived) issue. An example is the not having to wait for the goal umpire to signal a goal to kick out. It was introduced to keep the game moving and to make it less difficult to clear the defensive zone. And i think has been relatively successful in achieving these aims. Certainly offensive teams would rather a boundary throw in in the forward pocket than score a point. Another example of a rule change that addresses the intended issue has been the deliberate out of bounds rule adjustment where players have to make every attempt to keep it in. There are less kicks to the boundary line now wit the result that the ball stay in play more. Some rule changes have mixed results in terms of addressing the intended issue, outlawing the third man up rule being one example. And some rule changes don't address the intended issue at all. The below the knees rule is good example. It was introduced to reduce the risk of injury - specifically leg injuries- but i think you could mount a case it has increased risk as players are staging for it and the schmuck going for the ball gets bot in his head for his trouble. Think Angus Brayshw against the Hawks However, whether rule changes are effective, partly effective or ineffective there will always, to a greater or lesser degree, be unintended consequences of rule changes. For example with the change to deliberate team will sometime concede that free kick but try and kick 60 meters and then set up their defence. And players are getting better kicking 'for touch' and my feeling is players are more often spiking the ball over the lien as that (stupidly) doesn't get paid as deliberate. Often the unintended consequence is related to how it is governed - eg the stupidity of having to nominate ruck man - or how it is interpreted - eg deliberate or below the knees Discussion This year there are 9 rule changes. A big number by any measure. I'm curious what posters think the impact of the new rule changes will be on both the dees and the competition as a whole. On the latter point one thing i would like to get a handle on is the impact on scoring. One clear objective of the introduction of these rule is higher scoring. The strong trend to lower scores is a real worry for the AFL and these rules aim to address that trend Note: i'm not convinced by the rule changes. But my interest here is not whether they are good rule changes but what the impact will be. That said i understand much will depend on implementation and interpretation, so interested in views on that too as that will be factor in the success of the rule change. I have had a go at answering the question of impact and potential implementation and interpretation issues for the first rule change - and keen on other's views (for that rule change and the others). At some point i'll come back to the others and edit this post to include my thoughts (have run out of time atm) Note: i understand this is obviously a hypothetical exercise and we won't really know the impact until the end of the season. So guesses are just that and the impacts are all by definition potential impacts. The changes Traditional playing positions at centre bounces Clubs must have six players inside both 50m arcs, with one player inside the goalsquare. Four midfield players must start inside the centre square with the two wingmen stationed along the wing. Impact on competition: will create an even greater reward and therefore incentive to get center clearances and quick forward entries Will stop teams putting a spare behind the ball at centre bounces (though the 'wingman' will be able to roll back easily enough) - but obviously this will still occur in play Will the above put an emphasis on good one on on defenders such as McGovern? The teams with the best midfields will be even further advantaged Will help the best tap ruck man - Gawn, Grundy, Martin Might marginally take away some advantage of skilled intercept players like rance (in so far as teams can't have spare at centre bounces) Might we see the return of the specialized wingman? Likely to be some defensive and offensive innovations in terms of set ups and structure at center bounces Will the 'wingers' set just outside the 50 metre arc and fold back in as n extra defender? Impact on dees: We are already the highest scoring team - we will be harder to stop now Will stop Goody running two extra defenders off the HB (which he was doing less of anyway) Suits our contested ball winning midfield beasts We have the best tap ruck man - Gawn Might create some opportunity for Hunt, KK, Fritter and Stretch to play as specialized wingman May might be helped by 6 v 6 at centre bounce set up given his strength Potential implementation and interpretation issues: It might be easier said then done to determine if bot tams have their sick inside the arc if they start pushing right up the line Centre clearances straight from the ball up don't happen all that often so it may not have the impact the league is hoping for in terms of stopping teams putting players behind the ball Kick-ins At kick-ins, a player will no longer need to kick to himself to play on from the goal square. Following a behind, the man on the mark will be brought out to 10m from the top of the goal square, rather than the existing five metres. Impact on competition: Impact on dees: Potential implementation and interpretation issues : Marks and free kicks in defence When defenders mark or receive a free kick within nine metres of their own goal, the man on the mark will be brought in line with the top of the goalsquare. Runners and water carriers Impact on competition: Impact on dees: Potential implementation and interpretation issues : Team runners may only enter the playing surface after a goal has been kicked and must exit before play restarts. Impact on competition: Impact on dees: Potential implementation and interpretation issues : Water