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    All I want to see is bloody goal kicking practice. Doing a drill Practicing low sharp stab passes. Look good although all of Hunts have missed the spot so far. Jeez Hibbo is a built unit. J Smith a very good size now. Doing a match simulation from the wing. Maxy smashing it forward and players running on clearing and going for goal. First one went in. Good start. Yeh now some goal kicking practice Tracs hardly missed. As for JKH and Nibbler both better play in the back line. Weids technique is a thing of beauty. Harmseys in a special vein of form at the moment. Everything he’s touching turns to gold. Hasn’t missed a shot. Nev and JKH the last 2 on the field. Thats a wrap.
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    Lovely morning for a hit out. It was again short and sweet. Jack Viney in runners, except for a little ball work, was mainly watching. Michael Hibberd had a short running test at the start, he then joined the main group. He looked unhampered. Aaron vandenBerg was not on the field. Jordan Lewis wearing kenty’s number 16 and Jake Melksham (I think) wearing Bernie‘s number 23. 24 players on the field including Jack. After warm ups they split into two groups, backs and forwards/mids. The backs had 9 players in the group, including Joel Smith, Jayden Hunt and Bailey Fritsch. After kicking drills along the boundary line then bringing the ball inside they gathered for an extended chat led by the coach Chaplin. The mids/forwards did some short drills, with the mids from a ball up, linking to half forwards who would link with full forwards. They ended with lots of goal kicking. Jay Kennedy-Harris training with mids/forwards and was last to leave the track. In the words of Brendan McCartney, “attack the ball”. Go Dees. from Kev Martin
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    Just welcomed a new Demon member to the world at just the right time that I can get to the game this Friday!!! Was due last Friday, arrived this morning, our 3rd child (2 girls, now a boy). Im taking this as an omen 😁😁😁
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    I'm pretty sure he didn't train this time last week either. Probably getting the those tank tracks greased.
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    Down from Sydney. First time at training in 100 years. Flashbacks to ‘87. Surprisingly small amount of people here. Good news is Hibbo was just separated from the main group and did a couple of run throughs and is now back in the main group. Yee Haa!! Roll on Friday. Go Dees
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    Everyday scenes from the Whateley household: Gerry. Did you pay the power bills??? We just got a disconnection notice! Hmmm ... this could be an indication that we'll be without electricity. An uncertain future for the warmth and comfort of the Whateley premises. We'll keeping checking in and see how that pans out. Gerry, the school called today and said Delilah steals lunch money from the other kids. Hmmmmm ... the counterpoint to this is that the other kids are probably stealing Delilah's lunch money. One might press the notion that it all evens out .... in the long run. Dad, Marius keeps hitting me! Hmmmm ... scenes of disharmony in the Whateley household! Let's watch in the coming days and weeks to see what unfolds. Gerry. You big hunk of a man. Get the champagne while I slip into something more comfortable. Hmmmm ... interesting. Let's get some talkback from the kids about this proposal. Gerry, I'm leaving you. Hmmmm ... shocking news for the Whateley marriage. A bombshell revelation today. I'm serious. I want a trial separation. One's response can only be: We'll be right back after this break.
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    Oscar signs on until end of 2020 http://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-09-13/oscar-signs-on-until-end-of-2020
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    Thanks to the good folk at Carlton Draft, Lord Nev has finally been recognised as back pocket royalty.
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    Clarko will almost concede the clearances and try to set up their scoring from the back half. The game will be played in our half. Composure and lowering the eyes is going to be key.
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    FFS I absolutely hate these posts suggesting that no O'Meara means that we will be in for an easy time: they will replace him with someone else, and we must just focus on beating all who they put up against us. This is really dangerous and I hope that none of our playing group think this way
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    A very moving story. What an incredible character to deal with rehab, studies, losing his father, keeping the family business running. A very resilient young man. It was really good to have Jessie around to support him, to know what he was going through. Vandemon has done an amazing job for us since coming returning from nearly two years out of the game. He only had a few weeks at Casey and came into the seniors raring to go and hasn't blinked. Adds so much to our team by playing his role and the pressure he applies.
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    I believe Omac is the best full back of this century, and probably of all time. (If we keep saying it enough, it becomes true. I've seen it work at other clubs.)
