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    First time at training this year for me. There appeared to be two levels of rehab, the more serious one contained KK, May, Jones and Walker. They did heaps of running starting with straight line three quarter pace 100m and 200m runs and at the end they were doing lots of laps. None looked very inconvenienced. Hannan was just walking laps, tried to find out what the issue was but got nothing. The second rehab group was quite big but my guess is that they were just on light duties after Saturday. I'm not sure I'll get all of them but Maynard, Petracca, Viney, Lever, Hibberd, Stretch, Melksham, JKH, AVB, Baker and Nev Jetta. They did lots of handball drills but no running that I saw. The rest of the group did very light duties. Gentle run throughs, a little bit of kicking to leading players and some goal kicking and crumbing snaps. Today was clearly just a gentle "get the legs moving" session after Saturday. Spoke to some of my contacts down there who reiterated what Saty has been saying about rehab but recognized we'd been a bit unfortunate not to have the number of players in full training mainly because it makes doing the drills a bit more problematic. Another positive was that this year all our recruits bar Hore have done the major part of the preseason which will stand them in good stead for the season and is unusual as usually the young guys struggle with the loads and carry injuries from the TAC season.
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    Infiniti were never gonna last forever
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    Yes it was a very light session. I spoke briefly to Justin Plapp who said a number of players pulled up sore after Saturday’s training, guessed they were not used to wet weather footy. He was upbeat about the squad and how they are training, that the rehab group is getting smaller by the week and that Clarrie is back to full training. As KK ran past he commented that he is going to be very good for us this season.
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    I'm all in favour of replacing the free scarf with every membership with a free Jaguar.
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    look forward to receiving 40% off the RRP of a new Jaguar when we have a win in 2019 😀
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    Could be a car, a nicE type of car too!
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    nice work @Satyriconhome - aways appreciate the effort of getting down there and taking some shots for those elsewhere...
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    Jaguar back of jumper sponsor confirmed by @Satyriconhome's Instagram
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    And what a pity that is. All it does is provide an unnecessary opportunity to get injured
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    Comparisons like these are odious. They disclose nothing about the innate skills and abilities of the players. The only measure I have used in the past has been whether or not the player is better than most in doing what others do on the field or can he do things that no other player could even dream of doing. The classic example of the second was our Robbie. Most of the recent Brownlow medallists, Cripps and Bont have been examples of the first. At times I have seen Clarrie do things that others could not do. His vision when under pressure, his ability to not only win the ball but to deny the ball to the opposition and win the ball back is beyond others. Think how, in the final against the dorks, he denied the dorks in the centre square scramble, won the ball and delivered it to a running Gus (I think) who kicked to the contest where Melksham swooped and goaled. No Clarrie, no goal. That some of his magic is not apparent does not detract from his ability. At times, he is playing his own game.
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    I must admit I'm shocked this hasn't been officially announced yet on social media or even mentioned on there by the media.
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    Bin used before 'bin', but what the hell why not again...
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    Kingy might state the obvious how good Oliver is and the one reason Melbourne finished off the season one win short of a Grand final. IMO I would take Clarry in front any midfielder without hesitation.
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    maybe they should just gives us $1b pounds upfront and just add it to their quarterly bottom line!
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    These 'flashbacks' of the MFC past stretch for years - over 100 years - but in the last fifty years there have been some players, teams, incidents, outcomes and matches from which great depths of MFC understanding have been moulded. It is just as important for us to recognise our wonderful history as it is to genuflect on our possible future. The passage of time diminishes our losses and disappointments, but those who have seen, felt and cheered the MFC across the decades have a story to tell and share - and it is one of many facets and hallmarks. Each of these has been inspiring. Each is part of a mortar that binds. For those who have missed much of this history ( possibly only as an age difference ) listen and reflect on the related memories of those who sat through time on the edge of their seats watching the MFC. There is a groundswell of opinion and appreciation that leans towards our history repeating itself - and now is the time to take that step.
