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    I will miss being able to turn up to the MCC members late and still get a good seat, though.
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    So give up the Anzac Eve game then. And don't give me the "We play Thursday night, Richmond play Friday" argument that @Demon Spofforth floated - it would mean one ot the two teams would have an extra day break. You want marquee games like this, you have to be willing to give something up for them.
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    I’m glad we’ve got those teams twice, I don’t want to finish 4th like Collingwood last year on the back of only beating 1 top 8 team. We wanted to be a big club, we wanted big games and we got them. Very excited. Hawks have had draws like this for years.
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    Deservedly tough draw. We are a top 4 side. Other teams will not look forward to playing us. Huge from a financial perspective and brilliant for sponsors. Some huge games against big Victorian clubs will make for some terrific games and big game atmosphere. 13 FTA is massive as is the fact we gte get six stand alone FTA games (3 Friday nights, a Thursday night, the ANZAC eve game and QB). That's a brilliant result.
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    why not..we drew 90+k last time we played them and we are being asked to go to a ground where there is a virtual lock out. If it's good enough for Essendon etc why are we the perpetual bunny
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    The NT games HAVE TO GO next season. Especially if the AFL is drawing us to playing WA and SA sides there continually. They get more support than we do and it's a climate that suits the West Aussies far more than us. It is literally diluting any home ground advantage. Times up on this. When the membership swells this year, surely we must look at ridding ourselves of this silly alliance.
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    Carlton played there last year but I agree Geelong has been allowed to pick and choose it's Karidinia opponents. Time for them to have their MCG opponents rotated between the remaining Melbourne clubs. Let's face it though... the compromised draw has become a monster that has the potential over many years to destroy the competition. I don't have the answer but there has to be a better way or we will end up with an EPL like competition. Luckily MFC has the MCG which gives us some bargaining power... woe be tide the other 3 Melbourne losers ... Saints, Bulldogs and North.
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    Home games at the G vs Ess, Hawks, Tigers and Pies is huge for us financially. Also huge for fans to see us play some really big games at the G. Will be good for memberships. Lots of good value games to watch - a few may be sell out games! Edit: Not fussed that ANZAC and QB are 'Away' as we only miss out on hosting rights - the 'return' games will still get good crowds as fans come to the G to watch some damn good games.
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    I can't believe we finally got a home game against Essendon. Our first since 2010 and only second since 2005.
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    Im happy with the lack of Sundays.
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    Country boy. So gifted with amazing talent. May your family have all the support and love they need. Loved watching you play. Thanks for the light in some dark times as a supporter. Thanks for the smile. Still can’t believe it. RIP Colin.
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    My assumptive best 22 is as follows Back: Jetta: May: Hibberd HB: Salem: O-Mac: Lever Cen: Kola: Oliver: Harmes HF: Trac: Weid: ANB For: Spargo: T-Mac: Melk Ruck: Gawn: Brayshaw: Viney I/C: Lewis: AVB: Jones: Fritsch: This leave us with: key back depth both proven in Frost and emerging in Petty and Keilty. small to mid backs in Hunt , Smith and Wagner with potential to swing around Lewis, Fritsch or Kolo as required. Key forward leaves us a bit light with T.Smith but the flexibility to play the extra ruck or a smaller one tall forward line with Trac or Melksham as the second. I suspect there is a chance that J Smith also is trialled forward. A back up ruck position better than last year. Strong Small forward cover in Garlett and Hannan, Midfield depth we really only have Stretch , JKH and the untried Maynard and Baker but we have plenty of flex in our half backs and forwards to play midfield minutes and suspect we will draft more in this space. Our depth knowing we have 8ish spots to fill allows us to swing wide for best available talent from a mid to long view without trying to fix for the short term.
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    I had a dream that EFC were large scale drug cheats, to a degree unprecedented in world sport, treating their players like guinea pigs and bringing shame on their club and the entire competition. I know it's a dream as a scant few years later, the body whose comp they tried to subvert and compromise has actually rewarded them with another marquee game to add to their ANZAC and Dreamtime games. In a fair competition, clubs like NMFC, WBFC, STKFC would be allowed proper opportunities to grow such games, instead of having them ripped off them, but I reckon I'm dreaming about that too.
