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    Thank Christ he's not playing then, how many weeks for eating an opposition player???? I suppose it comes down to whether or not he chews with his mouth open or shut, considering 'the look' and all that jazz.
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    It's Demons Membership spruiking day on SEN today. Nathan Jones appeared on Breakfast with Garry and Tim Jack Viney appeared on Gerard Whateley's show.
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    Robbos top 50. Carlton Draught,VB,Fosters,Hahn,Coopers,Xxxx,Bud,Becks,Tooheys,Cascade,D-ale,Reschs,Castle,Invalid Stout ,Guinness ,Schlitz,Singha,Tiger,Sapporo,555,333,Bests , Grolsch,Ballarat Bitter, Mountain Goat,Furphys, Heineken, East End, Swan Lager, Nastro Azzurro, NT lager, Little Creatures, Urquel, Miller’s, Mickeys,Steinlager,White Rabbit, Stella,Peroni, Schofferhoffer, Pabst, Newcastle, Tooth’s, IPA , Porter, Home brew , whatever’s leftover.
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    Judging by the comments from Jones & Lewis, the club is pretty dark about his suspension, as am I. There was very little malice and the claim he contacted him high is questionable at best. I think the main issue is May is a lot bigger than Berry and also Berry wasn't prepared so it caught him off guard. At worst this should have been a fine, but personally I think it should be nothing but a free kick. The other factor talking about concussion for the player (also contentious), is that you don't just get concussion from hits to the head. It can also be from whiplash style hits as well. So in this instance, he could have got him square in the chest area, but the resulting had whipping back causes concussion. Really disappointed if this is what the AFL are planning to do with the game.
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    Here’s how I’m seeing this having come about. Credit to The Oatmeal
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    I hope May gets suspended again during the the season for running through someone fairly. In my lifetime the best teams have always been slightly over the top aggressive. I’m talking Brisbane, Geelong & Hawthorn. It is also my understanding that our premiership teams coached by Norm Smith and lead by Ron Dale were pretty rough and tumble but fair much like May.
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    Agree Daisy and that is what I am upset about Michael Christian who is the MRP says it is Medium Impact BECAUSE the victim was hurt and couldn’t as a result come back on the ground. We then appealed only the impact level arguing for low impact. The Lions agreed Berry was not concussed or injured and that the reason he didn’t return was purely based on minutes played in a practice game. That should have been it. Grading reduced to low and a fine but no, For some inexplicable reason the Tribunal substitutes the phrase “ it could have been worse “ to somehow mean it was medium impact. The appeal is then denied. This to me smacks of a pre determined outcome and is a disgrace. The rest of the discussion about bracing, bumping, record etc is totally irrelevant. If this was a final at stake we would be in Court and would win. This process has been an absolute disgrace. Lastly if Berry was injured/ concussed I would happily accept the week. That is not the case and to my mind has been a disgraceful attempt at obtaining a result no matter what. The AFL Tribunal has acted shamefully IMO.
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    Listened to Tommy Mac while in the car this afternoon. Always impressed by how well spoken he is. Actually thinks through his answers and no ums and ahs at all. Serious individual. Well done!
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    How good was Tom McD's explanation of the difference between forwards and defenders
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    Correct, '...supposed to do?' What he did not do saved Berry - and he chose not to do anything other than absorb the impact between two forces (thus reducing the likelihood of injury) and to protect his soft tissues in that process. Guilty of something? My RRRRRRs/
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    Fantastic report, BB. I have been a casual dropper-in at training, as I pass through that area from time to time, and see the odd 10-15 minutes. I couldn't get to Casey on Saturday, but your comments on 3 of the youngsters resonated with me in terms of the bits of training I've seen this pre-season. Toby Bedford and Kade Chandler have impressed me with their intensity and skills, as well as Toby showing some real toe. They are obviously very early in their development, and it's good to see them showing something in a game, even though Toby's was more cameo by your account. I can't get out of my mind the tackle he did on Gawn in a session before Christmas where he hung on with intensity, swinging like clothes on a clothesline on a windy day - I was worried that Gawny would cop an injury so intense was the prolonged tackle! Young Bradtke looks several pre-seasons away from having a body that can compete at the highest level, but I do like his skill level. Doesn't look like the lumbering tall type, and he moves well and executes neatly. Just shows how tricky it is with ruck types in being able to bring together physical presence with good footy attributes. Hell, Max Gawn's 27, a star of the game, and a 10 season veteran. And he still hasn't played 100 games!
