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    I’m also hoping Hunt becomes a regular again in the 22. Question to everyone, where would Hunt suit us best? Imo, after reading training reports and observing a session last week a spot in defence is there for him to cement. We all remember his dash and carry over the last few years, but with the 6-6-6 rule in place now you’ll need to back your player’s ability to win the one on one should you lose the centre square clearance and the ball comes swiftly into your defensive 50. He has the pace to close down an opponent, his leap isn’t bad at all so he can spoil and as you stated he’s added muscle over the summer. He could find it a lot easier picking up one of his spoils and dashing out of defence with less numbers in front of him now. I mainly watched the defensive drills last week and most of them consisted of practising for the above scenario. Ball would come in rapidly to a man and the objective was just to kill the contest ASAP. Hunt was like a wild beast trying to get to the ball before his opponent marked it. If that wasn’t enough of a workout, the coaches kept Hunt and Jetta out on Goschs well after everyone headed to the showers. They were standing in the goalsquare and repeatedly had the ball thrown up in the air and the sole objective was just to spoil the ball to the boundary. The coach’s directive was loud and clear. Make sure that ball is dead after it comes in quickly to enable us to get our numbers back, set-up and back our strength of winning the clearance. Apologies for the long-winded post, but this is the kind of stuff that interests me and hopefully other members on here whenever I get a chance to observe a session.
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    This is a pic from friday. To think some peanuts on here actually think hes still carrying puppy fat or is carrying too much weight. He is an absolute ripping nick! Just shows how hard he has been workinh on his fitness on and off field.
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    To give credit to the photographer, if anyone on here is a Facebook user, this lady is a volunteer photographer for the AFL and captured some fantastic shots (over 250) of the boys last Friday. Here’s a link to her page.
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    Who’s the fat pig on the right?
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    He was training his guts out on Monday in the heat and slotting quite a few on the run...
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    I was looking after a mates car while he was in Europe for 6 months and after about 8 weeks it broke down right outside The Planet. I just left it there till my friend came back. It was a very recognizable car and when he returned from OS a lot of people who didn't know he had gone, questioned him about how much time he was spending at the Planet. He wasn't very happy.
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    Apologies as I'm technically illiterate, but can a fellow Dlander run me through the process on blocking other users. There's one I need to put on ignore asap
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    Did the umpires take turns at putting blindfolds on?
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    I think a lot of it is culture. Remember that some peanut supporters of ours were singing Tigerland after McMahon's goal and that the club held a function to celebrate the fact that we had gotten two priority picks. Even in Roosy's first year, some were suggesting that we intentionally finish last when it was clear that we were going to finish bottom four so we could get the number one pick. Thank the big pixie in the sky that Roosy came and said the following: “Tanking has put the club where it is. If we want to be in the same position in eight years, then I will tank because we’re seven years down the path and we have not recovered as a club from that era.” From that point, used car salesman like schemes and quick fixes were out the window and supporters' and administrators' expectations were adjusted accordingly.
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    E-nuff of this 'nuff talk' as it leads to nuffin. Fairy nuff?
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    Not saying that the 09 list is anywhere near as good as this year, WJ. Just think it wasn't all bad.
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    As much as I don't hold anything like the same sort of grudge agains Hoges as I do against that little [censored] $cully, I really do hope we smash Freo this game and send a strong message to Hoges for the sake of any others that might want to jump ship. I'd prefer no uncalled for boooing (though I'm sure there will be some), but just for the MFC to turn up and put on a display of force that Jesse will remember and make him think about what he has walked away from over on the East Coast. ...and at the end of the game when Steve May shakes Jesse's hand, he won't just be saying thanks for the game, he will be saying thanks for this opportunity.
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    Great Video about Jake's recovery, showing some of the exercises just arrived on my phone - Melb App Access all Areas
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    @Rodney (Balls) Grinter I will say this though - Omacs form early in the season can be attributed to jake lever covering the space omacs man was leading to. I thought omac got more exposed with lever gone and that’s where my original came comment came from. Hibbo and nev are wonderful but they can’t do it all. Other than that we’re basically singing from the same sheet of music I think.
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    Good thread and nice to see so many positive posts so far this year...
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    Love that match up, ultimate one-on-one. Wonder who would have the upper hand? Nev by a whisker perhaps? Brilliant photo Dazzle, thanks
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    Notice Jamie Kah is riding winners in Melbourne now inc 15/1 shot today. May pay to follow.
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    I hope he just... plays his role early. Just bring other teammates into the game by protecting their access to the footy, in air or at ground level, and collect a few possessions. I won't judge him on his scorecards at all... in the first half of season. Just be a strong team player...
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    We were celebrating our potential draft picks after the game as my daughter at the age of 14 was crying because we just lost the game against the Tigers. How sickening that was to think that was going to help us in the future. What was l thinking at the time ? Winning is the best medicine.... as it becomes a habit.