carriers are not permitted to enter the playing surface during live play. Impact on competition: Impact on dees: Potential implementation and interpretation issues : Umpire contact Players will be prohibited from setting up behind the umpire at centre bounces. Impact on competition: Impact on dees: Potential implementation and interpretation issues : 50m penalties The player with the ball: Must be allowed to advance the mark by 50m without the infringing player delaying the game. Will be able to play on while the 50m penalty is being measured out. Kicking for goal after the siren Impact on competition: Impact on dees: Potential implementation and interpretation issues : A player who has been awarded a mark or free kick once play has ended: Will now be able to kick across their body using a snap or check-side kick BUT must kick the ball directly in line with the man on the mark and the goal. Impact on competition: Impact on dees: Potential implementation and interpretation issues : Marking contests The 'hands in the back’ rule interpretation has been repealed so a player can now: Place his hands on the back of his opponent to protect his position in a marking contest PROVIDED he does not push his opponent in the back. Impact on competition: Impact on dees: Potential implementation and interpretation issues : Ruck contests: prior opportunity A ruckman who takes direct possession of the ball from a bounce, throw-up or boundary throw-in will no longer be regarded as having had prior opportunity. Where there is uncertainty over who is the designated ruckman, the ruckman for each team will still be required to nominate to the field umpire. Impact on competition: Impact on dees: Potential implementation and interpretation issues :
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    If I die at our winning Grand Final I have advised my fellow Dees tragics to go full “Weekend at Bernie’s” style with me for the duration of the celebrations.
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    This one's obvious. It's an allegory portraying the MFC at the time as donkeys.
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    Same question, different photo.
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    Very happy to risk all of the above DD.
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    Am I the only one who doesn't really like this? I mean, it's objectively a great photo…but we don't deserve to see Gawny hold it until he wins it. I mean, it's like taking a photo of yourself sitting inside someone else's sweet car. Sure it's cool…but it's not yours. Yet.
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    It's funny how Gawny was front of the line in that pic! Almost prophetic! LOL
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    We probably would have paid under the soft cap while Neeld was coach
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    You’d be too old.
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    lever is a good player returning from injury, we're not inconsistent, and we're not inexperienced i'd say my three major areas of concern are disposal quality, speed exiting the contest, and complacency
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    Plough's usually got a bit more depth and quality in his analysis. I don't mind him as a pundit. Lever: Yeah he'll be really good to have back to his best. Of course a good player doing well is important. But as good as Lever is we should be able to cover and injury to a 3rd tall intercepting defender and/or him playing below his best. Hore might be good enough to do it. Hibberd can intercept. Jetta has high intercept numbers for his role. Hunt hopefully bounces back. Salem, Lewis, KK playing back or even Fritsch. I don't see Lever's injury as a particularly huge obstacle, he's a good player coming back, every team has them. Inconsistencies: No thanks, not really buying that. How many games was our effort and skill awful really bad in last year - v Hawks in the wet, v Magpies and some terrible moments in the Swans game towards the end of the year. Then of course the prelim. Otherwise almost every week we turned up and had a go. We struggled for most of the season with some defensive frailties and poor forward line conversion against top 8 sides. Every side has it's weaknesses though. We consistently beat up on bad sides and struggled against the top sides until later in the year when we improved a bit, that's consistency! Inexperienced tall players: Not particularly buying this one either. Up forward, yes Weideman is young and hasn't played much but the Dogs won the flag with Zaine Cordy and Tom Boyd, the Tigers didn't have a second tall forward, the Cats had Tom Hawkins come alive one year. Big Chrisso Dawes was 22 when the Pies won the flag. Down back - Sam Frost is 25 and played 69 AFL games, that's not young nor inexperienced. Oscar is about to turn 23 and has played 62 games. Oscar probably hasn't reached peak physical condition just yet but is far form slight. Isn't a common school of thought that 70 games is a good apprenticeship for most players? Tom Barrass had played 32 games heading in to last years season, played his 51st in the grand final and was aged 22. I can think of 3 better concerns: 1. Managing the work loads and potential exits from the side of Lewis and Jones 2. Run and skill from half back - especially if Salem goes in to the midfield and KK and Hunt don't come on we're in trouble 3. Lack of genuine pressure and crumbing small forward - as effective as ANB and Spargo can be they aren't Rioli's.
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    Plough - a dense metallic object of limited utility
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    Klink was the son of one of the great Conductors, Otto Klemperer. As we say in Germany, Vat a conductor!!!!!
