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    Dees are unbackable favorites at $1.3. Under Roos/Goody we have been strong against port. They have difficulty containing our contested style. We dominated them last year and narrowly lost at Port. Their top 6 contested possession winners from that game were wines, Polec, Rockcliff, Pittard, Jonas and Wingard of which 4 wont be playing. That same group also had 60 contested possessions. Who from port could possibly make up those number??? If we are on we will bury them.
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    Am I the only one who doesn't really like this? I mean, it's objectively a great photo…but we don't deserve to see Gawny hold it until he wins it. I mean, it's like taking a photo of yourself sitting inside someone else's sweet car. Sure it's cool…but it's not yours. Yet.
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    I fail to see how my post influences the performance of the team.
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    It's probably a month early but confirmation that Ollie Wines will be missing for the Round 1 clash.
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    Round 1 is a massive test. With port having some players out it will be interesting to see the mindset of our players. In the past when the opposition has players out we seem to think we will win without working hard. To me this is between the ears. We need to play 4 quarters at 100% and not stop until the final siren which is something we haven’t been able to do consistently. Time will tell.
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    https://www.afl.com.au/match-centre/2016/2/ess-v-melb Nuff' said.
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    I have never, in all of my 40+ years following the Dees, given a single [censored] about who is missing from an oppo side when we beat them. As a matter of fact, I probably could not quote a SINGLE time when a key opposition player has been missing when we beat a side. I don't gaf. I just want to win. And if the other sides best players are missing? So f*$king what.
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    How does anyone get excited about injured players ? anyway? If we have to rely on opposition teams being lessened by injury, then what is the enjoyment from beating 2nd string sides ? then we prove nothing at all, its just cheap thrills, or something else.
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    I don't think this was a bump. He didn't line him up, he didn't hit him hard. All he really did was brace for impact, effectively screening, to stop him continueing to the next phase of the play. He tucked his elbows in, braced for the hit, and the fact he stepped back after the contact shows he absorbed part of the impact force himself. He is allowed to shepherd to stop the player being involved in thur next phase of play. His other options were to get real low and bump him in the guts, which would have hurt more, or side step. Surely the player has responsibility to look where he is running and brace for impact? If the lion had've turned or braced even partially they would have bounced off each other.
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    Simply out-played, out-classed and maybe, out-coached. A very disappointing end given that our best can be terrific. Unfortunately, we were so far off that today and the Crows were comprehensively on top in every facet. They should go all the way. From slim pickings, the efforts of Mithen, plus Downie and Cordner under siege, were our best. And of course Emonson for kicking truly 😉 Despite a poor effort and result, I have every respect for our players, playing for the love of the game and often making sacrifices to do so - some we hear about and others we don't. They'll be disappointed to say the least. At some point this week before we're all consumed by the men's game, I'll try to put a thread together where we can reflect on the good, bad and the ugly from this season - there's lots to celebrate and this last game will probably overshadow those aspects so it would be good to do that while the season's still fresh.
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    Like I've said before, I agree with you on just everything. Like you I don't want to glorify the Gladiator days where playing with a punctured lung or broken ribs was a symptom of that weird phenomenon called manlihood. In the days of the gladiators an elbow to the head of an oncoming opponent was deemed ok. I recall Hardemann doing just that to an oncoming Sam Kekovich in the early 70's. I recall feeling uneasy. I played Under 16 Football for Sunshine, then a VFA side. I played in the ruck against Laurie Sandilands in a final and kicked 2 goals that day. I recall the sheer brutality, the eye for an eye mentality. I recall Jack Storey haranguing me at half time during that final for not taking out their captain, Lindsay James, in a sandwich tackle which probably would have killed him - probably me included because he was air borne, our captain tailgating his [censored] - what they called a shirt front in those days. I grew up watching Soccer - my father was a very talented player - and the notion that maiming your opponent was a totally alien concept. The above is my answer to the good old days when knuckle men ruled and players with the skill of Blight, Wells, Greig, Flower, Wilson and Alves were almost despised. Good riddance to them dark days. I still maintain May was/is innocent. He simply stood his ground. In a high contact game like Aussie Rules, those situations are unavoidable. Gone are the days of Mathews, Brereton, Scott and Dipierdomenico. I rest my case.