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    It takes a lot to admit one was wrong, so my hat comes off to you. I'll admit that I wasn't opposed to a bit of pain in introducing kids into the team, but I was very much against the idea we 'had to' get priority picks. I reckoned that that was putting a ceiling on the kids we had. In hindsight, we probably needed the approach of Hawthorn in 2017. They knew pretty early they weren't making the finals so they threw their kids into the deep end. They gave them experience and how far they could run with it was up to them, but they weren't expecting miracles. They ended up missing September by a pooftenth and set up a decent 2018 in the process.
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    I remember being at that match with a Richmond supporting mate and laughing loudly at the stupidity of it all
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    Rams 31 Saints 23 Pats 27 Chiefs 20
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    Roosy gave us a winning mentality. We played to win and we trained as winners should. He developed the kids and turned them into men. Look at who we drafted in those years and look at the difference now. No one can promise you the current draft crop will become stars but effort and toughness can be promised and will be delivered. Also, we fell off a cliff leadership wise because most of em got delisted/traded or retired. Now we have 2 players over 30 but a group of real leaders.
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    He had it good, this doppelganger boy; he should have tried being 7 years old in North Sunshine in 1957 being sent to the local catholic school wearing nothing but lederhosen, a t shirt and a pair of underpants - home made to boot.
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    Are we creaming up to the umpiring fraternity so that the terror of the 'white maggot syndrome' does not interrupt our very successful coming season - particularly against the Filth?
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    Been looking for a tipster out of NSW racing to go with Gator in Victoria & JJ out of SA and after a fair bit of research I reckon Tony Brassel is the one. His tips can be found here(Sky Racing) (on the morning of the race meetings) What I normally do is pick the eyes out of the tips from Gator, JJ & now Tony Brassel looking for the best odds ... not really interested in anything too short for a straight-out bet. More so exacta's/trifecta's with the help of their tips. Gator's tips & JJ's tips can be found on Racing.com on Saturday mornings as well. Wednesday evening's for Gator's tips for the advanced knowledge. Nathan Exelby has a bit of a reputation (QLD racing) so I might start looking at his tips to see if he is any good. And then of course there is the Flemington Forecaster himself - @Dee Zephyr ... DZ is trumping all of them at the moment with 5 from 5 from his last 5! I'm just wondering when the Caulfield Correspondent ( @Wadda We Sing ) is going to grace us with his presence again (?) Our strike is improving but we need all the help that we can get!
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    Jamie is just a terrific horsewoman as well as an excellent jockey Wadda ... she doesn't have an overly aggressive style which is what some punters are looking for but just rides her mounts the way they're meant to be ridden. Jamie has made the right move coming to the big smoke and out of her comfort zone in Adelaide. Belwazi came in from 40-1 to 15's to win the Kensington Stakes so a number of punters were on to it. Kudos.
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    Wow, 15 years without a finals win. Even with our dark days we have won a few since then. Essendope are a joke!
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    It certainly is a binary world: Demon supporters, and 'others'!
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    How must Neymar be feeling after only scoring a brace overnight against Guingamp? 2 of his teammates scored hat tricks (Mbappe & Cavani) in a 9 - 0 win over their opponents.
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    Early 20’s and cashed up doing FIFO. Probably 80% of their clientele.
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    I tend to agree with a lot of this actually. Especially re: nev and hibbo.
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    Why change? You"re due up for lots of wins with the bloke according to the law of averages 😁 Home town decisions are nearly always going to happen and because of that, that information has to be factored in. Solution - make sure you're never on the road during the playoffs. Or, just be better than the other mob. That has been my view for decades now. Oddly enough, New Orleans gave away 11 penalties against Philadelphia (4 penalties) last week so the stats don't always pan out the way people think they're going to pan out. That discrepancy in penalties should have been a story but such is the nature of the 'blame-game', the lopsided penalty stat in that game was largely forgotten. If you're good enough, you'll win. If not, the other mob will win. There are no excuses. None.
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    You should always listen to your mum, didi, it's not too late 🤩 ......well, you did walk straight into it......
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    Firstly I didn’t have a privileged background. We were so poor that my parents couldn’t afford shoes for me and painted my feet black to look like I was wearing shoes. Often they couldn’t afford clothes for me and my father would let me borrow his cap so I could look out our window and people wouldn’t know I was naked. My only pet was a rock which I carried around. I don’t think I am becoming schizophrenic but my reflection does. What does he know, he is always just shooting his mouth off. Now if you talk to my shadow he is cool and we are on the same page.
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    Tend to agree 'Mach'... If Lewis plays more than 10 this year then he's either having a remarkable season or we're struggling. More likely the later at this stage of his career. I expect he will either be injured or play a lot of footy at Casey in 2019.
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    I know of the daily plannet, but not as far as knowing what street it is on! A mate of mine did use to live in a street in the Croydon area which is "The Nook" - there is a brothel on that street too.