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    I mentioned in an email to a Demon mate that there was a whisper going around that a new sponsor (BOJ) might be announced on Monday. His reply "Bank of Japan"?
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    I reckon he will miss at least the first 6 weeks of the season.
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    I get that. But Bolton was bought in to coach a crap side as an untried coach. Goodwin is in a very different position it just seems a bit weird....
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    I used that image in a poster for one of my band’s gigs... Sean Smith saw it in the Facebook event and wanted to see the band... unfortunately we’re about 1,000kms north 😂
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    What about poor old Lane, when he wanted to end it all? Jag wouldn’t start!! Brilliant TV 📺
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    1100 is a very good collect mate ... let's hope history repeats for you. I like multi's with regards the horses in the overseas racing. More so the UK & sometimes the US rather than Ireland or France. With the exotics basically out of the question due to the small pools so you have to find winners. Again, Group racing only and more so over a mile or further. I got a 3pick with Stradivarius, Roaring Lion & Cracksman last year - all shorties but it adds up. Might have got 12-1 from memory. I did get the trifecta in the Merchant Navy win though ... that was a satisfying collect as I was banking on the Aussie punters following suit with the UK betting where they ignored the 2nd & 3rd place getters because they were from France & the USA. An international trifecta and the 'loophole' win! Sports bets is my preference for multi's though Wadda - all you have to do is find 3 winners out of 3 head-to-heads and you've won. Sounds simple but there is some science and an art to the whole thing. The big multi is worth having a go at though - 'tis a pity they don't pay 7 from 8 as I'd be a billionaire by now!
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    Yeah OK but after Brexit we will relocate to Holland. A permanent base with training facilities to die for. And it's closer to the MCG than Casey.
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    they need an electric type car... like an e-type jag or a quick saloon type. https://www.jaguar.com/jaguar-range/xf/index.html Expect the vehicle to be delivered sometime in the beginning of the summer of 2020.
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    I know its human nature but I find comparisons annoying and meaningless. There are genuine stars of the game, now called elite players who bring their own talents, skills and class to the game. Each has their own individual differences that make them what they are. Way back in the 60s, fans and media, then called the press, compared Whitten and Barassi, and the title Mr Football often moved from one to the other, although Ted usually got the nod. At the end of the day, both were match winning greats of the game that brought their own unique talents to each match.
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    Confused the tree with Maxy, common mistake.
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    Nope, sorry Sue they're useless. Besides they have made a formal announcement with a media release.
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    It's just a gut feeling but with Jag looking to really push their Pace along.. especially the E pace it probably works to get exposure. I suspect if the car sales follow then Jag may stay around for a few more years. The E pace has very good reviews... probably a better more affordable car than Elon's I wish them well. Love to have one
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    King, leading with his chin, once again; however, just on the law of averages, I reckon that he has got this one statement out of ten, correct! Clarrie is a once-in-a-decade footballer without doubt. External influences to the MFC will not recognise this accolade and/or will play it down. Interesting to note that the amount of defensive and interruptive pressure every opposition team applies to Clarrie is largely all in vain. We also have Gus. A freak show at the Brownlow. And then, there's Max. And then there's .... ..... ..... ..... !!!!! This year we have a team, as well.
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    that's because there is no tomorrow.......it's always coming but always gets pipped by today
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    Thanks Macca. I was in Torino not so long ago as you know, a wise choice ! 0-3 no less. Cristiano even scoring! I see Juventus is top of the table with Napoli coming second....my 2 teams!
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    I think when you consider the time and efforts that go into running a website like this one it makes sense to subscribe or donate. I've been on DL a long time and although I've had on-off periods on here it's always been there and I'm grateful for that. The site is run by great people and we are getting more and more brilliant content all the time with things like the podcast which has become a staple for me during the week. Every bit counts, doesn't take much.
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    Footy is footy. It will talk for itself. Expectations ? Well, surely they're high and not without merit. Personally...no flag this year or next....I'd be devastated!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 In reality... disappointed. It's about as palpable as ever Go Dees
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    We should build the facilities and make Collingwood pay for it.
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