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    O'Meara and Stratton as outs are huge, the more so given their replacements are VFL-grade players (which isn't to say we don't carry some fringe players, because we do, it's more that their outs aren't being covered by strong replacements). This is how Geelong wanted to play us last week. In fact, I think it's how most teams will want to play us. Create scoring chains from our forward 50 turnovers and cut us up on the rebound. It's what happened in Round 4. Inside 50s were 54-53, but we lost by 11 goals. We got enough ball inside 50 but they waltzed it back out, belted through what little "zone" we had, and found space out the back. We're a much stronger side in all facets of the game than we were back then, of course, but if we mess up our inside 50s, miss easy shots at goal and give the ball back to them from turnovers, that's how they will work their way in front.
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    HASSA!!! One of my all time favourite players. His pic used to take pride of place on top of the Telly back in the day! great to hear him taking an interest in the new look Dees!
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    Was feeling pretty nervous since the teams came out but a caller to SEN from Thailand of all places calmed me down a tad a short time ago. Said we were the kid that’s been bullied non-stop growing up and now we are a muscly 18 year old and it’s vengeance time. Finished off by saying Hawthorn will have their neck snapped tomorrow night. Let’s hope he’s right, although he sounded like he had guzzled several Singhas.
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    Looks like they needed a bigger goal square.
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    This is a game we should win even if O'Meara was playing. For me it's telling that none of their 3 "ins" would get a game in our 22.
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    Boys out on the track - minus the Casey group who will be training tonight. Hunt, J.Smith & JKH all with the main group this morning.
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    I actually think Stratton is a bigger loss for them. He controls their backline. But no Jaeger is a big plus for us. The boys need to know that wounded animals fight back hard and remember the weak Pies side that kept us out of the finals last year. They still need to bring their best game to win this.
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    When I was 7 years old, Jim Stynes came to my school, handballed a footy to me and said we'd win the flag. He was wrong (we got thumped by the Hawks in the GF), but a new Dee was born anyhow. The funny thing is that prior to Jimmy's sales pitch, I was a Hawks supporter. Sometimes I wonder what could have been, had I supported such a successful team... The answer is that I would have turned out boring. Us Demons have character. We're the Malteser you find behind the couch (everyone else eats those, right?), they've got soul. We've got soul.
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    Hassan Mann was there.Interviewed by 7 & 9 so should be on the news tonite.Overheard comments like they are a young team who are bonding now and will do for the next ten years..And Hoges ain’t gonna leave a successful team!When training finished he went over and talked to a few players.Hibbo looked fine.
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    So, what was it like at Gosch's Paddock in 1918? And was Saty there?
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    Massive test this week in terms of our maturity. Going in on the back of a big win, overwhelming favourites and big expectations. Clarko and the Hawks will be sitting back licking their lips ready to ambush us. Boys need to go in with the same intensity and pressure as last week. Make statements from the first bounce
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    As already stated, the media loves a fairytale. Do we really need more Hawthorn stuff after more than a decade of dominance. They've had their time in the sun. It's our time to shine. Soak it up. It's better than reading about what a basket case we are.
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    For those of you who listen to the Demonland Podcast you might be familiar with the bet I had with my brother in law and my nephews. At the start of the year (pre-Round 1) we made a bet that whoever finished higher would have the pleasure of eating a family dinner whilst the loser wore the winners guernseys. I wasn't confident when I made the bet. I knew we would improve but Geelong are Geelong and with the exception of 2015 they had finished in the Top 4 for the better part of a decade. I also had the 2 narrow losses to hear all about throughout the year and boy did I cop it. Not only did I have to hear the Cats song blasted through my phone but those losses were 2 8 point games in our bet. A win in either of those games would have given me victory a lot earlier. Listeners of the podcast would know how nervous I was of winning this bet particularly in the last few rounds when the Cats had an easy run home and we had the draw from hell. Well the result is history now as we all know the Dees did not let us down. Victory was mine but now we faced them in the Elimination Final and even though they would shortly be delivering on the bet it would all be for naught if I had to eat dinner with them in Melbourne gear whilst they gloated about their victory in the Finals. If the roles were reversed and I lost the bet but won the final I would have happily (sort of) eaten in a Cats jumper whilst I talked smack about their team. Anyway, that was a moot point because yesterday they delivered on the bet and I couldn't have been happier. I got to eat and gloat and watch them squirm in red and blue. Shoutout to my sister in law who was not part of the bet but wore the red and blue well.