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    Personally, I just can’t wait to see Hogan and Schultz reunited. It’s been a long time.
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    Did I write that ? Amazing how you forget what you have written. Sounds like a complete stranger not old Ernie.
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    Good points of thought and discussion, hemingway. Goody is bringing the packet of biscuits as you say. I still wish that Paul Roos had the energy to be there, too; both working away at the task of a Premiership run/series. Roos' passion for the Club stood out.
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    The turning point was after the Sydney game in round 21. It was a disgraceful game and we were outcoached terribly. Things had to change. To his credit he changed them and the team hasn't looked back.
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    Ernest Eloquent as per usual - do you mean a bit of a farewell to arms, when the bell tolls for thee?
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    Just fish and chip wrapper mate. The media have to write something. But it is better reading than 5-6 years ago when Wilson was leading the charge.
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    From a distance it seems Goodwin has the ability to get the balance right between being tough and demanding, yet supportive and encouraging. It is a fine line and he walks it very well. I love his no Richard Cranium policy so whilst he has inherited a good list he has shaped it very well. Five years for me.
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    Goodwin has been blessed with a apprenticeship under Roos, a great list and a very solid high performance team in his FD. Now let’s hope he’s been touched by the Gods and he’ll pull it all together. Another 3 years plus Bartlett’s firstborn if he wins a flag. 😊
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    Heavens to murgat roids... Mr Buckley's. ... he was just trying to fix his hammy's at the time. but stuffed everything else in the process. Where was ASADA back then.
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    Yes. That is exactly what I said - that he read Demonland and changed his ways. Good grief! He was a relatively (and I say that because he had an apprenticeship under Roos) inexperienced coach with a lot of interesting ideas. But as innovative as they were they were often unpicked by more experienced coaches, and there were times we looked lost out there, as an also inexperienced team - think Clarkson killing him after a flying start last year, or how our third quarters seemed to have us all at sea. But he adapted. He realised Rome wasn't built in a day. But that is today. Not 2017. I think he and the players learnt a lot in 2018 too. He went back to basics and shelved the gotcha! tricks. Him and the side were not ready for that stuff. 2020 and beyond, maybe, with a battle hardened bunch of players and assistants, and Goody knowing when to try these things and when not to. I give him huge credit for what he is doing, and even more credit for backing off the card tricks and getting back to basics with a team that will win because they are harder, tougher and more determined to win it than the other team. Not from some Hail Mary pass invented at 3q time. I think we are on the same page, and without looking I don't think I was that bad, but I did have my doubts that he was more show than substance in the early days. Liked his style. Liked how he got on with the boys. Liked his moxie. Just didn't like the idea that he thought he could out fox foxes with a team that didn't even know what the real deal was. Love that he has let that go and has them playing good, tough, hard running football. I'd sign him up for another 3 years in a red and blue heartbeat.
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    I would give 4 with option after 3 to resign early but happy with 5 also. Will lift that Cup one day and might be with Co Capts or ones solely on their own. Hope it is with both and am confident our group is still developing nicely with this year and the next half a decade or even longer in that cycle. Go Dees
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    I guess we have you and the other posters to thank for Goody changing?? Although the thing is Goody hasn’t changed what the game plan is. He has been trying to work out the best combination to implement it, coaching the players on how to deliver it, trading out players that don’t have what is required, and fine tuning it. It is still ongoing. You may call it mistakes but others called it good coaching even after bad losses (special commendation to @prodee). Plenty of others posted some pretty ordinary stuff.
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    He made some mistakes in the early days. Tried to be too smart and re-invent the game. But he learnt and gave us a simpler style. We became a better team because of it. I think I and others were right to doubt (after all we saw Neeld try and do the same thing), but now I have faith. Good list, good coach, good admin. Happy to eat humble pie, but not backing away from anything I said at the time.
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    As I've stated before, getting this done before Rd 1 will help provide stability to our season. I guess once all the actual substance is sorted out and Goody has effectively signed on the bottom line, then the next consideration might be when to announce it to generate maximum publicity for our membership/sponsorship drives etc. We seem to be somewhat media darlings at present and need to milk that for all that it's worth whilst it lasts.
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    Another unforeseen impact may be clubs will put more emphasis on goal kicking practice at training. Kicking a behind gives an even bigger advantage to the opposition than previously...it's going to be a lot easier to go end to end with the whole ground spread out in front of you and not very easy to defend. Accuracy will be king...