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    This is the first time I can ever recall our fixture being a commercial positive. There's little point in analysing based on 2018 finishing positions as there are going to be good teams from 2018 who slide and teams who right now you might think will suck but who ultimately make the finals. It's the other aspects of the draw which interest me. The things I've noticed are: It's great to have home games against Essendon, Collingwood and Richmond. However, the Collingwood and Richmond home games aren't until Rounds 20 and 21, and our home Friday night game against Sydney isn't until Round 22. Those games pulling big crowds are therefore contingent on the sides (us included) being in contention at that stage of the season. Would obviously be better to get those big-drawing games up early when all sides are in contention by default. But a positive overall. Three Friday night games and a Thursday night game is great, but only two of those are at home, and one of those is the Round 22 game vs Sydney. North Melbourne, by contrast, has three home Friday night games against Hawthorn, Richmond and Collingwood. So there's still room for improvement there. 13 FTA games is a massive win, and 12 MCG games is an improvement on this year. Our interstate games are all on FTA, I believe, except the Round 8 trip to the GC. That's another massive win, allows our fans to be able to watch us more easily when we're on the road. The back-to-back road trips to GC and then West Coast is bad, and the fact there's a six-day break in between makes it worse. We get two blocks of three consecutive MCG games (5-6 and 20-22). Nothing like Richmond's seven consecutive MCG games to finish the season, but again better than this year when we only had that once. The seven road trips this year are more evenly spaced out. Recently it's felt like we've had a good run of Melbourne games to start the year and then lots of travel towards the end of the season. In 2019 we only have to leave Victoria three times after the bye, one of which is Hobart and another of which is Alice Springs I doubt we've ever had a season in which we've only played 5 Sunday games. We had 11 this year. More Saturday games is great commercially but given our supporters are so used to Sunday 1.10pm and, in particular, 3.20pm games, I wonder how our attendance figures will go next year. Ultimately feels about right for us in 2019. Would prefer to see more home Thursday/Friday night games, especially given we're away in both ANZAC Eve and Queen's Birthday, but it's hard to complain given where we've come from.
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    Source: Champion Data Fixture Summary The Bulldogs have gone 'under the radar' in terms of media review of the fixture. They have an absolutely dream run re who they play twice, 5/6 day breaks, i/state trips etc. If someone ran an analysis of all the variables I reckon they could come out with the 'easiest' draw of the lot! The AFL is giving the Bulldogs every chance of be relevant again. Ditto Adelaide, they have a dream draw but travelling i/state makes it a bit harder. Both clubs have fared well given there recent successes in finals. Coll doesn't travel so much but lucks out with 8 six day breaks. Essendon is also up there with 7 six day breaks. Who is played twice is not a measure of how difficult 2019 becomes; some top teams slide, others come up. I expect Cats, Swans, Hawks to slide a bit. Question is who rises to take their spots - Crows? Bombers? Power? Our draw is very reasonable. I like that we play Sydney and Ess early in the season and if we win those we are off to a good start re potentially difficult teams. One thing is certain, it will be a very open season again.
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    If we are good enough we make Top 4. I like the fixture Great free to air exposure Corporate dream MCG home games against 4 MCG powerhouses, 2 of our annual blockbusters. The flow on effect for sponsorship and attracting players is massive No room for complacency for the players with this fixture as the job needs to be on from the time we arrive back
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    Its interesting that the AFL has put its chips on Essendon on the back of their 'successful' trading...last time I looked their only trade of note was Shiel. Last year the AFL put its chips on Carlton who have now been banished to day games (only two night games). Backing Ess could easily backfire, not as spectacularly as Carlton did but backfire nonetheless. But hey, couldn't happen to a 'nicer' club!!!
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    Two games in Qld for Qld fans. Happy days. And I reckon I'll be having an Easter holiday in Melb next year. Saints game on the Sat and then only four days til the Anzac Eve game.
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    I'm really happy with the 13 free to air matches. Less incentive to hand over cash to Foxtel.
