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    I just landed in Manila with Monsoon rains and 80 kp/h winds. I am celebrating tonight. That was the roughest landing i have ever had. To the Pilot, you are a deadset legend!! drinks....
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    Brisbanes next 4 games - Adelaide - North - Geelong - Collingwood They have hit form at the right time and could be our best friends on the run home.
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    Hibberd was on 10 news saying should only 1-2 weeks out was quite positive
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    Petty broke a finger last week so that's why he isn't playing Kingy copped a decent headknock when AVB accidentally hit him when he was bullying through a pack, bit of delayed concussion I think. Yeah I would think so too, which hurts Casey as Geelongs can get opened up by switching the play a lot and Wags was probably the best at that for Casey off the half-back. I'm not expecting a good result for this game. Geelong have been the only team to consistently beat Casey over the last 3-4 years, we just never seem to play well against them. They are ranked Number 2 in Defence and Casey are ranked Number 1, so it's going to be a battle of the midfield and which defence stands up better (I'll back in Keilty, Hutchy and Pedo to rule the day) but if the boys can step up with the lack of AFL talent and win this game, I think that'd put a lot of confidence into the AFL boys, so we'll see.
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    small matter of Gaff to sort out first methinks. Fantastic news about Nev. Thanks for the commitment Neville. You are a much loved and respected member of the Demons family. Very bloody happy about this, and also with the club for showing continued faith with a lengthy contract.
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    I’d love him to get to 200 games.
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    Another. Friday night special.
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    How can I pre purchase a copy of the grand final DVD ?
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    The Dees looked after Nev and he pays us by signing till 2021. Loyalty personified. That makes him a Demon for life. This could be a start of a great weekend.
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    Look, myself and I'm sure many others on this site have seen many games at all levels of football where the lesser favoured side has upset the favourite because they wanted it more. It's time for us to seize the opportunity and announce ourselves. It's not as though the match is a Tigers v Blues equivalent. They're not that good if the attitude is there we can do it.
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    Especially on the bigger MCG type grounds where he can run to space and break the lines.
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    How the [censored] did we possibly lose to St.Kilda? This is soul destroying stuff watching this.
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    OMG the more I watch this the worse I feel about us allowing Saints to bath us. Really angry.
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    Gee st Kilda are quality I can see why they beat us
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    Some good tips there Macca. Im too busy lately to watch the racing shows, but i agree these guys know what theyre talking about....way more than me anyway !
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    Umpires off to a strong start
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    A couple of value bets from Gator - he reckons both horses are paying overs. If he is unsure or non-committal I disregard but when he is confident, it often pays to take note. Flemington Race 1 No.8 Absolute Heaven $8.00 (enhanced) Randwick Race 9 No.8 Sanctioned $13.00 (boosted) And James Jordan's best bet ... Morphettville Race 2 No. 7 Embecee Lil $5.00 (enhanced) Good luck to all tomorrow! And go the mighty Demons tomorrow night ... any sort of win will do!
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    Not much ?? No room !! Everyone is playing ' blink' now. We need to win...win...win... Every game we lose from here on makes it doubly hard / likely thereafter. If we lose these next two....🤔 ☹️☹️☹️ Any more injuries....not good. If we haven't won 14... it'll be a major struggle.....even if we do fall in. Others have said....those games we lost...that we should not have....coming back to gnaw on our behind now. Put up or shut up time for the club.
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    Love watching him compete as much as I liked Matty Whelan play both champions Go Dees
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    Heheh, yes, I was thinking much the same: it was probably someone else's meeting but they didn't turn up and Nev had to run across the hall to get there.
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    I bet the actual document was placed on the wrong side of a table that should've been far to big for him to reach across, but somehow he still managed to get a fist to it. The world needs a more superlative term for the kind of rock-solid respect that Neville Jetta has so thoroughly earned.
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    I am surprised people would be happy with a 17 round season. Given how much the AFL bow to the big clubs could you imagine how bad we would get screwed. I could see every second year 8 home matches 9 away games with two visits to WA, two Sydney away games and a visit to SA and know doubt a home game in the NT. Bring in an extra team and i would be all for it, 9 home games 9 away games players get a bye and after every second year its balanced. Not going to happen though.
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    I must say that every time I have spent a week, or two, in Alice in winter I have come back to cold Melbourne invigorated. Absolutely NO sapping of energy. (Can't speak for Darwin as I have only spent a few days there in Spring).
