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    So give up the Anzac Eve game then. And don't give me the "We play Thursday night, Richmond play Friday" argument that @Demon Spofforth floated - it would mean one ot the two teams would have an extra day break. You want marquee games like this, you have to be willing to give something up for them.
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    The NT games HAVE TO GO next season. Especially if the AFL is drawing us to playing WA and SA sides there continually. They get more support than we do and it's a climate that suits the West Aussies far more than us. It is literally diluting any home ground advantage. Times up on this. When the membership swells this year, surely we must look at ridding ourselves of this silly alliance.
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    This is the first time I can ever recall our fixture being a commercial positive. There's little point in analysing based on 2018 finishing positions as there are going to be good teams from 2018 who slide and teams who right now you might think will suck but who ultimately make the finals. It's the other aspects of the draw which interest me. The things I've noticed are: It's great to have home games against Essendon, Collingwood and Richmond. However, the Collingwood and Richmond home games aren't until Rounds 20 and 21, and our home Friday night game against Sydney isn't until Round 22. Those games pulling big crowds are therefore contingent on the sides (us included) being in contention at that stage of the season. Would obviously be better to get those big-drawing games up early when all sides are in contention by default. But a positive overall. Three Friday night games and a Thursday night game is great, but only two of those are at home, and one of those is the Round 22 game vs Sydney. North Melbourne, by contrast, has three home Friday night games against Hawthorn, Richmond and Collingwood. So there's still room for improvement there. 13 FTA games is a massive win, and 12 MCG games is an improvement on this year. Our interstate games are all on FTA, I believe, except the Round 8 trip to the GC. That's another massive win, allows our fans to be able to watch us more easily when we're on the road. The back-to-back road trips to GC and then West Coast is bad, and the fact there's a six-day break in between makes it worse. We get two blocks of three consecutive MCG games (5-6 and 20-22). Nothing like Richmond's seven consecutive MCG games to finish the season, but again better than this year when we only had that once. The seven road trips this year are more evenly spaced out. Recently it's felt like we've had a good run of Melbourne games to start the year and then lots of travel towards the end of the season. In 2019 we only have to leave Victoria three times after the bye, one of which is Hobart and another of which is Alice Springs I doubt we've ever had a season in which we've only played 5 Sunday games. We had 11 this year. More Saturday games is great commercially but given our supporters are so used to Sunday 1.10pm and, in particular, 3.20pm games, I wonder how our attendance figures will go next year. Ultimately feels about right for us in 2019. Would prefer to see more home Thursday/Friday night games, especially given we're away in both ANZAC Eve and Queen's Birthday, but it's hard to complain given where we've come from.
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    Source: Champion Data Fixture Summary The Bulldogs have gone 'under the radar' in terms of media review of the fixture. They have an absolutely dream run re who they play twice, 5/6 day breaks, i/state trips etc. If someone ran an analysis of all the variables I reckon they could come out with the 'easiest' draw of the lot! The AFL is giving the Bulldogs every chance of be relevant again. Ditto Adelaide, they have a dream draw but travelling i/state makes it a bit harder. Both clubs have fared well given there recent successes in finals. Coll doesn't travel so much but lucks out with 8 six day breaks. Essendon is also up there with 7 six day breaks. Who is played twice is not a measure of how difficult 2019 becomes; some top teams slide, others come up. I expect Cats, Swans, Hawks to slide a bit. Question is who rises to take their spots - Crows? Bombers? Power? Our draw is very reasonable. I like that we play Sydney and Ess early in the season and if we win those we are off to a good start re potentially difficult teams. One thing is certain, it will be a very open season again.
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    If we are good enough we make Top 4. I like the fixture Great free to air exposure Corporate dream MCG home games against 4 MCG powerhouses, 2 of our annual blockbusters. The flow on effect for sponsorship and attracting players is massive No room for complacency for the players with this fixture as the job needs to be on from the time we arrive back
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    If we are playing the sort of footy that puts us in premership contention, I really don't think it matters who we double up on as we should be better than 50/50 against the best sides. It's also a double edge sword in a good way. Every time we play a good side, it's also a chance for us to deny them 4 points as well. In the context of playing Adelaide twice last year, our two victores against them essentially kept them from playing finals.
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    Respect Bingers. Bruce is getting to near the end but he is battling a form of leukaemia. He also has an unbridled enthusiasm and statistical recall that will never be matched in sports broadcasts. His research and homework is prodigious. He has integrity, honesty and sincerity. His enthusiasm is unmatched. And he is everyone’s friend, never a bad word against anyone. He’s annoying at times but is a guy that deserves respect and the job that he has done for almost 40 years. He may be annoying but there will never be another Bruce.
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    “but unlikely to play many minutes in a midfield that now contains Anthony Miles and George Horlin-Smith,” wow! That’s who’s keeping him out of the midfield in 2019?
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    Chazz is right. In the 6-6-6 fixturing world, if you finish top 6 you should get 3 games against other top 6 sides and 1 against a mid 6 side and 1 against a bottom 6 side. Doesn't always work that way due rivalry rounds and blockbuster games, but that's the idea. I think everyone would rather finish top and get a tough draw than bottom and get an easier one. And good to see that most people are accepting that it is only right that the QB clash is alternated. I hate all things Eddiewood, but this is actually a correct decision.
