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    Well deserved. I was sitting in the table with his parents and they were in tears.
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    In the Sun to day they have done a comparison with the leading key forwards and Jesse leads all but one stat. We are talking about a 23 year old future champion of the game and to ask for less than the absolute maximum in return is a joke. I trust the FD to get a good deal, but to those on here or in the media to suggest he is not absolute top trade price is another joke. I have warmed to May and KK would be handy for us, so lets see how we go next week. Mahoney and Co have shown themselves capable of getting deals done and our list is getting there. But back to the main point. Those talking Jesse down because of a flaw in his game, are not giving his positives due recognition. Jesse is a super talent and could rise to champion status if he puts in the effort and he has luck with injuries from now on so we need to extract maximum compo from the club he goes to, most likely the Dockers.
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    A couple of more serious Max Gawn gems from last night: in a post season email to all his team mates he wrote: "you can't win a premiership in the off-season, but you sure as hell can lose one; and he adopted a "no excuses" approach to his 2018 pre-season, meaning that he left absolutely no stone unturned in his preparation for the season ahead. He urged all his team mates to do adopt the same approach to the up-coming pre season. Great footballer and great leader.
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    Anyone who thinks Hogan is worth anything less than two first round picks has NFI.
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    That's not quite how I heard it. Nor all negative but those that are his mum will go after. He's not wrong though is he. Some of the stuff that is written about players on this site is way over the top. Some people struggle with the difference between reasonable critique and character assassination.
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    Just left the afterparty . BOG contenders. T Mac. Gus . Lever. And Clarry. All players in good spirits levers dance moves are Mr bean like. Hogan amongst it . Jeffy was a bit of a lonely figure. Jones getting around to every group was great to see. Very interesting to see the different Clicks amongst the playing group. Of the coaching group Jade Rawlings was a much loved figure. Plapp , Plunket and Ben Matthews also getting lots of love from the players. Max engaging with everyone. Love this club
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    According to SEN has requested a trade to Melbourne.
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    From article HS: Champion Data’s statistics show he is so much more than a last-line stopper, the 26-year-old a modern-day defender. In 2016 he was the third-best defender in the competition behind Alex Rance and ahead of Jeremy McGovern, losing just 14 of 71 one-on-ones for the entire year. This season Gold Coast haemorrhaged inside 50s, giving up five more than the next-worst side. He still found a way to contain most forwards apart from Josh Kennedy kicking four on him in Round 4 and Jack Riewoldt six on a day he shouldn’t have played because of those behind-the-scenes issues. The offensive stuff is what elevates him above the dime-a-dozen stoppers. This year he averaged 17.4 disposals (second-most for key defenders), 334 metres gained (second most for key defenders) as well 7.6 intercept possessions, three intercept marks and 6.8 spoils (all above average). Put him into an good side with quality players around him and you have a weapon at full back.
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    Based on what a few broken down shown-nothing key position forwards have gone for in recent years, right niw Weideman is worth a first round pick. Bizarro garbage to talk of zhogan being worth just the one, even a very good one. Meanwhile, something today reminded me of Trent Croad. And Fremantle's legendary capacity for terrible trading results. Prediction: Hogan heads to Freo, does fine but misses the profound bonds with the Demons. Is gutted by missing out on being part of our premiership at the same time as Freo just completely flat-lines with nothing but rubble left when they finally sack Ross Lyon. After a couple of years, feeling more mature and with family settled happily again, Hogan returns to the Demons for half what we gained in the original trade and proceeds to kick 70 a season for the next 5 years. A good time is had by all.
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    I'm sick of hearing radio hosts/sport's commentator's thinking Hogan is only worth a early first round draft pick. Which we would then use to secure May. I would be staggered if we agreed to that deal. You don't give up a 23 year old KPF that will kick 50+ goals a season for the next 10 years for a 27 year old KPB. Dees need to play hard ball and get two early first rounders for Hogan. No exceptions!
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    Still have high hopes for Billy Stretch - he was on the point of a breakthrough before injury.
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    Memo to dees supporters: if one of our blokes is on the trade table talk them up not down. Sample diagloue: dom Tyson has never missed a target in his life. Has dom even fumbled a ball before?
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    My source says Hogan cant make his mind up, so has agreed to a joint custody arrangment for 5 years. Round 1-14 at Freo for 400K. Round 15-GF at Melbourne for 500k
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    Mahoney also said they would expect heavy compensation from the Dockers, given they believe he's worth the "highest that anyone has been traded for". This tells me we want 4&5. Does anyone know what’s the highest anyone has been traded for previously?
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    Damn you Josh Mahoney for ruining trade rumours with straight forward logical responses.
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    I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would not be excited if he came our way. With Lever able to give additional cover when Oscar is on a bigger bodied forward, May can take the strongest/fastest each week. I imagine he would complete the Pies backline also. Lets hope we dont get into a bidding war with them.
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    Gripping 15 minutes. The more I hear and see what our back room team do, the more comfortable I am with the direction of our club. We are in good hands! Clear and concise. Brilliant.
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    Melky was there, finishing an admirable 7th. Absolutely rapt for James Harmes. A case study in application, dedication and self belief. 3rd B&F in a side that made a prelim is some effort for a guy that was in the fringe of selection 18 months ago. Brendan McCartney is just so good in that mentoring/development role. Best in the business. Next season it’s your turn Christian Petracca. A guy with that level of talent should be pushing for top 5 in the B&F every year from now on ... or he’s not trying hard enough.
