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    I went along today. Lovely day and a good session to see as they were starting a bit of game simulation and there was plenty going on. Just a couple of points to offer from limited viewing. One is that last year I thought we had the list in pretty good shape so I was surprised at how much we cut into the list. I thought we might just do the obligatory 3 or 4 changes but we did a lot more and it shows on the park. The newbies are all small to medium players apart of course from May and Preust and they are as keen as to make an impression. It looks to have regenerated the group a bit and with Oliver, Gus, Viney and Jones on the sidelines there was a freshness that I think is good for us. We looked young and hungry and I'm pretty sure the coaches are creating an atmosphere where positions are up for grabs and anything is possible. So I also saw the contested mark of KK and he also did another nice piece of play at half back from contested to delivery upfield that was impressive. I also saw Nietsche (No. 27 the philosopher) do a couple of nice things. Bedford is busy and was involved a lot as well. The intensity was good and I think the youngsters contributed a lot to that. The second thing I noticed was Vanders. He looked fantastic. He was in rehab with Gus and Stretch and clearly they are close to returning to the main group as they were doing contested stuff one on one and there were no holds barred. All three were going well, Billy is tracking very well but Vanders was excellent. They were one on one just holding and jostling until the attacker made a lead and one of the coaches Rooke kicked to the lead. Vanders marked most everything under good pressure and defensively was strong and aggressive and shut down his opponent. At one stage he spoiled Gus and took him to ground, it was strong play. He is clearly a leader and looks very focused, driven and I'd say as fit as he's ever been. I'm so glad he stayed with us and I reckon he could be a great player for us this year. Just on the rehab group or groups, in making your way back to the main group you work very hard, harder than if you are in the main group itself. So even though most of the players in re-hab could easily join in the pace of the main group it is never gifted and you have to tick every box before they will let you back.Finally one of those guys Jack Viney is looking fantastic as well. He was charging around the boundary and while he would hardly blow out a candle Baker was totally gassed. Jack is another right on track for a massive year.
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    Maybe Uncle but Weide brings more than goals. He brings height, disposal skills, defensive pressure, run, forward line balance and flexibility. His ability to pinch hit is also useful with or without Preuss in the team. He will be as good as the players around him. He is a team player first and foremost. We will have an agile and mobile forward line with the ball coming in quickly from the midfield. We should continue to see multiple goal kickers week to week. No more long wayward bombs to stationary soldiers or directed at one or two key forwards. .
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    If CP has a run of poor form this year, will we see a potential headline in the paper reading "Fat Tracc Bullied"?
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    Hopefully he's racking up 30+ possessions at Casey and pushing for selection. This is what ANB did consistently to make his case.
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    Crossy is a pro. Rd 8-10 is a number plucked from thin air - if he returns by rd 5 it means they're geniuses. if he says rd 1 but it blows out to round 6 - obviously theres issues..... it's a blatant under promise and over deliver stand point
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    He fits at Casey learning his craft and hopefully he is good enough to play 100+ games for the club. Our midfield depth isn't that great outside the regular AFL players, we need the next group of midfielders developing at Casey and hopefully pushing for selection mid to late in the year. Whose spot they take is irrelevant at this stage
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    21 hours in bed is a very long time. No wonder there's a deficiency in spelling and use of language. And, perhaps, knowing the difference between ante meridiem and post meridiem😀.
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    And now we have some teammates who’s brains he really can pick. Teammates who really have been there done that, teammates who really believe in themselves and teammates who realise that with hard work and dedication, the prize may not be too far away. A culture that is still building but one that Sparrow and the other “kids” will embrace as natural. A big, big turnaround from 8 - 10 years ago. I know we all thank Paul Roos but I want to thank Daniel Cross for importing a professionalism of dedication and training that shocked many at the club into changing their ways (or getting out)! How much talent was waisted a decade ago by ineptitude, amateurism, and pure stupidity, a bloody lot IMHO.
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    Surely coqnescent means an understanding of French hens, not sure what it has to do with footy though
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    yeah I loved that moment too. plus he has shown its not a one off in the short amount of games he's played so far, he loves to nail a bloke with a tackle, which is great. it does show a real intent, like you say. Hogans tackling pressure was Watts like most of the time, useless. I thought it was also funny that the cats players didn't really remonstrate with Weid after he buried Danger in that tackle. you'd think they would try to put the youngster off his game by coming back at him and getting in his face, but they didn't. Weid must have a bit of presence about him out there on the field.