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    When we win the flag next year, the tough draw won't mean very much at all. Tough draw, but that's what happens when you're seen as a top 4 side. It's been a LONG time since we were in this position. The boys will embrace it. Loving the extra tv exposure.
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    Best Bet Flemington Race 4 No.2 A Prince of Arron $4.60 (Win)
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    Having a look through the Darby Day card. thanks Macca, so many good horses and absolutely stand out value for some top runners. Whats with Sunlight at 4.60? Broken leg? You only have to get 2 right and youll be well in front.
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    If you don’t want to believe that a TV Network still has some pull with live sport, then you are just wrong. They do, particulaiarly when the price they have paid is nearly 7 figures over 5 years. The Television era began in 1965, just as we fell over Generations have watched certain teams win finals and flags on the TV. But we missed all that and it has impacted the club over time, whether you want to believe it or not. Carlscum have 16 Cups, many of them since 1968, Ch7 (and the AFL) were banking on a Carlscum improvement, it completely backfired. So we were stuck with Rubbish on Friday nights ad nauseum. What made it worse was that St. Kilda were just as bad, now i have no idea why the Aints got given so much, but i do know about Carlscum. I doubt the same mistakes will be made again, Friday night Commercial spots can cover the cost of a whole week in TV Land. People turning off at halftime is not part of the deal
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    Think everyone agrees it is a tough draw but good for commercial arrangements. In the age of free agencies and players dictating where they want to play the better commercial arrangements lend themselves to attracting better players. One of the reasons May said he came to Melbourne was to play for one of the big clubs. We have a tough draw but we are in for a period of sustained success.
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    Agree. however this type of draw should make it possible to stop selling our home games to NT in the next couple of years surely. attendances should be up 20% on last year you'd reckon.
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    Had a look at the fixture. Super excited with the extra exposure. If we are good enough we have nothing to fear. Those on here having a whinge about the difficulty of the draw get a life. If we are good enough then we will win most of them.
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    I agree, although I think Essendon are the stop-gap until Carlton dig themselves out of the mire. The AFL want a close contest. Essendon are more likely to provide a better account of themselves (with a large audience watching) than Carlton would.
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    Spot on mate. Big chance to lure the likes of Kelly to Melbourne in 2020 on the back of another strong season, but a vastly improved fixture list with exposure on the big stage.
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    Ironic that the filth are sponsored by Emirates, a company that travel. Perhaps they could be sponsored by the local uber service or train network, more local!
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    Don't worry, by the time it's over, the media will know it to be Ed's idea, Ed's initiative, all the work behind it done by Ed & CFC, and Ed the biggest champion of MND in Oz. And Ed graciously allowed us to tag along on Ed's Neale's big day.
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    In other words, Ed will hijack the day and make it all about the good work Collingwood do in the community?
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    I don't know if this one will get through, but have we really addressed one of our key areas in the trade period (Outside speed) by recruiting a player with a history of concussion injuries that is no guarantee to get on the park or re-gain past form? I'm all for taking the punt on a player with a massive upside like KK, but shouldn't we have looked for more ready-to-go outside pace in the trade period this year or last? Given we were cut to ribbons by the Pies and Eagles, and probably got the speedy Dons while they were down, it might be worthwhile to make more of an investment in players who are ready to go, instead of relying on drafting young players like Baker to fill the speed quota who will take years. I guess we just wait and see for the draft in a few weeks though, But there still remains a big question mark on our speed and an even bigger question mark on whether KK, Hunt, Stretch etc will be adequate...
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    He missed a word... 'everyone's second LEAST favourite team'. For me only the Failmantle Muppets rate lower.
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    Nice response bingers. I think Bruce deserves enormous respect but he is nearing the end and like most who should but rarely do, he should graciously hang up his earphones and turn off his mike as the final curtain is nigh. I must admit although i was always annoyed by his commentary on the delicious Cyril, I loved Viney Viney Viney. We are full of our own bias and prejudice and tastes.
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    I'll be laying the same bet then! They've got a few skilled flankers, and Jack Martin is a talent, but their midfield is the worst in living memory. Miller, Swallow and... Rischitelli? They can't even field a midfield at this point! They're worse than us at our lowest. Miller is average, Swallow is average and can't stay on the park, Rischi may as well have retired. After further movements this off-season, I struggle to see more than 5 players who would get a game at other AFL clubs. I actually can't see how they can survive. They're proper cooked! Doesn't look look we'll be picking up any delisted players. If we did have any interest in any, nothing has leaked. The club is in good hands these days
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    It looks like a tough draw now but this time last year getting Adelaide twice looked tough as well. Commercially it's great that's as much as you can hope for from the fixture. Competitively if we're good enough we'll win. Prefer a battle hardened team than downhill skiers
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    Surely Champion data have stuffed up the analysis. Geelong are bracketed as one of the top 4 toughest double ups, not Collingwood or GWS. I'd put Geelong maybe 9th or 10th. If they fixed that then Richmonds draw is in the top 4 or 5 most difficult. Richmond also have 2 sets of back to back 6 day breaks this year, versus none in 2018, so they have a tougher schedule.
