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    Even if Kolodjashnij turns out to be Viv Michie reincarnated, so what? The risk is super low but for the reasons outlined by ProDee above, the potential upside is enormous. The only thing at stake is the emotional well-being of fans who can’t cope with their own disappointment. I’m prepared to back him in; I think he will prove to be a great pick-up. If I’m wrong, oh well. This is sweating the small stuff.
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    The difference between Kolodjashnij and the Viv Michies of this world is that Kolodjasnij was a genuine top 10 talent. At 190cm with good speed and a lovely left foot kick there are already AFL attributes for a club with good development to work with. Judging Kolodjashnij on any output in 2018 on the back of concussion issues and the demotivating workplace that was the Gold Coast Suns isn't the smartest reasoning. The fact that he came second in the 2015 B&F behind Ablett in just his second year shows his high level talent. His Brother, who wasn't considered to be as talented as him and went at a pick in the 40s, just finished 8th in Geelong's B&F. I reckon Kolodjashnij is a great get by the club and I'm very confident he can become an important player.
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    There is a fair bit of meh factor about this for me. Clayton Oliver and Max Gawn were busy eating meat pies and left over pizza in their draft years and it hasn't exactly held them back. Is it possible that this bloke is only outperforming his peers at U18 level due to his ultra proffesionalisim, only to be overtaken once they get on the same programs? Maybe, maybe not. Good luck to him, would be interesting to come back to this thread in a few years time to see how it has all panned out.
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    😂 Classic handle @Ithinkimgawnalever
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    Ugh, who wants to listen to a guy who brought Mark Neeld to this club. Petracca is traveling fine.
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    This story mentions "Chaos" so this sport HAS to be what he is studying doesnt it? (Did anyone else get sick of Fathead commentators always talking about "Chaos" ball late in the season during our games?)
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    Let's not sugar coat it. He was a steak knives part of the May trade for a reason. I wouldn't be judging his ability based on any games he played this year. The last two seasons have been pretty much written off by concussion concerns. His junoir years and first few years at the Sun's were good and he showed his elite disposal and decision making skills. He would have been very frustrating as a fan as he would show patches of great play and then could go completely missing for large periods of games. He often struggles to get the ball but when he does he can use it extremely well. We will be hoping that he can get his confidence back or he won't get anywhere. He has been in the system for 5 seasons now and will be reaching his prime physically. He had the skills we want and plays in a position we lack depth in. He cost us very little and in my opinion is a great pickup for us. It's similar to the Dean Kent trade for the saints. They knew that they could get him cheap as chips and if he gets a good run with injury, his form and ability will far exceed the price they paid. It will be a bargain. If not.. well they gave up bugger all for him so no big loss. Kade is the same for us. If he puts it all together in a good environment then we could have an excellent player for very little.
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    Partington got a few games in 2017 through sheer weight of numbers in the WAFL. He did about what you'd expect of a guy playing his first few games in a midfield that was slow and getting beaten most weeks. 2018 was meant to be his breakout year with no Priddis or Mitchell playing but for some reason didn't get a go. Did alright in the WAFL again - tied for club b&f. I think he could be a good pickup for someone. Karpany looks a little more flash in the pan small forward type. In the right environment could be pretty good, or could be a dud. Worth a shot for a team looking for a small forward who could just be a freebie gem.
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    Could add Baily Freitch to the list of potential players to step-up. He was great in his first year, but has alot of the tools to go from that to elite after getting his first season at the top level and another preseason under his belt. Kade Kolodjashnij is another with potential, not so much to step up, but more to get back to his best.
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    Harmes really is the success story of 2018. Others who are in the 2nd to 3rd tier group of players at the club must be looking at him and thinking ‘if that bloke can do it there’s no reason I can’t’. Harmes and Brayshaw stepping up big time and made such a huge difference to the side. My two picks to step up in ‘19 are OMac. Will go into the season as a 23 year old with 60+ games under his belt who should have grown into his 198cm body. Depending on match ups and with Lever and May coming into the backline Oscar may find himself on the likes of Brown, Daniher, Cox and Hipwood or even forward on occasions where he often played as a junior. He has improved every year he has been with us and reckon he can go to another level Stretch. It probably is bit of a make or break year for Billy whose star has fallen as best mate’s ANB has risen. Stretch was playing the best footy of his short career before getting injured. Hopefully something had clicked and he will pick up that form again next year. You get the feeling he won’t die wondering and will prove his worth
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    Sounds like a deadset peanut. No thanks.
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    Tracc has to become more accurate in front of goal. I thought his 2018 was pretty good, but for his goalkicking
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    And on Harmes, I'm hoping he doesn't take his foot off the pedal either and re-doubles his efforts to improve even further. If he gets to A grade, with a fit Viney, we'll have the best midfield in the competition (if we don't already).
