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    While waiting to go through my photos i have time for just a couple of observations about the crowd. I spent the first quarter between both interchange benches, then made the foolish decision to stand behind the goals... first at the Richmond supporters end, and then switched to the MFC end. Both times I was at the end we were kicking to which meant I didn't actually get to see much of the action for a full half of footy. What most stood out was how bloody pathetic the boofhead Tigers cheerleaders were. Constantly throwing cringey insults at the umpires, and moaning about how we could do anything and get away with it and they got pinged for everything. Plenty of "go to Specsavers", and "See Centrelink for a new job tomorrow maggot"... etc etc. They were really yelling. At a practice match ffs. It was constant whining by a bunch of pot-bellied, middle age bogans who were covered in tatts. At our end, I was impressed by how much younger our supporter group was. It's great to see so many younger people in MFC jumpers. (Having said that, we were outnumbered 10:1 based on club merch being worn) We also didn't yell abuse when a free went the other way. Also, our female supporters are INFINITELY better looking. Our ladies have 10% as many gaudy tatts, half as many chins, twice the IQ, four times the teeth and less than 1/4 of the stomach rolls. It was 2 different worlds separated by only the length of a footy field. A real eye-opener.
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    Nev was a champ and let me take a couple of photos with him and my daughter. I loved him already, but now I want a statue of the great man on my front lawn. More photos and a bit of a report to come... just downloading all my memory cards.
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    I was watching the Keys and Gray show on bein sports the other morning and Richard Keys stated that the Notts County football club ( 1862 ) is the oldest football club in the world. I tweeted them and set them straight.
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    I’d be pretty concerned if I were a Richmond supporter, they only just got up in the end vs a very undermanned team. We kicked 100 and with minimal damage injury wise. Put Steven May out there and we win that game. Add a few more and we do it comfortably. Goody seemed to try a few new things, which in the end is all JLT is good for. Plenty to like.
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    Don’t forget the coach may have given specific instructions to certain players, who are then playing unfamiliar roles. The score is irrelevant, it was a good game ! they fought it out
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    Fair point, bing. I also think they are better players when they have better players around them, if that makes sense. They are only relied upon to play their role and they can do that with minimal fuss when asked. Today they were required to play more game time in prominent positions and it showed. They had a dip, but ultimately lacked the class to keep it going for more than brief patches of the game.
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    How about we wait until we have our first choice defence out there before we worry about the 'run' being generated from there. We were low on class and experience down there, especially with a kid like Jordon playing large amounts of the game on a half back flank, and five of our best defenders were out. Sure, the run from there wasn't great today, but it's hardly a surprise with the team we picked. Stink it up next week with most of them back and then you've possibly got a point.
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    Only saw the first half, so can only comment on that. Midfield nucleus of Oliver, Brayshaw and Harmes looks to be picking up where it left off. Pleasing. Happy with the half of Salem and Petracca also. Hore and Petty can play key defender roles if need be. Looking forward to May being in the mix though. Forward line looks to be functional. Probably the biggest question mark going in. Preuss for me was a stark reminder of how much we rely on Max. He was decent but we’re accustomed to far more than decent. I’d be interested to see what Preuss was up to when Balta got off the chain in the second quarter. One of the things you can’t work out from TV. I assume from the scores that the second half was more of the same. If so, a good enough first hit out.
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    Pleased by our pinpoint kicking accuracy. To Richmond players.
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    Don’t chew gum during an interview.
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    His readily laughing at himself may indicate less ego hangups. He also seems to be enjoying this opportunity and really into it working hard to do his best. Great combination.
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    I walked past the oval a bit earlier with my dogs but they wouldn’t let me in, even after I told them my dogs were cleaner and less feral than West Coast supporters and their kids.
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    I know that we shouldn’t condone violence but Dangerfield’s head. Everytime I see it it gets more annoying looking.
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    I used to really rate the Brownlow. Perhaps it was because we never really had a chance at team honours I would focus on Robbie or Greg Wells or Brian Wilson or Hardeman to hopefully bring some kudos to the club. Nowadays I don’t really care about the Brownlow at all. It’s not on my radar and I’m not sure if that’s me or it has been generally devalued. I wonder which award means the most to the players? Coaches award would be a big one you would think? I suppose a Brownlow would still bring in the most reputational post career dollars.