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    If I die at our winning Grand Final I have advised my fellow Dees tragics to go full “Weekend at Bernie’s” style with me for the duration of the celebrations.
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    it's not a new 2019 rule.....just a one off crap interpretation it hinged mainly around high contact, medium impact medium impact has meant an injury (concussion etc) or could not play on.....but not in this case....go figure
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    Thank you. That is a fair summation. It is rubbish, so often, these days. Job justification for AFL 'officials'.
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    I like it... making Melbourne great again !!!
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    The King twins have only just been drafted. Presumably you are referring to the two Kings we had? And anyway, you base your premise on what? The fact he hasn't played much footy, only basketball? What, like Mason Cox for example?
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    Lee Gaskin is from Adelaide so that explains him. Who knows why Barrett would pick them. But seriously, most people on the AFL.com list are the Who’s who of “Who?”
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    Whats with all the experts having Adelaide so high on the ladder, and a few of them even picking them for the flag? They did not add any big recruits and Gibbs, Betts, Jenkins are all 30+ years of age now. Walker and Sloane are past their best. I have them missing the 8.
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    Well spoken individual Simon Goodwin and very articulated he is invested heavily to seeing our club become great again. I can see him being with the us for quite some time as Melbourne on and off the ground evolve into becoming a major player in the AFL . We are certainly on on our way. Looking promising.
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    Beavis and Butthead
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    Can you show me a VFL ruckman we should have taken on who averaged more than Preusses 46 hit outs with 16 to advantage last year?
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    There is a danger in thinking life is a journey; some sort of a pilgrimage with a purpose at the end. Life is to be lived along the way, in the same way that music is to be enjoyed. ... Life is music all along. - Alan Watts.
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    I agree that we are a ruck short but I’m guessing the Club looked at the options out there and decided that there wasn’t a player who could get good enough to play AFL this season if both Gawn and Pruess went down. No point having an emergency ruck on the list if you can’t use him in an emergency.
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    why... that is motivation to do better. Don't sweep things under the carpet... that IS the way to NOT move at all... let alone forward. .
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    Good photo, but looks like Maxy stole it. He's not wearing a Premiership Medal.
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    Something to aspire to. Disagree with the killjoys. Show a little excitement for just a moment before R1 I don't have a problem with it at all.
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    The reasoning for his selection is sound. Mahoney has said that they wanted to add someone who knew the coaches, knew the structure, knew the expectations and so forth, and that makes sense to me. Yeah, I can see the point of possibly selecting another ruckman, but clearly the club know what it is doing.
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    What you can’t see in this photo is all the short captains jumping up and down trying to grab the cup off Max
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    Timmy just like Mick
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    I've said it before but in terms of the leadership group it must have come down to Nev or Tmac. Could have easily gone either way but agree Tmac oozes leadership, especially in front of the media.
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    Listen to all the interviews above & I found very refreshing the transparency of Tom McDonald. Very articulate & to me anyway, it was obvious he handles the questions & pressure much better than all the others......surprised hes not in the leadership group TBH. The Dees not going as well as most supporters think too, which again I think was clearly evident in the 2 JTL games, but hopefully their best form isn't too far away.....