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    As per last week I'm just happy and relaxed with the fact that we are playing finals, a win is a bonus.
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    Based purely on his playing record he would appear to be a definite delist. BUT Nev seems to have taken him under his wing hoping that, like Nev himself, a failed small forward can become a top small defender. It sounds as if he is a work in progress in the role, so if there is no pressing need for list places, given our draft numbers, and if the footy department genuinely feel that he could have a resurrection like the once delisted Nev had, then will probably be retained in some capacity.
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    Dr Cool remains in the house! From the article: Dr Cool has developed into an integral part of Melbourne’s side, and a mainstay in the team’s backline. Dr Cool made his AFL debut in round 22, 2015 against Fremantle at Subiaco, which also happened to be Nathan Jones’ 200th AFL game. The 22-year-old Dr Cool has played the past 40 matches in a row for Melbourne and his form in recent weeks has been another reason for the team’s rise. One of his most staunch fans, Demonland's binman, had this to say: Well done Omac. You have been driving the haters mad with your excellence, calmness, decision making and ability to beat the best forwards in the game, week in week out. So much so that the haters are now as rare as a humble Hawks fan. But beware young man. They are still lurking, waiting for a single error so they can make silly calls like 'lets bring May in' or 'you should be allowed to further develop in the twos now that Frosty has surpassed you'.
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    Do we think he's a Seinfeld fan?
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    Have been to several Casey games over the past 2 years and given his form in the 2nd half of the year since being shifted to defence, he's a retain for me on a 1 year extension. We've got Balic & Vince already retired with Pedersen likely to follow suit. Filipovic & King are in the delist basket ahead of Dion, plus throw in Bugg who will likely seek opportunities elsewhere and Garlett who may get traded out, I see value in an extra year for Dion. Lets not forget we're coming into this draft late. Keep for me, with a huge 2019 required.
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    I can’t describe the depth of my loathing for the Hawthorn football club. Growing as a kid through the 80’s and early 90’s (born in 78) it seemed like half of my mates barracked for the Hawks and bar a period of maybe 5 years, they have absolutely owned us. Since the 1987 prelim. I have detested them. Countless beltings of the team and 31 years of their arrogant supporters giving it to us. I want nothing more than to knock them off this weekend. I want a changing of the guard moment. I want them hurt. I want them to fear the Melbourne Football Club.
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    THE VISIT by Whispering Jack Melbourne and Hawthorn have faced each other intermittently on the VFL/AFL finals stage since the latter entered the competition in 1925. In their formative years, the Hawks were the eternal battlers and it took them more than three decades to make the finals. When they finally did make it, they were visitors in the Demons’ golden era, a period during which they won six flags in a decade from 1955 to 1964. Hawthorn literally came out of the cold when it won its first final in 1957 against Carlton on a freezing day that brought hail to the MCG but a fortnight later, it suffered its first finals defeat ever at the hands of Melbourne in the Preliminary Final. Four years later, the Hawks turned the tables in the Second Semi Final on the way to their first premiership in 1961. They also prevailed in the 1963 Preliminary Final before going down to the Cats in the big dance. A year later, the Demons knocked the Hawks out of the finals race thanks to a miraculous late goal from “Hassa” Mann in the penultimate round before going on to win their twelfth and last premiership. Still, Hawthorn’s visit into Melbourne’s parade had produced its first premiership triumph and a 2:1 record in finals against the club:- • 1957 Preliminary Final Melbourne 22.12.144 defeated Hawthorn 11.10.76 • 1961 Second Semi Final Hawthorn 12.8.80 defeated Melbourne 11.7.73 • 1963 Preliminary Final Hawthorn 11.11.77 defeated Melbourne 10.8.68 The ensuing period saw the clubs gradually change places in the premiership pecking order. In the 70s and 80s, the Hawks were ascendant and the Demons lamentable. When they did recover to return to finals status, it was they who were to be the visitors in Hawthorn’s triumphant years. The teams met three times again in finals for one Melbourne win but the Demons could not sustain