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    Thx DN9..that brings back a lot of memories.
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    Rough week again. Haven’t had a chance to get on here! Some interesting results. My takeaways: - Houston hitting a bit of a stride. Always been a fan of Watson, he was Mahomes before Mahomes. - This is as consistent as Cam Newton has ever looked. Norv Turner is a great OC and Cam is thriving. - I can’t sleep on the Steelers. Their pass rush can be good when they want it to be. - I Wouldn’t be surprised if Gronk was traded. - The Browns continue to be dysfunctional. Sacking the coach and OC at Week 8, real clever. Niners, for god sake. The turnovers are just killing us. To nearly get into FG range and blow a Shotgun snap like that is just.. Argh. Bay area battle tomorrow, we must win. I don’t care if this is the last win of the season.
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    Absolute Gold, Rod Don't let Brock McLean hear that, Tram .... we could be fined another half million. Better than poor old Broooce, 'Sahhleeem'
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    Thanks DN 9 -yep no12..trying to think of other No 12's here..Dom Tyson Hugh Bromell Neil Crompton..any others stand out?
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    Don't mind the draw. The key things that stood out to me on first view: - 6 day break from WCE game Sunday in Alice Springs with travel back to VIC to play the Saints. Why can't we play on the Saturday?? I guess it requires another game to shift to Sunday, perhaps Carlton v Suns - Very short break before the Anzac Eve game, although given Richmond also have the same issue I guess can't complain - Glad to have two away games vs Gold Coast and Brisbane, as they are very winnable and useless financially if we played at the MCG But to me most of the 'issues' stem from selling the NT games. Then of course we have some pretty tough double ups and have less games against the bottom sides, but that is to be expected!
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    Playing Geelong once, down at their dump AGAIN. What the [censored] is up with that?
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    I don't think they are that bad. From their side that beat Sydney last year their outs are May (who was best on), Lyons, KK and Lonergan (delisted). They won't be able to replace May or Lynch but everyone else they've let go weren't huge losses. They have far more skilled flankers and young players than we did when we were rubbish in 2013. The question is can a spine scraped together with Witts, Hombsch, Day, Wright, Thompson and 3 state league players do the job and can a midfield led by Swallow, Miller, Miles and Brodie be better than terrible. David Swallow has very much reached the Nath Jones last man on the sinking ship type of player.
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    The death of Colin Sylvia has hit me pretty hard. He was my idol growing up watching the Dees play at the MCG. Hopefully the club will rest the number 12 next year temporarily as a tribute to Col. Gone far too soon! Rest easy mate, i'll have a bev in your honour!
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    Memos get past around TV Stations from time to time. People know each other. Some of them got passed on to me. And yes, Channel 7 has a big say in what is shown where. They overpaid to get the rights. Not a 100% say, but a big say. In 2018 they got it wrong in many ways and it cost them a lot of money 💴 but like Essendrug, when Carlscum get their act together, they will be given an armchair ride. We, the MFC will have to work very hard to get a strong footing. We haven’t been successful in the TV 📺 era Carlton have been....
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    fantastic book I read it while travelling in India and it allowed me to discuss things with many people I met. A must read and a very easy read.
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    Really? Living here, I had never noticed. (Get the sarcasm this time?)
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    It will be interesting to see whether the MFC opts to forego the 2020 QB home fixture, thus locking in the 1 public holiday home game per-season that year and thereafter. It makes sense to do it now (then), while all 3 clubs are up and about and we're likely to play well-attended return games against both teams during the transition period anyway. 2019: No public holiday home game 2020: ANZAC Eve 2021: QB etc
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    I have blockbuster fatigue already. Go the fkin Dees!
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    Tough draw knowing it doesn’t matter because we’re in a premiership window is a damn site better than an easy draw when we sucked.
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    The weather shouldn't be an issue in Alice Springs in mid July, which is when we play WCE. The game starts at 2:50 so the second half will be played in the shade and the average maximum is only 20 in July.
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    i highly recommend sashi tharoor's "inglorious empire" about the british rule in india
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    Thx Hemingway. Just checked on Demonwiki - he wore No 12. 1975-77 was cleared back to Sandringham and eventually played in a premiership and then later coached their Reserves.
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    What the? You maintained Channel 7 controls the scheduling and used that power to ensure the blues got multiple Friday night games, because of the old boys club , them being power club, the 70s and 80s yada yada. I said that was ridiculous as they are a commercial operation, answerable to their shareholders, interested in ratings and profits and if they had the power you have maintained they do they certainly wouldn't use it to have Friday night games that no one watches. Passing on memos?. What memos? memos from Channel 7 to the AFL telling them to schedule the blues on Friday nights? Please refresh my memory.
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    worked out OK last year
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    Terrible decision by AFL, 3 day break before a feature ANZAC eve game. Should have moved both Richmond & Melbourne byes to round 5, so obvious.
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