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    JT will get the best available. I have no idea who that is but I know he does. The BP years feel like some kind of very dated horror movie now.
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    The lack of realisation that Oscar McDonald is one of the first picked every week (yes, even with May and Lever) I find continually bemusing.
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    If this Lyon bloke doesn't improve after half-time I reckon he'll be lucky to get another game.
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    Shocking that the commentators keep describing the game rather than big-noting themselves while talking about almost anything else as they do these days.
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    I won’t have to do that. I got told this year if Melbourne win the premiership i’m not welcome in the office for at least a week because I will be unbearable.
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    Leave the jumpers alone. Our home jumper is easily the best in the league. Our royal blue clash is the best alternate jumper we have ever had and i cant think of a better idea. At least its red and blue. No white rubbish like in previous years. Our two jumpers should never change again from now on imo.
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    Why always so defensive in this way? Maybe he doesn't have the opportunity to ask? A non-condescending way to reply would be to say that you chatted to Jennings and got the impression that clubs want to investigate every new 'approach' as professional sport changes daily...
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    No he is a gun. And if it's one player id love from St Kilda it's him. Since his debut he's improved each year and gotten better. Kicked 35 goals this year for a club that doesn't score heavily. He will play more midfield next year.
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    I genuinely love this bloke. From nowhere, he’s virtually my favourite Demon. Such a good pick up. I can’t believe how good this trade period was - simply par excellence. Competence is such an attractive trait - thanks Josh, Todd, and JT.
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    WTF are you on about The MFC home jumper looks awesome Why do we have to change everything every year??? GO AWAY....
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    Local journalist Paul Amy reporting that the Casey Demons have made their first signing for 2019 - Wodonga Raiders midfielder Tom McCaffrey, originally from Manly Warringah Giants. He has played for Sydney Uni in the NEAFL and has also topped up for the Sydney Swans reserves.
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    Get a small feeling that Pruess could play a forward role next season, like Cox? If Gawn could kick straight he would be a fantastic forward/ruck.
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    After the success of last summer's travels, Grapeviney's European Football Odyssey is on again! I'm stepping it up about five levels this time around, thanks to a contact in London who can score tickets to just about any sporting contest you care to name. Stop 1: North London derby @ Emirates. Got a seat in the Spurs section! Stop 2: Spurs v Saints @ Wembley. Should be a win. Stop 3: Barca v Spurs Champions League @ Camp Nou. In all likelihood a dead rubber, but it's Champions League, at the Camp Nou! Stop 4: Real Madrid v one of the crap teams @ the Bernabeu. The gloss is well and truly starting to come off Madrid, but have always wanted to visit the Bernabeu. So 4 games in 14 days - god bless midweek football. Not expecting much, result wise, but am jumping out of my skin at the thought of the derby v Arsehat in particular, and still not quite sure how i scored a ticket to a sellout game, let alone in the away section seat in what would be a very small allocation of tickets for Tottenham fans (I think this guy gets seasons tickets from members who can't attend). Wo0o0o-h0o0o0o0 !!
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    Those who believe Frost may struggle for a game need to think again... I would play him on a Wing!!
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    Bemoan the fact that we'll start out following pre-season later than 16 other clubs.
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    I’ll take a bath and drink some of the water while I dream about the next 4 flags in a row....
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    That was a good NYE for me Summerdaze at the Bowl once the sun came up... Back when the tabs were sociable!!!
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    Irrationally pessimistic outlook based on last year's haul - Spargo, Fritsch and Petty are all very exciting prospects and Baker could go either way. I have expectations of some Taylor magic again.
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    Yep, we were also meant to win the flag in 2007 as well. That turned out well.
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    RB you have to stop consuming whatever it is that you are on at present. It will destroy your mind.
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    And of course there's always the Kyneton Cup tomorrow as a prelude to the Oaks on Thursday ... DK Weir has 4 horses running around in the event including the top 3 in the betting line. Kyneton Cup 2000m $125k Wed 4.40pm
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    I forgot about Michael Reynolds. Came from Tassie and booted 6 goals at FF in a game in his first season. Faded out of the picture after 1986.
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    Stood through many a late foggy winter afternoon at Junction Oval etc - last quarter both sides caked in mud and everyone wearing dark shorts. Never any problem distinguishing our boys from the not dissimilar attired “Maroons”. Current jumper is spot on and should never be changed. If we gotta concede to City Hall for away strip, Swoop Northey’s colour TV outfit will suffice. Always think of Robbie when Jones has it.
