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    For those of you who listen to the Demonland Podcast you might be familiar with the bet I had with my brother in law and my nephews. At the start of the year (pre-Round 1) we made a bet that whoever finished higher would have the pleasure of eating a family dinner whilst the loser wore the winners guernseys. I wasn't confident when I made the bet. I knew we would improve but Geelong are Geelong and with the exception of 2015 they had finished in the Top 4 for the better part of a decade. I also had the 2 narrow losses to hear all about throughout the year and boy did I cop it. Not only did I have to hear the Cats song blasted through my phone but those losses were 2 8 point games in our bet. A win in either of those games would have given me victory a lot earlier. Listeners of the podcast would know how nervous I was of winning this bet particularly in the last few rounds when the Cats had an easy run home and we had the draw from hell. Well the result is history now as we all know the Dees did not let us down. Victory was mine but now we faced them in the Elimination Final and even though they would shortly be delivering on the bet it would all be for naught if I had to eat dinner with them in Melbourne gear whilst they gloated about their victory in the Finals. If the roles were reversed and I lost the bet but won the final I would have happily (sort of) eaten in a Cats jumper whilst I talked smack about their team. Anyway, that was a moot point because yesterday they delivered on the bet and I couldn't have been happier. I got to eat and gloat and watch them squirm in red and blue. Shoutout to my sister in law who was not part of the bet but wore the red and blue well.
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    Hibbo is fine Gawn is fine Nev is fine Salem is fine (for an Arsenal supporter) Nothing to see here And James Harmes carries off my bowler hat with style
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    BREAKING NEWS: James Harmes out for the weekend with Nits.....
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    Watched him today at training. When they were doing a goal kicking drill from different positions and evading players to kick goals he was very accurate. The boy can actually kick. The knock on him is his tendency to bomb the ball, this can be fixed with some coaching I believe. Plus he genuinely wants to improve, you see it at every training session. He is a keeper in my mind.
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    Do you mean Sellwood is drooling over our Nev, 'b_nkd' ? such is his awe.
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    I went to the bathroom at the 23 minute mark of the 1st quarter and we kicked two in a row so I didn’t come back till quarter time. Did my bit!
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    I can officially say it won't be Melbourne, although that's no surprise. The Dees aren't interested. I've seen a text directly sent from Hannebery confirming it won't be Melbourne. And why would we be interested ? His body is shot and we don't need him.
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    Jordan Lewis on 360 gave a 100% guarantee that Hibbo will play.
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    Spoke to MFC Membership Services today about all this (and why not!!). There’ll be a pre-general-admission opportunity for WCE and Melb/Haw club members to get tix, through Ticketmaster (thank Christ), most probably on Mon 17 Sept between 9am-1pm. From what they were saying, it sounds like the amount of tix offered, in the first instance, to both the home and away club members will be the same - that’s promising if you are an MFC member and you intend to go. Re travel packages if you’re that way inclined, MFC won’t be doing them, but there will be some packages (tix and travel/accom or just travel/accom) available through AFL Travel. Needless to say, if the Dees get up this Fri as I think we should, Perth here we come, by hook or by crook!!
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    2 really bad mistakes - the playing on and trying to take a bunch of players on in the city end forward flank and the rushed play on to Jetta in the last quarter. Apart from that I didn't think he had too many huge mistakes. I get that we have a lot of players who were really good with their tackling but only Vanders injured an opponent in Murdoch. Along with Viney they are the meanest players in our side, they set the tone for the others to follow. The Cats started to make really uncharacteristic mistakes under pressure as the game went on, that's perceived pressure worrying about getting crunched and Vanders contributes a lot to that.
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    Hunt will be back next year and his pace off half back or wing will be damaging.
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    Laughable! Lewis will be gone in 12 months, Jones not long past that. Tyson has an important role to play in this side over the next few years.
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    Congrats to Jade. I really rate the guy and believe his been a huge part of our growth and success. The teacher of our game style at Casey with the youngsters and they've gone so well there. It's highly likely he'll get poached but geez I hope we don't lose him.
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    Believe me tears of joy are being shed under the mask. Side note: I lost my voice roaring towards them (in the general direction of where I knew they were sitting 30 bays away) after Hannan's goal.
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    Disagree. He is down on confidence but his "awful" games are mostly good. When you are on the footy field for 2 hours you're going to make mistakes, especially in finals. 15 possessions, 6 tackles, 3 inside 50 tackles, 2 goal assists (most for a D), 3 1%ers etc is not awful. Judd could have put a package together for any player to make them look bad. Brayshaw, Harmes and Oliver were brilliant but had more clangers than Petracca. The stats that take everything into account had him ranked 20 or 24 out of the 44 who played.
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    The game was originally going to be earlier but us Perthites whinged to the AFL that the sun would fade our curtains and the cows wouldn’t milk.
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    Yeah you’re supposed to apparently roll out mid tackle. Real tough to do for an edge rusher going at full bore!
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    You know what you have to do during the Hawthorn game..
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    Yep our D was great, Derron Lee (i think it was) got a pick 6 of his own and we also returned a punt for a TD which hasn't happened for a long time.
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    Well, we certainly shat all over the Cats in the first quarter and most of the rest of the game.