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    Like you, I have forgotten too. Yes, we had some wonderful times, but, for some reason, they all left me much the poorer. I donated some of the remaining money on a succession of analysts, trying to sort out the question of guilt. It did not help.
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    I don't know if anyone else has said this already. In a funny way May getting reported now for one match might be the best thing that could happen to him as he starts his career at the Demons. The one worry for me with getting him was his track record of getting reported. He must be spewing about it and feeling he's let his new team down straight away. I'm sure that will burn in him more than if it happened after he'd been playing here for a while. If the result is that this makes him fix the problem and it never happens again then I'll take the week.
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    Like others I had my reservations about Max in the early days. Over the last few years, I sometimes have wished that he would stop playing the joker and be a little more media shy. However, you realize that humour is part of his make-up and no doubt helps him cope with the pressures of AFL footy and helps relieve some of the tension and pressure amongst his team mates. What you can't do his doubt his commitment and talents. Like all top line players he has made a huge mental and physical commitment to succeed. No-one has worked harder on the track and no one works harder on the field. You can't make it without single-minded obsession to being the best. Max has done that. As a result, he will reap the benefits for the rest of his life both in footy terms (reputation and respect) and in financial terms. No-one will say there goes a guy who "coodabeen" a champ. His performance on and off the field tells you that he has become a role model and leader of men.
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    One of the best reads from a footballer I've read in a while. He is a unique, lovable and slightly contradictory character Maxy. Very clever, witty, funny and layed back, but has also developed into a highly professional and motivated athlete. Will go down as one of my favorite all time MFC players. Love his closing quote “Really, the only time we can go to an off‑season happy now is winning the flag.”
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    I went to the Casey game yesterday as I wanted to have a look at the new blokes. Conditions were perfect although it was quite humid and the smoke haze and smell were quite strong. It was a resounding win by Casey who completely outplayed Brisbane around the ball and of course were helped by Viney, Jones and Melksham who were just a class above. This is how I saw the Demons:- Kade Chandler:- Didn't know he was on the ground in the first quarter as I was mainly watching the big three but I certainly noticed him in the second and subsequent quarters. He's small but he looks strong and quick, not lightening, but quick and he has good hands and a good kick. He took a good contested mark at one point and kicked a couple of goals in the second. He covered the ground well and tackled. He used the ball well with several passes inside forward 50 to teammates and was the most impressive of the new blokes from my point of view. He looks like he could become a good player. Nathan Jones: Often when you see a senior player come back to a lower grade they seem a little at sea and don't dominate the way you'd expect. Jonesy didn't have that problem. From the first bounce he just kept getting the ball and managed to find space in tight and continually won the ball at stoppages. His skills were rusty as he missed several handballs and kicks I'd normally expect him to nail but it was a little like watching a year 12 boy play with the year 10's. He was just better than the rest. Seemed to run out the game well and I've no doubt he'll play round1. Jack Viney: Was pretty dominant around the stoppages and on occasions used his strength really well just bashing through tackles at stoppages and clearing the ball. Played quite some time in the forward 50 but doesn't look a natural forward at all. He got plenty of the ball and used it well. He looked pretty spent towards the end and appeared to hurt himself when he attempted a spoil from behind and may have jarred his knee/leg on landing. I watched carefully as he went to the bench where a trainer/physio (I was on the other side of the ground) talked to him for a minute or two. There didn't appear to be any testing of the leg or any ice used and he walked reasonably comfortably after the game. Like all, I'm just hoping for the best. James Jordan: Looked a class player and while he didn't get a heap of it when he did he used it well and looked confident in what he was doing. Played off half back and covered a lot of ground. He is a sure ball handler and a lovely kick and appeared to be in the right place at the right time. He's still quite slight but showed courage and a willingness to tackle. I liked what I saw. Corey Wagner: Showed some speed and footy smarts at times and if he was a first year player you'd be quite excited but he's not and if he's going to make it needs to find something more. He certainly has a go and won his fair share in the forward 50. Jake Melksham: Didn't really see him in the first quarter but started to play well in the second and was dominant in the last half. His contested ball work was great, he was strong in the air, he found space and his kicking was fantastic. He was close to BOG for me in the second half and will be a great addition with his kicking skills particularly. Sam Frost: Just a game. Always looks a class above until he fumbles the simple ones or makes a rookie mistake. He did get better as the game wore on but not one of his better games because of the mistakes. Also