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    Petracca has not improved at all since last year Missed a typically easy goal in the first quarter, Then when game up for grabs and three dees calling for the ball up forward, Spears a pass to Richtank player who runs and delivers a gimme goal Spare me the Hype on this Player Too inconsistent!
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    Good: - Oliver is still a star - Gus isn't far behind either, although he has to stop with the poor turnover kicks - Petracca at least started like the best player on the ground - Excellent first quarter, nice effort to keep fighting in the last - Petty, Keilty and Jordon showed a bit Bad: Where was the mental strength to hold the game up, switch, change angles etc to keep control of the ball? There simply wasn't enough structure in the 2nd and 3rd to show that the back ups are well drilled and organised, that's a worry. Ugly: 1. The performance of the lower tier maturing players - Oscar, Frost, ANB, J Smith, Maynard, Hunt. Just very little from these guys 2. Where's the run? We weren't a good side out there today but we were hardly a young side either. The Tigers had 2 first year kids and a 2nd year tall, pretty much the same as we did. For the middle 2 quarters in particular the forwards and midfield couldn't get any pressure on the Tigers in transition. That's a big worry. We had 5 of 7 forwards from our finals series last year and plenty of rotations, why are they letting Houli and co run around us all day? Then the backline was probably even worse in that regard. We couldn't stick with their smalls or provide any drive. It wasn't like Hunt, Hore, J Wagner and Jordon were butchering the ball constantly with bad kicks or poor decisions but more like they weren't even getting the ball and moving it on. Salem went back and steadied things up, as Lewis, Hibberd, Jetta, May etc should do as well I still have big concerns about where the half back run is. If Hunt doesn't get back to his best then we're relying on Hibberd and Salem (who can't be released in to the midfield) and maybe hoping KK can also bounce back. The lack of running defender depth makes little sense to me, every team should be well stocked in that position.
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    Oliver was by far the best player out there. He is an absolute freak. Barely no pre season and after two shoulders operations. He is the player who will win us a premiership. Impacts every contest and barely misses a target. TMac looked horribly out of form/shape and slow. A massive worry as without Hogan he will be our biggest forward focal point. Preuss was disappointing. Does he have no tank or is he a little sore? Barely rucked for longer than 5 minutes. JHK, Wagner (Josh), Strech, ANB and Hunt as underwhelming as usual. I thought Hore was quite good as was Jordon (looks like a young James McDonald). I missed the first quarter. Can anyone tell me why Grimes was wearing a Batman mask?
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    Sadly, it will take a miracle for us to get to top 2 of Conf A. Ladder is: While statistically possible, it is very unlikely that we will be in top 2 of Conf A to play in finals. Its a crazy finals system but not much we can do about it.
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    Disagree, I thought Oscars kicking has improved out of sight
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    Petty was very impressive with some of his intercept marking and neat ball use. Gkt the ball in his hands instead of Frost and Oscar who just butchered it today. Keilty was the surprise for me. Was jumping over Soldo and Nankervis at time and was impressed with his marking. Jordan started slow but started to pick up the tempo in the 2nd half. Good signs to come. I thought JKH actually played quite well? I like Pruess as a deep forward.
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    they did have 12 more scoring shots.... the final score flattered us
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    The deal is always: Win - and we’re on track to win the premiership Lose: it’s just pre-season Satisfying hit out nonetheless against one of the best sides that was also far closer to full strength than us. There’ll be a minimum 6 inclusions into our Rd 1 side including 2 all Australians and our co-captains.
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    Thats pretty much a full sided side from the Tigs.. yet they just pipped our inexperienced side.. dont rate them at all. A lot of positives to take from today! Just have a look at these names and smile.. Jones, Viney, Gawn, Hibberd, Melksham, May, Lever, KK, Vandenberg, Jetta and Hannan!
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    I reckon both teams are overs on the Win/+2.5 ... Juve are 5.50 so I have done the 'saver' multi with Liverpool & Atletico. The combined odds are just too tempting Wadda even though I do like your Napoli selection. I also like @Dee Zephyr 's selection with Atletico ... good value all round really. The same theory has been working for me on the horses with the saver option. It's really only feasible if both odds are deemed as overs. There will be goals in this match you'd reckon. Meanwhile, our Demons have had a good hit-out in oppressive conditions. We've got a number of good players missing but we've taken it right up to the Tiges.