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    I like the Red Back but I don't want it to replace the Navy Blue. I'd be happy to keep the Red Back for those situations where it avoids a clash that isn't significant enough to warrant the Royal Blue.
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    From all reports Goodwin is not just a dedicated student of Aussie footy but of world sports. He's also been developing a game-plan which, while still admittedly unproven, is on the leading edge of Australian football and could potentially deliver a dynasty in a league of small margins if it clicks with increasing player maturity. I previously posted my suspicion that he has already taken on board some ideas from both European soccer and rugby league. Far from junkets, I think these research trips are invaluable, and demonstrate the single-minded dedication of our coaching panel as led by Goody.
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    Heard him speak on Preliminary Final day and he said he was aiming for Round 1 but he also mentioned that that if he not ready he's not ready but should be ready to go early in the season.
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    According to Jake who I spoke to at season's end, wants to be up and ruuning for Rd 1 selection, has a complete program mapped out to try and acheive this, assume he will need every box ticked as this is 2nd knee
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    I would take him in a heartbeat if we could get pick 66 into the deal as well.
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    Hardly a junket. Unlike our political masters I think the coaching group deserve these trips even if they gain nothing but some valuable time off. However, I'm sure they do gain some good insight. It can't hurt to have a look at what others are doing, discuss, learn where appropriate and ensure we are up with or even ahead of the latest trends.
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    Sounds like exactly what some Richmond fans that I know did...
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    Gosh Ron, you must be falling in love all the time. Almost promiscuous. Love at first sight. Any other loves you can disclose?
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    I’ll just take it my stride like the previous 54 years 😂😂😂
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    They might change the logo in the future, but the version in place when we win our next flag will never date (imv).
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    I was always a big fan of an all red jumper.
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    Yes agree with this - the vee starting at where ANB's armpits intersect the sleeve like on Robbie's jumper would be an improvement IMO. But keeping the current deeper vee shape.
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    Winner of cup, number 23 in red and blue colours. Omen for our part of the draft on November 23. Our first pick, yes 23. Further omen, 3rd horse in cup also in red and blue colours. Our 3rd puck looking good as well.
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    Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. Runner. Pace. Skill. Would not be disappointed if we used 23 or 28 on Mckenzie.
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    Name another club with more than 2 good/reasonable KPF's? Richmond now have 2 West Coast have 2 Hawthorn have the ageing Rough Geelong have Hawk GWS have Cameron and an injured Patton Collingwood have Cox and whoever else they use to pinch hit Port have Dixon North have Brown Swans have Buddy EFC used their full back when Daniher couldn't play this season etc. etc..... Our list is in good shape, we have pretty good coverage across the board.
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    We’ve had the Demon flag at half mast since we heard. He and J Watts visited our critically ill son at RCH, had respect and admiration for them both since then. Rest easily Col.
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    Stuff our needs. Get best available for our top 2 picks.
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    My assumptive best 22 is as follows Back: Jetta: May: Hibberd HB: Salem: O-Mac: Lever Cen: Kola: Oliver: Harmes HF: Trac: Weid: ANB For: Spargo: T-Mac: Melk Ruck: Gawn: Brayshaw: Viney I/C: Lewis: AVB: Jones: Fritsch: This leave us with: key back depth both proven in Frost and emerging in Petty and Keilty. small to mid backs in Hunt , Smith and Wagner with potential to swing around Lewis, Fritsch or Kolo as required. Key forward leaves us a bit light with T.Smith but the flexibility to play the extra ruck or a smaller one tall forward line with Trac or Melksham as the second. I suspect there is a chance that J Smith also is trialled forward. A back up ruck position better than last year. Strong Small forward cover in Garlett and Hannan, Midfield depth we really only have Stretch , JKH and the untried Maynard and Baker but we have plenty of flex in our half backs and forwards to play midfield minutes and suspect we will draft more in this space. Our depth knowing we have 8ish spots to fill allows us to swing wide for best available talent from a mid to long view without trying to fix for the short term.
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    He needn't have been worried. I reckon Mahoney planned his entire trade meet around bringing in big May, and as such, it was always a massive chance of happening. When you have a bloke who is willing to upset the nuffies, and take "unders" for a supposed star, and then pay "overs" for his target, he usually gets what he wants. I am confident everyone on 'Land will be beside themselves once they realise just how good this animal is....
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    Would put money on you being correct. His height and aggression will still be there if he drops a few kg.
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