there wasn't a lot to do down back for Casey. Tom Sparrow: I was disappointed with his first half and can't say I really noticed him but sometimes when you're watching for the first time you don't notice players so maybe I'm being unfair. He started to get more involved in the third but I was disappointed with his disposal but as the game wore on he got better and better and displayed some really good clearance work and kicking skills. He's very much in the mould of an inside mid with a see ball get ball approach and was at the bottom of a lot of packs. I was much more confident at the end of the day than at half time with him as he definitely has some AFL attributes. Cory Maynard: Not a dominant game but maybe was pushed out of his normal role with Viney and Jones doing a lot of the centre clearance work. Just a game really and not one to get excited about. Toby Bedford: Now here is an interesting one. In one sense he's got it all. He's quick and nimble, he covers a lot of ground, he's a willing tackler and he works hard. Looks to be a sure ball handler and a good kick but reality about yesterday is he didn't get it enough to make a judgement really But every time he was around the ball or got it he caught your eye. I'm glad he's on the list but he's got to learn the best trick in footy - to get the ball. Braydon Preuss: Dominant ruck in the first half and gave silver service to the mids while he was on. As you know, he injured himself in the first minute of the third quarter and wasn't seen again. Austin Bradtke: Got Casey's first goal (I think) with a really good contested pack mark in the first few minutes of the game and followed up later in the quarter with another. He's got good hands and can kick it quite well and found a bit of it around the ground but I don't think he added to his two first quarter goals. He did quite a bit of rucking when Preuss went off and was monstered. Lots of time in the gym and a clear project player but looks a good long term prospect and although it's too early to call looks more a forward than a ruck. Jost Wagner: Not a lot to do but what he did he did well. Very brave on occasions particularly in the air and was spoiling the ball very well to the boundary on many occasions. He's a good VFL player and performs regularly at this level from what I've seen but didn't do enough to push a case for senior selection. Harry Petty: I've liked this kid from the first time I've seen him and again he looked very good yesterday. He reads the play really well, he's a very strong overhead mark and his kicking is very good. He got to the right place regularly and played a very good game. Towards the end of the game he had a couple of spells in the ruck which looked quite promising as he was okay with his tap work and agile and mobile enough around the ground to have an impact. Given our relative glut of KPD I wouldn't be surprised to see him trialled forward at some point. With his contested marking strength and kicking ability he could be a handful. I'm very confident this kid will be an excellent AFL footballer. Oscar Baker: Clearly needed a run. Looked rusty and didn't get into the game as you'd have hoped but he's had a long spell on the sidelines. He loves to get involved and he loves to take people on, not always with the desired outcome. But he has a go, he's got very good pace and he clearly believes in himself. Having said that, it wasn't a good game by his standards from my point of view.
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    In 2016 we set a membership record of 39,211. The hope was we’d get to 40,000 the next season. We’ve just hit 40,000 and it’s mid March. At the rate of increase in the last 2 weeks we’ll crack over 50,000. That was a dream just 3 years ago and the Club has only just reached finals for the first time. You can see that 60,000 doesn’t seem like such a pipe dream in the next couple of years.
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    No Clint, but he is #1 in the club for pressure acts. So I expect he signed up 1,500 members in a half hour burst.
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    Best Bet Flemington Race 8 No.11 Alizee $4.00
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    Did you manage to get the Gary Pert interview this morning @Demonland ? It was very inspiring and he talked mainly about Melbourne lacking a home and being the only club in the AFL with that issue. He said it was one of his main focuses. He had spoken to all the relevant parties inc City of Yarra and the MCG. He went on to say that Melbournes home was traditionally the MCG and how we would train 3 nights a week there. He said the offices there were all over the place and there was no central focus point where the supporters could meet. If he could solve that one it would be amazing. The more i hear this guy the more i like him.
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    "We haven't got the plebs EXACTLY where we want them ......... yet"
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    ‘A camel is a horse designed by a committee.’
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    This jumper, along with the 'super-hero' rebranding of AFL-X is solely due to Marvels sponsorship. If Marvel wasn't pouring money into the AFL, then we wouldn't be seeing this at all. It has nothing to do with 'appealing to the kids' and a 'broader audience'. It is so condescending to young people when old men say that they need to dumb things down to appeal to todays youth. has nothing to do with growing the game; it is a complete sell-out to a multi-national corporation.
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    Considering how appalling we have been for most of that decade, Port only having a 11-5 win/loss record over us almost makes them our bunnies.
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    Tasteful, understated. AFL House must be livid!!!