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    1st Gawn 657 votes, 25 games, 26.3 vpg 2nd Oliver 595, 25, 23.8 3rd Harmes 468, 25, 18.7 4th Jones 449, 25, 18 5th TMac 433, 20, 21.7 6th Brayshaw 429, 22, 19.5 7th Melksham 428, 23, 18.6 8th Salem 403, 24, 16.8 9th Jetta 383, 25, 15.3 10th Lewis 366, 24, 15.3 11th Hogan 365, 20, 18.3 1) It sounds obvious but playing lots of games is key to finishing high. 2) Gawn streets ahead per game, and Oliver and TMac similarly on their own ahead of the pack. 3) Of those listed above, Hogan is top 6 in votes per game. 4) Oscar (25, 346, 13.8) ANB (25, 322, 12.9), Petracca (24, 268, 11.1), Fritsch (23, 261, 11.3), Hibberd (21, 317, 15.1) the other players above 20 games not in the top 11. But not everyone can finish top 10, especially when 16 players play 20+ games. 5) Other notable vpg are: Viney (a massive 24.4 vpg), VDB (17.9), Frost (13.4), Hannan (12.1) and for good measure Spargo (11.6). 6) After 16 rounds Oscar had 223 votes (14.8 vpg) and Hibberd 199 (13.2 vpg). Given they were in the top 10 at round 16 with low votes per game it suggests the coaches gave higher votes per game towards the end of the season compared to the start of the season, dragging the average votes per game of the top 11 (and maybe the whole squad) up. 7) The very high votes per game of VDB and Viney correlates with the overall student increase in votes per game later in the season. Similarly Oliver's vpg is higher in the back half than front half which surprises me based on his performance.
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    He was 1 vote behind Lewis in 11th, after missing the last few games. Churlish.
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    The 1989 AFL National Draft was never considered a great draft in terms of producing “name” footballers. Richmond kicked the draft off with its selection of Anthony Banik from Won Wron Woodside who’s career fell just short of 50 games. The Eagles snared a winner at #4 in Peter Matera while North Melbourne plucked another Sandgroper in Mark Brayshaw at 6. He managed only 32 games but managed to father three young players on current AFL lists, two of who were top three draft picks. For the Melbourne Football Club, that draft was a complete disaster with the selections drawing blanks across the board. However, one of the players selected at pick 85, a young Gaelic footballer from County Londonderry, Northern Ireland lasted a year and was cut at a time clubs had to reduce their list by 10 with the TAC Cup replacing the under-19s. He was Anthony Tohill, a versatile sportsman who went back home, became a Gaelic football champion, tried out for Manchester United at soccer at one stage and later became a star for his country in the International Rules Series. The late Jimmy Stynes called the club’s decision to cut the 193cm Tohill as “one of the biggest mistakes ever". Now his son Anton is here trying his luck at the AFL Draft Combine which commenced today. According to AFL Draft Guru, Kevin Sheahan, the 198cm Anton is a “chip off the block” who “looks "so natural with his ball drop, runs 2.95 for 20m and has a lovely running gait. "He's probably more a key-position option than a ruckman." Given that the Demons have already signed two Category B Rookies and haven’t moved to re-embrace the Irish experiment, it’s unlikely that they will be able to snare the younger Tohill but with those attributes and the family history, it’s unlikely that he’ll be allowed off the leash as easily as his now famous father.
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    https://mobile.twitter.com/MattBurgan/status/1046642832914636800 For those who didn't know (like me), Matt Burgan is finishing up his 8+ years at the Dees from tonight. I know he's copped a bit of stick from a few on here, but he's always come across as a guy that really loved the footy club. Thanks for everything Burgs.
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    Do us a favour and choose JKH next 😂
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    If Hogan stays then Luke Darcy loses credibility. Which would mean he enters negative credibility. Also known as the Greg Denham Zone.
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    The old Rod Grinder Riot Squad.
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    And yet he was amongst the best in the 2 finals we won. Funny how we only see what we want when our eyes are half closed.
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    Melbourne may be making freo sweat to ensure we get pick 5 & 6
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    Agreed. Mahoney spoke about stability in the list. I don’t necessarily think Hogan has sought to be traded however was told to look at his options if he weren’t ready to commit long-term.
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    He’s basically Samuel L Jackson’s character out of Unbreakable.
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    Mahoney said on trade radio today that KK has already undergone a full medical at the Dees. Sounds like this signing is a definite goer. Great get by our FD.
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    IF Hogan doesn’t leave but refuses to sign an extension of his contract at the same time, I would be extremely disappointed. One has to coincide with the other. Commit or go. It can’t be both.
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    Just renewed membership and Jesse not an option for the membership card - GAWN!
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    No he didn't. He made a joke of how his mum reads everything on social media and it makes for an interesting tuesday family dinner. He said watch out cause she'll hunt you all down, partic Demonland4276 It was clearly a joke
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    I am not worried about Max. It’s his mother I fear!
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    For anyone wondering: Melbourne’s best and fairest votes were cast by four members of the club’s match committee. They gave players a score from zero to 10 for each game. I like this type of system better than the 3-2-1 as it rewards consistent performance not a select number of best on grounds. The only problem is the significant penalty associated with missing games, thus my votes per game analysis above.
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    Jayden Hunt: “He’s the type of player we need. We certainly won’t be entertaining anything with Jayden – we think he’s got a lot of upside and look forward to him having a full pre-season and getting back to the form he was in a couple of years ago.” - Josh Mahoney
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    Bell moved the goal posts We moved them back.
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    Anyone who wants to retain Tyson must live in one of those houses where you have to crawl over furniture to get from room to room.
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    Decided to wander down at the last minute, ended up getting on a table in front of the band.
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