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    Listened to all interviews Pert was again clear and visioned for the future on the admin training social complex. He realises his role in that he has been chosen to lead and deliver as his mission for the Club and he has a great sense of our history and what a legacy it will leave us. Yarra Park now looks way off but dont rule it out but whatever and whenever in the next half decade in our immediate window of opportunity I have no doubt we will be able to charge our glasses in a social location of our own. Is it any wonder his Experience with the Pies leads him to state that the Facility will be achieved, along by that time 70,000 members will also. He can't absolutely guarantee delivery of that long awaited 13th flag and that will be The real legacy of Jackson Roos and Goodwin. Its obvious he was the perfect CEO for us and despite the mischief and some blame that the Woods created about him he had run his race there. We also are now moving in to an era that we have committed concerned and extra passionate old and new fans ready for the spoils hopefully achieved that since 2014 have most meticulously been planned.
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    Don't need big biceps for tunnel ball.
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    Like others I had my reservations about Max in the early days. Over the last few years, I sometimes have wished that he would stop playing the joker and be a little more media shy. However, you realize that humour is part of his make-up and no doubt helps him cope with the pressures of AFL footy and helps relieve some of the tension and pressure amongst his team mates. What you can't do his doubt his commitment and talents. Like all top line players he has made a huge mental and physical commitment to succeed. No-one has worked harder on the track and no one works harder on the field. You can't make it without single-minded obsession to being the best. Max has done that. As a result, he will reap the benefits for the rest of his life both in footy terms (reputation and respect) and in financial terms. No-one will say there goes a guy who "coodabeen" a champ. His performance on and off the field tells you that he has become a role model and leader of men.
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    Who would have thought after his first year or two that he would be the pick of this bunch for the red and blue.
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    Really? Max's parents are level headed young men?😁
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    TV game for me, with the ridiculous number of members for Richmond and Collingwood home games I don't bother going. Too hard Enjoy guys.
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    Jesse was never a true Full Forward in my eyes. He never took an overhead pack mark. Most of his good work came 30-40 metres from goal. Jesse also assisted in a lotof goals, so i am not denying his talents. But The Weid could become a great Full Forward, when he is not tackling an opponent on the members wing. He can put the long arms up and hold marks. His opponents will be studying his game now though, i have no doubt.
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    .... and converts pretty reliably too.
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    He doesn't have to be star. Just play his role. Target would be a couple goals a game this early on.
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    By comparison Hogan took 3 contested marks total in the 6 games against top 8 teams. For those thinking I’m bagging Hogan I’m not. I am on the record as saying Hogan could have kicked 100 goals last season if we used his once in a generation talents properly, which for a 100kg power forward is his speed and strength. He kicked very few goals after taking marks at full speed on the lead and none that I can remember in the big games. Hogan has no vertical jump and will never take many contested pack marks. Weids does have a leap, and already takes pack marks. So for our game style we are already better off. I would however like to see us lower the eyes a lot more in 2019, and bomb it long as a last resort. If we can do that we will be far more dangerous.
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    One of the best rules ever to be introduced was announced earlier this week with no fanfare. I can't even find the story on the AFL's website. But the AFL has announced a zero tolerance approach to punching. A free kick will be paid against the puncher every time. Hopefully the rule will be clear that it also includes elbows (which obviously will immediately replace fists by miscreants intent on niggling). It's a good change for many reasons. It stops taggers from impeding ball players the way they have been doing; it should reduce the "need" for retaliation and most importantly, it sends a message that violence in any form is unacceptable. If anyone can find a link to the official announcement it would be useful to include it in this thread.
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    All I remember from Round 1s of the last few years is the ‘that’s SO Melbourne’ of my daughter exclaiming as Gawn missed the monty goal, Wines debut destroying us, and Rockliff booting a bag as his then Lions mauled us Of course there was also Clayton’s glorious debut but that is somehow not nearly as strong in the memory banks I approach every season with a mix of complete joy and utter dread
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    I’m blaming the last 10 years on you now ET.
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    Nah, Wingard and Polec will save them...
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    And that scum bucket $cully right at the other end. Perhaps he was scared Max was going to vomit on him again. Actually just the thought of that little turd makes me want to vomit, so I completely understand why Max reportly did it.
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