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    Loved the sight of us standing arms linked as a tight knit group during the anthem before Friday's game. http://m.melbournefc.com.au/news/2018-09-10/in-pictures-melbourne-v-geelong If I recall correctly, Geelong by contrast stood spaced a bit apart, arms by their sides without contacting each other. I looked at it at the time and thought that body language really told a story and so it played out with the pressure we applied and how hard we worked for each other as a team. This kind of comradery is so important to sucess, can't just be manufactured and turned on at will and I'm hoping it gives us some extra edge going forward this finals series and beyond.
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    Better the hat than the team, sign of good luck against the Cats, “taking one for the team” for Friday night. Birds have a cloaca so you get the Poo & Wee in the same s hit. 😀
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    not you, 'lfR' ? de phantom of Oceans Grove. 😁
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    Not sure if I'm alone here but I thought Gus had a very poor first half. Didn't see much of him and I felt like he had a lot of turnovers or just sprayed kicks.
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    I am extremely superstitious so I think the poo stays. Every game I wear my lucky undergarments and socks, give the Salvo guy $10, buy a footy record from the same stall and always buy three jam donuts. The only time my plan messed up (no fault of my own) we lost. I will personally wash the hat for you at the end of the season but please leave it as is.
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    Is a Rams hat, just burn it. Go Pats!
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    Top rate start for your Jets and a real good start for Darnold - got picked off with a return TD with his first ever throw but he joins exalted company in Brett Favre in that department. Did well from then on though. Highest winning margin (31pts) in Darnold's first game too since ... Tom Brady in 2001. Heady stuff! Your defence took Detroit apart with 4 picks as well. Apparently they got a read on Stafford's play-calling (hand signals) so kudos.
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    No lateral movements that I saw, just running laps but at high tempo. Looked fit to go to me.
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    That was marvellous I agree. Certainly worth a listen The lead up to the interview and the list of departed demons was very moving.
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    Mate I use Jurlique sandalwood shampoo and L'Oreal beard conditioner, my nits would improve his performance not cause him an issue, as long as ASADA don't do a hair test this weekend he's fine Moses please, I've climbed the mountain and come back with a message Roosy said Goody is the man Nathan Brown was the past player this week, still looked really fit, was joking with Wheels who said he prefers a really good paddock
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    Cannot be bothered going back through the 46 previous pages to see if this has been raised previously but my response to an Essendon supporting mate today was.... "why the rush, I'd like to see a Demons side with any 3 at one time of Weid, Tmac, Gawn, and Hogan on the ground. Occasionally we might have all 4 out there, wouldn't that be a nightmare for the opposition. Our side is not based on a stay at home forward or a ruck that only does ruck work. People need to stop buying into media BS and realise there may be a case to eventually trade someone to make for a stronger list but at the moment we have no idea where the ceiling is for most of the current list . In simple terms .. lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.
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    Good on ya Saty. Did you go for a spot of duck hunting after training?
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    I've always hated this concept in the NFL... Really don't understand it, put them to the sword!
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    Hunt will need to be kept. He has the genuine pace that is lacking. It does expose us on the defensive side. A fit and confident Jayden Hunt is in the best 22. A big addition in 2019 for sure. A place for someone with pace on the wing or running half back is still available in our team.
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    Not a bad option Ethan. The other possibility is adding an extra $45 each way to make the fares flexible. So if I we lose I can use them another time.
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    It is their arrogance that will undo them. If they don't take us serious they will be hammered. We are ready for them. Hoping they see us as easy beats and probably believe tbey have won already. We are a different team to how we started the season. We have learnt how to win and play smart, hard football. They should fear us. As for their fans. The most arrogant of the lot. Most other teams want us to "do them". Lets take the smirk off Sicily, Smith, Breust, Roughy and Clarkson. Oh yea and Fawley.
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    Don't you just love the look on their faces in this pic! Gotta say though, you look a bit nonplussed at it all.
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    Quoting about 1/10th of my post. Maybe read the rest of the post first before doing so.... By doing this we would free up cap space (To snare a Gaff or Shiel) and another top 5 draft pick.
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    Sadly he's a bottom 6 player at the moment. Good around packs and pressure for sure but when opportunities arise has usually hard to predict outcome.
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    I agree with you guys... but If rotations were lowered, and spaces opened up, his game would be much more useful to us IMO. As many players would bomb long when tired. Our structure would suit the long bomb much more now with the Weide in the side. Strong overhead for that high ball... but would need better mosquito fleet around him.
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    I booked refundable flights on Sunday., Fingers crossed I don’t need to apply for the refund.
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    That's a reasonable analysis of his game. He was off. But he created heaps of opportunities in a difficult role and he does have the natural ability to execute. I think like Goodwin said about the team after the Geelong loss - we're so close to putting it all together. If Petracca executes on his opportunities and he kicks 6 and is the match winner. It is possible for him like no-one else. Have patience I think he might explode soon.
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    I was on level 1 and thought the grand stand was going to collapse. If you look at the vision after NJs goal the camera's (despite the latest anti-shake technology) were shaking all over the place due to how much the entire stadium was rocking. It was insane. Hoping for similar this week.
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    Is that what you look like? That explains a lot!
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