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    Conversely, The Daily Planet (an award winning brothel in Elsternwick Victoria) is located in Horne St.
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    Thanks. Demonland is a fantastic site and we're lucky to have it, but the amount of nuffies on here is incredible.
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    It would be a bit of a marketing fail to open a brothel in the area wouldn't it. ...or conversely is that how the area got it's name originally. Along similar lines, there is the locally based business 'Cockburn Cement' - an early version of viagra for when you've had a big night on the nest, but just need to keep powering on! ...perhaps?
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    Smokey, the emphasis on this was really the 'most' and with respects to Oscar and Frosty the 'servicable' as previously applied to them (although Oscar's early season form and Frosty's back end were far more than just servicable). Having monster key position backs is somewhat over rated these days. Outside of Hawkins and perhaps one or two others like Kennedy and Brown (...and as you suggest these days T Mac), there are very few other dominant key position forwards going round that require an elite key position back to match them up, because due to the flooding of backlines they have become less effective. You seem to have expectations that good teams only consist of players that are elite in every way sighting Frosty's previously erratic kicking - just look at Frawley's performance in the semi against us ...and Frawley is a premiership player. Good sides rely on system more than individual brilliance and it's clear that under Goody that's what we have become. If there were any two players that really held our backline together it was Nev and Hibbo and I don't think it's any surprise that we lost games when Hibbo (and Melksham) spent time on the sidelines 3/4 the way through the season. It's these two and that we have pretty solid, settled backline around them capable of getting the job done (even less May and Lever) that I think most teams would have been envious of. Having the old head of Lewis to help steer the ship was pretty handy too. BTW, Oscar is only fairly young in terms of key position backs, I think will keep getting better and would slot right into most sides in the comp going forward and the combination of defensive and offensive damage that Frosty can now do quite reliably will also make him a handful for opposition, so I'm not going to under rate their future potential either. As for the backup option of moving T Mac to the backline, the context was last season and last season, we had J Hogan as well who was more than capable of holding together the forward line together if T Mac had been needed to hold the backline together (which he wasn't).
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    2009 Melbourne Football Club List 1. Simon Buckl ey 2. Nathan Jones 3. Clint Bartram 4. Jack Watts 5. Brock McLean 6. Matthew Bate 7. Brad Miller 8. James Frawley 10. Cale Morton 11. Paul Johnson 12. Colin Sylvia 14. Lynden Dunn 15. Ricky Petterd 16. Jack Grimes 18. Brad Green 19. Addam Maric 20. Colin Garland 21. Daniel Bell 22. Brent Moloney 23. James McDonald (c) 24. Russell Robertson 25. Kyle Cheney 26. John Meesen 27. Jared Rivers 29. Michael Newton 30. Tom McNamara 31. Paul Wheatley 32. Cameron Bruce 33. Austin Wonaeamirri 34. Stefan Martin 35. Trent Zomer 36. Aaron Davey 37. Matthew Warnock 38. Daniel Hughes 39. Neville Jetta 40. Mark Jamar 41. Rohan Bail 42. Jake Spencer 43. Jamie Bennell 44. Shane Valenti 45. Matthew Whelan 46. Sam Blease 47. James Strauss 48. Liam Jurrah 49. Jordie McKenzie 50. Rhys Healey 2019 Melbourne Football Club List 1. Stephen May 2. Nathan Jones (c) 3. Christian Salem 4. James Harmes 5. Christian Petracca 6. Jordan Lewis 7. Jack Viney (c) 8. Jake Lever 9. Charlie Spargo 10. Angus Brayshaw 11. Max Gawn 12. Toby Bedford 13. Clayton Oliver 14. Michael Hibberd 15. Billy Stretch 16. Kade Kolodjashnij 17. Sam Frost 18. Jake Melksham 19. Mitch Hannan 20. Corey Maynard 21. Braydon Preuss 22. Aaron Vandenberg 23. James Jordon 24. Jay Kennedy-Harris 25. Tom McDonald 26. Sam Weideman 27. Aaron Nietschke 28. Oscar McDonald 29. Jayden Hunt 30. Alex Neal-Bullen 31. Bayley Fritsch 32. Tom Sparrow 33. Harrison Petty 34. Marty Hore 35. Oskar Baker 36. Jeff Garlett 37. Kade Chandler 38. Tim Smith 39. Neville Jetta 40. Corey Wagner 42. Josh Wagner 43. Guy Walker 44. Joel Smith 45. Declan Keilty 46. Austin Bradtke
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    I've just scrolled through that list and picked out twenty names that could all play. We should not have been bottom. Why were we? Injuries, coaching, culture, what???
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    There has been a petition going around to get the ref changed from the Rams game as we are 0-8 with him in charge 🤣
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    Absolutely love this guy. He will be the key.
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    I’d like them to throw Lewis forward, he’s a great kick for goal.
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