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    You are a valuable resource for this site. Thanks for your work mate. Might be a struggle for the Dee 2's next season after so many regulars got the axe. Would be wonderful for our growth in the area if we could bring home a flag for the Cranbourne area. Best of luck to the new boy. Go hard Tom.
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    Thought Jay should get his own thread. 177cm, 75kg, and will be 23 years old for the start of the 2019 season. Runner up in Casey's B&F and very highly rated by Rawlings. Jay has good speed and uses the ball well. Despite his size, he's shown an ability to win his own ball, playing in multiple roles. Started the year at half back, but then moved to a wing and on ball. Spent short stints forward also, kicking 10 goals for the year. Hoping we can get the rights to Jay through trading with Gold Coast in relation to the May/KK deal. He fits our needs and would be especially good to get a mature body in given the likely departures of Tyson & Vandenberg.
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    2011 AFL Round 7 Melbourne v Adelaide
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    I think it’s a bit premature to say Weid has made it he still has a way to go to be considered a real threat to opposition teams on a regular basis - few nice games but much improvement and consistency needed
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    AFL website nominates players to watch in 2019. Sam Weideman is rightly the one to have to stand up. He will be given the role and has to grab the opportunity. I think he will. Others noted are Joel Smith and Jayden Hunt both of whom need a good run free of injury. Oskar Baker and Harrison Petty are the youngsters named. I think others really are - Billy Stretch. Showed his ability to provide run and delivery but toe injury killed the 2nd half of 2018. He has a wing position there to take. - Christian Petracca. Yes the Trac can still get better and better. He must impact for longer and assert himself. Looking for A grade in 2019. - Jeff Garlett. Jeffy can be the one to make a difference and take us to the top. There will be the chances if he has the renewed will and desire. Talent is unquestionable. - James Harmes. Proved himself in the 2nd half of the season. A full year at that standard would be sensational. From the injury front, Viney and Vandenburg should be hopefully ready to have full seasons. Of course, we should Jake Lever back, if not for Round 1 then by rounds 3-4 onwards. Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw, Tmcd, Jetta, Melksham all had great years and hope they keep fit and maintain the standard. There is still plenty of upside in many others. #1 in 2019.
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    We plea for Trac to make improvements. Is this fair? Trac is most probably more aware than we are about the directions and milestones of his game and its improvement than we will ever be ... it is rational that this is the case given his superior proximity to the FD and the coaches/players with whom he plies his trade. He needs the drive, determination and opportunity to pull out something consistently, stunningly and expertly and to my mind, these elements have been demonstrated as singularities quite well so far and hopefully, will become augmentations to his game in the future. Opportunity is one of these major factors onfield, alongside communications and analyses with the coaches. We all have confidence in him so just maybe, 2019 will be the year?
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    If by sane you mean beyond psychiatric help and if by balanced you mean debauched recalcitrant then indeed you are indeed a shining beacon of hope in a den of torturous normality.
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    If Salem could build his defensive side and be as reliable and hard to beat 1 on 1 as Jetta, along with skills he already has. He would be phenomenal.
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    Our foward 50 operates more fluent with out Hogan. His goals will come from others. Exactly who? A number of possibilities. Our defence is now elite. Forward line is very dangerous. Now, ironically I think we lack that midfield depth weve enjoyed for a while..
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    And they also signed Kent on a 4 year deal. Not really an apt comparison at all.
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    Realistically Hutchins should retire he can only play full back and we have plenty of full backs. Vince would be the perfect captain for Casey.
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    No-one would have bought it. Everyone would have seen straight through it, laughed, and continued on. Just as everyone did when Freo stated that categorically they were no longer chasing Hogan. No-one bought it and Freo just looked like D*cks.
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    Jeff's problems are off the track don't be surprised if he quits.
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    Yeah the horse never really got going DZ - jumped well and was ok early but didn't quicken at the 2 furlong mark. There will be easier races against lesser rated horses for El Mag at this stage of the horses career. It can still get in at a good weight in a BM70.
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    Yeah ... the DZ plunge! A couple of the tipsters marked it on top ... if the horse runs up to its usual speed down the grandstand side, it's a chance. Equal 2nd favourite now!
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    A previous best on here wins the big one Macca. Had the Brut in the last leg of a few multis, not to be though. Great effort regardless. El has been backed heavily for the next.
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    So the MVRC refuses entry for 'Trap for Fools' in the Cox Plate and then the horse comes out and wins the $2Million McKinnon Stakes in fine style. Beat off 2 Derby winners with Blair House beaten off as well ... they ran 02:02.31 for the 2000m so it's not like it was a dawdling run. Too good. Extra Brut came into $4.60 2nd favourite after the @Wadda We Sing plunge 😏 Ran a terrific race to finish 3rd.