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    I think we will stop more goals in 2019.
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    Funny how some of us view goals. Did Tyson take his 340 possessions? Does Steven May bring 295 possessions? I like Alistair Clarksons "one soldier out , one soldier in," philosophy. Hogan as good as he is is not 47 goals better that his replacement. I for one think that we will kick more goals in 2019 than 2018 but I am an optimist.
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    Thanks for the great reports It's Time. Love that from Maca. I certainly hope Jeffy Garlett can get back to his best and force his way back into the side, because at his best he is just so damaging. But to be picky with your choice of words, I'd suggest that both fortunately and unfortunately, it's not his position in the side that the competition is for these days. He relinquished his hold on the spot to a certain extent last year and sadly appeared to be on the outer by the end of the season. Hopefully the break has done him good and he's ready to attack the season ahead and make a big impact for us. Would love to see him win his way back into the side - a 40+ goal small forward would be highly valuable for us.
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    No,No... be conservative with the kid. This is his 2nd Reco on the same knee. within what 3 years or so. Lets not rush him back, like Schwarta did, back in the 90's. .
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    Considering all the flack about grammar on demonland, we can’t let numeracy errors pass. 47 plus 5% is not 65 (try just over 49). Either way, last year Weids already bettered Jesses 8 goals in 6 games against top 8 teams. I’m not as fussed about the 39 in 13 games against the rest (which includes 0 against Port). Weids won’t get as many goals out the back, but you don’t tend to see those types of goals against the good teams.
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    Ill be back soon Macca...
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    Ah 2009, the good old days of training the house down😀👍!
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    Returning to the training, after the semantic, pedantic and grammatical sidetrack Joel Smith is training as a forward, same with Dec Keilty and JKH I used to do huntin, shootin, fishin and campin, but I called it being in the Army
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    Pretty much favourite Weid moment for the year (yes inc the EF 3 goals) was his crunching Dangerfield tackle on the wing. Showed a real intent and a bit of mongrel. No way Hogan is making that tackle
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    I admit I was unsure about him prior to his return. A lot of people had him in their best 22 and I couldn't see why as I thought we had enough of his body type. I was definitely wrong, he's got a competitiveness that is immeasurable and was a huge part of our late surge. Given what he was able to achieve without much preparation and so much time out of the game last year, he could make a big difference to our team with a good pre-season.
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    He's one I'm really looking forward to watch progress, if he can get around the 30 goal mark and become a valuable link man whilst continuing the type of second efforts we saw in the Cats game he will be a great asset to the team. More than anything it sounds like he's got the confidence to step out and take this opportunity.
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    Jurrah was so gifted and so quick of footy mind and action that it was easy to miss the brilliance until after it occurred. I remember that 40m pass into the forward line to Brad Miller (I think?) surrounded by 5 zoning opponents. Absolutely centimeter perfect. I had to watch the replay on the big screen to believe it was possible.
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    I thought you were much better than hemingway makes you out. You were a Garlett type...
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    I'm not sure the club has become a chapter of the temperance society per se, but it's more a case of 'there's a time and a place'. Maxy and Bernie have both been known to enjoy a beer. However, it's usually in moderation and not at places like the 'G on Boxing Day (while making a giant beer snake) or with bikies at pool parties in Vegas.
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    Starting to sort out the NBA as the season goes on ... Home team - win only, H/F or Q/Q/Q/Q. We're nearly 50 games into the season now so with the playoffs on the horizon, the good teams will be wanting to shore up a decent seed for the post-season. It's also worth keeping an eye out for teams that play on back to back nights and are away from home. Home teams have an even bigger advantage in those situations. Last 10 games sees the Warriors, Bucks, Raptors, Utah & Nets all at 8 & 2 or better (GSW 9 & 1) whilst the Pacers, 76ers, Celtics, Wizards, Nuggets & Portland are all at 7 & 3 (last 10) GSW as a banker either home or away is a decent percentage play.
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    Agreed BBO, it does make one realize what a combination of qualities an elite footballer requires to make it at the top level. We lament all of the players who have been delisted over the past 10 years but it is important to remember that they could all play to a pretty high standard but did not have what it takes to go to the next level. In Liam's case he was the most exceptionally talented player I think I have ever seen but his deficiencies were just too great even with those remarkable talents.
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    I didn't see much of him yesterday, only glimpses. I was situated near the backs group and he definitely wasn't training with them. I agree and I like him too - he's done the odd freakish move, moreso from what I've seen at Casey than anything in the seniors, but for now it's mostly potential. Time will tell.