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    Kick-ins At kick-ins, a player will no longer need to kick to himself to play on from the goal square. Following a behind, the man on the mark will be brought out to 10m from the top of the goal square, rather than the existing five metres. Impact on competition: Kick in player not kicking to himself will mean marginally quicker kick in, making it more difficult to cover the outlet kick The 10 metre rule will really open up the field - a player who can kick 60 metres will get it to the centre almost Together these two rules are very likely to help teams move the ball forward more quickly The 10 metre rule is the that i think will create the most innovation from coaches and may end up having the greatest impact in terms of changing how the game is played - for example: the longest kicks might, rather than the most accurate, might take kick ins, we might see more torps (like the one Frost unloaded against the Hawks) and maybe a play will b to kick to space (and over presses) on the wings and let quick players 'race' to get it Also coaches will need to come up with new defensive mechanism to maintain presses and stop quick transitions - and i have no doubt they will Impact on dees: As FarNorthernD points out the recruitment of May will benefit us with the new kick in rule he is long and accurate kick that should provide opportunities for very quick transition But players like Frost and hunt, who are both quick and can kick long torps might get a crack at kick outs Also Hunt with his speed might be a player who could run into space for long bombs kicked into space down a wing Potential implementation and interpretation issues: In terms of interpretation, without a line on the ground based on umpires inability to gauge 15 metre kicks i suspect they will regularly get the 10 metre wrong - they 'll probably let them run 20! - maybe they will need to put a dot 10 meters out That said both rules easy to interpret and i don't really see any possible implementation issues - however as noted above i think these rules will have abig impact and no doubt a number of unintended consequences
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    The Preuss and Maxy tandem with one in our goal square at centre bounces, is a nightmare for most oppositions. We’re clearing at 60% kick long and deep... if leadup blocked. We will destroy many teams this season, Goodwin and the FD have read the rule changes well and recruited to our significant advantage, i.e. Kolo for wing, Hunt becomes a weapon from kick ins where the player can now just play on... etc interesting times.
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    Let’s face it the ‘no third man up’ rule has helped Gawn become the dominant ruckman that he is. This rule change has helped us immeasurably The 6-6-6 rule should also provide us with an advantage; dominant ruck to dominant mods. Perhaps that’s why we have recruited Pruess so that when Gawn has his six or so minutes a quarter resting we don’t lose much. A team that really gets on top at centre clearances could make for some seriously lop sided scores. Think the recruitment of May will benefit us with the new kick in rule. May is a lovely long and accurate kick that should provide opportunities for very quick transition. As Binman said there are bound to be unintended consequences but overall you would think these rule changes will generally be great for us.
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    We won't lose him to the Crows but I think we'll have to pay him more because he's worth it. Love the way he goes about it.
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    Definitely a 3 year extension and a pay rise.
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    Agree and plus this - https://www.sen.com.au/news/2018/12/03/are-hinkley-and-pyke-the-coaches-under-the-most-pressure-in-2019/ Now, I don't think Goodwin has show any signs of wanting out/go home, but if we don't get this extension right, then the hungry crow eaters could well come a knocking on his door.
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    3 years from me. Not a fan of long term contracts 3 years with incentives keeps all parties switched on.
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    Possibly. Gotta trust the club on this - they seem to get everything right these days.
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    I believe Goody is currently contracted until the end of next season, (2019). I reckon we'll extend the contract by 3 Yrs... taking his contract out to the end of (2022) season.
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    5 even 6 years. Are those posts serious? 3 years should make all parties very happy.
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    I think Simon Goodwin will be offered a 3 or 4 year extension. On the proviso that Brendan McCartney is also given a 3 or 4 year extension.
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    I wonder if its planned to announce at or just prior to AGM on 17th December? Hope so.
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    Luckily the club doesn't read Demonland. the amount of crap Goody copped most of the year by some on this site was ridiculous. Lost again at selection! Goody has no plan B, etc He will be a great coach imo and it is terrific to have stability for the club. He has the combination of desire, high standards and man management, footy knowledge. He commands respect and his selections are consistent and in line with form/effort - not your draft pick or seniority. play well at casey for long enough and you will get your chance. Can't wait to see this bloke lift the Cup with Viney!!
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    Get it done - long term deal! i have absolute belief that Goody is our next Premiership coach
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    On the front foot like we are with most things these days. Love it!
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    Should we go all in and give him a 6 year contract?
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