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    We are the oldest club wearing red and blue, but having changed both the darkness of red and blue, and having changed our mascot from Fuchsias to Demons and having been formed in 1858. So we are older than all living fossils.
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    Nah, not me, I just thought if Lever wanted a run outside in Philly in February, early March, then snow it is, about as slippy as the grass at Goschs a couple of eeeks ago when it hailed, Lever was pounding around the boundary then
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    Has Sheffield been continuous? i think you will find there is a year or so in there where they disbanded and then recommenced.
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    They mean Association Football, better known by its abbreviated name, Soccer. For some reason, Soccer is a dirty word in Aussie media. They will instead call it "football" (as if it's the only football code around) or "the world game" or "the round ball game". They can't seem to admit that Association Football is just one of a dozen or more codes of football around the world and has no greater claim to the word "football" than any other code. The rules of Association Football were codified in 1863. Ours is the older game! (Meanwhile, the oldest club is Sheffield, 1857.)
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    The MFC (1858) is the oldest continuous Football Club on Earth 🌍
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    When they meant football did they mean football or “football” or footy?
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    I agree with him. For eg. you had the St.Kilda president Rod Butterss making key club decisions while off his face on coke and alcohol. Wouldn't put it past Gill. And then you have a bunch [censored] journo muck rakers like purple and slobbo. Who knows what those clowns get up to in the dunnys on brownlow night. It's about running a clean and fair workplace. Cant just test the blue collars while the white collars do what the fork they want. And yeah, I'm a bogan. No cheese platter at the footy for me.
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    Hi It's Time... Is "little own" similar to "let alone"
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    For so long, Sydney and Geelong have been consistent finalists but with one round to go in the JLT it looks like their run is over.
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    Yeah, ok. Understand. Will be interesting to see if 360 do stick with Lewis or pass the baton elsewhere as you suggest. Whilst I think there are other Melbourne guys like T Mac as you suggest and Max who would go quite well in this type of role, I think Lewis does it quite well and I'm happier for him to do it and let the others just focus on footy for now. I actually also quite like Lewis on 360, he shoots pretty straight, says something when it's actually worth saying and doesn't come across like an attention seeker like Jack Riewoldt.
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    So out of a 360 team which includes Robbo, Gerard Wheatly and Jack Riewoldt - you think Lewis is cringeworthy and should be booted off?
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    Yeah, maybe, but of so it's the wrong strategy. I want Viney the Gremlin, put him in water and have a whole team of them.
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    Hmmm... With all this talk of players and illegal substances, you may want to consider your wording in future postings. 😱😮
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    Also comes across as humble, a resident of that great footballing learning curve, anticipatory for improvement and learning about the game more deeply, and ready to give it his best after an inglorious baptism with North. Indicators so far are very much within the trend of considerable improvements to his game on the eve of the start of this season, his potential contributions and his support for the MFC and its team. I like the boy!
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    Perhaps you should start the discussion with a little bit of evidence to back up your claims rather than outsource the heavy lifting.
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    Putting all my eggs on thick as a brick
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    Intermittent fasting is a good way to reduce visceral fat.
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    I’ve wandered down and watched a few WAFL games at the ground, it’s a great place to catch a game at. I recently found out it opened three months after the Gallipoli landing, just a bit of trivia thrown in there.
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    Diets never work because they can’t be maintained. Balanced eating is the only long term solution. However, fasting has been around for thousands of years as a recipe for good health. But these guys are professional footballers who need to eat sensibly, and eat healthy food in the right proportions particularly in the 48 hour period before games. Losing weight is beneficial for running but you need to know what you are doing. You would hope that the players in question are doing so in consultation and with the advice of Club doctors. It would be a concern if a couple of guys were doing it off their own back.
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    I'll explain it but please don't take this as support for it, the science behind it is not definitive and I am not a dietitian. The idea is to trigger the fasting reaction in your body. Both the 5/2 and the 16/8 attempt to do the same thing. There are some studies that indicate that the body does more cell regeneration when it does not have sufficient calories available to just create extra cells. Both diets attempt to trigger that reaction without total fasting, which most people can't sustain. There is plenty of info on the net if you are interested.
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    would struggle to make the current 22
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    The squad looks like it's been written by Thomas Hardy or perhaps one of the Bronte sisters with Woodland making way for Heath.
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    You mean like half of the 2006 WC premiership list?
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