a run of form sufficient to gain the ultimate reward, either then or in the years that followed. The finals record in that period between the clubs:- • 1987 Preliminary Final Hawthorn 11.14.80 defeated Melbourne 10.18.78 • 1988 Grand Final Hawthorn 22.20.152 defeated Melbourne 6.20.56 • 1990 Elimination Final Melbourne 10.13.73 defeated Hawthorn 8.16.64 Their fortunes ebbed and flowed but it was the Hawks that were soon back in the finals, picking up three premierships in the past decade while the Demons again languished. On Friday night, Melbourne will pay another visit to the finals stage when it meets Hawthorn at the MCG in a Semi Final. The fans are asking the question whether the time has come for the Demons to take up the ascendency and to usher in a new golden era for the club. THE GAME Hawthorn v Melbourne at the MCG Friday 14 September 2018 at 7.50pm HEAD TO HEAD Overall Melbourne 75 wins Hawthorn 87 wins At MCG Melbourne 36 wins Hawthorn 46 wins Last 5 meetings Melbourne 1 win Hawthorn 4 wins The Coaches Goodwin 0 win s Clarkson 2 wins MEDIA TV - Channel 7 live at 7:30pm Fox Footy Channel live at 7:30pm RADIO - Triple M 3AW SEN ABC ABC Grandstand THE LAST TIME THEY MET Hawthorn 18.7.115 defeated Melbourne 6.12.48 in Round 4, 2018 at the MCG It was the worst day of the home and away season for the Demons on a wet MCG. They started well enough and led by 19 points deep in the first term and were still in the game at half time before falling in a heap after the main break. The Hawks were in superlative form and their shots at goal rarely missed while the home side broke down time after time when it went into attack before capitulation in the end. Despite the 67 point flogging, Melbourne made only one less forward 50 entry than did Hawthorn. THE TEAMS HAWTHORN B: Taylor Duryea, James Frawley, Blake Hardwick HB: Jarman Impey, James Sicily, Ryan Burton 😄 Isaac Smith, Tom Mitchell, Liam Shiels HF: Shaun Burgoyne, Jarryd Roughead, Jack Gunston F: Luke Breust, Conor Nash, Paul Puopolo Foll: Ben McEvoy, Daniel Howe, James Worpel I/C: Ricky Henderson, David Mirra, Harry Morrison, Ryan Schoenmakers Emg: Kaiden Brand, Jonathon Ceglar, James Cousins, Brendan Whitecross In: Taylor Duryea, David Mirra, Ryan Schoenmakers Out: Jonathon Ceglar (omitted), Ben Stratton (hamstring) Jaeger O'Meara (knee) MELBOURNE B: Neville Jetta, Oscar McDonald, Jordan Lewis HB: Christian Salem, Sam Frost, Michael Hibberd 😄 Dom Tyson, Jack Viney, James Harmes HF: Jake Melksham, Tom McDonald, Angus Brayshaw F: Sam Weideman, Aaron vandenBerg, Alex Neal-Bullen Foll: Max Gawn, Nathan Jones, Clayton Oliver I/C: Bayley Fritsch, Mitch Hannan, Christian Petracca, Charlie Spargo Emg: Jay Kennedy Harris, Jayden Hunt, Joel Smith, Tim Smith No change Over the past two years there has been a sea change of major proportions in the standing of the clubs sitting on top of the AFL tree with the dominant teams of the past decade in Hawthorn, Sydney and Geelong making way to some new faces in the race for premiership honours. The Western Bulldogs led the way in 2016 and, although they stumbled after their premiership victory, their place was taken by Richmond which pushed the boundaries of pressure-cooker football to the limit in last year’s finals. The first week of this year’s final series saw the continuing adjustment in positioning of the game’s leading teams. The Cats and the Swans crashed badly and the Hawks who had already tasted a year out of the finals race, started well enough against the reigning premiers but they were finally worn down by relentless pressure. Hawthorn now face up to a Melbourne combination that was similarly aggressive in their taming of Geelong in their first finals appearance in 12 years. While it would be foolish to simply suggest on the evidence of this one week that the Demons are on the cusp of a new era of supremacy over the Hawks, there is a strong case to be made that the histories of the two clubs are about to intersect again on Friday night. That case is based on a number of the key indicators of the game that suggest the young Demons are on track to follow in the path of the Tigers not only this week, but in the medium term as well. The major indicator of a team’s strength in the modern game is its midfield and in this regard Melbourne has been to the fore this year. The club boasts the highest-ranked ruckman in Max Gawn and its midfield players are number one in centre clearances. That combination is potent and deadly because when they are at the top of their game the result is a winning brand of high scoring football. This was diminished to an extent last week because of their inaccuracy in front of goal in the second and third quarters but it’s unlikely that this will be repeated twice in a row. Gawn was expected to face a two pronged Hawthorn ruck combination of McEvoy/Ceglar but the latter was dropped this week. In his absence, McEvoy