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    While a few weeks on I’m still disappointed that Hogan wanted to and has left, drafting May, KJ, and Preuss has strengthened our obvious areas of weakness. Add Lever coming back and hopefully Viney having an injury free year, and we have a strong platform for success in 2019. A little more zip & skill on the wings, and another good small forward and defender would give us almost a perfectly balanced list. The Hawks kept winning flags after Buddy left, and I’m hoping that our best wins in the last few years were without Hogan in the team, is an indicator we can cover losing him. Looking forward to another successful season in 2019, making top 4 and being in a position to have a real crack at the Flag would be terrific! Go Dees!!!!!!!!
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    Awesome win in a thrilling finish, thought it was race over as Sully looked to have the momentum. An even better win as both Jaameh and Sully somehow ended up running back towards the rails the last 100m.
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    Not as much as stepping up but I feel Salem can go to another level. Has managed to play 40 games in the last two seasons and has been very good and why not get better, just look at Harmes. Salem is around the 70 game mark now. Classy and tough is a good mix, most of us feel very confident when the ball is in his hands. I’d be interested to see if he eventually moves out of half back but with Lewis nearing the end I think he stays there as the ‘general’ in the years to come.
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    The BS spouted in these reviews goes on: Lukosius: "The key forward is a ‘once in a generation’ prospect and is one of the best player we’ve seen in the Under 18 system for a long time." How long is a generation? Has this guy ever seen Buddy Franklin or Nick Riewoldt? i'm dubious about "super draft" prognostication, I've seen it all before.
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    Chris Judd used to turn up to his junior games for East Sandy wearing the Melbourne jumper with #3 on the back. When he came back to play in Victoria, he chose ...
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    Take a look at his 2017 goals... Compare them to many of his goals from this year, where he was often looking to dish off, or played on to kick around his body. Also, in 2017 he kicked 26 goals, 6 behinds. In 2018 he kicked 19 goals, 23 behinds. It's confidence.
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    Great idea. Come back early after knee surgery, what could go wrong? Nice one Gary ...
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    Agree mate. Don't get me wrong, I still love footy and going to the game is the ultimate experience. Despite my nostalgia, I don't hanker for the past. When the ball is bounced at the beginning of every match I still feel nervous and excited. However, I do find all the distractions a pain, such as the incessant advertising, entertainment, noise and other marketing ploys. I also think that due to the saturation of the sport (extended seasons/fixtures/matches played 4 and 5 days in a row, media coverage etc) the sense of freshness and anticipation we have when we go to a game is now a little blunted. Its like obesity,. There is so much food that people eat more, when less is better. Our health improves and we live longer lives by eating less.
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    Everybody should be replicating Gawn's fitness regime he's close to the best player in the AFL.
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    Confucius says, “the green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” At this rate he's heading for a fall...
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    It’ll be disappointing if Hogan gets booed but there are less enlightened and intelligent supporters that are sure to.
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    Maybe it's just me but I think Petracca's 2018 season was very underrated by DL posters. I'd rate his season as good as he averaged 20 possessions a game playing predominately half forward. He had over 40 shots at goal but was inaccurate compared to his previous year but all his major stats were up. He came with a lot of expectation and I understand some are disappointed he isn't yet a superstar but it's only his fourth season in the AFL with his first ruined by injury. What I find more disappointing is people questioning his attitude when the reality is I doubt many know and are just guessing. Questioning someone's attitude by guessing is poor form. As for Lyon's view - I couldn't care less.
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    Good mail still about Ely Smith. Has the competitive spirit and contested footy. Good pace. Physically ready to play. Played 2/3rd in Vfl for Collingwood and he looked very comfortable.
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    Yeah fair enough. I’d probably try and get in touch with Wattsy.
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    I looked at the pics and wondered why the jumpers looked so good. I pine for the days before marketing, advertising and entertainment.
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    makes so much sense on so many fronts. The only people it might upset are the stadium owners but with less games you would probably see a 10% increase in crowds per match is my guess.
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    And accomodate needs, like the 3 day Anzac break, 6 day back to back interstate trips and NT recovery requirement etc. Would prolong careers as well.
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    Just as Taylor would want.
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    Deservedly tough draw. We are a top 4 side. Other teams will not look forward to playing us. Huge from a financial perspective and brilliant for sponsors. Some huge games against big Victorian clubs will make for some terrific games and big game atmosphere. 13 FTA is massive as is the fact we gte get six stand alone FTA games (3 Friday nights, a Thursday night, the ANZAC eve game and QB). That's a brilliant result.
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    I agree on Jones too. I want to see him win a flag and get to 300 games. I reckon we have to win it in 2019 otherwise he won’t be a part of it. 300 games could also be a bridge too far.
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