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    Disappointed the QB and Anzac eve games are both away. It would have been good to alternate 1 as a home game each yr.
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    I cannot believe we are being sent down to geelong again. Last time we played them we got over 90,000. Yes I know its a final but I thought surely this year we won't need to go there again next year. Also make it a saturday arvo not night.
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    Financially it's the best fixture we've had in a long long time. We're on the up on-field, we've been on the up off-field for years now, and this will only drive us further up off-field. We're going to make a lot of money next year and start becoming a powerhouse again if we can be competitive for years to come and maintain this sort of draw and sustained success. In terms of exposure in prime time night games and free to air tv, it's the best fixture we've had in 15-20 years. This fixture is brilliant for supporters. We get to see a number of quality games in prime time, and more games on free to air than we've had in bloody forever. Neutrals are going to see more of us and our hard attacking brand and we're going to get more positive hype, media and exposure as a result. In terms of difficulty... it's rough. Really rough. We're a top 4 team now, and we'll be made to earn it. If we make top 4 again based on this fixture, we'll win the flag. We've got one of the hardest fixtures by a mile, but if we show up each week then we'll be fine. This will be a good test for the youngsters to see if they're maturing properly of if there's still a ways to go.
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    there is however a vast difference between punishment and reward, eh?
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    And don't get me wrong. I hate Essendon with a passion. They're a blight on our competition and should have been sat out of the league for a year and not allowed access to the first round of 2-3 drafts. Their 'sanctions' were far too weak.
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    If we are playing the sort of footy that puts us in premership contention, I really don't think it matters who we double up on as we should be better than 50/50 against the best sides. It's also a double edge sword in a good way. Every time we play a good side, it's also a chance for us to deny them 4 points as well. In the context of playing Adelaide twice last year, our two victores against them essentially kept them from playing finals.
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    Respect Bingers. Bruce is getting to near the end but he is battling a form of leukaemia. He also has an unbridled enthusiasm and statistical recall that will never be matched in sports broadcasts. His research and homework is prodigious. He has integrity, honesty and sincerity. His enthusiasm is unmatched. And he is everyone’s friend, never a bad word against anyone. He’s annoying at times but is a guy that deserves respect and the job that he has done for almost 40 years. He may be annoying but there will never be another Bruce.
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    “but unlikely to play many minutes in a midfield that now contains Anthony Miles and George Horlin-Smith,” wow! That’s who’s keeping him out of the midfield in 2019?
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    Chazz is right. In the 6-6-6 fixturing world, if you finish top 6 you should get 3 games against other top 6 sides and 1 against a mid 6 side and 1 against a bottom 6 side. Doesn't always work that way due rivalry rounds and blockbuster games, but that's the idea. I think everyone would rather finish top and get a tough draw than bottom and get an easier one. And good to see that most people are accepting that it is only right that the QB clash is alternated. I hate all things Eddiewood, but this is actually a correct decision.
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    When we win the flag next year, the tough draw won't mean very much at all. Tough draw, but that's what happens when you're seen as a top 4 side. It's been a LONG time since we were in this position. The boys will embrace it. Loving the extra tv exposure.
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    This problem has been compounded by the fallacy that being a lawyer or an accountant earns you lots of money. These courses are packed out, meaning many young people miss out on those courses. It's also these industries that are flailing and becoming increasingly automated, which then in turn impacts on the choices young people have to follow when it comes to their career paths. Coupled with the cost of living and inflation, young people are [censored], which is why there has been such a large growth in wellness and wellbeing in the younger generation. The new post-neoliberablism era - it's still about the self, but you are connected to others, which is far healthier. Our generation has a willingness to open up and deal with their mental health demons - I am currently producing a mental health doco on millennials and it's garnered a groundswell of industry support. Having a close circle of friends, healthy relationships with your family, a stable work/life balance (yes, I'm not perfect when it comes to this side of things, but a work in progress- I'm passionate about my filmmaking and have difficulty letting go - just ask my wife!) and an ability to acknowledge your mental health when it creeps up on you, are keys to happiness in life. Along with pursuing things you're passionate about.