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    Hell yeah, greatest show on turf!
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    It’s consistent effort I think H, while you might not impact every single week on the scoreboard or in possessions etc it is the consistency of effort between the top and bottom sides/players.
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    Enjoy it mate! It's gonna be an exciting 2 weeks for you. Congrats!
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    How could ANY die-hard Dees supporter possibly forget??!! LOL (And, of course, that was only one of MANY Vagg highlights down through the years! Simply a superstar of his era! -- even if I do say so myself!)
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    Rams to wear the throw back uniforms!!! \m/
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    Okay, Hemingway, given you're talking about my name-sake, I have to pick you up on your statement "He played a season without getting a game"...!! Not sure how that's physically possible! (Yeah, yeah, I think I know what you were trying to say. But you gotta admit the way you put it was kinda funny!)
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    You have just opened the historical floodgates, Hemingway. Thank you. Connolly and Clarrie were highlights for me. It was a great recruiting zone for the Dees and I am sure that there were many more terrific Demons sourced from that League that neither of us have the capacity to remember. Vagg was also a standout - remember that kick and goal from way out at the final siren?
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    Yep, that is the memory jog that I required - Ky. Thanks, for that refresher, Ding.
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    Apology accepted. As for city people and city life I always love the look of the city (in the rear vision mirror) When it comes to the mighty MFC I am a fully paid up country member and don't you forget. (free hit)
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    The Bog is long gone McQueen would be closed around 15 years. The redevelopment of Northbridge with apartments and new late night bars killed it off. Just sits there on Newcastle St vacant now.
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    Photos from facebook. Some rippings photos here! https://m.facebook.com/eleanorjeannephotography/albums/898921740459750/?ref=content_filter Give her a like on her page too if you get the chance.
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    ernie, demonland is a group of exceptions (mfc supporters) who are also exceptionally talented, and when they lapse with bad spellink and grummer they must be immediately called-out and remediated. Standards must be upheld regardless of place of abode.
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    Man I apologize. This happens from generalisations a little like the Demon supporter stereotype. There are exceptions and you are clearly one. However, we are allowed some generalisations and a little light hearted banter. Generally, i have found country people wonderful people with or without teeth.
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    Ernie, I live in the country. I may identify as a city (???) because I went to school there. Going to bed a 9am reminds me of my youth but may be a typo. I travel overseas every year and I care about the language and is distresses me when people don't care. (I suspect they don't know any better) but when a fellow poster used coqnescent (sic) I suspect it is not a typo.
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    The challenge for Jeffy and others is consistency. Successful teams have players that play with high intensity and consistency over the entire season.
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    I was thinking something very similar. Would be interesting to see what our "second 22" would be now, and how many of those names would have made the firsts back then. The thing that stands out is the difference in the physicality of todays team v 10yrs ago sorry, add the following. Ball getting abilty Leadership Attitude..
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    The mind plays tricks during pre-season with a fear that every photo might show a player a moment away from a season-ending complaint. So, can someone please set my mind at rest and confirm that the five black stripes just above ANBs knee are a shadow of his thumb and fingers and not some form of fancy taping to control some sort of career-threatening injury? Anyone?
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    There is one name on that list that still causes me to shake my head in bewilderment, disappointment and sadness. Liam Jurrah I still can't help but wonder where he might have stood today among the pantheon of MFC greats if his life had not gone to [censored].
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    Thanks for some different reports. Besides fatty tracc all sounds really promising.
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    Well, you're probably right re the Pats deferring but from the KC point of view, they were virtually allowing the Pats to score first in a NFC Championship game. And the Pats score TD's and they do it early. And the KC defense is not well renowned. Regular season - 31st in yards allowed, 31st in passing yards allowed, 27th in rushing yards allowed and 24th in points allowed. That's ugly. And they give the ball to Brady first up. The Pats have also got chips on their shoulders and they have mastered the 'Us against Them' factor to the nth degree ... you give them the ball first up and they're insulted. KC were asking for trouble with that move. Ultimately, winning the toss in overtime won the game for New England but only because they are always capable of scoring a TD with relative ease. The Pats have mastered the art of controlling the game on their terms - even at the toss of the coin at the start of the game they can't lose. That's how good they are. Belichick is an absolute genius and is easily the best coach in any sport right now - probably all time.
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    Nice pics Saty. All just on the iPhone?
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