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    Jay has plenty of talent and is only a 24 yo . Playing for Casey last season he strung a number of games together and produced his best form by becoming a ball magnet with 30 plus possessions in games and ended up playing a number of games for Dees. IMO he handled himself well and deserved his promotion. I hope that he does receive the 2 year extension where it will give Jay confidence .He deserves it.
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    God help the MFC is we come out with anything this stupid.
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    There will be a tipping point but the AFL won’t see it coming. Like authoritarian governments they have a compliant media that cannot ask any difficult questions for fear of losing their accreditation. So most of their close feedback comes from subservient and fawning journos and others dependant on the hand that feeds it. When it all falls apart they will be totally unprepared and surprised
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    It's a contact sport and these things are going to happen. If you want to completely eradicate concussion, each player should wear a flag in the back of their shorts that needs to be pulled out instead of tackling.
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    Happy if they're consistent but you can guarantee this will be relaxed as the season goes along, especially if it involves a Brownlow favourite.
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    My midweek long shot Thursday 9.00pm Pakenham Race 7 No.3 Inglesias $41
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    40,000 members prior to Round 1 is a great achievement! Surely we're aiming at possibly signing up 50k by the cut off date? It actually seems like a realistic target now.
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    I got a call tonight from Billy Stretch, unfortunately (but not) as I was putting my 3yr old to sleep I missed it. Listening to the message later I was surprised to hear Billy was calling to speak to my young guy, asking him to sign up again. “He” signed up 3 or 4 weeks ago. I do hope the club updates the books soonish.
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    Again...the fix was in. Look at the ridiculous citation. Look at complicity of the Lions Look at kangaroo court of AFL. Think that's ridiculous... might I remind all of the lengths the AFL went to acquit Essendon. The AFL is as corrupt as they come.
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    We'll be fine.
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    i agree. a collision was pretty well unavoidable. there was less than a second (second tops) from handball to collision. may was stationary and front on. berry was in motion. at that point may was vulnerable and had just enough time to turn defensively side on (keeping his elbow in and arm against body). by the laws of physics berry had tghe upperhand because he had motion and may didn't. again at that point berry if he was aware, which he wasn't) could have also turned side ways for a shoulder to shoulder collision where his motion would have been an advantage. at the very last may did push forward as anyone with any brains would have done, because he was standing motionless and he was not to know until the last nano-second that berry did not brace, but by then may was committed to his self protective stance. so no, i don't concede may was guilty of carelessness. i contend the impact was inevitable and one player failed to take a defensive stance. this is not a criticism of berry, just explaining what happened additionally from replays the ball at contact time was about 5m away so "in play" additionally the impact to his chin was at the lower end. most of the impact was taken on the chest. to emphasise that check berry as he goes from vertical to on his back on the ground. At all times his head stays in straight line with his torso i.e. there was no backwards whiplash of his head with respect to his body/spine so, collision realistically inevitable, not careless and impact to head low. I don't tink the defence did a very thorough job.
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    Complete and utter garbage.
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    It's just our luck to spend a fortune on Lever and May to strengthen our shaky defence over the last 2 years and to have to go into round 1 of 2019 without either of them!
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    Listen to your own description Berry is running towards May But it's May numbing Berry See the problem with logic there ?? Bet most here can
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    Really? Max's parents are level headed young men?😁
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    Thanks.My sons went to school with Max and his older-but shorter- brother Adam! Both level headed young men.So are Max’s parents.
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    Gotta feel for the lad as it seemed like he was in contention for a rd 1 spot. It's going to be really hard for him to work his back into the team halfway through the season but best of luck to him.
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    everyone knows the brownlow isnt a true representation of player ranking so not sure why you're using it to fit an argument. As good as brayshaw is he didnt even finish top 3 in our Bnf.
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    People laughed at Gale when he targeted 75k membership and premierships. Who's laughing now. Dream big, but also do the work required to make it a reality. Happy to see us not content to remain a small club, we were once big and can be again....
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    Berry f'd up. May suspended. And the AFL wonders whats turning ppl off footy !!
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    It still begs the f.....g question: wtf was May supposed to do?????Look at it again in real time.
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    The only reason the MFC is a so called “Small Club” is because we have had lazy administrations for decades. Stop thinking the club is small. It’s GROWTH TIME right now Melbourne will be bigger than Sydney in about 5 years The MFC must ride that wave Pert is the right man to get the ball rolling, after PJ planted seeds and nurtured old soil back to life
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