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    Very tough last 5 games though. But an advantage of playing other contenders is winning against teams competing for top 8 ladder position, and potentially top 4. Lots of 8 point games!
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    To be fair none of their fans got to see that game live because they couldn't be bothered turning up. Let's reward them for that effort.
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    That will be the 8 th game of the year not in Melbourne. Yes I know NT are 2, but that is very disappointing for Victorian fans, who want to see their team play live, without the extra expense of travel and in the case of Geelong, it’s probably sold out anyway, as it’s their first home game.
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    If we're to be a serious Top 2 team, we'll be 5-0. Top 4 team should see us 4-1 at worst. Anything less than that and we will be in the middle tier again. I can see us being 10-2 or 9-3 going into the bye, then winning 5 of the first 6 after the bye.
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    To be fair we were gifted the home game for a long time. Eddie did us a favour. It's only fair to share it. My only gripe is that it should have alternated with our ANZAC home game. Eddie obviously did it on purpose. [censored]er
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    Geelong have to play a certain amount of games at KP. Would we rather they play those games against the weak interstate sides basically gifting them a finals spot? F-them I say, let's go down there in Round 2, get the job done, and that's one less free ticket to September for them.
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    And if they hadn't recruited well, it would be because they had such excellent facilities. And if it weren't the facilities, it would be that they're good with kids and pets. They're going to get the good slots because they bring in the $$$ and Gil's bonus clauses kick in. It's called a "fix"-ture and not a draw for a reason.
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    That May change now. I've got to add my voice to the collective bewilderment that Essendon are clearly being spruiked by the AFL as media darlings and next year's feel-good story, as if this season's throat-gargling commentary on them wasn't bad enough. Adding tangible commercial benefit to that is just an insult to the several honest struggling clubs. They cheated, systematically, and actedlike the victims of a conspiracy when it was uncovered. I'm not a football sadist, I have a natural sympathy for clubs when they are struggling, but I would savour every moment if the Demons put on a show and crushed Essendon to the tune of 20-goals. Hell, I'd savour it no matter who crushed them. In fact, I would have long term more positive feelings about any club that put a boot in Essendon.
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    GWS couldnt get close with Shiel in their side, and the rest of their midfield schitts all over essendrug. The Bombers would need Daniher to rediscover lost form to go anywhere, and it will be harder for them dominating the prime time slots, as it means harder opponents generally. Thats my fervent hope anyway. Hate the bastards.
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    Having a look through the Darby Day card. thanks Macca, so many good horses and absolutely stand out value for some top runners. Whats with Sunlight at 4.60? Broken leg? You only have to get 2 right and youll be well in front.
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    Don't worry, by the time it's over, the media will know it to be Ed's idea, Ed's initiative, all the work behind it done by Ed & CFC, and Ed the biggest champion of MND in Oz. And Ed graciously allowed us to tag along on Ed's Neale's big day.
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    Feel like changing your name to Orwell?
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    Why is the Round 5 game against St. Kilda at 4:35pm on Saturday when we have the 4 day break before the ANZAC day game? FFS AFL get your [censored] together. Why is this game not at 1:20pm? Not that it make a huge difference but come on.
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    I am sure Richmond, West Coast and Collingwood fans aren't thrilled about playing us twice either... think about that!
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Dees members need to pay to get into a Pies home game? Collingwood sells an away game membership package for games at the G. This means they are collecting revenue on what should be our ticket sales when it's our home game.
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    Honestly an unfairly difficult fixture. Double ups against Teams 1, 2, 3, 7, and 16. With the current system, the only possible way that it could have been harder would be if we played team 13 twice instead of 16.
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    Exactly. Geelong are no longer a powerhouse and we're no longer a basket case that will be flogged. It's a shame there's a lack of seats there that affects our support base but as far as winning or losing goes, we go in as favourites.
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    This is the glaring issue for mine. We've no midfield depth, unless we see Salem, ANB and Lewis roll through the middle, which I don't think we'd want. That would leave maybe 7 guys that can go through there from: Oliver, Harmes, Petracca, Brayshaw, Viney, AVB and Jones. It'll be interesting to see if we pick up any delisted FAs and what our draft strategy is.
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