has an unenviable task in stopping the Demons’ All-Australian big man. The Hawks have a very handy mid in Tom Mitchell but will sorely miss Jaeger O’Meara against a mainly youthful Melbourne midfield that is multifaceted and deep in quality. Led by Nathan Jones and Jack Viney, the freakish young talent of Clayton Oliver, Angus Brayshaw and the up and coming sensation James Harmes with Dom Tyson and Alex Neal-Bullen in support, it’s hard to see a team that is placed 13th in clearances to overcome this combination. That is not to say that the Hawks will be easy pickings. They have plenty of talent but the Demons have more and they have the momentum and confidence as they go into the game with an unchanged lineup. Melbourne by 18 points
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    Human battering ram and completely fair. No hint of anything underhanded or cheap when he crunches an opponent. Looking forward to few broken up hawk defenders tomorrow.
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    I was there for that game as a youngster.. cannot remember it being a wet day which kind of underscores what a permanent quagmire made up the centre square or as it was called... the cricket pitch area.
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    If we merged now it’d be handy to have Tom Mitchell on the bench.
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    love and acknowledgement of the blokes who aren't playing...
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    Personally i cant hold that against them. When we win a GF im gonna be the person who everybody goes out of their way to avoid. I will go to work wearing MFC gear every day, walking around with my chin up in the air like Toby Green, and talk up my teams' premiership every single [censored] opportunity i get. Im over 50 and have never seen a premiership so i will make the absolute most of it. Humility ,grace and modesty can wait for the 3rd cup in a row.
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    Because their success has had no humility with it, no grace and no modesty.
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    I cant' see how anyone can argue that tagging over someone elses 'street art' with this rubbish is classified at okay.
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    Be honest re Johnstone (and the same applies for King & Filipovic as well) - if he wasn't on our list already, there is nobody on the planet who would be advocating that he be recruited based on his performances over the past two years. If he is not good enough to be drafted in November, why would you offer him a new contract? Time to cut our losses and give someone else a go.
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    Yep, just for the fact that Bugg was in and now he isn't, is a massive improvement. Plus the form of Gus, Harmes and Salem has vastly improved since that game. We are a totally different team.
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    I grew up tagging, I now do street murals in legal places for a hobby. Based on his "raise hell" letters, I'd be willing to bet the guy that did this mural did the same thing when he was a kid. It's the usual progression into this style of art form. If we make the grand final I'll do a Demonland wall!
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    Hawks fans are forgetting they had one of the easiest draws to finish off the season. Let’s look at who they played from round 15 onwards: Giants - L Bulldogs - W Lions - L Carl - W Freo - W Ess - W (4 pts) Cats - W (fell over the line) St.Kilda - W (4 pts) Sydney - W (SCG where Swans have been bad all year) Their record against top 8 teams are 5-4 but those wins came against Us, Pies in rnd 1 when they were no good. Geelong twice, and Sydney at the SCG. I think their top 4 finish has really flattered them. They lost to Brisbane twice, and 8 of their last ten wins came against teams in the bottom 8 with the only two wins being Sydney and Geelong. Obviously none of this history matters when it reaches 7:50pm on Friday night, but it’s why I’m confident in tipping the Dees to an 8 goal win. Hearing Lewis speak on 360 last night, you can tell the Hawks won’t be taken lightly at all. Also the team wasn’t overly impressed with the Geelong win with lots of areas for improvement identified.
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    Every single news article is about us. Hawks flying under the radar. They didn't finish top 4 without reason. I'm nervous about this build up. The gloating Hawks supporters will be unbearable if we lose this.
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    Loved his call on Hannan’s goal!
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    Good stuff. Selwood would flop over if he walked past it.
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