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    OMG the Friday scheduling has hit rock bottom, thanks Gil. There was a time that I hardly missed a Friday night game on TV: this year hardly ever. Tonight watched a bit of the second quarter then totally lost interest. What a farce.
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    Well done Neville Shows what dedication and hard work can do. Next task - mentoring Dion Johnstone to become a worthy successor: by all accounts some inroads have already been made. Some symmetry perhaps: Nev was dropped to the rookie list and thrived, whilst Dion looked to be gone but a change of role (like Nev from forward to defense) may make the grade, perhaps.
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    The possible problem I see with the 17-5 scenario is that it may cause tanking claims again. Let's say Team 6 & 7 are equal points coming into Rd 17, Team 6 (for this example) has won on the Saturday, Team 7 needs to win by 36pts on Sunday to leap frog into 6th, would it be worth winning by 36 and going into the higher draw for last 5 games, or win by 20 and play against lower teams for last 5? In the above scenario for example, if it's a close year like this year, it might be better to finish the 17 rounds in 7th, then play teams ranked between 7-12 for last 5, this may get you 5 wins instead of 2-3 and actually finish higher on the ladder for finals?
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    I like to watch 'Get On' & Sky's 'Form Line' but often on fast forward due to time constraints like yourself Wadda ... but I always listen to what Gator has to say. He is a font of knowledge with regards to the horses. We're slowly but surely getting a number of the better horses back in preparation for the Spring ... things start getting interesting from next weekend onwards with the Bletchingly Stakes And next Monday at Rosehill we'll see a star-studded trial featuring Winx, Chautauqua and a whole host of other topliners - see the full field here Australian Group & Listed Races
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    How the [censored] did we not lose to Richmond by 120 points? Am I doing it right?
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    They really need to introduce winter racing on Friday nights at the Valley. Beats watching some of these horror Friday night AFL games. Forgot to mention earlier. The boys from work have a runner tomorrow at Morphetville Race 6 Number 5 Captain Harry ($7.50). It ran a couple of weeks ago at Caulfield where it failed. Again, maybe just an interest runner simply because the Weir factor and choosing to take the horse to Adelaide.
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    West Coast can offer Gaff more ,but may not do so if we can offer them someone of value like a Kent plus someone else. Regarding a backup ruckman, seems the Weed is be tried in the 2nds.Based on that no need for 2M Peter. King and Flipo may become the 3rd ruckman and therefore will be required to play elsewhere. Bradtke will become a project ruckman for the future. We need another mid,forward and defender.
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    Another 3 years of jumper 39 Also stops the winding up he has been giving me about moving back to WA for last 6 weeks Word on jumper this year Boordiya means Boss about right
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    Will retire a premiership player.
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    its wot oi liv for 2
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    We can expose Henderson who's had 3 surgeries on his knee since October last year, have Hogan or Tmac run him around up the ground until he's exhausted
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    Game has evolved...get rid of runners....get rid of half the umps out there too
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    I reckon we'll go ok, we have a big bodied combative midfield that can take it up to their "superstars" (who actually aren't living up to expectations this season). As long as we don't continually bomb it to their intercept defenders as we did in round 1 (Tom Stewart killed us), we have every chance to get the win.
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    Your dream sounds a bit like a Stephen King novel
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    Look, it's hard for me to argue with you if you don't take up a contrarian position.
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    While the runners are on the ground a team has 19 effective men on the ground filling space. I suggest that the afl should allow as many runners on the ground as the coaches decide but, for the time that each runner spends on the field, a player must leave the field and sit on the bench. Exceptions only for breaks due to goals and other interruptions. The coaches will try to find a way to game the system but, with the prospect of fewer than 18 players on the ground , they should give up and learn to pass messages through the interchange.
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    Yep. If we get 14 wins that should see us in, but doing it the hard way. The loss against Collingwood ( and lack of leadership in such a crunch game) together with our efforts in the close ones have made our current position so unecessarily cut throat and perilous. Not much room for error now.
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    No doubt the AFL’s cracked crystal ball showed them making a heroic and inspired run for the finals.
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    Unfortunately if we start dropping games we have no choice but to rely on teams doing us favours to stay in the 8. My point is, after relying on one particular team to complete R23 last year which that alone was bad enough, I don’t think many of us would be able to handle 4-5 weeks of needing non- MFC games to go our way. Curious as to how many of us would have taken a 10-6 record after 16 rounds at the start of the season? And to think we could still miss....😩
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    20 goals 4 to 1 goal 4 mono. As much as I like where you were going, I can’t see this game getting there.
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    St Kilda with their second straight Friday night game. And they have another one in Round 21.
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